Sunday, July 31, 2016

Draft Lottery Results

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Alrighty...the Draft Lottery is over and here are the results as we now know where everyone is picking for this year's draft.


Well...this puts Matt in a great position for next season as he'll pick #1. Depending on who's available (the only 100% one we know will be there is rookie Ezekiel Elliott) this could definitely be a pick that puts Matt right back in contention for a championship. It'll be interesting to see what Matt does here. To me, Mike, Mayra, and Alex have difficult decisions to make. Not knowing who exactly is going to be available do they use their 1st round pick on keepers (Dez, Bell, Lacy) or take the risk of losing them and keep others in different rounds? So many questions as usual, but at least we have the draft order. The rest of the draft order is as follows


Now teams have about a month to figure out what their keepers are going to be.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Roster Overview Part IV

Time to look at last year's rosters for each team and make observations on what each team might be looking to do as far as their keeper situation. I'll be doing this in 4 installments of 3 teams apiece. This is the final installment

Albert (Channel 4 News Team)

QB: Carson Palmer, Philip Rivers

WR: A.J. Green, Sammy Watkins, Stevie Johnson, Travis Benjamin, Andre Johnson

RB: Doug Martin, Shaun Draughn, Theo Reddick, T.J. Yeldon, Tevin Coleman

TE: Rob Gronkowski, Antonio Gates

Potential Keepers: Carson Palmer, A.J. Green, Sammy Watkins, Doug Martin, Rob Gronkowski

Overview: It was a disappointing season for Albert last season. The good news is he's got plenty of keeper options available at his disposal along with a lottery pick should he chose to release A.J. Green and keep someone else. His keeper options are intriguing. I put Carson Palmer on there because he would cost a 14th round pick. A.J. Green and Gronk are obvious choices but they come with high price tags of 1st and 2nd round. Albert could possibly gamble and take a different combo to keep the 1st and 2nd round picks or play it safe and keep one or two of these elite options. Even though Watkins is coming off injury, he'd only cost a 6th round pick, while Doug Martin had a great bounce back season and he'd cost a measly 5th round pick if kept. Whatever Albert decides to do, he should definitely be once again considered a threat to win his 3rd title.

Ryan (Hoosier Daddy)

QB: Brian Hoyer

WR: Mike Evans, Golden Tate, DeSean Jackson, Pierre Garcon, Nate Washington

RB: Devonta Freeman, DeAngelo Williams, Frank Gore, Spencer Ware, Melvin Gordon, Ryan Mathews

TE: Ben Watson, Vernon Davis

Potential Keepers: Mike Evans, Golden Tate, Devonta Freeman, DeAngelo Williams, Melvin Gordon, Ryan Mathews

Overview: It was disaster of a season for Ryan last year as all his multiple picks he had last year didn't really pan out and he found himself out of the playoffs for the 3rd straight season. His keeper situation is very interesting. I'd say it's a near lock he's keeping Devonta Freeman as a 9th round keeper. I'd be very shocked if he didn't. The 2nd keeper spot going to be tough. Golden Tate and Ryan Mathews might be longshots but at their draft positions, there are valid reasons to think about them (Mathews taking over the lead back role in Philly and Golden Tate becoming the main receiver after Calvin Johnson's retirement). I doubt they are going to be legit considered, but you never know. Melvin Gordon was AWFUL, but if you believe he can bounce back (he's still the lead back in San Diego) he's not a bad option in the 4th. The most interesting and possibly riskiest keep would be DeAngelo Williams. If Le'Veon Bell's 4 game suspension is upheld, Williams (who was OUTSTANDING last season) once again becomes the starter. It would be basically be a 4 game rental, but to keep Williams in round 14 and surround him with talent, it might lead to an early boost to Ryan's season. It's definitely worth the consideration, even if it just might be for 4 games (keep in mind too though, Bell is injury prone, so what might start as 4 games, might end up being more just like last year.) A safer keeper option is Mike Evans. He's just going to get better with Jameis Winston in Tampa. He would cost a 3rd round pick if kept. Ryan has no first round keeper prospects so he'll definitely be getting a lottery pick. If Ryan drafts well, and makes the right keeper choices, he'll definitely finish better than 8th, which is the highest he's finished in the last 3 years.

Mayra (Bigger Balls)

QB: Andy Dalton, Ryan Tannehill

WR: Antonio Brown, Dontrelle Inman, Tyler Lockett, Jamison Crowder,  Mike Wallace, Wes Welker

RB: Le'Veon Bell, Lamar Miller, Alfred Blue, Karlos Williams, Carlos Hyde

TE: Jacob Tamme, Tyler Eifert

Potential Keepers: Antonio Brown, Le'Veon Bell, Lamar Miller, Carlos Hyde

Overview: Well...for the 2nd straight year what looked like a slam dunk as far as keepers go, is once again not because Le'Veon Bell is a jackass and got himself suspended yet again for 4 games. Last year, Mayra bit the bullet and kept him and when he came back..he was amazing..worth the keep..until he got hurt for the season, which basically helped sink Mayra's season all the way to a last place finish. There's no doubt he's one of the best running backs in the game..but to lose a quarter of a's a big risk (and if she drops him, it'll be a giant risk to whoever decides to draft him as I still see him going in the top two rounds). Mayra has a darkhorse keeper candidate in Lamar Miller. He'd be a 3rd round keep and he's the lead dog in Houston. Carlos Hyde was disappointing, but he was injured mostly all year last year and he only costs a 4th rounder. Antonio Brown isn't going anywhere, that's for sure. He's the best non QB in fantasy football and they'll have to lean on him EVEN MORE with no Bell or Martavis Bryant. So what will Mayra do? Finally cut the cord on Bell? Or bite the bullet and let him serve out the suspension and keep that killer Steelers combo? We'll find out in about a month.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Roster Overview Part III

Time to look at last year's rosters for each team and make observations on what each team might be looking to do as far as their keeper situation. I'll be doing this in 4 installments of 3 teams apiece.

Matt (Light's Broken Bots)

QB: Ben Roethlisberger, Tyrod Taylor
WR: Odell Beckham Jr, Jordy Nelson, Stefon Diggs, Donte Moncrief, Devante Adams, Josh Gordon, Danny Amendola
RB: Jamaal Charles, Alfred Morris, Andre Ellington, Jonathan Stewart, Bilal Powell, Tim Hightower
TE: Jordan Reed
Potential Keepers: Odell Beckham Jr, Jordy Nelson, Donte Moncrief, Jamaal Charles, Jordan Reed

Overview: Unfortunately, injuries derailed Matt's quest to repeat as fantasy football champion, but thanks to some smart drafting, Matt will be in great shape to once again be a threat to win title #2. I think it's a given and no brainer that Beckham is a keeper (in round 2 nonetheless). Matt will also benefit with a lottery pick, which means if he wants he can keep Jordy Nelson (a round 10 stash) or even a Jordan Reed (high risk high reward but in round 13, he was the 2nd best tight end when he played, behind Gronk, he's just very injury prone, but we're talking about a 13th round pick here, could definitely be worth the gamble). Donte Moncrief is also a darkhorse to be kept as a 14th round pick because people are high on him, though I really don't think, with Matt's other options, it's realistic. Also, although he's coming off a big injury, it's really going to be tough to let go of Jamaal Charles, even with his 1st round price tag. Matt has one of the most interesting group of keeper options, and there's no doubt, Matt's going to have sacrifice some good options regardless of who he chooses.

Mike (Woe Is You)

QB: Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck
WR: Dez Bryant, Keenan Allen, Jeremy Maclin, Eric Decker, Dwayne Harris, Julian Edelman
RB: LeSean McCoy, Chris Ivory, Charcandrick West, DeMarco Murray, Justin Forsett, Arian Foster
TE: Austin Sefarian-Jenkins
Potential Keepers: Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck, Dez Bryant, Keenan Allen, Jeremy Maclin, Eric Decker, Julian Edleman, LeSean McCoy, DeMarco Murray, Justin Forsett, Arian Foster

Overview: Well...don't say Kenny didn't leave keeper options. You can seriously make a case (although admittedly some thin) for 11 out of the 15 guys on Mike's roster to be a keeper. Obviously though, with Luck, Dez, and DeMarco being 1st round keeper options, only Dez is probably the most realistic option there. Mike doesn't have to necessarily keep Dez though if he wanted to keep guys with lower rounds like Keenan Allen/Jeremy Maclin/Julian Edelman/Eric Decker and keep his lottery pick. Arian Foster is also intriguing because of a new situation and he'd only cost a 6th round pick. Russell Wilson also has to be a strong consideration in the 5th round. Lots of guys and lots of decision for Mike to make. Welcome back, Posey.

Alex (Winter Is Over)

QB: Drew Brees, Kirk Cousins
WR: Brandon Marshall, Brandon LaFell, Anquan Boldin, Marques Colston
RB: Eddie Lacy, Joique Bell, C.J. Spiller, James Starks
TE: Jimmy Graham, Richard Rodgers, Delanie Walker, Scott Chandler
Potential Keepers: Drew Brees, Kirk Cousins, Brandon Marshall, Eddie Lacy

Overview: So the big question is, will Alex, a die hard Saints fans, be able to move on from Drew Brees as a keeper, or will he ride him for another season? He's still a 2nd round keep which isn't bad for a QB with our league settings. The other big question is whether or not to take the gamble on Eddie Lacy. He was a big bust most of the season, but turned it around late, and now is supposed to be in the best shape of his life and is opening to repeat his rookie season, where he won Wane McGarity Rookie of The Year. I believe he's only keeping one of the two because Brandon Marshall is a no brainer keeper where he was drafted. I only threw Cousins in there because he'd be a 14 round keep. In my opinion it comes down the Brees/Lacy keep and though Brees safer (round and production), Lacy has the higher upside at a position where there's not a ton of really good depth. He could also bust again and kill Alex's season for a 2nd season in a row. Very interesting and critical decision he'll have to make.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Roster Overview: Part II

Time to look at last year's rosters for each team and make observations on what each team might be looking to do as far as their keeper situation. I'll be doing this in 4 installments of 3 teams apiece.

Me (Bay Area Tanners)

QB: Eli Manning

WR: DeAndre Hopkins, Kamar Aiken, Randall Cobb, Rueben Randle, DeVante Parker, Dorial Green-Beckham, T.Y. Hilton

RB: Matt Forte, Latavius Murray, Danny Woodhead, Christine Michael, Kendall Gaskins

TE: Greg Olsen

Potential Keepers: DeAndre Hopkins, DeVante Parker, Dorial Green-Beckham, Greg Olsen

Overview: What a clusterfuck of a roster I have. Outside of Hopkins (who, I'm 100% keeping in round 3) there's noone else who really stands out. The reason I'm not putting Latavius Murray, and T.Y. Hilton as potential keepers is It would force me to keep of them along with Hopkins in Round 2 since they were all 3rd round picks. I'm willing to cut bait there. Also NO WAY do I keep Randall Cobb in round 2...that guy TORPEDOED my season. Greg Olsen would be the "safe" keep in the 4th round, but I don't know if I want to waste a keeper slot on a tight end. I'm leaning towards a 14th round keep of DeVante Parker, but he could end up being an irrelevant pick. I basically enter the season with the worst case scenario of finishing the highest without placing (4th) which turns into a shitty draft pick of what's left from the keepers. Not feeling too optimistic about this year.

Dad (BigBadBob)

QB: Cam Newton

WR: Brandin Cooks, Michael Floyd, Larry Fitzgerald, Robert Woods, Vincent Jackson

RB: Thomas Rawls, Jeremy Langford, Gio Bernard, Marshawn Lynch, Shane Vereen

TE: Travis Kelce, Zach Ertz, Coby Fleener

Potential Keepers: Cam Newton, Brandin Cooks, Michael Floyd, Thomas Rawls, Jeremy Langford

Overview: What looked like a no brainer before the playoffs started (Rawls and Langford) is now a tricky situation as both the Bears and Seahawks added a ton of RB options to their teams which means maybe Rawls and Langford won't be the workhorses everyone thought they were after all. Rawls is coming off a major injury as well. It'll be interesting as those guys would be 13/14th round keepers, but Cam Newton as a 9th rounder is hard to ignore. Also if Michael Floyd really has gotten to the next level, he's intriguing in round 7..Brandin Cooks was pretty damn good during the stretch run for Dad and he would cost a 3rd rd pick. Dad's got a ton of things to weigh, and it'll be interesting to see where he plans to go.

Drew (Sons Of The Harpy)

QB: Tom Brady, Marcus Mariotta

WR: Allen Robinson, Demaryius Thomas, Amari Cooper, Allen Hurns, Kendall Wright, Willie Sneed

RB: Adrian Peterson, Buck Allen, C.J. Anderson, Antonio Andrews, Ameer Abdullah

TE: Julius Thomas

Potential Keepers: Allen Robinson, Adrian Peterson, Amari Cooper, Julius Thomas

Overview: Drew's keeping Allen Robinson and doubt about it. I'll include a couple possibilities in case injuries happen. Amari Cooper had a great rookie season and will only get better with Derek Carr throwing him the ball. He's not a bad keep in Round 4. Julius Thomas could be a darkhorse too as a 10th round keep. Barring something catastrophic though, it's going to be Allen Robinson and AD.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Roster Overview Part I

Time to look at last year's rosters for each team and make observations on what each team might be looking to do as far as their keeper situation. I'll be doing this in 4 installments of 3 teams apiece.

Leland (No Soup For You)

QB- Blake Bortles

WR: Calvin Johnson, Martavis Bryant, Malcolm Floyd, Jordan Matthews, Markus Wheaton, Kelvin Benjamin

RB: Todd Gurley, David Johnson, Steven Jackson, Denard Robinson, Duke Johnson, Cameron Artis-Payne

TE: Will Tye, Martellus Bennett, Zach Miller

Potential Keepers: Todd Gurley, David Johnson, Kelvin Benjamin

Overview: The defending champion is looking like a heavy repeat to go back to back this year with a strong foundation of running backs to build on. There's no doubt that Leland keeps Todd Gurley and David Johnson due to their draft position and both of them are top 5 prospects. You add whoever Leland gets in rounds 1 and 2 (remember, he picks back to back) and it's going to be a Golden State Warriors situation going on. I put Kelvin Benjamin on there because if for some reason Gurley or Johnson get injured, Benjamin is not a shabby backup plan in the 11th round.

Mark (Shock The Monkey)

QB: Derek Carr, Jay Cutler

WR: Jarvis Landry, Emmanuel Sanders, Ted Ginn Jr, Jermaine Kearse, Marvin Jones, Alshon Jeffrey

RB: Darren McFadden, Ronnie Hillman, Jerick McKennon, James White

TE: Gary Barnidge, Heath Miller

Potential Keepers: Derek Carr, Jarvis Landry, Emmanuel Sanders, Marvin Jones, Alshon Jeffrey, Darren McFadden, Gary Barnidge

Overview: There's no  clear cut superstar keep on this team. Remember, it's about draft position so while someone might say "why is Marvin Jones or Darren McFadden a potential keeper?" it's because of how late they were drafted. Marvin Jones is going to a situation where he becomes the #1 receiver in pass happy Detroit..which could be worth a keep in Round 10. Alshon Jeffrey always is a threat but he has a round 2 price tag. Jarvis Landry could be another keep as he's pretty money in a PPR and comes with a Round 5 price tag. Barnidge proved to be a good value at Tight End and he's keepable in Round 14 and if you believe Derek Carr can continue to grow and improve upon a great season last year, he'd be a last round keep as he went undrafted as well. Mark's got plenty of choices, it'll be interesting to see where he goes.

Eugene (Rocket Man)

QB: Aaron Rodgers, Alex Smith

WR:  Michael Crabtree, John Brown, Terrence Williams, Doug Baldwin, Julio Jones, Tavon Austin, James Jones

RB: Darren Sproles, Jeremy Hill, Brandon Bolden, Mark Ingram, Dion Lewis

TE: Jason Witten, Eric Ebron

Potential Keepers: Aaron Rodgers, Julio Jones, Mark Ingram, Doug Baldwin

Overview: Let's put this to rest, Eugene's keeping the two guys that led his team to an improbable third place finish. There's no way he's letting Julio and Aaron Rodgers reenter the draft, especially picking 10th. If something happens though, he's got interesting backup plans. Mark Ingram isn't a bad keep in Round 4 and they way Doug Baldwin finished last season, he's interesting guy to keep in Round 12. Leland, Eugene, Drew, and Mayra have in my opinion, the biggest no brainer keepers in the league.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

It's time!! Year 7 of the Wane McGarity Bowl!!

Man does time fly! But here we are...again...a couple of months away from Year #7 of the Wane McGarity Bowl! I figured I better get the ball rolling because draft day will be here before you know it! When we last left off, Leland beat Mark to become the 2nd two time champion in our league (along with Albert). Also Eugene finished me off by less than a point to win 3rd which was a feat within itself. So the only changes this year are tinkering of keeper prospects (you can keep them in the round you drafted them in) and the buy in has double to $100! Should make things very interesting. Also for the first time in a couple years, we do have a new but familiar face joining the league after the departure of Kenny Bybee. So let's meet our wild and wacky crew!!

The Players and Teams

The Reigning Wane McGarity Bowl Champion
Leland Lawrence (No Soup For You)
6th Season
Playoff Appearances-3
Previous Season Finishes- 4th in 2011
                                           1st in 2012
                                           9th in 2013
                                          11th in 2014 
                                           1st in 2015

It's been a crazy rollercoaster ride for the guy we used to affectionately call "Internet Guy". Leland claimed his second championship last season in dominant fashion thanks to some great drafting (Todd Gurley being a huge get) and excellent waiver wire pickups (David Johnson). A great comeback after a couple of rough seasons the two seasons before. Due to keeping picks where they were drafted, there's no doubt Leland will once again be a favorite to win it all and quite possibly become the first 3 time champion in our league's history.

Mark Freeman (Shock The Monkey)
4th Season
# of Playoff Appearances-2
Previous Season Finshes- 6th in 2013

                                         10th in 2014
                                         2nd in 2015

Mark kind of came out of nowhere to upset me in the semi finals and get to his first Wane McGarity Bowl where he fell to Leland's squad. Mark might not have won it all, but 2nd place isn't too shabby either as it was the first time in 3 years he placed. You never know with Mark where he's teams are gonna go. There are times his squad's look great only to flounder (like in his season when he started 6-0) and there are times where he doesn't look to have a great roster only to surprise people (like last year). Mark's come super close to the grand prize...I'm sure he's hoping this year he'll climb the top of the mountain.

Eugene Lawrence (Rocket Man)
4th Season
# of Playoff Appearances-2
Previous Season Finishes- 7th in 2013
                                           3rd in 2014
                                           3rd in 2015
I must say, for what Eugene had to work with last season, this was one of the most impressive finishes I've ever seen in our league history. I don't know how he managed to not finish last much less place 3rd considering he had so little to work with. Half of his roster was comprised of 12th-14th round picks due to the previous year's draft pick trades. Thanks to Julio Jones, Doug Baldwin (who EXPLODED the 2nd half of the season) Michael Crabtree, Dion Lewis, and a couple others (including a good but not great Aaron Rodgers) Eugene pulled off what I consider the upset of all upsets by placing with his team. The question is, how can he build off of last year's cinderella story for this season?
Chris Puente (Bay Area Tanners)
7th Season
# of Playoff Appearences-4
Previous Finishes-3rd in 2010
                             2nd in 2011
                             9th in 2012
                             1st in 2013
                            12th in 2014
                                 4th in 2015

Ugh....what a disappointing thud of an ending to what started as a potential championship winning season. I started 7-0 and was cruising towards the playoffs, when my team just ran out of gas and went to total crap. I ended up going 2-6 in my last 8 games and I'm actually riding a 4 game losing streak going into the season. Total letdown in what was supposed to be my "comeback" year after the disaster that was 2014. Because I finished high, I get a shitty 1st round pick, and because I drafted ultimately shitty, my keeper prospects aren't as good as everyone elses. I'm not feeling to good about getting title #2 this year, but I'll do my best to make the most of it and try to be as competitive as can be.

Robert Puente (The Bad Robofies)
6th Season
# of Playoff Appearences-4
Previous Finishes- 5th in 2011
                               6th in 2012
                               3rd in 2013                                
                               9th in 2014 
                               5th in 2015

What a shame it was for Dad's playoff hopes to be derailed by injuries because I truly believed he had a darkhorse of a team to win it all as his Thomas Rawls and Jeremy Langford pickups came exactly at the right time and combined with the stupid trade I gave him (Brandin Cooks/Michael Floyd for shitty Randall Cobb) and Cam Newton have the season of his life, Dad had all the momentum in the world. Unfortantely Dad lost both Rawls and Vincent Jackson to early game injuries in his playoff match against Mark and was bounced in round 1. The good news is Dad's going to start his team off with a bang as he has multiple keeper prospects that he can keep in later rounds. He's consistently made the playoffs 4 out of his 5 seasons, but has finished placing only once, could it finally all come together this year?

Andrew Mata (Sons Of The Harpy)
6th Season
Playoff Appearances- 3
Previous Finishes: 2nd in 2010
                              DNP in 2011
                              8th in 2012
                             10th in 2013 
                      6th in 2014
                             6th in 2015
Drew barely made the playoffs by the skin of his teeth thanks to a half a point loss Alex suffered in the last game of the season. It had been between Alex and Drew for the last playoff spot. Drew, like my dad, also had a super scary talented team on paper with the likes of Adrian Peterson, Amari Cooper, Allen Robinson,Demaryius Thomas and Tom Brady but ultimate came up short in the first round against Leland finishing 6th just like in 2014. Drew has yet to place since finishing 2nd in our inaugural season, but this year, he's got some prime keeper choices and there's no doubt Drew will be a contender for the title this season as always.
Matt Gonzales (Dr. Light's Robots)
7th Season
# of Playoff Appearances-3
Previous Season Finishes- 4th in 2010
                                           9th in 2011
                                           4th in 2012
                                           8th in 2013
                                           1st in 2014
                                           7th in 2015
There was nowhere to go but down after Matt's unbelievable championship run of 2014. Unfortunately the curse that has plagued champions since 2012 lives on. Matt became the 3rd straight champion to not make the playoffs the following year (Ironically, Leland, who started the trend, can be the one to break it this year). Injuries, injuries, injuries. Even before the season started Matt was hit with injuries (Jordy Nelson) and throughout the year he lost player after player (including Jamaal Charles to a season ender). It just wasn't Matt's year. Luckily for Matt though he drafted Jordy Nelson really low as a possible keeper for this season, and still has OBJ too. If Matt can avoid the injury bug, he's sure to regain some of that championship form from two seasons ago. 
Alex Kronberger (Winter is Over)
3rd Season
Playoff Appearences-1
Previous Season Finishes- 5th in the 2014
                                           9th in 2015
The absolute worst way to get bounced of your playoff spot, Alex looked like he'd be sailing to his 2nd straight playoffs in as many years, before Leland got a unbelievable performance by Martavis Bryant and edged out Alex in the last game of the season by half a point, which resulted in Alex losing his playoff spot to Drew. Terrible break. Alex has some questions to ask himself about his keeper situation. Brandon Marshall looks like a lock considering where he was drafted, but is it finally time to hang it up on Drew Brees? Can you really trust Eddie Lacy to bounce back from such a putrid embarrassing season as a highly touted first round pick last year? He'll have to think long and hard on what he wants to do so he won't repeat this past year's situation.
Albert Rodriguez (Channel 4 News Team)
7th Season
Playoff Appearances-4
Previous Season Finishes- 1st in 2010
                                           1st in 2011
                                           2nd in 2012
                                          12th in 2013
                                           4th in 2014
                                          10th in 2015
After such a hot start to his Wane McGarity Bowl career (3 straight finals appearances, 2 titles), Albert's kinda fallen off the radar the past three years including dead last in 2012. Last year was another disappointment. Will he trust in his A.J. Green/Gronk combo another year? Or maybe keep a combination of one of those with either Doug Martin and Sammy Watkins? Or keep the lower drafted Martin/Watkins and start from scratch in the 1st two rounds? Definitely a to think about as Albert looks to regain that hall of fame form he had the first three years in the league.
Ryan McKinnis (Hoosier Daddy)
7th Season
Playoff Appearances-2
Previous Season Finishes- 8th in 2010
                                           3rd in 2011
                                           3rd in 2012
                                          11th in 2013

                                            8th in 2014
                                          11th in 2015
After back to back 3rd place finishes in 2011 and 2012, it has been a rough go for Ryan. The highest he's finished the past three seasons is 8th and for the 2nd time in those three seasons he's finished 11th. Last year was supposed to be the year, with the extra draft picks, unfortunately he struck out big time with Andrew Luck, and Melvin Gordon and Justin Forsett didn't come close to living up to their expectations. He did get a diamond in the rough though in Devonta Freeman. The ability the keep him in the 9th round is very promising for Ryan. He's had a ton of bad breaks these past couple seasons, let's see if this is the year he breaks through.
Mayra Lopez (Bigger Balls)
 5th Season
# of Playoff Appearences-2
Previous Season Finishes- 10th in 2012
                                             5th in 2013
                                             2nd in 2014 
                                            12th in 2015
Well, after a nightmarish end to her 2014 season where she decimated everyone until the final game, Mayra bottomed out in 2015 finishing dead last. The combination of losing Le'veon Bell to both suspension at the beginning of the season and then to a season ending injury plus Carlos Hyde's ineffectiveness and own injury problems derailed Mayra's chance at making the playoffs last year. The good news, Bell should be good to go this season and combined with Antonio Brown, once again Mayra should have the most lethal keeper combo on paper. I don't think bad luck will strike twice again, I see Mayra with those two guys in tow, having a huge bounce back season, leaving last year's finish in the dust. wasn't just an idle threat, Kenny did indeed leave the league after 6 years. He says it's not fun anymore, and though I hate to see him leave the league as he's been here since the beginning, I'm not going to force anyone to play who doesn't want to. Anyways, it was an easy to spot to fill, so without further ado making his triumph return to the league after a 2 year sabbatical....
Mike Posey (Woe is You)
5th Season
# of Playoff Appearances-2
Previous Finishes: 6th in 2010
                              8th in 2011
                              5th in 2012
                              4th in 2013
                             DNP in 2014
                             DNP in 2015

Yep...our good ol' buddy Mike Posey is back after a two year hiatus. The last time Mike was in the league, he made the infamous Jason Campbell over Tony Romo at QB decision that cost him (and helped me) a chance at the finals. He then proceeded to lose to my Dad in the 3rd place game. It'll be interesting to see what Mike will do with the team Kenny left him. Welcome back Michael.

And that'll do that! Welcome back everyone and hope everyone is as excited as I am for year 7!! Next step the draft lottery!