Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Year End Awards: Wane McGarity All Stud Team and Stud Of The Year

Here it is folks, the last awards given of the season. The Official All-Stud Team. Remember not only do stats count but overall affect on this specific fantasy league. Also I will select the Wayne McGarrity Stud of the Year. Without further ado....

QB-Tom Brady (Channel 4 News Team)
4827 Yards Passing, 34 Passing TD's, 8 INT's
32 Rushing Yards, 4 Rushing TD's
Total Fantasy Points Scored: 337
Overall Rank: 4
Golden era for QBs, with great stories around NFL  
Brees and Rodgers were better overall, but Brady was more clutch and has been Albert's QB for 3 straight years for a reason. He's helped delivered 2 Fantasy Championships and a 2nd place finish. Over 4800 passing yards, 34 Passing TD's and 4 rushing TD's sprinkled in, plus only 8 interceptions on the season. Just your typical great Brady season. Awesome in both real life and the fantasy game.

WR-Calvin Johnson (Poseidon Angry)
122 Receptions, 1964 Receiving Yards, 5 TD's
Total Fantasy Points Scored: 275
Overall Rank: 18
Bears miss playoffs despite 26-24 win over Lions 
A two time All Stud Team member, could you imagine if he actually scored TD's this season?? Despite only 5 scores, he STILL lead all wide receivers in fantasy scoring and obliterated Jerry Rice's season receiving yardage record. He ended up being really my only consistent player, I just wish he would've found the damn end zone more!!

WR-Brandon Marshall (Channel 4 News Team)
118 receptions, 1508 receiving yards, 11 TD's
Total Fantasy Points Scored: 269 
Overall Rank: 19
 Arizona's Horton could be future NFL head coach  
The trade to the Bears was a blessing for Brandon Marshall. Marshall EXPLODED and reverted back to the Brandon Marshall we all knew from Denver. 1500 yards, double digit TD's, another main reason Albert was this close to a three peat.

WR-A.J. Green (Dr. Wily's Robots)
97 receptions, 1350 receiving yards, 11 TD's
Total Fantasy Points Scored: 242.5
Overall Rank: 27
Dolphins Bengals Football  
There was a point in the season where people were already saying A.J. Green had passed up Calvin Johnson as the league's #1 receiver. Green's only in his 2nd year but has already entrenched himself amongst the league's elite receivers. Green helped Matt to the league's best regular season record. The scary thing?? He's going to only get better.

RB-Adrian Peterson (Chardee MacDennis)
2097 Rushing Yards, 12 rushing TD's
40 receptions, 217 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD
Total Fantasy Points Scored: 317
Overall Rank:1
 Vikings' Peterson wants to play special teams too 
I can't not put him no this team. It's not his fault the rest of Drew's team basically sucked. As a matter fact a case for how valuable of a player he was? Drew benched him week 1, he lost, and would've won if he had played him and Drew would've made the playoffs. One of the greatest if not greatest comebacks in football history. Only a year removed from a torn ACL and Peterson comes back to lead the league in rushing and needed only 9 yards more to become the all time single season rushing leader. AD's back folks, no doubt about it.

RB- Doug Martin (The Twin Killers)
1454 Rushing Yards, 11 rushing TD's
49 receptions, 472 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD
Total Points Scored: 272.5
Overall Rank: 7
Bucs improve, but still far short of playoffs
 This was as close as close gets. Martin and Arian Foster had amazing seasons and only 4.5 points separate the two in scoring, but Martin's play led to a fantasy championship for Leland, not to mention Martin had the highest single game score in league history and also had a 33.5 point performance to boot. Foster kind of stuggled towards the end of the season as well. Martin finished up as the #2 running back in scoring behind Adrian Peterson. I don't think anyone expected the rookie to be THIS impactful, but he was indeed and he's probably a top 5 pick now for sure.

TE-Jason Witten (Hoosier Daddy)
110 receptions, 1039 receiving yards, 3 TD's
Total Points Scored: 170
Overall Rank: 70
Cowboys know playoffs-or-bust drill in NFC East
If Witten had scored more Touchdown's this would be a no brainer. Now here's a big example of a player's affect on their fantasy team wins out over stats. Jimmy Graham and Tony Gonzalez both scored more points than Witten. Hell, I even gave Gonzo the nod on the All Steal Team even though Witten was a 10th round pick. The reason why I gave the nod to Witten here is he had more of in an impact in our league than Tony Gonzalez.  I also felt like Jimmy Graham was a disappointment considering where he was drafted and he was dealing with nagging injuries all year. Gronk would've probably won this easily had he not missed a huge chunk of the season. Witten though, was very consistent and helped Ryan get the #2 seed in the playoffs. Tony Gonzalez, on the other hand was traded twice, and believe it or not wasn't even played every week! It was very close, but I gave the slight edge to Witten based on those factors

and the Wane McGarrity Stud of The Year Award goes to...

Peterson vs. Pack has been boon for Vikings RB
Yes he played on a losing team, but I just simply can't ignore the season he had. It was amazing and one of a kind. It's enough to overwrite being in a non playoff team.

That will officially wrap up the 2012 Wane McGarity Bowl. Hope everyone had a great time and we'll see everyone next season for Year #4!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Year End Awards: All Steal Team

I'm combining two awards this year, as I don't think there were enough waiver wire pickups to make a team, so it's consolidated into the All Steal Team. This team is comprised of guys who outperformed their draft slot or weren't even drafted altogether and provided major value. Here is the 2012 All Steal Team

QB- Peyton Manning (Hoosier Daddy)
Drafted: 7th Round (70th Overall)
# of QB's Drafted Ahead of Manning: 9
QB Rank: 6
Overall Rank: 8

All 12 playoff teams have flaws to fix
A case could have been made for RGIII who I drafted as my backup in the 10th round but A) He didn't get enough run as a fantasy starter in our league (between sitting on my bench for a couple of weeks and injuries, he didn't play the entire season) and Kenny didn't make the playoffs even with his play. Ryan's team was really weird, but the one  constant was Peyton Manning. Ironically, Ryan autodrafted him last year and had to roll with Cam Newton because he missed the entire season with a neck injury. Ryan's QB wins this award two years in a row. No one wanted to touch Peyton. He was the 10th QB taken, which means all of us drafted a starting QB before Ryan had to get "stuck" with him. He surpassed all expectation and was the big reason Ryan got a bye and inevitably placed 3rd for the 2nd straight year.

WR-Reggie Wayne (Hoosier Daddy)
Drafted: 8th Round (72nd Overall)
# of WR Drafted Ahead of Wayne: 30
WR Rank: 15
Overall Rank:52
Wayne hoping Colts can make his dream come true  
After a down year without Peyton Manning, I think a lot of people thought Wayne's career was basically over. 30...yes 30 receivers were taken before I decided to take a shot at him in the 8th round.  He was Andrew Luck's go to guy and the results couldn't have been better. I ended up trading to Ryan and he became Ryan's most consistent receiver. Not bad at all for a "washed up old man".

WR-Mike Williams (Dr. Wily's Robots)
Drafted:13th round (123rd Overall)
# of WR Drafted Ahead of Williams: 40
WR Rank:18
Overall Rank: 61
Flat Falcons lose 22-17 to Buccaneers 
When Matt lost Hakeem Nicks to injury, I thought he was screwed. I mean Mike Williams as his only legit backup? What a joke! He was a big bust last year, and he was a 13th round pick this season. Of course it worked out for Matt. Mike Williams was not just more than adequate fill in he was WAY BETTER than Hakeem Nicks. He finished as top 20 receiver and helped Matt not skip a beat to a regular season title.

WR-Randall Cobb (The Bad Robofies)
Drafted:13th Round (124th Overall)
# of WR's Drafted Ahead of Cobb:41
WR Rank:17
Overall Rank: 56
After rough start, Packers near division title   
Wow what a 13th round. Cobb was drafted right after Williams, but Kenny waived him really fast. My Dad ended snatching him up and he was a flat out stud all season. My Dad's combo of Wes Welker, Randall Cobb, and Vincent Jackson definitely helped dad hide his weak RB Combo and got him into the playoffs for the 2nd straight year. 41 receivers were drafted ahead of Cobb! Just goes to show that you just never know where the next stud of is going to come from.

RB-Adrian Peterson (Chardee MacDennis)
Drafted: 3rd Round (26th Overall)
# of RB's Drafted Ahead of Peterson: 12
RB Rank: 1
Overall Rank:1
In pass-happy NFL, still helps to be able to run  
I know being a 3rd round pick isn't really necessarily a steal, but in this case it is. When you get the #1 overall ranked player in fantasy football in the mid 3rd round, it's as big as a steal as you're going to get. Can you please Steven Jackson, MJD, and Ryan Mathews were drafted over him? It was a record season for AD, only needing 9 yards to beat Eric Dickerson's all time rushing record. Not to mention the fact that he was coming off a torn ACL last season. It's a shame the rest of Drew's team underperformed and Peterson's efforts were not enough in our league. But he did way beyond his part and deserves to still be on this All Steal Team.

RB-Doug Martin (The Twin Killers)
Drafted: 4th Round (39th Overall)
# of RB's Drafted ahead of Martin in the 4th round alone:4
RB Rank:2
Overall Rank:7
Bucs improve, but still far short of playoffs  
Martin wasn't even the 1st running back taken in the 4th round, or 2nd, 3rd or 4th..he was the 5th! Darren Sproles, Fred Jackson, Trent Richardson (honorable mention for steal of the draft), and Michael Turner were all drafted before Leland took a shot at the end of the 4th round. Wanna know why Leland's a champion? Doug Martin had a lot to do with it, including a fantasy league high 53 point performance. He finished 2nd only to AD, and overall was the 7th best player in the fantasy game. You're definitely looking at a top 3 pick in next year fantasy's draft.

TE- Tony Gonzalez (Breaking Bybee)
Drafted: 9th Round (81st overall)
# of TE Drafted Ahead of Gonzalez: 8
TE Rank: 3
Overall Rank: 57
 Falcons Lions Football  
Honorable mention goes to Jason Witten who went at the end of round 10 and finished as the 5th best Tight End. Who would've thought that Tony Gonzalez could put up yet another Pro Bowl Caliber season in what looks like to be his last season of his Hall of Fame career? Obviously, not too many people as he was the 9th Tight End taken and wasn't drafted until the beginning of the 9th round. Tight End was such a clusterfuck of a position that having someone as consistent as Gonzo would give a team a major advantage. I kick myself for trading him to Kenny instead of fucking shitty ass Gates. If it is indeed his last season, what a way to go out.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Year End Awards: Michael Wiley All Dud Team and Dud of The Year

Busts, Disappointments, Duds, they all mean the same thing in the world of fantasy football, and it's always inevitable that for some reason or another, players just don't live up to their wildly high expectations. For those who drafted them, it's a near death blow that can cripple your franchise for the season. Here's a look at the Dudliest of the Duds. I took into consideration, the player, the reason, the relative draft position, and how it effected the team that had them. Here's the Michael Wiley All Dud Team.

QB-Eli Manning (Poseidon Angry)
QB Rank: 14
Overall Rank: 31
Acquired: Drafted 6th Round (59th overall); Traded to me along with Victor Cruz and Fred Davis for Matt Ryan, Jordy Nelson, and Andrew Hawkins
Giants need answers and help to make the playoffs
 How's this for irony? Last year, Eli made the all Draft Day Steal team as an 11th round pick finished as the 6th best QB of the season. This year....BRUTAL. He SANK MY SEASON. I believed I played him in 3 games where he didn't throw a TD pass. He regressed big time, and as the 8th QB taken (ahead of brother Peyton, RGIII, Andrew Luck, and others) there was no excuse with that offense that he should have finished outside the top 10. I traded away Matt Ryan for him thinking there wasn't much separation between the two. BOY WAS I WRONG. Michael Vick was a candidate here too but honestly, his stats look better in fantasy than in real life.

WR-Larry Fitzgerald (Hoosier Daddy)
WR Rank: 43
Overall Rank: 119
Acquired: Drafted 2nd Round (11th Overall)
Bears Cardinals Football 
The ultimate it's not the player but the situation kind of bust. Fitzgerald is an amazing talent, but good lord he plays with the WORST group of quarterbacks I've ever seen. He was the 2nd receiver taken in the draft as Ryan thought his talent would be able to override the horrible shit he dealt with. NOPE. Guys who finished with more points? Brian Hartline, Danario Alexander, Josh Gordon,hell Fitzgerald wasn't even the best receiver ON HIS OWN TEAM. It was ANDRE ROBERTS! The thing is, Ryan felt the need to keep plugging him week after week cause well it's Larry Fitzgerald! It never worked. I'm one of those who doesn't feel sorry for Fitzgerald, he signed a fat ass contract to stick around with the Cards, he knew the QB situation. It's just a shame all that talent is going to waste.

WR-Hakeem Nicks (Dr. Wily's Robots)
WR Rank: 54
Overall Rank: 157
Acquired: Drafted 4th Round (38th overall)
Hakeem Nicks The Associated Press Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images 
When Chris Givens and Greg Little are ranked higher than you, you know you've had a shit season. Was he ever really healthy all season? Probably not, but when he was out there, outside of a couple of games, he did nothing of note. Matt's backup, Tampa Bay's Mike Williams, ended up being a way better receiver to use. The constant will he or won't he play question that had to be answered every week was very frustrating for Matt.  Definitely wasn't worth the trouble of a fourth round pick.

WR-Victor Cruz (Poseidon Angry)
WR Rank: 13
Overall Rank: 48
Acquired: Drafted in the 3rd Round (22nd Overall) by Leland. Traded to Me along with Eli Manning and Fred Davis for Matt Ryan, Jordy Nelson, and Andrew Hawkins
Giants Falcons Football 
Hear me out, before you look at the 1000+ Yards and 10 TD's. Victor Cruz is OVERRATED. BIG TIME. He was the 3rd receiver taken, and the 22nd overall player taken, yet he finished outside the top 10. He had a couple of insane games, which is why his stats look good. Look at weeks 8-16. 5 games under 40 yards (5!!! For an "elite receiver")  and only 2 touchdowns in that span. Another reason I fucking sucked, because he was a piece of shit when it mattered. He is NOT ELITE...PERIOD. 

RB-Darren McFadden (Chardee MacDennis)
RB Rank: 28
Overall Rank: 107
Acquired: Drafted in the 1st Round (6th overall)
Raiders look to use bye week to fix problems 
Drew hit a BIG TIME home run with Adrian Peterson in the 3rd round. But he paid the price in the 1st round by taking Darren McFadden. Even when he was healthy he was horrible. He seemed not to understand the Raiders offense and then of course he inevitably got hurt. If Drew pairs Peterson with ANY other RB, he might have made the playoffs, but wasting a 1st rd pick on McFadden helped seal Drew's fate.

RB-Ryan Mathews (Bigger Balls)
RB Rank: 30
Overall Rank: 127
Acquired: Drafted in 2nd Round (16th overall)
Chargers Chiefs Football 
I will NEVER understand why fantasy experts everywhere keep sucking this guy's cock. HE FUCKING SUCKS. I should know, three years ago, I DRAFTED HIM 8TH OVERALL AS A ROOKIE. He was a shitty bust then, he's a shitty bust now, and he'll be a shitty bust FOREVER. Yet, fantasy experts REFUSE to acknowledge his shittiness and he'll probably be pimped again as a "bounce back candidate". He loses carries to RONNIE BROWN AND JACKIE BATTLE. Gimmie a break. You know how many TD's he scored this year? 1. Yes, 1. And of course he's brittle as fuck. He started the year hurt, and ended the year hurt. He's a joke period, and this place on this team is well deserved.

TE-Antonio Gates (Poseidon Angry)
 TE Rank:12
Overall Rank: 101
Acquired: 4th round (48th overall)
TE Graham says Gates' success paved way for him
Like I said, you have to look at everything around the player on why he makes this team. Was Vernon Davis worse? Yup, big time, but the depth on Matt's team covered it. Same with Jermichael Finley, he sucked big time, way worse than Gates, but Dad trucked along and both Matt and Dad made the playoffs. Antonio Gates was A BIG REASON I lost week after week. Supposedly he looked "great" in the preseason and was healthy as ever, but once on the field, he was slow, old and shitty. He had one memorable Denver game and that's it. The stupid thing about it was I kept having FAITH, he would sort it out and be elite. I even stupidly had both Gates and Gonzalez on my team and traded away GONZALEZ out of the two! He fucked me when I played him, fucked me when I didn't. He's beyond done,and has LITTLE TO NO UPSIDE next season.

It's no coincidence I own 3 of the 7 on this list. I was 9th for a reason ya know.

Michael Wiley Dud of The Year
Darren McFadden
Raiders look to use bye week to fix problems
At the end of the day, though my guys were bad, Cruz was the highest pick in the 3rd round. Ryan still not only made the playoffs but got a fucking bye WITH Fitz on his team the whole year, and Ryan Mathews was close to getting this as Mayra finished dead last, but when you're one of the main reasons that a team with Adrian F'N Peterson DOES NOT make the playoffs, you're basically a shoe in for this award.