Friday, August 24, 2012

Draft Capsule (Picks 8-10)

Here are the final 3 draft profiles

Pick 8-Me (Poseidon Angryyyy)

Previous Draft Spots- 8 in 2010
                                  10 in 2011

# of Drafted Players who stayed on my team

4 in 2010 (out of 15)
3 in 2011 (out of 15)

Previous 1st Round Picks
2010-Ryan Mathews
2011-LeSean McCoy

Playoff Appearances-2 (3rd place finish in 2010, 2nd place finish in 2011)

I have NEVER had a decent pick. After picking dead last two years in a row (2010 was an 8 team league), I once again pick.....8. I'm hit and miss when it comes to the draft. I totally fucked up 2010 by drafted Ryan Mathews AND Randy Moss with my first two picks, though I landed Hakeem Nicks and Arian Foster late. 2011 was a little better with getting McCoy at the 10 spot. I am a VERY active trader. I also believe in the trading guys while they are hot theory which has helped me (Ahmad Bradshaw for Calvin Johnson 3 years ago) and also fucked me (Matt Forte AND Hakeem Nicks for Greg Jennings, then turned around and traded Arian Foster AND Greg Jennings for Adrian Peterson cause "I didn't believe in them..yes this happened in the same season and I still somehow finished 3rd). I'm always looking to get better and when I always draft late, I don't see that  changing about me this season either.

Pick 9-Dad (The Bad Robofies)

Previous Draft Sports- 2 In 2011

# of Drafted Players who stayed on Dad's Team
7 in 2011 (out of 15)

Previous 1st round Picks
2011-Chris Johnson

Playoff Appearances-1

Dad's debut draft was meh when looking back. Chris Johnson wasn't close to the elite RB everyone was hoping for, but what helped Dad was Drew Brees and two key waiver wire pickups (Victor Cruz and Michael Bush). He kept almost half his team that he drafted, which is good. We've seen how he drafts with an early pick, now we'll see how he drafts with the 2nd to last pick of the draft.

Pick 10-Ryan (Hoosier Daddy)

Previous Draft Spots- 5 in 2010
                                    7 in 2011

# of Drafted Players who Stayed on Ryan's Team
5 in 2010 (out of 15)
6 in 2011 (out of 15)

Previous 1st Round Picks
2010-Michael Turner
2011-Rashard Mendenhall

Playoff Appearances-1 (3rd place finish in 2011)

Ryan's team was autodrafted last season, and he got lucky he snagged Cam Newton off waivers quickly. Ryan will make trades if necessary and he's also active on the waive wire. Despite the auto draft last year, he still finished 3rd overall.

That's it for the draft capsules as we get closer and closer to the draft!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Draft Capsule (Picks 4-7)

Now we'll look at the Teams picking 4-7 in the upcoming draft.

Pick 4-Kenny (Ding Ding Ding)

Previous Draft Spots- 2 in 2010
                                    9 in 2011

# of Drafted Players who stayed on Kenny's Team

4 in 2010 (out of 15)
6 in 2011 (out of 15)

Previous 1st Round Picks
2010-Adrian Peterson
2011-Aaron Rodgers

# of Playoff Appearances-1

Kenny's drafted both very high and very low and does fairly well where ever he drafts. Last year he stole Aaron Rodgers at the end of the first, but his running back combo of DeAngelo Williams and Felix Jones were pretty horrible. He did luckily hit a home run with Ryan Mathews late, but his RB #2 position was never consistent. Kenny is always very active in the waiver and trade scene which is why at the end of the season his team always looks drastically different than the original he drafted.

Pick 5-Mayra (Bigger Balls)
Mayra has no previous draft experience

Pick 6-Drew (Chardee McDennis)

Previous Draft Spots- 1 in 2010

# of Drafted Players who Stayed on Drew's Team
 6 in 2010 (out of 15)

Previous 1st round Picks
2010-Chris Johnson

# of Playoff Appearances-1

Drew had the #1 pick two years ago and used it on Chris Johnson (when he was the no brainer #1 pick). Drew's another who is very active on the waivers, but not so much on trades. He'll make trades if neccessary, but usually tends to stick with his guys he drafts or free agency. Last time Drew played he made it to the finals on the back of his top two picks (Chris Johnson and Steven Jackson).

Pick 7-Albert (Channel 4 News Team)
Previous Draft Spots- 4 in 2010
                                    5 in 2011

# of Drafted Players who Stayed on Albert's Team
3 in 2010 (out of 15)
8 in 2011 (out of 15)

Previous 1st round picks
2010-Ray Rice
2011-Arian Foster

# of Playoff Appearances-2 (Two time champion)

Albert's won both ways, by gutting his entire team in 2010, and by pretty much staying intact and just making a couple of big time moves in 2011. Both years, Tom Brady ended up being his QB even though he didn't draft him. Albert's draft was excellent last season. He got kicked off the internet and was "forced" to get Arian Foster at pick 5 and followed that with picks of Calvin Johnson, Steven Jackson, Julio Jones, and Dez Bryant. That, along with Tom Brady would be the cornerstones of his championship team. Albert has shown he's not afraid to shake things up if needed. He's also shown he's pretty damn good at draft as well.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Draft Profile Capsules Picks 1-3

Here's some interesting info on the draft history of 9 of the 10 owners in our league (Mayra's new, so has no draft history)

Pick #1-Mike (Richard Head)
Previous Draft Spots-7 in 2010
                                   6 in 2011

# of  Drafted Players who stayed on Mike's Team
5 in 2010 (out of 15)
4 in 2011 (out of 15)

Previous 1st Round picks
2010-Andre Johnson
2011-Michael Turner

# of Playoff Appearances-0

Mike has never picked in even the top 5 before this season. Not only will this be his 1st time but he also gets the coveted #1 pick. Mike tends to turnover his roster a lot, as out of the 30 players he's drafted all time, only 9 have remained on the team throughout the entire season. He traded his 1st round pick to me in 2010, and Michael Turner was a head scratcher of a pick at #6 last season. With having a top 3 pick being a huge premium this year, this might be Mike's best shot at a playoff appearance.

Pick #2-Leland (The_Twin_Killers)
Previous Draft Spots-4 in 2011

# of Drafted Players who stayed on Leland's Team
6 in 2011 (out of 15)

Previous 1st Round Picks
2011-Ray Rice

# of Playoff Appearances-1

Leland stole Ray Rice at #4 but ultimately traded him in a two for one with me. Leland would also trade away his 2nd pick to me as well. Leland drafted excellent picking Matthew Stafford in the 7th round and Rob Gronkowski in the 13th round. Leland definitely knows how to draft, and combine that with owning the #2 overall pick and The_Twin_Killers will definitely be a team to be reckoned with.

Pick #3-Matt (Dr. Wily's Robots)
Previous Draft Spots-3 in 2010
                                   1 in 2011

# of Drafted Players who stayed on Matt's Team
6 in 2010 (out of 15)
11 in 2011 (out of 15)

Previous 1st Round Picks
2010-Maurice Jones Drew
2011-Adrian Peterson

# of Playoff Appearances-1

Matt is king of the Auto-Drafts, as he has yet to show up and draft his own team. The biggest reason that it hasn't been as bad as it could be is that Matt has never had to draft outside the top 3, therefore he'll always start the season with a top 3 fantasy football player. He'll do that again this season. Usually auto-draft teams mean that the person doesn't check their team and basically is a lame duck team, but Matt still makes trades and moves throughout the season. He kept his team pretty much in tact last year and if he dropped guys it's because of season ending injuries (Fred Jackson, Kenny Britt). He had a pretty deep last year but injuries really thinned it out and led to a 9th place finish. If Matt doesn't show up again, he'll still get a coveted player, but this is one draft I wouldn't want to have on auto-pick.

I'll do picks 4-6 later on the week.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Draft Lottery Results

One of the two changes we've made to the league (along with half a point per reception) was moving up the draft order. This was a major change I wanted for a while because a big pet peeve of mine is not finding out what pick you have until 30 minutes before you draft. Knowing your draft order ahead of time can help you prepare and study what players you realistically have a shot at and is extremely helpful in mock drafts because you can plug in your draft spot to get a feel of what the real draft will be like. We used's draft generator to generate our draft order. Here are the Results

1. Richard Head (Mike)
2. The_Twin_Killers (Leland)
3. Dr. Wily's Robots (Matt)
4. Ding Ding Ding (Kenny)
5. Bigger Balls (Mayra)
6. Chardee McDennis (Drew)
7. Channel 4 News Team (Albert)
8. Poseidon Angryyyyyy (Me) (Dammitt) (Fuckkkkk) (This sucks as usual)
9. The Bad Robofies (Dad)
10. Hoosier Daddy (Ryan)

Yep for the 3rd straight year I'm picking in the bottom half of the draft.  I've never picked above 8 (8,10,8). Very unhappy with my positioning but in the past two seasons I've managed to finish 1st in the regular season and placed 3rd and 2nd respectively so a top 3 pick doesn't automatically guarantee success. Matt on the other hand is the opposite me (3,1,3). He's never picked outside the top 3 which helps him out because he autodrafts and a top 3 pick delivers a no doubt sure fire franchise player. Mike Posey will get the honor of picking 1st this season which bodes well as this season I believe there are only 3 guys worthy of that #1 slot and you can't go wrong with any of them. I believe after the top 3, picks 4-10 are a crapshoot and there are basically like 10 or 12 guys that can go from 4-10 and no one would scratch their head. I'll be doing individual draft proflies on everyone before the draft itself on September 2nd.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's that time again!! The Wayne McGarrity Bowl is BACK!!

Well, it's just that time camps are open and August and the Preseason are just around the corner which can only mean one thing. The return of the Prestigious Wayne McGarrity Bowl!! We last left off with Albert kicking my ass in a laughing excuse of a "Final" en route to his 2nd straight Wayne McGarrity Championship. Can Albert make it 3 and become an official Dynasty? Can I finally get over the hump and finish 1st in not only the regular season but the playoffs as well? Can Kenny stop getting fucked over in the most ridiculous ways possible. Will Matt actually show up to the draft?? Was my Dad's first season a fluke?? Will the return of one Andrew Mata be a godsend to such players such as DeAngelo Williams and Randy Moss?? All these questions and more will be answered as the Wayne McGarrity Bowl officially kicks off the 2012 Fantasy Football Season!!!

The Owners and Teams

Yours Truly (Poseidon Angryyyyyy)
Previous Finishes-3rd in 2010
                             2nd in 2011

I've finished 1st in the regular season the past two seasons only for my team to underachieve in the playoffs each year. Last year was the worst because I put up a pathetic effort in the Championship Finals as Albert had no problem beating me. Hopefully the trend continues and this year I finally win the big one after improving each year.

Albert Rodriguez (Channel 4 News Team)
Previous Finishes-1st in 2010
                              1st in 2011 (yeah i know sickening)

The only champion we've had since the switch to a pay league. Albert's run last year in the playoffs was even more impressive because he knocked off the #1, #2, and #3 seeds en route to a 2nd straight title. Always a threat, Albert will look to 3-peat this year and assert his dominance in the Wayne McGarrity Bowl.

Kenny Bybee (Ding Ding Ding)
Previous Finishes-5th in 2010
                              6th in 2011

Oh let thee count the ways that Kenny Bybee has been screwed over in Fantasy Football. The "Schaub Incident" in 2010 and the "Miles Austin Incident" in 2011, it's truly amazing that Kenny's coming back for another round of Fantasy Football "fun".  Of course, Kenny's sports knowledge always makes him a viable threat. The shitty luck has to stop some time right??

Ryan McKinnis (Hoosier Daddy)
Previous Finishes-8th in 2010
                              3rd in 2011

Ryan went from dead last in 2010 to placing in the top 3 in 2011. He wasn't able to attend the draft last year leading to an auto picked team that drafted Peyton Manning as his QB. Luckily he rolled the dice on Cam Newton and finished 2nd in the regular season earning a bye before falling victim to Albert. This year he should be at the draft thus leading to hopefully a better drafted team.

Mike Posey (Richard Head)
Previous Finishes-6th in 2010
                              8th in 2011

Mike's kinda just been around, which is surprising because pre Wayne McGarrity Bowl he had a pretty nice track record in fantasy football. Last year he made a drastic attempt to overhaul his team and it really didn't work leading to a 2nd straight year of no playoffs. Mike's got the fantasy football pedigree to turn it around so it won't be a surprise to anyone if he was a contender for the championship.

Matt Gonzales (Dr. Wily's Robots)
Previous Finishes-4th in 2010
                              9th in 2011

Matt is the last of the "Original 8" who have participated in both seasons. He's also the only one who has never shown up to the draft, relying on AUTO DRAFT POWERRRR to work its magic. It really looked like last year would be the year that it would work but a sub par Philip Rivers season combined with crushing injuries to Kenny Britt, Fred Jackson, and Adrian Peterson derailed Matt's season and lead to a 2nd to last finish last season. Will Matt risk another year of auto drafting? Only time will tell.

Leland Lawrence (The_Twin_Killers)
Previous Finishes-4th in 2011

Leland was our wild card internet entrant last season and has returned for his second season in the Wayne McGarrity Bowl. It's very obvious he knows his stuff and his two playoff games vs Kenny and me were probably the games of the playoffs because they were very closely contested. He barely managed to sneak by Kenny, and in return I barely managed to sneak by him. Definitely a contender to look out for this year.

Robert Puente (The Bad Robofies)
Previous Finishes-5th in 2011

The biggest surprise of all season. Most thought my dad would be just a place filler. A team that everyone would beat up on and get easy wins. That was FAR from the case. Despite a HORRIBLE Chris Johnson season, Dad made a couple of huge key pickups (Victor Cruz, Michael Bush) a nice trade (Overrated DeSean Jackson for Underrated Brandon Lloyd) and with Drew Brees managed to go 9-4 and tie for the best regular season record. The only thing that hurt him was lack of scoring which is why he ended up the 3rd seed in the playoffs. He lost to Albert in the first round but at the end of the day who didn't?? It was a very impressive debut for Dad, and we'll see if he can build on that momentum this season.

These are the 8 that have returned from last season. If my math serves me correct, this is a 10 team league, and 10-8=2, so that means two people have departed and 2 spots are open correct? Yes, Cindy Crisp and Zach Schroeder
 will not being playing this season and we wish them the best in their future endeavors. So who's filling their spots, well glad you asked...

Making his triumphant return....

Andrew Mata (Chardee McDennis)
Previous Finishes-2nd in 2010

After a 1 year hiatus, Andrew Mata has returned to the Wayne McGarrity Bowl. Last time we saw Drew was in the Championship Final in 2010 against Albert where he lost. Drew's always a top contender in any sport we play and he's known for having a knack for picking guys late and turning them into stars. We'll see if Drew has any "rust" from missing out on a year or he picks up from where he last left the league.

Mayra Lopez (Bigger Balls)
The only new player in the season's draft is also the first co-worker to play in the league. Mayra's husband has a pretty good track record of his own, so we'll see if Mayra's learned a thing or two. All I know is, I won't live it down at work if she ends beating me when we go against each other.

Those are the teams and owners for this season's Wayne McGarrity Bowl! The next step is the draft lottery followed by the actual draft itself on September 2nd. There's a lot of planning left for those involved, as the draft is the most crucial process of the whole season. Should be an interesting season indeed.