Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Week 8 Awards

And awayyyyyy we gooooo

Wane McGarrity Stud Of The Week
Doug Martin (The Twin Killers)

This could've gone to Gronk too, but Martin makes the better story considering he quadrupled his projected points. The highest scorer of the highest scoring team of the week.

Calvin Johnson Dud Of The Week
Jamaal Charles (Breaking Bybee)
Calvin keeps dodging this award, so for this week I'll name it in his shitty honor. The reason he loses it this week is because I lost by over 30 points. Kenny however lost by a point and Jamaal Charles had 1.5 points against a pretty bad Raiders defense. Inexcusable. Under 10 yards rushing and under 10 receiving. Shame on you Mr. Charles....Shame on you.

Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Award
Vick Ballard (The Twin Killers)
No C.J. Spiller or Fred Jackson? No problem. Ballard stepped in scored a game winning amazing TD (look at that pic) and pitched in 12.5 points.

Tony Romo Bad Decision Award
Kenny Trades Stevan Ridley To His Opponent
One of the most dangerous things you can do is make a trade with the guy who you are playing against in the  current week. Yet, that it was Kenny did when he traded Brandon Lloyd and Stevan Ridley for Steve Smith. The kicker?? He didn't even use Steve Smith! If Kenny waits to make the trade the following week, he wins. Posey would've been forced to use Michael Bush, who got a big fat 0 for the week.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Week 8 Results: Add It To The List

This play might have been the one everyone's talking about from yesterday's Cowboys-Giants game, but it was actually the last real Dez catch that made garnered the most attention in our league. In a crazy nailbiter, Mike and Kenny were tied going into the last couple of minutes of the Giants-Cowboys game. Kenny had Miles Austin and Marty B going while Mike had Dez Bryant. Kenny briefly took the league by 1.5 on a Miles Austin catch but the Cowboys would get one more drive and on that drive Dez Bryant got Mike a game winning catch to put him one point. Miles Austin JUST MISSED a catch on the second to last play of the game, but it happened again. Kenny got screwed over in a Giants/Cowboys game and Miles Austin was involved. Last year, Kenny lost his playoff game against Leland because of the Romo to Miles debacle and also a Dan Bailey missed field goal. Kenny has at least one of these kind of monumental disaster games once a year, and here's this year's. Huge, deflating crushing blow and just another mind numbing loss to "add to the list" so to speak. Here are the Week 8 Results.

Richard Head (4-4)                74.5
Breaking Bybee (3-5)            73.5

 I think this nudges out the Rod Streater led Dad Comeback in week 1 against Ryan and match of the year, only because it came down to one game where both guys had one player going on the same team on the last drive of the game. The tension was surreal. Let me preface to say there was a lot of stuff that happened before Sunday and during Sunday that led to Mike's 1 pt win. Here's a look

Kenny Trades Mike Stevan Ridley and Brandon Lloyd for Steve Smith- This was HUGE to say the least. It's rare to make a trade with your opponent of the week, but clearly Kenny was overlooking that. Mike lost MJD and needed RB help big time with only Michael Bush as a relevant backup. Had Kenny not gifted Mike Ridley, Kenny wins this with ease because Michael Bush had 0 points. 

Kenny Doesn't Use Steve Smith-  So Kenny trades for Steve Smith but doesn't plan on using him. Totally Understandable because of his inconsistency and the matchup was against the Bears, but it totally renders this trade useless this week. All it did was help Mike. If Kenny was not going to use Steve Smith this week, he should've waited to trade for him next week. Big oversight that Kenny admitted to, but in the heat of the moment and with the matchup against Posey on paper, Kenny didn't think it would have a impact on the game. If he used Steve Smith over James Jones, Kenny wins.

Mike Doesn't Use Brandon Lloyd-  On the flipside, Mike trades for Lloyd and Ridley, and doesn't use Lloyd. Don't get me wrong, Lloyd hasn't been all world this season, but with Tom Brady as his QB, you gotta play him, especially over Brian Hartline. Mike didn't use him because he was listed as questionable. That's the Patriots MO though..they list EVERYONE on their injury report. If Mike used Lloyd, it wouldn't have come down to Dez vs Miles.

Miles Austin to the 1 yard line- This was so crucial, Miles Austin catches a pass all the way to the 1 yard line that sets up a TD for someone else. Miles scores game over.

This was an ugly game all around. For Mike outside of Stevan Ridley, no one was really good. Aaron Rodgers was average against a great matchup against the Jags and only had 13 points. For Kenny Miles Austin and LeSean McCoy led the way in scoring but RGIII was held in check and Jamaal Charles had an ugggggggly game (4 rushing yards, 6 receiving yards). Just a bad heartbreaking loss for Kenny. He'll take on Drew next week while Mike gets to take on Matt and his scorching hot team.

Game MVP
 Dez Bryant (Richard Head) 5 receptions, 110 yards, 1 fumble lost, 11.5 points (game winning catch)

Not Wise To Trade With Your Opponent

Stevan Ridley (Richard Head) 127 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 18 points

A Hero's Effort

Miles Austin (Breaking Bybee) 9 receptions, 133 yards, 17.5 points

LeSean McCoy (Breaking Bybee) 45 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 3 receptions, 22 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD,  19.5 points


Roddy White (Breaking Bybee) 3 receptions, 38 yards, 4.5 points

Jamaal Charles (Breaking Bybee) 4 rushing yards, 3 receptions, 6 receiving yards, 1.5 points

Robert Griffin III (Breaking Bybee) 177 passing yards, 1 TD, 8 rushing yards, 11 points

Aaron Rodgers (Richard Head) 186 passing yards, 2 passing TD's, 1 Fumble Lost, 13 points

Tony Gonzalez (Richard Head) 3 receptions, 29 yards, 3.5 points

Chardee MacDennis (2-6)                127.50
Poseidon Angry (2-6)                          90

I'm gonna make this short and sweet. My team sucked cock, Drew's didn't. We're both 2-6, we both ain't making the damn fucking playoffs so this was meaningless. Nexxxxxt

Game MVP
Matthew "Chubby Frankie" Stafford (Chardee MacDennis) 353 passing yards (46 of them to "Megatron") 3 TD's (0 to "Megatron") 1 Interception (probably trying to force feed "Megatron") 32 points (against that SUPER DUPER OH MY GOD BENCH STAFFORD FOR BRANDON WEEDEN, SEATTLE DEFENSE)

Seriously Go Fuck Your Self

Some Hack who has as many TD's as Ryan Broyles- You know his stats suck, they always do. He dropped his usual TD pass a game.

Worm Head Motherfucker

Eli "Worm Head" Manning (seriously his helmet is way to big for his tiny head) 192 yards, 1 INT, 6 points (not a misprint, 6)

Chunky Soup Fucking Sucks

Victor Cruz (My Shitty Team) 2 catches, 23 yards, 3 points

Don't Worry I didn't forget about you Asshole

Antonio Gates (Cleveland Browns Little Bitch) 2 catc...hahaha 2 catch.wahahahahhahah wait wait wait 2 catches for 14 YARDS. AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA YAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!

I'm So Sorry I Surrounded You With Shit

Eric Decker (Poseidon Angry) 4 catches, 43 yards, 2 receiving TD's,  18 points

Matt Forte (Poseidon Angry) 70 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 5 receptions, 24 receiving yards, 17.5 points

Better Than Calvin Johnson (Who Isn't?)

Denarius Moore (Chardee MacDennis) 5 catches, 96 yards, 1 TD, 17.5 points

Yep, He's Back

Adrian Peterson (Chardee MacDennis) 123 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 1 reception, 4 receiving yards, 1 fumble lost, 16.5 points

The Twin Killers (5-3)                      168
Channel 4 News Team (3-5)             147.50

To say a shitload of points were scored here would be an understatement. Albert gets the "honor" of having the 2nd highest score of the week. He just happened to run in to the guy who scored the highest. First of all, Fantasy Experts are just as worthless as weathermen. I don't get why people bother to listen to em. According to "experts" I'd be 8-0 and Leland's team would've scored 87 points. He almost scored 100 points OVER HIS PROJECTION. They don't mean shit me. Leland's week started with that amazing Doug Martin performance and it never let up after that. Everyone but Brandon Gibson scored a TD.  He had 5 20+ point plays (Matt Ryan, Gronk, Giants D, Martin, Julio Jones, with Gronk and Martin being 30+ point plays). This is without C.J. Spiller or Jordy Nelson by the way. Just amazing. Albert was no slouch either. Tom Brady FINALLY had a Bradyesque game (4 TD's, 28 points) while Demaryius Thomas, Trent Richardson, Willis McGahee and yes LAWRENCE TYNES all brought their A games with 19 or more points apiece. Even Jimmy Graham had 14 and Brandon Marshall 13.5. Shitty luck cost Albert this game. He would've beaten any other team by 20 or more points, but got beat by 20 himself. Leland will play Ryan next week and try to keep that winning streak going (up to 3), while Albert will try to stop the bleeding (3 game losing streak) against my Dad.

Game MVP

Doug Martin (The Twin Killers) 135 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 3 receptions, 79 receiving yards, 33.5 points


Matt Ryan (The Twin Killers) 262 passing yards, 3 passing TD's, 18 rushing yards, 23 points

Julio Jones (The Twin Killers) 5 catches, 123 receiving yards, 20.5 points

Rob Gronkowski (The Twin Killers) 8 catches, 146 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's,  30 points

New York Giants Defense (The Twin Killers) 24 points allowed, 4 sacks, 4 interceptions, 2 fumble recoveries, 1 TD, 22 points

Tom Brady (Channel 4 News Team) 304 passing yards, 4 passing TD's, 28 points

Demaryius Thomas (Channel 4 News Team) 7 receptions 137 yards, 1 TD, 22.5 points

Willis McGahee (Channel 4 News Team) 122 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 2  catches 33 receiving yards, 1 fumble lost, 20 points

Dr. Wily's Robots (7-1)              105
Hoosier Daddy (5-3)                    93.5

He's never gonna lose again is he? He has one five point loss and that's it. This was the week it was supposed to happen. Weak, because he had no Arian Foster or A.J. Green. Nope he keeps on rolling. Mike Williams filled in just nicely and Marshawn Lynch carried the RB game to get Matt to his 7-1 record. He's head and shoulders the above everyone. His guys weren't even that great but did enough to put away Ryan. Vick was mediocre again, as were Hakeem Nicks, Alfred Morris, and Vernon Davis, but it wouldn't matter. Matt is so deep, the rest of his team always hides the bad performances. Ryan only had two guys show up, Peyton Manning (300 yards and 3 more TD's) and Jason Witten who was AMAZING this week. A franchise record 18 catches for 167 yards. Ryan's RB's was pitiful, Bradshaw and Bush combined for 8.5 points and Antonio Brown and Fitzgerald were marginal as well. Even though it was a bad week, Ryan didn't get blown out of the building. Matt gets to face Mike Posey next week and Ryan take on Leland in what should be an interesting matchup as the winner could possibly move into 2nd place.

Game MVP

Mike Williams (Dr. Wily's Robots) 6 receptions, 68 yards, 1 TD, 15 points (Bye Week Fill In for A.J. Green)

Can't Stop Won't Stop

Percy Harvin (Dr. Wily's Robots) 7 receptions, 90 yards, 1 TD, 18.5 points

Marshawn Lynch (Dr. Wily's Robots) 105 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 1 reception 1 receiving yard, 16.5 points

Record Breaker

Jason Witten (Hoosier Daddy) 18 receptions (franchise record) 167 yards, 25 points

Just Keeps Gettin Better

Peyton Manning (Hoosier Daddy) 305 passing yards, 3 passing TD's, 24 points

C'mon Now

Larry Fitzgerald (Hoosier Daddy) 5 catches, 52 yards, 7.5 points

Antonio Brown (Hoosier Daddy) 4 catches, 38 yards, 5 points

Ahmad Bradshaw (Hoosier Daddy) 78 rushing yards,1 fumble lost, 5 points

Reggie Bush (Hoosier Daddy) 59 rushing yards, 1 catch 6 receiving yards, 1 fumble lost, 3.5 points

The Bad Robofies (5-3)          83.5
Bigger Balls (4-4)                   68.5

The Houdini of Fantasy Football strikes again. Low scoring as usual, Dad picks up win #5 as Mayra puts up a week low 68.5 points. This was not a pretty game at all.  Mayra had Andre Johnson, Texans Defense, Anquan Boldin, and Owen Daniels on byes and it showed. Drew Brees was surpisingly disappointing with only 15 points. Only Drew Brees and Brandon Pettigrew scored 10 or more points. She'll no doubt bounce back and score 120+ against me, but this week it just wasn't in the  cards. Dad's played Shonn Greene 3 straight weeks and he's slowly regressed each week but it looks like his job is finished. Demarco Murray may be ready to come back and it'll be just in time as Shonn Greene is on bye anyways. Darren Sproles led my Dad's team with 14.5 points . Noone stood out, but mostly everyone contributed evenly to the victory for Dad. Dad gets Albert next week and Mayra gets to kick me while I'm down next week.

Game MVP (Man honestly no one deserves this but...)

Darren Sproles (The Bad Robofies) 7 receptions, 56 yards, 1 TD, 14.5 points

What Happened??

Drew Brees (Bigger Balls) 213 passing yards, 2 passing TD's, 1 INT, 15 points (against Broncos)

Frank Gore (Bigger Balls) 55 rushing yards, 1 reception, 11 receiving yards, 6.5 points

Ryan Mathews (Bigger Balls) 95 rushing yards, 2 receptions, 2 receiving yards, 1 fumble lost, 8 points

Friday, October 26, 2012

Thursday Night Overview: Martinnnnnn! Martinnnnn!

Well what a game Doug Martin had last night. Martin was on his game allllll night last night to the tune of 33.5 fantasy points. He shredded the Minnesota D for 135 rushing yards and a score and also added 79 yards and a score. Awesome start for Leland and he needed that considering he has Vick Ballard as his RB #2. Here are the other players that played last night.

Chardee MacDennis- I was thisclose to getting a shitty AD game against me. Unfortunately for me, Peterson ended up with a 60+ yard TD and finished with 16.5 points. Could've been worse for me I guess, but man I wanted it to be way worse. Good start in a must win for Drew.

Richard Head- Posey's Kicker, Blair Walsh, hit a 50 yard field goal, but did little else (2 extra points) for 7 points

Dr. Wily's Robots- He just can't lose....EVER. No A.J. Green? No problem. Mike Williams filled in just fine (68 and a score) and Harvin had 90 a score for a total of 33.5 points. I'm not sure if Ryan's winning this matchup anymore, because Matt survived A.J. Green's bye just fine.

The Bad Robofies- Poor Dad, I guess the Thursday Night Curse is a Puente family thing. Dad's real hesitant with his WR's after last week's Randall Cobb mishap. He decided to stick with V-Jax and it wasn't good at all. He finished with 2 receptions for 40 yards. Doug Martin and Mike Williams got all the glory. Not a great start for Dad this week.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Week 8 Matchups and Predictions

Time to look at Week 8's Matchups and Predictions

Poseidon Angry (2-5)     vs
Chardee MacDennis (1-6)

Matchup Stats

All Time Record: Series tied 1-1
Last Matchup: Drew beat me 124-91 in the semifinals for the 2010 Playoffs

Key Players

Poseidon Angry: Eli Manning (Cowboys) Victor Cruz (Cowboys) Calvin Johnson (Seattle) Eric Decker (Saints) Chris Johnson (Colts) Matt Forte (Panthers) Antonio Gates (Browns)

Chardee MacDennis: Matthew Stafford (Seattle) Mike Wallace (Redskins) DeSean Jackson (Falcons) Adrian Peterson (Bucs) Darren McFadden (Chiefs) Aaron Hernandez (Rams)

Wild Cards

Poseidon Angry: Can Megatron finally step up? Chris Johnson Encore? Eli put up Elite Fantasy Numbers?

Chardee MacDennis: Stafford with another tough matchup

Yahoo Says: I win 121-107
I say: Drew wins, projections don't mean shit and those projections are way too high for me this week. The matchups are tough for half my team and I've been waiting ALL SEASON for Drew's team to come together and just flat out click. This week seems like it'll be the week. This is also the biggest game of the week, ironic since it involves the two worst teams, but if I win, Drew's basically mathematically eliminated from playoff contention as it's highly doubtful a team with a losing record could make the playoffs. I also have to win this game to keep my slim playoff hopes alive. I expect a close shootout, with my shitty luck costing me a win.

Breaking Bybee (3-4)      vs
Richard Head (3-4)

Matchup Stats

All Time Record: Kenny leads series 3-1
Last Matchup: Kenny beat Mike 116-60 in Week 12 of the 2011 Season

Key Players
Breaking Bybee: RGIII (Steelers) Miles Austin (Giants) Jamaal Charles (Raiders) Roddy White (Eagles) LeSean McCoy (Falcons)

Richard Head: Aaron Rodgers (Jags) Dez Bryant (Giants) Tony Gonzalez (Eagles)

Wild Cards
Breaking Bybee: James Jones & Marty B Plays

Richard Head: MJD out for multiple games. Weak RB's. Jeremy Kerley used again.

Yahoo Says: Kenny wins 114-103
I say: Kenny wins, I don't know how Mike's done it with this team, on paper it looks really bad, but he was 2.5 points away from being 4-3. No MJD is huge, and Kenny's at full force this week.

Dr. Wily's Robots (6-1)     vs
Hoosier Daddy (5-2)

Matchup Stats

All Time Record: Matt Leads Series 2-1
Last Matchup: Ryan beat Matt 106-47 in Week 11 of the 2011 Season

Key Players
Dr. Wily's Robots: Michael Vick (Falcons) Hakeem Nicks (Cowboys) Percy Harvin (Bucs) Marshawn Lynch (Lions) Vernon Davis (Cardinals)

Hoosier Daddy: Peyton Manning (Saints) Larry Fitzgerald (49ers) Reggie Wayne (Titans) Antonio Brown (Redskins) Ahmad Bradshaw (Cowboys) Reggie Bush (Jets) Jason Witten (Giants)

Wild Cards
Dr. Wily's Robots: No A.J. Green/Arian Foster

Hoosier Daddy: Tough matchup for Fitzgerald

Yahoo Says: Ryan wins 110-103
I say: Ryan wins, I'm gonna go with Ryan on this one. It's the battle of the top two teams in the league, and unfortunately for Matt, Arian Foster and A.J. Green are on bye. Ryan's got a fully loaded team and made a nice trade for Reggie Wayne which finally means no Andre Roberts. I think we'll have two 6-2 teams at the end of the day.

The Twin Killers ( 4-3)       vs
Channel 4 News Team (3-4)

Matchup Stats

All Time Record: Leland Leads Series 1-0
Last Matchup: Leland beat Albert 92-69 in Week 6 of the 2011 Season

Key Players
The Twin Killers : Matt Ryan (Eagles) Julio Jones (Eagles) Jordy Nelson (Jags) Rob Gronkowski (Rams)

Channel 4 News Team: Tom Brady (Rams) Demaryius Thomas (Saints) Brandon Marshall (Panthers) Trent Richardson (Chargers) Willis McGahee (Saints) Jimmy Graham (Broncos)

Wild Cards
The Twin Killers: Jordy's Health? Vick Ballard at RB #2. Kendall wright at WR 3

Channel 4 News Team: Trent Richardson's Health

Yahoo Says: Albert wins 106-91
I say: Albert wins, especially if Jordy Nelson doesn't play due to injury. It looks like overall Albert's guys have more fantasy friendly matchups.

The Bad Robofies (4-3)        vs
Bigger Balls (4-3)

No Matchup Stats

Key Players
The Bad Robofies: Cam Newton (Bears) Wes Welker (Rams) Vincent Jackson (Bucs) Randall Cobb (Jags) Darren Sproles (Broncos)

Bigger Balls: Drew Brees (Broncos) Marques Colston (Broncos) Ryan Mathews (Browns) Frank Gore (Cardinals)

Yahoo Says: Dad wins 98-94 (Mayra has no defense in right now)
I say: This is a tough one but I'll say Mayra wins. Dad seems to have the wide receiver advantage, but Mayra's got the better plays at QB and RB. That might be the different in this matchup.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Week 7 Awards

Award time! Here we go

Wane McGarrity Stud of The Week
Chris Johnson (Hoosier Daddy)
Vincent Jackson was great but on a losing team, Drew Brees was amazing as well, but I'm gonna throw Chris Johnson a bone here, since everyone has been on his ass all year on how pathetic he's been. The past few weeks he has been pretty good (good enough for me to trade for him as a bye week fill in) and this past Sunday he showed flashes of why he was a top 10 pick. The scary thing is that his perforamnce of 195 and 2 scores could've been even better had Jamie Harper not vultured two 1 yard TD's. (Enjoy it Chris, you can easily fall back to the dud side next week).

Michael Wiley Dud of The Week
Dez Bryant (Richard Head)
That's Dez bobbling a sure fire TD that would've sent me to a 1-6 record...had he actually held on to the ball. After a career game against Baltimore last week, Dez fizzled out big time against a way shittier Carolina defense. 2 catches for 14 yards. In a matchup where Mike only lost by 2.5, this was definitely the worst performance of the week.

Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Play of The Week
Josh Freeman (Hoosier Daddy)
Ryan had Peyton Manning on bye and had no backup QB on his roster so he had to hit the wires and take a chance on Josh Freeman. It couldn't have worked out better. Over 400 yards passing and 3 TD's against a horrible Saints Defense. He's one of the reasons Ryan is now 5-2.

Tony Romo Bad Decision Award
Dad Benches Randall Cobb for Michael Crabtree
  Dad should just get rid of Michael Crabtree period. You play him, you lose, you don't you lose. This though was a mistake from an inexperienced fantasy football player. Nothing about Crabtree's matchup against Seattle screamed must start. Randall Cobb isn't the model of consistency, but his matchup was better, his QB is better, and with Greg Jennings out again he was bound to see more targets. Dad turned a double digit win into a 2.5 point loss with this move. 


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Week 7 Results: Is that a W by my name??

After 5 straight losses I FINALLY did something I haven't done since week 1......FUCKING WIN. It didn't come easy though..oh no, heaven forbid, in fact it's a bittersweet win, because my team played for the most part like absolute shit, I was very close to having under 40 points going into the afternoon games and definitely was in danger of losing yet again. Then Eli connected with Victor Cruz with a 77 yard TD (which was Eli's ONLY passing TD, in what was supposed to be a bonanza for him) and I double dipped. MJD then proceeded to get hurt and got a big 0 so I thought I had it in the bag. WRONG, Jeremy Kerley (yep) and Heath Miller (yep) proceeded to have big games that shouldn't have happened and I found myself down 12.5 points going into Monday night. But no worries right?? Matt Forte AND Megatron, together? Only 13 points combined to win. Shit, I  can get this wrapped up by the early 2nd quarter and still watch most of Raw. OF COURSE NOT. Nope instead, Forte was okish, but Calvin Johnson was SHUT DOWN by the Bears. He also dropped a couple easy ass passes, and I didn't take the lead until under 3 minutes left in the 4TH QUARTER. Unreal, with Calvin and Matt Forte, I barely win by 2.5 points. But hey a win's a win right? Here are the rest of this week's results.

Poseidon Angry (2-5)           92.5
Richard Head (3-4)              90

I covered the gist of this matchup. It shouldn't have been that hard to beat a team consisting of Jeremy Kerley, Heath Miller, Blair Walsh and the Browns D, but alas it was. Mike got great performances from Aaron Rodgers (no shock) Jeremy Kerley and Heath Miller (big shock). Steve Smith was decent too and even Steven Jackson found the end zone. The biggest disappointment had to be Dez Bryant, who came up so small in a big time favorable matchup. Only 2 catches for 14 yards. In a matchup decided by 2.5 points, that just cannot happen. Also a crushing blow was MJD getting hurt on the 2nd play of the game. He never returned and is already out for next weeks game. Despite ALL THAT, my guys decided to suck balls as well. Eli Manning was bla, with only 1 TD and 2 picks against a horrible Redskins secondary. Victor Cruz saved his day with that 77 yard TD, and was easily the best player on my team. Some people think the Thursday Night Curse isn't real. Well, I decided to drop David Akers solely on the reason that he played Thursday night. He got 7 points, my replacement Janikowski, got 15 points. I lose if I kept Akers. Ray Rice was non existent but most of that was because the Ravens were getting blown out by Houston. Forte was meh (96 yards), Reggie Wayne was his usual solid self (usually good for around 10 points) but Calvin Johnson was god awful. He dropped a gimmie catch at the beginning of the game and just couldn't get away from the Bears D. Didn't help that Stafford's been horrible as well. Here's a guy who scored TD's in bunches and is still stuck on 1 TD after 6 games. Of course he is, he's on my team. To say this was a huge win for me, is an understatement. If I lost, I was basically done, this buys me a little more wiggle room. I'll take on Drew next week in a very scary matchup, and Mike gets Kenny.

Game MVP

Victor Cruz (Poseidon Angry) 7 catches, 131 receiving yards, 1 TD, 22.5 points


Dez Bryant (Richard Head) 2 catches, 14 yards, 2 points (against Panthers)

Calvin Johnson (Poseidon Angry) 3 catches, 34 yards, 4.5 points

Ray Rice (Poseidon Angry) 42 rushing yards, 5 catches, 12 receiving yards, 7.5 points

Bit by the injury bug

Fred Davis (Poseidon Angry) 1 catch, 13 yards, 1.5 points (Achilles injury, out for season)

Maurice Jones-Drew (Richard Head) 6 rushing yards (foot injury in 1st quarter)

Typical Usual Greatness

Aaron Rodgers (Richard Head) 342 passing yards, 3 passing TD's, 25 points

Unsung Heroes

Jeremy Kerley (Richard Head) 7 receptions, 120 yards (career high) 15.5 points

Heath Miller (Richard Head) 6 receptions, 53 yards, 1 TD, 1 2 PT conversion, 16 points

Hoosier Daddy (5-2)             122.5
Breaking Bybee (3-4)             92.5

It's crazy but Ryan started the season 0-2 and has now reeled off 5 straight wins. His team doesn't look too intimidating on paper, but week after week he manages to get the job done and this week he gets the blowout of the week against Kenny. Now to be fair, Kenny was without LeSean McCoy, Jamaal Charles, and Roddy White which are huge losses. Ryan though, was without Peyton Manning and Reggie Bush, but his spot starting of Chris Johnson and Josh Freeman paid off big time. Chris Johnson was back to his old self, just tearing up the Bills to the tune of 195 yards and 2 scores (could've been 4, but Jamie Harper poached two of em). Josh Freeman shredded the Saints Defense for over 400 yards passing and three scores. Even Andre Roberts got into the act with over 100 and a score. Only Larry Fitzgerald was disappointing (29 yards on 4 catches). For Kenny, he got the typical ho hum RGIII 23 points performance and Miles Austin showed up with over 90 and a score. Outside of his kicker though, noone got double digits. Nobody outright sucked, they basically performed how you figured they would. Just a lot of average lackluster performances from the likes of Kenny Britt, Stevan Ridley

Game MVP

Chris Johnson (Hoosier Daddy) 195 rushing yards, 2 rushing TD's, 1 reception, 3 yards, 31.5 points

Bye Week Replacements sure played like Studs To Me

Josh Freeman (Hoosier Daddy) 420 yards, 3 passing TD's, 28 points

Andre Roberts (Hoosier Daddy) 7 receptions, 103 receiving yards, 1 TD, 19.5 points

At Least He Came Through For You

Robert Griffin III (Breaking Bybee) 258 passing yards, 2 passing TD's, 1 INT, 1 Fumble Loss, 89 rushing yards, 23 points

Not All Smiles

Larry Fitzgerald (Hoosier Daddy) 4 catches, 29 yards, 4 points

Dr. Wily's Robots (6-1)          99.50
Channel 4 News Team (3-4)  83.50

 Not Matt's best game by far, but still good enough to rebound from last week's narrow loss. Albert's team was thin due to byes and and injury to Jimmy Graham. No Graham, Willis McGahee, or Demaryius Thomas. Trent Richardson even got hurt again, so it was just too much for Albert to overcome. Tom Brady continues to be good but not great. You keep for that week that he goes off and it just hasn't happened. Only Lance Moore and Brandon Marshall bothered to show up. Kyle Rudolph had a giant 0. For Matt, benching Marshawn Lynch for Alfred Morris actually netted him half a point. This is as  close of a low scoring game you're gonna get from Matt and if Albert would've been a full strength the result might have been different. A.J. Green had a TD but only 8 yards receiving. Big Ben did not have to do much and only Arian Foster (surprise) was outstanding adding two more touchdowns. Matt actually has a tough matchup next week against Ryan. He'll be without Foster and A.J. Green. Albert plays Leland next week. 

Game MVP

Arian Foster (Dr. Wily's Robots) 98 rushing yards, 2 rushing TD's, 1 reception, 5 yards, 21.5 points

Can't Blame The Receivers

Brandon Marshall (Channel 4 News Team) 6 receptions, 81 yards, 1 TD, 17 points

Lance Moore (Channel 4 News Team) 9 receptions, 121 yards, 16.5 points

Where were you??

Trent Richardson (Channel 4 News Team) 8 rushing yards, 2 receptions, 11 receiving yards, 2 points (left game with injury)

Kyle Rudolph (Channel 4 News Team) 0 catches 0 points

Vernon Davis (Dr. Wily's Robots) 0 catches, 0 points

The Twin Killers (4-3)           119.00
The Bad Robofies (4-3)         116.50

 Sigh....Dad....dear ol' Dad. Why oh why do you do the things you do sometimes?? For every Rod Streater and Shonn Greene play, there's a Donnie Avery and Michael Crabtree play. This week, right before the Thursday night game Dad decided to switch Randall Cobb out for Michael Crabtree. He heard the announcers say Crabtree was due for a big game and so dad bought the line hook line and sinker and made the switch. It cost him the win this week. Crabtree had a quiet game while Randall Cobb scored 2 touchdowns on his way to 25 points. Dad lost by 2.5 points. Ironically Michael Crabtree has cost Dad two wins this season once for playing him and once for not. For Leland, Jordy Nelson continues to justify trading Victor Cruz, with a 22 points effort and Gronk finally snapped out of a funk to add two TD's of his own. Doug Martin had a solid day with 85 and a score. All Leland needed was 11 points from Cutler to seal the deal. He almost didn't even get that. There was a point in the game where Cutler got sacked pretty hard and it looked like he was in danger of missing the rest of the game. He came back and played and Cutler ended up with 13 points to help secure the narrow victory. For Dad, V-Jax continues to just be flat out amazing. 216 yards and a touchdown for 30.50 points. Dad gambled on Shonn Greene again and it paid off with another solid 17 point performance. Wes Welker was very disappointing with only 66 yards receiving. Though Newton's points look decent (16) he definitely isn't showing why he was a first round pick. He's definitely regressed as he doesn't get rushing nor passing touchdowns.  Heartbreaking loss for Dad, but he'll have to leave it in the past and get ready to face Mayra next week. Leland will face Albert next week.

Game MVP

Vincent Jackson (The Bad Robofies) 7 catches, 216 yards, 1 TD, 30.5 points (in losing effort)

Who Needs Salsa Dancing?

Jordy Nelson (The Twin Killers) 8 catches, 122 yards, 1 TD, 22 points

Gronk's Backkkkkk!

Rob Gronkowski (The Twin Killers) 6 catches, 78 yards, 2 TD's, 22 points

You can't play

Michael Crabtree (The Bad Robofies) 4 catches, 31 yards, 5 points

When you have

Randall Cobb (The Bad Robofies) 8 catches, 89 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's, 19 rushing yards, 25 points (on Dad's Bench)

You Could've Done More Too

Wes Welker (The Bad Robofies) 6 receptions, 66 yards, 9 points

Bigger Balls (4-3)            133.50
Chardee MacDennis (1-6) 120.00

Drew's slide just continues, as he remains the sole 1 win team left in the league. This time though he put up a hell of a score (3rd highest of the week) he just happened to play the team with the highest score. Another brilliant Drew Brees performance (377 yards and 4 scores) led the way for Mayra who's team was clicking on all cylinders, even without Ryan Mathews and Malcolm Floyd. Frank Gore started everything with his 20 point performance on Thursday and it was nothing but greatness from there. Colston scored yet another TD, Andre Johnson was good (9 for 86) and Owen Daniels scored another TD and is providing Mayra the TE stability that she wanted. The Texans came up big again with a 20 point performance. Teams sleeping on Mayra better watch it, she has the 2nd most points in the league, and has a deep enough team that so far byes have not affected her much. For Drew, Adrian Peterson finally went off (153 and a score) but overall although the total points don't show it, too many guys underperformed. Matt Stafford has got to do better than what he did (He got a garbage TD at the end of the game but sucked for the most part). Darren McFadden also has to make a bigger impact (only 50 yards rushing and 28 receiving). Aaron Hernandez was quiet, though Denarius Moore and Stevie Johnson provided some scoring punch (both scoring TD's). Minnesota's Defense was good for Drew too. Drew's a tricky team to play, because his team is way better than his record suggests. One of these weeks, it's all gonna click and though it might be too late for Drew, he'll still be able to play spoiler against someone. I play him next, and it's a must win for me and I'm scared shitless to play Drew. Mayra will be without her Texans when she faces Dad next week. 

Game MVP

Drew Brees (Bigger Balls) 377 passing yards, 4 passing TD's, 1 INT, 30 points

Still More Gore

Frank Gore (Bigger Balls) 131 rushing yards, 5 catches, 51 receiving yards, 20.5 points

All Hail Colston

Marques Colston (Bigger Balls)  7 catches, 73 yards, 1 TD, 16.5 points

Deep in the Heart of Texas
Houston Texans Defense (Bigger Balls) 13 points allowed, 4 sacks, 1 safety, 2 INT's, 1 Defensive TD, 20 points

The Return of AD

Adrian Peterson (Chardee MacDennis) 153 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 2 receptions, 6 receiving yards, 22 points

Gotta Play Better Than That

Darren McFadden (Chardee MacDennis) 53 rushing yards, 4 catches, 28 receiving yards, 9 points


Matthew Stafford (Chardee MacDennis) 261 passing yards, 1 Passing TD, 1 INT, 23 rushing yards, 15 points