Friday, September 30, 2011

This Weeks Transactions: Brandon Lloyd Cut

The biggest news, transaction wise, this week was Zach letting go of Brandon Lloyd. I know he hasn't been productive so far, but it's way too early to cut ties with him. I happily used my #1 waiver claim, as WR #3 has been a weakness of mine (of course now I have Colston back, and Nate Washington, so now I have a surplus) so I believe Lloyd is worth the gamble. Plus, I dropped Arizona defense for him, so it's totally a no risk add, with a possibly high reward if Lloyd can return to 2010 form. Here are the rest of the moves teams made this week.

Brandon Lloyd-WR

Nate Washington-WR

Rex Grossman-QB
Arizona Cardinals Defense

Overview: The minute I heard Kenny Britt was done for the year, I jumped on Nate Washington, knowing he had just become the WR #1 for the Titans. I needed WR depth so it was a logical move. Now, I didn't think Brandon Lloyd would be dropped by Zach, but as mentioned earlier, he was and I used my waiver to claim him. I like the depth of my receiver core now, but I really do need to trade one or package one to get a back up running back. Grossman was an emergency 3rd QB and Arizona was a spot start defense, both were never long term plans.

Take Dat Wit Chu

Tampa Bay Bucs Defense

Thomas Jones-RB

Overview: Kenny actually picked up and dropped WR flavor of the week Torrey Smith as well, but decided to go matchup with his defense and carry Tampa's to use for the next two weeks. Kenny was never going to use Thomas Jones anyways.

Salt and Vinegar Chips

Scott Chandler-TE


Kyle Orton-QB

Overview- Posey made a late decision add of Scott Chandler due to Gates injury problems, and he might be his TE for a few more weeks now, cause Gates foot continues to be a problem. Kyle Orton has been disappointing and if Posey needs to repick him up, he should be there for the pickin.

Channel 4 News Team
Jason Hanson K


David Akers-K

Overview- Albert made a surprise kicking move sunday by picking up Jason Hanson and dropping David Akers. It worked last week, and it looks like Jason Hanson will be Albert's kicker for the time being.

Dr. Wily's Robots

Mohamed Massequoi-WR

Kenny Britt-WR

Overview: Matt had to bite the bullet and drop Kenny Britt, who's injured and out for the season. Don't know if Massequoi will be the answer, but Matt picked him up simply for additional depth.


Ryan Grant-RB

Mike Thomas-WR
New York Giants Defense


 CJ Spiller-RB

Brandon Lloyd-WR

Washington Redskins Defense

Overview- Zach reacquired two of his former players in Mike Thomas and the Giants D. While it's fine on the defense front since Washington was nothing but a spot start, it's puzzling to drop Brandon Lloyd for Mike Thomas. I think the potential is way higher for Lloyd than Thomas, but that's just me. Zach, in a play for more RB depth, adds Ryan Grant, but already Grant's been ruled out for Sunday's game. The injury bug just keeps attacking Zach's players. It's no big deal because he dropped CJ Spiller, who has been fantasy irrelevant all year.


Victor Cruz-WR

Austin Collie-WR

Overview: Austin Collie is irrelevant with Curtis Painter/Kerry Collins at QB, so Leland takes a stab at Victor Cruz, though with Manningham back I don't see Cruz as a viable starter. 

The Bad Bobofies, Da Boyz, and Hoosier Daddy did not make any moves this week.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Week 3 Awards

Crazy week 3 and here are some crazy awards, including some a couple of twists to the awards.

Wayne McGarrity Co-Studs of the Week-Darren McFadden and Wes Welker (Da Boyz)

Yeah, call it a copout, but there's no way I can pick one and ignore the other. By themselves both guys could've beaten Matt Gonzales's team by THEMSELVES. Welker already help beat Matt in week 1, it's like Welker haunts Matt in some way or another. Welker's receiving numbers were just plain sick. If this was a PPR league, the results would be even more jaw dropping. 16 catches, 217 receiving yards, 2 TD's, damnnnnnnn that's nice. I cannot however take away from Darren McFadden, who ran for 171 and a couple TD's against the NEW YORK JETS. Yeah, that heavily hyped Jets D was no match for D-Mac. Both of them were definitely studs of the week and deserve this honor.

The Michael Wiley Dud of the Week-Dr Wiley's Robots
I'm sorry Matt, I really am, and it's not your fault at all, your guys just didn't show up period. 56 points. It's head scratching that this team scored 154 points last week and this week scores almost 100 points LESS. Matt's team now holds both records for most and least points scored in a game this season. You name em, they sucked. Rivers, Marshall, Britt (hurt, but was nice enough to fumble and give Matt -1pts), Gore, Keller, Jets Defense, all dreadful. Even Adrian Peterson had a subpar game, considering he had 14 points at halftime and finished with...14 pts. Just a very dreadful performance as a whole team. He's actually lucky he played my dad, cause my dad's guys actually sucked too yet he won by 20. I'm sure Matt's team will get the best of me this upcoming week, now that I have degraded it, but what a difference a week makes.

Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Award- Jason Hanson (Channel 4 News Team)
Now a kicker normally wouldn't come close to winning an award, but Albert made a shrewd move picking up Jason Hanson on gameday and it paid off. 17 points from Hanson, and as long as the Lions keep puttin up points, Hanson looks like he should be a viable kicker.

Tony Romo Bad Decision Award- Matt playing Frank Gore over Fred Jackson
The winner of the sneaky surprise one week and bad decision the next for a decision involving the two same players. That's how bad this week was for Matt. Last week, I applauded Matt for playing Fred Jackson over Frank Gore, and it worked wonders. This week, Matt reversed it, and played Frank Gore over Fred Jackson and the results were a disaster. Fred Jackson ended up with 21 points, Gore? 2 pts. Just brutal.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week 3 Results

I know it's way early in the season, but your top 4 teams in the league are owned, in order, by Kenny, Cindy, Ryan, and my dad. While Kenny is no surprise (even though he admittedly screwed up his first two RB picks, but kudos on the late flier for Ryan Mathews), Cindy and my dad's fast 2-1 starts are definitely shocks, as they've never played in our league before (in fact my dad has never played fantasy football period), yet so far the football gods have smiled on them and they reap the rewards with W's. Ryan drafts a hurt Peyton Manning, and overcomes that as well. Out of these 4, 2 weren't in the league, and the other 2 didn't make the playoffs. Fantasy football is an unpredictable bitch eh??? Here are the week 3 results

Take Dat Wit Chu (3-0)    106
Salt & Vinegar Chips (1-2)  68

Overview- Kenny got shocking news that Peyton Hillis was inactive due to illness. Look at the score, it didn't matter one bit. Kenny "blowed out" Mike, even though Posey had a fast start from Tom Brady and at the beginning Kenny was getting literally nothing from his guys. Ryan Mathews had the type of game that made me pick up in the first rd last year and it's safe to say that Kenny will deploy Mathews and Hillis on a weekly basis from now on. Aaron Rodgers had his typcial game (and managed to NOT let Greg Jennings dominate, which was huge because Posey owns him) and the Ravens D feasted big time on the Rams. Mike was even pro-active and picked up Scott Chandler for an injured Gates (Chandler scored) and didn't matter. Kenny got a few points from emergency starter Jahvid Best and survived a donut from Deion Branch, and Devery Henderson was pedestrian as well. Tony Gonzalez scored but did little else, but it was definitely enough as Posey's guys did pretty much NOTHING, especially his running backs. 3 pts combined from Michael Turner and Benjarvus Green-Ellis. That'll basically sink you fast. Also didn't understand the Denario Alexander play (against Baltimore D) over Lance Moore, but at the end it wouldn't matter, cause outside of Brady (27 pts) no one else bothered to show up.  You would've thought San Diego would've fiested on the Chiefs lethargic offense but nope, only 4 points. Kenny cruises on and remains the only undefeated team left.

Key Players

Ryan Mathews (Take Dat Wit Chu) 98 yards rushing, 2 rushing TD's, 51 yards receiving, 26 pts

Tom Brady (Salt & Vinegar Chips) 387 yards passing, 4 passing TD's, 4 INT's, 27 pts

Disappointing Players

Deion Branch (Take Dat Wit Chu) 0 catches, 0 yards receiving, 0 pts

Michael Turner (Salt & Vinegar Chips) 20 yards rushing, 2 pts

BenJarvus Green-Ellis (Salt & Vinegar Chips) 16 yards rushing, 1 pt

San Diego Chargers Defense (Salt & Vinegar Chips) 17 pts allowed, 1 INT, 1 Sack, 4 points (against the Chiefs)

Channel 4  News Team (1-2)       137
RuggedRaymontHarris (1-2)        90

Overview: 4 points. That's the total combined points from my TE position for the past 3 weeks. It continues to be a problem but even with that, I got the shit just beat out of me big time. Albert had the hot players, and now there are no defeated teams left anymore. Albert's guys went OFF, when even Jason Hanson (nice late minute move there) gets you 17 points, you know you're going to win. Jermichael Finley showed why he could be the top TE with his 3 TD performance, and Matt Schaub and Calvin Johnson both put up 20+ points. Ben Tate might have been a tad disappointing, but Daniel Thomas pretty much showed why the Dolphins drafted him in the first place. Even Julio Jones managed 110 yards. Eric Decker was exactly what I expected, mediocre production and I can't get Colston back sooner. My RB's did the heavy lifting, with McCoy and Bradshaw both having excellent games, but once again Vincent Jackson shows up small, against the Chiefs no less. Roddy White finally put together a game with 140 yards, too bad he couldn't find the endzone. Even though the matchup was decided, I still had Romo and Fred Davis for points in the Monday Night Game (A game I went to, ugly but a win's a win), and they did nothing to help me out. I might take another gamble on Fred Davis this week, but for the 4th straight week I'll be using a new WR #3 and Defense. Totally disappointed in my team.

Key Players

Matt Schaub (Channel 4 News Team) 373 yards passing, 3 pass TD's, 1 INT, 25 pts

Calvin Johnson (Channel 4 News Team) 108 yards receiving, 2 TD's, 22 pts

Jermichael Finley (Channel 4 News Team) 85 yards receiving, 3 TD's, 26 pts

Lesean McCoy (RuggedRaymontHarris) 128 yards rushing, 1 rushing TD, 13 yards receiving, 19 pts

Ahmad Bradshaw (RuggedRaymontHarris) 86 yards rushing, 53 yards receiving, 1 receiving TD, 19 pts

Disappointing Players

Vincent Jackson (RuggedRaymontHarris) 63 receiving yards, 1 rushing yard, 6 pts (against Chiefs)

Tony Romo (RuggedRaymontHarris) 255 yards passing, 1 INT, 0 TD's, -1 rushing yard, 9 pts

Steve Smith (Channel 4 News Team) 15 receiving yards, 1 pt

The Bad Bobofies (2-1)         76
Dr. Wily's Robots (1-2)        56

Overview- How ugly and bad was this matchup??? Albert beat the both combined by 5 pts.  How Matt goes from scoring the most points in the league for the year to now the least points in a game for the year is totally mindboggling. Kenny Britt's season ending injury hurt the most as he left a -1 score for Matt. Phillip Rivers did nothing against the shitty Chiefs D, and Adrian Peterson had a great first half, and the Vikings surprisingly used him very little in the 2nd half with a 20 pt lead. Matt had gone with Fred Jackson last week over Frank Gore and it worked. I thought he might do it again, but he didn't and he paid for it dearly. All it would have done though was made the score a little bit more respectable, he still would've lost, but clearly Frank Gore is not a fantasy elite option anymore, add to the fact that he's hurt again as well, and things are looking bleak for Gore's fantasy future. Darren McFadden had his way to the Jets, which helped them get exactly 0 pts as a defense. One 0 and one -1, yeah, you aren't coming back from that. My dad, though survives this matchup, cause in honestly outside of the usual Brees 20+ point performance, the rest of his team was pretty pedestrian. It's getting scarier and scarier to see crappy games from Chris Johnson, but there it was again. Him and DeSean Jackson combined for 10 points. That cannot happen on any normal week, this just happened to be a week where the stars aligned for Dad, and Matt's team just plain ol sucked. Brandon Jacobs had another double digit game, with 13, as he scored on a TD pass from Eli. I still think you can't trust him as a every week RB#2, because Ahmad Bradshaw is the main back of the committee. Dad luckily didn't need much to beat Matt this week and hey a win's a win, and Dad is now 2-1 and in 4th place. Not bad, first timer!!

Key Players

Drew Brees (The Bad Bobofies) 370 yards passing, 3 passing TD's, 2 INT's, -1 yard rushing, 2 2 pt conversions, 28 pts

Adrian Peterson (Dr. Wily's Robots) 78 rushing yards, 1 rush TD, 19 rec yards, 14 points

Disappointing Players

Chris Johnson (The Bad Bobofies) 21 rushing yards, 54 receiving yards, 7 pts

Desean Jackson (The Bad Bobofies) 30 yards receiving, 3 yards rushing, 3 pts

Frank Gore (Dr. Wily's Robots) 42 yards rushing, 1 fumble lost, 2 pts

Kenny Britt (Dr. Wily's Robots) 18 yards receiving, 1 fumble lost (injured in 2nd quarter) -1 pts

New York Jets Defense (Dr. Wily's Robots) 34 points allowed, 1 sack, 0 pts

Hoosier Daddy (2-1)          87
Shredders         (1-2)          70

Overview: I'm not bitter or anything but I would've beating these last 4 teams...just sayin (OK, I'll stop pouting now). Zach has had some of the worse injury luck in the first 3 weeks that I've ever seen. Vick gets hurt again, Maclin hurts his hamstring too, and though both should play in week 4, it sucks to get partial games from your #2 draft pick and the main piece of the trade that sent Peyton Hillis to Kenny. This team is in disarray, as there's no RB #1 (Benson and Tolbert again combine for under 10 pts) and there's barely a decent #2 RB. When Stevie Johnson is the best of the bunch this week, you know you're in trouble.  Him and Vernon Davis were the only two guys to score over 10. There's too many of the same guys at the WR and RB position, and that'll create a problem on who to start each week. David Nelson was nice, but who's to say he can be consistent? Jordy Nelson had 40 yards receiving, but Zach didn't play him, but there's another piece in that Hillis trade. Ryan is really lucky the Cam Newton experiment didn't blow up in his face but you can't blame him for riding the hot hand, and he still had more points than Phillip Rivers, Tony Romo, and Michael Vick. Mike Wallace was a stud again, 144 yards and a score. Mike Williams is looking like a bust, as he had another mediocre game. Boldin was decent with 74 yards. Mendenhall, not so much, less than 40 yards rushing against a shitty Colts D. MJD took advantage of the horrible Panthers run d, and ended up with 16 points.  Jimmy Graham also had a great game with 100 yards and a score.

Key Players

Mike Wallace (Hoosier Daddy) 144 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 20 pts

Maurice Jones-Drew (Hoosier Daddy) 122 yards rushing, 45 yards receiving, 16 pts

Jimmy Graham (Hoosier Daddy) 100 yards receiving, 1 receiving TD, 16 pts

Stevie Johnson (Shredders) 94 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 15 pts

Disappointing Players

Rashard Mendenhall (Hoosier Daddy) 37 yards rushing, 9 yards receiving, 3 pts

Michael Vick (Shredders) 176 passing yards, 1 INT, 31 rushing yards, 9 pts (left game with injury)

Mike Tolbert (Shredders) 19 rushing yards, 24 receiving yards, 3 pts

Da Boyz (2-1)                            135
The_Twin_Killers (1-2)             97

Overview- Leland had the same problem I did, he just ran into a buzzsaw. Cindy's team had the 2nd highest point total in the league this week and she's actually 2nd in the league because she has scored the most points in the entire league. Wes Welker has been a fantasy GOD, as he picks up 34 points. Yet another unbelievable performance from him. Oh, and the Jets D is unstoppable right?? Tell that to Darren McFadden who ran wild all over them to a tune of 171 and 2 TD's. Owen Daniels even had a great game, while Andre Johnson just had to have his usual normal game (128 yards) to add to the blowout.  Only Reggie Wayne had a bad game with 24 yards receiving. Everyone else showed up to play, and when McFadden and Welker go off like that (those two alone beat Matt's 56) you don't really need too much more to win. On Leland's side, Rob Gronkowski continues to be Brady's favorite go to guy as evidenced by the 22 points he put up and Matthew Stafford had another great game as well.  The receivers though, once again weak performances, a total combined 11 points. Kind of like my problem with my WR #3 and TE, Leland will probably have to mix it up and try to find someone that can stick in the lineup, cause so far it hasn't looked too good. (P.S. Cindy, I'm sorry again for predicting against you, lol).

Key Players

Wes Welker (Da Boyz)- 217 yards receiving, 2 receiving TD's, 19 yards rushing, 34 pts

Darren McFadden (Da Boyz) 171 yards rushing, 2 rushing TD's, 7 yards receiving, 29 pts (against Jets)

Matthew Stafford (The_Twin_Killers) 378 yards passing, 2 TD's, -1 yard rushing, 23 pts

Rob Gronkowski (The_Twin_Killers) 109 yards receiving, 2 rec TD's, 22 pts

Disappointing Players

Reggie Wayne (Da Boyz)- 24 yards receiving, 2 pts

Hakeem Nicks (The_Twin_Killers)- 25 yards receiving, 2 pts