Sunday, July 27, 2014

Draft Lottery Results

Today was the Draft Lottery to see where all the teams pick in the draft. It's basically the first big event to kick off the Fantasy Football Season. Here are the results

1 - Chris
2 - Drew
3 - Albert
4 - Matt
5 - Leland
6 - Mayra
7 - Robert
8 - Ryan
9 - Eugene
10 - Alex
11 - Kenny
12 - Mark

So yep..I have pick #1 for the first time ever. It's kind of a moot point though since I'm keeping Lesean McCoy anyway. Still, it'll be nice to have the 1st pick of the 3rd round. I just hope it's not a bad omen to have the 1st pick after winning a championship like Leland did last season. Drew once again picks #2 and Albert rounds out the top 3 this year. This is the first year Matt is not picking in the top 3, though he still is at #4 and again it's irrelevant since he'll be keeping Jamaal Charles anyway. Alex will pick 10 in his first draft, while Kenny and Mark round out the bottom of the draft. Knowing draft position is critical for teams since it could be the basis of what players everyone keeps. The next big event will be the confirmation of keepers after Week 3 in the preseason.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Roster Overviews Part II

Here's a look at the rest of the rosters around the league.

Eugene (Great BolerosofFire)

QB-Russell Wilson, Alex Smith

RB-DeMarco Murray, Gio Bernard, Ryan Mathews, Fred Jackson

WR-Julio Jones, Eric Decker, Eddie Royal, Chris Givens, Robert Woods, Darius Heyward-Bey, Doug Baldwin, Julian Edelman

TE-Antonio Gates

Possible Keepers: Julio Jones, Gio Bernard, Demarco Murray

Julio Jones was a terror before suffering a season ending injury early in the season. Luckily due to IR spots, Eugene was able to stash him and he's now eligible to keep. The keepers are intriguing here. Julio Jones and DeMarco Murray are both amazing players...when they are healthy. Both have been prone to injuries and it would be a tough pill to swallow if Eugene were to keep them and they get hurt yet again. You also have a potential star there in Gio Bernard who should get most of the workload with the Bengals this season. All 3 are top 2 round talents, but have question marks of their own. Eugene could also just play it safe and jump back into the draft to see what's out there. I'm really interested to see what this team does.

Matt (Dr. Light's Robots)

QB-Robert Griffin III, Matt Schaub

RB-Jamaal Charles, Andre Brown, Maurice Jones-Drew, Joique Bell

WR-Jordy Nelson, Roddy White, Marques Colston, Golden Tate, Kenbrell Thompkins, Denarius Moore

TE-Jordan Reed, Dennis Pitta

Potential Keepers: Jamaal Charles, Jordy Nelson

The good news is that Matt arguably has the best running back in the league in Jamaal Charles. That's a lock as keeper #1. The downside is the rest of Matt's team really lacks a 2nd star as the only one worth possibly a keeper pick is Jordy Nelson. Roddy White, Marques Colston, and Jordan Reed are all fine mid round picks, but I don't think any of those are worth a 2nd round pick. Jordy is definitely an option, but there's a strong possibility Matt jumps back in the 2nd round to see what's out there.

Leland (NEXT!!!!)

QB-Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, Josh McCown, Andy Dalton

RB-Danny Woodhead, Andre Ellington, C.J. Spiller

WR-Riley Cooper, Randall Cobb, Steve Smith, James Jones, Justin Hunter, DeAndre Hopkins, 

TE-Greg Olsen, Rob Housler

Potential Keepers: Randall Cobb, Andre Ellington, C.J. Spiller

Here's the problem, really none of the potential keepers grades out as a 1st round pick. The cupboard is pretty bare here. QB wise, though Brady is great, if you don't have Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, or Peyton Manning, it's probably not the best idea to keep a QB (although ironically, even those 3 could be available in this draft).The only real reason I put C.J. Spiller here, is that it's gotta be tough to bite the bullet and release your #1 overall pick from a year ago. Andre Ellington is supposed to be the feature back in Arizona now, but that's quite a gamble to keep him. Cobb is an elite receiver, but is he a top 12 pick? That's the question Leland will have to answer. Leland might be one those rare teams who may have to reboot the franchise and start from scratch, keeping both draft picks instead of keeping an actual player.


QB-Andrew Luck, Jay Cutler

RB-Adrian Peterson, Reggie Bush, Trent Richardson

WR-Keenan Allen, Danny Amendola, Kendell Wright, Andre Holmes, Hakeem Nicks, Michael Floyd, Quinton Patton

TE-Jordan Cameron, Ryan Griffin

Possible Keepers: Adrian Peterson, Reggie Bush, Keenan Allen

The Peterson/Bush "Dream Team" didn't exactly work out last season. Drew is definitely 100% keeping AD, but I think he'll take a good look at Keenan Allen as the possible 2nd keeper over Reggie Bush. It's definitely a high risk/high reward type deal, but Allen proved himself as a rookie to be one of the best receivers in fantasy and he can only get better. Bush is always tantalizing due to the offense he's in. There's also a chance Drew takes a shot at jumping in the draft at round 2, but I'm gonna safely guess he'll chose from those two as to who he'll keep as 2nd keeper.

Ryan (Hoosier Daddy)

QB-Cam Newton

RB-Eddie Lacy, Steven Ridley, Ben Tate, Michael Bush

WR-Larry Fitzgerald, Harry Douglas, Kenny Stills, Desean Jackson, Stevie Johnson, Donnie Avery

TE-Julius Thomas, Delanie Walker, Joel Dreessen

Potential Keepers-Eddie Lacy, Julius Thomas, Larry Fitzgerald

For being the 11th best team, Ryan has some great options to keep. Lacy should be a no brainer, he had an amazing rookie season and that was with defenses focused on stopping him because of Aaron Rodgers' injury. Julius Thomas came out of nowhere to become a top 3 tight end in a position that after the top 3 becomes really murky. Fitzgerald is still producing at an elite level as well. I can't see Ryan jumping back into the draft, but if he thinks either are too risky he might. My money is on Eddie Lacy and one of the other two guys.

Albert (Channel 4 News Team)

QB-Peyton Manning, Terrelle Pryor

RB-Alfred Morris, Le'Veon Bell, Doug Martin, DeAngelo Williams, Frank Gore

WR-A.J. Green, T.Y. Hilton, Dwayne Bowe, Tavon Austin, Mario Manningham, Mike Wallace

TE-Brandon Pettigrew, Scott Chandler

Potential Keepers: Peyton Manning, Alfred Morris, Le'Veon Bell, Doug Martin, A.J. Green, Frank Gore

This is the most interesting of the teams because you can seriously make a case for 6 guys to be keepers (though Frank Gore is admittedly a reach, he is slated to still be the main RB for the 49ers). Albert shrewdly picked up Doug Martin to stash and ponder as a possible keeper. It really depends on Albert's philosophy and strategy. If he's a running back heavy guy, two of Morris, Bell, Martin might do the trick. If he values QB, Peyton is right there, if he thinks he can a good QB in later rounds, he'll let him go. I'd have to guess that A.J. Green would be the certain lock..but even he might be expendable in this group of guys if he values other positions over wide receiver. All I know, is Albert will be releasing some interesting talent, and knowing this, might make teams think about taking a gamble and jumping in the 2nd round if they don't have great options.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Roster Overviews Part I

With this season being the first affected by the new keeper league rule, here's a look at last seasons final rosters and see what each team could be doing in regards to who they might keep. Each team can keep up to 2 players.

Me (Arturo's Beans)

QB-Matthew Stafford

RB-LeSean McCoy, Chris Johnson, Montee Ball, Bryce Brown, Lamar Miller, Chris Polk, Jordan Todman

WR-Brandon Marshall, Torrey Smith, Pierre Garcon, Vincent Jackson

TE: Jason Witten, Martellus Bennett

Possible Keepers: Matthew Stafford, LeSean McCoy, Montee Ball, Brandon Marshall

Overview: It's no surprise LeSean McCoy is my #1 keeper obviously. No need for suspense there. As far as the #2 keeper, well, we have a problem there. Initially, Brandon Marshall was the no-brainer #2. Now though, reports are Montee Ball will basically be the workhorse in that Denver offense that made Knowshon Moreno a top 5 back. With Moreno out of the picture, the upside of Montee Ball is out of this world. Having that dangerous 1-2 punch at running back could be a huge advantage to own over the league. What makes me hesitant? Well...C.J. Spiller was supposed to be a beast too, and though comparing Buffalo to Denver is like apples to oranges, still Ball hasn't proven himself yet as a workhorse and that decision could blow up in my face. Stafford has upside too as that offense added two more pieces in rookie Tight End Eric Ebron and also  adding Golden Tate, but there's no legit way I'll be keeping him over the three I've already mentioned. It'll be something I will be monitoring all the way up to the keeper deadline.

Kenny (Not Even Lying)

QB-Drew Brees

RB-Shane Vereen, Bobby Rainey, Marcel Reese, Toby Gerhart, Rashad Jennings, Dennis Johnson

WR-Calvin Johnson, Demaryius Thomas, Marvin Jones, Percy Harvin, Emmanuel Sanders, Nate Burleson

TE-Charles Clay

Possible Keepers-Drew Brees, Calvin Johnson, Demaryius Thomas

Overview-Well again it should be no secret, Kenny's keeping Calvin and Demaryius. It will leave Drew Brees as a highly coveted draft pick, but there's just no way Kenny can let Demaryius go. Who knows, maybe Brees will be there in round 3 to snatch up again? Obviously, keeping two WR's is a risk because it means the RB position might be a little weak, but again, it's a risk you'll have to assume with those two megastars at the receiver position.

Dad (The Bad Robofies)

QB- Colin Kaepernick, Kirk Cousins

RB-Ray Rice, Donald Brown, Chris Ivory, Darren McFadden, Jacquizz Rodgers

WR- Anquan Boldin, Andre Johnson, Reuben Randle, Aaron Dobson, Cordarrelle Patterson, Rod Streater

TE-Jimmy Graham

Possible Keepers: Jimmy Graham, Ray Rice, Andre Johnson, Cordarrelle Patterson

Overview: Jimmy Graham is a slam dunk keeper. Far and away the best tight end by a mile and even would be elite if WR eligible.  The tricky thing comes with keeper #2. Dad's 1st rounder from last year, Ray Rice was a disaster last season and coupled with a possible suspension for this year, I can't see him being kept, but if Dad thinks he's worth the gamble, he might bite the bullet. Or will Dad think keeping Andre Johnson is worth a 2nd round pick? Also, although honestly a long shot, Cordarrelle Patterson keeps gaining major buzz as a lot is expected from the 2nd year receiver in Minnesota. Does Dad go for the home run there? Does he decide eh screw em all gimmie the 2nd round pick? A very interesting situation to keep tabs on.


QB- Tony Romo, Ryan Tannehill

RB-Marshawn Lynch, Zac Stacy, Arian Foster, Pierre Thomas

WR-Wes Welker, Jarrett Boykin, Andre Caldwell, Josh Gordon, Santana Moss, Ace Sanders

TE-Coby Fleener

Possible Keepers: Marshawn Lynch, Zac Stacy, Arian Foster

Alex inherits a team that was 2.5 points away from making the finals. He also inherits a team that loses Tony Gonzalez (due to retirement) and a legit keeper prospect in Josh Gordon who looks like he's going to be suspended for a season. That's a crushing blow as Gordon was the #1 ranked WR last season. There's still enough depth for Alex to chose from at the RB position. Marshawn Lynch is a given, but that #2 pick is very tricky and risky. Do you believe enough in Zac Stacy to keep him or do you think Arian Foster can bounce back from a subpar season and become an elite RB once again? Or again there's always the risk of only keeping one guy in Lynch and taking your chance in the 2nd round. Alex has his work cut out for him right off the bat. 

Mayra (Bigger Balls)

QB-Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger

RB-Knowshon Moreno, Benjarvus Green-Ellis, Darren Sproles, Daniel Thomas

WR-Dez Bryant, Alshon Jeffrey, Antonio Brown, Greg Jennings, Nate Washington, Austin Pettis

TE-Vernon Davis

Possible Keepers- Aaron Rodgers, Dez Bryant, Alshon Jeffrey, Antonio Brown

Oh boy..Mayra's got some decisions to make here seems like. It's no doubt Dez will return, which leaves one spot for 3 possible guys. Aaron Rodgers is one of three super elite QB's, and then you have a young stud in Alshon Jeffrey who was amazing last season and in that offense has big time upside. Don't sleep on Antonio Brown either, who had a marvelous season as he became the #1 target in Pittsburgh after Mike Wallace's departure. There's always the option of rolling the dice and taking the 2nd round pick as well. All I know is whatever Mayra does, she'll be leaving some prime talent unprotected to be drafted. That's what happens when you have a great team.

Mark (Shock The Monkey)

QB-Nick Foles, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Matt Ryan

RB-Matt Forte, Steven Jackson, Bilal Powell

WR-Brian Hartline, Victor Cruz, Andrew Hawkins, Miles Austin, Michael Crabtree, Brandon LaFell

TE-Heath Miller, Rob Gronkowski

Possible Keepers: Matt Forte, Steven Jackson, Victor Cruz, Rob Gronkowski

There's no doubt Forte's being kept. The other three possibilities all have big time question marks. IF Gronk can ever stay healthy..he'd be definitely worth keeping as when healthy, he's up there with Jimmy Graham as far as tight ends go. It would be a huge risk though. I can see Mark going ahead and taking the 2nd round pick here and seeing what will be available.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The 5th Year of The Wane McGarity Bowl is about to begin!!

My how time flies. In 2010 in an effort to make fantasy football more fun and competitive, the Wane McGarity Bowl was born. What started as an 8 team $20 buy in league has 5 years later, turned into a 12 team $50 buy in keeper league. No matter how many changes though, the one thing that is constant is everyone plays for one be the Champion of The Wane McGarity Bowl. When we last left off, yours truly was crowned champion in an epic finals showdown against Kenny Bybee. Winning last year was great, but that's the past, now we focus on Year 5 of The Wane McGarity Bowl where once again 12 teams compete for the ultimate prize. Let's once again get familiar with participants in this uncoming season.

The Players and Teams

The Reigning Wane McGarity Bowl Champion
Chris Puente (Arturo's Beans)
5th Season
# of Playoff Appearences-3
Previous Finishes-3rd in 2010
                             2nd in 2011
                             9th in 2012
                             1st in 2013

I feel like LeBron James after he finally won his first NBA Title. After a horrible 2012 and a disappointing Finals appearance in 2011, I bounced back and picked up my first Wane McGarity Bowl title. Led by a lethal dose of LeSean McCoy and Brandon Marshall, I was able to easily capture the championship last season against Kenny Bybee. There's too much competition to be cocky and do the LeBron "not one, not two, not three," thing, but I'm not satisfied with just one title. I'm hoping a repeat is in the books for 2014.

Kenny Bybee (Not Even Lying)
5th Season
# of Playoff Appearences-2
Previous Finishes- 5th in 2010
                               6th in 2011
                               7th in 2012
                               2nd in 2013

Finally Kenny had the kind of season that those who know him have been waiting for since the league's inception. Thanks to a mid season trade that nabbed him Calvin Johnson, Bybee's monstrous trio of Drew Brees/DeMaryius Thomas/Calvin Johnson led him all the way to not only his first playoff win but ultimately to his first finals appearance where he ultimately lost to me. Kenny has got to be the early favorite to win it all, because there's no doubt he'll be keeping Calvin Johnson and DeMaryius Thomas for this upcoming season and having two of the best receivers in the game is going to be a huge advantage. If he plays his cards right, he'll be a shoe-in for another shot at the Wane McGarity Title.

Robert Puente (The Bad Robofies)
4th Season
# of Playoff Appearences-3
Previous Finishes- 5th in 2011
                               6th in 2012
                               3rd in 2013

It's crazy to see Dad's progress from "just a placeholder team playing for fun" to "legit threat at winning it all". The numbers don't lie. He's never missed the playoffs and holds the all time record for most wins in a row during the regular season at 8. He was 1st place and got a bye and though fell short for the big prize, still was able to recover and beat Mike Posey for 3rd place and a share of the prize winnings. He did this all with a less than superb roster. The aura Dad brings with him is the vaunted "Dad Curse" where every team he plays against inexplicably loses it's ability to score. Will that trend continue this season? Can Dad keep breaking through or is a slump in the works? We'll see what happens this season.

Mayra Lopez (Bigger Balls)
3rd Season
# of Playoff Appearences-1
Previous Season Finishes- 10th in 2012
                                             5th in 2013

There's only been two girls that have played in the Wane McGarity Bowl, and Mayra made history by becoming the 1st to clinch a playoff berth last season. She came so close to upsetting Kenny in the 1st round of the playoffs but her WR combo of Alshon Jeffrey and Dez Bryant failed to score 11 points in the 2nd half of the last game of their matchup. Still, it was dramatic improvement from 2012's last place finish and there's no doubt Dez will be heading up her squad this year. Having Dez as the franchise player is no doubt step 1 for making even more history and winning the whole league.

Mark Freeman (Shock The Monkey)
2nd Season
# of Playoff Appearances-1
Previous Season Finshes- 6th in 2013

Mark's rookie campaign was a mixture of the highest of highs and lowest of lows. His fast start had him heads above the rest, but a horrible 2nd half slide had him barely hanging on to the last playoff spot before not only losing to Mike Posey in the 1st round, but also losing to Mayra in the 5th place game. A combinations of injuries (Gronk), Suspensions (Justin Blackmon) Underachievers (Victor Cruz) and in  Steven Jackson's case both injuries and underachievement are what did Mark in. It's a new season though and with a franchise back in Matt Forte leading the way, it won't be surprising to see Mark make a run at the Wane McGarity Bowl Championship.

Eugene Lawrence (Great BolerosofFire)
2nd Season
# of Playoff Appearances-0
Previous Season Finishes- 7th in 2013

Eugene's debut season wasn't great..but it wasn't all bad either. On the bright side he  can say he finished better than his brother. An unfortunate injury to Julio Jones put a huge dent in Eugene's season. His regular season record was horrendous but he actually finished on a 4 game winning streak in route to winning the Michael Wiley Loser Bowl in the  consolation bracket. Eugene will have some tough roster decisions to make, and he's hoping that his 2nd season will be a lot better than his first. 

Matt Gonzales (Dr. Light's Robots)
5th Season
# of Playoff Appearances-2
Previous Season Finishes- 4th in 2010
                                           9th in 2011
                                           4th in 2012
                                           8th in 2013

Out of the original members still left (Me, Drew, Kenny,Albert, Ryan,Matt) Matt's the only one who hasn't placed in the top 3. He's come close on two occasions, but last year was a step back. A couple of heartbreaking losses cost Matt a playoff berth last season, but there's one bright spot for this upcoming season and it's a big one. No doubt Matt's keeping Jamaal Charles for next season and he's arguably the best running back in the game today. That's a huge start to Matt's team and if history is any indications Matt makes the playoffs following a non-playoff season.

Leland Lawrence (NEXT!!!)
4th Season
Playoff Appearances-2
Previous Season Finishes- 4th in 2011
                                           1st in 2012
                                           9th in 2013

I'm pretty sure Leland's ready for this season to start so he can put last year's disaster away for good. Leland was in prime position to repeat as champion as he had the #1 pick in a keeper league draft. He whiffed big time with the infamous C.J. Spiller pick and it was just one disaster after another. It'll be interesting to see how he approaches this season. He is a former champion, so there's no doubt if anyone can rebound it's him.

Andrew Mata (JTG's Warehouse)
4th Season
Playoff Appearances- 1
Previous Finishes: 2nd in 2010
                              DNP in 2011
                              8th in 2012
                             10th in 2013

It's been puzzling to see Drew finish near the bottom of the standings these past two seasons, especially since it seemed like he was one of the favorites to win it all last season with his Peterson/Bush RB Combo. Unfortunately that combo didn't play together too much due to injuries on both sides at different times of the season. Will he keep them together and hope for the run he had in 2010? We shall see.

Hoosier Daddy (Ryan McKinnis)
5th Season
Playoff Appearances-2
Previous Season Finishes- 8th in 2010
                                           3rd in 2011
                                           3rd in 2012
                                          11th in 2013

After two straight solid seasons in which Ryan placed 3rd and received prize money, he slipped all the way to 2nd to last. Part of it was a super slow start in the 1st half of the season and part of it was just unbelievable bad luck in the opponents he had in the 2nd half. Ryan will look to have a major turnaround this season and hope things fall his way a lot more than they did last season.

Albert Rodriguez (Channel 4 News Team)
5th Season
Playoff Appearances-3
Previous Season Finishes- 1st in 2010
                                           1st in 2011
                                           2nd in 2012
                                          12th in 2013

This had to be shocking outcome of all the teams. Albert flat out DOMINATED the first three seasons of our league winning the first two titles and advancing to a third straight finals only to lose to Leland in 2012. With a team consisting of Peyton Manning, A.J. Green, Alfred Morris, and Frank Gore, you would assume Albert would have been a major threat to winning a 3rd championship. Not only did he not win, or make the playoffs, even worse he finished dead last. With the talent he has in his possession, and the ability to keep two guys, there's no doubt that Albert won't be finishing last this season..but can he regain championship form?

So noticeably absent is Mike Posey. An "Original 8" member, Mike decided to call it quits after 4 seasons citing lack of time. This means a spot became open and so without further ado...

The New Guy
Alex Kronberger- Alex will join Mayra and Mark as the 3rd co-worker to join the Wane McGarity Bowl. As with all new players who initially join, I have no idea what to expect and Alex is a wild card in this league. He inherits a solid team that was 2.5 points away from making the finals. We'll see how he fares in his rookie season.