Friday, September 28, 2012

Thursday Night Recap: I'm Sorry Trent Richardson

Maybe it was because rookie running backs have spurned me before (hello 8th pick Ryan Matthews in 2010), but I was really hard on Trent Richardson. It's not that I didn't think he was talented. I just thought that the combination of a pretty poor looking offense and a schedule that pits the Browns against the Steelers and Ravens twice was something I didn't want no part of, especially where Richardson was going. Well, I've been wrong so far. Besides game 1, Richard has been a beast the past 3 games. 3 TD's already, and his combination of rushing and pass catching skills got him 17 points against those dreaded Ravens. So Trent Richardson, I'm very sorry. Albert reaped the benefits of that play. Only 3 other teams had players go Thursday Night. Here are their recaps.

Chardee MacDennis- In a strategic move, Drew didn't want to gamble on Matt Stafford's Health and Started Joe Flacco. It couldn't have worked out better. 350 passing yards a Passing TD and Rushing TD for a grand total of 23 points.

Breaking Bybee- Oh things continue to go bad for Kenny. His new tight end, Dennis Pitta, had a grand total of 0 catches. A big zero. Justin Tucker also was mediocre with 6 points. 6 points between two guys, not a good start.

The Twin Killers- This was the Ray Rice farewell game and it was actually a tad disappointing. He was held to under 50 yards in each receiving and rushing and was stuffed at the goal line twice. 8 recepctions helped pad the score, but 12 points for Ray Rice is way below expectations. On the other hand, Torrey Smith continues to ascend to elite WR status as he produced another awesome game and picked up the slack for Leland. 97 yards and a score for 18 points. Torrey Smith has definitely become a weekly must start.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Week 4 Matchups and Predictions

Bye Weeks start this week for the Colts and Steelers (which means no Reggie Wayne for me) and we're down to one undefeated team (Matt) and one winless team (Kenny). Will this change after this week? We'll see. Here are this week matchups.

Poseidon Angry (1-2) vs
The Bad Robofies (2-1)

Matchup Stats

All Time Record: I lead the series 1-0
Last Matchup: I beat  Dad 137-67 in week 8 of the 2011 Season

Key Players
Poseidon Angry: Matt Ryan (vs Panthers) Calvin Johnson (Vikings) Jordy Nelson (Saints) Antonio Gates (Chiefs)

The Bad Robofies: Cam Newton (vs Falcons) Wes Welker (Bills) Jeremy Maclin (Giants) DeMarco Murray (Bears) Darren Sproles (Packers) Jermichael Finley (Saints)

Wild Cards
Poseidon Angry: What kind of production will I get from my RB's? Was keeping Arizona Defense over Baltimore a good move?

The Bad Robofies: Cam Newton bounce back? Maclin's first game coming off injury. Tough Matchup for Murray.

Yahoo Says: Dad wins 107-100
I say: Dad wins, my team is in transition mode and I don't have one RB1 this week on my official roster. I don't know what I'll get from Ridley and Green-Ellis, but I'm not expecting too much. I do think Dad bounces back and gets the W here.

Breaking Bybee (0-3)  vs
The Twin Killers (2-1)

All Time Record: Leland Leads Series 2-1
Last Matchup: Leland beat Kenny 107-103 in the Quarterfinal of the 2011 playoffs

Key Players
Breaking Bybee: Robert Griffin III (vs. Bucs) Miles Austin (Bears) Roddy White (Panthers) Brandon Lloyd (Bills) LeSean McCoy (Giants) Jamaal Charles (Chargers)

The Twin Killers: Eli Manning (Eagles) Victor Cruz (Eagles) Julio Jones (Panthers) Ray Rice (Browns) Rob Gronkowski (Bills)

Wild Cards
Breaking Bybee: RGIII Keep up the hot streak? Miles vs tough Bears D. Will the Eagles finally give McCoy more of a workload? Jamaal Charles fluke or legit? Dennis Pitta TE1?

The Twin Killers: Fred Jackson/Andre Brown/Doug Martin RB#2 dilemma. Will Torrey Smith go off again?

Yahoo Says: Kenny wins 117-106
I Say: Kenny wins, I'm gonna say Kenny wins despite Leland getting to use both Ray Rice and Rob Gronkowski. I think the RGIII acquisition was big, and his upside is huge. Even when the passing is not there, he still gets solid rushing yards. This really is a must win for Kenny, and he needs to erase the heartbreaking loss he suffered against Leland in the playoffs last season.

Dr. Wily's Robots (3-0)  vs
Bigger Balls (2-1)

No Matchup Stats

Key Players
Dr. Wily's Robots: Michael Vick (vs. Giants) A.J. Green (vs Jaguars) Percy Harvin (vs Lions) Hakeem Nicks (vs Eagles) Arian Foster (vs Titans) Marshawn Lynch (vs Rams) Vernon Davis (vs Jets)

Bigger Balls: Drew Brees (vs Packers) Andre Johnson (vs Titans) Marques Colston (vs Packers) Ryan Mathews (vs Chiefs)

Wild Cards
Dr. Wily's Robots: None...seriously...not one thing 
Bigger Balls: Reggie Bush's Health? Frank Gore vs Jets. Will Mayra use Ryan Mathews?

Yahoo says: Matt wins 124-88
I say: Matt wins, if you want to beat Matt you can't have ANY question marks on your team. Unfortunately Mayra has question marks at the RB position, and with Reggie Bush not 100% plus playing a difficult defense, I don't see Matt having any trouble staying undefeated this week.

Chardee MacDennis (1-2) vs
Channel 4 News Team (1-2) 

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Series is tied 2-2
Last Matchup: Albert beat Drew 108-100 in the 2010 Wayne McGarrity Bowl Championship

Key Players
Chardee MacDennis: Joe Flacco (vs Browns) Darren McFadden (vs Broncos) Adrian Peterson (vs Lions) Seattle Defense (vs Rams)

Channel 4 News Team: Tom Brady (vs Bills) Brandon Marshall (Cowboys) DeMaryius Thomas (Raiders) Jimmy Graham (Packers)

Wild Cards
Chardee MacDennis: Flacco over Stafford? Trust in Recievers?
Channel 4 News Team: Trust in Running Backs? Richardson difficult matchup.

Yahoo Says: Albert wins 107.21-106-69
I say: Drew wins, it should be a close matchup, and though Flacco has a great matchup it is a risk. I like Albert's QB and receivers over Drew's, but I like Drew's running backs over Albert's. It's really a toss up, but I'm gonna give the edge to Drew by a tiny margin. Should be as competitive as the 2010 Finals they were in.

Richard Head (2-1)   vs
Hoosier Daddy (1-2)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Ryan Leads Series 2-0
Last Matchup: Ryan beat Mike 91-76 in week 9 of the 2011 season

Key Players
Richard Head: Aaron Rodgers (vs Saints) Steve Smith (Falcons) Dez Bryant (Bears) Maurice Jones-Drew (Bengals) Tony Gonzalez (Panthers) Michael Bush (Cowboys)

Hoosier Daddy: Peyton Manning (vs Raiders) Larry Fitzgerald (Dolphins) Greg Jennings (Saints) 

Wild Cards
Richard Head: Golden Tate at WR #3, Can Aaron Rodgers finally get back on track?

Hoosier Daddy: Running back situation in dire straits. No legit WR#3. Struggling Jason Witten

Yahoo Says: Mike wins 105-86
I say: Mike wins, Michael Turner is not consistent, and the Packers are a pass heavy team, so Benson might not get a lot of work. I think Mike's got the better over team and should come away with the W this week.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Week 3 Awards and Another Blockbuster Trade

 Rob Gronkowski was a member of my team for a mere hours before I decided to flip him to Leland this morning. Me and Leland agreed to a multi-player trade with the main parts being Rob Gronkowski and Ray Rice. I've never drafted Ray Rice (when you draft 8,10,8 that usually tends to happen) but each year I've swung trades to acquire him. Last year I traded Leland Roddy White and Ahmad Bradshaw, this year it took Gronk, Fred Jackson, and C.J. Spiller. I also get Eric Decker in the deal as well. In a unique circumstance, because Ray Rice plays tomorrow night, Leland actually will get the benefit of using both Ray Rice and Gronk, a double dip so to speak. I fully understood that,and I feel it's worth the week wait to acquire a top 2 running back. Gronk is arguably the top tight end in the game today, and though C.J. Spiller is injured, he should be back next week and Leland can insert Fred Jackson in his lineup for this week. As for me, this is my forte, I'm very aggressive in trying to improve my team and make deals. With all my running back problems, Ray Rice is exactly what I need, plus I still have Antonio Gates, so though it sucks I wasn't able to use Gronk, it's nice to have a backup plan there. Eric Decker is also not a bad bye week fill in to have either. On to the week 3 awards

Wayne McGarrity Stud of The Week
Jamaal Charles (Breaking Bybee)

I usually don't pick a player from the losing team, but I can't ignore what Jamaal Charles did. 233 yards rushing, 55 receiving and a TD for a season high 37 points. I honestly don't see anyone besting this, this season, maybe a QB, but not a running back. And to think, it came in a LOSING EFFORT. Sucks for Kenny

Michael Wiley Dud of the Week
Tony Romo (Breaking Bybee)

Kenny's also represented by the Dud of the Week, Tony Romo. Some of it wasn't his fault, his o-line is HORRIBLE, but still a couple of bad fumbles, no TD passes against the Tampa Bay Bucs at HOME? 6.5 points (yes he caught a pass to himself). It lead Kenny to trade for RGIII. It's apparent, the Romo era for Kenny is done.

Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Award
Leland and his Giant Risk

It's one thing to start Eli Manning and Victor Cruz, who wouldn't against the Panthers, no less. But to Start them along with Andre Brown AND Martellus Bennett? To start almost half your team from the same team? That's a very risky move that I don't know too many people would pull off. But the matchup was there, and Leland took advantage it and the strategy worked. 63.5 points was not a bad start at all en route to a 9 point victory. Playing Andre Brown over Doug Martin was critical, He would've lost had he not done it. Kudos to Leland for taking a calculated risk and it paying off.

Tony Romo Bad Decision Award
Ryan's Running Back Problems Continue
There wasn't anything to jawdropping this week, and at the end of the day Ryan still won, but he's got the most inconsistent running back group and has a knack for picking the wrong guy. I'm not a Michael Turner guy by any means, but I'm pretty sure I'd start him over both Chris Johnson and Shonn Greene every week of the season. Johnson and Green combined for 7.5 points. Michael Turner doubled that. I don't know what Ryan has, but he needs to do something to help this dreadful running back situation.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Week 3 Results

After Week 3, we have only 1 undefeated team left (Matt) and 1 winless team left (Kenny). Mayra and Dad suffered their first losses this week and our now in the thick of the pack with everyone else. Here are the results of Week 3

The Twin Killers (2-1)          129
Poseidon Angry (1-2)           120

It's my blog so pardon the rant here, but man could this season get any worse for me??? For the 3RD STRAIGHT WEEK I lose a starting running back to injury in the middle of my matchup (Fred Jackson week 1, Matt Forte Week 2, and now...C.J. Spiller), yet still over come that and for the 2nd straight week score the 3rd most points in the week only to lose to the guy who scores the most points in a week. Unbelievable. I've got the 2nd most points in the league (exactly 3 points behind Matt who is undefeated) and yet there I sit 1-2 in 6th place with 4 total running backs down. I know, I know, those are the breaks, and there's millions out there just like me, but it doesn't make it any less frustrating or hard to swallow.We covered Leland's gutsy move in playing 4 Giants position players on the Thursday recap add in a little Ray Rice and Julio Jones and it was more than enough to put me away. It would've added insult to injury, but Leland could've played Torrey Smith who's status was up in the air after the tragic death of his brother. Smith ended up playing and he was amazing, but it didn't matter for Leland. My defense pickup of Arizona was awesome, just destroying Philadelphia (5 sacks, 3 fumble recoveries, Defensive TD). Megatron was a beast finally proving why he's the best wide receiver in the game today (10 receptions, 160+ receiving yards and a score) RGIII looked like crap in the 1st half, but really stepped it up with 80 yards rushing along with 2 scores (1 rushing) and ended up with 24 points. Reggie Wayne also had another useful game and will continue to be used as the primary receiver for Andrew Luck. Stevan Ridley was horrific, a total letdown,  as was Antonio Gates. Leland goes on to face Drew next week while I play my dad, in what could be another loss, considering my situation.

Key Players

Robert Griffin III (Poseidon Angry) 221 passing yards, 1 passing TD, 85 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 1 Fumble Lost, 24 points

Calvin Johnson (Poseidon Angry) 10 catches, 164 yards, 1 TD, 27 points

Arizona Defense (Poseidon Angry) 5 sacks, 3 fumble recoveries, 1 defensive TD, 6 points allowed, 24 points

Ray Rice (The Twin Killers) 101 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 5 receptions, 49 receiving yards, 22.5 points

Andre Brown (The Twin Killers) 113 rushing yards, 2 rushing TD's, 3 receptions, 17 receiving yards, 25.5 points

Martellus Bennett (The Twin Killers) 6 receptions, 73 receiving yards, 1 TD, 16 points

Disappointing Players

Stevan Ridley (Poseidon Angry)  37 rushing yards, 3 points

Antonio Gates (Poseidon Angry) 3 receptions 22 yards, 3.5 points

Dr. Wily's Robots (3-0)                125.50
Breaking Bybee (0-3)                      93

 You can't stop the machine. Even without Hakeem Nicks, Matt manages to easily dispatch Kenny and remain the only undefeated team in the league. There's just too much talent on this team, that Matt can afford terrible performances from Michael Vick, a mediocre game from Marshawn Lynch and a horrible sub in Mike Williams. None of it matters, with a top notch defense (23 points from the Bears) a lights out wide out (29 points for A.J. Green) and a ho hum day from Arian Foster (16 points). When Nicks comes back, the weapons will be fully loaded yet again. It's been a very frustrating season for Kenny, who remains the only winless team in the league. Even with the best statistical fantasy performance of the season in Jamaal Charles (233 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 6 receptions, 55 receiving yards, for an amazing 37 points) he STILL lost by 32.5 points. Unfortunately only Brandon Lloyd and Miles Austin provided any punch besides Charles. Gronk, Romo, and Jordy Nelson were all miserable and LeSean McCoy didn't get enough touches to make a big impact. We'll see if the trade Kenny made re-energizes his team. He'll face a tough test to get his first W next week in Leland. Matt will take on Mayra next in his quest to stay undefeated.

Key Players
A.J. Green (Dr. Wily's Robots) 9 receptions, 183 receiving yards, 11 rushing yards, 1 receiving TD, 29.5 points

Chicago Bears Defense (Dr. Wily's Robots) 6 sacks, 2 interceptions, 1 Defensive TD, 6 points allowed,  23 points


Jamaal Charles (Breaking Bybee) 233 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 6 receptions, 55 receiving yards, 37 points (League Season High)

Disappointing Players

Tony Romo (Breaking Bybee) 283 passing yards, 1 INT, 2 fumble lost, 6.5 points

Jordy Nelson (Breaking Bybee) 2 receptions, 19 yards, 2 points

Rob Gronkowski (Breaking Bybee) 2 catches, 21 yards, 3 points

Michael Vick (Dr. Wily's Robots) 217 passing yards, 28 rushing yards, 2 fumbles lost, 6 points

Chardee MacDennis (1-2)             116
The Bad Robofies (2-1)                   76

It was only a matter time before Drew  got his first W. He got it pretty easily, blowing out dad by a week high 40 points. It's totally random, but it's funny how for 2 years running Dad either wins very low scoring affairs, or gets blown out. It's rarely anything else. Matthew Stafford salvaged his day with a TD and 2 pt conversion on his way to 18 points but did get hurt. Don't know how bad the injury is, but Stafford has struggled to live up to expectations so far. Mike Wallace and Darren McFadden led the way, while Peterson continues to defy odds and put up respectable numbers. Stevie Johnson chipped in a TD, but Drew's Eagle combo of Brent Celek and DeSean Jackson couldn't even combine for 10 points. Dad's week started off bad with Cam Newton being horrible and he never really got it going the rest of the way. Vincent Jackson showed his miss side this week with only 2 points, and that's how V-Jax is gonna be week to week. No consistency whatsoever. Wes Welker led Dad's team in scoring, with no one doing much of anything. DeMarco Murray did score, but didn't have many yards on the day. This could be just what Drew needs to kick start a run. He gets Albert next in a totally winnable match up. Dad gets me, and believe it or not, it's really good for him and he has a great shot of rebounding and beating me next week.

Key Players

Mike Wallace (Chardee MacDennis) 8 receptions, 123 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 22 points

Wes Welker (The Bad Robofies) 8 receptions, 142 receiving yards, 18 points

Disappointing Players

Cam Newton (The Bad Robofies) 242 passing yards, 3 Interceptions, 6 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 12 points

Vincent Jackson (The Bad Robofies) 1 reception, 29 yards, 2.5 points

Darren Sproles (The Bad Robofies) 62 rushing yards, 6 points

DeSean Jackson (Chardee Macdennis) 3 receptions, 43 yards, 5.5 points

Richard Head (2-1)                       105
Channel 4 News Team (1-2)           71

And just like that Albert's team is back to earth, and had the lowest scoring output of the week, barely going over 70 points. Mike's quietly going under the radar, and that's with no legit #3 receiver and Aaron Rodgers playing pretty average football. Imagine if he fixes those problems. Could be a dark horse contender. Aaron Rodgers scored under 10 points, and again his WR trio were uninspiring, but MJD really kicked it into gear with 25 points. How bout Tony Gonzalez having yet another impact performance with 19.5 points. Dude still has it. Michael Bush chipped in a TD and the way Albert's guys plays that was more than enough for Mike to earn Victory #2. For Albert, his receiving trio was miss this time, especially Demaryius Thomas who had 34 yards and a fumble. Brandon Marshall was better than last week, but not by too much. Albert's gonna need a lot more from him. A TD saved Trent Richardson from totally sucking, same with Jimmy Graham, and Willis McGahee getting hurt put a nail in the coffin. At least I look smart again, as Albert's team was just way over matched and now he'll have to face a tough Drew team in week 4. Mike will take on Ryan next, and he could be headed for a nice 3-1 start.

Key Players

Maurice Jones-Drew (Richard Head) 177 rushing yards, 1 TD, 2 receptions, 16 receiving yards, 25 points

Tony Gonzalez (Richard Head) 9 receptions, 91 yards, 1 TD, 19.5 points

Disappointing Players

Willis McGahee (Channel 4 News Team) 36 rushing yards, 1 reception 6 yards, 3.5 points (left game with injury)

Demaryius Thomas (Channel 4 News Team) 3 receptions, 34 yards, 1 fumble lost, 2.5 points

Aaron Rodgers (Richard Head) 223 passing yards, 17 rushing yards, 9 points

Randy Moss (Richard Head) 3 receptions, 27 yards, 3.5 points

Hoosier Daddy (1-2)            106.50
Bigger Balls (2-1)                   83

And in a bit of an upset, Mayra encounters her first fantasy football loss. Ryan's back's were once again HORRIBLE, but Peyton Manning, Larry Fitzgerald, and Antonio Brown help lead the way to Ryan's 1st victory. Jason Witten continues to look worse and worse each week, this time only contributing 1 point. Those 16 points from the Giants D were a big time help for Ryan. Greg Jennings didn't do much, but no one really did for the Packers. Mayra lost Reggie Bush to injury in the game, and it went downhill from there. Only Drew Brees, Andre Johnson and Robbie Gould scored double digits. Frank Gore returned to earth and it wouldn't have even mattered if she played Ryan Mathews, he wasn't much better. Mayra faces Matt next week, and could be looking at 2-2. while Ryan faces Mike next week.

Key Players

Peyton Manning (Hoosier Daddy) 330 yards, 2 passing TDs, 21 points

Larry Fitzgerald (Hoosier Daddy) 9 receptions, 114 yards, 21.5 points

Drew Brees (Bigger Balls) 240 pasing yards, 3 passing TD's, 1 INT, 20 points

Disappointing Players

Frank Gore (Bigger Balls) 63 rushing yards, 1 reception 9 yards, 1 fumble lost, 4.5 points

Reggie Bush (Bigger Balls) 61 rushing yards, 1 reception, 1 yard, 6.5 points (left game with injury)

Marques Colston (Bigger Balls) 3 receptions 40 yards, 5.5 points

Chris Johnson (Hoosier Daddy) 24 rushing yards, 1 reception, 5 receiving yards, 2.5 points

Shonn Greene (Hoosier Daddy) 40 rushing yards, 2 reception 9 receiving yards, 5 points

Jason Witten (Hoosier Daddy) 2 receptions, 8 yards, 1 point

Monday, September 24, 2012

Blockbuster Trade between Me and Kenny

It didn't take long for me and Kenny to make some major changes to our teams. When you are a combined 1-5, it's time to reevaluate and do your best to improve. Last night the first trade of the season was agreed upon. The particulars of the deal are outlined below.

I get

Rob Gronkowski-TE

Jordy Nelson-WR

Kenny Gets

Robert Griffin III-QB

Roddy White-WR

The funny thing for both of us, is I had Roddy White last season and I Traded him, and Kenny had Jordy Nelson last season and traded him away as well. This was an out of the blue trade that can benefit both parties. For me, I feel like I get a nice upgrade at TE, and maybe a little bit of an upside upgrade at receiver. I like Roddy White, but I'm afraid Julio Jones has taken over as the primary receiver of the Falcons. Not that Jordy Nelson is head over heels better, but I think I like his situation a little bit more. I think opportunities will be there, or I'm hoping they will be. I also get Rob Gronkowski in the deal to upgrade my TE situation significantly. For Kenny, besides getting Roddy White, he gets a QB with a ton of upside in RGIII. Kenny's getting worried about Romo and that o-line, so he picks up a QB who is mobile and can not only throw but make plays with his legs as well. He immediately becomes Kenny's starting QB and makes Tony Romo expendable. I think this trade is a win-win for both of us and could be just what we need to get out of this slump.

The other trade that I made was with Mike and it's as follows

I get

BenJarvus Green-Ellis-RB

Mike Gets

Pierre Garcon-WR

When you've had as many injuries to the running back position as I have (4) I had to do something just so I can have a full team out there this week. It wasn't my preference to get rid of Garcon who when on the field is a good receiver, but I had no choice, the free agent rb's are thin, so I did what I had to do as a stop gap until either one of Fred Jackson, C.J. Spiller, or Matt Forte come back. Mike was in need of some receiver help and Garcon can come in and help immediately once he's back on the field.