Friday, November 28, 2014

Thursday Overview/Week 12 Awards

Well..there was three Thanksgiving games yesterday and not one of them was competitive...kinda like our league this week. The biggest takeaway of yesterday fantasy wise is probably a glimpse of just how lethal Eugene's team can be if his team is firing at all cylinders. Eugene pretty much punched his playoff ticket yesterday as he had 4 guys go yesterday and every one of them exceeded their projections. It's been a while since we've seen a DOMINANT Calvin Johnson performance..but that's exactly what we saw yesterday as Megatron EXPLODED with 11 catches for 146 yards and 2 scores. 31.5 points. That's what Eugene traded for. Martellus Bennett had 8 catches for 109, DeMarco Murray had 121 total yards and a TD, and Jeremy Maclin added 8 catches for 108 receiving yards. 79.5 points from 4 guys already. That is why no one wants to play Eugene in the first round. Sorry Dad...there's no way in HELL I'm beating Eugene with my team. It might not even matter as outside of Jordan Matthews for Dad (51 and a score) Terrence Williams and Brandon Marshall were terrible with only 11 combined points. Marshawn Lynch wasn't too great for Alex, but he still rushed for over 100 yards. The only other thing of relevance is Mayra trying to get her undefeated streak alive. At looked like Mayra's streak was in legit danger as Matt Forte and Dez Bryant weren't great as the only combined for 17 points while Alshon Jeffrey had 71 yards and 2 scores for 23.5 points on his own. Unfortunately for Albert, Anquan Boldin and Frank Gore combined for a pitiful 5 points. It doesn't matter this week really, but Albert has to be worried about just how bad the 49ers offense looks right now as he has two shares in that offense. Here's a look as the Week 12 awards.

Wane McGarity Stud Of The Week
Justin Forsett (JTG's Warehouse)
Forsett helped finish off Dad and get Drew in the playoffs for the first time since the inaugural season of our league. Drew's addition of Rashad Jennings, Justin Forsett, and DeMaryius Thomas late in the season were critical in this playoff run and we'll see just how far this squad can go starting next week.

Michael Wiley Dud Of The Week
Brandon Marshall (The Bad Robofies)
Brandon Marshall hasn't even come close to be worth the 3rd round pick Dad gave up to acquire him after Week 6. When he needed him the most, in a must win game, Marshall came up the smallest out of his better players yet again and it as against a shitty Bucs defense. He only had 3 catches for 32 yards. His inconsistent play is the reason Dad's not making the playoffs for the 1st time in the 4 years he's been in the league.

Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Award
Jarvis Landry (Next!!!!)
Here's one of the reasons I just couldn't put Leland the fuck away last week. Kudos to Leland for inserting Landry in his lineup as he had 7 catches for 50 yards and 2 scores. I would've been BEYOND irate if this fucker cost me win #3.

There is no Tony Romo Bad Decision Award


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Week 13 Matchups and Predictions's already the end of the regular season for us as next week the playoffs start. It's going to be a pretty dull ending to the season as the playoffs are pretty much set and with the exception of some playoff seeding, the games are pretty meaningless this week. The only thing worth keeping an eye is Dad Vs Alex and Me Vs Eugene as there's a super slim chance the #6 is in danger for Eugene. Here are this weeks matchups.

Rocket Man (6-6)  vs
Arturo's Beans (3-9)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: I lead series 2-0
Last Matchup: I beat Eugene 97.5-96.5 in Week 2 of the 2014 Season

Yahoo Says: Eugene wins 112-93
I Say: Eugene wins. I'm sure  Eugene wishes that 1 point loss to me in Week 2 never happened, because he wouldn't be in the predicament he's in now. Luckily this time around not only did his team get stronger, but my team got considerably weaker. This should be a no brainer easy win, but  Eugene's team has underachieved drastically the past 6 games, as he has a 2-4 record in that span so it's not a COMPLETE shoo in win. The silver lining is, in the event of a loss, Eugene can still back his way into playoffs with Dad losing to Alex. I don't think it'll come to that but it's nice to have an alternate plan just in case.

Next!!! (3-9) vs
Shock The Monkey (3-9)

Matchup Stats
All Time Stats: Leland leads 2-0
Last Matchup: Leland beat Mark 78.5-71.5 in Week 2 of the 2014 Season

Yahoo Says: Leland wins
I Say: Leland wins. Beyond irrelevant, but one of these teams will end their season on a high not and get win #4. Let's go with Leland.

Winter Is Here (7-5) vs
The Bad Robofies (6-6)

Matchup Stats
All Time Stats: Dad leads series 1-0
Last Matchup: Dad beat Alex 90.5-65 in Week 2 of the 2014 Season

Key Players

Winter Is Here: Drew Brees (Steelers) T.Y. Hilton (Redskins) Marshawn Lynch (49ers) Rob Gronkowski (Packers) Eddie Lacy (Patriots)

The Bad Robofies: Tom Brady (Packers) Brandon Marshall (Lions) Alfred Morris (Colts) Jimmy Graham (Steelers)

Wild Cards
Winter Is Here: Bounce Back game from Harvin?

The Bad Robofies: Brady/Wilson QB carousel. Gio Bernard workload. Performance from secondary players.

Yahoo Says: Alex wins 102.17-102.11
I Say: Alex wins. Again obviously I want Dad and me to win so he can get that last playoff spot, but I just think Alex's team is too deep to lose (though he DID lose to Leland two weeks ago, so it's possible). The thing is for Dad..even beating Alex won't guarantee anything, I'd still have to beat Eugene. Here's hoping for some Houdini magic for Dad.

JTG's Warehouse (7-5) vs
Woe Is Me (3-9)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Kenny leads series 4-3
Last Matchup: Drew beat Kenny 83.5-73 in Week 2 of the 2014 Season

Yahoo Says: Drew wins
I Say: Drew wins...nothing really to say here. Drew's still playing for playoff seeding so we'll see how the win affects his seeding.

Bigger Balls (12-0) vs
Channel 4 News Team (10-2)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Mayra leads series 3-1
Last Matchup: Mayra beat Albert 83.5-71.5 in Week 2 of the 2014 Season

Yahoo Says: Mayra wins 124-103
I Say: Mayra wins. On paper you'd think this was a big game it's irrelevant as both have locked up the #1 and #2 seeds respectively so a win or loss means nothing except superficially as if Mayra wins she completes the running of the table by going a perfect 13-0 in the regular season. No more byes, which means from this point on Mayra team is stacked and ready to go. She's winning this game for win #13.

Dr. Light's Robots (8-4) vs
Hoosier Daddy (4-8)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Matt leads series 4-3
Last Matchup: Matt beat Ryan 99-65 in Week 2 of the 2014 Season

Yahoo Says: Matt wins 106-77
I say: Matt wins. Matt quietly put together a 9 win season for a 3rd seed finish. Since he won't be in Mayra's bracket..there's a good chance Matt could come out of his bracket and make the finals. He's definitely got the team to do it with the emergence of Odell Beckham Jr.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week 12 Results: Playoff Clarity

It took until the 2nd to last week, but we FINALLY have some clarity in the playoff picture at least in who's in. It's not "official" but 5 of the 6 slots are determined. Mayra and Albert will be getting byes, while Matt, Alex, and Drew have punched their playoff tickets as well. That final 6th spot will be between Dad and Eugene. The problem is Dad needs ME to beat Eugene and he has to beat Alex in order to get in. That's a pretty much near impossible task for me to do, but I'll do my best and put out my best team possible to help my Dad out. Here are the results for Week 12.

Arturo's Beans (3-9)                  101.5
Next!!! (3-9)                                  99


Game MVP
C.J. Anderson (Arturo's Beans)
167 Rushing Yards, 1 Rushing TD, 4 receptions, 28 receiving yards, 26 Points

Winter Is Here (7-5)                110.5
Rocket Man (6-6)                      84.5

HUGE win for Alex after last week's debacle and more proof that this team can pretty much matchup with the best of them. I can't believe that Eugene's Dream Team needs a Week 13 win to clinch a playoff spot but that's what it's going to come down to. Totally disappointing games from Jeremy Maclin, Calvin Johnson, and Randall Cobb who only combined for 22 points. Aaron Rodgers also had a disappointing game by his standards with barely a little over 200 yards passing and 2 TD's. Julio Jones FINALLY woke up with a TD, and DeMarco Murray had another solid game but the rest of Eugene's team didn't really bother to show up. This team at its peak is damn near unstoppable...we just haven't seen it yet. For Alex it erases the ramifications of last week's loss to Leland. Drew Brees FINALLY gave Alex what he's been looking for all season. 420 Passing Yards, 3 Passing TD's, and 27 points which is his best game of the season. T.Y. Hilton also had another huge game with 122 and a score while that Eddie Lacy trade continues to pay off huge dividends as Lacy had 138 total yards and two TD's (1 rushing, 1 receiving) for 26 points. Alex goes over 110 points despite single digit games from Marshawn Lynch, Gronk, and Mark Ingram and Percy Harvin barely registering a catch. It's a deep team and definitely one of the favorites to win it all. Seeding is still up for grabs, as he still has a losable matchup against my dad, which means he can still finish 6th, but all that matters is that he's in and once you're in the playoffs ANYTHING can happen. Eugene has two shots still to make the playoffs. Beat me and he's in. That's simple enough and more than likely that will happen. If not though, he'll have to rely on Alex to beat my Dad so he gets in. Should be interesting to say the least.

Game MVP
Drew Brees (Winter Is Here)
420 Passing Yards, 3 Passing TD's, 1 INT, 15 Rushing Yards, 27.5 Points (Best Game Of Season)

JTG's Warehouse (7-5)               117.5
The Bad Robofies (6-6)              92.5

Ah..this will more than likely put the end to Dad's 3 year playoff streak. Dad basically had to win out to make the playoffs but Drew's team was just too much this week. I'm pretty sure Drew is pretty happy he made the trades for Demaryius Thomas and Justin Forsett. Demaryius had 87 yards and 3 TD's while Justin Forsett put the nail in the coffin with a career performance of 182 rushing yards and 2 TD's. Drew's QB situation STILL sucks (he'll more than likely turn to Ryan Tannehill now) as Cutler was pathetic but so was RGIII. Drew also picked up the win without Julius Thomas who should hopefully be back soon. Double digit games from Golden Tate, Julian Edelman, and Rashad Jennings help round out Drew's winning performance. For Dad...he just didn't have the firepower to keep up. It's pretty much been the story of Dad's fantasy football career. Dad's always near the bottom of scoring but in years past he's always managed to pull off crazy wins. This year, the wins just weren't falling. Brandon Marshall overall was not a great pickup and he came up short when Dad needed him the most. He only had 32 yards. Gio Bernard also was underwhelming and it's obvious Jeremy Hill is just as prominent in the Bengals game plan if not even more. Alfred Morris had one of his best games (125 and a score) and Jimmy Graham added two TD's (one was admittedly after the game was beyond done). At least Brady vs Russell Wilson wasn't a factor, Brady scored 19.5 while Wilson had 19. The window for Dad isn't completely shut..he's got a small sliver of a chance. He'll need me to beat Eugene (LOLLLLL) and then he'll have to beat Alex on top of that. Hey....any chance is better than no chance. For Drew, seeding is still up for grabs. He'll get an easy 8th win against Kenny.

Game MVP
Justin Forsett (JTG's Warehouse)
182 Rushing Yards, 2 Rushing TD's, 2 receptions, 8 receiving yards, 31 Points


Bigger Balls (12-0)                  94
Woe Is Me (3-9)                      50

Game MVP
Dez Bryant (Bigger Balls)
7 receptions, 86 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's, 23.5 Points

Channel 4 News Team (10-2)               108.5
Hoosier Daddy (4-8)                               77.5

Albert officially clinches a bye as he easily disposes of Ryan. Running back still seems to be a weak spot on this team without Arian Foster playing. He'll need him back for the playoffs that's for sure. It's good thing he has a bye, so hopefully by the time he plays a meaningful game again, he'll have a healthy Foster. Peyton was back to being Peyton with 4 TD's and 28 points and the Old Man Receiving Core of Anquan Boldin and Steve Smith led the way with 34 points. A.J. Green also had a great game with 12 cactches for 121 yards. Albert has a weird team, despite being 10-2 he seems to have the squad with the most questions left out of the playoff teams. He'll take on Mayra in a tune-up possibly Finals preview, while Ryan takes on Matt to put the finishing touches on his season.

Game MVP
Peyton Manning (Channel 4 News Team)
257 Passing Yards, 4 Passing TD's, 1 2Pt Conversion, 28 Points

Dr. Light's Robots (8-4)                    110
Shock The Monkey (3-9)                   60

Matt's pretty much locked and loaded into the #3 seed and the only thing to take out of this is that if Odell Beckham Jr. is indeed a top flight fantasy wide receiver like he has been the past couple of weeks, then Matt stumbled onto to a great waiver wire pickup that might give him a shot to compete with the big dogs. Matt might be the new darkhorse to win it all. He quietly separated himself from the pack and he'll look for win #9 against Ryan while Mark finishes his season off against Leland (dammitt..that means one of them is getting a 4th win...NOOOOOOOO).

Game MVP
Odell Beckham Jr. (Dr. Light's Robots)
10 receptions, 146 receiving yards, 2 Receiving TD's, 31 Points

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thursday Night Overview/Week 11 Awards

Another snoozefest of a Thursday Night game as really the only player of relevance was Jamaal Charles who had 122 total yards and a TD for Matt, who's playing it's not even THAT much of a big deal. The only other thing that stood out was Kenny laughably played Knile Davis who had 2 carries for 2 yards. That matchup is gonna be a massacre of the highest magnitude. Here are the Week 11 Awards

Wane McGarity Stud Of The Week
Le'Veon Bell (Bigger Balls)
Thought about Mike Evans here as he was the main reason Leland pulled off the upset against Alex, but the implications of Dad and Mayra's matchup weighed much more heavy as Mayra was trying to keep her undefeated streak alive and Dad was trying to keep his playoff hopes alive. Thanks to Bell's 200 yard, 1 TD performance, Mayra overcame a 38.5 deficit to stay undefeated. 

Michael Wiley Dud Of The Week
Jimmy Graham (The Bad Robofies)
When you play against Mayra, your team basically has to be PERFECT to have a shot at a win. At the very least, your franchise players need to play lights out. 29 yards on 3 catches just isn't even CLOSE to being acceptable. Terrible game at the absolute wrong time for Jimmy Graham and it might be a huge reason  Dad misses out on the playoffs for the first time ever.

Tony Romo Bad Decision Award
I played Kyle Rudolph over Heath Miller
In what's been a comedy of errors this season, why not add another to the list. I traded underachieving receivers Kenny Britt and Michael Floyd along with Aaron Rodgers to Eugene for a WR "Upgrade" with Vincent Jackson and Martavis Bryant along with a 9th round pick in an effort to secure my 3rd win. Not only do Britt and Floyd got NUTS but V-Jax and Bryant completely suck. The only reason that didn't win the bad decision award is that I still gained a draft pick out of the deal so it's not a total loss. I traded for Heath Miller last week, he sucked, I used a waiver claim on Kyle Rudolph thinking he would be someone worth using after being out for weeks with an injury and he gets me a big 0. Miller ends up with 9.5 points. I win if I stuck to my guns and play Miller. I just can't get anything right this year.

There is no Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Award this week.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Week 12 Matchups and Predictions

Last two weeks of the regular season..4 spots are still up for grabs and this week, there are some huge matchups that can have profound effects on the playoffs. Here's this weeks matchups and predictions.

NEXT!!!!! (3-8) vs
Arturo's Beans (2-9)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: I lead series 4-2-1
Last Matchup: I beat Leland 119.63.5 in Week 1 of the 2014 Season

Leland wins and I lose my 10th in a row.

Rocket Man (6-5)    vs
Winter Is Here (6-5)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Eugene leads series 1-0
Last Matchup: Eugene beat Alex 105.5-91 in Week 1 of the 2014 Season

Key Players

Rocket Man: Aaron Rodgers (Vikings) Jeremy Maclin (Titans) Calvin Johnson (Patriots) Julio Jones (Browns) DeMarco Murray (Giants) Randall Cobb (Vikings)

Winter Is Here: Drew Brees (Ravens) T.Y. Hilton (Jaguars) Percy Harvin (Bills) Marshawn Lynch (Cardinals) Eddie Lacy (Vikings) Rob Gronkowski (Lions)

Wild Cards
Rocket Man: Vereen involvement?

Winter Is Here: Will Brees finally produce an elite game? LaFell over DeSean? Marshawn vs Cards.

Yahoo Says: Eugene wins 117-104
I Say: Eugene wins. This is a MAJOR matchup for both guys though I'd have to say, in my opinion Alex needs this more than Eugene does. Eugene can lose and know he finishes the season with me. If Alex loses, he'll be in a must win against my Dad in the last week of the regular season. No doubt Alex has a TON of weapons to get the job done, but I gotta go with the more stacked team here.

JTG's Warehouse (6-5) vs
The Bad Robofies (6-5)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Drew leads series 4-0
Last Matchup: Drew beat Dad 130.5-94.5 in Week 1 of the 2014 Season

Key Players
JTG's Warehouse: Demaryius Thomas (Dolphins) Andre Ellington (Seahawks) Rashad Jennings (Cowboys)  Julius Thomas* (Dolphins)

The Bad Robofies: Tom Brady (Lions) Brandon Marshall (Bucs) Alfred Morris (49ers) Gio Bernard (Texans) Jimmy Graham (Ravens)

Wild Cards
JTG's Warehouse: Cutler at QB. Julius Thomas' health. Tough matchup for Andre Ellington

The Bad Robofies: Difficult matchup for Alfred Morris. How big will Gio's workload be? Supporting Cast.

Yahoo Says: Drew wins 105-97
I Say: Drew wins. I'm guessing Drew puts in Jacob Tamme in case Julius can't go. Another HUGE matchup with major implications. Dad has to bounce back (ROTOWORLD) from that cruel loss against Mayra and pretty much run the table to get in. Drew's also fighting for his playoff life. I like Drew's team just a little bit more even with the Julius Thomas injury.

Bigger Balls (11-0) vs
Woe Is Me (3-8)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Mayra leads series 4-2
Last Matchup: Mayra beat Kenny 112.5-105 in Week 1 of the 2014 Season


Channel 4 News Team (9-2) vs
Hoosier Daddy (4-7)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Albert leads series 7-5
Last Matchup: Albert beat Ryan 109.5-93 in Week 1 of the 2014 Season

Yahoo Says: Albert Wins
I Say: Albert wins. It's alarming Arian Foster is still out, but at least Albert has handcuff.'s fine for now, but if Foster can't fully recover it could severely hamper Albert's chance at a 3rd title.

Dr. Light's Robots (7-3) vs
Shock The Monkey (3-8)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Series is tied 1-1
Last Matchup: Mark beat Matt 101-59 in Week 1 of the 2014 Season

Yahoo Says: Matt wins
I Say: Matt wins. It's not the same as week 1, as Mark's team has been decimated and stripped of good players. Matt takes it easy and picks up win #8 and stays a darkhorse for that 2nd bye.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week 11 Results: The Tension Mounts

Man what a Week 11 THIS WAS. Out of the 6 matchups..5 were decided by 10 or less points..4 of those..4.5 OR LESS. It was crazy and YES as you will see in the results...we had a HUGE upset this week...told ya it would happen. Onto the results.

Shock The Monkey (3-8)           66
Arturo's Beans (2-9)                   64

Worst Record in the league..9 losses in a row....lost to Mark...that covers THIS fucking GARBAGE.

Game MVP

NEXT!!!! (3-8)              96
Winter Is Here (6-5)     93.5

Oh this is a bad loss. I said someone one week was going to fall to one of the bottom dwellers and that unfortunate team was Alex's. This is a brutal loss to what was a 2-8 team. The stars aligned for Leland's squad this week led by Mike Evans and his 209 receiving yard, 2 TD Performance. Just wow, that guy's been on a tear lately. Add a solid Cam Newton game and good Reuben Randle game and really that's kinda all the damage Leland needed for the upset win. For Alex...just a letdown although he did put up 93.5 points. Still, Drew Brees continues to be "good", just not Fantasy Elite great. Alex's receivers came up really small only combining 16 points. Marshawn Lynch and Mark Ingram were decent but a far cry of what they had been the last couple of weeks. Gronk gave Alex a sliver a chance when he scored his TD late in the 4th quarter of the Pats-Colts game Sunday Night and Eddie Lacy continued to prove to a be a valuable pick up as he had 114 total yards and a rushing and receiving TD. Alex was up 2.5 points and Leland still had Justin Hunter. Hunter didn't do much..he was held to a catch until the 3rd quarter when he caught a 40 yarder to seal the deal. Shitty way to lose. Alex's schedule is actually kinda hard and he has Eugene and Dad left on the horizon. I have a feeling it will come down to Dad and Alex in the last week of the season for that final playoff spot. As for Leland..well he did his he can just beat a shitty ass team in me next week for the hell of it.

Game MVP
Mike Evans (Next!!!!)
7 Receptions, 209 Receiving Yards, 2 Receiving TD's, 35.5 Points
Rocket Man (6-5)                 99.5
JTG's Warehouse (6-5)       78.5

Eugene gets a much needed win to save his playoff hopes and push him back into playoff contention. Adding Aaron Rodgers seemed to work just fine as he put another 341 passing yard ,3 passing TD, 28 point performance. I really believed the team that added Aaron Rodgers would become an immediate threat to Mayra, and this proved it. Jeremy Maclin rebounded nicely (BOUNCE BACK) with a 93 yard 1 TD performance. Randall Cobb continues his amazing season with 10 catches for 129 yards. Eugene wins with Calvin and Julio Jones being surprisingly quiet (which has been a problem for Julio the past few weeks...he has to turn it around...right?!). He also didn't get much from this rest of his squad as nobody else put up more than 8 points. It's still an encouraging sign, Eugene can rack up nearly 100 points and have more than half his team underperform. For Drew..well he lost Julius Thomas to an early ankle injury (doesn't look like it'll be serious) but he got basically nothing from anyone outside of Demaryius Thomas and Kelvin Benjamin. Drew's QB situation continues to suck. RGIII and Cutler are just to unreliable and unpredictable. Total crapshoot there. Also Drew won't be getting Adrian Peterson back this season, so there's another blow to his squad. Believe it or not, it's not must win for Drew..he still gets an easy win the last week of the season against Kenny. 7 wins and his points should be enough but it would be nice to get a buffer win against my Dad next week. Eugene has another tough matchup with Alex which will be critical in the playoff race.

Game MVP
Aaron Rodgers (Rocket Man)
341 Passing Yards, 3 Passing TD's, 32 Rushing Yards, 28 Points

Bigger Balls (11-0)              101.5
The Bad Robofies (6-5)         91.5

SO....FUCKING.....CLOSE. I seriously thought Dad had this and the Houdini was gonna work his magic yet AGAIN. This despite no Gio Bernard, and TERRIBLE performances from Jimmy Graham, Mohammad Sanu, and Terrence West. Still, despite that Brandon Marshall FINALLY proved his worth with a great game (90 Yards, 2 TD's) and Jordan Matthews was an excellent start with 107 yards and a TD. Another huge letdown was Tom Brady getting screwed by the Patriots running game. Jonas Gray scored 4 TD's, which hurt Brady's passing stats. He only had a little over 250 yards and 2 TD's but threw 2 picks as well. Joique Bell and Alfred Morris had great PPR games as well and Dad went into to Monday Night with what I thought was a comfortable 38.5 point lead even though Mayra still had Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown. 39 points to win is still a ton of points so I thought Dad was going to do the unthinkable...beat the Queen. With no Dez, Mayra got bad performances from Mike Wallace, Larry Fitzgerald, Antonio Gates, and Ahmad Bradshaw (who ended up breaking his ankle and is done for the year). Matt Forte was still his usual self, with 175 total yards and Andrew Luck had another 300 yard, 2 TD game. It all came down to Brown and Bell and they DELIVERED big time, especially Bell who had 204 rushing yards and a TD. Antonio Brown added 91 and a score and that was enough to narrowly escape Dad and pick up a 10 point win. Just unbelievable. The loss is HUGE for Dad as it really hampers his playoff run. He'll basically need to run the table to get in it seems like and that means beating Drew and Alex in the last two games. It's gonna be tough, but hey if Dad can give Mayra a run for her money, no doubt he can do it against those two. For Mayra, she wraps up the #1 seed and bye (Albert can tie record wise, but Mayra has way more points, so it's over) so basically she can just chill for 3 weeks and watch how things play out. She also solved her Bradshaw problem by trading for Mike Evans. She's got a laugher of a matchup next week against Kenny, while Dad takes on Drew in a super important matchup.

Game MVP
Le'Veon Bell (Bigger Balls)
204 Rushing Yards, 1 Rushing TD, 2 receptions, 18 receiving yards, 28 Points (Down 38.5 points Monday Night)
Hoosier Daddy (4-7)            79
Woe Is Me (3-8)                   74.5

Ryan Beat Kenny

Game MVP
Josh McCown (Hoosier Daddy) (Because it's fucking funny he led Ryan's team in scoring) 
288 Passing Yards, 2 Passing TD's, 19 Points

Dr. Light's Robots (7-4)              105.5
Channel 4 News Team (8-2)       102

This was wayyyyyy closer than it should've been as Matt was only down 7 points going into Monday night, but Big Ben struggled and it wouldn't have been for a late TD in the 4th to Antonio Brown...Matt would've lost by half a point. Instead, Matt has the biggest advantage of everyone as he's the only 7 win team and his rest of schedule is so lax, that Matt is even in the bye #2 discussion because if he wins out and Albert loses to at least Mayra, it'll come down to points. Matt was lead by the Jamaal Charles/Jordy Nelson combo per usual. Charles put up a ridiculous 159 rushing yards and 2 rushing TD's (he did fumble..but hey cut the guy a break, he scored 27 points). Jordy Nelson put up 109 and a score and Emmmanuel Sanders put up 102 and a score,but the scary thing was Sanders got concussed. He's on concussion protocol and could miss again. Matt can afford him to miss a game or two with the opponents he has...but he needs him for the playoffs for sure. Larry Donnell added 54 and a score, while Odell Beckham put up a nice yardage game with 93 yards. Matt's still having QB problems despite trading for Ben Roethlisberger. I don't think this is the Big Ben he was hoping for. For Albert it was at least FINALLY nice to see Alshon Jeffrey (135 and a score) and A.J. Green (127 and a score) show up but when they finally do..Peyton Manning decides to have his worst fantasy game of the season...against the Rams no less. He still put up nearly 400 passing yards but only had a TD and two picks. Alfred Blue was a great fill in with 156 rushing yards and if Arian Foster misses anymore time, Blue looked like a more than adequate fill in. If Jeffrey and Green can get back to this level on a consistant basis...Albert's going to be fine. He's got Ryan next week in what should be an easy win. Matt's got Mark in what should be an even easier win.

Game MVP
Jamaal Charles (Dr. Light's Robots)
159 Rushing Yards, 2 Rushing TD's, 3 receptions, 32 receiving yards, 1 fumble lost, 27 points

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Thursday Night Overview/Week 10 Awards

Good lord Thursday Night's Bills-Dolphins was the definition of SUCK. What a horrible game to have to sit through. I can usually watch any NFL game, but I found myself looking for fucking episodes of Full House on TV Land rather than watch fuckers like Jarvis Landry and CHRIS HOGAN making "big plays". I'm not even going to bother to try to find a picture for the game, because it was beyond fantasy irrelevant. It made last week's Browns/Bengals game look like the Super Bowl. The biggest play was Mike Wallace who had a pretty quiet day with only 4 receptions or 38 yards. Wallace is pretty down on the depth chart on Mayra's team so it's not a HUGE deal..but it's a deal nonetheless, especially since  Dad needs these kind of letdowns to keep his hopes alive. On the other side of the ball, Matt got a disappointing game from Sammy Watkins. He only had 32 yards. Matt should still be in the drivers seat though against a banged up Albert team, though Albert did acquire Frank Gore from Mr. Draft Pick Whore himself, Kenny. Speaking of Kenny, he used Ryan Tannehill and he basically met his expectations. Onto the Week 10 Awards

Wane McGarity Stud Of The Week
Marshawn Lynch (Winter Is Here)
Remember when he "woke up" last week? He's wide the fuck awake now. Lynch put on a clinic last week with a MONSTER 4 TD game that helped Alex survive a brutal week full of byes. All you gotta keep doing is feeding the beast.

Michael Wiley Dud Of The Week
A.J. Green (Channel 4 News Team)
Here's a huge reason, Albert almost lost to one of the worst teams in the league. Yes, some of the blame goes to Andy Dalton's horrific passing, but A.J. Green had his share of drops as well. 23 yards from your best wide receiver is just unacceptable. Albert got away with it because he was playing Mark, he won't get away with another performance like that against the playoff contending teams.

Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Award
Mark Sanchez (Bigger Balls)
Mychal Rivera (Bigger Balls)
No Luck, Bradshaw, Gates, and mediocre games from Matt Forte, Antonio Brown, and Le'Veon Bell against a roster stacked like Eugene, you would imagine this is what did Mayra in for her 1st loss of the season...except her bye week fill ins of Mychal Rivera and Mark Sanchez combined for 36 points and with a little help from Dez Bryant, Mayra was not only to survive Eugene but beat him pretty easily. It's move like these, that keep Mayra on top of the standings with a perfect record.

 There is no Tony Romo Bad Decision Award this week. Nothing really stands out.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Final Playoff Stretch: Who's in???

I typically do this around this time..time to speculate who's going to end up making the playoffs. I'm only going to focus on Spots 3-6. Mayra's already clinched a playoff berth and Albert's not that far away from one. That still leaves 5 teams for 4 spots. Who's getting in? Here's a look at who I believe is getting in.

My Final 4 in

Alex (Winter Is Here)
Record: 6-4
Rest of Schedule: Vs Leland

Why I think he's in: He's got the biggest advantage over everyone with points. The only one close to him is Eugene but he has a game advantage over him. If Alex gets to 7 wins that should be enough to get in. I have no doubt he'll get a win out of his last 3. For his sake it'd be best to get that win against Leland. Eugene is going to be a dogfight and Dad will be tough too.

Eugene (Rocket Man)
Record: 5-5
Rest of Schedule: Vs Drew

Why I Think He's In: It's crazy to put him this high considering he's a game behind the other 4, which means he can only afford to lose once more, but that roster is TOO GOOD. He's got one win in the bag against me. He'll just need a win against Drew or Alex to seal the deal. I think he gets one.

Matt (Dr. Light's Robots)
Record: 6-4
Rest of Schedule: Vs Albert

Why I Think He's In: Matt's got enough points for the tiebreaker and he gets two shots at getting a 7th win against non playoff teams. Matt could end up finishing 3rd. I'm pretty confident Matt's in. Especially with one of those matchups being against Mark.

Drew (JTG's Warehouse)
Record 6-4
Rest of Schedule: Vs Eugene

Why I think he's in: I even have Drew losing a critical game to Dad in Week 12. I think Drew drops the next two but then has the most cushy matchup you can have against Kenny. Because of points, Drew will sneaky in at spot #6.

Odd Man Out
Dad (The Bad Robofies)
Record 6-4
Rest of Schedule: Vs Mayra

Why He Doesn't Make It: Not only does Dad have the WORST schedule of the 5 still in (all 3 matchups against playoff teams) but he has the worst points as well. He needs to get to 8 wins. He'll need to beat two of those three. I can see him beating Drew, but Mayra and Alex.....damn that's a tall task. Every time I count Dad out, he proves me wrong..I hope he does it again this year.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Week 11 Matchups and Predictions

So Mayra officially becomes the 1st team to clinch a playoff berth (I know...shocking) and Albert's a game away too, but the last 4 spots are still far from being filled. The same 5 teams still have a shot and each week gets bigger and more important. A loss this late could end up being a season ending one. Here's the matchups for Week 11.

Arturo's Beans (2-8) vs
Shock The Monkey (2-8)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: I lead series 1-0
Last Matchup: I beat Mark 91-44.5 in Week 8 of the 2013 Season

Fuck what Yahoo says, it's gonna change anyways cause I specifically made a trade (and gained another pick) to have depth for one reason and one reason only...TO BEAT MARK. I DO NOT want to be the last 2 win team standing and I want to end this GOD AWFUL EMBARRASSING LOSING STREAK. I'M GOING TO WIN no doubt about it and if I DON'T, I'M COMMISSIONER, I'LL CHANGE THE FUCKING SCORE (I KID.....OR DO I???)

Winter is Here (6-4) vs
Next!!! (2-8)

No Matchup Stats

I Say: Alex wins. Alex hasn't changed up his roster yet, so I'm not gonna bother with the Yahoo prediction, but rest assured he's projected to win. Josh Gordon is still out another week and Alex's team is just too good and back at full strength. Win #7 should be easy.

JTG'S Warehouse (6-4) vs
Rocket Man (5-5)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Eugene leads series 2-0
Last Matchup: Eugene beat Drew 114.5-93 in the Semifinals of the Michael Wiley Loser Bowl

Key Players

JTG's Warehouse: Kelvin Benjamin (Falcons) Demaryius Thomas (Rams) Andre Ellington (Lions) Julius Thomas (Rams)

Rocket Man: Aaron Rodgers (Eagles) Jeremy Maclin (Packers) Calvin Johnson (Cardinals) Julio Jones (Panthers) Randall Cobb (Eagles)

Wild Cards
JTG's Warehouse: RGIII at QB. Helu at RB.

Rocket Man: Murray on Bye. RB Production

Yahoo Says: Eugene wins 109-98
I Say: Eugene wins. Because no one else wanted Aaron Rodgers and my desperate attempt at getting one more win, Eugene wins the Aaron Rodgers sweepstakes by giving up a 9th round pick. I also took away his WR Depth, so he'll need to hope none of his main receivers get hurt. I think it's worth the gamble. Eugene NEEDS this win more than anyone because he's a game behind. Drew will provide a tough test, but I think Eugene gets it.

Bigger Balls (10-0) vs
The Bad Robofies (6-4)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Dad leads series 2-0
Last Matchup: Dad beat Mayra 74-61.5 in Week 3 Of The 2013 Season

Key Players

Bigger Balls: Andrew Luck (Patriots) Antonio Brown (Titans) Le'Veon Bell (Titans) Mike Wallace (Bills) Larry Fitzgerald (Lions) Matt Forte (Vikings) Antonio Gates (Raiders) Ahmad Bradshaw (Patriots) (Did I just list her whole team..shit I think I did).

The Bad Robofies:   Tom Brady (Colts) Brandon Marshall* (Vikings) Alfred Morris (Bucs) Jimmy Graham (Bengals)

Wild Cards

Bigger Balls: No Dez (I mean seriously..does it matter..but whatever it's still a huge deal)

The Bad Robofies: No Gio again. Brandon Marshall's health. Production of Non-Stars.

Yahoo Says: Mayra wins 117-104
I Say: Mayra wins. And there was Dad..the last one standing. I've seen Dad pull off some crazy ass wins in the past, I saw him break Matt's undefeated streak a couple years ago while using SHONN GREENE of all people. He's my Dad...I want to believe he can do it and because I want to see him in the playoffs I really hope he can...but it was going to be a tall task even AT full strength, which Dad clearly is not. Brandon Marshall has been known to fight through injuries before, but sometimes he's just a decoy and doesn't do much. Even without's just too much star power. Mayra will finish her run of the league here and get even closer to the perfect season. Do what you do best Dad....prove me wrong again..Be the "Houdini of Fantasy Football" one more time. I'd love to eat my words.

Woe Is Me (3-7) vs
Hoosier Daddy (3-7)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Series is tied 3-3
Last Matchup: Kenny Beat Ryan 119-118 in Week 8 of the 2013 Season

I Say: Kenny wins...Ryan's so excited he hasn't even bothered to drop Carson Palmer for a QB. Feel the EXCITMENT. Winner gets win #4...that's the sound of not one ounce of a fuck being given by either guys.

Channel 4 News Team (9-1) vs
Dr. Light's Robots (6-4)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Albert leads series 4-2
Last Matchup: Matt beat Albert 103.5-83.5 in Week 8 of the 2013 Season

Key Players
Channel 4 News Team: Peyton Manning (Rams) A.J. Green (Saints) Alshon Jeffrey (Vikings) Arian Foster (Browns) Greg Olsen (Falcons)

Dr. Light's Robots: Ben Roethlisberger (Titans) Emmanuel Sanders (Rams) Jordy Nelson (Eagles) Sammy Watkins (Dolphins) Jamaal Charles (Seahawks)

Wild Cards
Channel 4 News Team: Fred Jackson and Arian Foster health. Alshon Jeffrey and A.J. Green bounce back (Rotoworld!).

Dr. Light's Robots: Difficult Matchup for Sanders. Play of Trent Richardson and Larry Donnell.

Yahoo Says: Matt wins 107-97
I Say: Matt wins. I'm gonna have to agree with Yahoo here and say Matt gets the W. I wanna see Albert's team fully healthy before I can give the benefit of the doubt. It starts tomorrow with Fred Jackson. A.J. Green and Alshon Jeffrey MUST start producing at elite levels to help out Peyton Manning because it's hard to predict what guys like Anquan Boldin and Greg Jennings will do. This would of course be a huge win for Matt and a potential playoff clincher.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 10 Results: The Week Of Near Upsets

There's was seriously a point yesterday where it looked like every underdog team was going to pull off the upset victory and wreck havoc on the playoff picture. In reality it looks like everything is still status quo and the playoff picture outside the top two seeds didn't get any clearer. Onto the results.

Winter Is Here (6-4)                  112.5
Arturo's Beans (2-8)                    90.5

This was actually close in the first half of games, before Marshawn Lynch blew up with 4 TD's and 40.5 points and just totally crushed me and my chance at the upset. Not to mention that my team is total garbage and Kenny Britt, Michael Floyd, and Tre Mason were just laughably mediocre to bad. Michael Floyd is the biggest WR bust this season...he's beyond awful and he's nothing special whatsoever. Aaron Rodgers did his usual "make my shit team look like better than it is by putting up monster stats".  Seriously this team is basically a team of shitfucks...and Aaron Rodgers...poor guy. One of Rodgers 6 TD's in the first half against the Bears unfortunately was a 56 yarder to Eddie Lacy...of course it was. Despite half his team on bye, Alex stays hot and puts up over 110 points again. He's also now 3rd place, which is remarkable considering where he started. Mark Ingram continues to look like a bonafide RB1 as he put up 120 more rush yards. For Alex's sake, I hope the Saints see this and don't fuck around with what's working. He should continue to shoulder most of the workload. Drew Brees had yet another solid yet unspectacular game. He had almost 300 yards passing and 3 TD's but threw 2 picks and fumbled in OT which ended up costing the Saints the game. Brees is still as solid as they come and maybe he's saving that big game for Alex when he needs it the the playoffs. To make this wonderful season even better? I just erased Cindy Crisp (remember HER?) from the record books. Her 7 game losing streak was the longest in league history. That record is now mine..8 AND COUNTING. I now own the two shittiest records you can own. How awesome. My only chance at a win is next week against Mark..if I don't beat Mark..I WON'T WIN AGAIN. Alex takes on Leland next week in another sort of trap game..especially if Leland gets Josh Gordon back.

Game MVP
Marshawn Lynch (Winter Is Here)
140 Rushing Yards, 4 Rushing TD's, 1 reception, 23 receiving yards, 40.5 Points

The Bad Robofies (6-4)                   97
Hoosier Daddy (3-7)                        83.5

This was way closer than the score indicates, as this wasn't decided until the 3rd quarter when Brandon Marshall caught a 40 yard TD to seal the deal. Unforuntaely, Marshall suffered an ankle injury, but he doesn't look like he'll miss any time thankfully. Dad survives another Gio Bernardless game. Russell Wilson filled in nicely thanks to his rushing stats and Jimmy Graham came through huge when it mattered the most with 76 yards and two huge TD's. Ryan had great games from Roddy White and Justin Forsett but it wasn't enough and Carson Palmer's torn ACL did Ryan in for good not that he really cares much. Dad's got a tough rest of the schedule and it starts with Mayra next. He'll need his team at full strength to have a chance. Ryan takes on Kenny but who gives a flying fuck since they're both done.

Game MVP
Jimmy Graham (The Bad Robofies)
10 receptions, 76 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's, 24 points

JTG's Warehouse (6-4)                 94
Next!!!! (2-8)                               77

This was another closer than it looks matchup as this wasn't decided until the Monday Night Game and there was a legit chance Leland had the upper hand with Cam Newton and LeSean Mccoy still going while Drew only had Kelvin Benjamin and a 10 pt lead. Cam SUCKED bad though with multiple turnovers and being sacked 9 times. He had two TD's but both TD passes were TO BENJAMIN. I dunno what's up with LeSean McCoy but he just hasn't been impressive whatsoever. He had a gimmie 1 yard TD to save his day but what a nightmare he's been. I seriously don't know if he's keepable. Mike Evans was the only bright spot on Leland's team with 125 and a score.  For Drew..that's two unimpressive wins in a row, but wins nonetheless. Besides Benjamin, Drew got solid games from Demaryius Thomas, and Golden Tate and Julius Thomas finally snapped out his funk with a 2 TD 21 point performance. I'm still not a fan of Drew's QB situation or overall RB situation. He's definitely one of those "on the bubble" teams and it won't get any easier as he has to play Eugene next week in what is very crucial game. If Drew wins, he'll have a significant advantage in making the playoffs. Leland plays Alex next week. 

Game MVP
Julius Thomas (JTG's Warehouse)
6 receptions, 63 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's, 21 points

Bigger Balls (10-0)         120.5
Rocket Man (5-5)            93

Wow..this shit is so over. So despite on paper being the best team to matchup with Mayra and despite Mayra having no Antonio Gates, Andrew Luck, or Ahmad Bradshaw, Mayra STILL easily dispatches of Eugene by 27.5 points. It seemed at the beginning Eugene had the upper hand as the Steelers struggled (Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell combined for only 17 points) and Calvin Johnson was back to his old dominant self with a 113 and a score. DeMarco Murray and Julio Jones also put up solid yardage games though no TD's and Stafford was decent enough with 280 and a couple TD's. Randall Cobb would add 72 and a score as well (though he did fumble). The rest of Eugene's team though...just bad. Lamar Miller was barely involved, and Marty B and Maclin were basically invisible. For Mayra, she's got such a deep roster, she can afford let down games from two of her best players. Dez showed up with an elite performance with 158 yards and 2 TD's and that was all in the first half. Mike Wallace had 51 yards and a score (what an underrated "throw in" in that Forte trade, can't believe Mark just gave him away like that).  Her two biggest moves? The players she used at TE and QB. Mychal Rivera and Mark Sanchez. Who would've though at the beginning of the year that there'd be an undefeated team who had to turn to  MYCHAL RIVERA AND MARK SANCHEZ to keep the streak alive?! AND IT WORKED BEAUTIFULLY. That's the kind of season she's having...EVERY. THING. WORKS. Rivera had 64 and a score while Sanchez got over 330 yards and 2 TD's. This team is insane. Oh by the way Larry Fitzgerald? 112 yards as a flex play. I didn't even mention MATT FORTE who was SHITTY!! SHE STILL PUT UP 120.5 POINTS DESPITE FORTE, BELL, AND BROWN ALL SUCKING AND NO LUCK, BRADSHAW, GATES. You fucking kidding??! She's running the table unless Albert beats her Week 13. No doubt about it. She'll take on my Dad next week, the last team she has to beat to beat us all. Dad....tread lightly...that's all I gotta say. For Eugene, man, he's in the outside looking in right now but his team is just wayyyyy to good to NOT make the playoffs although he has dropped 3 of his last 4 (all 3 to playoff contending teams). His rest of the schedule is kind of intimidating. He needs to win 2 out of the next 3. 1 is a gimmie, he finishes the season against me, but he needs to at the very least beat Drew or Alex to secure a playoff spot. It's not going to be easy. He's got Drew next week. 

Game MVP
Dez Bryant (Bigger Balls)
6 receptions, 158 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's, 30 points

Dr. Light's Robots (6-4)           115.5
Woe Is Me (3-7)                          74.5

There was a brief moment of "What if Kenny had played Romo over Ryan Tannehill" but that was pretty much squashed as Kenny's team was terrible and Matt took this easily despite a pretty bad Big Ben game. Matt looks like he found a waiver wire gem in Odell Beckham Jr. as he had yet another useful game with over 100 yards receiving. That combined with Jamaal Charles being Jamaal Charles (118 total yards and a score) and Jordy Nelson DESTROYING the Bears in only one half's work (152 and two scores in the first half) plus Emmanuel Sanders continue to put up elite WR numbers (He added two more TD's to 67 receiving yards) helped Matt put up some big points and get win #6. Matt is another one of those darkhorse teams like Alex that can put up major points any given week of the season.  I like he finally made a QB trade for Big Ben but man Aaron Rodgers would've really catapulted him to the Mayra/Albert/Eugene level as far as talent goes. Matt's got a super difficult matchup against Albert next week. Kenny plays Ryan next week but let me reiterate something I said earlier NOONE GIVES A FUCK.

Game MVP
Jordy Nelson (Dr. Light's Robots)
6 receptions, 152 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's, 30 points

Channel 4 News Team (9-1)            82.5
Shock The Monkey (2-8)                 76.5

Shock The Monkey almost shocked the world and gave us our biggest upset of the season. This was wayyyyyyy closer than it had any right to be. Albert's guys played down to Mark's. Albert was actually down 8 going into last night and he needed 8.5 to win. Luckily Greg Olsen saved his ass with a 119 yard 14 point performance. Albert's got running back trouble now as Ronnie Hillman will be out a couple weeks, Fred Jackson is still recovering from his own injury, and Arian Foster has injury problems of his own. Steve Smith is also coming back down to earth and it seems like Albert's team is starting to run out of gas at the worst time possible. Only Peyton Manning (340 and 5 more Passing TD's..why experts say he's not worth ever keeping is BEYOND ME) and Anquan Boldin (95 and a score) were worth a shit. Alshon Jeffrey has been a bit of a disappointment so far, and he hasn't been looking like he's worth a 3rd round pick. Albert has little depth to work with and it's kind of a scary situation here. He'll need A.J. Green, Arian Foster, Alshon Jeffrey, and Peyton Manning to be 100% at their peak to be able to compete. For Mark, his mancrush, Steven Jackson was very useful with 81 and a score. Matt Ryan continues to look like a bust especially where he was drafted in the 3rd round. He barely had a little less than 220 yards passing and only 1 TD. Jared Cook chipped in with a long TD but just like me and Kenny, this team just isn't that good and 76.5 points wasn't going to be enough to put away Albert even on his worst day. Mark takes on me next, in which is basically the battle of last place. The loser will probably never win again. Albert takes on Matt in a game that means much to Matt than Albert. 

Game MVP
Peyton Manning (Channel 4 News Team)
340 Passing Yards, 5 Passing TD's, 2 Int, 30 Points

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Thursday Night Overview/Week 9 Awards

Thursday's game was the definition of a snoozer. Probably the worst Thursday Night Game of the year, just because it was basically fantasy irrelevant. When Terrence West leads all fantasy scorers with 15 points (Nice spot start for the injured Gio, Dad) you know the game sucked. And sucked majorly it did. The Bengals were AWFUL. Dad's lucky Terrence West carried the load because Mohammad Sanu was held to 3 points. Lucky to for Dad was Ryan had Jeremy Hill who sucked as well. He had a fumble and only finished with 3.5 fantasy points.  Leland tried gunning for Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Award by plugging in Taylor Gabriel. All it did was basically confirm Drew's getting win #6 because Gabriel didn't do much of note, finishing with 4.5 points. I still don't think it matters much, but Miles Austin might have led the Browns in receiving, but it was only 48 yards. 6.5 points for Austin, but I wouldn't worry if I were Alex, he's still more than fine. The biggest disappointment though, was A.J. Green. He dropped balls everywhere, and Joe Haden basically shut him down. He had a pathetic 23 yards receiving. Albert is actually projected to lose to Mark now, albeit by less than a point. We'll see how long that lasts. Onto the Week 9 Awards.

Wane McGarity Stud Of The Week
Marshawn Lynch (Winter Is Here)
Alex's team has been kicking ass recently and he was doing that with a slumping Marshawn Lynch. Well, Marshawn woke up big time this week finishing with 143 total yards and two TD's. Just another no brainer reminder that yes...Alex's team can put up some points.

Michael Wiley Dud Of The Week
Andre Johnson (Dr. Light's Robots)
I had to go with the matchup that meant the most and with Matt having a golden opportunity to pull away from the pack by gaining a game on everyone playing against my Dad who had no Gio Bernard and Brandon Marshall, it had to be disappointing that all Andre Johnson could muster was 2 catches for 12 yards. He was one of the main reasons, Matt took the L this week.

Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Award
Jordan Matthews (The Bad Robofies)
Again, going with the matchup that meant the most. Dad NEEDED this win against Matt to stay afloat in the playoff race. Unfortunately, this week Brandon Marshall was on bye, so Dad had to roll with Jordan Matthews. It paid off. 40 yards and a score for 11.5 points is great to get from a bye week fill in. It helped Dad get the win this week.

Tony Romo Bad Decision Award
Leland not Playing Mike Evans
I know the end result doesn't change, and I know the QB situation isn't ideal. But Mike Evans has actually has been pretty decent recently and on potential alone he should be in the lineup over the likes of Andre Holmes and Donte Moncrief (especially when news came out the Reggie Wayne would play thus cutting into Moncrief's production). Evans responded with a breakout 124 yard 2 TD performance for 27.5 points. To put that in perspective, Leland's 4 WR's he used combined together for 14 points TOTAL. He certainly won't do that every game, and he'll be prone to duds, but still on this team, he needs to be in the lineup. 


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Week 10 Matchups and Predictions

This week's main matchup is Mayra vs Eugene. This could be a potential finals preview and it should be a good one. Onto Week 10 we go...

Winter Is Here (5-4) vs
Arturo's Beans (2-7)

No Matchup Stats

Yahoo Says: Alex wins 93-81
I Say Alex wins: It's a tiny bit scary since Alex won't have T.Y. Hilton, Gronk, or DeSean Jackson, but if he's gonna be missing those guys might as well miss them playing against my crap team. Alex also added yet ANOTHER weapon in Percy Harvin, sacrificing an 8th rounder to acquire him. You can tell Alex is hands all in for this run. Harvin or nor Harvin I still can't see him losing to me. I have one elite player in Aaron Rodgers and a bunch of scrubs. Alex takes this easily.

JTG's Warehouse (5-4)  vs
NEXT!!!! (2-7)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Leland leads series 3-1
Last Matchup: Leland beat Drew 61-55.5 in the 9th Place Game of the Michael Wiley Loser Bowl

Yahoo Says: Drew wins 97-84
I Say: Drew wins. Leland's team is like a poor man's Alex's team. What I mean is, he's got guys on his roster who could absolutely go off..they just never do. It's still a wildcard though and there's no doubt that like last week, it's not going to be a walk in the park for Drew. I still say though compared the Leland's team, Drew's is way more stable and he'll pick up win #6 to stay in the race.

Bigger Balls (9-0)   vs
Rocket Man (5-4)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Mayra leads series 1-0
Last Matchup: Mayra beat Eugene 97.5-91 in week 5 of the 2013 Season

Key Players

Bigger Balls: Dez Bryant (Jags) Antonio Brown (Jets) Mike Wallace (Lions) Le'Veon Bell (Jets) Matt Forte (Packers)

Rocket Man: Matthew Stafford (Dolphins) Randall Cobb (Bears) Calvin Johnson (Dolphins) Jeremy Maclin (Panthers) DeMarco Murray (Jags) Julio Jones (Bucs)

Wild Cards
Bigger Balls: Mark Sanchez at QB. Mychal Rivera at TE.

Rocket Man: Benching Julio? Lamar Miller's Health

Yahoo Says: Eugene wins 103-102
I Say: Eugene wins. Wow..I mean this is tough. By far the matchup of the week. Look at all the names in this game...a heavyweight matchup for sure. Talent wise, this is the best team that can compete with Mayra. I'm scratching my head at Julio Jones on the bench..I know Martavis Bryant has been hot and the matchup is great, but that's a pretty ballsy move if he sticks with it. I'd be more confident in my pick if Julio was playing but if Eugene's gut is telling him Bryant over Julio, hey it's not like a guy who has 5 TD's in 3 games sucks. I'll still give the slight edge to Eugene to finally do what 9 others haven't done..beat "The Queen".

The Bad Robofies (5-4) vs
Hoosier Daddy (3-6)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Series is tied 2-2
Last Matchup: Dad beat Ryan 70-68 in Week 10 of the 2013 Season

Yahoo Says: Dad wins 94-92
I Say: Dad Wins. Dad's gonna have dodge another bullet and though Ryan is 2-7, I think Dad's facing the hardest of the doormat teams this week. Dad will be without Gio Bernard again (and Ryan has Jeremy Hill) which hurts tremendously. No Tom Brady is also a crusher. I still think Dad has enough to squeeze by, but because of his points situation, he reallllly needs to get this win.

Dr. Light's Robots (5-4) vs
Woe Is Me (3-6)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Matt leads series 5-0
Last Matchup: Matt beat Kenny 111.5-68.5 in Week 5 of the 2013 Season

Yahoo Says: Matt wins 99-68
I Say: Matt wins. Crazy that both guys have been in the league 5 years and Kenny has yet to beat Matt. It's not happening this week either that's for damn sure. In fact that 111.5-68.5 score from last season sounds about right this week. Kenny's team is just gross. So beyond awful. Matt got a trade for a QB by getting Ben Roethlisberger, but Matt could be QB-less and still handily beat Kenny. No brainer here.

Channel 4 News Team (8-1) vs
Shock The Monkey (2-7)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Mark Leads series 1-0
Last Matchup: Mark beat Albert 82.5-73.5 in Week 3 of the Wane McGarity Bowl

Yahoo Says: Albert wins 96-79
I Say: Albert wins. Albert doesn't have Arian Foster, but c'mon who gives a shit he's playing Mark. Mark still needs a tight end, but at the end of the day it won't matter. Albert even has Chris Johnson in his lineup for fun. That's what you can do when you're 8-1 going on 9-1.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week 9 Results: Beware Of The Trap Game

We're down to stretch run as it's the final four regular season games of the fantasy season. The anti-clamatic part is the #1 and #2 seeds. Mayra and Albert have these locked up cold and they won't have to worry about anything basically until 6 weeks from now. Then there's those who cashed out and called it a day already. Me, Leland, Ryan, Mark, and Kenny have all conceded this is just not our year and have focused our energies for next season. The fun part? Spots #3-#6 are up for grabs and there are 5 teams gunning for 4 spots. With everyone having identical records, it makes every week that much more crucial. Which leaves us to something everyone should be aware of...the dreaded trap game. You know..the matchup you salivate over because you're playing against one of the doormats of the league. The projections have you winning by 40 points or so. I don't know when, I don't know who, but someone WILL get upset by a doormat before the season is over. In fact, Drew was VERY close to having that happen this week. There's going to be a week where for God knows what reason guys like Kenny Britt, Andre Holmes, Bishop Sankey etc..just go OFF and your team doesn't. The pressure is totally off's allllll on the teams left in the playoff hunt to do their jobs. Being a spoiler would be a great incentive on our we want to make someone as miserable as we are. Just a warning...don't take these matchups lightly...cause you never know what might happen. Here are the Week 9 results.

JTG's Warehouse (5-4)                  98.5
Arturo's Beans (2-7)                      91

This was WAYYYYY closer than expected..considering Drew was originally projected to obliterate me by nearly 28 points. I tried my best..but ultimately failed yet again in my quest to break my losing streak which stands at 7. Ben Roethlisberger would've been a god amongst men had his 6 TD, 35 point performance carried me to the improbable upset. Instead all it did was prolong the inevitable, though Drew did have to sweat this out until the 3rd quarter, when Andre Williams finally caught a pass and then scored a TD to seal the deal. Julian Edelman (of all people) and Andre Ellington led the way with 44.5 points between them. Demaryius Thomas had a solid yardage game with 127 yards and Julius Thomas had a  TD. Drew's running backs still leave a lot to be desired. When Rashad Jennings and Ryan Mathews come back, Branden Oliver and Andre Williams will take a severe hit, the only sliver of hope is that Adrian Peterson somehow can get back on the field at the end of this season. So Drew survives the scare for win #5 and he'll face Leland in yet another trap game scenario. I'll take on Alex and his scorching hot team next and if I lose I'll add longest losing streak in Wane McGarity Bowl history to my awesome list of achievements this season.

Game MVP
Julian Edelman (JTG's Warehouse)
9 Receptions, 89 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 1 Return TD, 24.5 Points

Bigger Balls (9-0)              103
Next!!!! (2-7)                       54

I feel stupid for thinking there was a possibility Leland might pull off the upset. I don't drink, so you can't blame alcohol for my absurd train of thought. Even if Leland had played Mike Evans (27 points on his bench) it wouldn't have mattered. Mayra's mediocre game still resulted in 103 points and she broke my Dad's record of most wins in a row with 9. Andrew Luck capped the night off for her with 354 passing yards and 4 more TD's. Antonio Brown did his usual too with 144 and a score. Finally though, Mayra will have a challenge next week as she faces Eugene and she'll be without Ahmad Bradshaw, Andrew Luck, and Antonio Gates. Should be interesting to see what happens here. Leland takes on Drew next week.

Game MVP
Andrew Luck (Bigger Balls)
354 Passing Yards, 4 Passing TD's, 30 points

Rocket Man (5-4)                  117.5
Hoosier Daddy (3-6)               87

Leland bounces back with a nice win here against what could've been a potential upset bid. Eugene is LOADED with wide receiver talent. Maclin, Cobb, Julio, V-Jax, Calvin, Martavis Bryant, its an embarrassment of riches. Maclin put up another HUGE game with 30 points (158 and 2 scores), Bryant  caught two TD's passes as well. He played this game without Calvin, Randall Cobb, and Julio Jones and survived just fine. Everyone on his roster scored double digits. Ryan put up a solid fight, but lost Nick Foles to an early injury. Only Jeremy Hill was great with 154 yards and two TD's. Eugene will face his biggest challenge of the season when he takes on Mayra. He's got the roster to win, especially with her having key players on bye. It would be a huge win for Eugene. Ryan takes on my Dad in another attempt to play spoiler.

Game MVP
Jeremy Maclin (Rocket Man)
6 receptions, 158 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's, 30 points

The Bad Robofies (5-4)                105.5
Dr. Light's Robots (5-4)                  83

This is HUGE win for Dad and a season saver. Without Brandon Marshall and Gio Bernard, Dad was still able to survive and beat Matt pretty easily. Dad PICKED THE RIGHT QB THIS WEEK!! Tom Brady has been amazing of late and he ended up with 333 passing yards and 4 TD's for 27.5 points. Alfred Morris finally had a huge game and carried the running back load with 109 total yards and two TD's. Mohammad Sanu also continued his great season as he got Dad 95 yards and a score. Jordan Matthews even chipped in a TD. Dad looks like he'll have to go without the services of Gio again which would suck, but at least his matchup isn't too brutal against Ryan. For Matt..opportunity to break away wasted. Emmanuel Sanders had another great game with 151 yards and 10 catches, Jamaal Charles had 88 and a score. QB Play was average per the usual. Under 200 yards and 2 TD's for Alex Smith. Odell Beckham added 156 yards on 8 catches but it was after the game had already been decided. Matt gets a gift next week as he'll take on Kenny and that should as easy as a win you can get, while Dad takes on the aforementioned Ryan.

Game MVP
Tom Brady (The Bad Robofies)
333 Passing Yards, 4 Passing TD's, 1 Int, 27.5 points

Channel 4 News Team (8-1)                100.5
Woe Is Me (3-6)                                     63

The biggest story coming out of this was Arian Foster getting hurt. Man this would be a HUGE loss for Albert if it's serious. It sounds like he's going to be fine, but you just never know with him. Before he got hurt, he had already amassed 119 total yards and a score. Really, considering the opponent it didn't mean much. Ronnie Hillman put up two TD's, Peyton Manning had his usual 20+ point game and Anquan Boldin had 93 and a score. A.J. Green also game back and chipped a TD. Albert's basically been just as hot as Mayra, in fact Albert's only loss is against Mayra and he's won 7 in a row himself. He'll look to make it 8 against another terrible team in Mark, while Kenny takes on Matt.

Game MVP
Peyton Manning (Channel 4 News Team)
438 Passing Yards, 2 Passing TD's, 2 INT's, 22 Points

Winter Is Here (5-4)               142
Shock The Monkey (2-7)        93.5

Alex's team is JUST ROLLING right now as for the 2nd straight week he puts up the most points in the week and this week it's not even CLOSE. He built on that great Thursday start, as Marshawn Lynch finally woke up with 143 total yards and two scores. Gronk added a TD and over 100 yards, Lafell scored again, and T.Y. Hilton had 71 and a score to top off the week. Half his players scored 20 or more points. That's just insane. This is team is loaded with guys with huge upsides. I would not want to face this team in the playoffs, that's for sure. Mark actually put up a decent fight scoring 93.5 points. He was lead by Deandre Hopkins and Eric Decker who put up 36.5 points combined. It's just not even close to being enough when you're playing a team as hot as Alex's is right now. He'll take me on next, but it might be a little bit of a challenge with a few guys on bye. Mark takes on Albert next week.

Game MVP
Marshawn Lynch (Winter Is Here)
67 Rushing Yards, 2 Rushing TDs, 5 receptions, 76 receiving yards, 27.5 Points