Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week 9 Matchups and Predictions

From now until the end of the regular season, I'm only going to do the full predictions for matchups of other words if two teams still in the hunt are facing each other I'll do the full Key Players, Wild Card thing..otherwise it's bare bones predictions, because with half the league in rebuild mode..most matchups are pretty predictable. So here we go.

JTG's Warehouse (4-4)  vs
Arturo's Beans (2-6)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Series is tied 2-2
Last Matchup: I beat Drew 98.5-75.5 in Week 10 of the 2013 Season

Yahoo Says: Drew wins 94-76
I Say: Drew wins. Obviously my team can't compete anymore so Drew's the lucky one this week that gets an easy W.  He'll need it to keep up with everyone.

Bigger Balls (8-0) vs
Next!!! (2-6)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Leland leads series 2-0 (Yeah...say goodbye this man)
Last Matchup: Leland beat Mayra 86.5-82 in Week 10 of the 2013 Season

Yahoo Says: Mayra wins 112-83
I Say: Mayra wins. This will be the record breaking 9th straight victory for Mayra as she's on route to perfection. If you honestly look at it, there's only two spots she might lose to the rest of the way (3 if you count my Dad, who MIGHT have a small shot as I believe her Steelers duo is on bye that week) Eugene next week and Albert week 13. She'll take care of Leland easily.

Hoosier Daddy (3-5) vs
Rocket Man (4-4)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Eugene leads series 1-0
Last Matchup: Eugene beat Ryan 122.5-82.5 in Week 3 of the 2013 Season

Yahoo Says: Eugene wins (there's too many moving parts, since Kenny gutted his roster and sent Eugene 3 players and a 14th round pick for an 8th rounder)
I Say: Eugene wins. This could've been a trap game, but Eugene decide to part with another pick to pick up rental players in Vincent Jackson and Martavis Bryant as he had so many guys on bye. Eugene is loaded with depth and talent now, which could be crucial should injuries occur. He should be able to take out Ryan now and get back on playoff track.

Dr. Light's Robots (5-3) vs
The Bad Robofies (4-4)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Dad leads series 4-0
Last Matchup: Dad beat Matt 88-84 in Week 7 of the 2013  Season

Key Players
Dr. Light's Robots: Andre Johnson (Eagles) Emmanuel Sanders (Patriots) Jamaal Charles (Jets)

The Bad Robofies: Tom Brady (Broncos) Russell Wilson (Raiders) Alfred Morris (Vikings) Gio Bernard* (Jaguars) Jimmy Graham (Panthers)

Wild Cards
Dr. Light's Robots: QB Play. Jordy Nelson/Sammy Watkins on bye.

The Bad Robofies: Brady or Wilson? Gio Bernard's playing status. No Brandon Marshall.

Yahoo Says: Matt wins 99-87
I say: Matt wins. This is the only competitive matchup of the week. If Gio doesn't play, it really doesn't look good for Dad even though Matt himself will be missing Jordy Nelson and Sammy Watkins. Of course the biggest question for Dad is always Brady/Wilson. Should be interesting where he goes there. Slight edge to Matt here, a bigger one should Gio miss this week.

Channel 4 News Team (7-1) vs
Woe Is Me (3-5)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Kenny leads series 4-3
Last Matchup: Kenny beat Albert 110-100.5 in Week 10 of the 2013 Season

Yahoo Says: Albert wins 106-75
I say: Albert wins. Kenny's taken the baton from Mark as shittiest team on paper after gutting the majority of his roster again. Albert gets his 8th win here in a laughable landslide.

Winter Is Here (4-4)   vs
Shock The Monkey (2-6)

No Matchup Stats

Yahoo Says: Alex wins 94-70
I Say: Alex wins. Alex needs to take advantage of his schedule as his next 3 weeks are against non playoff teams. He should have no problem with Mark.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week 8 Results: Yawn

So another boring ass predictable week here at the Wane McGarity Bowl (Well except for Kenny who inexplicably lost to Mark's team). It's basically Mayra #1 Albert #2 and #3-#6 up for grabs between 5 teams with 4 teams with a 4-4 record. It's interesting to note that teams are making playoff pushes by trading away future picks. We've already seen Mayra, Dad, Albert, and Eugene make moves..well now Drew, Eugene again, and Alex have made moves to try position themselves to compete with Mayra and Albert. Should be interesting for those teams to see how the plays out, but for the rest of it....well...fuck it who cares. On to the results.

Bigger Balls (8-0)                154.5
Arturo's Beans (2-6)              93.5

Have fun next week Leland

Game MVP
Whoever The Fuck You Want It To Be She scored a 154.5 damn fucking points.

Hoosier Daddy (3-5)              99.5
Next!!!! (2-6)                         77.5

How fucking sad that Ryan now has leapfrogged me in the standings. This match is beyond irrelevant..neither of these teams is making the playoffs (even though Ryan is only a game behind, he just traded away another key player, and his schedule is bad). So ummm Eddie Lacy and Nick Foles led the way with 21 and 22 respectively. That's about all I can say about this. Leland plays Mayra (LOL) and Ryan takes on Eugene.

Game MVP
Eddie Lacy (Hoosier Daddy)
8 receptions, 123 receiving yards, 59 rushing yards, 21 Points

Dr. Light's Robots (5-3)                     111.5
Rocket Man (4-4)                               104.5

Eugene has had a peculiar slide after such a great start. He did put a scare into Matt last night though, as DeMarco Murray had helped him cut the lead to as little as 3. Luckily for Matt, Jordan Reed caught a couple more balls and he was able to stave off Eugene, who loses yet another close one. 3 of his 4 losses have been under 10 points. Matt wins despite a terrible Jordy Nelson play and a bad QB play in Alex Smith. Here's the thing...Matt NEEDS a QB to compete with the big boys. If he seriously made a QB upgrade he'd be an immediate serious contender. Alex Smith and Joe Flacco can and will have their moments, but they'll also put up 9 and 5 point  clunkers like they did this week. Yes, you can survive those plays against bottom feeder teams and fringe playoff teams like Dad, Eugene, and Drew. You won't beat Mayra or Albert though..just no way. Matt's best case scenario is placing 3rd if he doesn't deal for a QB. Sammy Watkins is definitely for real as he had 157 and a score (could've been a 2nd score, but he slowed down and got tackled). Jamaal Charles was Jamaal Charles (117 total yards, 2 TD's) and of course Emmanuel Sanders Thursday Night game had Matt with a big time cushion. For Eugene, it's kinda scary but I think he's fine. He'll add Calvin Johnson after the bye next week (Calvin, Julio, Cobb, and also Jeremy Maclin who he reacquired from me is a super dangerous receiving core) and he won't be someone you'll want to play in Round 1. Randall Cobb had a 126 and a score, DeMarco had an absurd 221 total yards (and a costly fumble), and Marty B had 95 and a score to lead the way for Eugene. Next week is going to be very difficult because he has 6 guys on bye (including his top 3 receivers and tight end). Even if he somehow drops to 4-5 and loses to Ryan, I think he'll be good to go the rest of the way. Matt takes on my Dad next week.

Game MVP
Emmanuel Sanders (Dr. Light's Robots)
9 receptions, 120 receiving yards, 3 receiving TD's, 34.5 Points

Channel 4 News Team (7-1)                  115.5
The Bad Robofies (4-4)                            88

And this is why that loss to Kenny hurt so much. Dad's right now on the outside looking in (due to what else...points). as Albert continues to be just a slight notch below  Mayra in the dominant department. 7-1 starts would normally lead the league, but not this season. He's doing this without A.J. Green again and Fred Jackson hurt. Alshon Jeffrey had a good game for Albert with 59 and a score but man what about the rebirth of ARIAN FOSTER. He was left for dead by most, but he's been the Foster of old so far this season and he had best game yet with 151 rushing yards and 3 total TD's for 37 points. For Dad..his team just can't get it together again. Brandon Marshall has been a HUGE disappointment so far as he only had 35 yards receiving and Sanu was the only receiver who put up good numbers with 125 receiving yards.  Jimmy Graham scored a TD, but didn't have eye poping stats and neither did Gio Bernard who scored a TD, but also suffered a shoulder injury in the 4th quarter. I've stressed all this time..Dad's QB situation..SUCKS. For the 2nd straight time, he played the wrong guy. Russell Wilson sucked horrible with only 12.5 points while Tom Brady scored 34. Lucky for Dad, it really didn't really matter, he would've lost either way, though points wise it does matter, since it's right now the last ranked team of the 4-4 group. Albert has it easy next week against Kenny, while Dad takes on Matt in what's shaping up to be a must win for Dad so he can keep up with the group.

Game MVP
Arian Foster (Channel 4 News Team)
151 Rushing Yards, 2 Rushing TD's, 4 Receptions, 24 receiving yards, 1 Receiving TD, 37 points

Shock The Monkey (2-6)                    72
Woe Is Me (3-5)                                  58.5

Well Kenny's 1 week renaissance was shut the fuck down by MARK of all teams. Yeah...pack it in're done. Both of these teams were putrid, not one fucking guy scored over 14 points...NOT ONE. 11 of the 16 scored UNDER 10. THE FUCK OUTTA HERE. Here's a picture of a cat playing Jenga cause I sure as shit ain't giving an MVP in this matchup. 


Winter Is Here  (4-4)                 155
JTG's Warehouse (4-4)               90

THIS IS WHAT ALEX NEEDED LAST WEEK!!! This is why I call him such a dangerous wild card team...his team is CAPABLE OF DOING THIS. Drew could sit there and be helpless cause there was nothing he could do about this offensive onslaught. Gronk (149 and 3 scores)..LaFell (124 and a score) INGRAM (ABSURD 172 and a score) Hilton (155 and a score) Brees (300+ and 3 TD's) and DeSean Jackson (136 yards) just all had great games. So he scored 155 with Wes Welker getting 1 and Marshawn Lynch sucking. Just a lights out performance and he added Eddie Lacy to his arsenal who he'll have for the stretch run after his week 9 bye. For Drew...he's run into bulldozers two of the last three weeks with Alex and Mayra. He didn't have a great Thursday start and he didn't recover from it. It started promising Sunday Morning with Golden Tate going for 151 and a score, but Drew took out Chris Ivory for Zach Ertz (It wouldn't really matter as it was only a 10 point difference) and though Andre Ellington was decent as was Kelvin Benjamin and Jay Cutler..just not even close to enough firepower when playing a team that's just firing on all cylinders. Alex has the easy W next week against Mark, while Drew gets his easy W against me next week. 

Game MVP
Rob Gronkowski (Winter Is Here)
9 Receptions, 149 Receiving Yards, 3 Receiving TD's, 36.5 points

Friday, October 24, 2014

Thursday Night Overview/Week 7 Awards

If you're one of the 7 teams that have already played Mayra..then you know the helplessness feeling I'm feeling after only one fucking player. It's seriously frustrating playing a well oiled machine. Despite Keenan Allen having this BEST game of his season with 9 catches, 73 yards, and his first TD all season, Antonio Gates...Mayra's 6th or 7th best player depending on your view of Ahmad Bradshaw comes in and scores 2 TD's and overshoots his projection by scoring 19.5 points. A 5 point projected loss is now about 12. Just like wipes away all the good shit Allen did. There's just NOTHING YOU CAN DO. It's gonna be a long ass weekend that's for sure. Matt's guys surrrrrre do love Thursday Nights. A few weeks ago it was Larry Donnell who went off with 3 TD's..this time..Emmanual Sanders just DOMINATED the Chargers for 9 catches, 120 yards, and 3 scores. 34.5 that's not a good sign for Eugene who after a hot start might be looking at 4-4 at the end of this week. Dad can reclaim his "Houdini of Fantasy Football" title as he escaped soooooo many bad situations with Albert. Ronnie Hillman had 2 TD's called back and twice near the goal, Peyton handed it off to Juwan Thompson, who lined up as a fullback, so he can snipe Hillman's TD's. Lucky break doesn't even begin to describe it. Peyton did his usual near 300 yard, 3 TD, thing, but it probably could've been much worse. Hillman also had over 130 total yards, but those TD's would've put this game away. Albert's still the favorite, but the gap has been shortened. It's crazy to think 8 catches for 105 yards could be considered a disappointing game but for Demaryius kinda is. I still think Kenny's fine considering the opponent. Speaking of, Malcolm Floyd could've done a lot more damage had he caught a couple of deep balls thrown his way. He ended up with only 7 points with 58 yards. No worries for Kenny. Talk about disappointing, Drew and Alex have to be  disappointing in their guys. Drew's lucky it's a PPR because Brandon Oliver was terrible yardage wise. His 7 receptions boost his scoring total. More disappointing was Julius Thomas. In a game where 35 points was scored, Drew has to be upset that Julius Thomas only had 2 receptions for 23 yards. Unfortunately for Alex, he didn't have a great start himself. Wes Welker disappeared yet again as he only had 2 receptions for 5 yards. Brutal..but Alex still has a shot at this thanks to Drew's disappointing plays. Onto the Week 7 Awards

Wane McGarity Stud Of The Week
Demaryius Thomas (Woe Is Me)
The only reason Kenny pulled off the upset win against my Dad. Thanks to Demaryius, Kenny has a small chance (it's a chance nonetheless) to get himself back into the playoff hunt.

Michael Wiley Dud Of The Week
Gio Bernard (The Bad Robofies)
Just a crushing loss for Dad, and if Gio would've had even a mediocre game Dad probably wins. His 17 rushing yards and 2 points overall were pathetic and ultimately helped result in the big loss.

Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Award
Owen Daniels (Arturo's Beans)
It didn't end up mattering, but Daniels was a late second insert for my flex play and he actually played well with 6 catches for 58 yards and a TD.

Tony Romo Bad Decision Award
Dad Plays Tom Brady Over Russell Wilson
Sometimes the best decisions happen to be bad ones. Though Russell Wilson has been great so far, most had Tom Brady last week over Russell Wilson because Brady was taking on the shitty Jets. Brady wasn't even bad with 22 points. Wilson was just MAGNIFICENT AGAIN though..with over 300 passing yards, 100 rushing yards, 2 Passing TD's and a rushing TD for 36 points. Dad had Russell Wilson in his lineup all the way until 2 hours before kickoff. It wasn't a dumb decision, it just ended up being a very costly one as Dad only lost by 5 points.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Week 8 Matchups and Predictions

On to Week 8 and the matchups and predictions

Bigger Balls (8-0) (oops..not yet) (7-0) vs
Arturo's Beans (Record hid to protect from shame)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: I lead series 2-1 (for 5 more days)
Last Matchup: I beat Mayra 136.5-57 (What...really?!.Shit..yeah that doesn't bode well)

Key Players

Bigger Balls: Too Many

Arturo's Beans: Who Cares

Wild Cards
Bigger Balls: Will Mayra's players go suddenly missing thus forcing her to lose via forfeit?

Arturo's Beans: Life is a Wild Card

Oh..Mayra wins by the way.

Next!!! (2-5)   vs
Hoosier Daddy (2-5)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Leland leads series 5-1
Last Matchup: Leland beat Ryan 83.5-83 in Round 1 of the Michael Wiley Loser Bowl

Key Players

Next!!!: Cam Newton (Seahawks) LeSean McCoy (Cardinals) 

Hoosier Daddy: Roddy White (Lions) Eddie Lacy (Saints)

Wild Cards

Next!!!: Difficult matchups for Newton/McCoy

Hoosier Daddy: Weak roster

Yahoo Says: Leland wins 83.06-82.90
I Say: Ryan's close but I know more or less what I'm getting with Ryan than Leland's. Who knows what Andre Holmes, Justin Hunter, Brandin Cooks and Travis Kelce do. Too unpredictable. 

Dr. Light's Robots (4-3) vs
Rocket Man (4-3)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Series is tied 1-1
Last Matchup: Eugene Beat Matt 95-82.5 in the 7th place of the Michael Wiley Loser Bowl.

Key Players
Dr. Light's Robots: Jordy Nelson (Saints) Emmanuel Sanders (Chargers) Jamaal Charles (Rams) Sammy Watkins (Jets)

Rocket Man: Julio Jones (Lions) Randall Cobb (Saints) DeMarco Murray (Redskins) 

Wild Cards
Dr. Light's Robots: Alex Smith consistency. Trent Richardson usage.

Rocket Man: Who's at QB? Where does Vereen fit in?

Yahoo Says: Matt wins 105-98
I Say: Eugene wins. I have a feeling Vereen's going to fit in the gameplan somewhere. This is going to be a super competitive matchup and there's no doubt Matt can win..but I'm going to give the slight edge to Eugene here. He's needing a bounce back win (Rotoworld!) and I think he narrowly gets it here.

Channel 4 News Team (6-1)    vs

The Bad Robofies (4-3) 

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Series is tied 3-3
Last Matchup: Dad beat Albert 102.5-55 in Week 11 of the 2013 Season

Key Players

Channel 4 News Team: Peyton Manning (Chargers) Alshon Jeffrey (Patriots) A.J. Green (Ravens) Arian Foster (Titans) Greg Olsen (Seahawks) Steve Smith (Bengals)

The Bad Robofies: Russell Wilson (Panthers) Brandon Marshall (Patriots) Alfred Morris (Cowboys) Gio Bernard (Ravens) Jimmy Graham (Packers)

Wild Cards
Channel 4 News Team: A.J. Green going to play? Olsen tough matchup. Cordarrelle Patterson high risk play.

The Bad Robofies: Right QB Choice? Jimmy Graham's health. Brandon Marshall struggles.

Yahoo Says: Albert wins 104-95
I Say: Albert wins. This is why losing to Kenny was such a big blow. Right now  Albert it just rolling through the league, and though Alshon Jeffrey was a no show last week, he's still too talented to do that again. Dad can beat him, but I think Albert will win dropping Dad down to 4-4 and right at .500.

Woe Is Me (3-4) vs
Shock The Monkey (1-6)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Series is tied 1-1
Last Matchup: Kenny Beat Mark 106-80.5 in Week 12 of the 2013 season

Key Players
Woe Is Me: Tony Romo (Redskins) Demaryius Thomas (Chargers) Vincent Jackson (Vikings) 

Shock The Monkey:

Wild Cards
Woe Is Me: Weeeeeak ass running backs. Plays outside of Demaryius, Romo, and V Jax.

Shock The Monkey: Glennon over Matt Ryan..and the rest of the "Pro Bowl" Squad

Yahoo Says: Kenny wins 88-74
I Say: Kenny wins. Could Kenny ever get a bigger break? His season is basically over and he pulls a miracle win off Dad and now gets a gift in playing Mark. He's going to be 4-4 after starting 0-3. It's too bad Kenny's roster is PAINFULLY thin because he is put in a position to make a solid run at the playoffs. 

JTG's Warehouse (4-3) vs
Winter Is Here (3-4)

No Matchup Stats

Key Players

JTG's Warehouse: Kelvin Benjamin (Seahawks) Golden Tate (Falcons) Andre Ellington (Eagles) Julius Thomas (Chargers) 

Winter Is Here: Drew Brees (Packers) T.Y. Hilton (Steelers) DeSean Jackson (Cowboys) Marshawn Lynch (Panthers) Rob Gronkowski (Bears) 

Wild Cards

JTG's Warehouse: Cutler's ups and downs. Brandon Oliver and Chris Ivory Production

Winter is Here: Brees Blowup game still pending. Ingram production. LaFell at flex. Welker production

Yahoo Says: Drew wins 104-93
I say: Alex wins. I'm gonna go upset here (which I suck at, sorry Alex) and say Alex gets a much needed win here. Drew's team is so weird..I just never know which of his guys is gonna show up. Alex is kind of in the same boat though, cause T.Y. Hilton and Desean Jackson are capable of HUGE games yet also HGUE duds as well. Alex needs this W to stay afloat in the playoff race.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 7 Results: Delaying The Inevitable

C'mon we can cut the bullshit already right? This is obviously the most anti-climatic season we've ever had in the Wane McGarity Bowl. There's only like 4 legit contenders and unless Matt Forte gets abducted by aliens and they place Curtis Enis' soul in his body (even wouldn't likely matter)..more than likely Marya's pretty much gonna win this. We'll pretend and go through the motions but a combination of Mayra, Albert, or Eugene is gonna make the finals. Anyways, let's check out the EXCITING UNPREDICTABLE Week 7 Results!!!

Hoosier Daddy (2-5)               109
Arturo's Beans (2-5)                  92 the battle of teams that team still manages to get blown out. Fun Fact I've been decimated by Joe Flacco and Ryan Tannehill the past two weeks. Fun Fact, Pierre Garcon, Roddy White, and Darren McFadden are chronic underachievers this season, yet they all managed to have great games (including Garcon catching the bullshittiest of all bullshit 70 yard TD catches from COLT FUCKING MCCOY). Fun Fact..Eddie Lacy sucks..unless he plays me..then he's the 1st round talent everyone wanted before the season started. Fun Fact, Dwayne Bowe sucks..but still manages to look like JERRY RICE COMPARED TO KEENAN FUCKING ALLEN WHO IS AN EMBARRASSMENT. Off tangent..WHAT DOES KEENAN ALLEN FUCKING DO ON THE FIELD??! WHAT? WHAT IS HE DOING WHILE PHILIP RIVERS HAS THE BALL??? DOES HE EVEN FUCKING TRY? DOES HE SIT THERE?! DOES HE STAND THERE? DOES HE SIT INDIAN STYLE AND WAIT FOR THE PLAY TO END? IS HE ON TWITTER READING  THE TWEETS THAT WISH FOR HIS SEASON TO END VIA AN ACL TEAR? WHAT....THE.....FUCK...DOES...KEENAN ALLEN....MOTHERFUCKING.....DO..WHILE...HE'S...ON...THE DAMN FIELD? CAUSE HE SURE AS SHIT IS NOT CATCHING PASSES. He's such an irrelevant fuck...and I swear Rotoworld trolls me by telling me to LOOK FOR HIM TO BOUNCE BACK NEXT WEEK. Cause anytime ANY player has a bad game ROTOWORLD TELLS YOU TO LOOK FOR THEM TO BOUNCE BACK. I'M LOOKING ASSHOLES...HE COULD BE IN A FUCKING BOUNCY CASTLE AND HE STILL WON'T BOUNCE BACK. THE FUCK OUTTA HERE..KEENAN ALLEN..FUCK YOU. Anyway...sorry..back to Fun Facts. Fun Fact, Ben Tate SUCKS like I KNEW HE WOULD against a god awful Jacksonville Defense. Fun Fact..The Packers did way too much damage early to hinder Aaron Rodgers' production which is why RYAN TANNEHILL matched him. Fun Fact..Joique Bell had the worst 12 points I've ever seen.he's so's a pain even watching that fucker get points. Fun Fact...Michael Floyd was promptly ignored after scoring a TD in the 1st half. Fun Fact, Owen Daniels was actually a  SMART FLEX..but when you lose it doesn't matter. Fun Fact..Torrey Smith is a sick fuck who scored a TD just to get my hopes up. Fun Fact..that's 5 losses in a row..Not so fun fact..Mayra's NEXT. Ryan gets Leland next..and what's that I hear?? Crickets?

Game MVP
Ryan Tannehill (LOL, no seriously he is) (Hoosier Daddy)
277 Passing Yards, 2 Passing TD's, 48 rushing yards (yes that's 12 more than Ben Tate), 23 points

 Woe Is Me (3-4)                   70.5
The Bad Robofies (4-3)        65

This is a BADDDDDD LOSS for Dad. It's one of those rare times where the low scoring came to bite Dad in the ass. After Thursday it looked like Dad was on his way to an easy 5th win and Kenny was even ready to concede the season by trading away Calvin Johnson for a draft pick. Then Sunday happened....Gio..sucked, Sanu...sucked, Jimmy Graham..played and got a zero...Kendall Wright..surprisingly good and led Dad's team in scoring, Brandon Marshall..yep sucked and so on. Just a week where nothing went right. Although he regrets it now, Tom Brady over Russell Wilson was the right play and Brady was's just Russell Wilson was better. I told you this QB situation was going to drive Dad nuts, and here it cost him the win. At least Heath Miller really didn't do enough to make starting Jimmy Graham look real bad. For was just Demaryius basically. Once again, he carried his team to the tune of 33 points. It's kind of a weird win for Kenny. When you look at it, he's technically back in the mix and a win against Mark next week (which is a definite possibility, in fact Kenny should be the favorite) puts him at .500, but there's no way he can keep it up with that roster. At least it's small hope. For Dad, next week's matchup versus Albert becomes a must win. Another loss and he falls in danger of falling into the middle of the pack.

Game MVP
Demaryius Thomas (Woe Is Me)
8 receptions, 171 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's, 33 points
How Demaryius Thomas Exposed the 49ers' Defensive Weakness

Dr. Light's Robots (4-3)                        118
Next!!!! (2-5)                                         54.5

Leland had to put out a pretty bad team considering the bye weeks he had and it shows as he barely put up 54.5 points and Matt won this matchup pretty easily. Matt was surprisingly led in scoring by rookie Sammy Watkins who put up 122 receiving yards and 2 TD's for 28.5 points. Jordy Nelson continued his great season with 80 and a score, while Jamaal Charles did his thing with 107 total yards and a TD. It was a balanced effort from the rest of the team. Matt's got a more than solid team, and is in excellent shape going in to Week 8 4-3. Matt's got a tough matchup with Eugene next week, while Leland takes on Ryan.

Game MVP
Sammy Watkins (Dr. Light's Robots)
9 Receptions, 122 receiving yards, 2 Receiving TD's, 28.5 Points

Channel 4 News Team (6-1)                 102.5
Rocket Man (4-3)                                    76

Albert's dominance continues as his only loss is against Mayra as he takes care of a potential threat in Eugene with ease. Despite no A.J. Green and losing Fred Jackson to an in game groin injury, Albert's Denver combo of Peyton Manning and Ronnie Hillman led the way with 51 points. Alshon Jeffrey was surpisingly disappointing  as he only had 2 receptions and didn't have 10 yards. Luckily his other new addition, Greg Olsen had over 100 receiving yards, and Arian Foster  capped the night with 102 rushing yards and a TD. For Eugene, the week started out bad enough with the benching of Shane Vereen, though Lamar Miller put up a nice game (over 80 total yards and a score). What did Eugene in, was the benching of Kirk Cousins (leaving him with only 1.5 points at the QB position), and disappointing games by Julio Jones and Jordan Cameron (8 points combined). Randall Cobb was great yet again with 121 and a score, and DeMarco Murray continues to be the best back in football with 128 as a score, but it wasn't enough to oust Albert. Eugene will look to bounce back against Matt (Rotoworld staple!) in what should be an interesting battle there, while Albert takes on my Dad.

Game MVP
Peyton Manning (Channel 4 News Team)
318 Passing Yards, 4 Passing TD's (Breaks Brett Favre's TD Record), 28 Points

Bigger Balls (7-0)                 149.5
Winter Is Here (3-4)                77.5

"I Tried". That and the shaking of his head are all Alex could say and do after a 72 point beatdown at the hands of Mayra. It's the same feeling 6 others have felt. This is what happens when it just all clicks. Put it in perspective, Mayra beat Dad and Kenny COMBINED. Her worst scoring player? Mike Wallace with a TD and 12.5 points. 6 players scored 17.5 or more, 5 of those 19 or more. Dez 151 yards, Luck 344 passing yards and two scores, Antonio Brown 90 and a TD PASS, Bell 145 total yards and a score, Forte 109 total yards, two scores, Gates 61 and a score, Ahmad Bradshaw 88 and two scores. JUST UNBELIEVABLE. And for those who are still mad about the Forte trade (which admittedly now looks AWFUL outside of the pick for Mark, as Sproles and Pierre Thomas are both hurt) She could've gotten zeroes from Forte and Mike Wallace and STILL won by 34.5. Her team was the best BEFORE the's just EVEN better now. To beat Mayra, EVERY SINGLE PLAYER IN YOUR LINEUP MUST NOT ONLY MEET EXPECTATIONS, BUT 2 OR 3 MUST EXCEED EXPECTATIONS WILDLY. There's no way around it. Even one bad play, and you can forget it. This was done Thursday night. 5 of Alex's guys scored under 10 points. That's not going to cut it. Drew Brees led the way, and though he's always good for a consistent 20 points (20.5 this week) Alex is still waiting for that blow away Brees performance. T.Y. Hilton had a nice yardage game with 107 and Wes Welker scored but that was about it. Mayra will tie Dad's 8 game winning streak when she beats the stuffing out of me next while Alex needs to get back on track and get a win over Drew.

Game MVP
Matt Forte (Bigger Balls)
49 Rushing Yards, 1 Rushing TD, 6 receptions, 60 receiving yards, 1 receiving  TD, 25 points

 JTG's Warehouse (4-3)                 88
Shock The Monkey (1-6)              62

Drew got his revenge he needed after the frustrating loss to Mayra by beating Mark handily. Not much to say on Mark's side when Dwayne Allen leads your team in scoring. Drew's got a team of opportunists as a lot of his players are benefiting from injuries to other players. Golden Tate has been the guy since Calvin got hurt and he had 154 yards and a TD. Honestly it was kind of a disappointing week for Drew as Julius Thomas, Jay Cutler, Julian Edelman, Brandon Oliver, and Andre Williams all scored under double digits. Drew can thank the schedule gods he was playing Mark this week. Kelvin Benjamin added another TD for Drew, while Andre Ellington put up 160 total yards. It'll be interested to see what happens to Drew's team when Rashard Jennings, Ryan Mathews, and Calvin Johnson all come back from injuries and they will significantly impact Drew's players he uses. Drew's got a tough matchup against Alex next week, while Kenny gets the next opportunity to get a free win off Mark.

Game MVP
Golden Tate (JTG's Warehouse)
10 receptions, 154 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 26 points

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Thursday Night Overview/Week 6 Awards


Last night was a pretty uneventful night for those who had players in last night's game. What was more interesting, was the players who went off on team's benches. I'm sure Eugene, who's in a battle with Albert's 5-1 team, was just thrilled to see Shane Vereen pile up 25.5 points..ON HIS BENCH. Those kind of decisions are hard to stomach. He can only hope Lamar Miller comes somewhat close to those numbers. Another guy who had a huge game on a team's bench was Chris Ivory. Luckily Drew is playing Mark, so it probably won't matter and it's tough to start Ivory over Drew's other options, but he had a nice game with over 100 and a score for 19 points. The main player in this game was Tom Brady. Dad had gone back and forth in between who to start in Russell Wilson and Tom Brady. It had looked like Dad was going with Wilson, but at the last second, he switched it back to Brady. He should be glad he did as Brady threw 3 more TD passes and came up with 22 points. My Thursday Night Shittiness continues as Jace Amaro was terrible (Jeff Cumberland was the tight end that went off because of course that how that works). After Kenny started Brandon Bolden and got a whole half point from him, Kenny decided to call it wrap on his lost season and ship off Calvin Johnson to Eugene for a draft pick. Kenny's team was on the more disappointing teams because it was thought all the way back to last season's end, that Kenny would be the favorite to win it all with DeMaryius and Calvin coming back. It just never worked out. Drew didn't get a great game from Julian Edelman, and Eric Decker was alright but Mark's gonna need overperformances from all his players if he wants a shot at beating Drew. Probably the most disappointing thing though was Alex's Pats combo. Alex ended up starting Brandon LaFell at his flex along with Gronk. Both were disappointing, failing to meet their expectations. This doesn't bode well for Alex's chance at an upset. Now..onto the Week 6 awards!

Wane McGarity Stud Of The Week
Joe Flacco (Dr. Light's Robots)
There were many great performances, such as Matt Forte and T.Y. Hilton, but not only did Joe Flacco put a nail in my coffin for the year, he did it in under 20 minutes. If the Ravens were assholes, Flacco could've seriously thrown for 10 TD's in this game..shit he had 5 in 17 MINUTES. But alas, sportsmanship rules, and Flacco's stats were severely cut short due to the blowout nature of the game. He STILL put up 32 points in about a quarter's worth of work. I hate you Joe Flacco...I truly do.

Michael Wiley Dud Of The Week
Frank Gore (Woe Is Me)
The matchup was great, and with Eugene having a lest the impressive showing, Kenny had the smallest of small chances to pull off another Monday Night Upset agianst Eugene. Frank Gore though, sucked. Running back play has plagued Kenny all season and this was the ultimate sign that it's just not going to get any better for Kenny. Gore conceded a ton of goal line carries to Carlos Hyde and only had a pathetic 38 rushing yards.

Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Award
Joe Flacco (Dr. Light's Robots)
Yep..he get's this too. First of all Matt doesn't have a real bonafide QB 1 as it is after the RGIII injury. His QB he's been using, Alex Smith,  was on bye so Matt casually picked up Joe Flacco to spot start him. Meh, boring if not safe, but I didn't in a million years think he'd do what he did. Shrewd Move for Matt.

Tony Romo Bad Decision Award
I played Big Ben Over Cam Newton
At the end of the day, because the rest of my team is shit, I still would've lost though in heartbreaking fashion, but still that sinking feeling at the pit of your stomach when you see a guy on your bench go completely off the rails off while the player you started sucks beyond belief is the worst feeling in the world. The funny thing is...I TRADED FOR CAM. However at the time, I traded for Cam to use for a later time. I had no plans on starting him against the "vaunted" Bengals Defense. Big Ben, despite sucking against the fucking JAGS the week before was playing a Cleveland team he had torched in Week 1. Surely he was due a repeat performance right? This is why my season is over. Stupid decisions. Roethlisberger was terrible yet again, and if not for a bs late TD to Lance Moore it would've been even worse. Cam on the other hand found his running game again and gashed the Bengals for 100 on the ground and a rushing TD and nearly 300 passing yards and two scores for 33.5 points. Fantasy Football's FANNNTASTIC.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Week 7 Matchups and Predictions

With Mayra and Albert still on top of the mountain, the rest of the league (sans 3 teams) isn't separated by much when it comes to the playoff race. It's crazy that we are already in Week 7 as it seems once the season hits, it always manages to go by fast. Here are this week's matchups and predictions.

Arturo's Beans (2-4)      vs
Hoosier Daddy (1-5)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Series is tied 2-2
Last Matchup: I beat Ryan 129.5-109 in Week 11 of the 2013 Season

Key Players
Arturo's Beans: Aaron Rodgers (Panthers) Michael Floyd (Raiders) Ben Tate (Jaguars)

Hoosier Daddy: Percy Harvin (Rams) Eddie Lacy (Panthers)

Wild Card
Arturo's Beans: Will Keenan Allen EVER DO SHIT?! Depleted roster. Maclin Bye. Jace Amaro at tight end

Hoosier Daddy: Tannehill at QB. Roddy White and Pierre Garcon's struggles. Forsett keeping lead role of 3 man rotation. Harvin's struggles.

Yahoo Says: Ryan wins 85-84 (Projecting Asiata to get 5 points)
I Say: I win. You know why? Cause it doesn't matter and who gives a shit.

Dr. Light's Robots (3-3) vs
Next!!!! (2-4)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Matt leads series 4-0
Last Matchup: Matt beat Leland 108-55.5 in the Semi Final of the 2013 Michael Wiley Loser Bowl

Key Players
Dr. Light's Robots: Jordy Nelson (Panthers) Andre Johnson (Steelers) Emmanuel Sanders (49ers)  Jamaal Charles (Chargers)

Next!!!: Cam Newton (Packers)

Wild Cards
Dr. Light's Robots: Larry Donnell rebound game?

Next!!!: You know the drill. unpredictability of entire blablablabla.

Yahoo Says: Matt wins 106-76
I Say: Matt wins. Remember when I said Leland would be a force to reckon with? I believe it...just not this week. Most of the guys I traded him had byes so he's really working with a skeleton crew this week. Matt's never lost to Leland and I don't see that trend stopping this week.

Channel 4 News Team (5-1) vs
Rocket Man (4-2)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Eugene leads series 3-0
Last Matchup: Eugene beat Albert 92.5-81.5 in the Quarterfinal of The 2013 Michael Wiley Loser Bowl

Key Players

Channel 4 News Team: Peyton Manning (Giants) Steve Smith (Falcons) Arian Foster (Steelers) Alshon Jeffrey (Dolphins)

Rocket Man: Julio Jones (Ravens) Randall Cobb (Panthers) Demarco Murray (Giants) Jordan Cameron (Jags)

Wild Cards

Channel 4 News Team: Not really anything surprising

Rocket Man: Lamar Miller  full workload with Knowshon out. Marty B bounce back game. Kurt Cousins play.

Yahoo Says: Albert wins 102-99
I Say: Albert wins. Should be the matchup of the week as both of teams have had excellent seasons so far. Albert will be without the services of A.J. Green but Alshon Jeffrey should be able to feel that void, not to mention the  Tight End upgrade to Greg Olsen. Giving the slight edge to Albert here, who has never beaten Eugene.

The Bad Robofies (4-2)   vs
Woe Is Me (2-4)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Kenny Leads series 3-2
Last Matchup: Kenny beat Dad 77-59.5 in the semi-finals of the 2013 Wane McGarity Bowl

Key Players

The Bad Robofies: Russell Wilson (Rams) Brandon Marshall (Dolphins) Alfred Morris (Titans) Gio Bernard (Colts)

Woe Is Me: Colin Kaepernick (Broncos) Demaryius Thomas (49ers) Frank Gore (Broncos)

Wild Cards

The Bad Robofies: No Jimmy Graham. Russell Wilson/Tom Brady choice. Sanu keep up his domination.

Woe Is Me: No Calvin. Weak Running Game. V-Jax on Bye.

Yahoo Says: Dad wins 95-86
I Say: Dad wins. Losing Calvin on top of what is a weak roster is just a huge blow for Kenny. Even though Jimmy Graham being out definitely helps Kenny's case for a win, the addition Brandon Marshall pretty much cancels that out. I think it'll be close but at this point of the season, I like Dad's roster more than Kenny's.

Bigger Balls (6-0) vs
Winter Is Here (3-3)

No Matchup Stats

Key Players

Bigger Balls: Andrew Luck (Bengals) Dez Bryant (Giants) Antonio Brown (Texans) Le'veon Bell (Texans) Matt Forte (Dolphins)

Winter Is Here: Drew Brees (Lions) T.Y. Hilton (Bengals) DeSean Jackson (Titans) Marshawn Lynch (Rams) Rob Gronkowski (Jets)

Wild Cards
Bigger Balls: C'mon now. What you see is what you get here.

Winter Is Here: T.Y. Hilton Encore? Bush coming off Ankle Injury. Wes Welker's targets.

Yahoo Says: Mayra wins 116-93
I Say: Mayra wins. I'm still going to pick Mayra but Alex's team is no pushover whatsoever. What does Alex need to win? Hilton and Desean to have the kind of games they've had the last couple of weeks. They are high risk high rewards kind of players and they are both capable of putting up amazing numbers. Also Drew Brees FINALLY needs one his big games that he has yet to have. Reggie Bush is another guy who has the capability of pulling off a great game. Overall, Alex has a chance at this...I just think until Mayra starts dealing with byes, it's going to be really hard to beat this team when it's at full strength.

JTG's Warehouse (3-3) vs
Shock The Monkey (1-5)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Mark Leads series 1-0
Last Matchup: Mark beat Drew 95.5-86.5 in Week 7 of the 2013 Season

Key Players

JTG's Warehouse: Jay Cutler (Dolphins) Kelvin Benjamin (Packers) Andre Ellington (Raiders) Brandon Oliver (Chiefs) Julius Thomas (49ers)

Shock The Monkey: Matt Ryan (Ravens)

Wild Cards
JTG's Warehouse: Andre Williams 2nd chance. Kelvin Benjamin Concussion.

Shock The Monkey: Weak Roster overall.

Yahoo Says: Drew wins 111-76
I Say: Drew wins. C'mon, unless 4 guys on  Drew's team gets hurt, Mark's not winning this week.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week 6 Results: Waving The White Flag


 Sometimes you just gotta know when to pack it in. No matter how many trades, waiver wire moves, lineup decisions, you make, for one reason or another it just isn't working. Injuries, underperformances, schedule, unlucky bounces, it all just works against you until you have no choice but to accept the fact that this isn't your season. I know that's damn sure how I feel, and I bet Mark and Ryan feel pretty much the same way. For one reason or another, we're the bottom of the barrel. When the slide first starts, it's easy to say "it's still early". 3 weeks you start to really worry, 4?'s a trend. Your team just isn't that good. It's a tough pill to swallow. All the research and hard work you did before the draft flushed away before Halloween. Now typically there's really nothing to look forward when your season is over. It's depressing and shitty and it makes you hate fantasy football with a passion. Trading draft picks though, puts a small silver lining in an otherwise miserable season. We all made moves to acquire an extra draft pick. Is it giving up? I don't think so..I know I plan on still being active and fielding a competitive team that might put a scare in some of the contenders. All while knowing that next season, I've got an extra 3rd rounder in my pocket, an advantage for next season that hopefully will help me never be in this position again. The ride is over this season, hopefully the next one won't be as disastrous. Here's the Week 6 Results.

Dr. Light's Robots (3-3)           90
Arturo's Beans (2-4)                67

After a great start for Matt to begin the week, the beginning of Sunday felt like a prize fighter beating the holy hell out of the grizzled vet on his last legs. I'll let you guess who was who. It was just head shot after head shot as Joe Flacco went INSANELY nuts throwing 5 TD'S IN 17 MINUTES (Jordy Nelson also added a TD for good measure for Matt during this rampage). Not Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, Aaron Rodgers...JOE FUCKING FLACCO. Like what a bizarre cruel way to end a the hands of JOE FLACCO.  GOOD LORD. At one point the massacre got up to 67.5-2.5. NOT A TYPO I HAD 2.5 POINTS COMBINED FROM JOIQUE BELL, ERIC EBRON, AND BIG BEN. PATHETIC. Once again, not worth going over my team. They sucked again. This is the 3rd week (out of 6) I've put up the lowest point total and I'm still dead last in points for the season. I traded McCoy as a last ditch effort to save my season (he doesn't play next week) but then Victor Cruz tore his ACL and that was the sign to just say "Fuck It, I'm Done". For the 2nd straight year the defending champion won't be in the playoffs so it's becoming sort of a curse. The rest of Matt's team didn't really do much but when you get 32 from Flacco and are playing the worst scoring team in the league, you don't need much help. Matt and his playoff hopes stay alive and he'll take on Leland next, while I take on Ryan as we both don't give a shit anymore so who knows or cares who wins that one.

Game MVP
Joe Flacco (Dr. Light's Robots)
306 Passing Yards, 5 Passing TD's (in 17 minutes) 32 points

Channel 4 News Team (5-1)               119.5
Next!!!! (2-4)                                         73.5

Another team Albert easily dispatches as this was never even close. Aaron Rodgers and Ben Tate combined for 44 of Leland's 73.5 points. It was all smooth sailing after Arian Foster's game on Thursday. Steve Smith continues his red hot season with 110 yards and a TD. Peyton Manning threw 3 more TD's and Anquan Boldin had 94 and a score. Fred Jackson and Jason Witten added TD's and Ronnie Hillman rushed for 100 to finish off the balanced attack. The scary thing? Albert didn't have A.J. Green (and he won't this week either). He also traded for Alshon Jeffrey to get even stronger. Albert's chances at a 3rd title are looking better and better by the week. He'll take on Eugene in a slugfest between two of the best teams in the league. Don't sleep on Leland being a spoiler. Not only did he strengthen his roster by adding McCoy and Mike Evans to his team, he'll also get Josh Gordon back in Week 11. I have feeling teams in the hunt won't be wanting to play Leland at full strength in the last weeks of the season. He'll take on Matt next.

Game MVP
Arian Foster (Channel 4 News Team)
109 Rushing Yards, 2 Rushing TD's, 3 receptions, 32 receiving yards, 26.5 points

Rocket Man (4-2)                  95.5
Woe Is Me (2-4)                    81.5

It's funny that this wasn't Eugene's best performance but he still won and put up 95.5 points. Kenny got this close and for a little while he had small hope that he'd be able to pull another Monday Night Miracle Comeback against Eugene, but as great as Kaep was (almost 350 yards passing and 3 Passing TD's) it just wasn't enough. Kenny once again got a zero from his RB 2 in C.J. Anderson. Running back play has just destroyed Kenny this season and it's the main reason his season has been so awful. Frank Gore only had 3 points as his RB1. Demaryius Thomas is the only skill position doing any kind of heavy lifting as he had 10 receptions for 124 and a score. Kenny's nightmare season continues as Calvin Johnson might be out until after the bye. Kenny was a heavy favorite to win it all but injuries decimated his chances at every getting it going. For Eugene, despite a disappointing Julio Jones performance, and  Shane Vereen also disappearing, his depth carried him for this win. He finally got to use Jordan Cameron and he didn't disappoint (102 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD). New addition Randall Cobb added yet another TD as well as Eugene has tons of talent. DeMarco Murray once again led the way (against Seattle no less) and once again had a hell of a game with over 100 yards rushing and a score. I keep saying this, but the only way Eugene derails, is if Murray gets hurt. If not, he's going to run away with best running back in fantasy. Andy Dalton chipped in almost 325 and 2 passing TD's as well. Eugene takes on Albert next week in the battle of the Titans, while Kenny faces Dad as he tries to keep hope alive for his season.

Game MVP
DeMarco Murray (Rocket Man)
115 rushing yards. 1 rushing TD, 31 receiving yards, 23 points (against Seattle)

The Bad Robofies (4-2)                  91.5
Shock The Monkey (1-5)                81

Dad's REALLY lucky Mark traded Matt Forte before this week started. It's a win but a little disappointing it was just a 10.5 win against a really depleted Mark team. Had Mark kept Forte/Wallace he wins easily by almost 20. But hey, a win is a win, and you take em however you can get em. To be fair, Dad didn't have Jimmy Graham (and might not for the next 2-3 weeks which is a huge blow).  Dad has a legit QB controversy on his hands. After last weeks masterful performance, Russell Wilson looked very average against the Cowboys, which was surprising to say the least. A rushing TD, saved what was a brutal passing day. Meanwhile, Brady put up 30 points on his bench. This is gonna drive Dad nuts for the rest of the year. Torrey Smith had two TD's and Gio Bernard continues to prove his worth by rushing for 137  yards and a TD. Dad got a little scare when Gio appeared to suffer an injury, but he was fine and it didn't look serious. Mohamad  Sanu also looks like a STEAL for Dad as he had another great game with 120 yards and a TD. With Marvin Jones officially placed on IR and probably another week with A.J. Green out, I can't see Sanu dropping off much. Great pickup there Dad! Terrence Williams might have only caught two balls for 70 yards, but the 4th quarter catch he made was arguably to best of the season. The good thing for Dad is that he'll add Brandon Marshall to his team which should take a little sting off losing Jimmy Graham. How did Mark sorta stay in this game? James Jones, Darren Sproles, Storm Johnson, Michael Crabtree, and Eric Decker all scored TD's. Unfortunately none of them topped 60 yards. Mark's roster is easily on paper the worst in the league. Teams should be salivating at the chance to play it. Drew's the lucky team next week who gets Mark, while Dad just keeps winning (his regular season winning percentage is amazing) and will not take on Kenny's team which doesn't look as intimidating as it did a month ago. 

Game MVP
Gio Bernard (The Bad Robofies)
137 Rushing Yards, 1 Rushing TD, 4 receptions, 20 receiving yards, 23 points
Winter Is Here (3-3)                91
Hoosier Daddy (1-5)               76

Ahh Ryan, "Best Draft In The League" according to Yahoo. That's earned him a 1-5 record. He just never covered from T.Y. Hilton's amazing Thursday Night Game. Even without Drew Brees, Marshawn Lynch having his worst game of the season, Wes Welker catching one ball,  and losing Stevan Ridley for the season due to a torn ACL, Alex easily dispatched Ryan to get back to .500. He's still one of those "under the radar" teams that can make some noise. DeSean Jackson (115 and a score) and Gronk (94 yards) led the way along with Hilton. For Ryan, just disappointment after disappointment. The receivers just never really worked as Garcon (though he scored this week) and Roddy White have been terrible for the most part, and so has Eddie Lacy (he's back to sucking again with just 40 yards rushing). Add Rashad Jennings injury and that's why Ryan sits at 1-5. Alshon Jeffrey, Greg Olsen and Justin Forsett were the only guys to do anything, but Ryan, out of the mix already, shipped Jeffrey and Olsen to Albert in package for his 3rd round pick next season. He'll take me on in the most irrelevant matchup of the season, while it's Alex's turn to try to slay the Queen as he takes on Mayra. 

Game MVP
T.Y. Hilton (Winter Is Here)
9 receptions, 223 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 32.5 points

Bigger Balls (6-0)               126.5
JTG's Warehouse (3-3)          99.5

There's literally nothing you can do. Drew tried trading punches with Mayra, and it was a valiant effort, but the addition of Matt Forte, is just way too much. Forte was amazing with almost 160 total yards and two TD's. New addition Mike Wallace even added 67 and a score. It's just too much. She's beyond loaded. Thing is take away Forte and Wallace and Mayra would've played Sproles and Fitzgerald (who was great on Mayra's bench) and she still would've won either way. Maybe not by 27, but still it just proves how good Mayra's team already WAS..she just simply wanted to ensure a title. She officially breaks the record of best start to a season held by Mark and Matt and now chases the big one for my Dad. She can also do the impossible and finish with the "Perfect Season". Mayra could afford a lackluster Dez performance thanks to Thursday Night plays of Andrew Luck and Ahmad Bradshaw and solid games from Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell. Gates even added a TD. For Drew, Jay Cutler basically matched Andrew Luck, and Kelvin Benjamin scored a TD. Brandon Oliver proved he was worth the waiver wire pickup by going over 100 rushing yards and scoring. Julius Thomas told the world how easy it was to score and he added two more TD's to his season. Against Mayra though, every guy has to be great and Andre Ellington, Brian Quick, Andre Williams, and Golden Tate all let Drew down. 6 down, 7 to go to finish off the season. Mayra takes on Alex next week, while Drew will more than likely wanna beat the crap out of Mark's team for gifting Forte to Mayra. 

Game MVP
Matt Forte (Bigger Balls)
80 Rushing Yards, 2 Rushing TD's, 10 receptions, 77 receiving yards, 32 Points