Sunday, July 28, 2013

2013 Draft Lottery Results

Well, we just had the Draft Lottery Results and here they are

#4-Yours Truly (FINALLY)
#5 Dad
#6 Kenny
#7 Mike
#8 Mark
#9 Eugene
#10 Ryan
#11 Mayra
#12 Albert

Thoughts..well the defending champ has the #1 pick so that means trouble off the bat. Drew at #2 is dangerous and once again for the 4th straight year Matt has a top 3 pick. The luck that guy has is unbelievable. I'm at 4, which is meh, brutal to be one pick away from the top 3, but I'll take it I guess. Ryan's picking at 10 again, but this time it's not as the last pick with two extra teams left. Newcomers Mark and Eugene pick back to back at 8 and 9 respectively. Be interesting to see how that works out. How about Albert at #12...if anyone can make that work it's him. We now know the official order of the stop....THE DRAFT!!!

Draft Position Fun Facts

Call it boredom, way to much time on my hands, excitement or all the above, but I thought it would be fun to delve into some interesting facts about draft position. It's completely random yet there are some things to mull over when finding out your draft position.

No Team Drafting #1 has ever won the league- Nope #1 isn't a shoo in at all to take the title. In fact, Drew was the only one to reach the finals back in 2010. Matt finished 9th in 2011 after having the #1 pick, and Posey, though he made the playoffs, finished 5th.

Only 1 Team Drafting #1-#3 has won the league- The "coveted" top 3 slots have only produced 1 winner, Leland, last year at #2 and he didn't even keep Ray Rice!

Teams Drafting #1 have a 66% chance of making the playoffs- Only Matt didn't make it in 2011.

Teams Drafted #1-#3 have a 66% chance of making the playoffs- It does seem holding that top three slot at least gives you a great  chance at the playoffs. In fact, last year, all 3 teams with top picks made the playoffs.

Teams Drafting Last have placed in the top 3 100% of the time- How bout this stat for the supposed "unwanted draft pick" Not only does the team that drafts last make the playoffs, they finish no lower than 3. I drafted 8th (8 team league) in 2010, finished 3rd, 10 in 2011 and finished 2nd, and Ryan drafted last year and finished 3rd. Might not be too terrible to have those back to back snake picks after all.

Teams Drafting with the last 3 picks make the playoffs 66% of the time- Same odds as owning a top 3 pick.

Two Teams drafting with a lower pick than the top 5 have made the finals- Me in 2011 (10th Pick) and Albert last year (7th pick)

No Teams drafting at #6 have ever made the playoffs- The "Kiss of Death" Pick is pick #6. It's the only slot that hasn't been represented in the playoffs.

Teams picking #5 and #8 have only made the playoffs once a piece- Every other pick (besides 6) has been represented twice. Of course, the one time the team picking 5th made it, they won it all (Albert).

Teams picking #5 have finished dead last twice- Talk about a all or nothing pick, You either win it all (Albert in 2011) or finish dead last (Ryan in 2010, Mayra in 2012)

I have never picked outside the last 3- I've picked last in 2010 and 2011 and 8th last year. This bad luck HAS TO STOP NOW DAMMITT!!!

Matt has never picked outside the top 3-Talk about lady luck on your side. Matt's picked 3rd, 1st, and 3rd respectively. Matt's the only one in the league to have had multiple top 3 picks.

Players who have never picked in the top 3 (minimum 1 draft)- Me, Albert, Ryan, Mayra

Players who have never picked in the bottom 3 (minimum 1 draft)- Matt, Leland, Drew, Mayra, Albert

Ok my head hurts now...

Saturday, July 13, 2013

We're BAAAAAAAACKKK! Season 4 of The Wane McGarity Bowl!!!

Wow time flies, feels like only yesterday I was bitching and moaning about losing 7 different running backs to injuries en route to finishing 9th place last season! It's that time again though! Yes, we're still technically a little less than two months away, but when Yahoo officially opens up fantasy football for business (which they did ridiculously a little over a month ago) you can't help but get excited for a brand new year of cussing out your players, throwing stuff etc!!! There are three major changes this season for the Wane McGarity Bowl. What are they you ask?

1. Move to a 12 team league-Us "Original 7"(yes we get that cool nickname) remember that the Wane McGarity Bowl started out as 8 team league (Ryan Mathews/Randy Moss "dream team") with a $20 buy in. The next year we bumped it up to 10, and now we meet Sirius XM Fantasy Football radio's criteria of being a "real league". More competition in any already over competitive league, sign me up!!

2. Keeper League-We're also now a KEEPER LEAGUE! FEEL THE EXCITEMENT! We'll be able to keep two players from our roster and keep them for next season. Should be interesting to see how this works.

3. Elmination of D/ST and Kicker and addition of WR/TE Flex- No more fluke Robbie Gould 18 point games or Seattle 48 point miracles. The masses have spoken and we have eliminated the two flukiest positions there are.

The buy in was also raised to $50 so I'll even more pissed when I start 3-6!! Woohoo!!

So let's reintroduce the fun loving and wacky participants of the league shall we?

Players and Teams

The Reigning Wane McGarity Bowl Champion
Leland Lawrence (TEBOW4PRESIDENT)
3rd Season
# of Playoff Appearences-2
Previous Finishes: 4th in 2011
                              1st in 2012

The artist formerly known as Twin Killers. Leland finally did someone noone had been able to do in 2 and half seasons. Topple Albert Rodriguez in the playoffs. Leland became our 2nd ever champion last season but he'll have a harder road to repeat this season. Also the addition to his brother Eugene should provide from some interesting competition to say the least.

Albert Rodriguez (Channel 4 News Team)
4th Season
# of Playoff Appearences-3
Previous Finishes: 1st in 2010
                              1st in 2011
                              2nd in 2012

Impressive resume from one Albert Rodriguez. Came thisclose to 3-peating and staying the only champion we've ever had. What's more impressive is that each run he doesn't even finish high during the regular season. His team just steps it up when it really matters. You can never count him out no matter what.

Ryan McKinnis (Hoosier Daddy)
4th Season
# of Playoff Appearances-2
Previous Finishes: 8th in 2010
                              3rd in 2011
                              3rd in 2012

Ryan's rebounded from a last place finish in 2010 to two straight third place finishes. Not too bad and another formidable opponent in this year's race.

Matt Gonzales (Dr. Light's Robots)
4th Season
# of Playoff Appearances-2
Previous Finishes: 4th in 2010
                              9th in 2011
                              4th in 2012

Ah Matt...fantasy football has been unkind to ye. Maybe a change from the dark side (Dr. Wily) to the good side (Dr. Light) will bring some good karma this season. Last year, Matt basically coasted through the league with the best record and #1 Seed yet once again failed to win a playoff game. Can he finally break through this season??

Mike Posey (Richard Head)
4th Season
# of Playoff Appearances-1
Previous Finishes: 6th in 2010
                              8th in 2011
                              5th in 2012

Probably the team name that really relates to it's owner (I kid Mike I kid..or do I??) Mike finally made the playoffs last year only to get destroyed by Leland on his path to a title. Mike's finishes show him to be a middle of the pack, but he's fantasy football veteran who if things fall into place could be a major player in this year's chase.

Robert Puente (The Bad Robofies)
3rd Season
# of Playoff Appearences-2
Previous Finshes: 5th in 2011
                             6th in 2012

When Dad entered the league two years ago, many thought he was probably just a fill in. With zero experience, everyone figured Dad would be the easy win of the schedule. That was proven to be dead wrong. Dad made the playoffs his 1st year and people thought that was a fluke. Nope, he did it again last year, and had it not been for that dominating Seattle defensive performance for Albert, Dad might have secured his 1st ever playoff win. 3rd time's the charm possibly?

Kenny Bybee (Not Even Lying)
4th Season
# of Playoff Appearences-1
Previous Finishes: 5th in 2010
                              6th in 2011
                              7th in 2012

Last Year's Michael Wiley Bowl Winner. Kenny has to be the leader of heartbreaking losses all time in this league. It's crazy because when it comes to football knowledge, Kenny is one of the best there is, and it hasn't translated to success so far. In fact in disturbing trend is he's finished worse every season so far. One of the years things will start breaking Kenny's way...could it be this year??

Drew Mata (I'm a Paul Heyman Guy)
3rd Season
# of Playoff Appearences-1
Previous Finishes- 2nd in 2010
                              DNP in 2011
                              8th in 2012

After making the finals in year 1 and losing to Albert, Drew took a 1 year hiatus before rejoining last season. You would've thought with Adrian Peterson in tow Drew's comeback would've been epic...but it wasn't. Falling all the way down to 8th place. Drew's got one of the best draft minds in the league in all sports. Guys that he picks just magically have career years. He'll definitely fair better this season.

Chris Puente aka Me (Danny's Little Giants)
4th Season
# of Playoff Appearances-2
Previous Finishes- 3rd in 2010
                              2nd in 2011
                              9th in 2012

Oh wow...where to begin...never in any sport in any league in my history of playing fantasy sports have I had a more frustrating season..EVER. It was a never ending nightmare of injury after injury..and even after alllllll that..I missed the playoffs by 2 yards...yes "The Bryce Brown Game". 2 more yards and a tie turns into a win turns into a playoff birth despite a losing record. After that I needed 4 teams to lose to get in...3 of them did of course. Fred Jackson, C.J. Spiller, Matt Forte (twice), Rashard Mendenhall, LeSean McCoy all suffered IN GAME injuries for me. The only way it would've been worse was losing to Mayra for the 2nd straight time and finishing dead last. It CAN'T get worse for me can it???

Mayra Lopez (Bigger Balls)
2nd Season
# of Playoff Appearances-0
Previous Finishes- 10th in 2012

Mayra had a strong start to her debut season but then proceeded to lose the last 6 weeks of the regular season and consolation playoffs en route to a last place finish. With a year of experience under her belt she'll look to be a formidable opponent and have a stronger sophomore showing.

The New Guys

Eugene Lawrence (Sprigville_Warrior)- Will probably be affectionately known as "The Internet Guy's Brother", Eugene becomes team #11 in our league. The brotherly rivalry has already heated up and it's not even training camp. It'll be hard to follow in the footsteps in the current champ, but if Eugene can top Leland, I imagine the family bragging rights would be just as important as the championship itself.

Mark Freeman (Shock The Monkey)- The other new team in the league will belong to a fellow co-worker of me and Mayra's. Mark's already talkin some trash to us at work..he better be able to back them words up!!!

This is the 1st year that we actually don't lose anyone in the league so that's awesome within itself. Probably won't do another post until July 28th when the Draft Lottery is. The Road to The Wane McGarity Bowl has been should be an interesting ride to say the least!