Saturday, October 29, 2011

Week 8 Matchups and Predictions

Season is flyin by fast, as we're already into week 8. Amazing. Can Dad and Ryan hold their top positions for another week?? Here are this week's matchups.

The Bad Robofies (5-2) vs
RuggedRaymontHarris (4-3)

Matchup Stats
Never played each other

Overview: Oh yeah here we go. I had this week circled the minute I asked my dad to play. It's the father-son rivalry game. Now I never thought that A) My dad would have a better record than me and B)That record would be 5-2, but here we all in what's not just a battle of family bragging rights, but also a crucial regular season game. Now again, on paper, week after week, I look at Dad's team and his opponents and think, no way he pulls it off and this week is no different. On paper, my team should absolutely destroy my dad's team. David Nelson, Victor Cruz, and Brandon Lloyd, might have good matchups, but none of them is a true #1 fantasy receiver and in fact Cruz and Nelson are borderline #3's at best, but there they are in Dad's lineup. The problem is, it's never been about Dad's guys going off, cause they really don't, it's about the other's teams guys sucking HARDCORE. Check out his opponents scores when he wins, 79, 56, 68, 75, 65. No one scores over 80 points!! In those wins, Dad's highest score was 89! It's really crazy how that has worked out. It has to stop sometime right??? Now this week I am scared about Drew Brees facing a horrid Rams Defense, the Saints defense facing the same shitty Rams and Chris Johnson who has to bust out now, and he gets the winless Colts. Those are frightening plays to say the least, and if Brees and CJ live up to their expectations, Dad might not need much more to win this week. Of course Mr. Reliable Jason Witten gets the Eagles, and Romo should be looking to him very often. Brandon Jacobs is always scary because basically his points come from vulturing TD's at the goal line and they are playing the shitty Dolphins. Now my team is not exactly a slouch, but I'm worried because of a couple things. One, no Greg Jennings, my best WR is on bye. Two, inconsistency at the other two receiver positions. DeSean Jackson is too boom or bust, and Vincent Jackson is just too bust period. You would think against the Chiefs on Monday night, he HAS to finally go off, right??  Ray Rice had  A HORRIBLE GAME against the Jags, so that has me nervous as well, even though I know, every great player can have a stinker of a game every now and then. He gets Arizona this week. I think the whole "teams play shitty against Dad" has me really paranoid, cause I'm just not feeling my team this week. Two big decisions Big Ben or Romo (went Big Ben) and Antonio Brown or Manningham (went Antonio Brown). Last time I played Big Ben over Romo it was DUMB and Romo had a nice game, but a couple things have changed. I think the Boys will try to establish a running game and that Philly Secondary is a little intimidating. Big Ben has been on fire and how can I sit him against the Pats and their last ranking pass d?? Same with Antonio Brown who might be primed to have a good game. LeSean McCoy also scared me because the Cowboys are also good against the run, but I mean no way I don't start him. Vernon Davis was a bust two weeks ago (0 pts), we'll see how he does this week and I'm using the Bengals D against Seattle.

Yahoo Says: I win 100-87
I Say: I win, I have to believe I win this week, it's all in the cards and there should be no excuse for this team not to beat Dad's team...yet most weeks, the unlikely ends up happening.

Hoosier Daddy (5-2) vs
Take Dat Wit Chu (4-3)

Matchup Stats
Last Match: Kenny beat Ryan 96-81 in week 12 of the 2010 season
All-time Stats: Kenny leads the series 2-1

Overview: Kenny was verrrrrrrrrrrrry close to being 3-4 and losing to Cindy last week. This week it doesn't get any easier as he takes on the #1 team in the league. No Aaron Rodgers this weeks means Kenny's gonna roll this dice with Tim Tebow against the Lions. How goes is Tebow?? No one really knows, but I'm sure Kenny will take the points Tebow put up last week. Ryan of course is going with Cam Newton who has been outstanding and has another good matchup against the Vikings. Receiver wise, Kenny's going to have to bank on Deion Branch again, at least that game against the Steelers has the potential to be a shootout. Fitzgerald has a tough match against the Ravens, and Miles Austin faces that tough Philly Defense. Things look even shakier on the RB front as Kenny is going with  Demarco Murray (one week after his record setting performance) and Ryan Mathews. Both have great matchups, but both are still question marks, especially when it comes to Ryan Mathews' health. Fred Davis was an excellent pickup with both Cooley and Santana Moss out and he should be John Beck's main go to guy against the Bills. On Ryan's side, Mike Wallace against that Pats D is verrrrrrrrrrrrry scary, and in the same game he'll have Mendenhall, who has been so disappointing so far. We'll see if he can back on track. MJD against the Texans isn't scary, if he can just finally get into the end zone for once. Anquan Boldin against his former team the Cardinals should be good ,but it all depends on Flacco's performance. Braylon Edwards is bla, but I guess that's all  Ryan could find on the waiver wire. Jimmy Graham, just wow, what more can you say about the guy and he gets the Rams this week! Houston was a sneaky good D play last week and against Blaine Gabbert and the Jags probably is worth the roll of the dice here too.

Yahoo says: Ryan wins 98-96
I say: Ryan wins, trust me Tebow and Murray could both blow up, or not. I just don't know, they don't have a proven track record. Add the bad matchups for Miles and Fitz, and  I think Ryan has a tad more safer matchups and I can see Ryan keeping that #1 seed after playing this week.

Salt & Vinegar Chips (2-5) vs
Da Boyz (2-5)

Matchup Stats
Never played each other

Overview: This is Mike Posey's chance to become a player again. Bottom line as of right now no QB, no RB's and no defense. She has no backup QB (Cutler and Ryan both on byes) and only one RB to plug in (Marshawn Lynch). She's made exactly zero moves this season and even if she makes moves now just to plug in guys the pickings are slim. This one could be ugly. Wes Welker is still on her bench as well. Mike has to like the matchup this week and he needs it with Michael Turner on bye and Beanie Wells hurt. I think the Sproles/Moreno combo is intriguing, they should both be very active. Flacco couldn't thrown against the Jags, but Matt Schaub is a tad better, but with Arian Foster, the Texans have turned into to more of a running team, so Schaub's numbers might be modest. Colston against the Rams and Steve Smith against the Vikings, nice matchups with the potential for huge games. If Gates holds up, he can be a great play against the Chiefs. Percy Harvin, eh, too inconsistent and too injury prone for my liking, but you go with what you got. 

Yahoo Says: Mike wins 80-34
I say: Mike wins, even if Cindy scrambles and finds replacements, there's not a lot out there, I think Mike easily wins this one.

Channel 4 News Team (4-3) vs
Shredders (2-5)

Matchup Stats
Never played each other

Overview: Albert's team woke up last week, led by Arian Foster and his 40 pts. This week he faces Zach and with Tom Brady back to go along with Arian Foster and Megatron,  I think Albert has a good shot of winning yet again. Brady gets the Steelers, and it never matters who Foster or Calvin have both are matchup proof . Steven Jackson gets the Saints, and he did pretty good against the much better run D of the Cowboys, so I  think he'll be good to go. I like the Jake Ballard  play at TE, I think he's a sleeper. Dez is a wild card, I mean you can't sit him, he's too talented, hopefully for Albert's sake he can make some plays against the Eagles. Sidney Rice faces a tough Bengals D, and both Taveris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst aren't exactly ideal QB's. When you face Mike Vick, anything is possible, and you always have a shot to win. He'll face the Cowboys and odds are he'll be in line for a great game Sunday night. Zach also has Jeremy Maclin in the same game, and he should be good as well. The rest of Zach's team though, is a big time crapshoot. You just don't know what you're gonna get. Benjarvus vs Pittsburgh, it depends how pass first the Pats are going to be, Mike Tolbert still has Ryan Mathews ahead of him, Aaron Hernandez splits time with Rob Gronkowski (though Hernandez has been more active since he returned fron injury), Steve Breaston has shown flashes, but hasn't been consistent at all,  and Stevie Johnson is the Bills #1 WR, but Fred Jackson dominates that offense. I do like that Giants Defense against the horrible Dolphins.

Yahoo Says: Albert Wins 99-88
I say: Albert wins, too much firepower to lose this week. Unfortunately for Zach he has the same problem my dad (lack of quality starters) has except he doesn't have my dad's luck. 

The_Twin_Killers (4-3) vs
Dr. Wily's Robots (3-4)

Matchup Stats
Never played each other

Overview: Both guys have been screwed by amazing comebacks (Matt losing to te Wes Welker led team of Cindy's in week 1, Leland in a heartbreaker to my dad by 1 pt last week). Unfortunately for Leland, the bye weeks once again decimate his roster as there will be no Matt Forte nor Roddy White this week. Last week's Choice play was a disaster so this week Leland will roll with Jonathan Stewart. Stewart has the talent, there's no doubt about it, it's just splitting time with Deangelo Williams and Cam Newton rushing in the red zone hampers his effectiveness. Still, he has performed well despite all of that, and as a desperation play, it's not bad. Leland at least gets Ahmad Bradshaw back, and though he probably won't score 3 TD's in a game (Brandon Jacobs is back) he still has a great matchup against Miami. Gronk has a good matchup against the Steelers, but he has been really quiet as of late and with Aaron Hernandez back and re-emerging who knows how many targets he'll see. The receiving core outside of Hakeem Nicks is suspect. Nate Burleson continues to do absolutely nothing in this offense, we will see if his luck changes against Denver. Emmanuel  Sanders is nice sleeper in what should be a shootout against the Pats. How effect will Matt Stafford be with his injury? We'll see tomorrow.  Matt, tired of Philip Rivers and his horrible play is going back to Eli Manning and I don't blame him. I think until Rivers gets some consistent good games under his belt, Eli should be the QB to use and he has a great matchup against the Giants (of course Leland having Hakeem Nicks will eat into some of those points). Matt has such a solid team and depth (Fred Jackson and Peterson this week, Gore on the bench) that when it all comes together it's hard to beat. Brandon Marshall, Dwayne Bowe, and A.J. Green all are tremendously talented and can all have big games just like that. Marshall might be the most inconsistent cause of Matt Moore at the helm, but Bowe and Green should be able to pickup the slack if all Marshall does is gain yardage. This week, Matt has to use Dallas Clark, which isn't too big of a deal because it's not like Dustin Keller has been tremendous by any means.

Yahoo Says: Matt wins 98-83
I say: Matt wins, byes are going to hurt Leland this week, especially playing against a team as loaded at Matt's 

Friday, October 28, 2011

This Week's Transactions

Nothing earth shattering like the past couple weeks. Here are the moves each team made this week.



Antonio Brown-WR

Cincinnati Bengals Defense


Greg Little-WR

Kellen Winslow-TE

Overview: I reacquired the Bengals defense since they play Seattle this week and Antonio Brown is coming off a nice game and the Steelers play the last ranked Pats defense so as of right now Brown's my #3 WR over Mario Manningham. Greg Little was supposed to be the next big thing off waivers and then I remembered, he plays for the Browns. Winslow was just a bye week fill in so he was never going to stay on my team.

Salt & Vinegar Chips


Knowshon Moreno-RB

Tennessee Titans Defense

Rian Lindell-K


Denver Broncos Defense

Denarius Moore-WR

Kevin Boss-TE

Overview: With Michael Turner on bye and Beanie Wells injured, Mike needed to pickup a RB, so he goes with Knowshon Moreno who should play a bigger part of the game against Detroit with Willis McGahee out with an injury. Nick Folk is on bye as well so Posey picks up Bills kicker Rian Lindell to fill in. Posey also is going to go with the Titans defense who scored -4 last week but should have a better showing against the Colts. Kevin Boss was never rosterable, Denarius Moore is too inconsistant and the Broncos Defense was just a spot start d, so no big losses there.

Channel 4 News Team


Jake Ballard-TE

Michael Jenkins-WR


Matt Hasselbeck-QB

Devin Hester-WR

Overview: Albert needed a tight end with Jermichael Finley out on bye so he picks up a sleeper in Giants Tight End Jake Ballard. Ballard actually hasn't been bad, Eli seems to have developed chemistry with him and against Miami, this could be a great play. Michael Jenkins was probably just a speculative pickup, and who knows actually if he'll last on Albert's team. Albert dropps Matt Hasselbeck, who he only used as a bye week starter, and Devin Hester, who's on bye this week anyway.

Dr. Wily's Robots


Josh Scobee-K

Buffalo Bills Defense


Jacoby Jones-WR

Tim Hightower-RB

Overview: Matt needed a bye week kicker and defense since Mason Crosby and the Jets D are on bye so he'll go with Josh Scobee and the Bills D  this week. Jacoby Jones has been pretty much worthless despite Andre Johnson being hurt and Tim Hightower suffered a season injury ACL injury so both were droppable.



Early Doucet-WR

New York Giants Defense


Doug Baldwin-WR

Dallas Cowboys Defense

Overview: The Cowboys D didn't do that much damage against the Rams, and they play the Eagles this week so no way Zach can use them so he picks up the Giants who have a great matchup against the struggling Dolphins. Zach's also gonna give Early Doucet a try after getting 0 points from Doug Baldwin.

Hoosier Daddy


Braylon Edwards-WR

David Akers-K


Earnest Graham-RB

Robbie Gould-K

Overview: Ryan needed a new kicker with Robbie Gould on bye, so he'll use David Akers. He also needed some WR help, and he picked up Braylon Edwards while also dropping Earnest Graham who is out for the season with an injury.

The Bad Robofies


New Orleans Saints Defense

Ben Tate-RB

Victor Cruz-WR


Tennessee Titans Defense

Rob Bironas-K

Eric Decker-WR

Overview: Dad made a smart pickup dropping the Titans D in favor of the Saints who play the Rams. Dad had an extra roster spot after dropping his extra kicker so he added Ben Tate. Eric Decker wasn't really cutting it after Tebow took over so now dad will try Victor Cruz who might be a #3 but is in a better situation than Decker.



Emmanuel Sanders-WR

Jonathan Stewart-RB


Tashard Choice-RB

Darrius Heyward-Bey-WR

Overview: For the 2nd straight week it looks like the bye week will greatly affect Leland's roster. This week Roddy White and Matt Forte are out, so Leland will try Emmanuel Sanders and Jonathan Stewart this week. Both are shaky, but have some upside and could end up being solid plays. Tashard Choice was pathetic and droppable and Darrius Heyward-Bey is on bye so he had to be cut to make room for Sanders.

Kenny and Cindy did not make moves this week.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Week 7 Awards

Here are the awards for a wild week 7

Wayne McGarrity Studs Of The Week
Arian Foster (Channel 4 News Team)
Drew Brees (The Bad Robofies)
There was no way I couldn't have co-studs this week and for both different reasons. Foster for just the sheer awesomeness of his game (100 yards rushing and receiving 3 TD's) and Brees for the clutchness of his awesome performance as well (300+ passing yards, 5 passing TD's, and helped my dad come back from a 41 point deficit). 

Michael Wiley Dud of the Week
Ray Rice (RuggedRaymontHarris)

 What a DREADFUL performance by one of the best running backs in the league. 1 fumble and only 8 carries. He had under 30 yards rushing and under 40 yards receiving. Just a big DUD. No, I woudn't have won, but still a very a disappointing performance from a guy I traded two studs for.

Tony Romo Bad Decision Award
Kenny Playing Daniel Thomas over Demarco Murray

 Let's just say this could've been the biggest blunder of the SEASON, had Darren McFadden not gotten hurt in the first quarter. Instead, Kenny wins and instead of 3-4 he's 4-3 and this is the first time a winner hasn't gotten this award. Kenny was going back and forth with the decision to roll with DeMarco Murray and Daniel Thomas all week. At the end, he decided to go with the guy who was a little more proven in Daniel Thomas. He rushed for almost 60 yards. Murray got that and 31 more ON HIS VERY FIRST PLAY. "The first thing I saw was Murray's run, that's the first thing I've seen all day" Kenny said in regards to Demarco's Murray's 91 yard TD. Murray ended up with a FRANCHISE RECORD 253 rushing yards and a score. 31 points total. All on Kenny's bench, while Daniel Thomas had his measly 5 points. Kenny really caught a break with that decision not biting him in the ass.

There is no Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Award this week (Cause Jackie Battle, Greg Little, and Tashard Choice all sucked, lol)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Week 7 Results

What an UGLY ASS WEEK this week was. In term of injuries, underproduction, bye weeks sub ins, and just plain out ugly scoring, it has to be one of the worst fantasy weeks of the season (unless you won of course). Only 3 teams scored over 82 points, and half the league scored under 70 (including two sub 60 performances). Dad scored 66 points and WON. That's how brutal it was. Let's take a look at the rundown of Week 7.

Hoosier Daddy (5-2)                       109
RuggedRaymontHarris (4-3)                67

Overview: Wow, TOTALLY DISGUSTED at my team's performance. I lose by 40+ again (2nd time this year) but at least last time I put up a respectable 90 points. This time, GOOD GOD, it was bad. First of all this is what happens when you start off the bat with Jackie Battle and Greg Little. Battle wasn't half bad (70+ yards in a clusterfuck of a running back situation) but Little was dreadful. He STILL put up 3 times as many points as Vincent Jackson. Yes yes, Revis Island bla bla bla, Vincent Jackson has been terrible regardless. He's only had 1 1/2 good games, and I'm starting to really worry about him being the elite receiver he's supposed to be. Greg Jennings was the only guy on my team to show up with 147 and a score. Tony Romo actually wasn't bad, they just had a field day running the ball all over the Rams, that Romo didn't have to throw much. One of those good real life games/disappointing fantasy games. Kellen Winslow did what I needed him to as a fill in, which was score, too bad it was against my Bears defense. Who was the most disappointing of all though? That would be Ray Rice. The guy I traded Ahmad Bradshaw and Roddy White for. Against a shitty Jaguars team, he managed only 28 rushing yards and 38 receiving yards and he fumbled. Horrible game, and though it wasn't a game breaker (i would've lost anyway) it would've been nice to pile up some garbage points for the standings. As bad as I played, I still could've beaten four other teams this week, but unfortunately I was playing against the team with the second more points of the week in Ryan. Cam Newton does it again. An average passing game (250 and a score) bumped up with 59 yards rushing and a rushing TD. That's such a nice luxury to have at your QB position. Mike Wallace hauled in a 95 yard TD that basically made his day. The only concern is Rashard Mendenhall who after it looked like he turned a corner, reverted back to crappiness with 32 rushing yards against the Arizona Cardinals. MJD had a nice game but failed to score again (he did fumble at the 1) and what more can you say about Jimmy Graham. Dude's a MOSNTER, week in and week out. 54 receiving yards and 2 TD's. I could've actually lost even WORSE, but Ryan at the last second subbed in Mike Williams for Plaxico Burress (Burress had 3 TD's). Ryan also made a nice spot start in the Texans Defense who annihilated the Titans holding them to 7 points and also scoring a defensive TD. It was just way too much to overcome, and Ryan's team was lights out this week.

Key Players

Cam Newton (Hoosier Daddy) 256 passing yards, 1 Passing TD, 59 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 25 points

Mike Wallace (Hoosier Daddy) 118 receiving yards (95 yard TD) 1 receiving TD, 17 points

Jimmy Graham (Hoosier Daddy) 54 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's, 17 points

Greg Jennings (RuggedRaymontHarris) 147 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 20 points

Disappointing Players

Vincent Jackson (RuggedRaymontHarris) 15 receiving yards, 1 point

Ray Rice (RuggedRaymontHarris) 28 rushing yards, 1 fumble lost, 35 receiving yards, 3 points (against Jaguars)

Rashard Mendenhall (Hoosier Daddy) 32 rushing yards, 5 receiving yards, 3 points

Take Dat Wit Chu (4-3)          73
Da Boys (2-5)                           59

Overview: Ugly, Ugly, Ugly. Kenny SHOULD'VE lost this game. His guys were looking horrible plus he made the biggest mistake of the week by playing Daniel Thomas over DeMarco Murray (yep, Dallas' new all time single game rushing record holder on the bench, though to be fair it was coin flip in my opinion to play Thomas or Murray, he just picked the wrong guy by a wide margin). Aaron Rodgers is his only guy who scored double digits besides his kicker and defense. Santonio Holmes and Miles Austin? Non existant (40 yards receiving combined, 3 points). Running backs bla (Mathews even got hurt, and only scored 5 points, Daniel Thomas only 50+ yards rushing). He didn't even play the right tight end (Tony Gonzalez 62 yards over Fred Davis 80 and a score) yet Kenny Bybee wins by 14. The big reason why, Darren McFadden's injury in the first quarter. That was a HUGE loss, and against the Chiefs, there's no doubt in my mind McFadden would've done even better than what Michael Bush did (99 yards). Cindy was playing without Wes Welker and Andre Johnson, and it showed as her team only managed 59 points. Matt Ryan continues to be uninspiring but luckily a rushing TD upped his points to 16. Only 8 points combined from her receiving trio of Pierre Garcon, Reggie Wayne, and Robert Meachem. Shonne Green wasn't actually bad (112 rushing yards) and Owen Daniels still managed 71 yards receiving, but losing McFadden and getting a zero was just too crushing to overcome and now Cindy faces Mike Posey in the battle of 2-5 records.

Key Players

Aaron Rodgers (Take Dat Wit Chu) 335 passing yards, 3 passing TD's, 8 yards rushing, 25 points

Disappointing Players

Miles Austin (Take Dat Wit Chu) 16 receiving yards, 1 point

Santonio Holmes (Take Dat Wit Chu) 24 receiving yards, 2 points

Ryan Mathews (Take Dat Wit Chu) 39 rushing yards, 26 receiving yards, 5 points

Darren McFadden (Da Boyz) 4 rushing yards, 3 receiving yards, 0 points (left game with injury in 1st quarter)

Reggie Wayne (Da Boyz) 36 receiving yards, 3 points

Salt & Vinegar Chips (2-5)        98
Shredders (2-5)                           59

Overview: Another ugly game, but a must win for Posey and he got it very convincingly.  The trades he made have both worked out pretty well as Matt Schaub (296 and 2 td's), Steve Smith (143 receiving yards) and Marques Colston (98 yards and 2 TD's) were huge factors this week. Michael Turner also provided a nice game (122 rushing yards) and Antonio Gates made a nice comeback and scored a TD. Unfortunately Beanie Wells got hurt and there's a possibility he misses a couple weeks. Percy Harvin also re-injured his ribs but he was ineffective when he was in (15 yards). Zach's kicker led all his scoring with 15. That's how bad it was, as the only one who was decent was Mike Tolbert who had a TD to go with 58 rushing yards. Willis McGahee got hurt but he had a fumble and only 78 yards rushing.  I had high hopes for Joe Flacco, but he along with the rest of the Ravens offense was DREADFUL, and luckily he got a last minute TD pass to Boldin to pick up a couple more points. 137 passing yards, 1 TD and a pick ain't gonna get the job done. Zach's random receiving core was bla including a zero from Doug Baldwin. Benjamin Watson also got a zero and he suffered a concussion on top of that. The bye week unfortunately obliterated Zach's team and he was forces to go with some risky choices. He didn't pay off at all as he ends up tying with Cindy for least points in the league this week.

Key Players

Matt Schaub (Salt & Vinegar Chips) 296 passing yards, 2 passing TD's, 19 points

Marques Colston (Salt & Vinegar Chips) 98 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's, 21 points

Steve Smith (Salt & Vinegar Chips) 143 receiving yards, 14 points

Disappointing Players

Percy Harvin (Salt & Vinegar Chips) 8 yards rushing, 15 receiving yards, 1 point

Beanie Wells (Salt & Vinegar Chips) 42 rushing yards, 4 points (left game with injury)

Joe Flacco (Shredders) 137 passing yards, 1 passing TD, 1 interception, -8 receiving yards, 8 points

Doug Baldwin (Shredders) 0 catches, 0 yards, 0 points

Benjamin Watson (Shredders) 5 receiving yards, 0 points (left game with concussion)

Channel 4 News Team (4-3)       119
Dr. Wily's Robots        (3-4)         82

Overview: Arian Foster....what more can you say?? I said right after the draft that Foster could end up being a steal at the 5th pick, which is where he went due to injury concerns. I think this week proved  that theory in spades. Such an AMAZING statline, just unreal and it's the 2nd highest output of the season. 115 rushing yards, 2 rushing TD's, 119 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD for a grand total of an amazing 40 points. You could slice those two lines up and they would be bad ass on their own. There was no way Albert was losing this week after last week's debacle. Megatron did his thing as well (115 and a score) and even Dez got in the end zone (90 and a score) as Albert was just firing on all cylinders. Steven Jackson added 70 and a score, and though Jermichael Finley was kind of disappointing yet again, he still managed a TD. Albert's domination was able to hide a horrible Matt Hasselbeck performance (104 passing yards, 1 passing TD, 2 picks, and he was pulled in the 4th) while Kevin Walter was bla (35 yards). Arian Foster got almost half of Matt's points by himself as Albert scored the most points of the week. Matt got another solid Adrian Peterson performance (175 rushing yards and a rushing TD) but outside of Mason Crosby and his amazing 18 points, no other guy on Matt's team got double digits. It's of course hard to do well when you have two awesome rb's on bye (Frank Gore and Fred Jackson). Tim Hightower actually was having a solid game (88 yards) but got hurt and ending up tearing his ACL and is now out for the season. Philip Rivers continues to be a disappointment (179 passing yards, 2 interceptions, 1 passing TD) and I wouldn't be surprised if Matt goes back to Eli Manning after the bye. Brandon Marshall and Dwayne Bowe got decent yardage (61 and 76 respectively) but didn't find the end zone. Jacoby Jones and Dustin Keller did nothing of note as it just wasn't in the cards for Matt this week.

Key Players

Arian Foster (Channel 4 News Team) 115 rushing yards, 2 rushing TD's, 119 yards receiving ,1 receiving TD, 40 points

Calvin Johnson (Channel 4 News Team) 115 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 17 points

Dez Bryant (Channel 4 News Team) 90 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 15 points

Adrian Peterson (Dr. Wily's Robots) 175 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 23 points

Mason Crosby (Dr. Wily's Robots) 2 FG (0-39) 1 FG (40-49) 1 FG(50+) 3 XP, 18 points

Disappointing Players

Philip Rivers (Dr. Wily's Robots) 179 passing yards, 1 passing TD, 2 INT's, -1 rushing yards, 9 points

Matt Hasselbeck (Channel 4 News Team) 104 passing yards, 1 passing TD, 2 INT's, 6 points

The Bad Robofies (5-2)        66
The_Twin_Killers (4-3)       65

Overview: The matchup of the week. Dad looked like he was heading to another loss, as he team hadn't done anything at all. Dad has 24 points from his ENTIRE TEAM, going into Sunday night's game with Drew Brees and Mark Ingram still to go. 42 points between those two? Possibly, but highly unlikely right?? DEAD WRONG. BREES WAS AMAZING, 325 passing yards and 5 passing TD's for 33 points. Unlike Kenny's failed comeback though, Mark Ingram delivered the knockout punch with 91 rushing yards (after he got that 91st rushing yard, he left the game with an injury, delivering JUST ENOUGH for dad to win) and dad pulled off an amazing spectacular win that will go down as one of the greatest comebacks this season....and he did it with a grand total of 66 POINTS. Unreal. Noone really worth mentioning on Dad's side, even a shitty -4 performance from the Titans Defense wouldn't matter. Chris Johnson sucked AGAIN (18 yards rushing and 27 receiving) and it's unbelievable how much of a bust he's been. It's more unbelievable that despite that,  Dad is 5-2.  Leland was down Hakeem Nicks, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Rob Gronkowski due to byes, and outside of Matt Forte's usual brilliant self (145 rushing yards and a score, 38 receiving yards) you could tell by the points. Tashard Choice was a brutal play, as Demarco Murray outshined him from the get go and Choice ended up getting hurt but not before fumbling and getting -2 points. Roddy White reached the endzone, but didn't do much yardage wise, Stafford was pretty mediocre as well (189 and a TD). Nate Burleson showed Leland what he showed my dad...nothing(10 yards). Brandon Pettigrew was disappointing as well, only 31 receiving yards. Darrius Heyward-Bay was decent with 89 yards, despite crappy QB'ing from Carson Palmer and Kyle Boller. 7 weeks in and Dad is 2nd in the league.....crazy!!

Key Players

Drew Brees (The Bad Robofies)- 325 passing yards, 5 passing TD's, 33 points (helped Dad come back from 41 point deficit)

Mark Ingram (The Bad Robofies) 91 rushing yards,  6 receiving yards, 9 points (scored winning point to help Dad come back from 41 point deficit)

Matt Forte (The_Twin_Killers) 145 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 38 receiving yards, 23 points

Disappointing Players

Tashard Choice (The_Twin_Killers) 8 rushing yards, 1 fumble lost, -2 points (left game with injury)

Nate Burleson (The_Twin_Killers) 10 rushing yards, 1 receiving yards, 1 point

Brandon Pettigrew (The_Twin_Killers) 31 receiving yards, 3 points

Tennessee Titans Defense (The Bad Robofies) 35 points allowed, -4 points

Chris Johnson (The Bad Robofies) 18 yards rushing, 27 receiving yards, 3 points

Eric Decker (The Bad Robofies) 21 receiving yards