Sunday, August 20, 2017

Roster Overview Part IV

4th and Final installment of Roster Overviews

Marc (Shock The Monkey)

QB: Joe Flacco, Tyrod Taylor, Blake Bortles

WR: Dez Bryant, Jamison Crowder, Jarvis Landry, Quincy Enunwa, Alshon Jeffrey, Kevin White, Tyreek Hill

RB: DeMarco Murray, Latavius Murray, Dion Lewis

TE: Vernon Davis, Gary Barnidge

Potential Keepers: Dez Bryant, Jamison Crowder, Jarvis Landry, Alshon Jeffrey, Tyreek Hill, DeMarco Murray, Latavius Murray

Overview: So Mark's super high upside, super low floor run of players last year didn't exactly work out for him last season, but it did provide one bright spot that could help him this year. He stole DeMarco Murray in round 4. Gotta pretty much assume he's a keeper at that price. His second keeper though is a lot more murkier. You have a lot of guys that are sort of keepable, but you're not getting much value from as it's basically keeping guys at cost. Dez is intriguing, especially with Zeke out, but he's going to cost a 1st round pick. Guys like Jamison Crowder and Tyreek Hill could have potential breakout seasons, and aren't bad choices to keep, but again, since they were undrafted last season, they would be kept at their current ADP. There is an upside to keeping players at cost, you guarantee their services as throwing them back in the pool, there is no guarantee you'll get them back. Armed with the 4th pick as well, we'll see what Mark ends up doing as he tries to get back into championship caliber form from 2 seasons ago when he made the finals.

Me (Catch My Javelin)

QB: Jameis Winston

WR: Brandin Cooks, Mike Evans, Malcolm Mitchell, Sterling Shepard, Breshad Perriman, Laquon Treadwell, Josh Doctson

RB: Spencer Ware, Rob Kelley, LaGarrette Blount, DeAndre Washington

TE: Jordan Reed, Hunter Henry

Potential Keepers: Jameis Winston, Brandin Cooks, Mike Evans, Spencer Ware, Rob Kelley, Jordan Reed

Overview: So there's no question I'm keeping Mike's my 2nd keeper that I keep flip flopping on. Jordan Reed is great, but he's ALWAYS injured and I don't want to use a 3rd round pick on an injury plagued player. The only reason Spencer Ware and Rob Kelley are somewhat intriguing is that RB's SUCK and these guys are starters and only cost a 7th and 8th round pick respectively. Still, I cannot trust Spencer Ware and odds are I'll be keeping Jameis in the 11th round along with Mike Evans fully knowing my running backs are going to be pretty mediocre due to what's left.


QB: Kirk Cousins, Carson Palmer, Colin Kaepernick

WR: Adam Thielan, Robby Anderson, Marqise Lee, Jeremy Kerley, Cole Beasley, Allen Robinson, Donte Moncrief

RB: Ryan Mathews, Adrian Peterson, Devontae Booker, Eddie Lacy

TE: Kyle Rudolph

Potential Keepers: Allen Robinson, Kirk Cousins

Overview: Yikes...I thought my situation was bad...unfortunately for Drew this was not a great group of guys to chose from keeper wise.  I mean Allen Robinson was massively disappointing and his QB has seemed to regressed EVEN MORE from last season, yet he remains Drew's best keeper prospect. There's literally no where to go as this team is comprised of nothing but undrafted guys that really aren't even worth keeping by the current ADP. You gain no kind of advantage keeping a Cole Beasley, or an Adam Thielan, you'd be just keeping them to keep them. Kirk Cousins is the only other intriguing option left and as a 7th round keep it's not an amazing steal but at least you get a QB. Out of all the teams in the league, Drew's seems like he's the one who has to hit his draft out of the park the most, because it doesn't look like he'll be getting too much help from his keeper selections.

And that'll do it for Roster Overviews! Next Week Keepers are due and I'll review who everyone decided to keep!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Roster Overview: Part III

Here's the 3rd part of Roster Overviews. These will be done in installments of 3.

 Leland (No Soup For You)

QB: Philip Rivers, Matthew Stafford

WR: A.J. Green, Michael Thomas, Randall Cobb, Cameron Meredith, Marvin Jones

RB: David Johnson, James White, Jerick McKinnon, Christine Michael, Paul Perkins, Chris Ivory

TE: Eric Ebron, Julius Thomas, Zach Ertz

Potential Keepers: David Johnson, Michael Thomas, A.J. Green

Overview: Leland's already made his intentions clear, he's keeping David Johnson and Michael Thomas, both no brainers as their Draft slots are in the 14th and 10th round respectively. Also, although he's dropping A.J. Green, Leland has the #1 pick from winning the Michael Wiley Loser Bowl, so if Green ends up the best of the bunch he can always redraft him there. I'm not going to say Leland's lock to win it all or anything, because I thought that last year and he didn't even make the playoffs, but if things go to plan, Leland SHOULD be one of the better teams in the league next year.

Dad (Big Bad Bob) 

QB: Cam Newton, Andy Dalton

WR: Devante Adams, Willie Snead, Emmanuel Sanders, Pierre Garcon, Jeremy Maclin, Mohammad Sanu

TE: Lance Kendricks

RB: Devonta Freeman, Frank Gore, Darren Sproles

Potential Keepers: Cam Newton, DeVante Adams, Willie Snead, Emmanuel Sanders, Devonta Freeman

Overview: Man it really looked Dad would have a great team last season because if his high keeper picks of Cam Newton and Jeremy Langford. Unfortunately Cam was TERRIBLE, Langford was WORSE, Thomas Rawls was always hurt and Brandon Marshall SUCKED and it torpedoed Dad's season. By some sort of miracle, he actually finished 8th place. The lone bright spot was a late season trade he made with Ryan for Devonta Freeman and Freeman is a no brainer keep for Dad now in Round 9. The other keeper slot? Not so easy. He can take a risk and hope Cam bounces back and keep him in Round 8, but that's extremely risky. DeVante Adams is interesting, but you're going to have to pay current ADP to keep him.  Willie Snead is a value keep with some potential, and Emmanuel Sanders is as reliable as you can get, and though you're not really getting value, he's a solid option. Whatever Dad does, he also gets the #2 of the draft so hopefully for him, it's the beginning of a rebuilding season after last year's nightmare.

Matt (Light's Broken Bots)

QB: Tom Brady, Russell Wilson

WR: Jordy Nelson, Tyrell Williams, Corey Coleman, Allen Hurns, Josh Gordon, Kelvin Benjamin

TE: Jared Cook, Rob Gronkowski 

RB: Isaish Crowell, Jeremy Hill, Matt Asiata, Charcandrick West, Jamaal Charles

Potential Keepers: Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Jordy Nelson, Kelvin Benjamin, Rob Gronkowski, Isaish Crowell

Overview: Well..Matt's team was another one that was just totally ravaged by injury. So with some solid keeper options and the #3 overall pick, Matt's in a good position to redeem himself from last year. One keeper that's gotta be basically locked in is Jordy Nelson. He's still a 10th round keep and there's no way Matt lets him go there. The other a little trickier. Tom Brady in Round 7 seems like a pretty good steal, but then Isaish Crowell has been gaining steam in fantasy circles and with RB as thin as it is, has the potential to be a bigger steal as an 8th round keep. Matt could decided to be risky again and keep Gronk, but it would cost him his 1st round pick. Matt's decisions will definitely have a big affect on the how the draft goes, so it'll be interesting to see where he goes with his keepers.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Roster Overview: Part II

Here's the 2nd part of Roster Overviews. These will be done in installments of 3.

Eugene (Rocket Man)

QB: Aaron Rodgers

WR: Julio Jones, DeAndre Hopkins, DeVante Parker, Rishard Matthews, J.J. Nelson

RB: Melvin Gordon, Kenneth Dixon, Duke Johnson, Kenneth Farrow, Matt Jones

TE: Martellus Bennett, Travis Kelce 

Potential Keepers: Aaron Rodgers, Julio Jones, DeAndre Hopkins, DeVante Parker, Melvin Gordon, Travis Kelce

Overview: Well..Eugene's choice of keepers intrigues the most. Aaron Rodgers and Julio Jones have been the backbone of his team the past couple of seasons...but with Melvin Gordon having a first round grade and being able to be kept in Round 5..could it be time for a change? Or was Melvin Gordon, who seems to be injury prone, and also sucked his rookie year beyond belief, just a 1 year fluke? Do you go with good ol reliable? Or take a gamble at some fresh blood? What about last year's #1 Tight End (also made the Wane McGarity All Stud Team) Travis Kelce? He'd be a steal in the 6th round as well. DeVante Parker SEEMED to also be a super interesting choice, but with the Tannehill news, even at round 13, there's probably a few guys I'd take ahead of him. DeAndre Hopkins certainly didn't live up to his first round hype last year, but he's still a 3rd round value and may be giving a tiny bit of consideration as well. All I know is there's going to be some good talent being redrafted, the question will be, just exactly who.

Kenny (Easy Beasley)

QB: Matt Ryan, Dak Prescott

WR: Antonio Brown, Amari Cooper, Mike Wallace, Ted Ginn, DeSean Jackson, Golden Tate

RB: Lamar Miller, Jay Ajayi, Matt Forte, Gio Bernard, T.J. Yeldon

TE: Jason Witten

Potential Keepers: Antonio Brown, Amari Cooper, Jay Ajayi, Matt Ryan, Dak Prescott

Overview: So Kenny inherits Mayra's team which means 100% he's keeping Antonio Brown. Let's not even pretend that Brown being available is a possibility. Now a week ago, Jay Ajayi was the 2nd no brainer as a Round 12 Keep. Then he got concussed...THEN Ryan Tannehill went down this week, which downgrades all Dolphins position players. I'd still say the choice is Ajayi becuase of the low risk nature of the keep, however it does open the door a tad to play it safe with either QB (Matt Ryan and Dak would be 8th and 13th round keeps respectively) or even Amari Cooper in the 2nd round (though I'd guess Kenny would want more value in his 2nd keeper). Typical Kenny...already started this season with a thousand important decisions to make.

Mike (Woe Is You)

QB: Derek Carr

WR: Odell Beckham, Terrelle Pryor, Stefon Diggs, Taylor Gabriel, Eric Decker

RB: Jonathan Stewart, Todd Gurley, Tim Hightower, James Starks, Jalen Richard, Shane Vereen, Charles Sims, Alfred Morris

TE: Antonio Gates, Cameron Brate

Potential Keepers: Derek Carr, Odell Beckham, Terrelle Pryor, Stefon Diggs, Todd Gurley

Overview: Mike's got some interesting decisions to make as well. I'd say Beckham is a lock as a 1st round keep but after that, there are some interesting solid choices. Terrelle Pryor has a ton of upside with Washington and he'd be a last round keep. That kind of value is hard to ignore, but there is risk involved that he might bust. It's easy to survive a last round bust though. Stefon Diggs showed potential as well and he'd be a 6th round keep while although Todd Gurley was MEGA shitty last year, but because running back is such a weak position he's still considering a big value as a 6th round keep. Then there's also Derek Carr, who has to be considered as well in the 9th round. Mike's another team to keep an eye on because he's going to be letting go of some good talent regardless of who he keeps.