Saturday, August 15, 2015

Roster Overview Part IV

Time to look at last year's rosters for each team and make observations on what each team might be looking to do as far as their keeper situation. I'll be doing this in 4 installments of 3 teams apiece. Here's the fourth and final installment.

Leland (No Soup For You)

QB- Andy Dalton, Cam Newton

WR- Josh Gordon, Jarvis Landry, Marques Colston, Reuben Randle, Brandin Cooks, Justin Hunter, Andre Holmes

RB- LeSean McCoy, Matt Asiata, Carlos Hyde, Devonta Freeman

TE-Travis Kelce, Vernon Davis, Tyler Eifert

Potential Keepers: LeSean McCoy

Overview: Ever since winning it all two years ago, it's been a struggle for Leland as he's finished near the bottom the past two seasons. Leland went young with upside last season, but it just never really panned out. He did pick up an extra 6th rounder for Mike Evans from Mayra, and since he picks at #2, I really can't see being McCoy his first round pick. My guess is he starts from scratch and sees what is out there.

Mark (Shock The Monkey)

QB- Matt Ryan

WR- Malcolm Floyd, Eric Decker, James Jones, Michael Crabtree, Deandre Hopkins

RB- Steven Jackson, Bishop Sankey, Darren Sproles, Montee Ball, Knowshon Moreno, Steven Ridley

TE- Dwayne Allen, Anthony Fasano

Potential Keepers- N/A

Overview: This is a god awful roster and I can't believe my worthless shit team couldn't even beat the crap out of this team. Like Leland the year before, wasting a high round pick (2nd round Montee Ball) on a high risk high reward player basically finished Mark off. He was the first to concede the season by trading away Matt Forte (and Mike Wallace) to Mayra for an extra 3rd this season. He'll get to see the benefit of that trade now, and there's no doubt he'll be starting over from scratch as there is no one remotely worth keeping at #5 overall.

Me (Kumamon Express)

QB- Johnny Manziel, Alex Smith

WR- Torrey Smith, Vincent Jackson, Keenan Allen, Martavis Bryant, Nate Washington

RB- Tre Mason, C.J. Anderson, Isaiah Crowell, Ben Tate, Reggie Bush, Latavius Murray

TE- Heath Miller

Potential Keepers- C.J.Anderson

Overview- The hilarious thing is, all things considered, this team doesn't even look THAT bad. If drafting today, many would be totally happy with a C.J. Anderson/Latavius Murray backfield. Yet, I only won 3 games. The previous version of my team before all the trades was nothing but the biggest collection of overhyped busts ever assembled. I've seriously never seen a group of sad sacks achieve way less than they were supposed to. I spent the latter half of the season just throwing out a make shift CFL team, though C.J. Anderson was the long bright spot and what was my worst season ever in the history of playing this game. He's a legit keeper candidate, and if I don't keep him, there's probably no way he slips out of the 2nd round without someone taking him. I'm obviously starting over, but with an extra 3,5,8 and 9 in my possession I'm looking for a big time rebound season. Hopefully the draft swings in my favor because I DO NOT want a repeat of last year's horrific nightmare.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Roster Overview Part III

Time to look at last year's rosters for each team and make observations on what each team might be looking to do as far as their keeper situation. I'll be doing this in 4 installments of 3 teams apiece. Here's Part III.

Dad (The Bad Robofies)

QB- Tom Brady, Russell Wilson

WR- Jordan Matthews, Mohamed Sanu, Brandon Marshall, Kendall Wright, Terrance Williams

RB- Gio Bernard, Alfred Morris, Joique Bell, Terrance West, DeAngelo Williams

TE- Jimmy Graham, Charles Clay

Potential Keepers: Jimmy Graham

Overview: Unfortunately not only did Dad not make the playoffs, he surrendered his 3rd round pick to me in the trade for Brandon Marshall, which did not work out at all. Gio Bernard was a bust, and Tom Brady and Russell Wilson were so good that Dad had to try to alternate between them, which was a difficult task to say the least. Dad picks at #3 so although Jimmy Graham might seem like a keepable prospect (TE is paper thin) no way he keeps him at #3 overall. Dad's going to be looking to start over from scratch and lucky for him having a high pick and the amount of talent that will be available, should give Dad a nice foundation to rebuild on.

Kenny (Woe Is Me)

QB- Tony Romo

WR- Doug Baldwin, Charles Johnson, Michael Floyd, Reggie Wayne, John Brown

RB- Daniel Herron, Jonathan Stewart, Pierre Thomas, Chris Johnson

TE- Coby Fleener

Potential Keepers: N/A

Overview: Kenny started the year with Demaryius Thomas and Calvin Johnson and ended it with...two extra 3rd rounders for this year's draft. Now it's time for Kenny to cash in those trade chips as there is no doubt those picks give Kenny a HUGE advantage for this season. He has no keepable players so he's starting from scratch plus he gets his pick of what's unkept as he drafts #1 overall. If he plays his cards right, this has the makings of what could be a championship caliber roster.

Ryan (Hoosier Daddy)

QB- Josh McCown

WR- Roddy White, Pierre Garcon, Wes Welker, Marquess Wilson, Andrew Hawkins, Dwayne Bowe

RB- Jeremy Hill, Chris Ivory, Charles Sims, Lorenzo Taliaferro, Jonas Gray

TE- Jason Witten, Brent Celek

Keepable Players-Jeremy Hill

Overview: Ryan was the 2nd most active in trading off talent for picks as he acquired an extra 3 and 4 for Alshon Jeffrey and Eddie Lacy respectively. He still actually has a keepable player in Jeremy Hill, who many are high on this year. Is he worth taking 4th overall? I'm not sure, it depends how much Ryan likes Hill, and also the mystery of who will be actually available there at #4, because it's almost a given Hill won't be there by the time Ryan picks again in the 2nd round.  Interesting situation to keep an eye on, and Ryan should field a championship caliber team with those extra picks.