Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Week 12 Awards

Wayne McGarrity Stud of the Week
Drew Brees (The Bad Robofies)

Talk about a game clinching performance, it was a given that Dad was going to beat Matt. They were tied going into Monday Night and Dad had a 3 on 1 against Matt, but the way Dad put the finish to Matt was nothing short of pure domination and Drew Brees led the way. 4 Passing TD's and 1 Rushing TD for 36 points. Nice way to get into the playoffs for my dad.

Michael Wiley Dud of the Week
Frank Gore (Dr. Wily's Robots)
I know, I know, it's the Ravens, but still, in a must win game for Matt  to keep his playoff hopes alive, Brandon Marshall set the pace with 16 points, a good Gore game would've been very nice, instead he only accumulated 39 rushing yards for 3 measly points. As a RB 1 and with the talent that Frank Gore has, that is simply not going to the cut it. One of the main reasons Matt is not in the playoffs.

Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Award
Lance Moore (The Bad Robofies)

With the playoffs on the line, Dad decided to take a risk and plug in Lance Moore at his WR #3 spot. It's not the Moore isn't good, he is, but in that offense with so many weapons, production is very up and down. It didn't happen to be this past week though. With 2 TD's, he helped seal the deal for dad and his playoff spot. Excellent gamble that paid off big time.

Tony Romo Bad Decision Award
Mike playing Chris Ogbonnaya as his RB #2
Now I gave Mike credit for playing and trying to win last week, despite him being eliminated from the playoffs, but this past week just screamed like he didn't really care and was just throwing players out there for the hell of it. It's one thing to play cute plays, but when you have Beanie Wells against a very shitty Rams defense, and Darren Sproles on the bench as well for Chris f'n Ogbonnaya, c'mon now. In no way was Ogbonnaya a high reward play, there is no upside. He wasn't even the starter! But there he was, with his whole 1 point in Mike's lineup. That plus playing Michael Crabtree (against the Ravens) over Percy Harvin (who ended up scoring and had 16 points) were just total give up plays. Harvin had been producing and was in his lineup every other week, why wouldn't he this week? Would he have won, no, Kenny's guys went off, but it would've been at least a little more competitive. The last thing you want is for someone to get a playoff spot due to an opponents lack of actually trying, but it almost came across that way here. I dunno, it's my blog and maybe I'm being biased and maybe Mike actually  believed in Ogbonnaya, but dammitt Mike try to beat Kenny like you tried to beat me, lol!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Week 12 Results: Playoff teams are set

Well, we now officially know what teams have made the playoffs. Congratulations to Ryan, Leland, Kenny, Albert, and Dad, who along with me, will compete for the Wayne McGarrity Bowl Championship. The only other threat was Matt, but after getting a beatdown from my dad, he was officially eliminated. Matt really had bad luck with untimely injuries to Adrian Peterson and Fred Jackson and had a brutal finish to his season (losing to Zach, almost losing to Cindy, blowout losses to Ryan and Dad). Very disappointing finish for Matt, especially becuase I really felt he had the team that could win it all. Cindy, Zach, and Mike all were elminated weeks ago and all share 3-9 records. This was a top heavy league, and unfortunately injuries hurt both  Cindy (Andre Johnson, Darren McFadden) and Zach (a laundry list of guys, most notably Jamaal Charles, Vick, and Jeremy Maclin). Mike tried to shake up his team but it was a little too late after he had already lost like 5 straight. Week 13 still matters, as we now need to figure out the seeding. The only thing known is Ryan gets a bye, but will it be #1 or #2? Here are the results for this past week.

RuggedRaymontHarris (8-4)          83
Channel 4 News Team (7-5)            77

Overview- Not a great game for either one of us by any stretch of the imagination, but luckily for me I pulled it off, and I control my own destiny now for the bye. If I beat Matt next week, I'll lock up the 2nd bye, so next week is still crucial. Albert still makes the playoffs via the Matt loss to my dad, and surprisingly this is now a 2 game losing streak for him, and now he plays a tough matchup in Kenny. Tom Brady was basically the only one that went off (28 points) while the rest of his team underachieved. For me, I didn't have one standout, McCoy had a modest 12 points, and Romo was held in check to 15. Ray Rice only had 7 points, and Vincent Jackson again went cold with just 25 yards receiving. It was just a simple week of two teams that couldn't get things going, and one had to outscore the other. I just happened to be the winner.

Key Players

Tom Brady (Channel 4 News Team) 361 passing yards, 3 Passing TD's, 28 rushing yards, 28 points

Disappointing Players

Ray Rice (RuggedRaymontHarris) 59 rushing yards, 24 receiving yards, 7 points

Vincent Jackson (RuggedRaymontHarris) 25 receiving yards, 2 points

Dez Bryant (Channel 4 News Team) 35 receiving yards, 3 points

Sidney Rice (Channel 4 News Team) 3 rushing yards, 0 points

Jermichael Finley (Channel 4 News Team) 38 receiving yards, 3 points

Take Dat Wit Chu (7-4)          116
Salt & Vinegar Chips (3-9)       60

Overview: This was basically over by Thanksgiving, as even if Kenny didn't play anyone else Sunday, he still would've beaten Posey by 16 points. All of Kenny's plays had great games Thanksgiving Night (Rodgers, Laurent Robinson, Baltimore Defense, DeMarco Murray). How bout Cedric Benson? Over 100 and a score to basically seal the deal. Beanie Wells had a great performance...on Mike's bench (228 rushing yards and a score) and Mike unbelievably went with Chris Ogbonnaya which had to be the worst start decision in the league. 1 whole point is what he got him. Robbie Gould let Mike's team in scoring. It's obvious Mike was just taking gambles with nothing to lose here, and since he plays another playoff team in Twin Killers next week, he could be a major factor in who gets what seed for the playoffs.

Key Players

Aaron Rodgers (Take Dat Wit Chu) 307 passing yards, 2 passing TD's, -1 rushing yard, 20 points

Laurent Robinson (Take Dat Wit Chu) 79 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's, 19 points

Cedric Benson (Take Dat With Chu) 106 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 24 receiving yards, 18 points

Baltimore Ravens Defense (Take Dat Wit Chu) 6 points allowed, 9 sacks, 1 INT, 18 points

Disappointing Players

Larry Fitzgerald (Take Dat Wit Chu) 55 receiving yards, 5 points

Chris Ogbonnaya (Salt & Vinegar Chips) 16 rushing yards, 1 receiving yard, 1 points (played over Beanie Wells and Darren Sproles)

Michael Turner (Salt & Vinegar Chips) 60 rushing yards, 4 receiving yards, 6 points

The Bad Robofies (8-4)      144
Dr. Wily's Robots (5-7)        87

Overview: Dad put an emphatic stamp on his playoff berth, just absolutely destroying Matt and ending his playoff hopes as well. It was a Monday night massacre as Dad's 3 plays of Drew Brees, Lance Moore, and Victor Cruz all had HUGE games, and helped finish Matt off and get  Dad's his first playoff berth on his first try ever. Brees was brilliant with 363 passing yards, 4 passing TD's and a rushing TD to boot, giving him 36 for the day. Lance Moore was the recipient of two of those passing scores and holy crap did Victor Cruz go off. Granted it was all in garbage time, but there is no garbage time in fantasy football. Cruz ended up with 157 receiving yards, and 2 scores for 27 points. Chris Johnson had a great game as well with 190 rushing yards, the only position player who didn't have double digits was Jason Witten. Dad set a record for most touchdowns in a week with 11. Dad is a scary team, and there is a good shot he can end up with the bye. If not, he has a team that you can't sleep on, even though on paper it might not look too intimidating, his guys produce. You don't get to 8 wins by luck, so congrats to Dad on a successful fantasy debut. As for Matt, such high expectations that just didn't come together. It was the last stretch of games that really hurt Matt. Losing your two best running backs doesn't help either (though DeAngelo Williams filled in admirably). Brandon Marshall, Eli Manning, and DeAngelo did their best to fill in, but Frank Gore had a brutal matchup (3 pts) and the rest of Matt's team underperformed as well. Matt can still play spoiler against me, but a disappointing season for what looked like a legit contender to win it all.

Key Players

Drew Brees (The Bad Robofies) 363 passing yards, 4 passing TD's, 8 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 36 points

Victor Cruz (The Bad Robofies) 157 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's, 27 points

Lance Moore (The Bad Robofies) 54 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's, 17 points

Chris Johnson (The Bad Robofies) 190 rushing yards, 3 receiving yards, 1 fumble lost, 17 points

Eli Manning (Dr. Wily's Robots) 406 passing yards, 2 passing TD's, 1 INT, 4 rushing yards, 23 points

Brandon Marshall (Dr. Wily's Robots) 103 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 16 points

Deangelo Williams (Dr. Wily's Robots) 69 rushing yards, 2 rushing TD's, 18 points

Disappointing Players 

Frank Gore (Dr. Wily's Robots) 39 rushing yards, 9 receiving yards, 3 points

Jason Witten (The Bad Robofies) 43 receiving yards,4 points

Hoosier Daddy (9-3)         96
Shredders (3-9)                 79

Overview: This was semi-scary as Ryan was only up 4 points, with Jimmy Graham left and Zach had John Kasay, so it wouldn't be entirely crazy if Kasay outscored Graham. But alas, that didn't happen and two Jimmy Graham TD's later, Ryan picks up his league leading 9th win. Ryan all but has sealed up a bye, and now it's just a matter of if it will be a #1 seed or #2 seed. Cam Newton did his "not a real good game in real life, but good in fantasy line" with 200 passing yards 0 TD,s but a rushing TD and 50 yards rushing to boot. MJD was a beast again with 99 rushing yards, and 67 receiving yards. Mendenhall and Mike Wallace weren't great, especially Mike Wallace who only had 17 receiving yards. It wouldn't matter though becuase Zach was without Michael Vick and Maclin again, and he just didn't have enough firepower to stay in this game. Vince Young actually did a great job replacing Vick with 400 passing yards and a TD. He was really the only one who did anything of not on Zach's team. 

Key Players

Vince Young (Shredders) 400 passing yards, 1 passing TD, 1 INT, 40 rushing yards, 23 points

Cam Newton (Hoosier Daddy) 208 passing yards, 53 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 19 pts

Maurice Jones-Drew (Hoosier Daddy) 99 rushing yards, 67 receiving yards, 15 points

Jimmy Graham (Hoosier Daddy) 84 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's, 20 points

Disappointing Players

Rashard Mendenhall (Hoosier Daddy) 57 rushing yards, 10 receiving yards, 6 points

Mike Wallace (Hoosier Daddy) 17 receiving yards, 1 point

Jordy Nelson (Shredders) 26 receiving yards, 2 points

The_Twin_Killers (7-5)          96
Da Boyz (3-9)                           80

Overview: The story of Cindy's season has been a couple a different plays could have resulted in a victory and that's the case here. Now to be fair, I would not have played the Packers D over the 49ers  D because I thought the Lions-Packers was going to be shootout, but had she stuck with them and played Reggie Wayne over Pierre Garcon (if you're going to play a Colts receiver, you have to play Reggie Wayne) she would've beaten Leland, and indirectly Matt would've still had a shot to make the playoffs. She didn't, and despite great games from Matt Ryan and Wes Welker, it wouldn't be enough to compete with Leland's team.  Roddy White did great, but Sebastian Janikowski was Leland's best player as he hit 6 field goals, for a total of 23 points to lead Leland's team. This score could've actually been worse as DeSean Jackson dropped two easy TD passes as well. Rob Gronkowski added to his TD totals and had 11 points overall, as Leland quietly wins his 7th game. Leland had an underrated team that no one really talks about, but he definitely has a championship caliber team and will be a force to be reckon with in the playoffs.

Key Players

Roddy White (The_Twin_Killers) 120 receiving yards ,1 receiving TD, 18 points

Sebastian Janikowski (The_Twin_Killers) 6 FG made, 1 XP, 23 points

Matt Ryan (Da Boyz) 262 passing yards, 3 passing TD's, 3 rushing yards, 22 points

Wes Welker (Da Boyz) 115 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's, -9 rushing yards, 23 points

Disappointing Players

Andre Johnson (Da Boyz) 22 receiving yards, 2 points

Matt Forte (The_Twin_Killers) 59 rushing yards, 25 receiving yards, 7 points

DeSean Jackson (The_Twin_Killers) 73 receiving yards, 7 points (Dropped Two TD's passes)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Week 12 Matchups and Predictions

Well Thanksgiving Day, brought us 3 NFL games, so most teams have already had at least one (some 3 or 4) players go, but in reality it doesn't make predicting that much easier. This is a very important week as we're down to the final 2 of the regular season and only Ryan has clinched a playoff berth. Here's a breakdown of this week's matchups

RuggedRaymontHarris (7-4) vs
Channel 4 News Team (7-4)

Matchup Stats
Last Match- Albert won 137-90
All Time: Albert leads series 2-1

Already Played
Channel 4 News Team- Calvin Johnson, Jermichael Finley, Dez Bryant, Jason Hanson
RuggedRaymontHarris- Tony Romo, Greg Jennings, Ray Rice

Key Players Left (Opponents in Parenthesis)
Channel 4 News Team- Tom Brady (Eagles) Arian Foster (Jacksonville) Steven Jackson (Cardinals) Pittsburgh Defense (Chiefs)
RuggedRaymontHarris- Hakeem Nicks (Saints) LeSean McCoy (Patriots)

Wild Cards
Channel 4 News Team- Sidney Rice (Washington) Julio Jones (Vikings) Plaxico Burress (Bills)
RuggedRaymontHarris- Vincent Jackson (Broncos) Fred Davis (Seahawks) Cincinnati Bengals Defense (Browns)

Yahoo Revised Score Say: I win 100-81
I Say: Albert Wins

Overview: It was a pretty disappointing day for both me and Albert yesterday, as some of our bigger plays (Calvin Johnson and Ray Rice) were very disappointing. At least Calvin scored a TD, because he was 11 seconds away from becoming a 4 pt play. Getting sub double digit points from your running back is death, especially when your opponent has Arian Foster and Steven Jackson still left. Greg Jennings did show up (70 and a score) but Romo was average at best and I really needed to take advantage of mediocre games from Dez Bryant (3 pts) Jermichael Finley (3 pts) and Jason Hanson (1 pt). So even though right now I have an 18 point advantage, I just don't feel confident that'll it be enough, because Albert still have 4 power plays left. Brady is gonna absolutely destroy the Eagles secondary, and Steven Jackson can't ask for a better matchup than the Cardinals. Arian Foster is matchup proof and with Schaub out, he'll be even more involved than he already is. My WR's are so wildly unpredictable, that's almost a given Vincent Jackson will suck after last week's awesome performance, and Nicks is a deep threat or nothing kind of guy. The majority of the pressure lands on LeSean McCoy, and he has a great matchup against the Patriots. I'm also scared of the Steelers D against the the Chiefs. I got 22 points from a shitty Pats D, what will Albert get from a legitimate defense? I think had Ray Rice and Romo done better, and Calvin hadn't gotten that cheap TD, I'd be in good shape, but I'm going with Albert this week to eventually win.

Take Dat Wit Chu (6-5) vs
Salt & Vinegar Chips (3-8)

Matchup Stats
Last Matchup: Kenny beat Mike 110-101
All Time: Kenny leads series 2-1

Already Played
Take Dat Wit Chu- Laurent Robinson, DeMarco Murray, Aaron Rodgers, Dan Bailey, Baltimore Defense
Salt & Vinegar Chips-Michael Crabtree

Key Players
Take Dat Wit Chu- Larry Fitzgerald (Rams) Tony Gonzalez (Vikings)
Salt & Vinegar Chips- Steve Smith (Colts) Marques Colston (Giants) Michael Turner (Vikings) Antonio Gates (Bronos)

Wild Cards
Take Dat Wit Chu- Santonio Holmes (Bills) Cedric Benson (Browns)
Salt & Vinegar Chips- Chris Ogbonnaya (Bengals)

Yahoo's Revised Score Says: Kenny wins 111-71
I say: Kenny wins, this is pretty much over already at 77-5. Laurent Robinson and the Ravens defense did way better than their projected points and Mike seems to have thrown in the towel by playing Michael Crabtree over both Nate Washington and Percy Harvin who had way better matchups and unbeliveably going with Chris Ogbonnaya who's not even going to start and even if he was it's against a pretty good Bengals defense while Darren Sproles sits on his bench. No doubt in my mind Kenny's winning this one.

The Bad Robofies (7-4)  vs
Dr. Wily's Robots (5-6)

Matchup Stats
Last Matchup: Dad beat Matt 76-56
All Time: Dad leads Series 1-0

Already Played
The Bad Robofies- Jason Witten, Dallas Defense
Dr. Wily's Robots- Brandon Marshall, Mason Crosby, Frank Gore

Key Players
The Bad Robofies-  Drew Brees (Gaints) Victor Cruz (Saints) Brandon Lloyd (Cardinals) Michael Bush (Bears)
Dr. Wily's Robots- Eli Manning (Saints) 

Wild Cards
The Bad Robofies- Lance Moore (Giants), Chris Johnson (Tampa Bay)
Dr. Wily's Robots- Dwayne Bowe (Steelers) DeAngelo Williams (Colts) A.J. Green (Browns)

Yahoo's Revised Projections Say: Dad wins 93-80
I Say: Dad Wins, this is the most pivotal game of the week for a lot of us looking to make the playoffs. A loss by Matt would guarantee Me, Albert, and Dad make the playoffs, and could possibly get both Kenny and Leland in as well if they were to win. A win by Matt and all that goes out of the window, and the playoff scenario becomes way complicated. Unfortunately for Matt, he's out his best two running backs in Fred Jackson and Adrian Peterson, and already used Frank Gore who did nothing against the Ravens. Matt's got a lot of question marks, and even though my dad got lackluster performances from both Witten and the Cowboys Defense, I still think he'll have enough to eliminate Matt from the playoffs. Dwayne Bowe has a terrible QB and a hard matchup against the Steelers, so I can see him coming up short. Matt's lucky Brandon Marshall had a nice game, so that gives him a little hope, but pinning that hope on DeAngelo Williams is a big longshot, and unless Dad's guys just all choke, Dad will be going to the playoffs and taking Albert and me with him.

Hoosier Daddy (8-3) vs
Shredders (3-8)

Matchup Stats
Last Matchup: Ryan beat Zach 87-70
All Time: Ryan leads Series 1-0

Already Played
Hoosier Daddy- Anquan Boldin, David Akers
Shredders- Jordy Nelson

Key Players
Hoosier Daddy- Cam Newton (Colts) Mike Wallace (Chiefs) Maurice Jones-Drew (Texans) Rashard Mendenhall (Chiefs) Jimmy Graham (Giants)

Wild Cards
Hoosier Daddy- Jabbar Gaffney (Seattle)
Shredders- Vince Young (Patriots) Stevie Johnson (Jets) Willis McGahee (Chargers) Mike Tolbert (Broncos)

Yahoo Revised Projections Say: Ryan wins 95-74
I say: Ryan wins, hands down. No Vick, No Maclin, Jordy Nelson is done with only 2 points, Ryan secures a bye this week.

The_Twin_Killers (6-5) vs
Da Boyz (3-8)

Matchup Stats
Last Matchup- Cindy beat Leland 135-97
All Time: Cindy leads series 1-0

Already Played
The_Twin_Killers- Matthew Stafford, Titus Young, Detriot Lions Defense
Da Boyz- Reggie Bush, San Fransisco 49ers Defense

Key Players
The_Twin_Killers- Roddy White (Vikings) Matt Forte (Raiders) Rob Gronkowski (Eagles)
Da Boyz- Matt Ryan (Vikings) Andre Johnson (Jaguars) Wes Welker (Eagles)

Wild Cards
The_Twin_Killers- Mario Manningham (Saints) Jonathan Stewart (Colts) 
Da Boyz- Shonn Greene (Bills)

Yahoo Revised Projections Say: Leland wins 77-74
I say: Leland wins, but this could be tougher than you think. Cindy FINALLY gets Andre Johnson back, and he's always scary. Leland was close to having Titus Young be completely worthless but he got a 2 pt conversion from Stafford (which added two more points to Stafford's total as well). I still think Leland pulls it off, but wouldn't be shocked at all if Cindy won this week.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Week 11 Awards

Wayne McGarrity Stud of the Week
Matthew Stafford (The_Twin_Killers)

At the beginning of their game against the Panthers, Stafford looked like he could be a prime candidate for Dud of the Week, as he started with 2 straight picks. Then he just went OFF, with over 300 yards passing and 5 TD's. He was a big part of Leland's win over Kenny this week and as long as he's healthy, he'll remain an elite fantasy option the rest of the year.

Michael Wiley Dud of the Week
Dr. Wily's Robots
Sorry Matt, but for the 2nd time this season, your team as a whole gets the honor. After narrowly escaping Cindy and beating her by 3, Matt looked ready for a big playoff push, especially considering his next opponent, Ryan, had three of his best players on bye. Ryan, who Matt beat by 82, stood no chance and even started off terrible getting 0 points by Eric Decker. It wouldn't matter because Ryan's guys ended up going off. Even so, Matt's guys didn't even bother to show up as Matt ended up scoring a league low (not counting Zach cause his team wasn't complete) 47 points. How a team with Eli Manning, Brandon Marshall, Adrian Peterson, and Fred Jackson could only muster 47 points is beyond me. Peterson gets a semi pass because he did score a TD before he left with an injury. Jackson got hurt too, but he was ineffective when he was in. The rest of the team was just plain horrible, including zero points from Brandon Marshall and -1 from the Bills defense. Unfortunately for Matt, his playoff hopes are diminishing by the day as he'll be without Peterson and Fred Jackson this week against my dad. Just bad luck for a team at the beginning of the season I thought could win it all.

Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Award
New England Patriots Defense (RuggedRaymontHarris)
The minute I heard Cassel was out for the season, and Tyler Palko was going to be the starter, I snapped up the Patriots defense as fast as I could. Was I crazy for picking a defense that was ranked dead last? They had been playing better, and I figured it was Tyler Palko, surely they could feast on him right? Then things got real, I was down 11 points going into Monday night and I started second guessing myself. Could this defense really pull off a miracle? They did, and did with authority. 3 picks, 3 points allowed, 3 sacks, and a Punt Return TD for a game winning 21 points. This defense saved my season. Their reward? I promptly dropped them, mission accomplished.

Tony Romo Bad Decision Award
Dad starts Mark Sanchez over Jay Cutler and David Nelson over Torrey Smith

Dad's lucky this didn't hurt him at all, but it would've been nice to have the points he sorely needs. Dad went with Mark Sanchez over  Cutler and while Cutler ended up with 25 fantasy points, Sanchez didn't throw a TD pass and ended up with 9 points. Dad had picked up Torrey Smith and then inexplicably dropped him for David Nelson. The result? Torrey Smith goes for over 150 and a score while David Nelson didn't catch a single pass. That's right a big fat 0. Again, this was against Albert and it still didn't matter. Dad definitely has the football gods on his side.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Week 11 Results: The Race to the Playoffs is Here

It was a verrrrrrrrrrrry interesting Week 11 to say the least. We're officially in the playoff stretch and it's time to eliminate the pretenders from contenders. This week was one of the most wild and unpredictable weeks we've had all year. Here's what happened in an unforgettable Week 11

RuggedRaymontHarris (7-4)        129
Salt & Vinegar Chips    (3-8)        118

Overview: Oh. My. God. Yes, I just typed that out because this matchup for me ended up being way closer than it should've been and thanks to my Patriots defense play, I pulled out the win last night. Mike Posey might be 3-8 but his team brought it's A game this past week starting with a startling 17 point peformance from the Broncos against the Jets. Then, every single of his players besides Beanie Wells and Robbie Gould managed to put up double digit points. That included Nate Washington, who had 2 TD's and 23 points. Percy Harvin, Steve Smith, Michael Turner, Antonio Gates, and Carson Palmer, all had nice games, and I really thought it was dead in the water, considering I got 0 points from Greg Jennings. Going into Sunday night's game, I was down 28 points with Hakeem Nicks, LeSean McCoy, and Pats D left.  McCoy and Nicks were underwhelming. In fact, if it wasn't for McCoy's last second 60 yard run, he would've been held to single digit points. I was still down 11 with the Patriots D, who have been crappy all year, but kind of turned it around a little and were facing the Chiefs and Tyler Palko, making his first NFL start. The first half was bleh, Pats didn't really do much, but in the 2nd half they shined and ended up with 3 picks, 4 sacks, and a punt return while holding the Chiefs to 3 points. 21 points, and I SURVIVE a big scare with my playoff hopes on the line. For me, Vincent Jackson, Ray Rice, and Tony Romo did the heavy lifting, while even Vernon Davis chipped in with a touchdown. The loss officially eliminates Posey from playoff contention, but kudos to Mike for still being active and playing to role of spoiler. For Kenny and Leland, Mike is a dangerous trap game, trust me. The win moves up to 2nd for now, though it's still far from a guarantee I make the playoffs, it's a better situation than being 6-5 with Albert and Matt left.

Key Players

Tony Romo (RuggedRaymontHarris) 292 passing yards, 3 passing TD's, -2 rushing yards, 23 points

 Vincent Jackson (RuggedRaymontHarris) 165 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 22 points

Ray Rice (RuggedRaymontHarris) 104 rushing yards, 2 rushing TD's, 43 receiving yards, 26 points

New England Patriots Defense(RuggedRaymontHarris) 3 points allowed, 3 sacks, 3 INT's, 1 Punt Return TD, 22 points (Game Clinching Performance)

Nate Washington (Salt & Vinegar Chips) 115 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's, 23 points

Percy Harvin (Salt & Vinegar Chips) 21 rushing yards, 73 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 15 points

Denver Broncos Defense (Salt & Vinegar Chips) 13 points allowed, 3 sacks, 1 INT, 1 Fumble Recovery, 1 Defensive TD, 17 points

Disappointing Players

Beanie Wells (Salt & Vinegar Chips) 33 rushing yards, 1 fumble lost, 1 point

Greg Jennings (RuggedRaymontHarris) 6 receiving yards, 0 points

The_Twin_Killers (6-5)         111
Take Dat Wit Chu (6-5)           86

Overview: Well after beating me by 50, Kenny's team comes back down to earth and loses a critical game that also resurrected Leland's playoff chances in the process. Kenny's team is the ultimate up and down team, as his guys are just too wildly inconsistent (outside of Aaron Rodgers and Larry Fitzgerald) to know just what they're going to do. Ryan Mathews was horrible, and DeMarco Murray wasn't bad, he just didn't get enough carries to make a huge impact. Denarius Moore was a huge dud, as was Laurent Robinson (though he did score a TD, he had numerous drops). Fitzgerald had low yardage but scored. Aaron Rodgers and believe it or not Tony Gonzalez were Kenny's best two guys. Matthew Stafford started terrible (2 picks) but ended up being FANTASTIC, throwing 5 TD's and had over 300 passing yards. Roddy White might have not found the end zone but he did have 147 yards. Mike Williams scored his first TD since week 1 while adding 80 yards, and the Jonathan Stewart/Matt Forte tandem was average (though Forte was disappointing with 57 rushing and 26 receiving yards). Rob Gronkowski continues to make a case for best tight end in the league as he ended the night with 96 and two scores. With this win Leland's schedule is pretty friendly (Cindy/Mike) and this could be his gateway in the playoffs. Week 12 becomes a must win for Kenny against Mike because he'll face Albert in week 13 and that is definitely a scary game to end a season on.

Key Players

Matthew Stafford (The_Twin_Killers) 335 yards passing, 5 passing TD's, 2 interceptions, 2 rushing yards, 31 points

Rob Gronkowski (The_Twin_Killers) 96 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's, 21 points

Aaron Rodgers (Take Dat Wit Chu) 299 passing yards, 3 passing TD's, 1 INT, 28 rushing yards, 24 points

Disappointing Players

Denarius Moore (Take Dat Wit Chu) 14 receiving yards, 1 point

Ryan Mathews (Take Dat Wit Chu) 37 rushing yards, 14 receiving yards, 1 fumble lost, 2

Mario Manningham (The_Twin_Killers) 4 receiving yards, 0 points

Matt Forte (The_Twin_Killers) 57 rushing yards, 26 receiving yards, 7 points

The Bad Robofies (7-4)         89
Channel 4 News Team (7-4) 69

Overview: No Drew Brees? No Problem as Dad's virtual defense held Albert to under 70 points and Dad improves to an amazing 7-4 record. Not only that but Dad swept Albert 2-0 in the season series. Very impressive. Albert was without Arian Foster, and had to use Kendell Hunter who did nothing. Michael Bush continues to pay dividends with 16 points and Victor Cruz was a stud yet again with 128 and a score. Despite a horrible Mark Sanchez game (with Jay Cutler and his 25 points on the bench), and a 0 point David Nelson (after dropping Torrey Smith who had 160 and as score) dad managed to survive yet again and will finish with no less than a winning record. Brandon Lloyd and Jason Witten also managed to chip in TD's. It just wasn't working this week for Albert as Brady was underwhelming (16 points), Calvin was average despite Stafford throwing 5 TD's (none to Calvin). Dez did his usual, 60 and a score before disappearing in the 2nd half. Earl Bennett was ok (had a TD overturned) while the running back tandem of Steven Jackson and Kendell Hunter was pretty bad. Also bad was Jermichael Finley with only 30 receiving yards. Albert's still in good shape for the playoffs but his schedule is tough, with me and Kenny left. Dad actually has a solid chance to grab the 2nd bye if he can get past Matt, he'll face Zach in the last week of the season.

Key Players

Victor Cruz (The Bad Robofies) 128 receiving yards, 1 receiving yards, 18 points

Michael Bush (The Bad Robofies) 109 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 20 receiving yards, 16 points

Tom Brady (Channel 4 News Team) 234 passing yards, 2 passing TD's, 10 rushing yards, 1 fumble lost, 16 points

Disappointing Players

Steven Jackson (Channel 4 News Team) 42 rushing yards, 19 receiving yards, 5 points

Kendell Hunter (Channel 4 News Team) 27 rushing yards, 15 receiving yards, 3 points

Jermichael Finley (Channel 4 News Team) 30 receiving yards, 3 points

David Nelson (The Bad Robofies) 0 yards, 0 points

Mark Sanchez (The Bad Robofies) 252 passing yards, 1 INT, 9 pts

Brandon Jacobs (The Bad Robofies) 21 rushing yards, 11 receiving yards, 3 points

Hoosier Daddy (8-3)     106
Dr. Wily's Robots (5-6)   47

Overview: This was the most shocking outcome of the week. After losing by 82 points, the first time around Ryan turns around and wins by 59, but it's not even the margin that's shocking. One, Ryan did it without Mike Wallace, Rashard Mendenhall, and Jimmy Graham and two, Matt was held to a league season low 47 points (not counting  Zach's performance this week since he didn't field a full team) How does a team with Eli Manning, Brandon Marshall, Dwayne Bowe, Adrian Peterson, and Fred Jackson score less than 50 points??? Well Peterson got hurt for one thing (doubtful for this coming week) as did Fred Jackson who didn't do much of note while he was in. Eli Manning led Matt's team with 11 points, combined with a -1 performance by the Bills defense, it was just an overall dreadful team performance by Matt and a crucial blow to his playoff chances. Cam Newton rebounded from as mediocre game and was back on track with 28 points (despite 4 picks). How about Jabar Gaffney? 115 and a score for him, plus nice games from Maurice Jones-Drew and LaGarrette Blount (it was worth playing him this week, 107 and a score). Ryan all but has a bye wrapped up as he plays Zach and Cindy the final two weeks of the season. Matt on the other, basically is in must win mode, He loses one more and he's out. He'll play my dad this week, but without Adrian Peterson and possibly Fred Jackson, it might be a difficult task to accomplish.

Key Players

Cam Newton (Hoosier Daddy) 280 yards passing, 1 passing TD, 4 INT, 37 rushing yards, 2 rushing TD's, 1 2pt conversion, 28 points

Jabar Gaffney (Hoosier Daddy) 115 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 17 points

Maurice Jones-Drew (Hoosier Daddy) 87 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 31 receiving yards, 17 points

LaGarrette Blount (Hoosier Daddy) 107 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 6 receiving yards, 16 points

Disappointing Players

Eric Decker (Hoosier Daddy) 0 receiving yards, 0 points

Greg Olsen (Hoosier Daddy) 23 receiving yards, 2 points

Brandon Marshall (Dr. Wily's Robots) 5 receiving yards, 0 points

Adrian Peterson (Dr. Wily's Robots) 26 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 8 points (left game with injury)

Fred Jackson (Dr. Wily's Robots) 17 rushing yards, 50 receiving yards, 6 points (left game with injury)

Buffalo Bills Defense (Dr. Wily's Robots) 35 points allowed, 1 sack, 1 safety, -1 points

Da Boyz (3-8)            51
Shredders (3-8)        39

Overview: I'm not going to really bother with a recap here, as Zach gave this week up and didn't play a QB, WR, or K, yet still came close to winning. That's how brutal this was. Cindy's team was full of bye week fill ins as well, but she gets the win. Jordy Nelson had a nice game again, and I bet Kenny still wishes he hadn't pulled that trade earlier in the year. Cindy and Zach still have semi-competitive teams that have the capability of playing spoiler to the teams vying for playoff spots. It's up to them though, if they intend to follow through and try.