Friday, October 30, 2015

Thursday Night Overview/Week 7 Awards

This is who's going to keep Drew as a viable contender for the Wane McGarity Bowl. Tom Brady has been pretty much as perfect as one can be this season as he's lead his Pats to a 7-0 record. "Angry Brady" as decimated every opponent he's faced and for Drew it's the perfect situation to be in. Barring injury, there will be no let down, Brady and the Pats are on a mission, and how they're playing, nobody's gonna get in their way. If they do indeed challenge for that perfect season, Drew won't have to worry about Brady resting. A highly motivated and highly competitive Tom Brady shouldn't just be scary in the real  NFL, but it should be scary for all the rest of us as well having to play Drew. Last night, Brady once again performed at an MVP level as he carved up the Dolphins for 350 passing yards and 4 scores. Lucky for Drew, minimal of it went to Danny Amendola, who Leland played against him. Gronk was a big time recipient of those yards though as he once again dominated with 113 yards and a score. Unfortunately for Albert, we've seen Gronk carry the scoring load before only for the rest of his to let down, so this performance doesn't guarantee anything, but it's a good start nonetheless. Mayra should be happy still got her 10 points as bad as the Dolphins played last night. Mark should be happy as well, because if not for a cheap 2 yard TD, Lamar Miller would've been a huge bust. Instead he put up near his projection with nearly 12 points. Brady wasn't the only guy Drew had going last night, as he used Rishard Matthews as well, who put up a decent 62 yards on 7 catches. Again, considering the way Miami played, it wasn't a bad performance. LeGarrette Blount didn't do much, 71 rushing yards, but he's my flex so I'm not too worried about it. For Kenny, couldn't ask for a worse start as not only did Jordan Cameron not do anything really (2 receptions for 34 yards), but Julian Edelman had two TD's and nearly 24 points to get Matt off to a great start. Again, the rest of Matt's team has to show up, but with both teams struggling, having the upper hand is vital for Matt's chances.  Onto the Week 7 Awards

Wane McGarity Stud Of The Week
Lamar Miller (Shock The Monkey)
Regardless of this week's performance, last week was all about Lamar Miller. What he did in ONE HALF was just amazingly absurd.  37 fantasy points in one half....just wow. He still scored this week and there's no doubt he'll be a big part of Mark's team for here on out.

Michael Wiley Dud Of The Week
Jimmy Graham (Winter Is Over)
One of the main reasons (along with Eddie Lacy) that Alex's team has been so disappointing. It's obvious he doesn't fit in Seattle's conservative offense. He alternates between good and horrible games. This week, was once again horrible. Another week of less than 5 points. The crappy thing, it's hard to bench him because of his "upside". It's just a big trap that's hard to get out of.

Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Award
Michael Floyd (Kumamon Express)
 No other way to put, I play Jordan Matthews (who all experts had ranked higher) I lose by like 3 points. Instead, I go with my gut (Ravens  D sucks, Floyd's coming around, #3 option in a high scoring offense) and Michael Floyd comes through big with a TD. I don't win without him. Another example of a managerial decision paying off.

Jay Cutler Bad Decision Award
Albert Plays an inactive Antonio Gates
No brainer here. 2nd straight week Albert plays an inactive player. Two weeks ago, he probably still would've lost as I doubt anyone on the waivers could've gotten him the points he needed to beat Drew. This past week though? He gave away a win. He only lost by less than a half a point. Anyone he plugs in gets him a win and saves his season. It's also not like Gates was a last second injury, there were reports all week he might not play. A bad move that might be looked back as the final nail in Albert's coffin if his team can't get it together.




Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Week 8 Matchup and Predictions

Gonna keep it short and sweet again.

Kumamon Express (7-0) vs
Shock The Monkey (4-3)

All Time Record
Series is tied 1-1

Predictions: I say I win. I've picked myself to win, I've picked against me to win, so it really doesn't matter. I know I'm due for a loss, but overall I like my chances to get win #8 here, though Mark does have a scary good team, with basically everyone firing on all cylinders. He doesn't have a 4 game winning streak for no reason. Should be a good matchup.

Rocket Man (6-1) vs
Hoosier Daddy (2-5)

All Time Record
Eugene leads series 2-0

Predictions: This is super tough. Eugene is on a roll, and he gets Aaron Rodgers back after a bye, Ryan's been scoring points but has just had horrible matchups facing teams that end up the highest scoring team for the week. I'm gonna go "upset" here (even though Yahoo has Ryan as the favorite) and say Ryan FINALLY wins here. He basically has to, to keep his season alive.

No Soup For You (4-3) vs
Sons Of The Harpy (3-4)

All Time Record
Leland Leads Series 3-2

Predictions: Man...another super tough matchup. Some good ones this week. So Drew has to shrug off the heartbreaking loss, while Leland, like Mark, is in the middle of a nice roll, winning his last 4. I think I'm gonna lean Leland here, the slight edge with the slightly better roster.

Woe Is Me (2-5) vs
Light's Broken Bots (2-5)

All Time Record
Matt leads series 6-0

Predictions: The loser is basically done for the season. Matt's never lost to Kenny. Even with Big Ben  coming back though, I think Kenny wins this week to keep his season on life support. That Christine Michael play is super risky..and if Dez is indeed coming back that will be huge for Kenny.

BigBadBob (3-4) vs
Winter Is Here (3-4)

All Time Record
Series is tied 1-1

Predictions: Both teams are struggling mightily and need a win as a confidence booster. Dad's team has suffered another blow as Vincent Jackson is more than likely out and might be out multiple weeks. Dad made a depth trade, trading away Randall Cobb,  as the only other receivers he had outside of Fitzgerald and Cobb were Roddy White and Victor Cruz. I haven't been a huge fan of Alex's team so far this year, but I think he gets a win here to get back to .500. For his sake, he really needs Eddie Lacy and Jimmy Graham to step back up, otherwise, even if he wins here, his season will look bleak.

Bigger Balls (4-3) vs
Channel 4 News Team (2-5)

All Time Record
Mayra leads series 4-1

Predictions: Well, Albert gifted Mark win #4 last week and now with TJ Yeldon on bye and Gates hurt, he'll have to face Mayra's team, which is scary as fuck. Mayra's team is too strong and with Big Ben back it'll do nothing but help Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell. Mayra takes this which would pretty much put a nail in the coffin in Albert's season.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Week 7 Results: Still Standing Strong

To say that last season was a nightmare is the understatement of the century. At this time last season, I was in the middle of a record 9 game losing streak and the owner of the lowest score ever in league history. I had already conceded that my season was over and decided to play for the upcoming season. I was hoping for redemption...but I never expected this. I don't even understand how I'm still undefeated. I COMPLETELY BUSTED on my 1st round pick, and though I had two 3rd's, I busted on one of those as well (Jordan Matthews), and then lost my starting QB in week 2 (Tony Romo). Yet here we are, still undefeated, at 7-0. I still don't fully by it, not because my team sucks, but because I really believe there are so many teams this season that are in the hunt, anyone can beat anyone on a given week. I keep thinking this is the week it all comes down, but the more I doubt my team, the more they prove me wrong. I just like that I'm playing for something and that every week still means something. Will I run the table? Probably not, but I sure as hell will enjoy the ride, and it's a hell of a lot better than losing that's for sure!

Kumamon Express (7-0)               114.10
Sons Of The Harpy (3-4)              106.60

Yeah....don't even ask how the hell I pulled this off. With Matt Forte on bye, and once again a slow start for the afternoon games, I really thought I was doomed. Matt Jones did nothing, and DeAndre Hopkins was disappointing, especially given the fact that the Texans were getting destroyed and had basically 3 quarters of garbage time, yet Hopkins couldn't even get to double digits. Meanwhile even though Julius Thomas was horrid (not even 1 point), Drew already had a great game from Allen Robinson and Rishard Matthews scored a 50 yard TD in the first quarter of the Dolphins game, plus Brady was being Brady (355 passing yards, 2 Passing TD's, and a rushing TD) so I thought I was beyond doomed. Then T.Y. Hilton scored back to back TD's (87 yards and 42 yards) to reel me back in. I thought I had a chance...even Latavius Murray scored a TD within minutes of the Raiders-Chargers game. Then my team went to SHIT. Eli was playing game manager and barely even managed 6 points, Murray was decent but Amari Cooper WENT OFF and outscored him as he had 133 yards and a score and Danny Woodhead wasn't getting jackshit as the Chargers were using Brandon Oliver more and just sucking. Suddenly it looked like it was finally happening, I was going to lose. In fact, I was so frustrated, I decided to reinsert Jordan Matthews in my lineup and take Michael Floyd out to "end the misery on Sunday Night". Then....the last two drives of the Chargers-Raiders happened. It was LITERALLY ALL WOODHEAD. He ended scoring two cheap TD's and all of a sudden..I was only down 14 with Greg Olsen and Jordan Matthews still to play. The sensible part of me came to my senses and I said to myself "no way am I gonna lean on Jordan Matthews to win, I'll go with Michael Floyd". Once again, VERY SMART MOVE. Greg Olsen was held to 65 yards and had I played Jordan Matthews I would've lost by like 3 points because he once again SUCKED. I was only needing 6 points to win and it alllllll was on Michael Floyd's shoulders. He's the Cardinals 3rd WR, could he get enough? His first catch was a 33 yarder and then towards the end of the half, he got a TD and the comeback was complete. Just wow, what a comeback win. For Drew, once again, that RB #2 spot is just killing him. Rashad Jennings was terrible, and Drew doesn't really have anyone worth a shit that's consistent there. Also Adrian Peterson really didn't do anything outside of a 75 yard run. He couldn't even eclipse 100 yards. Tough loss for Drew as he slides to 3-4, but he's still in good shape as far as the playoff hunt goes. As for me, I'll gladly take win #7 and hope to get #8 against Mark. Drew takes on Leland in what should be a tough and important matchup.

Game MVP
Danny Woodhead (Kumamon Express)
26 Rushing Yards, 11 receptions, 75 receiving yards, 2 Receiving TD's, 27.6 Points

No Soup For You (4-3)              121.44
Hoosier Daddy (2-5)                  108.62

After starting 0-3, Leland's been on a ROLL, winning his 4th straight in dominant fashion. I liked Leland's team before the season, and I still like it. Todd Gurley is paying off HUGE and Leland's gamble has rewarded him big time. Gurley had another outstanding game with 163 total yards and 2 TD's.  Gurley's legit and while redraft leagues will have Gurley as a top 5 pick no doubt, Leland gets the luxury of keeping him in ROUND 6. Smart move. Martavis Bryant has also paid off, as he added another TD. Calvin Johnson seems to be coming around as well, as he scored another TD and added 86 yards and Keenan Allen added a nice yardage game. LaDarius Green was good with a TD, and his role may expand if Antonio Gates misses more time. Leland wins despite poor games from Matt Ryan and DeMarco Murray. For Ryan...he's "that team". The one that's really good but always manages to play the highest scoring team. Andrew Luck looked shitty, but garbage time propelled him to 28 points. Devonta Freeman "only" scored 14 points this week. Mike Evans exploded with 164 yards and a TD, but unfortunately what's been hurting Ryan has been the rest of the receiving group. Golden Tate has been a bust, and with DeSean Jackson still out, Pierre Garcon just doesn't cut it. Justin Forsett also chipped in a TD, but it was too little too late. Ryan's not technically out of it, though he really needs to win this week to stay afloat. He takes on Eugene's red hot team next, while Leland has a tough matchup against Drew.

Game MVP
Todd Gurley (No Soup For You)
128 Rushing Yards, 2 Rushing TD's, 4 receptions, 35 receiving yards, 30.3 Points

Rocket Man (6-1)          119.14
Woe Is Me (2-5)               96.04

At the beginning of the season I would've guessed these records would've been switched (or in Eugene's case worse), but shit happens and Eugene just keeps winning. I made a mistake saying he would be without Aaron Rodgers and Julio Jones forgetting Eugene has JAMES Jones as well. It was James on the bye, but still no Aaron Rodgers? No problem. This team continues to pull together and amaze. Alex Smith was a "fantasy game manager", he did just enough. It was just a total team effort as everyone but Larry Donnell had at least 10 points lead by Mark Ingram and his 21.80. Even Chris Johnson had a throwback CJ2K game with 122 rushing yards and a score. Not bad for a spot start for the surprising inactive Dion Lewis. Michael Crabtree added a TD, and Julio Jones was...well Julio Jones with 92 yards and a score. For frustrating season gets worse and worse. First of all, he made a trade with me for Jeremy Maclin after it seemed like Maclin was cleared to play. He wasn't. Then as if this season couldn't get any worse, Arian Foster tore his Achilles in garbage time, thus ending his and quite possibly Kenny's season as well. So much hope and hype surrounding Kenny's team and it all went to shit. What hurts Kenny even more, is that he doesn't even have the points to compete for a tiebreaker. If the rumors are true, what a letdown in what could be Kenny's final season in our league. He's basically in must win mode the rest of the way, and he'll take an equally desperate team in Matt. One of those guys will be guaranteed to go 2-6 and basically put that final nail in their playoff coffin. Eugene takes on Ryan next, as he hopes his magical season continues.

Game MVP
Mark Ingram (Rocket Man)
143 Rushing Yards, 1 Rushing TD, 2 receptions, 5 receiving yards, 21.80 Points

Light's Broken Bots (2-5)          106.6
BigBadBob (3-4)                          70.98

Matt gets a much needed win here with his team on life support as Dad's team outside of Marshawn Lynch just didn't show up whatsoever. It wasn't even Edelman nor Odell Beckham who led the way, neither of those guys even got 10 points. Instead it was Jordan Reed, Stefon Diggs, and Ryan Fitzpatrick leading way, all of them scoring 20 or more points. Here's the optimistic twist for Matt. Diggs looks legit, and really strengthens that receiving core, and IF Jordan Reed CAN JUST STAY HEALTHY, he's a pretty dominant tight end. Also, Matt should be getting Roethlisberger back in Week 8, so there's some reason for Matt to not close the door shut just yet. For Dad, after a promising 3-0 start, he hasn't won since. His team is just under performing big time and I'm not even sure Randall Cobb is enough of a answer to rectify the situation. Dad takes on Alex and Dad really needs to get off this losing streak. Matt's got a do or die game against Kenny next week.

Game MVP
Jordan Reed (Light's Broken Robots)
11 receptions, 72 receiving yards, 2 receiving TDs, 24.70 Points

Shock The Monkey (4-3)             107.6
Channel 4 News Team (2-5)        107.34

Absurd. Albert doesn't learn his lesson and for a second straight week, he plays an inactive (this time Antonio Gates) and it seriously costs him a win and makes it even that much harder to make the playoffs with a 2-5 record. He plays ANYONE in that slot, he wins. Instead he plays a ragtag team (Mark had literally all his team on bye, Peyton, Emmanuel Sanders, Jeremy Hill, Alshon Jeffrey, and Ronnie Hillman) that had Josh McCown, Malcolm Floyd, and 3 COWBOYS and loses. Just wow. Mark survives a week he punted (which also bodes well for him as he won't have to worry about byes) thanks to Lamar Miller just going completely OFF in the first half of the Texans-Dolphins games with 175 rushing yards, 61 receiving yards, and two TD'S....IN ONE HALF. He could've had sooooo much more, but he basically sat out the 2nd half. 37.10 points..amazing, and this is the Lamar Miller that had all Fantasy Experts clamoring over. Speaking of throwback games, Darren McFadden looked like 2010 Raiders Darren McFadden with 152 rushing yards and a score. What a performance. Gary Barnidge had another 100 yard game, and Ted Ginn sealed the win with a nice game of his own. I like Mark's team as a darkhorse to win it all. If Lamar Miller plays like THIS....he's got a really solid team. Just like Leland, he started 0-3 only to reel off 4 straight wins. For Albert....just head scratching. A two time would think he'd check his roster to make sure Gates was active, especially since he had been a question mark all week. It cost him big time. He wasted away great performances from Philip Rivers (29 points, garbage time, but hey it counts) Gronk (22.3 Points) T.J. Yeldon (nearly 19 points) and Doug Martin (nearly 19 points as well).  Albert will try to salvage his season against Mayra..which will be difficult as hell, while if Mark wants to keep his winning streak going, he'll have to go through me.

Game MVP
Lamar Miller (Shock The Monkey)
175 Rushing Yards, 1 Rushing TD, 3 Receptions, 61 Receiving Yards, 1  Receiving TD, 37.10 Points (All in 1st half)
Bigger Balls (4-3)               100.28
Winter Is Over (3-4)              60.4

Not even going to gloss over Alex's team it was awful as he once again put's up a poor scoring effort. Mayra's just reminding everyone that yes..she's still around and at 4-3 she's back to being 3rd place with this decisive win. She reaped the benefits of that Dolphins blowout as Ryan Tannehill got her nearly 32 points, while she double dipped with Jarvis Landry who ended up with 2 TD's of his own and 23.3 points. Those two guys nearly beat Alex by themselves. Antonio Brown finally came back with 124 receiving yards, and Le'Veon Bell had 121 rushing yards himself. Don't sleep on Mayra's team. With Big Ben coming back, that'll help Antonio Brown out big time and there's no doubt despite the slow start, Mayra's still as big of a contender as ever. As far as Alex..just too many busts, and injuries to overcome. I don't see it getting much better. Alex will take on my Dad and they both need a win in the worst way possible. Mayra takes on Albert as she trying to build momentum to the playoffs.

Game MVP
Ryan Tannehill (Bigger Balls)
282 Passing Yards, 4 Passing TD's ,3 Rushing Yards, 31.58 Points



Friday, October 23, 2015

Week 6 Awards/Thursday Night Overview

Not really much to talk about last night. Game was boring as fuck. The only one who did anything relevant was Marshawn Lynch for Dad who had 122 rushing yards and a score. Dad needs that badly to help end his 3 game losing streak. Unfortunately for Mayra, Carlos Hyde continues to suck as he was held to 40 yards rushing but lucky for her, she's playing Alex and he's already wasted two plays in Anquan Boldin and Jimmy Graham, both were underwhelming. They didn't even combine for 10 points. Those were the only plays last night so onto the Week 6 Awards.

Wane McGarity Stud Of The Week
DeAndre Hopkins (Kumamon Express)
This guy has been unbelievable and he's the reason I survived a 30 point Devonta Freeman explosion by scoring 30 of his own. He damn near catches EVERYTHING, no matter what shitty QB is throwing to him. The #1 reason I'm 6-0.

Michael Wiley Dud Of The Week
Le'Veon Bell (Bigger Balls)
Plenty of candidates, Randall Cobb is dealing with a shoulder injury, Antonio Brown has zero chemistry with the Steelers QB's outside of Ben Roethlisberger, and there was also A.J. Green who was disappointing, but I'm going to give it to Bell, who surprisingly had a terrible game (for his lofty standards) against Arizona. ZERO catches and only 88 yards rushing. One of the main reasons Mark was able to upset Mayra.

Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Start
LeGarrette Blount (Kumamon Express)
I would've won anyway, but when my guys were SUCKING beyond belief in the 1st half of the early games, I felt like I needed to go with the potential home run pick in Blount who has a history of KILLING the Colts in the past. Initially, I had Danny Woodhead, but I switched it up before the 3 o'clock games and put Blount in my lineup. Woodhead was decentish with 9.6 points, but Blount came up HUGE, with 93 rushing yards, a rushing TD, and even a receiving TD (his first ever) to boot. It's moves like these that have helped me win 6 in a row.

Jay Cutler Bad Decision Award
Albert plays an inactive T.J. Yeldon
I feel like we've had more of this happen this season than in the past, but here is yet another example of committing the "cardinal sin" of playing an inactive player. Albert was basically toast after this, as he got a zero from his RB position. The fact the he only lost by around 10 points, proved he would've had a chance had he tried to spot start SOMEBODY here.





Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Week 7 Matchups and Predictions

Short and sweet again

Kumamon Express (6-0) vs
Sons Of The Harpy (3-3)

All Time Record: Drew leads series 3-2

Predictions: I think Drew wins. Not only am I beyond due for a loss, but I don't Matt Forte this week, and probably won't have Jeremy Maclin due to a concussion either. LaGerrette Blount has a tough matchup against the Jets. Definitely not feeling it this week. (I once again hope I'm wrong).

No Soup For You (3-3) vs
Hoosier Daddy (2-4)

All Time Record: Leland leads series 5-2

Predictions: I think Ryan wins. He's gotta come off this snide sometime. His roster is too good. Still no DeSean Jackson but Mike Evans comes back at least. Leland's got a hell of a team, but I think Ryan finally gets a much needed win here.

Rocket Man (5-1) vs
Woe Is Me (2-4)

All Time Record: Series is tied 1-1

Predictions: Kenny wins. No Julio or Aaron Rodgers for Eugene. This is Kenny's best shot at getting back in the thick of things. A loss here could possibly be the final nail in the coffin to Kenny's season.

BigBadBob (3-3) vs
Light's Broken Bots (1-5)

All Time Record: Dad leads series 5-0

Predictions: Dad wins. I'll give Dad the slight edge, though no Cobb makes it tough. Julian Edelmen has a tough matchup against the Jets, and Christine Michael is the ultimate lottery ticket. He could explode on to the scene...or do nothing. Until I see a consistent performance from Matt's team, I'll have to pick against him.

Shock The Monkey (3-3) vs
Channel 4 News Team (2-4)

All Time Record: Series is tied 1-1

Predictions: Mark wins. Even with all of Mark's team basically on bye, it's still in better shape than Albert's team. Albert's got A.J. Green on bye plus injuries up the ass. Just a mess of a team.

Bigger Balls (3-3) vs
Winter Is Over (3-3)

All Time Record: Mayra leads series 1-0

Predictions: Mayra wins. Even with Brown playing with out Big Ben, I think overall she has a better team than Alex. Mayra wins to get back over .500.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Week 6 Results

It's gonna be short and sweet folks. My new position at work is kicking my ass and I'm super beyond exhausted. There's no way I can take 1 hour or so to write a detailed recap. Just brief summaries on what happened in Week 6. It might be like this for a couple of weeks until I get adjusted. We'll see.

I (6-0) beat Ryan (2-4)- So I survived Devonta Freeman, because DeAndre Hopkins put up 30 points of his own. Another high scoring affair, as once again Ryan just ran into a buzzsaw against me this week. He's scoring great points, just playing the wrong team. His team is better than his record. Overall, another great overall performance from my team and a great last minute swap of LeGarrette Blount for Danny Woodhead really paid off. I know own the 2nd best start in league history.

Leland (3-3) beat Kenny (2-4)- Kenny's fall continues as that's 4 straight losses, while Leland's won 3 straight since starting 0-3. The thing is Kenny is just a game back from 3rd place, so though it looks bleak, it's far from being over or anything. Kenny just needs a fully healthy team. For Leland, he won without playing Martavis Bryant, who went off. Stashing Bryant and Gurley, might prove to be one of the smartest decisions in the league, as Leland really is trending up.

Eugene (5-1) beat Dad (3-3)- Yep, he just keeps winning. 2nd best record in the league, Eugene beat my Dad's team who's now lost 3 straight after starting 3-0. Next week will be a true test as Eugene will be without Julio Jones and Aaron Rodgers.

Alex (3-3) beat Matt (1-5)- Ouch the freefall continues for Matt as this is the 4th straight loss in a row. Matt's got little to fall back on, his roster is paper thin outside of Edelman and Beckham. I don't even think everyone beating each other up helps Matt's plight. For Alex, he put up some points as he's heavily relying on his old veterans Steve Smith and Brandon Marshall. Jimmy Graham woke up, but we've seen that happen before, only for him to revert back to getting little targets. Eddie Lacy sucking is a big concern, but at least he has James Starks as a fall back.

Drew (3-3) beat Albert (2-4)- Albert makes the cardinal sin of starting an inactive player (there seems to be a lot more of that going on this season) though I really don't think it would've mattered as I don't think there was much out there as far as RB's.

Mark (3-3) beat Mayra (3-3)- Mark's won his 3rd in a row also after starting 0-3 and impressively beat Mayra this week. Antonio Brown continues to suffer with Big Ben out and it's been hurting Mayra. This week Le'Veon Bell was quiet while Mark's team as a whole performed pretty well, putting up 115 points.

Pretty  Sure the Matchups and Predictions post will be just as short. Now...I must rest.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Thursday Night Overview/Week 5 Awards

Sometimes you just know you're due. When Devonta Freeman goes off for 31 points, there's just nothing you can do(of course it didn't help that the shitty ass Saints just totally gave up defensively when the game was basically over, letting Matt Ryan dump pass after pass to Freeman, then allowing him to just walk in for his 2nd TD, fuck you Saints). I'm due for my first loss, and what a way to start that than by having your chances dwindle before Sunday even begins. I'd love to win, but with a 31 point lead, along with Andrew Luck and probably Justin Forsett in tow, I'm pretty sure a loss looms on the horizon. That garbage the Falcons got, also helped Leland and screwed Kenny, as Matt Ryan didn't really have a great game outside of the garbage last couple of drives (he even fumbled on the last play of the game). The silver lining for Kenny though, is that Brandin Cooks continues to disappoint and only got 6 points for Leland. Eugene had Mark Ingram and Julio Jones going for him against Dad, and surprisingly Mark Ingram was the better of the two. His yardage sucked, but he managed to score two TD's and Julio Jones was "held to" 93 yards on 6 catches with no TD's. Kind of still disappointing considering how bad the Saints D had been. Dad spot started Roddy White and at first it seemed like White was primed for a MONSTER comeback game, when he scored a TD right away. Unfortunately that's all he did, but still as a bye week fill in, he exceeded expectations. Alex had his Saints guys going and though Brees was respectable (over 300 with a TD pass) C.J. Spiller was once again not. He's really not a startable running back as he doesn't nearly get enough work. Last but not least, Drew decided to take a chance on Willie Snead, and he wasn't great, but wasn't terrible either (55 yards, 4 receptions). He's still favored to beat Albert. Onto the Week 5 awards.

Wane McGarity Stud Of The Week
Doug Martin (Channel 4 News Team)
With Albert's season nearing impending doom, Doug Martin looked like the Doug Martin from Leland's championship team a few years ago. He absolutely KILLED the Jags and his 35 points helped Albert upset Ryan and keep his season alive.

Michael Wiley Dud Of The Week
Randall Cobb (BigBadBob)
When you lose by .14 points, you gotta get more than 3.80 from your best player on your roster. Cobb's worst game of the season, couldn't come at a worse time for Dad, who's also dealing with Marshawn Lynch injury problems. Cobb's performance help cost Dad a win.

No Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Award and Jay Cutler Bad Decision Awards (I'd give it to Alex, but he would've lost anyway had he replaced Eddie Royal in his lineup)


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Week 6 Matchups and Predictions

Well, it's literally anyone's game so far as basically outside of me and Eugene, and on the opposite side, Matt, the rest of league is either 3-2 or 2-3. Anyone can beat anyone on every given week. Most of us have solid teams that can compete with anyone. Let's get to this week's matchups and predictions.

Kumamon Express (5-0) vs
Hoosier Daddy (2-3)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Ryan leads series 3-2
Last Matchup: Ryan won 109-92 in Week 7 of the 2014 Season

Key Players

Kumamon Express: Eli Manning (Eagles) DeAndre Hopkins (Jaguars) Jeremy Maclin (Vikings) Matt Forte (Lions) Greg Olsen (Seahawks)

Hoosier Daddy: Andrew Luck (Patriots) Frank Gore (Patriots) Desean Jackson* (Jets) Devonta Freeman (Saints) Justin Forsett (49ers)

Wild Cards

Kumamon Express: Will Eli have his weapons? What happened to Jordan Matthews? Tough Matchup for Greg Olsen. Is Charcandrick West ready to step up?

Hoosier Daddy: DeSean Jackson and Justin Forsett's health. Tough matchup for Jackson and Garcon. Andrew Luck fully ready?

Yahoo Says: 109-97 (Showing a 0 for DeSean Jackson)
I Say: Ryan wins. I'm very much due for a loss and Ryan's record is deceiving. He scored the 3rd most points in the league last week, just faced the team who scored the most. I just have a feeling my luck will finally catch up with me and I'll get the dreaded 1st loss of the season. I'll have a shot if both Desean and Forsett don't play, if they do though, I have a feeling Ryan's taking this.

No Soup For You (2-3) vs
Woe Is Me (2-3)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Kenny leads series 5-2
Last Matchup: Kenny beat Leland 91-73 in Week 5 of the 2014 Season

Key Players

No Soup For You: Matt Ryan (Saints) Calvin Johnson (Bears) Keenan Allen (Packers) DeMarco Murray (Giants)

Woe Is Me: Russell Wilson (Panthers) T.Y. Hilton (Patriots) Arian Foster (Jaguars) Chris Ivory (Redskins)

Wild Cards

No Soup For You: No Gurley. Were the bounce back games for Murray and Cooks legit? Will Calvin Johnson finally show up?

Woe Is Me: Weak WR plays. Difficult matchup for Russell Wilson. Abdullah playing time?

Yahoo Says: Leland wins 100-90
I Say: Leland wins. Man Kenny's team looks AWFUL. Thanks to injuries, byes, and overall ineptness, Kenny's team has just been decimated. Even though Leland doesn't have Gurley this week, I still give him the edge with the better looking roster.

Rocket Man (4-1)  vs
BigBadBob (3-2)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Dad leads series 3-0
Last Matchup: Dad beat Eugene 88-86 in Week 5 of the 2014 season.

Key Players

Rocket Man: Aaron Rodgers (Chargers) James Jones (Chargers) Mark Ingram (Falcons) Dion Lewis (Colts) Julio Jones (Saints)

BigBadBob: Sam Bradford (Giants) Randall Cobb (Chargers) Larry Fitzgerald (Steelers) Marshawn Lynch (Panthers) Travis Kelce (Vikings)

Wild Cards

Rocket Man: Julio Jones ready to go?

BigBadBob: Randall Cobb bounce back? Marshawn Lynch's health. V-Jax Bye.

Yahoo Says: Eugene wins 105-97
I Say: Eugene wins. Can't believe once again, Eugene is the favorite to win, but here we are. Obviously if Julio ends up not playing, it'll be a huge blow, but if he's fine, Eugene's supporting cast has yet to let him down. They find a win, and I think they will yet again.

Winter Is Over (2-3)         vs
Dr. Light's Robots (1-4) 

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Alex Leads Series 1-0
Last Matchup: Alex beat Matt 103-63.5 in Week 5 of the 2014 Season

Key Players

Winter Is Over: Drew Brees (Falcons) Anquan Boldin (Ravens) Eddie Lacy (Chargers) Jimmy Graham (Panthers)

Dr. Light's Robots: Odell Beckham Jr* (Eagles) Julian Edleman (Colts)

Wild Cards

Honestly this whole matchup is a wild card. This could get ugly

Yahoo Says: Matt wins 83-73
I Say: Matt wins. Just what Dr. Light ordered. Matt's been crushed all season, but he might get a reprieve here against Alex's poor producing team. Alex will get Brandon Marshall back, but he really needs Eddie Lacy and co. to show up. Matt's team is just as bad, and there's even a chance Beckham doesn't play. I think he'll play, and Matt will win, but it'll probably be a low scoring affair.

Sons Of The Harpy (2-3)          vs
Channel 4 News Team (2-3)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Albert leads series 6-2
Last Matchup: Albert Beat Drew 98.5-87.5 in Week 3 of the 2014 Season

Key Players

Sons Of The Harpy: Tom Brady (Colts) Demaryius Thomas (Browns) Allen Robinson (Texans) Adrian Peterson (Chiefs)

Channel 4 News Team: Carson Palmer (Steelers) A.J. Green (Bills) Rob Gronkowski (Colts) Antonio Gates (Packers)

Wild Cards

Sons of The Harpy: RB#2 problems. Julius Thomas production. Demaryius 100%?

Channel 4 News Team: Sammy Watkins, T.J. Yeldon's health. Theo Riddick at RB #2.

Yahoo Says: Drew wins 105-95
I Say: Drew wins. Drew gets Peterson back, combine him with Brady and his trio of receivers and I think it's enough to get past Albert. He's a got a couple of nicked up guys, and I think it'll play a factor into this week's matchup.

Bigger Balls (3-2)                 vs
Shock The Monkey (2-3) 

Matchup Stats

All Time Record: Mayra leads series 3-0
Last Matchup: Mayra beat Mark 107-62.5 in Week 5 of the 2014 Season

Key Players

Bigger Balls: Andy Dalton (Bills) Antonio Brown (Cardinals) Jarvis Landry (Titans) Le'Veon Bell (Cardinals) Carlos Hyde (Ravens) Tyler Eifert (Bills)

Shock The Monkey: Peyton Manning (Browns) Emmanuel Sanders (Browns) Alshon Jeffrey* (Lions)

Wild Cards

Bigger Balls: Difficult matchups for Brown and Bell.

Shock The Monkey: Is Peyton really finished? Will Alshon Jeffrey finally play? A trio of disappointing RB's. Is Gary Barnidge the real deal?

Yahoo Says: Mayra wins 102-93
I Say: Mayra wins. Even with the difficult matchups for her top two guys, Mayra should still be able to beat Mark who's team is full of disappointment and injuries. Who knows what Jeremy Hill shows up, Lamar Miller never shows up, and apparently NOBODY wants the Broncos starting running back job. I think Mayra takes this easily.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week 5 Results: The Curse Is Real

It all started two years ago. Leland was coming off his Wane McGarity Bowl  Championship. Not only did he win, but he managed to secure the #1 overall pick for the next season's draft (before keepers). Things couldn't look better as there'd be no doubt Leland would once again be in contention for winning a 2nd straight title. Then he took C.J. Spiller....and it alllllll went downhill from there. Just bad luck though right? I didn't think nothing about it at the time. Who ended up winning the next season? Why..that would be me. Thanks to LeSean McCoy and Brandon Marshall, I was able to secure my first (and only so far) Wane McGarity Bowl Championship. The next year would be the introduction of keepers, so of course I'm going to keep the guys who got my the championship the year before. I mean it's LESEAN MCCOY!!! No brainer right? McCoy and Marshall not only busted beyond belief, but I had the worst fantasy football season ever, winning only 3 games and finishing dead last. Hmmm...could it be? But Albert, went unscathed when he won his titles (he back to back and then made a 3rd straight finals before losing to Leland)? Just chalk it up to horrible luck again. Then there's this year....Matt, coming off his improbable championship victory against Mayra and without sacrificing major draft picks, was looking to repeat by keeping Odell Beckham and Jamaal Charles. He even secured his championship QB, Ben Roethlisberger later in the draft. The band was back together. Unfortunately, Ben would get hurt in week 3, then this past Sunday, Jamaal Charles would tear his ACL, and Matt went from championship hopeful, to 1-4 and dead last in the standings. Now there's still plenty of season left, so it's never over until it's over, but really seems like the Fantasy Football Championship Curse IS REAL. I'm sure though, most would take the curse, if it meant winning the title. Here's the Week 5 results.

Kumamon Express (5-0)               118.44
Woe Is Me (2-3)                              68.02

Well, color me surprised that this was such a blowout. This is uncharted territory for me, as I'd never been better than 3-0 to start a season. I'm now tied with Mark with 2nd best start in league history (not gonna ever beat Mayra though). After the Hopkins vs Foster/Hilton play, I was getting IRATE with my guys in the early games. Seemed like none of them were doing shit. Luckily, Matt Forte got a game winning TD and really that was all I needed as Kenny's team just once again didn't show up. There's nobody even really to talk about as Ameer Abdullah and Latavius Murray got benched, and Kenny's WR group is just horrible. Russell Wilson is big time frustrating. Kenny's best player is hurt, and his 2nd best player is injury prone. Just hasn't been his season at all, after high expectations yet again. Kenny hasn't broken 100 points this season, and after his 97 point week 1, hasn't even scored 80 points in any week sense. For me, I feel like the score is deceiving, because my guys really didn't do much outside of Forte, Hopkins, and Eli Manning. Man Eli's been huge while Romo's been out. Eli sealed my win with a 441 yard, 3 TD performance. I feel like I'm due for a letdown any day now and it could very well happen against Ryan. The only good thing is, though Kenny is 11th via points, almost every team in the league is 3-2 and 2-3, so he's not out of the playoff race whatsoever. Kenny will take on Leland next week.

Game MVP
Eli Manning (Kumamon Express)
441 Passing Yards, 3 Passing TD's, 1 INT, 11 Rushing Yards, 32.24 Points

No Soup For You (2-3)          95.56
BigBadBob (3-2)                    95.42

Ouch.....definitely the lowest margin of victory in league history as Leland wins b .14th of a point in this grueling matchup. Dad was only up a little over 8 points going in to Monday Night and Leland had Keenan Allen. Allen took his sweet time getting his points and even when he was unimpressive, but just enough. He did this despite mediocre play from most of his team (Matt Ryan was AWFUL and Calvin Johnson continues to be hampered by bad QB play). The guys that did stand out though were HUGE. Todd looks real sharp with 159 rushing yards. DeMarco Murray FINALLY woke up with 120 total yards and as score. Allen Hurns of all people (not Calvin nor Keenan Allen) led all receivers on Leland's team with 116 yards and a score. For Dad, Thomas Rawls screwed him over against me, but this week he a beast with 169 yards and a score. At least Dad knows, if Lynch is out again, he can count of Rawls for production. For most of the game, it looked like Andre Ellington was a horrible play (David Johnson had already scored two goal line TD's, and Chris Johnson was eating up yards). He got a late 63 yard TD to salvage his day. Larry Fitzgerald continued his revival with 58 and a score and Sam Bradford was a nice spot start with Cam on by with 333 Passing Yards, and two Td's (unfortunately through 2 INT in the endzone as well). What hurt dad was Randall Cobb, V Jax and Travis Kelce. They combined for only 12.7 points. Cobb's been quiet the past two games, which has been really disappointing for Dad. The win was huge for Leland, as a 1-4 start would nearly cripple his playoff chances. He'll try to get to .500 when he plays Kenny next week, while Dad has to shake off the loss and play Leland's brother Eugene, who continues his amazing run at a playoff berth. 

Game MVP
DeMarco Murray (No Soup For You)
83 Rushing Yards, 1 Rushing TD, 7 Receptions, 37 Receiving Yards, 21.5 Points

Rocket Man (4-1)              102.64
Dr. Light's Robots (1-4)      86.56

He just keeps winning. Eugene's Draft Day Projection according to Yahoo was a 3-10 season. He's 4-1, in position for a bye, the 2nd highest scoring team after 5 weeks, and just 1 game behind being 1st place. Words cannot even begin to describe this run he's making. We discussed Matt's loss of Jamaal Charles, which was not only a huge blow for this week, but Matt's season as well. Matt had a horrible start with that Moncrief start, and you can tell that Matt's going to be super thin at RB with Charles gone. Alfred Morris and Jonathan Stewart are just not going to do it. Tyrod Taylor had a great game for Matt (almost 24 points) but HE got hurt too and will miss multiple weeks. Marcus Mariota time for Matt. Matt's top receivers got the job done, as Odell Beckham Jr had 121 and a score and Julian Edelman had 120 and a score. Unfortunately Beckham GOT HURT TOO, though it didn't seem too serious as he finished the game. Just bad luck for Matt. For Eugene, he does it again without super strong games from Julio Jones and Aaron Rodgers. Dion Lewis has been the steal of the draft so far as had 19.3 points. Again, the supporting players are getting the job done. John Brown, James Jones added TD's. This was with Mark Ingram scoring below 10 points and Jason Witten not even scoring 4. Eugene will probably be the favorite (as long as  Julio Jones plays) against Dad next week, while Matt gets a much needed matchup with a team who's struggling worse than his in Alex.

Game MVP
Dion Lewis (Rocket Man)
34 Rushing Yards, 8 Receptions, 59 Receiving Yards, 1 Receiving TD, 19.3 Points

Channel 4 News Team (2-3)            129.94
Hoosier Daddy (2-3)                         118.00

Sucks for Ryan, who scored the 3rd most points in the league this week, but played the team who scored the most. It really looked like Ryan was on his way to a 3rd victory, but Antonio Gates came through HUGE for Albert with 92 Receiving Yards and 2 TD's to complete the comeback from behind win. Surprisingly, A.J. Green and Gronk were relatively quiet and it was DOUG MARTIN of all people that led his team in scoring with 3 total TD's and a 158 total yards. He had 35.3 points which brought back memories of Martin's rookie year. Carson Palmer didn't play the whole game in the blowout against the Lions but still managed 3 Passing TD's. Travis Benjamin had a solid yardage game, and T.J. Yeldon had his first TD as well. For Ryan, the loss sucks, but if there's any doubt that Devonta Freeman isn't for real....yeah...he definitely is. He almost had yet another 30 point game with 197 total yards and a score. Joe Flacco was also an excellent spot start as he had 2 Rushing TD's, a Passing TD and 210 yards. Justin Forsett once again came alive with 170 total yards and a score, though he did tweak his ankle. I don't think it's serious though. The one weakness Ryan does have and has had all season is his WR's. Golden Tate was the best one, but even he didn't do that much with 74 yards and a fumble. That Mike Evans pick is looking like a bust more and more every week. The good thing for Ryan though, is that he should have Andrew Luck back next week, and if his trio of RB's keep performing at a high level, he did score enough points to beat most of the teams in the league this week. He'll take on me and try to be the one to take me down. Albert takes on Drew next week.

Game MVP
Doug Martin (Channel 4 News Team)
123 Rushing Yards, 2 Rushing TD's, 35 Receiving Yards, 1 Receiving TD, 35.3 Points

Bigger Balls (3-2)              106.44
Sons Of The Harpy (2-3)    86.50

For a little while this looked like Drew was in control, but once again Le'Veon Bell to the rescue. 127 total yards and a game winning TD as time expired not only helped Bell's real life team get a win, but Mayra's fantasy one as well. Antonio Brown continues to struggle with Roethlisberger out. He started out strong with a huge catch, but did relatively nothing after that. How about that dual Bengals play of Andy Dalton and Tyler Eifert? Those two combined for a little more than half of Mayra's point and helped overcome bad games from Leonard Hankerson, Cole Beasley, Brown, and Charles Clay. Carlos Hyde also had a good game with 93 yards and a score. You can tell Adrian Peterson was out of the lineup as Drew's running backs were TERRIBLE. Boobie Dixon, Rashad Jennings, and on his bench Isiah Crowell just aren't going to get the job done whatsoever. Brady was Brady with 275 passing yards, 2 Passing TD's and a Rushing Score and Allen Robinson was great with 72 yards and two TD's. Shockingly it was Amari Cooper and Demaryius Thomas who disappeared as they combined for only 14.90 points. Drew also keeps playing TE Carousel and that hasn't worked out great. For Drew's sake, he better hope Julius Thomas gets back in the groove. Drew will get Peterson back and take on Albert next week, while Mayra gets Mark.

Game MVP
Andy Dalton (Bigger Balls)
331 Passing Yards, 2 Passing TD's, 1 INT, 18 Rushing Yards, 1 Rushing TD, 29.54 Points

Shock The Monkey (2-3)      72.84
Winter Is Over (2-3)             59.40

I'm not spending much time on this atrocious matchup. Mark just sucked less than Alex. Alex was doomed from the get go playing an inactive Eddie Royal. Anquan Boldin showed up but that's it. Eddie Lacy continues to suck, Jimmy Graham isn't getting used properly, Drew Brees is an above average fantasy QB, Marques Colston is old, and C.J. Spiller is terrible (besides his fluky 80 yard TD). It's not too much better for Mark as Alshon Jeffrey missed yet another game, and Peyton Manning continues to look 100% finished. The only bright spot was Gary Barnidge who had 139 yards and a score (which was one of the BEST catches of the year). Mark takes on Mayra next week, while Alex takes on Matt.

Game MVP
Gary Barnidge (Shock The Monkey)
8 Receptions, 139 Receiving Yards, 1 Receiving TD, 23.90 Points

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Thursday Night Overview/Week 4 Awards

Well, Thursday Night's game between the Colts and Texans was a lot more entertaining than I thought it would be. With the crappy QB play on Houston's side, and Andrew Luck not playing for a 2nd straight week, I expected a low scoring, slow paced, run-based kind of game. Instead, we got a semi shootout that included a Texans hail mary TD at the end of the 1st half. We saw at least for one week, Andre Johnson, rise from the ashes, and produce like the Andre Johnson of old (against his old team, naturally). Albert didn't start him (and rightfully so, as Johnson has been beyond awful), but it's nice to know he's still capable of games like that (77 yards and 2 TD's) just in case Albert gets in a bye week pinch. As for guys who actually played, Frank Gore had another terrific game (98 and a TD) and is finally looking like the guy Ryan drafted in the 3rd round. I'm telling you, Ryan's got a legit chance to turn his season around if all his guys start coming around, he's got the talent to do it.  Not all was rosey on the Colts side though. Donte Moncrief was held to one catch for 3 yards. .8 points for Moncrief...not at ALL the start Matt wanted from his struggling team. The main thing of course I was looking at, was how Kenny's top guns Arian Foster and T.Y. Hilton would perform. I also had DeAndre Hopkins going in the same game. Knowing that Luck was out again, I was hoping it would slow down Hilton. Things were looking reallllllly good for me going into the 2nd half of the game as Arian Foster had looked like he was done for the day with a concussion, and Hilton was shut down pretty much. Foster ended up being fine, and Kenny survived a huge scare and thanks to a last second 43 yard catch from Hilton, both guys basically met their projections. Foster may not have scored or had a huge game rushing wise, but because he's so heavily involved in the passing game, his 77 yards on 9 catches more than made up for the less than 50 rush yards. I was pretty bummed about that, as I wanted to go into the weekend with a commanding lead, but at least they didn't go totally off. My guy Hopkins though? Dude is a BEAST. Yet another 20 point performance (without scoring a TD) as he went for 11 receptions and 169 yards. If only the TD's were there, he'd be hands down the #1 receiver in Fantasy, but still I'll take 22 point games any week. All in all good start in my quest to stay undefeated. Here are the Week 4 Awards.

Wane McGarity Stud Of The Week
Devonta Freeman (Hoosier Daddy)
Freeman's HUGE game, helped Ryan beat Mayra by five points and gave Mayra something nobody could give her last season, a second loss.

Michael Wiley Dud Of The Week
Jimmy Graham (Winter Is Over)
How deflating, as Alex had made the most miraculous comeback you can make, when the previous night the OT Brees to Spiller 80 yard TD brought him all the way back from being a blowout casualty to being nearly tied. All it was going to take was for Jimmy Graham to outscore Doug Baldwin to win....and it didn't happen. Jimmy Graham was once again non-existent in the game against the Lions and only had 4 catches for 29 yards. To add insult to injury,  Doug Baldwin scored a TD...basically rendering the previous night's heroics worthless.  

Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Start
Gary Barnidge (Shock The Monkey)
Ah Drew bitterly named him..."Gary Barnfuck". Here's one of the reasons Mark was able to upset Drew and get his 1st win thus saving his season for the time being. People thought Barnidge's performance two weeks ago was a fluke, but it proved not to be as he had 75 yards and a TD. Mark had enough faith to plug him in, and he was rewarded for it.

Nothing stands out for a Jay Cutler Bad Decision Of The Week.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Week 5 Matchups and Predictions

In contrast to last season, it seems like this season is way more competitive. Any given week any team can lose. It's going to make for an exciting race to the playoffs. Here are this week's Matchups and Predictions.

Kumamon Express (4-0)   vs
Woe Is Me (2-2)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Kenny leads 6-4
Last Matchup: Kenny beat me 80.5-61.5 in the Quarterfinal of the 2014 Michael Wiley Loser Bowl

Key Players

Kumamon Express: Eli Manning (49ers) DeAndre Hopkins (Colts) Jordan Matthews (Saints) Jeremy Maclin (Bears) Matt Forte (Chiefs)

Woe Is Me: Russell Wilson (Bengals) T.Y. Hilton (Texans) Arian Foster (Colts) Latavius Murray (Broncos)

Wild Cards

Kumamon Express: Olsen on Bye, Richard Rodgers TE Play. Blount at Flex

Woe Is Me: Tough Matchups for Russell Wilson and Latavius Murray. Kenny's inconsistent play from players in general. Full Workload for Foster? Fleener TE Spot start.

Yahoo Says: I win 99-93
I Say: I win. Ah, the good ol storied rivalry of me and Kenny. Last year we entered the season with our series tied, but Kenny took both matchups last year to take the 6-4 lead. I still have the most important win of the series though, beating Kenny for the Championship in 2013. Kenny's team has underperformed all season and though his team does scare me as guys like Torrey Smith CAN go off, it's just hard to predict. I'm actually going into this matchup confident. If somehow I can survive Foster/Hilton tomorrow night (his two best guys) I'll feel even better. I give myself the edge here.

BigBadBob (3-1)            vs
No Soup For You (1-3) 

Matchup Stats

All Time Record: Series is tied 2-2
Last Matchup: Leland beat Dad 115.5-97 in Week 4 of the 2014 Season

Key Players

BigBadBob: Randall Cobb (Rams) Larry Fitzgerald (Lions) Vincent Jackson (Jaguars) Travis Kelce (Bears) Marshawn Lynch* (Bengals)

No Soup For You: Matt Ryan (Redskins) Calvin Johnson (Cardinals) Keenan Allen (Steelers) Todd Gurley (Packers) DeMarco Murray (Saints)

Wild Cards

BigBadBob: No Cam this week, Stafford starting. Ellington workload after injury. Gio timeshare with Jeremy Hill. Marshawn Lynch's availability

No Soup For You: The return of Martavis Bryant. Will DeMarco Murray finally show up? Tough matchup for Calvin

Yahoo Says: Leland wins 104-100
I Say: Leland wins. Marshawn Lynch's health plays a big part in this. I also don't like the fact Dad has to roll with Matthew Stafford who has yet another rough matchup this week. For Leland, this could be a great opportunity to get back in the thick of things. If Martavis Bryant makes an impact, him along with that receiving core, Matt Ryan and Todd Gurley will be  a force to be reckon with. Ellington is a huge question mark too, so I just give the edge to Leland for having a somewhat more healthier team.

Rocket Man (3-1)              vs
Dr. Light's Robots (1-3) 

Matchup Stats

All Time Record: Matt leads series 2-1
Last Matchup: Matt beat Eugene 109.5-104.5 in Week 8 of the 2014 Season

Key Players

Rocket Man: Aaron Rodgers (Rams) Julio Jones (Redskins) Mark Ingram (Eagles) Dion Lewis (Cowboys) Jason Witten (Patriots)

Dr. Light's Robots: Odell Beckham Jr. (49ers) Donte Moncrief (Texans) Julian Edleman (Cowboys) Jamaal Charles (Bears)

Wild Cards

Rocket Man: Can Supporting Cast keep the strong play going?

Dr. Light's Robots: Mariota/Tyrod QB play. Jordan Reed out, Derek Carrier in. is Alf done? Harvin Play

Yahoo Says: Matt wins 106.82-106.73
I Say: Eugene wins. Well...NOBODY is circling the week they play Eugene anymore...he's a legit player this year, and that was cemented last week when both Julio Jones and Aaron Rodgers were average and Eugene STILL won. This is basically a pick em game, but I'm actually going to take Eugene here. It's more of a must win for Matt as a loss would drop him to 1-4, I'm just not sure the QB play along with question marks at RB #2, Flex and TE is going to be enough to counter Eugene. It should be close though.

Hoosier Daddy (2-2)                vs
Channel 4 News Team (1-3)

Matchup Stats

All Time Record: Albert leads series 8-5
Last Matchup: Albert beat Ryan 108.5-77.5 in Week 12 of the 2014 Season

Key Players

Hoosier Daddy: Andrew Luck* (Texans) Golden Tate (Cardinals) Mike Evans (Jaguars) Frank Gore (Texans) Devonta Freeman (Redskins) Justin Forsett (Browns)

Channel 4 News Team: Carson Palmer (Lions) A.J. Green (Seahawks) Doug Martin (Jaguars) Rob Gronkowski (Cowboys)

Wild Cards

Hoosier Daddy: Luck's health. Can Tate/Evans get it going. Freeman the real deal?

Channel 4 News Team: Tough matchup for A.J. Green. Weak looking lineup outside Green/Gronk

Yahoo Says: Ryan wins 108-96
I Say: Ryan wins. This is HUGE game for Ryan, as after a horrific start he can go over .500 and this is the perfect opponent to be playing as Albert's lineup has been decimated by underperformers and injuries. He does get Gronk back at least, but A.J. Green has to face Seattle, and I just don't think he has enough firepower to go against Ryan this week.

Sons Of The Harpy (2-2) vs
Bigger Balls (2-2)

Matchup Stats

All Time Record: Mayra leads series 3-1
Last Matchup: Mayra beat Drew 126.5-98.5 in Week 6 of the 2014 Season

Key Players

Sons Of The Harpy: Tom Brady (Cowboys) Demaryius Thomas (Raiders) Amari Cooper (Broncos)

Bigger Balls: Antonio Brown (Chargers) Le'Veon Bell (Chargers) Carlos Hyde (Giants)

Wild Cards

Sons Of The Harpy: No Peterson, lackluster RB plays. Who's the TE? Difficult matchup of Cooper

Bigger Balls: Difficult matchup for Dalton. No Landry/Mike Wallace. What happened to Carlos Hyde? How good will Antonio Brown be without Big Ben?

Yahoo Says: Mayra wins 93-89 (With Drew not having a TE in his lineup)
I Say: Mayra wins. Man this is tough..bye weeks hurt both teams and it's crazy to think that one of these teams is guaranteed to go under .500 at the end of the week. I give Mayra the slight edge, but this is the ultimate coin flip game. Getting Brady back is great for Drew, but losing Peterson to a bye when his RB situation is already weak is just going to be hard to overcome.

Winter Is Over (2-2)          vs
Shock The Monkey (1-3) 

Matchup Stats

All Time Record: Alex leads series 1-0
Last Matchup: Alex beat Mark 142-93.5

Key Players

Winter Is Over: Drew Brees (Eagles) Eddie Lacy (Rams) Jimmy Graham (Bengals)

Shock The Monkey: Peyton Manning (Raiders) Emmanuel Sanders (Raiders) Alshon Jeffrey* (Chiefs) Jeremy Hill (Seahawks)

Wild Cards

Winter Is Over: No Steve Smith (injured) Brandon Marshall (Bye). Which Jimmy Graham will show up? Rest of lineup big question mark when it comes to production.

Shock The Monkey: Will Jeffrey play? Is Jeremy Hill really back? Is Gary Barnidge really having a breakout season? Joseph Randle's role. Is Hillman Denver's lead back?

Yahoo Says: Mark wins 93-83
I Say: Mark wins. Perfect storm for Mark to get win #2 and establish himself as a contender again. Alex's team just doesn't look good on paper this week, and though Mark has just as many questions on his team, I think he has the better lineup and will get his 2nd victory.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week 4 Results: Redemption it's too early in the season to act like I've won any sort of championship, but regardless after the horrific season from hell I had last year, which was by far not only the worst season I've had in the Wane McGarity Bowl, but the worst season I've had in any sport period, being 4-0 and the last undefeated team standing feels pretty damn good. I don't know how I've done it. I busted beyond belief on my 1st round pick, and my QB (Tony Romo) went down in Week 2, but here I am..after 4 weeks, in sole position of first place. I didn't win 4 games all year last season. For at least a week, I've reclamied the coveted top spot that I haven't seen since two seasons ago when I won it all. If you know me or have read the blog consistently, you know I'm a super pessimistic guy (that's an understatement) so believe me when I say that I'm just waiting for the bubble to burst, and it could come as early as next week against Kenny. For this moment though, I will enjoy it. After a year of playing meaningless football, it feels good to be in the mix and in the "playoff hunt" again. Onto the week 4 results.

Kumamon Express (4-0)                 111.38
BigBadBob (3-1)                               98.96

This was definitely not easy and it helped me out that Marshawn Lynch sat out Monday night, but in the battle of the undefeateds (as my Dad put it, "The Battle Of The Bridges" just for clarification, Puente means Bridge in Spanish) I pulled off the win to stand alone on top of the league. This was Dad's first game under 100 points, and basically what did Dad in was his big guns didn't really show up. That and fumbles. I think  Dad had 4 fumbles this week, so there's 8 points right there. Randall Cobb didn't even get to 7 points, Travis Kelce was held to 5.4, and Larry Fitzgerald almost had 100 yards receiving, but a fumble knocked him down to 11 points. Cam had an OK game, David Johnson chipped in a TD and Gio Bernard added a TD. It was Vincent Jackson who led my dad in scoring with 10 catches for 147 receiving yards and a TD. Just wasn't enough and Monday showed that Thomas Rawls is no Marshawn Lynch as he was held 48 yards rushing. For me, it was really a team effort. Jeremy Maclin and DeAndre Hopkins both got nice yardage games (148 and 157 respectively) while Forte and Danny Woodhead had good total yardage games as well scoring nearly 16 points a piece. Eli threw 3 TD's passes and despite ZERO TD's from anyone outside my QB, and Greg Olsen and "that other running back I used" sucking, I still scored the most points of the week. It was a big win, but now I gotta focus on Kenny this week, while Dad takes on Leland.

Game MVP
DeAndre Hopkins (Kumamon Express)
9 Receptions, 157 Receiving Yards, 20.20 Points


No Soup For You (1-3)              100.64
Dr. Light's Robots (1-3)                65.26

Man not only was this is shocker, but it was the blowout of the week. Leland's team had been winless, and although I knew Matt's team wouldn't be as explosive without Big Ben, I still thought he would handle Leland with ease. Instead, he's a dangerous position at 1-3. Something to keep in mind, though yes the season is early. The last two champions who have won didn't make the playoffs the next season (Leland and Yours Truly).None of Matt's guys showed up outside of Jamaal Charles (145 total yards). For Leland, despite a couple plays under 2 points, it was ALLEN HURNS of all people who led the way with 11 catches for 116 and a score. Martellus Bennett also chipped in 11 catches for 83 and a score and Todd Gurley showed why Leland felt it was worth stashing him for the first part of the season as he exploded on the scene with 146 rushing yards (could've been more plus a TD, but due to icing the game, Gurley simply fell to the ground to run the clock out). It's been a disappointing season for Leland but maybe getting this first win can get his team going. He'll take on Dad next week, while Matt's got a super tough challenge in Eugene.

Game MVP
Allen Hurns (No Soup For You)
11 Receptions, 116 Receiving Yards, 1 Receiving TD, 23.10 Points

Rocket Man (3-1)              91.36
Winter Is Over (2-2)         85.76

This matchup was INSANE. Eugene continues his miraculous run as he narrowly edges out Alex in a matchup that had so many twists and turns. Alex was already down a Steve Smith play and was on the verge of getting totally destroyed as none of his guys outside of Brandon Marshall (7 receptions for 128 yards) had done anything and up until the 4th quarter of the Saints-Cowboys, Brees and C.J. Spiller weren't that great either (especially Spiller). Well, it looked like Eugene would end up with a gigantic lead and still have Doug Baldwin to go when all the Saints had to do was make a 30 yard field goal to beat the Cowboys. They missed....they got the ball and before you know C.J. SPILLER GETS AN 80 YARD TD WHICH WAS A PASS FROM DREW BREES. IT WAS THE ULTIMATE DOUBLE DIP FOR ALEX. He had new life now as he basically tied the game and it was Jimmy Graham vs Doug Baldwin for the win on Monday Night. Alex had to be the favorite as he had Graham, but it was once again a frustrating night for Graham who didn't even have 5 points. Doug Baldwin got a TD, Eugene escapes with win #3. So close for Alex. Because of game flow, Julio Jones and Aaron Rodgers both had modest games, while Mark Ingram led all non QB players with almost 16 points. Not Eugene's best effort, but it was enough to get that W in the continuation of an improbable season. He actually has a favorable matchup against Matt next week, while Alex will try to shake off that loss and rebound against Mark next week.

Game MVP
Aaron Rodgers (Rocket Man)
224 Passing Yards, 1 Passing TD, 33 Rushing Yards, 17.26 Points

Channel 4 News Team (1-3)       85.08
Woe Is Me (2-2)                           77.78

Kenny's less than stellar season continues, as once again he has a mediocre scoring game but unlike the first two weeks, there was no miracle to be had as Albert gets his first win. Neither team were particularly impressive as Albert won with a 0 from Andre Johnson is his lineup. Doug Martin was actually a beast with 106 rushing yards, 37 receiving yards, and a TD. Outside of that though, no one else really to write home about, for Kenny it was a great Sunday Morning start from Chris Ivory. He had 166 yards and a rushing score in the game in London, but it was all downhill from there. Arian Foster was back, but he fumbled and because it was a Falcons blowout and the Texans play Thursday, he sat most of the game. Just another disappointing performance from Kenny's squad who's just trying to stay afloat until Dez comes back. Kenny had an outside shot of winning as he had Russell Wilson left, and though Wilson had a quick start, he needed 25 points from him to win, and two fumbles from Wilson basically took any chance of that happening. So Albert gets win number 1 and he'll hope to build on that next week against Ryan's suddenly rejuvenated team. Kenny will try to play spoiler against me next week and stop my undefeated streak.

Game MVP
Doug Martin (Channel 4 News Team)
106 Rushing Yards, 1 Rushing TD, 37 Receiving Yards, 22.80 Points

Hoosier Daddy (2-2)             108.88
Bigger Balls (2-2)                  103.44

Another shocking outcome in a series of them this week. Mayra couldn't have asked for a bigger break when it came out Sunday morning that Andrew Luck wouldn't play. Ryan had to scramble and roll with Jameis Winston and how he managed nearly 17 points is beyond me as Winston threw 4 PICKS. You'd think with that, Mayra would have it easy but nope. Wanna know the favorite for Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Start? Ryan decided to play Devonta Freeman over Melvin Gordon. It worked out wonderfully as Freeman was JUST PLAIN DOMINANT with 149 total yards and 3 TD's in only 3 quarters of work. He had 35.40 points. If Freeman is really legit, this is great news for Ryan and breathes new life into his team. Pierre Garcon was really the only other player who did anything of note with 55 and a score. For Mayra, she still put up over 100 points and Andy Dalton got her nearly 20 points (looks like we have a QB controversy for Mayra's squad with Dalton and Tannehill) and Mike Wallace actually showed up (8 receptions, 83 yards, and a score) but man after that Week 1 masterpiece, Carlos Hyde has been mediocre. Not even 3 points from him. Though Karlos Williams scored a TD and finished with 14.5 points, that was a massive disappointment as well and now it was learned he suffered a concussion and might miss next week's game. Mayra's going to have to ride it out and wait for Big Ben to come back to make Antonio Brown super elite again, and hope that Carlos Hyde regains that week 1 form. She's got a tough task in Drew next week, while Ryan takes on Albert and if he can get above .500 next week, he might be on the path to become a playoff contender once again.

Game MVP
Devonta Freeman (Hoosier Daddy)
68 Rushing Yards, 3 Rushing TD's, 5 receptions, 81 receiving yards, 35.4 Points

Shock The Monkey (1-3)           104.32
Sons Of The Harpy (2-2)             91.64

And the last of the three winless teams is winless no more. Mark gets the shocking win over Drew and according to Drew he can attribute to guys like GARY BARNFUCK (Drew's words, lol). Gary Barnidge was a sneaky pickup and paid off huge for Mark as he had 75 and a score. Drew was actually in this Sunday Night, and even had nearly 12 points from Willie Sneed in a sneaky play, but a Terrence Williams TD late in the 4th quarter gave Mark a 14 point lead, and Drew was down to Eric Ebron and Theo Riddick against Mark's Jermaine Kearse Play. Ebron ended up getting hurt and Kearse outscored the duo by .10 points to keep Drew at bay. Unlike "that other running back I used", Jeremy Hill actually woke up and bounced back in a huge way for Mark, scoring 3  TD's. Though Gio will still be heavily involved, it was nice to see Jeremy Hill is capable of salvaging his value. Ted Ginn only caught two passes for 18 big deal right? Both were TD's, as he's been a pleasant surprise for the Panthers who have no real WR's since Kelvin Benjamin went down. Mark wins with mediocre games from Peyton Manning and Emmanuel Sanders, plus although Joseph Randle scored a TD, he made a dangerous move almost fumbling away his TD which pissed off the coaches so much, he barely saw the field again. For Drew, again, the RB #2 spot continues to be a sore spot. There's just no one to trust there, as I assume Drew will go back to using Rashad Jennings as he's the "best of the bunch". David Carr was a decent spot start with Tom Brady on bye, but he could've been better, he didn't even throw for 200 yards. Amari Cooper continues to pay dividends with 49 yards and a score, while a late 48 yard TD on 4th and 1 in the fourth saved Adrian Peterson's day. Tough loss for Drew as he has to face Mayra next week and it's insane to think one of those team is going to be under .500 guaranteed. Mark saves his season with his first win and he'll look to get in that playoff picture next week when he takes on Alex.

Game MVP
Jeremy Hill (Shock The Monkey)
40 Rushing Yards, 3 Rushing TD's, 1 2 PT  Conversion, 24 Points