Saturday, November 30, 2013

Week 12 Awards

Here are the awards from Week 12

Wane McGarity Stud Of The Week
Josh Gordon (Passion De La Puente)
14 receptions, 237 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 36 points
Browns looking for playoff pulse against Jaguars 
This was a high scoring affair and since Mike only beat Mayra by 8 points, he needed every one of Josh Gordon's 36 points. It was a big time performance in a big time situation.

Michael Wiley Duds Of The Week
Alfred Morris/Frank Gore (Channel 4 News Team)
83 combined rushing yards, 1 combined reception, 3 combined receiving yards, 8.5 points combined

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Washington Redskins   
San Francisco 49ers v Washington Redskins 
This is why projections are just that. Down 10 points against Ryan going into Monday Night, Albert shouldn't even have had to pay attention to this game with both his stud running backs still playing. All he needed was a measly 5 points per running back in a PPR no less. And THIS is why Fantasy Football can be so cruel. Alfred Morris is a tad understandable, the 49ers run defense IS good, but for Frank Gore to not be able to get the 10 points ON HIS OWN against a bad Redskins D? Wow....insane. One of the worst performances from an elite running back combo this season. It might even end up costing Albert a playoff berth.They both deserve this award.

Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Award
Nate Burelson (Not Even Lying)
7 receptions, 77 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Detroit Lions 
Obviously Nate won't be getting a Week 13 award with a 0 catch performance on Thanksgiving, but last week with Percy Harvin on bye, Kenny needed a bye week fill in and took a shot on Burleson who was coming back from an injury of his own. It paid off big time. 16.5 points from his WR#4, you'll take that all day.

 Tony Romo Bad Decision Award
Me playing Chris Ogbonnaya over Montee Ball and Mark Ingram
RADIO: Chris Ogbonnaya on his football journey 
I knew the LeSean McCoy bye would end up being a big deal and it was. With no real backup to use, I had to play Crappy RB Roulette. Initially, Montee Ball was my choice. I had seen the Broncos were using him more especially in goal line situations and he snaked a couple TD's against the Chiefs from Knowshon Moreno. Then, it was announced Darren Sproles would be inactive, so I picked up Mark Ingram with the intention of using HIM in a game against the awful Atlanta Defense. Once again, i chickened out and went with the guy I thought would get more guaranteed touches. I had a 1 in 3 shot and natrually I picked the wrong guy. Ogbonnaya was AWFUL. He fumbled and basically never saw another snap after that. He finished with a pathetic 2 points. Though Ingram, and Ball weren't any better, they both finished with 3 and 4.5 respectively. Hell, even Lamar Miller, who I had no inclination of using because of his matchup with the Panthers had 5! I lost by half a point. If I play any of those guys, I win. Instead of cruising with a guaranteed bye, I'm now fighting for it in Week 13. Horrible decision making by me.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Day Overview

Thanksgiving Day is always a favorite of mine. Who wouldn't like spending the day with family and friends, delicious food, and a triple header of NFL Football? Especially, when you have a player in each game that's on your fantasy team like I did. Fantasy wise, it was better for some than others, and I'll provide a Team by Team breakdown in a second, but first HUGE PLAYOFF CHANGING NEWS. Apparently, the NFL provided a stat correction RGIII for Week 12, causing Matt and Drew's tie to turn into a Week 12 victory for Drew. This is big, because Drew's playoff run has been revived YET AGAIN. This is the 1st time a stat correction has affected an outcome of a game in our league, and boy did it come at the biggest time possible. Drew went from being in the hunt to being eliminated by me, to being in the hunt again, to being eliminated by Matt, to for a 3rd time, be in the hunt again. It's going to be tough, as Drew's going to need A LOT of help, if he wants to clinch a shot, but I'm pretty sure Drew's not complaining about being granted one more shot to make the tournament. Here are the team by team Turkey Day Plays.

The Bad Robofies
Turkey Day Plays: Rod Streater, Ray Rice
Total Pts: 15.5 points

Overview: If you're Mark, you're content with Dad's Thanksgiving Day score, as neither Rod Streater nor Ray Rice reached their projections. You might be a little disappointed that Ray Rice wasn't as god awful as he was in the past, but still, he was held under double digits. I actually think Streater is the more disappointing stat line, as with Denarius Moore out, he was figured to be the go to guy for Matt McGloin. Andre Holmes, however, took the majority of McGloin's targets, leaving Streater with modest performance. At the end of the day though, this is nothing more than a tune-up match for Dad, and a loss wouldn't effect him in the least.

Danny's Little Giants
Turkey Day Plays: Matthew Stafford, Jason Witten, Torrey Smith
Total Pts: 44.5

Overview: Here's an example of each kind of performance in the fantasy game. Matthew Stafford basically met expectations in his matchup with the Packers. Things were looking REALLY bad for him at first, because a)turnovers, he had 3 including a lost fumble and b)the running game was looking so dominant, it looked like passing might not be necessary. Luckily Stafford threw for 330 yards, and what really saved his day was a 20 yard TD pass that was amazingly caught one handed by Kevin Ogletree in garbage time. He basically met his projected points with 20. Jason Witten on the other hand, underperformed against the Raiders. Once again, this was another game where running to precedent over passing, but unlike Stafford, Witten was unable to overcome it. He only had 3 catches for 53 yards, missing his projection by 3.5 points. Then there was the overachiever performance. Torrey Smith, who most experts said should be on peoples benches (I'll never understand why some experts encourage you to bench your better players based on matchups, in a 12 team league, the chances that you have 4 wide receivers better than Torrey Smith is very small at best, I always hear this on NBC's stupid Fantasy Football Live Show, I wouldn't play (insert star here), but you know what YOU WOULD PLAY HIM, because you HAVE TO. He might not be an elite option that week, but if you're telling me to play Rod Streater or Justin Hunter over Torrey Smith because Streater plays Dallas or Hunter has a jucier matchup, that's beyond idiotic. Smith is still the better receiver and is a WR #2 with WR#4 downside at worst. Streater is a WR #3 with WR#5/6 downside, it drives me crazy..anyway back to the overview). So I "went against the grain" and of course stuck with Torrey Smith and he rewarded me handsomely. He caught a 55 yard off the bat, was tackled at the 1, but ended up getting that TD on that drive. He finished with 93 and a score and 18 points. Double his projection...yeah I feel sorry for the lemmings that actually live and die by these overpaid idiots. Yes, I KNOW V-Jax has a terrible matchup this week (another guy experts are advocating sitting on your bench), but I'm not gonna start Dexter McCluster because of it. Could he suck...yup he already did last time around, but just like Torrey Smith, the upside of 18 or more fantasy points is well worth the risk and 10 times out of 10 in our league, I'm starting V-Jax no matter what. So yeah, I'll go with good start for me, but not higher, cause the Witten performance dragged it down a bit.

Not Even Lying
Turkey Day Plays: Calvin Johnson, Nate Burleson, Rashad Jennings
Total Pts: 34.5

Overview: It's a little worrisome that Nate Burleson got completely shutout, i mean taking a 0 sucks bad, it's like a 8-7 advantage, but Calvin did his things (100 and a score) and Jennings scored two TD's of his own (against the embarrassing shitty Cowboys Defense) to hold down the fort. Jennings did concussed, so that's something Kenny has to be aware of, but for this week, despite the 0,  I think Kenny's fine and still in line for a W.

Passion De La Puente
Turkey Day Plays: Tony Romo, Jarrett Boykin
Total Pts: 13

Overview: I hope Mike's real Thanksgiving went better than his fantasy football one. Dreadful is the only way to describe his start. If I could re pick, I'd say Drew wins this hands down now. A big 0 from Boykin , followed by a lackluster Tony Romo performance. Considering Zac Stacy's concussion issue and matchup, it's not looking good for Mike and that #2 bye. Good thing a playoff berth wasn't at stake here.

 Bigger Balls
Turkey Day Plays: Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, Dez Bryant
Total Points: 42

Overview: If you want to beat Kenny, your guys have to be on their A-Game. Mayra really needed one of those game changing Dez Bryant games, with like 2 or 3 TD's and a 150 yards. Unfortunately, he basically did what he was projected for. A TD saved his day, but 61 yards against the Raiders is beyond disappointing. Antonio Brown was even more disappointing. He only had 59 yards and barely got half his projected points. With her two best plays done with mediocre plays, and Knowshon Moreno's status still up in the air, I'm not seeing how Mayra pulls this off even with a Burleson 0 (there's a possibility that Greg Jennings matches this). At least Big Ben was surprisingly good. He finished with 257 and 2 TD's for 19 points.

Shock The Monkey
Turkey Day Plays: Miles Austin
Total Pts: 1.5

Overview: Not a great start for Mark at all, but it's only 1 play, and it was his WR #4 at that. It's nothing to overreact to, but it would've been great to get some kind of performance from Miles. One of his god awful wide receivers is going to have to step up, and he's wasted one now with Miles.

Channel 4 News Team
Turkey Day Plays: Brandon Pettigrew
Total Pts: .5

Overview: Same as Mark. It's one play and it's Albert's tight end, so it's not the end of the world, but in a game with the Lions had well over 500 yards total yards offense, it sucks Pettigrew only attributed 6 yards of it. His bigger problem is how out of their mind his opponent's player played which we'll get to in a sec.

Dr. Light's Robots
Turkey Day Plays: Jordy Nelson
Total Pts: 2

Overview: Ouch....first Matt finds out that he didn't tie, he lost to Drew, then the Packers crap the bed, and because of how god awful shitty Matt Flynn, Jordy Nelson has his worst game of the season at the worst time possible. Nelson had 1 catch for 9 yards until the very last drive of the game where he caught one more pass. Again, one player won't make or break you, but it's not the kind of start Matt wanted. Especially since points are involved in a tiebreaker if he does indeed still pull off the win.

I'm A Paul Heyman Guy
Turkey Day Plays: Reggie Bush
Total Pts: 23.5

Overview: The stars aligned for Drew yesterday. First of all, he's back in the playoff hunt thanks to a stat correction. Then Reggie Bush scores 10.5 more than Posey's two players combined. Bush started the game with a fumble, but quickly recovered with 182 combined yards and a score. Momentum has swung Drew's way, and if he can keep the scoring up, he might find his way into the playoffs after all.

Turkey Day Plays: James Jones
Total Pts: 8.5

Overview: Thanks to a garbage 50 yard grab in the ending minute of the 4th quarter James Jones reached his projected total. With Matt Flynn at QB, it's a miracle he even did that. 

Hoosier Daddy
Turkey Day Plays: Eddie Lacy
Total Pts: 4

Overview: Well...if this was a meaningful game, I'd say Eddie Lacy being a non factor was HUGE. 4 points for Ryan's RB#1 is really bad. However, in the grand scheme things, it only matters for Ryan's pride.

Springville Warrior
Turkey Day Plays: DeMarco Murray
Total Pts: 29.5

Overview: I love the unpredictability of this game. Here's Eugene, playing for absolutely nothing, win or lose, taking on Albert who's got the far superior team and is trying to make the playoffs, and is set up for a pretty easy win on paper. On paper that is. DeMarco Murray decided to go NUTS. 102 combined yards and not 1,2 but 3 TD'S. Yikes. 29.5 points. This "easy win" just got a little bit more difficult. 


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Week 13 Matchups and Predictions

Well...this is it, the final week of the fantasy regular season. The only things we know are a) Dad has the #1 seed and bye and b) 4 teams have clinched playoff berths. That means the #2 bye and two playoff spots are up for grabs. The scenarios are numerous and headache inducing. This is going to be the craziest finish that the Wane McGarity Bowl has had in a while. It all comes down to this. Here's the final week matchups.

Danny's Little Giants (8-4) vs
Dr. Light's Robots (5-6-1)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: I lead series 7-2
Last Matchup: I beat Matt 124-76.5 in  Week 2

What's At Stake
For Me: The #2 bye. If I win and score high enough points to fend off Kenny and Mike, I'll get the 2nd bye.

For Matt: A Playoff Berth. He'll need help, but with that tie he's one step closer than Albert. For a playoff berth Matt would need to win and need either one or both Mark and Mayra to lose. A loss elminiates Matt from contention.

Key Players
Danny's Little Giants: Matthew Stafford (Packers) Brandon Marshall (Vikings) Pierre Garcon (Giants) Vincent Jackson (Panthers) Torrey Smith (Steelers) Jason Witten (Raiders) LeSean McCoy (Cardinals)

Dr. Light's Robots: Robert Griffin III (Giants) Jordy Nelson (Lions) Jamaal Charles (Broncos) Andre Brown (Redskins) Roddy White (Bills) Marques Colston (Seahawks) Jordan Reed (Giants)

Wild Cards
Danny's Little Giants: Difficult matchups for V-Jax, Torrey Smith and McCoy. Which Chris Johnson Shows up?

Dr. Light's Robots: RGIII struggles. Jordan Reed back from concussion. WR production outside of Jordy.

Yahoo Says: I win 111-95
I Say: Matt wins. Nope, sorry team, after yall lost to a rag n tag Leland team, I have 0 confidence yall can get the job done. It doesn't help the matchups suck for nearly half my team. I doubt I score 100 much 111, I fucking hate Yahoo's scoring projections. I had my chance at the bye and blew it. I'll have to go the long way if I'm gonna win the title. For Matt, since I think Mayra will lose her matchup, I think Matt sneaks in as the #6 seed.

Next!!!!!! (5-7) vs
Hoosier Daddy (3-9)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Leland Leads series 4-0
Last Matchup: Leland beat Ryan 113-88.5 in Week 2

What's at Stake:Nothing...unless Leland cares about his undefeated streak against Ryan.

Key Players
Next!!!!: Tom Brady (Texans) Steve Smith (Bucs) Danny Woodhead (Bengals) C.J. Spiller (Falcons)

Hoosier Daddy: Cam Newton (Bucs) Larry Fitzgerald (Eagles) Harry Douglas (Bills) DeSean Jackson (Cardinals) Eddie Lacy (Lions) Julius Thomas (Chiefs)

Wild Cards
Next!!!: Production from everyone outside Tom Brady

Hoosier Daddy: Difficult matchup for Jackson and Lacy.

Yahoo Says: Ryan wins 100-79
I Say: Ryan wins. The battle of the two spoilers. One possibly ruined a playoff berth (Ryan) and one possibly ruined a bye (Leland). Unlike my sack of shit team, Ryan's won't buckle under pressure and his guys will show up and win like they should. It would be a disappointing end to a disappointing season for last year's champion.

Passion De La Puente (8-4) vs
I'm A Paul Heyman Guy (4-7-1)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Mike Leads series 2-1
Last Matchup: Mike beat Drew 93-69.5

What's at Stake
For Mike: #2 bye. Mike has to either win and outscore me and Kenny or win and have me and Kenny lose. He can also lose and hope me and Kenny both lose as well and he outscores us.

Key Players
Passion De La Puente: Tony Romo (Raiders) Josh Gordon (Jaguars) Wes Welker (Chiefs) Jarrett Boykin (Lions) Marshawn Lynch (Saints) Zac Stacy* (49ers)

I'm A Paul Heyman Guy: Adrian Peterson (Bears) Reggie Bush (Packers) Kendall Wright (Colts) Keenan Allen (Bengals) Michael Floyd (Eagles)

Wild Cards
Passion De La Puente: Zac Stacy concussion. Marquise Goodwin over Tony Gonzalez

I'm A Paul Heyman Guy: E.J. Manuel over Luck. Jordan Cameron bounce back? What kind of production from Receiving group?

Yahoo Says: Mike wins 96-93
I Say: I'm gonna say Mike, but this could be very scary. I'm not a huge fan of the E.J. Manuel spot start, but those receivers are capable of HUGE games and you combine that with Peterson/Bush and it might be enough to outscore and upset Mike here. I still think Mike has the firepower to fend Drew off, and if Zac Stacy does miss, he still has Pierre "Money" Thomas to fill in that #2 spot. I think Mike wins, but finishes as the #3 seed because of Kenny.

Not Even Lying (8-4) vs
Bigger Balls (6-6)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Mayra Leads series 2-1
Last Matchup: Mayra beat Kenny 131.5-91

What's At Stake
For Kenny: #2 bye. Kenny needs to win and outscore me and Mike, or win and Me and Mike lose. He can also get the bye if we all lose and Kenny outscores us.

For Mayra: A playoff berth. Mayra is in the upper tier of hopefuls and she was in the same exact spot last season. Win and you're in. That's it. 7 wins gets in and she doesn't need help. However, if she loses, not all hope is lost, she can still get in multiple ways via various combinations of losses/wins from the other 3 contenders. She wouldn't want to go down to points though, out of the 4 teams going for those two spots, she has the 2nd worst points.

Key Players
Not Even Lying: Drew Brees (Seahawks) Calvin Johnson (Packers) Demaryius Thomas (Chiefs) Rashad Jennings (Cowboys)

Bigger Balls: Antonio Brown (Ravens) Dez Bryant (Raiders) Alshon Jeffrey (Vikings) Knowshon Moreno*(Chiefs) Vernon Davis (Rams)

Wild Cards
Not Even Lying: Drew Brees Difficult Matchup. Percy Harvin Good to go?

Bigger Balls; Bad matchup for Antonio Brown/Roethlisberger. Knowshon's health. Lack of Depth at RB

Yahoo Says: Kenny wins 106-96
I Say: Kenny wins and I think he wins BIG. Sucks for Mayra that her playoff hopes hang on having to beat Kenny. The Calvin trade was a godsend and I'm still pissed that when I drafted Calvin last year, he wasn't close to being this good. Losing Moreno is a brutal break, and even if he plays he might be limited. Also Ravens-Steelers should be low scoring which doesn't bode well for Roethlisberger/Brown. Having to depend on Mendenhall is very risky and whyyy is Greg Jennings still starting on a roster?? Kenny wins and gets the 2nd bye...bastard. (I hope my jinx shit works big time here)

The Bad Robofies (10-2) vs
Shock The Monkey (6-6)

All Time Record
Matchup Stats: Mark Leads Series 1-0
Last Matchup: Mark beat Dad 86.5-66.5

What's at Stake
For Dad: Nothing. Dad can sit and enjoy stress free football for the next two weeks.

For Mark: A playoff berth. Mark's freefall is well documented. Luckily that 5-0 start afforded him to still be in the hunt and he STILL has the best shot out of anybody left based on position and matchup. He wins and he's in. That simple. No relying on anyone for help. He's also one of only two teams that have beaten Dad. If he loses, all isn't lost, he like Mayra, have multiple ways they can still get in, but with low points, he better hope Albert and Matt both lose as well to secure a spot.

Key Players
The Bad Robofies: Colin Kaepernick (Rams) Anquan Boldin (Rams) Andre Johnson (Patriots) Jimmy Graham (Seahawks)

Shock The Monkey: Victor Cruz (Redskins) Nick Foles (Cardinals) Matt Forte (Vikings) Rob Gronkowski (Texans)

Wild Cards
The Bad Robofies: RB Depth

Shock The Monkey: WR production. RB#2 production.

Yahoo Says: Mark wins 95-87
I Say: Mark FINALLY wins. I've been picking against Dad all year and been dead wrong so why change now? Honestly though, of the 4 teams with a chance at a spot, Mark has the best chance. Chris Ivory is questionable and Dad has until tomorrow to either use Darren McFadden or risk waiting and use the unusable Jacquizz Rodgers. I don't think it's a slam dunk, especially because of Mark's horrible group of receivers, but he has a solid chance at defeating Dad and getting a playoff spot.

Channel 4 News Team (5-7) vs
Springville-Warrior (3-9)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Eugene leads series 1-0
Last Matchup: Eugene beat Albert 117-95 in Week 2

What's at Stake
For Albert: A playoff berth. Out of the 4 teams, Albert's got the toughest road thanks that disappointing loss to Ryan last week. The two time champion must not only win but also get help by hoping 2 out of Mark, Mayra, and Matt lose. The winning part is a given. Albert just had a better squad then Eugene, and should be a lock for a winner. The help part though, that may be tricky.

Key Players
Channel 4 News Team: Peyton Manning (Chiefs) A.J. Green (Chargers) Alfred Morris (Giants) Frank Gore (Rams)

Springville-Warrior: Russell Wilson (Saints) Eric Decker (Chiefs) Antonio Gates (Bengals) DeMarco Murray (Raiders) Gio Bernard (Chargers)

Wild Cards
Channel 4 News Team: Tough Matchup for T.Y. Hilton

Springville-Warrior: WR Production

Yahoo Says: Albert wins 92-75
I Say: Albert wins. Should be an easy win for Albert. Will he get the help he needs though? According to my predictions no cause I have both Matt and Mark winning, but neither of those is a lock and I actually like his chances over Mayra. If he gets'll be bad for the other 5 teams.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Week 12 Results: Craziness

Wow, one word sums up Week 12..craziness. What an unbelievable unpredictable week 12. Shocking upsets, close games, last minute wins, it all happened at an important time in the season. The only thing for certain is that Dad has officially clinched the #1 seed with his win. The 2nd bye is still up for grabs, and the last two playoff spots are still up for grabs between 4 teams. There is so much on the line for Week 13 thanks to the results of Week 12. Let's get to it.

Next!!!! (5-7)                         90
Danny's Little Giants (8-4) 89.5

Remember that "let down" week I've been waiting and waiting for. Well, here it is. Deja Vu allllllllllll over again. Leland screwed up my playoff push last year in the same exact week by forcing a tie that ended up costing me playoff spot because Bryce Brown was short 2 yards. This time, Leland might end up screwing me out of a playoff bye because Pierre Garcon was short 2 yards and I lose by half a point. Half a fucking point. Unreal, but typical for me. That's why I don't trust my teams ever. My losses are legendary heartbreakers. Out of my 4 losses, 3 of them are 5 points and under. Basically my team underachieved and Leland's guys played over their projections lead by Tom Brady and Danny Woodhead (2 TD's). Brady had a crappy 1st half but redeemed himself in the 2nd half with 3 2nd half TD's and 344 passing yards overall. The rest of his team just did enough. For me, LeSean McCoy on bye ended up being huge. Chris Ogbonnaya was a HORRIBLE spot start. He fumbled and only finished with 2 points. Chris Johnson returned to shitty Chris Johnson with only 70 rushing yards. My receivers just flat out didn't come through in great matchups besides Brandon Marshall and Jason Witten. Matthew Stafford also decided to throw 4 interceptions as well. Alll that and I still only lose by half a point because Pierre Garcon couldn't get two more yards on that last screen play to him. Now it makes week 13 a MUST WIN for me for the 2nd bye against Matt. My loss allowed Kenny and Mike back in the bye conversation. Leland takes on Ryan in the irrelevant bowl next week, but I think he's done his job by playing spoiler.

Game MVP
Tom Brady (Next!!!)
344 Passing Yards, 3 Passing TD's, 1 fumble lost, 23 points)

Dr. Light's Robots (5-6-1)                94.5
I'm A Paul Heyman Guy (4-7-1)     94.5

Yep....Drew got the "me" treatment this year. A tie..can you believe this?! All Matt needed was 6 points from RGIII. Nope, he was TERRIBLE. 5.5 points which I believe he got an extra point on his last 8 yard run to officially tie it. This officially finishes Drew off as a playoff contender. How things were going, if he would've won, he would've still been in. A tie is just as bad as a loss though. Matt had a terrible start to the week with Colston and Roddy White starting so bad, but thanks to Jamaal Charles (115 rushing yards and 2 TD's) and great spot start games from Jared Cook and Tim Wright (27 points combined) plus a nice rushing yard performance from Andre Brown (127 rushing yards, 17 points total) he was looking at an easy win with RGIII left. WRONG. For Drew, underwhelming performances from Andrew Luck, Danny Amendola and Garrett Graham did him in. Reggie Bush could've been better but still had double digit points. All that sit him talk about Adrian Peterson was stupid. He was awesome as usual (146 and a score). Just a bad break for Drew, who had a playoff revival for a week after looking at the schedule and seeing he had a chance. For Matt, the tie sucks, but it's better than a loss and if he beats me next week, he's got that half a win edge to beat out someone like Albert. Drew will try to play spoiler now against Mike next week.

Game MVP
Jamaal Charles (Dr. Light's Robots)
115 rushing yards, 2 rushing TD's, 4 receptions, 42 receiving yards, 29 points

Passion De La Puente (8-4)                    118.5
Bigger Balls (6-6)                                   110.5

Mike escapes with a win, that almost turned into disaster Monday Night, after Vernon Davis caught two TD's passes for Mayra and then narrowly missed a 3rd one. Instead, he outscored Mayra in a shootout, and now has an excellent shot at getting a bye. Thanks to a MONSTER game from Josh Gordon (237 receiving yards and a TD) plus good games from Coby Fleener, Zac Stacy, and  Jarrett Boykin, Mike was able to secure his 8th win and 2nd straight playoff berth. The bad news though, is that Zac Stacy suffered a concussion and his week 13 status is up in the air. That would be a terrible blow for Mike, as Stacy has been a beast since he's been the Rams starter. For Mayra, the news gets worse. She got a 224 rushing performance from Knowshon Moreno, but in the process he suffered an ankle injury and his status is in question too. Terrible break and she plays Kenny as well. If she doesn't have Moreno for week 13, it would be difficult to beat Kenny at less than 100% strength. Antonio Brown proved that it doesn't matter who's covering him, he's still a beast. He had 92 and a score. Dez Bryant was better, but still he's not producing at that elite level that everyone is used to. He finished 86 yards and a fumble. Alshon Jeffrey was also a disappointment considering the matchup. He only had 6 points. So Mayra, with her playoff hopes on the line, has to beat Kenny in Week 13 to get in. Mike, with his BYE hopes on the line, has to beat Drew in Week 13 to have a shot at the 2nd bye. Like I said, very interesting stuff.

Game MVP
Josh Gordon (Passion De La Puente)
14 receptions, 237 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 36 points
Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon (12) is tackled by Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor (24) after a catch in the fourth quarter of an NFL football game Sunday, Nov. 24, 2013, in Cleveland. The Steelers won 27-11

Not Even Lying (8-4)                      106
Shock The Monkey (6-6)                 80.5

The only matchup that wasn't determined by the Monday Night Game. Kenny easily dispatches Mark and now sets himself up with an excellent shot at a bye. It's a three way battle between me, Kenny, and Mike for that #2 bye. At the very least though, this win earned Kenny a playoff berth, his 2nd in 4 seasons. Nobody was "light's out" for Kenny, but everyone outside of Charles Clay, was solid. 7 out of his 8 players had 12 or more points, but noone had more than Drew Brees' 19. For Mark...just what else can you say??? The fact that despite the continuous freefall all he has to do is win to get in is astounding. He's now 1-6 in his last 7 games, including a 5 game losing streak. He now has both a 5 game winning streak and a 5 game losing streak in this season. Victor Cruz was beyond abysmal. He fumbled, and only finished with 1 point. That receiving group has killed Mark basically all this 2nd half of the season. He only got 13 points for his 3 receivers and flex. Ryan Fitzpatrick was a great spot start with 320 and 2 TD's, but still it didn't matter with the rest of team underperforming. Matt Forte didn't make an impact either. So now it comes down to this. If he can beat my Dad, who is 10-2 and riding an 8 game winning streak, he'll get in for sure. If not, his points might not be enough to keep him in the playoffs. Kenny needs to beat Mayra in Week 13, to keep his bye hopes alive.

Game MVP
Drew Brees (Not Even Lying)
278 passing yards, 2 passing TD's, 19 points

The Bad Robofies (10-2)     83
Springville-Warrior (3-9)    63.5

This was actually closer than the score indicates as Dad was down 27 points going into Monday Night. But thanks to 46.5 points from Colin Kaepernick and Anquan Boldin (who connected for two TD's) Dad picks up win #10, an 8th straight win, and most importantly he wrapped up the #1 seed in the league. He's guaranteed to play for money now. Does it matter who didn't do anything for Dad? He always finds away despite horrible running back play, a 0 from Aaron Dobson, and a crappy Andre Johnson game. For Eugene, Alex Smith was a great spot start with 294 and 3 passing TD's,  and DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews combined for 26.5 points, but outside of that, just typical production from what is a pretty weak team that got decimated by the bye week this week. Dad is on cruise control for the next two weeks, as they are relatively meaningless games. He can still play spoiler to Mark and deny him a playoff spot by beating him next week. Albert is thanking his lucky stars he gets to play Eugene in week 13. A win against Eugene, would give Albert a shot at still making the playoffs.

Game MVP
Anquan Boldin (The Bad Robofies)
5 receptions, 94 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's, 23.5 points

Hoosier Daddy (3-9)               88.5
Channel 4 News Team (5-7)   87 least with me, although it was a very shitty loss, I've already clinched a playoff spot so at the end of the day, it's not too devastating, but to have two running backs the caliber of Alfred Morris and Frank Gore and all they need is 10 points COMBINED and the fail to get it?! Wow...what a cruel way to lose. Alfred Morris and Frank Gore combined for 8.5 points last night to lead to the surprise upset win for Ryan. It didn't help that Peyton Manning played game manager most of his game as he had a season low, 12.5 points. Even Dwayne Bowe and Tavon Austin showed up with touchdowns apiece and Mike Wallace had one of his rare blowup games with 127 receiving yards and a TD. All for nothing unfortunately. For Ryan, Eddie Lacy once again carried the load, with 110 rushing yards and as score, and 48 receiving yards. Larry Fitzgerald added a couple of receiving scores, and though Cam Newton wasn't awesome passing wise, he still finished with 51 rushing yards and a rushing TD for 19.5 points. It's a bad loss, but it's not completely over for Albert. Because he has the points, if he can beat Eugene (pretty much a lock) and if 2 out of the three of Mark, Mayra, and Matt lose, he'll get in by way of points and once again be a dangerous low seed. Ryan plays Leland next week to wrap up their miserable seasons.

Game MVP
Eddie Lacy (Hoosier Daddy)
110 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 6 receptions, 48 receiving yards, 24 points
NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers

Friday, November 22, 2013

Thursday Night Overview/Week 11 Awards

For what was supposed to be a high scoring game, Falcons-Saints was a bit of a let down with a 17-13 final. For some teams in the hunt it was a huge letdown and possibly detrimental to their playoff chances. The one hurt by this the most has to be Matt. Roddy White and Marques Colston didn't even combine for 10 points. When you combine that with today's news that Denarius Moore has been ruled out and that Jordan Reed will be more than likely ruled out as well, things are not looking good for Matt. Ryan in his spoiler bid has to be a little disappointed as well. Kenny Stills was basically a non-factor with only 3 points, while Harry Douglas beat his projection with 9 catches with 79 yards, a TD would've been a nice capper. I don't get why the Saints didn't utilize Pierre Thomas even more, especially with Darren Sproles out. When he touches the ball he's dynamic. He had 73 rushing yards and 5 receptions for 57 yards. That's solid, but with more touches he could've done more and how Tony Gonzalez played for Mike (4 catches for 43 yards) he could've used it. The Tony Gonzalez play dampened the night for Mike, but Mayra didn't get to play Sproles so he should still be the favorite to win. The Kenny-Mark matchup got a little interesting as well. Yes, Drew Brees still put up 19 points, but considering the matchup, it's a letdown. Mark also got a better than expected performance from Steven Jackson as he had 60+ rushing yards and a score. Mark's still got a mountain to climb, but honestly you can't ask for a better start and that's the kind of performances you need from your questionably plays like Jackson. There was one team that was 100% satsified with his Thursday Night Play. Jimmy Graham was his usual dominant self with 100 and a score. He scored 18.5 points and if there was even a .01 percent chance anyone thought that was losing this week, you can forget it. Now on to the Week 11 awards!

Wane McGarity Stud Of The Week
Ben Roethlisberger (Bigger Balls)
367 Passing Yards, 4 Passing TD's, 12 rushing yards, 31 points
It gets boring giving this to Calvin every week (he was a prime candidate yet again) but because of the significance of Mayra's win, I'll give the nod to Mayra's QB. Who needs Aaron Rodgers when Big Ben goes off like this? Ok...yes Rodgers would be nice, but if Big Ben can put up solid stats for a couple more week, Mayra might not only make the playoffs, but become a big time contender if Aaron Rodgers returns. 

Michael Wiley Dud Of The Week
A.J. Green (Channel 4 News Team)
2 receptions, 7 receiving yards, 1 point
The face of Albert's disappointing Week 11. A.J. Green held to 7 yards and 1 fantasy point. 1. Just wow. A big letdown in a huge game with playoff implications. 

There are no Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise or Tony Romo Bad Decision Awards for Week 11.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Week 12 Matchups and Predictions

Here we are, last two weeks of the season. Every matchup this week is of big importance. Whether it's me and dad trying to get our byes wrapped up, Mike and Kenny securing their playoff spots, and Mayra, Mark, Albert, and Matt trying to stay alive in the playoff hunt, their is something at stake in every matchup. Everyone now has played everyone in the league, so week 12 begins the cycle back to week 1 opponents. Let's get to it

Danny's Little Giants (8-3) vs
Next!!!! (4-7)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: I lead series 3-1-1
Last Matchup: I beat Leland 95.5-66 in Week 1

Key Players
Danny's Little Giants: Matthew Stafford (Bucs) Brandon Marshall (Rams) Vincent Jackson (Lions) Pierre Garcon (49ers) Torrey Smith (Jets) Jason Witten (Giants) Chris Johnson (Raiders)

Next!!: Tom Brady (Broncos) Steve Smith (Dolphins)

Wild Cards
Danny's Little Giants: No McCoy, can Ogbonnaya fill in?

Next!: Basically this whole team outside of Brady

Yahoo Says: I win 102-78
I Say: I win. I'm not going to get cute with this. C'mon now, I think my team has proved how good it is. There should be no way this is close even without LeSean McCoy. One thing I am scared about, Leland's "fantasy defense" has been pretty good the last 4 games. Even in the loss against Drew, he held Drew to 65 points. If my guys do what they are supposed to do, this should be an easy win. It would be a huge win for me towards securing a bye.

Dr. Light's Robots (5-6) vs
I'm A Paul Heyman Guy (4-6)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Series is tied 2-2-1
Last Matchup: Drew beat Matt 143.5-118.5 in Week 1

Key Players
Dr. Light's Robots: Robert Griffin III (49ers) Jordy Nelson (Vikings) Marques Colston (Falcons) Roddy White (Saints) Jamaal Charles (Chargers)

I'm A Paul Heyman Guy: Andrew Luck (Cardinals) Danny Amendola (Broncos) Adrian Peterson (Packers) Reggie Bush (Bucs) Keenan Allen (Chiefs)

Wild Cards
Dr. Light's Robots: RGIII tough matchup. Roddy White's health. No Jordan Reed.

I'm A Paul Heyman Guy: Peterson's health, WR production from all spots. Reggie Bush losing snaps?

Yahoo Says: Matt wins 97-96
I Say: Drew wins. Oh boy, this is a big one for Matt. He loses, it will all but seal his playoff hopes. Here's something I just thought of though.... if Drew wins, he actually might still have a chance to make the playoffs! He'd need to win out and keep 3 out of Albert, Mayra, Matt, Mark at 6 wins. It COULD HAPPEN. Mayra, Matt and Mark all have difficult schedules. Albert would probably be a lock at 7 wins at least with his matchup against Eugene. Drew would need to win via the points tiebreaker but he has the team to do it. I think he'll pick up the win this week.

Passion De La Puente (7-4) vs
Bigger Balls (6-5)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Series is tied 1-1
Last Matchup: Mike beat Mayra 112.5-86 in Week 1

Key Players
Passion De La Puente: Tony Romo (Giants) Josh Gordon (Steelers) Wes Welker* (Patriots) Zac Stacy (Bears) Tony Gonzalez* (Saints)

Bigger Balls: Antonio Brown (Browns) Alshon Jeffrey (Rams) Dez Bryant (Giants) Knowshon Moreno (Patriots) Vernon Davis (Redskins)

Wild Cards
Passion De La Puente: Wes Welker and Tony Gonzalez' health

Bigger Balls: Tough Matchup for Antonio Brown. Darren Sproles Health

Yahoo Says: Mike wins 104-97
I Say: Mike wins. This is a tough matchup to guess because of three key players who are injured. Tony Gonzalez, Wes Welker, and Darren Sproles are all questionable for their games. All things even I like Mike's team a little better. If Mike wins he'll reach 8 wins, which guarantees a playoff spot. Mayra really needs the win more to stay alive. Should be interesting to say the least.

Not Even Lying (7-4) vs
Shock The Monkey (6-5)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Mark Leads Series 1-0
Last Matchup: Mark beat Kenny 126.5-107 in Week 1

Key Players
Not Even Lying: Drew Brees (Falcons) Demaryius Thomas (Patriots) Calvin Johnson (Bucs) Rashard Jennings (Titans)

Shock The Monkey: Victor Cruz (Cowboys) Matt Forte (Rams) Rob Gronkowski (Broncos)

Wild Cards
Not Even Lying: Running Back Play. Production outside of big 3

Shock The Monkey: Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB. Miles Austin 100%. Consistent production outside of Forte/Cruz/Gronk

Yahoo Says: Kenny wins 106-91
I Say: Kenny wins. Man how things change. The 1st time around Mark beat Kenny pretty easily for the first of 5 straight wins. Now in Week 12, Mark is fighting for his playoff life as he only has once more since the 5-0 start. Kenny is not the team you want to face when you are in survival mode. I don't think Mark has the talent to try to outscore Kenny's team. If he loses, it'll be that much tougher to make the playoffs. For Kenny, a win gets a guaranteed playoff spot.

The Bad Robofies (9-2) vs
Springville-Warrior (3-8)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Dad leads series 1-0
Last Matchup: Dad beat Eugene 138.5-74 in Week 1

Key Players
The Bad Robofies: Colin Kaepernick (Redskins) Andre Johnson (Jaguars) Ray Rice (Jets) Jimmy Graham (Falcons)

Springville-Warrior: Eric Decker (Patriots) Ryan Mathews (Chiefs) DeMarco Murray (Giants) Antonio Gates (Chiefs)

Wild Cards
The Bad Robofies: Can Kaepernick finally break out of slump? Chris Ivory production. Ray Rice officially back?

Springville-Warrior: Whole team outside of Decker/Mathews/Gates/Murray

Yahoo Says: Dad wins 95-75
I Say: Dad wins. Well it looks like that Week 1 win wasn't a fluke after all. 8 wins later and Dad's on top of the world. I've actually never called Dad such a big favorite, but this week he is. There's no way he drops this game. Eugene's without both Russell Wilson and Gio Bernard which would be the only way I would've given him a shot to win. Dad should lock up the bye with a 10th victory.

Channel 4 News Team (5-6) vs
Hoosier Daddy (2-9)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Albert leads series 6-3
Last Matchup: Albert beat Ryan 137.5-74.5 in Week 1

Key Players
Channel 4 News Team: Peyton Manning (Patriots) Alfred Morris (49ers) Frank Gore (Redskins)

Hoosier Daddy: Cam Newton (Dolphins) Larry Fitzgerald (Colts) Harry Douglas (Saints) Eddie Lacy (Vikings) Ben Tate (Jaguars) Julius Thomas (Patriots)

Wild Cards
Channel 4 News Team: No A.J. Green. WR/TE Production

Hoosier Daddy: No DeSean Jackson. Julius Thomas' health.

Yahoo Says: Albert wins (Don't know how Ryan's going to manage his roster so I'm not using the score)
I Say: Albert wins. It's going to be tough, but I think Albert will get the W over Ryan. He needs it to keep his playoff hopes alive.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Week 11 Results: The End Is Near

Well, we are now 2 weeks away before the playoffs start and the playoff picture got a little clearer..and a little cloudier if that even makes any sense. With wins this week, me and Dad have clinched at the very least a playoff spot, with the next goal for us clinching byes. That leaves 4 coveted spots up for grabs amongst 6 teams. It's going to be a crazy next two weeks and who knows how it's all going to end up when it's all said and done. Here are the Week 11 results.

Bigger Balls (6-5)                       97
Dr. Light's Robots (5-6)            75.5

This was a mild upset to say the least, as Matt had been on a roll lately and looked to beat a team without a consistent QB and no Dez Bryant who was on bye. Nope, this wasn't even close for Mayra. Big Ben Roethlisberger wasn't the answer last week, but he was this week. 367 yards and 4 passing TD's, two of those to Antonio Brown who Mayra owns as well. When you have the QB-WR Combo and they double dip it makes such a huge difference. Brown added 147 yards to those two TD's as well. They combined for 67% of Mayra's points. Mayra even survived a Greg Jennings surprise inactive call. Alshon Jeffrey had another good yardage game and Vernon Davis scored a TD, to help round out her crucial win. For Matt, disappointing doesn't even begin to cover it. Matt traded Zac Stacy for Marques Colston but then proceeded not to play him in a head scratcher. It wouldn't have mattered, but it could've padded his score instead of playing either Golden Tate or Denarius Moore. Even worse news for Matt is that Jordan Reed suffered a concussion. That would be a big blow for Matt, as Reed was really becoming a valuable tight end. RGIII looked like crap until the last quarter where he was able to garbage his way to 22.5 points. Jordy Nelson had another good yardage game as well while Roddy White and Moore both scored TD's but did little with yards. The running backs for Matt were very disappointing especially Jamaal Charles who only managed 78 rushing yards. Just a bad, disappointing effort from Matt's team and now at 5-6 he's on the endangered species list for the playoffs. He cannot lose again. I'm not willing to give up on Matt yet, but his schedule is tough. Next up Drew and if he survives Drew, then it's me in the season finale. For Mayra, wow, what a win and a season saver. If Mayra can survive and make the playoffs, and get Aaron Rodgers back in time for the playoffs, she'll once again be a major dangerous team to be reckoned with. It's not a given for her either though, as she has Mike next, followed by Kenny.

Game MVP
Ben Roethlisberger (Bigger Balls)
367 Passing Yards, 4 Passing TD's, 12 rushing yards, 31 points
Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (7) celebrates with wide receiver Antonio Brown (84) after the two connected for a touchdown catch in the first half of an NFL football game against the Detroit Lions in Pittsburgh, Sunday, Nov. 17, 2013 

The Bad Robofies (9-2)            102.5
Channel 4 News Team (5-6)      55

I can't explain it anymore. It just happens. Big time underdog against a high octane playoff caliber team and what happens? Underperformances galore and another win to a record winning streak. At least in this instance Dad put up some nice points. In fact, Dad got the Blowout of The Week award to boot! This puts a huge dent in Albert's playoff push as he now must win out and get help from others to get in. So what happened? I had a feeling T.Y. Hilton's crappy Thursday start was a bad omen, but I didn't expect this from Albert. 55 points. Just wow. What a total letdown. A.J. Green? Held to 7 yards. That's not a typo...7. Even Peyton Manning was very conservative for his standards with 327 yards and only 1 TD pass. When Dwayne Bowe is your 2nd best player (57 and a score) you're in trouble. Frank Gore was terrible, Alfred Morris did the whole nice yardage, no TD thing and the rest of the supporting cast was just dreadful. Total unexpected game from Albert. For Dad, wow what a run this is. It's so unconventional and unpredictable. 7 wins a row and counting. Remember I said  Dad got cold feet about Donald Brown and stuck with Ray Rice. It ended up being a solid decision. Ray Rice, at least for one week, was back in full #1 pick mode. 131 rushing yards and a score for 21.5 points that lead Dad's team in scoring. He was rewarded for sticking with his guy. Jimmy Graham and Colin Kaepernick continue to struggle, but as long as you keep getting performances from your receivers (Andre Johnson, 10 catches 116 yards, and Randle and Boldin both scored) and running backs (Rice and Chris Ivory, who had 98 yards and a score) you can hide those mediocre performances. Dad's win officially clinched him a playoff berth for the 3rd consecutive year and if he wins 1 more game, he'll clinch a bye. He'll more than likely accomplish this next week against a seriously depleted Eugene team. For Albert, well, the only silver lining is, his schedule is very friendly to run the table. If he can get past Ryan next week, he's got Eugene next. He'll need some help, but how things are going for the rest of the league, you can't rule Albert completely out just yet. 

Game MVP
Ray Rice (The Bad Robofies)
131 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 3 receptions,17 receiving yards, 21.5 points

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice (27) rushes past Chicago Bears linebacker James Anderson (50) and defensive tackle Landon Cohen (97) during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Nov. 17, 2013, in Chicago
Danny's Little Giants (8-3)               129.5
Hoosier Daddy (2-9)                         109

Well, I knew it wasn't going to be easy and I said Ryan's team isn't a normal cellar dweller, but luckily for me my players were great and I got the big win and clinched a playoff berth for the 3rd time in 4 years. It's nice to be back after last year's debacle. Chris Johnson set the pace, and though LeSean McCoy scared me yet again with an apparent hamstring injury, he came back and got back to work and ended up with over 150 total yards and 2 TD's. That's exactly the kind of game you need from your 1st round pick. Vincent Jackson absolutely LOVES feasting on shit defenses and that's exactly what he did against the Falcons yet again. 10 receptions for 165 and a score. When he's good, he's GOOD. Just wish he was more consistent. Matthew Stafford seemed to be on his way to a MONSTER game after he had 327 passing yards in the 1st half, but he slowed down and didn't do much in the 2nd half. Still, a 22.5 point performance is good enough for me. Torrey Smith even chipped in a TD. The only disappointments were Pierre Garcon (to his defense, RGIII was AWFUL most of the night) and Brandon Marshall, who was a nonfactor in the Ravens-Bears game that was hampered by bad weather. Still overall, another high scoring lights out performance and I needed it all, because Ryan scored the 3rd highest points of the week. Only Kenny Stills didn't score in double digits. Larry Fitzgerald had a TD, so did Julius Thomas and Eddie Lacy.  Ben Tate had over 100 total yards while DeSean Jackson was relatively disappointing with 4 catches for 82 yards. Ryan got huge games from Harry Douglas (he had 134 and a score, which was an 80 yard bomb) and Cam Newton (209 passing yards, 3 Passing TD's, and 62 rushing yards). Just a nightmare season for Ryan, who has had bad break after bad break. The season can't come to a close fast enough. Now that I got the playoff spot, my work is not done. I want a bye dammitt, and hopefully I can keep rollin when I play Leland next week (without LeSean McCoy).  Ryan will once again try to play spoiler against Albert. If he beats Albert, he'll knock him out of the playoffs.

Game MVP
LeSean McCoy (Danny's Little Giants)
77 rushing yards, 2 rushing TD's, 4 catches, 73 receiving yards, 28 points

I'm A Paul Heyman Guy (4-7)                     65
Next!!!!!! (4-7)                                             56

Yikes....yup this was horrendous. It's funny because it was right up Leland's alley. Drew's team sucked and usually Leland's able to do just enough to get the upset win. Leland's team though was even worse. Drew's 65 points is the lowest winning score of the season. This is Leland's 3rd game under 60 points, 6th under 70. It's that bad. This team just can't score points. And now officially, Leland's playoff push is dead. So we officially will have a new champion. It's the first time the defending champion has not made the playoffs the next season. For Drew, besides his Thursday night plays of Luck and Kendall Wright, everyone else was bad. Peterson, Bush, Nicks, Amendola, Cameron, Keenan Allen ALL SINGLE DIGIT POINTS. Yet DREW STILL WON. Half of Leland's team scored 4.5 or less. Greg Olsen and Tom Brady tied for highest points for Leland at 13.5 a piece. I think that's enough time spent on this atrocity. Leland plays me next and I hope his guys play like this at least for one more week, while Drew will try to go 2 for 2 in knocking people of the playoffs by playing Matt next.

Game MVP (Because it's a requirement)
Andrew Luck (I'm A Paul Heyman Guy)
232 passing yards, 0 Passing TD's, 31 rushing yards, 1 rushing  TD, 18 points

Passion de la Puente (7-4)            109
Shock The Monkey (6-5)             100.5

Hands down the most interesting matchup of the week. This literally came down to the final play of the game as the Patriots were driving and got all the way to the 17 and if Gronk catches a game winning TD, it would've completely Mark's comeback. Unfortunately a pass interference was called and then taken back and the game was over and Mark is now 1-5 including 4 straight losses since starting 5-0. Brutal luck. At least his team showed signs of life. It's the 1st time since his week 5 win that he has scored 100 points. Marshawn Lynch and Josh Gordon did the heavy lifting to help Mike get that all important 7th win and get a step closer to securing a playoff spot. Lynch's yardage wasn't great, but 3 total TD's got the job done. Josh Gordon had 125 yards and a score as well. Jarrett Boykin had another nice yardage game with 91 yards and Tony Gonzalez was decent with 7 receptions for 63 yards and a 2 point conversion. Wes Welker was having a good game as well with 8 receptions for 72 yards but he ended up with a concussion and now he's questionable for Sunday night's game against the Patriots. That would be a huge blow for Mike if he misses. For Mark, Nick Foles was good with 298 passing yards and 48 rushing yards and a rushing TD. Foles might be Mark's new QB of the future, but unfortunately he'll be on bye so it's back to Matt Ryan next week. Matt Forte had another solid game with 83 rushing yards, 42 receiving yards and a receiving TD. Gronk and Brandon Lafell tries to make a comeback as they combined for 2 TD's but it wasn't enough to end the losing streak. It doesn't get any easier for Mark. He plays Kenny next and if he loses again he's in legit danger of not making the playoffs at all. Mike is 1 win away from securing a playoff spot and he can do it next week by beating Mayra.

Game MVP
Marshawn Lynch (Passion de la Puente)
54 rushing yards, 2 rushing TD's, 2 receptions, 9 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 24 points

Not Even Lying (7-4)                      113
Springville-Warrior (3-8)              78.5

Yeah, this wasn't even close. Kenny easily picks up his 7th win of the season with a 34.5 point victory over Eugene. Calvin Johnson has been such a godsend since Kenny traded for him. He had another monster game with 179 receiving yards and 2 more TD's for 32 points. Oddly enough Kenny's role players were the ones that carried the rest of the load. Drew Brees was relatively quiet with only 1 passing TD, and while Demaryius Thomas was good with 121 receiving yards, he didn't score. It was Rashard Jennings (150 rushing yards and a score for 22 points) and Charles Clay (90 and a score) that were the 2nd and 3rd leading scorers for Kenny. It's good to get a win without having to rely on just 3 guys to carry the bulk of the scoring. It was more of a spread out effort this time around. For Eugene, he did get a okish game from Russell Wilson and both Doug Baldwin and Gates scored TD's, but the rest of this team is just not deep enough to keep up with high scoring teams. Eric Decker hasn't scored in forever, and you can't expect huge games from guys like Eddie Royal and Santonio Holmes. Eugene takes on Dad next week (without Russell Wilson and Gio Bernard by the way) while Kenny looks to secure a spot in the playoffs by trying to beat Mark.

Game MVP
Calvin Johnson (Not Even Lying)
6 receptions, 179 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's, 32 points

Friday, November 15, 2013

Thursday Night Overview/Week 10 Awards

For the most part, last night's Colts/Titans wasn't close to fantasy barrage of points, but it did have it moments. Chris Johnson continues to be the weirdest running back in the league. Some games he has it, some games he doesn't and you never know when you'll get the old CJ2K. He managed to be both awesome and shitty in the same game this time around! Johnson had 2 TD's and 70 yards IN THE 1ST QUARTER. I was expecting a gigantic monster game, but he only finished with 16 more yards the rest of the way. Don't get me wrong, I'm appreciative, but damn, I was expecting a little more consistency. Oh well, 20.5 points is a damn good start, hopefully the rest of my team will follow suit. The biggest story was Dad. All week Dad was going to go with Donald Brown once again in his starting lineup. Then after catching a glimpse of Erik Kusillias and Shaun King talk about Ray Rice on NBC Sports' Fantasy Football Live he got cold feet and switched Brown out for Ray Rice. It was a major mistake. Brown had 2 TD's and 80 yards all on Dad's bench. It would've bid a huge start for another huge win for Dad. Instead, he'll hope Ray Rice at least meets his projections on Sunday. At least he survived T.Y. Hilton who only had 44 receiving yards. That's a huge break for Dad. Unfortunately for Leland, his playoff hopes got just a little smaller as both Andrew Luck and Kendall Wright exceeded projections for Drew. Leland thrives on opponent's underperformances, but if Drew's go all off, it might be a blowout of epic proportions. On to the Week 10 Awards!

Wane McGarity Stud of The Week
Demaryius Thomas (Not Even Lying)
7 receptions, 108 receiving yards, 3 receiving TD's, 31.5 points
Kenny's big guns all provided huge games for his win against Albert, but Demaryius was the best of the bunch. Proof that maybe all you need is 3 studs to win it all.

Michael Wiley Dud of The Week
Dez Bryant (Bigger Balls)
1 reception, 44 receiving yards, 4.5 points
Mayra lost by 4.5 points and once again Dez Bryant came up as small as can be. He's helping tank Mayra's playoff hopes. Mayra needs him to step it up if she wants a shot at staying in the hunt.

Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Award
Donald Brown (The Bad Robofies)
5 receptions, 64 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 14.5 points
So once again Dad has running back troubles as Darren McFadden is sidelined and he has no real backups so he turns to Donald Brown and hopes for miracle. He delivers. Though he had -1 rushing yards, Brown did his damage in the receiving game. This play helped Dad narrowly beat Ryan by 2.

Tony Romo Bad Decision Award
Eugene plays Fred Jackson over Gio Bernard
 Whyyy would you bench your most electric running back?? Yes, he was coming off a minor injury, but he was going to play. Maybe Eugene didn't have faith Bernard would produce so he went safe. Unfortunately, safe cost Eugene not only a loss, but his playoffs hope as he lost by 5.5. If he played Bernard, he would've won by double digits.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Road To The 2013 Playoffs: Who's In??

I did this last year, figured it would be fun to look again and predict who's got a good shot at making the playoffs by looking at the rest of everyone's schedule. Start with the teams with the best shot down to the teams with no shot.

Locked and Loaded

The Bad Robofies
Current Record: 8-2
Remaining Schedule: vs. Albert
                                   vs. Eugene
                                   vs. Mark

Overview: Probably the only lock right now to get in due to his record. Dad also has a winnable schedule after Albert. Even if he loses this week, if he can just get one against Eugene or Mark, I'm pretty sure it'll lock him into a bye. No way Dad's not at the very least in the playoffs.

Strong Chance at Getting In

Danny's Little Giants 
Current Record: 7-3
Remaining Schedule:   vs. Ryan
                                     vs. Leland
                                     vs. Matt

Overview: My record gives me a leg up on the rest of the teams. If you were to tell me that I would get to play two losing teams in my last three games, with a 7-3 record, I would have said just give the bye already, but it's not that simple. Ryan is NOT a 2-8 team for one and that's a very losable game, when I play Leland I'll be without LeSean McCoy, which is a huge loss, though I should be able to survive, and then I end the season with a red hot Matt team. It's not that friendly, but I'm thinking I'll only need a win to at least get in the playoffs which at the very least I think I can get. I think a lot of stuff would have to happen for me NOT to get in...but it is me and my luck so anything's possible.

Probably In

Not Even Lying 
Current Record: 6-4
Remaining Schedule:   vs Eugene
                                     vs  Mark
                                     vs Mayra

Overview: Kenny's got a very friendly schedule, as all three teams are struggling at this point. He's got a good shot of running table and maybe even taking over a bye. He'll at the very least make it though.

Channel 4 News Team
Current Record: 5-5
Remaining Schedule:  vs Dad
                                    vs Ryan
                                    vs Eugene 

Overview: Yes I think Albert's got a slightly better shot than a couple of the 6-4 teams left. Why? His schedule is nice. Dad and Eugene are more than winnable. Now that Ryan matchup might be his toughest test, but I think he's got a better shot at running the table then the other teams left. If he runs the table, he'll get in.

Passion ofthe Puente
Current Record: 6-4
Remaining Schedule: vs. Mark
                                   vs. Mayra
                                   vs. Drew

Overview: The last of this category. Mike's schedule works in his favor as I believe he'll beat both Mark and Mayra which puts him at 8 wins. Beating Drew might be a plus for a possibly bye, but might not be necessary just to get in. 

Shaky Chance At Getting In

Shock The Monkey
Current Record: 6-4
Remaining Schedule: vs. Mike

                                   vs. Kenny
                                   vs. Dad

Overview: Who would've though after a 5-0 start, this would be the category Mark would be in. That schedule is tough. Nothing but playoff teams.  I can see him losing to both Mike and Kenny. By the time he gets to  Dad, even with a win, it might be too little too late. He needs to take one of the first two matchups along with beating Dad to get in.

Dr. Light's Robots
Current Record: 5-5
Remaining Schedule: vs. Mayra
                                   vs. Drew
                                   vs. Me

Overview: Matt has been the team making a mad run at unseating someone for a playoff spot. After starting 2-5, Matt's ripped open 3 straight wins and now finds himself in great position to make the playoffs for the 2nd straight time. The one thing though is a pretty tough schedule and his 5-5 record makes it almost a must to run the table. I can see him beating Mayra, but me and Drew, could go either way. I wouldn't count Matt out, but it's going to be a tough road to climb.

Bigger Balls
Current Record: 5-5
Remaining Schedule: vs Matt
                                   vs Mike
                                   vs. Kenny

Overview: Out of the 5-5 teams, probably the toughest schedule to overcome. Again at 5-5, Mayra would probably have to run the table to comfortable make it. Her team has been struggling, and who really knows when Aaron Rodgers is coming back. If he comes back in time, that'll be a huge break, but it looks like maybe he comes back Week 13 at the earliest. Her chances might be over by then.

So You're Saying There's a Chance?!

Current Record: 4-6
Remaining Schedule: vs. Drew
                                   vs. Me
                                   vs. Ryan

Overview: My head would hurt thinking of what all has to happen, but yes, I think if you really research it, because Leland can finish 7-6 still, there's a super duper microscopic small chance the defending champion might sneak in. Here's why he won't. That schedule is brutally tough. If he runs the table, man he deserves a spot based on that alone. But even if he does, he's got the worst points in the entire league by far. Out of the teams still in contention the closest guy he's to is Mark, and he's still has over 100 points more than Leland. He won't win any tiebreakers. Ya never know though, stranger things have happened.

Maybe Next Year

Hoosier Daddy (2-8)
I'm a Paul Heyman Guy (3-7)
Springville-Warrior (3-7)

Overview: Unfortunately for these three teams, their seasons are over, but what better way to gain some kind of satisfaction by helping bounce a potential playoff team out? All 3 teams play playoff contenders in all 3 weeks, so there's a good shot we'll seem some spoiler action out there.

These Next 3 weeks should be interesting. We'll see what happens! 


Week 11 Matchups and Predictions

We're down to the final 3 games of the regular season. All 6 playoff spots are up for grabs and as of today 9 teams are still vying for those 7 elusive spots. Here are this weeks matchups as the road to the playoffs continues.

Danny's Little Giants (7-3) vs
Hoosier Daddy (2-8)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Ryan Leads series 2-1
Last Matchup: I lost to Ryan 113-105.5 in Week 6 of the 2012 Season

Key Players
Danny's Little Giants: Matthew Stafford (Steelers) Pierre Garcon (Eagles) Vincent Jackson (Falcons) Brandon Marshall (Ravens) LeSean McCoy (Redskins) Torrey Smith (Bears)

Hoosier Daddy: Cam Newton (Patriots) DeSean Jackson (Redskins) Larry Fitzgerald (Jaguars) Eddie Lacy (Giants) Julius Thomas (Chiefs)

Wild Cards
Danny's Little Giants: Which Chris Johnson will show up?

Hoosier Daddy: Ben Tate or Stevan Ridley?

Yahoo Says: I win 103-99
I say: Ryan wins. This is the definition of a trap game. Just like Drew, Ryan's 2-8 record is deceiving, especially when you factor in how many close games he's won. The talent is there, and I stubbornly refuse to believe my team will just show up and win. It's going to be tougher than that to keep pace, and I'm still waiting for that crucial letdown game. Didn't happen last week, perhaps it happens this week.

NEXT!!!!!! (4-6) vs
I'm A Paul Heyman Guy (3-7)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Leland Leads Series 2-0
Last Matchup: Leland beat Drew 96.5-75 in week 11 of the 2012 season

Key Players
Next!!!!: Tom Brady (Panthers) Steve Smith (Patriots) Danny Woodhead (Dolphins) Andre Ellington (Jaguars)

I'm A Paul Heyman Guy: Andrew Luck (Titans) Danny Amendola (Panthers) Adrian Peterson (Seahawks) Reggie Bush (Steelers) Jordan Cameron (Bengals) Keenan Allen (Dolphins)

Wild Card
Next!!!: Brady Tough  Matchup. Reliability at every other position

I'm A Paul Heyman Guy: Tough Peterson Matchup. WR Production

Yahoo Says: Drew wins 98-81
I Say: Drew wins. Quietly Leland has built up a 3 game winning streak, and the main reason he's been winning is actually the Dad way. Teams have been underachieving big time against him. Leland's not gonna be keep point wise, but if Drew's main players struggle, Leland could keep his playoff hopes alive. I'm thinking what I thought the last three weeks, no way that happens, and I've been wrong the past three weeks too. I'll still give the edge to Drew because with that team he SHOULD beat Leland, which would end Leland's playoff drive for the season.

Dr. Light's Robots (5-5)  vs
Bigger Balls (5-5)

Matchup Stats

All Time Record: Matt leads series 2-0
Last Matchup: Matt beat Mayra 97.5-92 in Week 13 of the 2012 Season

Key Players
Dr. Light's Robots: Robert Griffin III (Eagles) Jordy Nelson (Giants) Jamaal Charles (Broncos) Jordan Reed (Eagles) Andre Brown (Packers)

Bigger Balls: Antonio Brown (Lions) Alshon Jeffrey (Ravens) Darren Sproles (49ers) Knowshon Moreno (Chiefs) Vernon Davis (Saints)*

Wild Cards
Dr. Light's Robots: Jordy Nelson without Rodgers again. Andre Brown full workload 

Bigger Balls: Big Ben at QB. No Dez Bryant. Vernon Davis' health. 

Yahoo Says: Matt wins 102-88
I Say: Matt wins. Matt ended Mayra's playoff hopes last season, he might do it again this year as well. One of the most important matchups of the week as both teams are 5-5 and one of them will drop to under .500. Matt's been on a roll, and I think he has the better the team this week especially with Mayra having no Dez Bryant who's on bye. 

Passion ofthe Puente (6-4) vs
Shock The Monkey (6-4)

No Matchup Stats

Key Players
Passion ofthe Puente: Wes Welker (Chiefs) Josh Gordon (Bengals) Marshawn Lynch (Vikings) Tony Gonzalez (Bucs)*

Shock The Monkey: Nick Foles (Redskins) Victor Cruz (Packers) Matt Forte (Ravens) Rob Gronkowski (Panthers)

Wild Cards
Passion ofthe Puente: Romo on bye, Glennon Fill in. Tony Gonzalez going to play? Marques Colston back?

Shock The Monkey: Steven Jackson Production. Receiver production outside of Victor Cruz.

Yahoo Says: Mike wins 96-94
I Say: Mike wins. After 6 weeks both of these teams were 5-1.  Since then, they've gone a combined 2-6. At least Mike is coming off a win. It's not as urgent as Matt/Mayra, but it's still pretty damn important to pick up this win. The loser gets lost in the pack even more. I think overall Mike's team is stronger, even though Mike Glennon is a huge wild card. Slight edge to Mike here.

Not Even Lying (6-4) vs
Springville-Warrior (3-7)

No Matchup Stats

Key Players
Not Even Lying: Drew Brees (49ers) Demaryius Thomas (Chiefs) Calvin Johnson (Steelers) 

Springville-Warrior: Russell Wilson (Vikings) Eric Decker (Chiefs) Gio Bernard (Browns) Antonio Gates (Dolphins)

Wild Cards
Not Even Lying: How much will Harvin play? RB production

Springville-Warrior: Supporting cast production

Yahoo Says: Kenny wins 98-84
 I Say: Kenny wins. This is exactly the kind of game you want, when going on a playoff run. Kenny is very dependent on his top 3 players, but against a thin team like Eugene, 3 players who perform like the should might be enough. Kenny's running back situation will once again being a problem, and Percy Harvin might be on a snap count initially, but I think it'll be enough to overcome Eugene. For Eugene, his main core will have to play out of their minds to keep up, as the rest of his team is made up of marginal players such as Eddie Royal, Doug Baldwin, and Fred Jackson. I can't see Kenny losing this week (and yes, I'm hoping this is reverse psychology and Kenny loses, lol). 

The Bad Robofies (8-2) vs
Channel 4 News Team (5-5)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Albert leads 3-2
Last Matchup: Albert beat Dad 138-129.5 in Round 1 of the 2012 Wane McGarity Bowl Playoffs

Key Players
The Bad Robofies: Andre Johnson (Raiders) Jimmy Graham (49ers)

Channel 4 News Team: Peyton Manning (Chiefs) A.J. Green (Browns) T.Y. Hilton (Titans) Alfred Morris (Eagles) Frank Gore (Saints) 

Wild Cards
The Bad Robofies: Carson Palmer at QB. Benching Ray Rice. RB production. Reuben Randle and Aaron Dobson Production. Jimmy Graham health.

Channel 4 News Team: TE Production.

Yahoo Says: Albert wins 81-99
I Say: Albert wins. Deja vu all over again. Albert "struggles" during the regular season, barely makes the playoffs, guys get hot and boom finals. It's happened every year, and it's looking like that yet again. His schedule is also friendly so there's a good shot he'll get one of those 6 spots. It'll start this week against Dad I think. I know, I know, for 6 weeks I've been saying Dad's going to lose (although to be fair, I did pick him over Kenny two weeks ago). But this 100% has to be the week Dad loses. He's grown out of patience with Colin Kaepernick and Ray Rice and is benching them both. Albert SHOULD and I repeat SHOULD easily win this week...but then again......