Friday, November 30, 2012

Thursday Night Overview: Brees picked the Wrongggg Time To Suck

With the playoffs next week, and so many people gearing up for that number 1 spot it must be nice to have a safe reliable QB in Drew Brees against the Atlanta Falcons in what should be a game full of points right??? Nope, not this time. Brees was HORRIBLE last night, 5 interceptions and ZERO TD passes. Yep, ZERO. Lucky for Mayra, picks only count for -1 points, but with the playoffs on the line, it was not a great start for Mayra. Marques Colston had some yardage, but disappeared in the 2nd half. Put it this way, Matt's kick Matt Bryant had only 4 points less than Brees and Colston Combined. Eeeesch. Now the saving grace for Mayra is that Matt's QB is not that much better (Ryan Fitzpatrick) and it's totally plausible for him to put up the same numbers, but Brees is her main guy, and she still has to face the rest of Matt's team (A.J. Green, Foster, Nicks, Morris/Lynch). We'll see if she can survive this brutal Thursday play. Here are everyone else's Thursday plays.

The Bad Robofies- Dad used Darren Sproles, and he was pretty non effective. He did have a TD Called back, but at the end of the day he only came up 6.5 points. Good for me, not great for Dad, but keep in mind, I think Matt Forte will suck and get less than that, and with Dad's receivers and Cam Newton, this is really survivable.

Breaking Bybee- Kenny could've used a Tony Gonzalez TD last week. Now when it's meaningless, he gets it. Unfortunately Roddy White sucked bad. 2.5 points in a PPR. Brutal, and really outside of his debut game for Kenny, Roddy White has been a major disappointment. Kenny still has a shot to play spoiler and ruin Leland's bye  chances.

The Twin Killers-He made a shrewd move not using Julio Jones again this week, as he had a mediocre game, but Matt Ryan did as well. Matt Ryan only threw one TD pass (to Tony Gonzalez who Kenny has) and finished with 10 points. Pretty crazy that Brees finished with only 2 less points, though he threw 5 picks and no TD's. Not a great start in  Leland's quest for that bye.

Channel 4 News Team- Lance Moore was a beast with 120+ receiving yards. It could've been MUCH better had he held on to the easiest TD catch in the world. Instead he dropped it but still had 15.5 points. Jimmy Graham had another quiet game and finished with only 7 points.  Still 22.5 points is solid for Albert but definitely easy to erase for Drew's team.

Hoosier Daddy- Ryan had Garrett Hartley kick for him and he got him a bla 9 points. About what he was predicted to get.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Week 13 Matchups and Predictions: Who's Getting In To The Big Dance?

Well this is it, Week 13. The final week before the playoffs begin. There are only a couple for sure things we know about the playoffs. Matt has secured a 1st round bye, Ryan and Leland have clinched playoff spots, and Kenny is basically mathematically eliminated. The huge question is that #6 spot. 4 teams (me, Mayra, Drew, Mike) are in contention for it. Me and Posey are probably in the worst position to make it because we need a win and 3 losses from the others. If Mayra wins, she's in. It's going to be a crazy finish for that last coveted spot. Here are this week matchups.

The Bad Robofies (6-6)   vs
Poseidon Angry (4-7-1)

Matchup  Stats

All Time Record: Series is tied 1-1
Last Matchup: Dad beat me 129-125.5 in Week 4

Key Players

The Bad Robofies: Cam Newton (Chiefs) Wes Welker (Dolphins) Randall Cobb (Vikings) Vincent Jackson (Broncos) Darren Sproles (Falcons)

Poseidon Angry: Eli Manning (Redskins) Victor Cruz (Redskins) Calvin Johnson (Colts) Eric Decker (Bucs) Matt Forte (Seahawks) Bryce Brown (Cowboys)

Wild Cards
The Bad Robofies: Murray playing?

Poseidon Angry: Encore Bryce Brown performance? Who's gonna be my Tight End?

Sigh....I'm still a little down about the Bryce Brown almost led miracle performance. That would've gone down in history as one of the greatest comebacks of all time. Instead it lead to a tie. 2 yards...sums up my season. I need a lot of help this week, not only do I have to beat my Dad without a real Tight End, Real Defense, and a half healthy Matt Forte, I have to hope 3 other people lose as well. I don't see it happening. Hell I don't even see getting past my dad honestly, which would make everything else moot. It'd be nice, but I'm guessing I'll get a bye next the loser bracket of course. Dad wins.

The Twin Killers (7-4-1)         vs
Breaking Bybee (4-8)

Matchup Stats

All Time Record: Series is tied 2-2
Last Matchup: Kenny beat Leland 132.5-91.5 in Week 4

Key Players

The Twin Killers: Matt Ryan (Saints) Julio Jones (Saints) Torrey Smith (Steelers) C.J. Spiller (Jacksonville) Doug Martin (Broncos) Jordy Nelson (Vikings)

Breaking Bybee: RGIII (Giants) Roddy White (Saints) Tony Gonzalez (Saints) Ray Rice (Steelers) Jamaal Charles (Panthers)

Wild Cards
The Twin Killers: Tight End Set?

Breaking Bybee: Pierre Garcon fully back?

Yahoo Says: Kenny wins 117-106
I say: Kenny wins, I think Kenny will get to end his season on a good note. At least in my case I'm playing for something. Kenny's not playing for anything, but at least he's willing to put out a very competitive team. Remember, Leland is still playing for a bye. He'll need to beat Kenny and hope Ryan loses to get it. I think he'll end up being a very dangerous #3 seed. See ya in the loser bracket Kenny.

Dr. Wily's Robots (9-3)     vs
Bigger Balls (5-8)

Matchup Stats

All Time Record: Matt leads series 1-0
Last Matchup: Matt beat Mayra 130-127.5 in week 4 

Key Players

Dr. Wily's Robots: A.J. Green (Chargers) Hakeem Nicks (Redskins) Arian Foster (Titans) Marshawn Lynch (Bears) Vernon Davis (Rams)

Bigger Balls: Drew Brees (Falcons) Marques Colston (Falcons) Andre Johnson (Titans) Frank Gore (Rams) Ryan Mathews (Bengals) Owen Daniels (Titans)

Wild Cards
Dr. Wily's Robots: Carson Palmer's turn at QB. Percy Harvin Still Hurt?

Bigger Balls: None really

Yahoo Says: Matt wins 119-108 (Assuming Harvin Plays)
I say: I can definitely see Mayra taking this. Mayra's on a 3 game losing streak, but has the easiest path the playoffs of us 4. She wins, she's in. I think she pulls it off. I just like her overall matchups better and I don't think Harvin plays this week.

Channel 4 News Team (6-6)            vs
Chardee MacDennis (5-8)      

Matchup Stats

All Time Record: Albert leads series 3-2
Last Matchup: Albert beat Drew 149-91.5 in Week 4

Key Players

Channel 4 News Team: Tom Brady (Dolphins) Demaryius Thomas (Bucs) Brandon Marshall ( Seahawks) Trent Richardson (Raiders) Jimmy Graham (Falcons)

Chardee MacDennis: Matthew Stafford (Colts) Cecil Shorts III (Bills) Adrian Peterson (Packers) Aaron Hernandez (Dolphins) 

Wild Cards

Channel 4 News Team: Lance Moore/Dwayne Bowe WR #3? Mikel LeShoure Health?

Chardee MacDennis: Dual Jaguar Receivers? Moreno Real Deal?

Yahoo Says: Tie 106-106
I Say: On paper, you would think Albert would mop the floor with Drew. Cecil Shorts? Justin Blackmon? Knowshon Moreno?? But this is the same team that beat the crap out of my dad, and it could very well do the same to Albert. I think I'll still give the slight edge to Albert, only because I'd like to see more of this Shorts/Blackmon combo and see what Moreno does in game 2. It wouldn't shock me in the least bit, if this ended up working for Drew though. If Drew wins, he'll need Mayra to lose to get the playoff spot.

Hoosier Daddy (8-4)     vs
Richard Head (5-8)

Matchup Stats

All Time Record: Ryan Leads Series 3-0
Last Matchup: Ryan beat Mike 120.5-91 in Week 4

Key Players

Hoosier Daddy: Peyton Manning (Bucs) Reggie Wayne (Lions) Larry Fitzgerald (Jets) Ahmad Bradshaw (Redskins) Jason Witten (Eagles)

Richard Head: Aaron Rodgers (Vikings) Dez Bryant (Eagles) Steven Jackson (49ers) Chris Johnson (Texans)

Wild Cards:
Hoosier Daddy: Devone Bess/Denario Alexander #3 WR? Reggie Bush/BenJarvus Green-Ellis RB #2? 

Richard Head: Santana Moss/Brandon Lloyd Step up? Tough Matchups for Steven Jackson and Chris Johnson

Yahoo Says: Ryan wins 116-102
I Say: Ryan wins. This is one I hope I'm right on for my sake. Mike is the quietly in the hunt for that 6th seed, but like me he needs a lot of help. Me, Mayra, and Drew all have to lose along with a win against Ryan. I just seems like Ryan has the better overall team. I know I've said that a lot, but once again, I'll take my chances and say Ryan secures his bye and gets the W.



Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Week 12 Awards

Getting closer and closer to the playoffs. Here's this week's awards

Wane McGarrity Stud of The Week
Cam Newton (The Bad Robofies)
A lot of awesome performances (RGIII and Bryce Brown) happened on losing teams this week, but I can't deny this award to Cam despite being on Dad's team that got the blowout of the week. Cam FINALLY had a game that showed his huge upside with 300 yards passing 50 yards rushing and 2 TD's in each category. 

Michael Wiley Duds of the Week
Matt Forte & Antonio Gates (Poseidon Angry)

Is it callous to give this to a guy who got hurt? Hell no, because before the injury he sucked. He fumbled on his first carry and did nothing of note in the time he played. 3 straight shitty games, and when you end up fucking tying, it would be nice to get the fumble back. Gates is the biggest piece of shit ever. Good god does he suck. I'm through with this fucker. 2 catches for 17 yards?! Get the fuck outta here.

Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Award
Cecil Shorts & Justin Blackmon (Chardee MacDennis)

It takes some guts playing two Jaguar receivers over the likes of Mike Wallace, Denarius Moore, and DeSean Jackson with your playoff hopes on the line but that's what Drew did and it paid off in spades. Blackmon and Shorts both scored TD and helped Drew beat my Dad by 28.5 points

Tony Romo Bad Decision Award
Me and Kenny and our Defensive Choices

Kenny used a waiver claim for 49ers Defense only to bench them for the Cardinals D. 49ers-21 Cardinals-5 ballgame. As for me I originally picked up the Patriots to play Thanksgiving day, then I pussed out and went safe with the Steelers. They did get me 13 points, but the Pats got 25. In a week that I tied, it was just one many decisions that came back to bite me in the ass.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Week 12 Results: Playoff Madnessssss

People do crazzzzzzy things with playoff spots on the line. We're down to the last couple weeks and with basically everyone still in contention, some owners are willing to make the crazy plays and risk it all for a shot at the Wane McGarrity Bowl. Take for instance Drew. Does anyone remember Drew started the season 1-6? Well, with the way this season has been going ,with teams trading off wins and losses, Drew found himself in the middle of a playoff chase with a team that is just a mess with injuries (McFadden) or receivers who lost their QB's thus making them suck (DeSean Jackson, Mike Wallace). So what does Drew do? He does something pretty damn risky. He benched both Jackson, Wallace and also Denarius Moore and goes with the unconventional. Two Jaguar receivers. Cecil Shorts and Justin Blackmon. Who does that?!! Sometimes you gotta take big risks to gain big rewards. It worked out to perfection and Drew completely destroyed Dad and has a real legit chance of sneaking into the playoffs. This week was full of close matchups, and the results of this week guaranteed..well nothing, because there are still playoff spots and byes to be determined. The final week of the season will be the craziest, most important week of the season, as it should be. Before we preview that though, here are the week 12 results.

Dr. Wily's Robots (9-3)                  96
Breaking Bybee (4-8)                    89.5

This was a heartbreaker and basically slammed the door on Kenny's miserable season. Matt also ended up securing himself a 1st round bye because of the gutwrenching tie (more on that later) I had with Leland. For the 2nd straight week, Kenny's team scored no offensive TD's outside of his QB. We covered Griffin's brilliant game on the last post, and outside of Ray Rice's 20 points, no one else on Kenny's team bothered to show up. Kenny made a crucial move playing Arizona's Defense over the 49ers Defense. It was a 16 point swing. Up to Sunday Night, Matt's guys outside of Arian Foster kinda didn't do too much. A.J. Green had yardage but no TD and Marshawn Lynch got basically shut down. After an amazing comeback game last week, Vernon Davis got nothing, a big fat zero this week. But it wouldn't matter cause Hakeem Nicks scored a TD, and provided 15.5 points. It's been just as shitty a season for Kenny as it has for me. He had the players, they just never clicked at the same time. Very Frustrating season that I can definitely relate to. Kenny can play spoiler and ruin Leland's chances at a bye next week. For Matt, he can basically take it easy the next two weeks. He's the #1 seed and the bye is his. He'll face Mayra next week who's fighting for that last playoff spot.  

Game MVP
Arian Foster (Dr. Wily's Robots) 102 rushing yards, 2 rushing TD's, 5 receptions, 15 receiving yards, 25.5 points

Killing Bybee
Hakeem Nicks (Dr. Wily's Robots) 5 receptions, 77 yards, 1 TD, 15.5 points (final points to beat Kenny)

They Tried Real Hard

Robert Griffin III (Breaking Bybee) 311 passing yards, 4 passing TD's, 29 rushing yards, 29 points

Ray Rice (Breaking Bybee) 97 rushing yards, 8 receptions, 67 receiving yards, 19 points

Club Zero

Miles Austin (Breaking Bybee)(left game with injury) 0 points

Vernon Davis (Dr. WIly's Robots) 0 points

The Twin Killers (7-4-1)         111.50
Poseidon Angry (4-7-1)          111.50

As if this season couldn't get crueler for me, enter week 12. After a bad ass Calvin Johnson game, I lost momentum Sunday real fast cause my team once again underperformed big time. Matt Forte is the biggest piece of shit ever. He's sucked for a while and yes he got hurt, but not before he fumbled and did little to nothing. Also fuck Antonio Gates. He can't even outperform SCOTT CHANDLER for fuck's sake. I mean seriously, unreal how bad he's been. Eric Decker did nothing, Andrew Luck of course sucked when I needed him not to, his only TD went to T.Y. Hilton who Leland played against me. Awesome. Hilton also scored on a punt return TD.  Leland played him over Julio Jones, which actually was a bad move, but he still got 2 TD's out of him. I kept flipping back and forth from Luck and Kaepernick and of course I chose the wrong one. I always do. Torrey Smith killed me with 17 points and Doug Martin added two TD's for 19 points. It was looking really bleak and after Jordy Nelson scored a 60 yard TD on the Packers 1st possession, I was down 47.5 points. Freaking ball game. Victor Cruz scored a TD and Tynes chipped in 9 points but who cares right? Down 28 with only Bryce Brown left, chalk up another loss and the playoffs are down the drain. Then Monday Night we gooooooo again. Brown scored a quick 65 yard TD and all of a sudden that 28 point lead was down to single digits. I got to it to 5 then Brown fumbled and it went back up to 7. Brown even scored again (and fumbled again) but the best I could ever was tie the fucking game. Brown tied the game with 7 minutes left and all I NEEDED was two FUCKING yards. TWO!!! You just wanna guess what didn't happen? The Eagles never had the ball again. They fumbled a kick return and the defense sucked dick and let the Panthers run the clock out. Unbelievable. A tie, all that for a tie. What a fucking shitty season. Two yards. At this point a tie is the same as a loss, it doesn't help me one damn bit. I still have the same chance I had when I thought I was gonna lose which is slim to none. I hate fucking football.

Game MVP
Bryce Brown (Poseidon Angry) 178 rushing yards, 2 rushing TD's, 4 receptions, 11 receiving yards, 2 fumble lost, 28 points (first ever start)

Nice Try Megatron
Calvin Johnson (Poseidon Angry) 8 receptions, 140 yards, 1 TD, 24 points

Season Killers
Matt Forte (Poseidon Angry) 42 rushing yards, 2 catches, 4 receiving yards, 1 fumble lost, 3 points

Antonio Gates (Poseidon Angry) 2 receptions, 13 yards, 2 points

Muscle Hamster Delivers Again
Doug Martin (The Twin Killers) 50 rushing yards, 2 rushing TD's, 2 receptions, 13 receiving yards, 19 points

Chardee MacDennis (5-7)            113.50
The Bad Robofies (6-6)                  85

This week's surprisingly blowout of the week. Drew used Cecil Shorts, Justin Blackmon and Jonathan Stewart and won by 28.5. It started with Matt Stafford's 25 point game and Drew's team luckily clicked. 18 for shorts and 15.5 or Justin Blackmon. Dad's guys just couldn't get it going though Cam Newton had an outstanding game to make the matchup a little more respectable. He had 37 fantasy points (2 passing TD's and 2 rushing TD's). Dad forgot to put Darren Sproles in for Pierre Thomas and though it wouldn't end up mattering, Sproles had 9 points while Pierre Thomas had a big zero. That Green Bay Defense that was was some awesome last week? Try -3 this week. Just brutal. Drew keeps his playoff hopes alive and he'll face Albert next week while Dad faces me and can put an end to my season.

Game MVP
Matthew Stafford (Chardee MacDennis) 441 passing yards, 2 passing TD's, 25 points

Too Little Too Late
Cam Newton (The Bad Robofies) 306 passing yards, 2 passing TD's, 52 rushing yards, 2 rushing TD's, 37 points

Rise of The Jaguars
 Cecil Shorts (Chardee MacDennis) 4 receptions, 105 yards, 1 TD, 18 points

Justin Blackmon (Chardee MacDennis) 5 receptions, 62 receiving yards, 1 Rec TD, 12 rushing yards, 15.5 points

The Defense Was What I thought It Was

Green Bay Packers Defense (The Bad Robofies) 38 points allowed, 1 sack, -3 points

Channel 4 News Team (6-6)            120.5
Richard Head (5-7)                           107.5

Well, Mike Posey had a chance going into Sunday Night, but Aaron Rodgers had a bad game and now Posey heads to 5-8 and is one of many fighting for that last playoff spot. Albert's team was led by Trent Richardson, Demaryius Thomas, Tom Brady, and Brandon Marshall, while for Posey only Dez really had a standout game. Albert's pretty much a lock to go to the playoffs, and he'll take on Drew, while Mike plays Ryan next week.

Game MVP
Tom Brady (Channel 4 News Team) 323 passing yards, 3 passing TD's, 5 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 30 points.

Hoosier Daddy (8-4)              111.00
Bigger Balls (5-7)                   108

Wow, this was a close one. Would've been the heartbreaker of the week had it not been for my matchup. Mayra actually had a Frank Gore TD taken away that would've given her the win. Now she'll fight for her playoff life against Matt next week while Ryan tries to secure a bye by beating Mike Posey. 

Game MVP
   BenJarvus Green-Ellis (Hoosier Daddy) 129 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 1 reception, 9 receiving yards, 18.5 points

(FYI, obviously the last couple of matchup reviews were short, sorry time constraints)




Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkey Day Overview

I'm not gonna address the real life embarrassment that is the Dallas Cowboys. Words can't express how I feel and have felt about them for the past few years. No, let's just focus on the fantasy aspect of yesterday and man where there some big time fantasy performances. Including the guy above who destroyed us with 4 TD's passes and helped Kenny try to stay above water against Matt with 29 points. Unfortunately for Kenny, he lost Miles Austin early in that game and he got a big 0 for the week. That's a HUGE blow this week, and that could be the nail in Kenny's playoff coffin. RGIII wasn't the only one to go off, here's a look at everyone's turkey day plays.

Poseidon Angry- I had one guy go and it was Megatron, and he had an 8 catch, 140 yard, 1 TD performance for 24 points. It's going to sound insane and a bit greedy but he had 105 and a score at half, I reallllllly needed a stronger 2nd half, because the rest of my team is crap and I have a tough opponent in Leland. I'm already kicking myself for two moves, 1 move I made, and one non-move I didn't make. I picked up Patriots defense for this week against the Jets, then I dropped them for Pittsburgh. HUGE MISTAKE, which is the norm for me. They beat the crap out of the Jets, scored 2 defensive TD's, and put up big points. I could've used that big time. I also debated weather or not to play Dustin Keller, who was strong last time they played the Pats. Antonio Gates has been beyond brutal, but at the end of the day I stood pat and kept Gates. Keller got a garbage last 4th quarter TD, and had 64 yards to boot. I seriously doubt Gates gets even HALF that. Mistakes like that and others I've made all season are the reason I'm 4-7.

The Twin Killers- Leland just had has kicker, but I know I was still scared because you just never know what kickers are going to do week to week. The Bad News? No field goals for Gostowski, he missed a 39 yarder early and never got another opportunity. The Good News? He made 7 extra points, and for a guy who had 0 field goals, that's not bad at all. I just wanted to avoid a double digit performance from a kicker.

Dr. Wily's Robots- You knew Arian Foster wasn't going to let what happened to him last week, happen again. He didn't disappoint (well he disappointed Kenny). 100+ rushing yards and 2 rushing scores for a 25.5 performance. Alfred Morris was also awesome but on Matt's bench (he "just" has Marshawn Lynch starting). Matt needed this start, because of his QB situation.

The Bad Robofies- Dad had two guys go last night, one was good, one was meh. Wes Welker had a TD, and 71 yards and finished with 16.5 points. This is a good sign for Dad as Welker is probably viewed as the WR#3 on his team. Dad played Shonn Greene again and he did nothing of note. He fumbled, had 71 rushing yards, got stuffed at the goal, and also had a TD vultured away by Bilal Powell. I still think Dad's receiving core will bail out his running back situation and there is a solid chance Sproles will be back this week.

Chardee MacDennis- Same story for Drew, 2 plays, 1 good, 1 disappointing. Matthew Stafford had an amazing game with 441 yards and 2 scores for 25 points. Aaron Hernandez wasn't great, with only 2 catches for 36 yards. Drew needed a better game from Hernandez, considering the other guys he's rolling with this week.

Channel 4 News Team- Albert had two plays yesterday. Tom Brady was magnificent again, with 300+ passing yards, 3 TDs and a rushing TD to boot for a 30 point performance. Albert also had to play Mikel LeShoure, and he scored a TD (Actually the 1st TD given up by the Texans) but the yardage wasn't there (barely 55 combined yards) but had 12 points. Albert's going to need more big time plays cause Posey had some guys go off on his team.

Richard Head- Dez Bryant has been Posey's MVP the past few weeks. Another stud performance for him (8 for 145 for 2 TD's). Posey even started Santana Moss and he scored a TD. Brandon Lloyd was horrible again, but still 43.5 points between 3 guys is not that shabby. I think I would've played Stevan Ridley over S-Jax, and Ridley had a good game with 97 and a score, but still great start for Mike keeping his playoff chances alive.

Hoosier Daddy- Ryan had one play, Jason Witten, and he was his usual self. 9 catches, 74 yards, and no TD's. Not a hot start for Ryan.

Bigger Balls- A great start for Mayra, as all of a sudden Andre Johnson is the best receiver in the game today. He had another amazing game with 9 receptions for 188 yards. Owen Daniels wasn't great but did Score a TD. Overall good start for Mayra.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Week 12 Matchups and Predictions

I feel ya turkey...I don't know if Thanksgiving being here already is a good or bad things. Definitely can be bad if Calvin sucks. Here are this week's matchups and predictions.

The Twin Killers (7-4)        vs
Poseidon Angry (4-7)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: I lead series 2-1
Last Matchup: Leland beat me 129.5-120 in week 3

Turkey Day Plays
The Twin Killers: Steven Gostowski (Jets)
Poseidon Angry: Calvin Johnson (Texans)

Key Players
The Twin Killers: Matt Ryan (Bucs) Torrey Smith (Chargers) Jordy Nelson (Giants) Julio Jones (Bucs) Doug Martin (Falcons) C.J. Spiller (Colts) Denver Broncos Defense (Chiefs)

Poseidon Angry: Andrew Luck (Bills) Calvin Johnson (Texans) Victor Cruz (Packers) Eric Decker (Chiefs) Matt Forte (Vikings)

Wild Cards
The Twin Killers: No Gronk, is Scott Chandler viable?
Poseidon Angry: No McCoy, Bryce Brown ready for full workload? Calvin Johnson Tough  Matchup

I Say: Leland wins, again we'll ignore the Yahoo predictions which as of today is only predicting Bryce Brown to get 1.6 points. I have too many question marks and holes, and Leland has some prime matchups for his guys. If Calvin sucks tomorrow, I'm in big trouble. I think my streak ends here as does my season.

Dr. Wily's Robots (8-3)    vs
Breaking Bybee (4-7)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Matt Leads Series 3-0
Last Matchup: Matt beat Kenny 124.5-93 in Week 3

Turkey Day Plays
Dr. Wily's Robots: Arian Foster (Lions)
Breaking Bybee: RGIII (Cowboys) Miles Austin (Redskins)

Key Players
Dr. Wily's Robots: Arian Foster (Lions) Marshawn Lynch (Dolphins) A.J. Green (Raiders) Hakeem Nicks (Packers) Vernon Davis (Saints) Percy Harvin (Bears)

Breaking Bybee: RGIII (Cowboys) Miles Austin (Redskins) Roddy White (Bucs) Ray Rice (Chargers) Jamaal Charles (Broncos) Tony Gonzalez (Bucs)

Wild Cards
Dr. Wily's Robots: No consistent QB with Vick/Big Ben out. Harvin's Health
Breaking Bybee: Crabtree WR #3

Yahoo Says: Kenny wins 119-116
I say: Matt wins, it'll be close and I know Matt doesn't have a real QB, but ask Mike Posey if he liked Ryan Fitzpatrick's 19 points. He could do that against the Colts as well. Kenny's RB plays are very dicey, as Charles value diminishes when the Chiefs go down huge and against the Broncos, it screams blowout. Also Ray Rice has been very average the last couple of games. Tomorrow is huge for Kenny, he needs a fast start and he needs to hope Arian Foster has another mediocre game. If Matt does lose, it'll be 3 straight losses, and a chance for Leland or Ryan to overtake him for the #1 seed.

The Bad Robofies (6-5)       vs
Chardee MacDennis (4-7)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Drew leads series 1-0
Last Matchup: Drew won 116-76 in week 3

Turkey Day Plays
The Bad Robofies: Wes Welker (Jets) Shonn Greene (Patriots) 
Chardee MacDennis: Matthew Stafford (Texans)  Aaron Hernandez (Jets)

Key Plays
The Bad Robofies: Cam Newton (Eagles) Wes Welker (Jets) Vincent Jackson (Falcons) Randall Cobb (Giants) 

Chardee MacDennis: Matthew Stafford (Texans) DeSean Jackson (Panthers) Adrian Peterson (Bears) Aaron Hernandez (Jets)

Wild Cards
The Bad Robofies: Overcome inconsistent running back play again? Packers Defense against Giants

Chardee MacDennis: Makeshift WR #2/#3, Andre Brown RB#2

Yahoo says: Drew wins 96-95
I Say: Yeeeeesch. Talk about two teams with injury problems galore. On paper both of these teams look pretty bad, I'm gonna give the slight edge to Dad, because I think his receiving trio can once again carry the team. If Dad wins, it basically ends Drew's season and all but locks up a playoff spot.

Channel 4 News Team (5-6)  vs
Richard Head (5-6)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Mike leads series 2-1
Last Matchup: Mike beat Albert 105-71 in Week 3

Turkey Day Plays
Channel 4 News Team:  Tom Brady (Jets) Mikel LeShoure (Texans) 
Richard Head: Dez Bryant (Redskins) Stevan Ridley (Jets) Brandon Lloyd (Jets) Dallas Defense (Redskins)

Key Players
Channel 4 News Team: Tom Brady (Jets) Demaryius Thomas (Chiefs) Brandon Marshall (Vikings) Trent Richardson (Steelers) Jimmy Graham (49ers) 

Richard Head: Aaron Rodgers (Giants) Dez Bryant (Redskins) Stevan Ridley (Jets

Wild Cards
Channel 4 News Team: No McGahee, can LeShoure pick up slack?
Richard Head: Lloyd and Hartline provide more scoring. Steven Jackson vs Cardinals

Yahoo Says: Albert wins 104-97
I Say: Albert wins. Losing McGahee hurts, but overall I'll give the slight edge to Albert's team this week. I just think outside Rodgers and Dez, it's hard to see Posey's guys put up a ton of points, but as usual, I've been wrong several times on Mike's team before.

Hoosier Daddy (7-4)   vs
Bigger Balls (5-6)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Ryan Leads Series 1-0
Last Matchup: Ryan beat Mayra 106.5-83 in Week 3

Turkey Day Plays
Hoosier Daddy: Jason Witten (Redskins)
Bigger Balls: Andre Johnson (Lions) Brandon Pettigrew (Texans) Owen Daniels (Lions) Houston Texans Defense (Lions)

Key Players

Hoosier Daddy: Peyton Manning (Chiefs) Reggie Wayne (Bills) Larry Fitzgerald (Rams) Jason Witten (Redskins)

Bigger Balls: Drew Brees (49ers) Marques Colston (49ers) Andre Johnson (Lions)  Frank Gore (Saints) Ryan Mathews (Ravens)

Wild Cards
Hoosier Daddy: Danrio Alexander/Marcel Reece encore performances? Who to use at RB#2?

Bigger Balls: Ryan Mathews breakout?

Yahoo Says: Mayra wins 106-104
I say: Another tough one that looks like it can go either way. I think I like Ryan this week a little more as his guys seem to have a little bit more favorable matchups. A win for Ryan, helps his quest for  a bye, a win for Mayra gets her one step closer to a playoff berth. Crucial game for both.