Friday, September 27, 2013

Thursday Night Overview/Week 3 Awards

Thursday Night game is in the books and there's weren't too many fantasy relevant players out there so this should be short. Albert got a great start from Frank Gore. 153 rushing yards and a TD, safe to say the Rams Run D is horrendous. Vernon Davis was a letdown, but a TD salvaged his day..sorta. He only had 18 yards. At the TE position, that's ok, but it puts a lot of pressure on Mayra's RB's after Gore already dominated. Matt had the other tight end in the game, Jared Cook. He's been pretty irrelevant since week 1. This game was no different. 4 catches for 45 yards. For dad, Colin Kaepernick continues to be uninspiring. Yes, he had more points than the last two weeks combined, but still he only had 13. 167 passing yards, 2 TD's and a fumble. Luckily one of those TD's was to Anquan Boldin, who had a nice bounce back game with that TD and 90 yards. On to the Week 3 awards!

Wane McGarity Stud Of The Week
Antonio Brown (Not Even Lying)
9 receptions, 196 yards, 2 TD's, 35.5 points
This performance might be looked back as the turning point of Kenny's season. Kenny was beyond frustrated and the fact that he was down 18 points against a skeleton crew was the breaking point. Had somehow Antonio Brown and Demaryius Thomas failed, Kenny would have gone off the edge to say the least. Antonio Brown squashed all that worry real fast. A 35.5 point performance and quite possibly the beginning of a lengthy winning streak all the way to the top.

Michael Wiley Dud of The Week
C.J. Spiller (Tebow4President)
9 Rushing yards, 1 reception, 1 receiving yard, .5 points
Yes he got hurt, but he was doing nothing anyway. Week by Week it's looking like maybe Spiller isn't the new fantasy breakout star everyone hoped he would be. He certainly isn't living up to  #1 pick status. Even his "best" game in Week 2 he barely tipped over 100 yards and didn't score. Season is still young, and Spiller has a chance to turn it around..but at what cost to Leland's season?

Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Award
Bilal Powell (Shock The Monkey)
149 rushing yards, 2 receptions, 9 receiving yards, 15 points
Finally at Week 3, we have a Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Award to give out! There were actually some solid candidates this week. Joique Bell and Denarious Moore for Matt, and Stephen Hill for Drew, but at the end I'm giving to Mark and his Bilal Powell play. Why? Matt blew out Leland so Bad, that he didn't need the Bell and Moore performances, and Drew lost. Mark on the other hand, had his undefeated streak on the line and when Steven Jackson went down, it looked bleak for the #2 position. Mark also started the week terrible with a .5 point Dwayne Bowe performance. When I saw Powell in the lineup I thought, well might as well just pencil in 4-5 points for this play. Powell was a BEAST though. 149 rushing yards for a total of 15 points. Mark only won by 9 points. It was a shrewd play, it worked, and Mark won because of it. 

Tony Romo Bad Decision Award
Mayra Plays an inactive Vernon Davis
We also get to see the debut of the Tony Romo Bad Decision Award. Mike was the other candidate in this race. Playing Brandon Jacobs and Eli over Tony Romo and Ahmad Bradshaw. I would've still won regardless though of the switch. Mayra not only loses a closely contested game (12.5 points) by commits the cardinal sin of playing an inactive player. A guaranteed zero. Now would her replacement get 12.5 points, probably not, but the possibility of it is better than the absolute of taking a zero. 


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week 4 Matchups and Predictions

Time is flying as we're onto week 4 of the season. Here are this weeks matchups.

Danny's Little Giants (3-0)   vs
Not Even Lying (1-2)

Matchup Stats

All Time Record: Series is tied 3-3
Last Matchup: Kenny Beat me 78.5-71.5 in the semi-final of the Michael Wiley Loser Bowl

Key Players
Danny's Little Giants: Larry Fitzgerald (Bucs) Pierre Garcon (Raiders) DeSean Jackson (Broncos) LeSean McCoy (Broncos)

Not Even Lying: Drew Brees (Dolphins) Demaryius Thomas (Eagles) Doug Martin (Cardinals) Chris Johnson (Jets)

Wild Cards
Danny's Little Giants: Bye Week for Newton/Olsen. Who's going to play #2 RB this week

Not Even Lying: Bye week for Randall Cobb

Yahoo Says: Kenny wins 96-89
I Say: Kenny wins. Kenny got the perfect rebound schedule after going 0-2. He played a depleted Drew team and he plays me without Cam Newton. I think he wins even if Cam played, but without Cam, it's pretty much a given I'll be 3-1

Passion ofthe Puente (2-1)      vs
Tebow4President (1-2)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Leland Leads Series 3-2
Last Matchup: Leland beat Mike 93.5-72 in the 1st round of the 2012 Playoffs

Key Players
Passion ofthe Puente: Tony Romo (Chargers) Brandon Marshall (Lions) Wes Welker (Eagles) Vincent Jackson (Cardinals) Tony Gonzalez (Patriots) Arian Foster (Seahawks)

Tebow4President: Matthew Stafford (Bears) C.J. Spiller (Ravens) Rob Gronkowski (Falcons)

Wild Cards
Passion ofthe Puente: Bolden as a #2 RB. Foster's tough matchup

Tebow4President: Running back production. Effectiveness of Gronk. Miles Austin's hamstring.

Yahoo Says: Mike wins 94-91
I Say: Mike wins. I wanna see more of a consistent effort before I can pick Leland's team to win. I just think Mike has more weapons, though if Leland can win the Running Back battle, he could pull of the W.

Dr. Light's Robots (1-2)     vs
Hoosier Daddy (0-3)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Matt leads 3-2
Last Matchup: Ryan Beat Matt 138.5-100 in the 3rd Place of the 2012 Playoffs

Key Players
Dr. Light's Robots: Michael Vick (Broncos) Reggie Wayne (Jaguars) Jamaal Charles (Giants) Maurice Jones-Drew (Colts)

Hoosier Daddy: Tom Brady (Falcons) Marques Colston (Dolphins) Marshawn Lynch (Texans)

Wild Cards
Dr. Light's Robots: Vick over RGIII. Jordy Nelson bye

Hoosier Daddy: TE Production. Stevan Ridley production. Marshawn Lynch tough Matchup vs Texans

Yahoo Says: Ryan wins 85-79
I say: Matt wins. I'm going to give Matt the slight edge, only because of Lynch's difficult matchup. With Ridley playing so bad, if Marshawn struggles, it could be the key in losing the game.

The Bad Robofies (2-1)  vs
I'm a Paul Heyman Guy (1-2)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Drew leads series 2-0
Last Matchup: Drew beat Dad 113.5-85 in week 12 of the 2012 season

Key Players
The Bad Robofies: Colin Kaepernick (Rams) Andre Johnson (Seahawks) Ray Rice (Bills) Jimmy Graham (Dolphins) Darren McFadden (Redskins)

I'm a Paul Heyman Guy: Andrew Luck (Jaguars) Hakeem Nicks (Chiefs) Adrian Peterson (Steelers) Reggie Bush (Bears) Jordon Cameron (Bengals)

Wild Cards
The Bad Robofies: Kaepernick's Struggles. Andre Johnson's Health. Ray Rice's Health

I'm a Paul Heyman Guy: Tough Matchups for Bush, Peterson, Cameron. Hope for good production from Shorts, Wright, Broyles.

Yahoo says: Dad wins 99-90
I Say: Dad wins. I dunno..Dad ALWAYS finds a way to win. If Kaepernick redeems himself he'll have a great shot. He does have to worry about Andre Johnson though not only is his hurt but playing against that tough  Seattle Secondary. Peterson and Reggie Bush have tough matchups, and it might be difficult to overcome.

Channel 4 News Team (1-2) vs
Bigger Balls (1-2)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Series is tied 1-1
Last Matchup: Albert beat Mayra 120.5-76.5 Week 10 of the 2012 season

Key Players
Channel 4 News Team: Peyton Manning (Eagles) A.J. Green (Browns) Alfred Morris (Raiders) Frank Gore (Rams)

Bigger Balls: Calvin Johnson (Bears) Dez Bryant (Chargers) Darren Sproles (Dolphins)

Wild Cards
Channel 4 News Team: TE Production. WR #3/#4 Production

Bigger Balls: Rodgers bye. Vernon Davis questionable. Fred Jackson at RB #2

Yahoo says: Albert wins 97-89
 I Say: Albert Rodgers is a huge blow to Mayra, as Jake Locker is a very risky play. Calvin and Dez better really go off for Mayra to have a chance. I think Albert's team rebounds from a bad loss last week.

Shock The Monkey (3-0)   vs
Springville-Warrior (2-1)

No Matchup Stats

Key Players
Shock The Monkey: Matt Ryan (Patriots) Victor Cruz (Chiefs) Matt Forte (Lions) Jason Witten (Charger)

Springville-Warrior: Russell Wilson (Texans) Julio Jones (Patriots) Trent Richardson (Jaguars) DeMarco Murray (Chargers) Eric Decker (Eagles)

Wild Cards
Shock The Monkey: Bilal Power Encore Performance? Production from Hartline, Bowe, Miller. 

Springville-Warrior- Russell Wilson Tough Matchup for Texans. Colts usage of Trent Richardson. Santonio Holmes production.

Yahoo Says: Eugene wins 103-97
I Say: Eugene wins. I was wrong last time, but this has to be the week Mark loses...doesn't it? It's always sucks to play against someone who has your QB's receiver. For Matt Ryan to succeed, he kinda needs Julio Jones to do good. I give the slight talent to Eugene and his team this week and I predict there will not be anymore undefeated teams going into week 5.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Week 3 Results

It's only 3 weeks in and we're down to only 2 undefeated teams. Me and Mark are the last 3-0 teams standing. On the opposite end, Ryan is the only winless team left. Here's what happened in another unpredictable Week 3.

Danny's Little Giants (3-0)       108
Passion ofthe Puente (2-1)        69.5

This did not go the way I expected at all. I already posted about Shady's big day Thursday and Cam Newton FINALLY decided to show up in a BIG way. 3 Passing TD's and a rushing TD. THAT'S why I drafted him. I also finally got RB #2 production in Bernard Pierce who scored a TD, while playing for the injured Ray Rice. Julius Thomas also continues to be a late round gem scoring in his 3rd straight game. This week is a bla week for my receivers as none of them scored TD, and Pierre Garcon was the best one with 12 points. For Mike, two mistakes. Eli over Romo and Jacobs over Bradshaw. The Eli over Romo is defensible as Eli had a juicer matchup, he just was awful but Jacobs over Bradshaw?? Yes, T-Rich is there and it was the 49ers D, but Bradshaw is still the better option because he was due for a lot more touches. Bradshaw-17 points, Jacobs-0. Eli-3.5 Romo-20. It doesn't win the game, but points matter and to leave over 30 points off the board sucks. There is a silver lining though for Mike. Josh Gordon....STUD (or as Mike would say MONEY). He was worth the flier. Even with a suspect QB, he put up 27 points. He's the X Factor on Mike's team, and he's the 4th receiver on this talent heavy squad. He'll be a difference maker for sure. Arian Foster continues to be meh, which might be scary only because Ben Tate might continue to cut in to his touches. Mike will try to rebound next week against a reeling Leland team, while I take on a rejuvenated Kenny team who just got it's 1st win in dominant fashion.

Game MVP
Cam Newton (Danny's Little Giants)
223 passing yards, 3 Passing TD's, 1 INT, 45 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 28.5 points

Dr. Light's Robots (1-2)             124
Tebow4President (1-2)                 58

Matt is winless no more as he just flat out destroyed Leland's team this week. It started with the Jamaal Charles game and Matt's team never let up. Matt played smart and made excellent roster choices sitting both MJD and Roddy White and subbing in Joique Bell (20 points) and Denarius Moore (21 points). Gutsy moves that paid off handsomely. Jordy Nelson and Golden Tate had solid games as well. As for what can you say. 2nd week he's scored the least points of the week. He has the ultimate hit or miss team. Last week was great, this week..abysmal. Matthew Stafford and James Jones were really the only ones that decided to show up.  C.J.'s only been 3 weeks, but he's not looking like a 1st round pick much less the #1 pick. Yes he got hurt, but he was doing nothing of note and Fred Jackson has looked better than him at times. He still has time to turn it around, but by the time he does it might be too late. Lamar Miller, another frustrating day for him, he just doesn't get the full workload you'd want out of your RB #2. It's damn sure hard to predict what team is going to show up for Leland..he better hope the Week version shows up against another team capable of huge points in Mike. Matt will have an excellent chance to get back to .500 as he takes on Ryan and his winless squad in week 4.

Game MVP
Jamaal Charles (Dr. Light's Robots)
92 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 7 catches, 80 receiving yards, 26.5 points

Not Even Lying (1-2)               131
I'm A Paul Heyman Guy (1-2)   99.5

Told you that 0-2 start was deceiving. THIS was the kind of game I knew Kenny's team was capable of. Now it was against a super depleted Drew team, but nonetheless 131 would've beaten ANYONE this week. It was hilarious though, because believe it or not, Kenny was down 18 going in to Sunday Night's Steelers-Broncos game. There was a small shot of quite possibly the biggest upset in league history....then ANTONIO BROWN HAPPENED. Talk about saving a season. 9 catches for 196 yards and 2 TD's (including a BEAUTIFUL 1 HANDED TD GRAB) for a week high 35.5 points. Just absurd and put a kabosh on all that comeback talk. Demaryius Thomas went ahead and added 10 grabs for 94 yards just to hammer the win down. Drew Brees...yep typical elite performance (300 yards passing, 3 TD's, 1 rushing predictable). The scary thing? The running backs can actually play better than they are! Doug Martin and Chris Johnson are still playing averagish by their expectations. Martin for sure, will get better. Kenny even FINALLY got production from Kenbrell Thompkins who scored two TD's. When Randall Cobb was your worst've had a very good week. For Drew, hey valiant effort my man. This team shouldn't have stood a chance to win, yet despite two zeroes from Daryl Richarson and Hakeem Nicks, Drew took a lead all the way to Sunday Night thanks to Stephen Hill, Cecil Shorts, Adrian Peterson and Jordan Cameron (3 TD's). Cameron has proven to be a TE1 by the way. Excellent value pickup by Drew. Drew's not at full strength, but he'll get Reggie Bush back next week and Amendola might be coming back soon as well. If he can put up close to 100 with this squad, imagine a fully healthy squad! He'll take on Dad next week, while Kenny faces me in a prime matchup to even up at 2-2.

Game MVP
Antonio Brown (Not Even Lying)
9 catches, 196 receiving yards, 2 TD's, 35.5 points
The Bad Robofies (2-1)       74
Bigger Balls (1-2)                61.5

Just look at the score and you know who played in this game....but to win with only 74 points?? Yep.....Dad does it again. I find it really strange and odd how no matter what group of players Dad drafts they all manage to score low points...yet he STILL wins. It's crazy. Mayra's team had another brutal game. Aaron Rodgers was awful, Dez didn't do much, no RB production really, and Mayra committed the fantasy cardinal sin of starting an inactive Vernon Davis. I doubt it would've mattered, but you never know. For Dad, Jimmy Graham is the only one worth mentioning. 2 more TD's and 134 yards receiving. Colin Kaepernick had another horrible game and it was against the Colts. This could be very alarming as Dad is counting on Kaepernick to be huge for him. Dad and his low scoring brigade face Drew next week, while Mayra has to play Albert without Aaron Rodgers who's on bye.

Game MVP
Jimmy Graham (The Bad Robofies)
9 catches, 134 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's, 29.5 points

Shock The Monkey (3-0)         82.5
Channel 4 News Team (1-2)    73.5

I thought for sure Mark was going to lose this one, especially after the .5 Bowe performance. Nope though, Mark wins a 9 point affair that was actually not decided until Monday Night. Peyton Manning almost pulled off another miracle, and the lead was dropped to 12 points by half, but Manning and the Broncos slowed down passing wise in the 2nd half, and Albert could cut the lead to 9. Matt Ryan was his usual consistent self as was Matt Forte, but how about Bilal Powell? Excellent spot start by Mark, and he'll be able to ride him until Steven Jackson comes back. Powell had 149 rushing yards. Brian Hartline scored a TD, and was really the only other notable player on Mark's team in a low scoring matchup. Albert's got to be disappointed in 73.5 points. He lost Jermichael Finley to a concussion, and A.J. Green was unspectacular though he scored. Peyton Manning needed help, and didn't really get much. Alfred Morris and Frank Gore both scored double digits but it just wasn't enough to get the job done. So Mark survives another week and remains undefeated. He'll take on fellow newbie (and 2-1) Eugene next, while Albert takes on Mayra and tries to rebound from this bad loss.

Game MVP
Matt Forte (Shock The Monkey)
87 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 4 catches, 24 receiving yards, 18 points

 Springville-Warrior (2-1)                122.5
 Hoosier Daddy (0-3)                          82.5

How about Eugene bouncing back from a bad week 1 loss with back to back dominant wins? Can't sleep on this team as he's now 3rd place thanks to this blowout win against Ryan. Russell Wilson FINALLY had a great game and it could've been even better had he not been pulled in the 3rd quarter. He threw for 4 TD's passes against a horrible Jaguars defense. I'm sure Eugene would love DeMarco Murray to play the Rams every week. Murray came to PLAY this week as he gashed the Rams for 175 rushing yards and a TD. Trent Richardson didn't do much but did add a TD. Where was this Antonio Gates LAST YEAR?!? Remember when I owned him and he was old as shit and sucked?? He seems to be back as he had another productive game with a TD. Eric Decker is more than making amends for that awful game 1 start. 8 catches for 133 yards and a TD. Another disappointing week for Ryan. Tom Brady had another averageish game with 15 points. Marshawn Lynch BLEW a great opportunity against a shitty Jacksonville team. I mean he scored 3 TD's against the 49ers, but only managed 69 yards against this Jacksonville Defense? Stevan Ridley? BUST. When LaGarrette Blount gets more touches than's just not good. Believe it or not, Ryan's best player was Sidney Rice. He had 21 points. Sidney Rice being your best player is NOT a vote of confidence. I know it's early but I believe Ryan is in "must-win" mode already. Can't afford to go 0-4.  He'll play Matt in week 4. Eugene can make some noise by beating Mark and stopping his undefeated streak.

Game MVP
DeMarco Murray (Springville-Warrior)
175 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 3 receptions, 28 receiving yards, 26.5 points


Friday, September 20, 2013

Week 2 Awards/Thursday Night Overview


In fantasy football, the WORST feeling in the world is to watch your star player, your #1 pick suffer a serious injury. Last night.....I ALMOST had to experience that feeling. In the 2nd quarter, McCoy seemed to suffer a knee injury that looks pretty bad. To say I overreacted was an understatement, but seriously, there's no other way to put it, if you lose your #1 player in a 12 team league and he happens to be a running back...YOU'RE FUCKED. Period. Season is over. And for 20 or so minutes it really seemed like it was for me. My history with Thursday Night games is laughable. Last year was a circus of bad luck in these games and it looked like it was going to strike again. Luckily though, not only did McCoy come back, he was a beast finishing with over 150 yards and a TD. Now he gets to rest that ankle 10 days and hopefully that's enough to get him back to full strength. McCoy did the heavy lifting for me, as the Eagles offense was for the most part terrible. They shut down DeSean Jackson pretty much all night. Jackson finished with only 3 catches for 62 yards. Terribly disappointing in a week I need all the points I can get against Mike's Squad. Ryan's going the lazy way with his tight end position by starting Brent Celek once again. He did nothing of note and he's not a reliable fantasy starter at all. Even worse though was Dwayne Bowe. Just wow.... putrid performance. Mark won't stay undefeated if Bowe keeps getting ignored like that. Bowe caught one pass in the 4th quarter and that was it. Half a point. Matt was the other team who had Thursday night games and he played QB Carousel and finally bit on playing Michael Vick over RGIII. We won't know if this was a great decision until Sunday, but Vick was awful. Luckily, his 95 rushing yards salvaged his performance, but he threw two picks and a lost a fumble. Matt just can't win with that QB situation. Luckily for Matt, Jamaal Charles blew up. 92 rushing yards, 80 receving yards and a TD for 26.5 points. He had a couple chances at adding one more TD late, but the Eagles stuffed him at the goal. On to the awards for week 2!

Wane McGarity Stud of The Week
Aaron Rodgers (Bigger Balls)
480 Passing yards, 4 passing TD's, 35 points

Two weeks in a row, a QB takes top honors. Rodgers threw for a career high 480 yards and added 4 TD's. A no brainer for this week's award.

Michael Wiley Dud of The Week
Colin Kaepernick (The Bad Robofies)
127 Passing Yards, 3 Interceptions, 87 rushing yards, 1 fumble lost, 6.5 points

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7) watches his fumbled ball bounce away as Seattle Seahawks' Cliff Avril eyes it as well in the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013, in Seattle. The Seahawks recovered the ball on the play    

Dad was down 30 going into the Sunday night game with Kaepernick and Anquan Boldin still to go. Very doable between the two, even against a brutal Seattle Defense. What a nightmare. Kaepernick was beyond bad. It's a good thing he had rushing yards to pad those stats because he committed 4 turnovers and finished with a measly 6.5 points. You don't mess with that Seattle D.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Week 3 Matchups and Predictions

Before we get this week's matchups, there was a huge NFL trade today that impacts a couple of teams in our league. Trent Richardson was traded to Colts today for a 2014 1st round pick. This was surprising to say the least as Richardson was only 2 games into his 2nd NFL season. He's surrounded by a better offense now, and he should see a fantasy boost as soon as he gets the hang of the new offensive system. Unfortunately for Mike, this significantly decreases Ahmad Bradshaw's value. He goes from being the lead back to a timeshare, and though maybe the first couple of games he'll get more touches, once Richardson learns the system, he'll get the bulk of the carries. Very interesting to say the least. Here are the week 3 matchups.

Danny's Little Giants (2-0)   vs
Passion ofthe Puente (2-0)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: I lead series 4-2
Last Matchup: I beat Mike 92.5-90 in Week 7 of the 2012 season

Key Players
Danny's Little Giants: Cam Newton (Giants) DeSean Jackson (Chiefs) LeSean McCoy (Chiefs) Larry Fitzgerald (Saints) Pierre Garcon (Lions)

Passion ofthe Puente: Tony Romo (Rams) Vincent Jackson (Patriots) Wes Welker (Raiders) Brandon Marshall (Steelers) Arian Foster (Ravens) Tony Gonzalez (Dolphins)

Wild Cards
Danny's Little Giants: Newton's struggles, short week for Eagles, Fitzgerald's health, RB #2 problems

Passion ofthe Puente: RB #2 Problems

Yahoo Says: I win 97-94
I say: Mike wins, he doesn't have near the problems I have and I also worry about the Eagles falling short of high expectations playing on a short week. If that does happen, the week is over before the Sunday games even start. Mike will keep his undefeated season in tact.

Tebow4President (1-1) vs
Dr. Light's Robots (0-2)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Matt leads series 2-0
Last Matchup: Matt beat Leland 143.5-102.5 in week 5 of the 2012 season

Key Players
Tebow4President: Matthew Stafford (Redskins) C.J. Spiller (Bills)

Dr. Light's Robots: Michael Vick (Chiefs) Jordy Nelson (Bengals) Reggie Wayne (49ers) Jamaal Charles (Eagles)

Wild Cards
Tebow4President: Consistent Production from WR core. Lamar Miller gaining ground?

Dr. Light's Robots: Vick over RGIII. Roddy White's injury. Joique Bell start over MJD. Tough 49ers matchup for Reggie Wayne.

Yahoo Says: Matt wins 95-89
I Say: Matt wins. It seems like a very close matchup, and though Roddy White's been basically ineffective due to his injury and Joique Bell gets the start because MJD is hurt and has the worst matchup you can have against the Seahawks, I give the slight edge in the rest of the talent he has. Matt needs the win more than Leland that's for sure.

I'm A Paul Heyman Guy (1-1) vs
Not Even Lying (0-2)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Kenny leads series 3-2
Last Matchup: Kenny beat Drew 146.5-76 in the 2012 Michael Wiley Consolation Loser bowl

Key Players
I'm A Paul Heyman Guy: Andrew Luck (49ers) Hakeem Nicks (Panthers) Adrian Peterson (Browns) Reggie Bush (Redskins)

Not Even Lying: Drew Brees (Cardinals) Demaryius Thomas (Raiders) Randall Cobb (Bengals) Doug Martin (Patriots) Chris Johnson (Chargers)

Wild Cards
I'm A Paul Heyman Guy: Andrew Luck's difficult matchup vs 49ers. Reggie Bush's injury. Can ragtag WR's produce?

Not Even Lying: Team living up to expecations

Yahoo Says: Kenny wins 103-85
I say: Kenny wins, I'm going to be accused of jinxing this to hell, but this should be the easiest pick of the week. I told Kenny if he somehow lost, I'd start looking for his replacement because he will quit the league. If you can't beat a team starting Charles Clay, Michael Floyd, Kendall Wright, a hobbled Reggie Bush, and a QB facing the 49ers D..your season is basically over.

The Bad Robofies (1-1) vs
Bigger Balls (1-1)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Dad Leads series 1-0
Last Matchup: Dad beat Mayra 83.5-68.5

Key Players
The Bad Robofies: Colin Kaepernick (Colts) Andre Johnson (Ravens) Anquan Boldin (Colts) Ray Rice* (Texans) Darren McFadden (Broncos) Jimmy Graham (Cardinals)

Bigger Balls: Aaron Rodgers (Bengals) Calvin Johnson (Redskins) Dez Bryant (Rams) Darren Sproles (Cardinals) Vernon Davis* (Colts)

*-Injured, could be game time decision

Wild Cards
The Bad Robofies: Ray Rice's availability.

Bigger Balls: Vernon Davis' availability

Yahoo Says: Dad wins 100-98
I say: Mayra wins. Even if Ray Rice plays, it's tough matchup and he might be limited. I think because of Dad, Mayra will win what should be a tough matchup. Vernon Davis might also be ruled out, but he's not as important as Ray Rice.

Shock The Monkey (2-0) vs
Channel 4 News Team (1-1)

No Matchup Stats

Key Players
Shock The Monkey: Matt Ryan (Dolphins) Victor Cruz (Panthers) Matt Forte (Steelers) Jason Witten (Rams)

Channel 4 News Team: Peyton Manning (Raiders) A.J. Green (Packers) Steve Smith (Giants) Alfred Morris (Lions) Frank Gore (Colts)

Wild Cards
Shock The Monkey: No Steven Jackson
Channel 4 News Team: Frank Gore Rebound Game, is Mike Wallace officially back on track?

Yahoo Says: Albert wins 98.69-98.50
I Say: Albert wins, I'm kind of surprised of the closeness of the score. I think Albert wins relatively easily this week. Mark's being forced to use Bilal Powell and that can't be good at all. I think the undefeated streak ends at 2 for Mark.

Springville-Warrior (1-1) vs
Hoosier Daddy (0-2)

No Matchup Stats

Key Players
Springville-Warrior: Russell Wilson (Jaguars) Julio Jones (Dolphins) Trent Richardson (49ers) DeMarco Murray (Rams) Eric Decker (Raiders)

Hoosier Daddy: Tom Brady (Bucs) Marques Colston (Cardinals) Marshawn Lynch (Jaguars)

Wild Cards
Springville-Warrior: Trent Richardson adjustment to new team. Edelman/Austin encore performances?

Hoosier Daddy: Brady's continued struggles. Ridley's poor play.

Yahoo Says:  Eugene wins 97-88
I Say: Eugene wins. Ryan's team is such a mess right now. He can't count on Brady nor Ridley, his receiver play is up and down, his tight end play is non existent, just a lot of question marks on Ryan's team. I think Eugene sends Ryan to a 0-3 start.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week 2 Results

Only 2 weeks have passed and we're already down to only 3 undefeated teams left. Me, Mike and Mark are 2-0 and next week me and Mike take on each other so at the very least there's a guarantee that one undefeated team will stay intact. Last week was the week of underperformers, this week it's the dreaded injury bug as we saw plenty of top tier running backs go down. Ray Rice, Steven Jackson, MJD, Reggie Bush and Eddie Lacy, not to mention Roddy White still suffering from a high ankle sprain, Larry Fitzgerald and his hamstring, Andre Johnson getting concussed, it's a nightmare for owners everywhere. Who survived the carnage? Let's find out in the week 2 results.

Danny's Little Giants (2-0)            124
Dr. Light's Robots (0-2)                  76.5

Well this was a pleasant surprise to say the least. I didn't think I would have enough fire power to pull this off especially if Cam Newton and David Wilson were irrelevant (they were) but my Eagles combo of McCoy and DeSean Jackson saved the week yet again. DeSean Jackson was a MONSTER this week with 193 yards and a TD. I read it could've even been more but Vick overthrew him on one play, and another TD was negated by a penalty. McCoy was quiet rushing wise with only a little over 50 yards but he chipped in 114 receiving yards which helped out tremendously. Also Pierre Garcon was a beast, with 143 yards and a TD. I also got TD's from Greg Olsen and Julius Thomas, while Larry Fitzgerald was hampered by a hamstring injury and didn't do much. For Matt, just disappointments all around. RGIII started out slow, but finished with some garbage time points and finished with 22.5 points. Michael Vick though was even better and scored 33. We got ourselves a QB controversy here folks. It's gonna be difficult for Matt to make these weekly decision, and the hardest thing to do in a league is trade a QB. Jordy Nelson had another excellent game with 2 TD's and Jamaal Charles scored. Outside of that though, Roddy White's injury continues to bother him, and MJD left his game with an injury though he wasn't doing much anyway. Reggie Wayne was also very quiet as well. Just been a couple of rough weeks for Matt, and he'll now try to get his 1st win against the defending champ, Leland next week. As for me...well don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled I won. 2-0 is awesome. My big question is can this kind of production last. What's going to happen on the weeks DeSean Jackson and McCoy are average? I NEED Cam Newton and my #2 RB to STEP UP. -2 points combined from my RB #2 spot is UNACCEPTABLE and I won't keep winning with that kind of weak ass shit. David Wilson is obviously not ready to be thrust into a big role in the Giants, and he's just not startable anymore, which sucks cause I wasted a 3rd round pick on him. Outside of Stevan Ridley, it might be the biggest bust of the draft. Also my 4th round pick Cam Newton, well where's the eliteness that I expected out of him. Without his running skills, he's nothing more than an Alex Smith clone (hell even Alex Smith runs). Next week will be a true test, because I face arguably the best team in the league and the Eagles have a short week. I'm afraid they'll be tired and won't play very well. I'll need Cam, Fitz, and whoever I play at the RB#2 to really show up, otherwise it could be the start of a long losing streak.

Game MVP
DeSean Jackson (Danny's Little Giants)
9 catches, 193 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 29.5 points
Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson (10) drops a long pass by Michael Vick in the third quarter against the San Diego Chargers of their NFL football game, Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013, in Philadelphia. The Chargers won 33-30

Tebow4President (1-1)               114.5
Hoosier Daddy (0-2)                   88.5

After last week's debacle for Leland, it must be nice to comeback and get back on track. It's Leland's 3rd and 4th receivers that lead the way, as James Jones rebounded from a zero point game to score 20.5 points and rookie DeAndre Hopkins also scored 20.5 points. Leland also got much better production this time around from C.J. Spiller and Lamar Miller as they combined for 27 points after combining for 6 last week. The Colts also got T.Y. Hilton more involved in the offense as he caught 6 for 124. I still think this team can only get better and Spiller, and Miller can actually do a lot better than they did this week. Stafford had a solid game as well. For Ryan, well..what can ya say..Stevan Ridley is a certified bust so far. Definitely not worth the early 2nd round pick he was drafted at. Also Brady's been average without his usual weapons, and it's not going to get any better until at least Gronk comes back. Stevie Johnson and Marshawn Lynch (3 TD's, 31.5 points) led the way, but it just wasn't nearly enough. Ryan also got bad news on his potential Ridley replacement as Eddie Lacy got concussed and right now there's no timetable on his return. Ryan will try to avoid an 0-3 start against Eugene, while Leland takes on a winless Matt team in a pivotal week 3 matchup.

Game MVP
James Jones (Tebow4President)
11 receptions, 178 receiving yards, 1 fumble, 20.5 points
Washington Redskins' DeAngelo Hall (23) knocks Green Bay Packers' James Jones (89) out of bounds after a catch during the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013, in Green Bay, Wis 
Passion ofthe Puente (2-0)          93
I'm a Paul Heyman Guy (1-1)    69.5

What a brutal performance from Drew's team. Not surprisingly Mike took advantage and easily won despite pretty marginal performances from most of his team. Only Brandon Marshall really stood out with over 100 yards and a TD, though Foster, Bradshaw, and Wes Welker did add TD's. Drew starting Pryor over Andrew Luck was a shock and it didn't work, but it wouldn't have mattered anyway. It's funny to say Adrian Peterson had a let down game with "only' 100 yards rushing, but when you score 3 TD's in week one, that's what happens. Reggie Bush exited his game with yet another injury and it's something Drew has to monitor as he really can't afford another injury (Amendola still out) to his team. He'll take on Kenny next week, while Mike takes me on in the battle of undefeateds. It's funny to see how Mike's team just kind of had a paint by the numbers game and still won by 23.5 points. If this is a "down" performance..gonna be tough to beat this team.

Game MVP
Brandon Marshall (Passion ofthe Puente)
7 recepetions, 113 receiving yards, 1 TD, 20.5 points 
NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears 

Shock The Monkey (2-0)               88
The Bad Robofies (1-1)                 66.5

 Well look who's 2-0 now. I don't think many people pegged Mark to be one of the undefeated teams left but very quietly he has dispatched Kenny and Dad in his first two games of his debut season. This wasn't pretty, a little low scoring but more times than not if it's a low scoring affair, it involved Dad and there's a good chance to get a W. Matt Ryan and Matt Forte led the way, while Victor Cruz chipped in with a 100 yard performance and Dwayne Bowe scored a TD.The only downer, was that Steven Jackson left his game with a thigh injury after he scored a TD. Don't know how serious it is, but that could be a huge blow to Mark's team. Last week, Colin Kaepernick and Anquan Boldin combined for 62 points. This week Dad's entire team scored 66.5. Dad and his low scoring weeks are back! Admittedly though, it was kind of easy to see this happen because of the 49ers matchup against the Seattle Seahawks. This week the Kaepernick-Boldin duo combined for 7 points....that's right..7. Dad also lost Ray Rice early in this game to a hip injury and Andre Johnson to a concussion. Don't know Rice's status, but Johnson should be good to go in week 3. The lone bright spot on Dad's Team was Jimmy Graham who accounted for almost half of Dad's points. Graham was amazing with 179 yards and a TD. Darren McFadden also wasn't too bad himself with 129 rushing yards though he did fumble. Kaepernick won't be that horrible again, but you have to seriously question the rest of Dad's team outside of Jimmy Graham. He could be in real trouble if he loses Ray Rice. He'll have a tough matchup against Mayra next week, while Mark plays a tough Albert team as he tries to keep that undefeated season alive.

Game MVP
Matt Ryan (Shock The Monkey)
374 passing yards, 2 Passing TD's, 22 points

Jones has huge day, Falcons hold off Rams 31-24  

Bigger Balls (1-1)               131.50
Not Even Lying (0-2)            91

So last week showed what happened when Mayra's Dez/Calvin Combo is shut down. This week was the total opposite. Mayra scored the most points of the week as Dez, Calvin, and Aaron Rodgers all played lights out and when that happens you can forget it. Calvin had two TD's and 116 yards, Dez had 141 and a TD, and how about Aaron Rodgers? 480 passing yards and 4 passing TD's. The scary thing? It could've been even more, it was just too much a blowout and the Packers started running the ball. The also positive thing about her main guys going off is that you just need average production from the rest of your squad to secure the win. Mayra even got a decent 15 point Mendenhall performance. The only dark cloud is Vernon Davis and his hamstring injury. He left Sunday night's game and the severity of the injury is uncertain for now. For Kenny....well it's yet another disappointing blow. Considering the talent on his team, it's got to be more than a little frustrating to be staring at a 0-2 record. Randall Cobb continues to be dominant (128 and a TD) and Doug Martin didn't score but had a nice rushing game (144 yards). It was Drew Brees who was majorly disappointing. 2 Interceptions, and only 2 TD's passes for 13.5 points. That's not the kind of production you expect from a elite QB like Brees. Demaryius Thomas was also disappointing, but playing in that Denver offense, you will have those kind of weeks. I still think if anyone can climb out of an 0-2 hole it's Kenny. He has the team to do it. Once they click at once, he'll get back on track. He'll face Drew next to see if he can get win #1. As for Mayra, she'll take on Dad and hope to get this kind of production the rest of the way.

Game MVP
Aaron Rodgers (Bigger Balls)
480 passing yards, 4 passing TD's, 35 points
Rodgers has career day, Pack wallop Redskins 38-20

Springville Warrior (1-1)           117
Channel 4 News Team (1-1)        95

The Lawrence brothers made a statement this week. After scoring the lowest points and losing last week, both Leland and Eugene came back and won in dominant fashion. Eugene took out a very dangerous Albert team. Julio Jones was amazing with 11 catches, 182 yards and a score for 29.5 points. How about rookie Tavon Austin? Two TD catches and he chipped in 19 points. Eric Decker rebounded from his disaster week and had a solid day, and Antonio Gates was like the Gates of old with 8 catches for 124 yards. The only problem? Lack of good production from the RB and QB position. DeMarco Murray just didn't get a lot of touches. Trent Richardson though? That's two straight horrible games. Not a good start for Eugene's #1 pick. Russell Wilson has also been pretty average. Eugene's going to need those guys to really step it up. For Albert,  Peyton Manning "only" scored 20 points. He needed the Peyton Manning from last week this week, cause a lot of his team underperformed. Especially A.J. Green (41 yards) and Frank Gore (16 rushing yards). Mike Wallace bitched and complained and that worked out well for him (9 for 115 and a score) and Jermichael Finley is proving to be a valuable tight end as he scored but it just wasn't enough firepower to combat Eugene. Albert will look to rebound against Mark and his undefeated squad while Eugene takes on Ryan and his winless team in week 3.

Game MVP
Julio Jones (Springville-Warrior)
11 receptions, 182 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 29.5 points
Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones (11) makes a catch as St. Louis Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins (21) tried the tackle during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013, in Atlanta. Jones scored on the play 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Thursday Night Overview/Week 1 Awards

I'm going to combine both as last night fantasy wise was a pretty boring game. Only 3 teams had players going. Kenny get a mediocre performance from Kenbrell Thompkins. He only had 5 points but it shouldn't be that big of a deal considering he's Kenny's flex play. I'm sure Eugene will take 13.5 points from Julian Edelman but it's gotta be a tad disappointing that Edelman caught 13 balls for just 78 yards. It's Ryan though that suffered the worst fate of the night. If I can take a mulligan on my pick I would, because I think Leland's in the driver's seat of this matchup now. Ryan only got 15 points combined from Tom Brady and Stevan Ridley. Just not good at all from your starting QB and RB #2. Brady is really suffering with a lack of weapons and it's showing as that's two straight average games. Maybe if Gronk comes back things will change.

Sooooo..Week 1 Award. For the two new players in our league, I give out up to 4 awards per week to the players/teams who deserve them. The awards are as follows

Wane McGarity Stud of the Week-Best fantasy football performance of the week.
Michael Wiley Dud of the Week-Worst Fantasy football performance of the week by an elite player.
Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Award-Awarded to the player who was a sleeper/surprise start that paid off.
Tony Romo Bad Decision Award-Awarded to the team who makes a questionable roster movie.

There might not be a Drew Bennett or Tony Romo award given every week. In fact, this week there is none for either. So here are the week 1 award winners

Wane McGarity Stud of the Week
Peyton Manning (Channel 4 News Team)
Manning's 7 TDs lead Broncos past Ravens 49-27 
Yeah, this was a no brainer. No one was touching that 7 TD performance last Thursday night.

Michael Wiley Dud of The Week
David Wilson (Danny's Little Giants)
 Will David Wilson dominate the Cowboys? 
-3 points....and if he sucks again this week the #1 killer of my fantasy season.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week 2 Matchups and Predictions

Week 1 has come and gone and there's no wasting time, it's already time for week 2! Here are the Week 2 matchup and predictions.

Danny's Little Giants (1-0) vs
Dr. Light's Robots (0-1)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: I lead series 6-2
Last Matchup: I won 95.5-86 in Week 11 of the 2012 Season

Key Players
Danny's Little Giants: Cam Newton (Bills) Larry Fitzgerald (Lions) Pierre Garcon (Packers) DeSean Jackson (Chargers) LeSean McCoy (Chargers)

Dr. Light's Robots: Michael Vick (Chargers) Jordy Nelson (Redskins) Reggie Wayne (Dolphins) Jamaal Charles (Cowboys) Maurice Jones-Drew (Raiders)

Wild Cards
Danny's Little Giants: Bounce Back game from Cam? David Wilson's encore performance. Julius Thomas 1 week wonder?

Dr. Light's Robots: Vick or RGIII? MJD bounce back game? Has Jared Cook finally broken out? Denarious Moore over Roddy White

Yahoo Says: I win 93.85-93.69
I say: Matt Wins. Matt was the highest scoring losing team last week and has all the weapons to duplicate that scoring performance. I have too many question marks and if David Wilson sucks yet again, I'm dead in the water.

Tebow4President (0-1) vs
Hoosier Daddy (0-1)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Leland leads series 3-0
Last Matchup: Leland Beat Ryan 95.50-88 in the semifinal of the 2012 Playoffs

Key Players
Tebow4President: Matthew Stafford (Cardinals) Miles Austin (Chiefs) C.J. Spiller (Panthers)

Hoosier Daddy: Tom Brady (Jets) Marques Colston (Bucs) Marshawn Lynch (49ers)

Wild Cards
Tebow4President: Lamar Miller's 2nd game. Production from James Jones and T.Y. Hilton. Rebound game from Spiller?

Hoosier Daddy: Tom Brady and his depleted weapons. Marshawn Lynch tough matchup. 2nd chance for Stevan Ridley.

Yahoo Says: Ryan wins 88-81
I Say: Ryan Wins. Well both guys are coming off horrible weeks. One of them will redeem themselves luckily. Leland has never lost to Ryan. I think that changes this week but it will be close. I trust Ryan's weapons a little more than Leland's, though if C.J. Spiller performs like a #1 pick, there could be a solid chance Leland wins.

Passion ofthe Puente (1-0) vs
I'm a Paul Heyman Guy (1-0)

Matchup Stats:
All Time Record:  Series is tied 1-1
Last Matchup: Mike beat Drew 117-101.5 in week 6 of the 2012 season

Key Players

Passion ofthe Puente: Tony Romo (Chiefs) Brandon Marshall (Vikings) Wes Welker (Giants) Vincent Jackson (Saints) Arian Foster (Titans) Tony Gonzalez (Rams)

I'm a Paul Heyman Guy: Andrew Luck (Dolphins) Hakeem Nicks (Broncos) Adrian Peterson (Bears) Reggie Bush (Cardinals) 

Wild Cards:
 Passion ofthe Puente: Ahmad Bradshaw's health. 

I'm a Paul Heyman Guy: No Danny Amendola. Production from Michael Floyd, Doug Baldwin, Cecil Shorts. Peterson vs Bears. Jordan Cameron legit?

Yahoo Says: Mike wins 99-88
I Say: Mike wins. I know Drew has the Bush/Peterson combo, but with Amendola out, Drew on paper, looks thin at receiver. Maybe one of those other guys breaks out, but I'd be surprised to see all 3. Mike seems to have the more balanced team and if he can just get a little bit more of Arian Foster, he should be good to go.

Not Even Lying (0-1) vs
Bigger Balls (0-1)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Series is tied 1-1
Last Matchup: Kenny won 120.5-100 in week 11 of the 2012 season

Key Players
Not Even Lying: Drew Brees (Bucs) Demaryius Thomas (Giants) Randall Cobb (Redskins) Doug Martin (Saints) Chris Johnson (Texans) 

Bigger Balls: Aaron Rodgers (Redskins) Calvin Johnson (Cardinals) Dez Bryant (Chiefs) Darren Sproles (Bucs) Vernon Davis (Seahawks)

Wild Cards
Not Even Lying: Kenbrell Thompkins, Kyle Rudolph

Bigger Balls: Production from Mendenhall

Yahoo Says: Kenny 103-97
I Say: Kenny wins. Man what a brutal schedule for Mayra. First Mike, now Kenny. Kenny's got better depth than Mayra, and that's why I think he wins this week.

The Bad Robofies (1-0) vs
Shock The Monkey (1-0)

No Matchup Stats

Key Players

The Bad Robofies: Colin Kaepernick (Seahawks) Andre Johnson (Titans) Anquan Boldin (Seahawks) Ray Rice (Browns) Darren McFadden (Jaguars) Jimmy Graham (Bucs)

Shock The Monkey: Matt Ryan (Rams) Victor Cruz (Broncos) Matt Forte (Vikings) Steven Jackson (Broncos) Jason Witten (Chiefs) 

Yahoo Says: Mark wins 97.06-96.99
I Say: Mark wins. This is going to be very close. I think Kaepernick and Boldin will not combine for 62 points against the tough Seahawks defense. I think Mark's guys have slightly better matchups. Should be a close one, but I give Mark the slight edge.

Channel 4 News Team (1-0) vs
Springville-Warrior (0-1)

No Matchup Stats

Key Players
Channel 4 News Team: Peyton Manning (Giants) A.J. Green (Steelers) Steve Smith (Bills) Alfred Morris (Packers) Frank Gore (Seahawks) 

Springville-Warrior: Russell Wilson (49ers) Julio Jones (Rams) Trent Richardson (Ravens) DeMarco Murray (Chiefs) 

Wild Cards
Channel 4 News Team: Mike Wallace rebound game?

Springville-Warrior: Russell Wilson tough matchup. Trent Richardson rebound game. Julian Edelman's role. Eric Decker's involvement. 

Yahoo Says: Eugene wins 101-93
I Say: Albert wins. I  definitely think Eugene will have a much better week 2, but I think Albert's team has better matchup and less question marks. Spot starting Julian Edelman should be a great play, and if that pays off it might the key to put  Eugene over the top. I think it'll be close, but give the slight nod to Albert.





Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week 1 Results: Week of The Underperformers

Cowboys get 6 TOs to beat Manning, Giants 36-31 

What a crazy, unpredictable week 1. Dez Bryant, C.J. Spiller, Marshawn Lynch, Stevan Ridley, Calvin Johnson, Trent Richardson, Lamar Miller, MJD and my personal favorite...DAVID WILSON. Some of the biggest names drafted in the first two rounds (Wilson was an early 3rd) and all of them were HORRIBLE to say the least. I've never seen a week where so many higher end players had such terrible weeks. Who was able to survive to suckness? Let's find out in the Week 1 Results!

Shock the Monkey (1-0)        126.50
Not Even Lying (0-1)             107

Well, add another way to lose on the list for Kenny. Despite an awesome 30.5 point start from Demaryius Thomas, Mark rallied to win because of off the charts performances from Victor Cruz and Jason Witten in the Sunday Night game. They combined for 5 TD's (3 for Cruz, 2 for Witten) and erased a 35 point deficit to win easily by 19.5 points. Not a bad debut for Mark. Mark got an overall great performance from his team as Matt Ryan threw for a couple scores and 300 yards, Matt Forte and Mike Williams found the end zone and Steven Jackson scored in double digits. For Kenny, it wasn't a bad week at all scoring wise. Over 100 points is usually a good productive week. At least it proved that his trade was necessary and worked out as Randall Cobb was great (108 yards and a score for 19.5 points) and Chris Johnson, while unspectacular still outperformed Lamar Miller (7 points to .5). Still it has to be disappointing that Doug Martin had 11 (only saved by a TD). Drew Brees was well Drew Bress the usual goodness with 350+ yards passing and a couple TD scores. I definitely think Kenny can survive a week 1 loss with team. It's bound to get better. As for Mark, don't sleep on this team. A healthy Victor Cruz combined with the running back combo, Witten, and Matt Ryan, can beat anyone in the league. Mark will take on my Dad next week, while Kenny has yet another tough challenge in Mayra.

Game MVP
Victor Cruz (Shock The Monkey)
5 receptions, 118 yards 3 TD's, 31.5 points

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys

Channel 4 News Team (1-0)              137.50
Hoosier Daddy (0-1)                            74.50

I don't know what it is but when Albert beats Ryan (he beat him by over 100 last season) he DESTROYS HIM. This was never close. How bad was it? If Albert had only played Peyton Manning and A.J. Green (who had 32 points with 162 yards and 2 TD's) and benched the rest of his team he STILL would've won by 4. Yeah...that's domination. Albert pretty much every year drafts a team that's made for high scoring weeks. Steve Smith had a TD, Alfred Morris, though disappointing with 2 fumbles, still managed a TD, Gore and Finley also found the end zone. Of course it didn't hurt with that 46 point Thursday Peyton Manning performance. Albert's a powerhouse and a definite contender for the fantasy gold. As for Ryan, just underwhelming performances, especially at the RB position with 1st round pick Marshawn Lynch and 2nd round pick Stevan Ridley completely disappearing. Lynch was held to 43 yards rushing. Inexcusable, but worse was Ridley. He was very shitty and was benched in the 2nd half. Ryan better hope Ridley gets his shit together because Shane Vereen was the better back but injured his wrist thus making Ridley the defacto starter. Tom Brady was very mediocre and week 1 shows he misses all the weapons he used to have. He only had 15 fantasy points. Marques Colston did score, as did Stevie Johnson ,but their yardage wasn't too great. Brent Celek added a TD to make the loss not as bad. It was just a bad overall week for Ryan. Luckily if Ridley sucks again, he can possibly turn to Eddie Lacy. He'll have a chance to redeem himself next week against an equally struggling team in Leland. Albert plays Eugene next week.

Game MVP
Peyton Manning (Channel 4 News Team)
462 Passing Yards, 7 Passing TD's, 46 fantasy points
Danny's Little Giants (1-0)      95.50
Tebow4President (0-1)            66.00

Geez what a ugly clusterfuck of a matchup this was. Let's start with the positives for me. Well, I won..whoopty fuck. At least LeSean McCoy and Larry Fitzgerald proved to be excellent draft choices. I had a gut feeling about McCoy which is why I targeted him over guys like Jamaal Charles (who was gone anyways, but still would've taken McCoy over Charles) Doug Martin, and Arian Foster. At least for one week, he made me look smart. He RIPPED the Redskins apart for 180 yards and a TD. If he stays healthy, in this offense, he seriously will challenge for #1 RB status. All Fitz needed was a real QB to become fantasy gold again. Palmer and him hooked up for 2 TD's. DeSean Jackson also could be a very high end #3 receiver if Vick and him stay healthy. I like what I see in that Philly offense. Jackson had over 100 yards receiving and a TD. Pierre Garcon was a tad disappointing. He was supposed to gash this supposed awful Eagles secondary, but was held in check for 64 yards. Hopefully he rebounds from that, because I'm going to basically need everyone else to step up big time after the debacle that was David Wilson. Never in the 10+ years I've played fantasy football have I had a position player score negative points. I've had zeroes, and negative defense performances, but NEVER at a skill position. UNTIL NOW. David Wilson was the shittiest piece of shit of the week. My 3rd round pick and #2 RB totally shit the bed against the Cowboys. 2 fumbles and boom he's benched the rest of the game. What a joke. It already puts a downer on this win, because if Wilson is relegated to more a timeshare situation, his value plummets, and in a 12 team league, I can't afford to have a RB #2 who won't perform. Hopefully the Giants haven't completely given up on him and he'll bounce back. Cam Newton was also pretty bad, but that was predictable given the matchup. If you think I had it look what happened to Leland's team. It's only week 1, but picking C.J. Spiller over Adrian Peterson (who had 3 TD's) was a disaster this go around. Spiller was inefficient, fumbled, and Fred Jackson had better numbers. The hype on Spiller was huge coming into the season, it magnified ever more when he was taken #1 overall. Hopefully for Leland, Spiller will rebound. Then there was the Trade Leland made. The good news? Stafford is definitely going to be a major upgrade from Jay Cutler. 357 passing yards, 2 TD's for 20.5 points. The bad news? The rest of his team kinda looks bare and it shows. Lamar Miller...ugh half a point. T.Y. Hilton? 3.5 points. James Jones? 0 points. If not for Miles Austin and some garbage time points from Brandon Myers, Leland could've set an all time scoring record. Now don't get me wrong, Jones and Hilton aren't that bad, but they aren't #1 and #2 WR good. It's gonna be a long season if this is type of effort the defending champ is going to get from his guys. Leland players Ryan next week, while I take on Matt.

Game MVP
LeSean McCoy (Danny's Little Giants)
184 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 1 catch 5 receiving yards, 24.5 points
Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy celebrates has he crosses the goal line for a touchdown during the second half of an NFL football game against the Washington Redskins in Landover, Md., Monday, Sept. 9, 2013

I'm A Paul Heyman Guy (1-0)       143.50
Dr. Light's Robots  (0-1)                118.50

Trust me Matt, I know the feeling. When you score 118.5 points and lose because you play the team with the highest score of the week, sucks.  This week proved just how DOMINANT Drew's running backs can be. 57 combined points from the duo of Adrian Peterson and Reggie Bush. It won't be the last time they combine for that or more this season. Andrew Luck didn't have a great yardage game, but 2 passing TD's and a rushing TD helped a lot. Jordan Cameron was a beast, Hakeem Nicks and Danny Amendola had good games, only Cecil Shorts was disappointing. Just too much firepower for Matt to contend with. For Matt, two guys REALLY killed his chances of a victory. Roddy White is dealing with an ankle issue and it shows. He was used primarily as a decoy and only had 2 points on the day. MJD was almost as bad. 4 points on the day for him. In that dreadful Jacksonville offense, it's going to be tough for MJD as teams will probably make sure he doesn't beat them. The rest of his team was very solid. How about Jared Cook. Two TD's (should've been 3, but he fumbled right before crossing the endzone) and 141 yards for 27.5 points. Jordy Nelson and Reggie Wayne had excellent games, Jamaal Charles was good and though he started very slow. RGIII ended up with 20 points. Losing sucks, but points do matter, so you want to score as many points as you can, even in a losing effort. Matt goes from one cousin to another, as he plays me next, while Drew takes on Mike Posey in the battle of undefeateds.

Game MVP
Adrian Peterson (I'm A Paul Heyman Guy)
93 rushing yards, 2 rushing TD's, 4 receptions, 18 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD
 Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (28), defended by Detroit Lions free safety Louis Delmas (26), runs into the end zone for a 4-yard touchdown during the second quarter of an NFL football game at Ford Field in Detroit, Sunday, Sept. 8, 2013
Passion ofthe Puente (1-0)      112.50
Bigger Balls (0-1)                       86

One of these powerhouses was going to start 0-1. Mike's team was hands down the better team this week, just because of the more balanced team he has. Even though his running back play was lackluster (just 13 points combined from that position) the trio of receivers he had really carried him as all had 18.5 or more points. Throw in a decent Gonzo game, Romo doing his thing, and a surprising performance from  WR #4 Andre Roberts, and it was enough to overshadow Foster and Bradshaw's weak performances. For Mayra, Calvin Johnson and Dez Bryant MUST carry their weight for her to succeed. If they don't, the team doesn't have enough to carry the load. They didn't even come close. 9 points combined. That's unacceptable and a big reason Mayra took the loss. Aaron Rodgers was great, but he needed help and really only got it from Vernon Davis (98 yards, 2 TD's, 24 points) and Darren Sproles (13 points). Calvin and Dez won't be this bad again, but unfortunately for Mayra she has yet another tough matchup this time in Kenny. Mike will take on Drew who is also undefeated.

Game MVP
Wes Welker (Passion ofthe Puente)
9 receptions, 67 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's, 1 fumble lost, 20.5 points

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos

The Bad Robofies (1-0)           138.50
Springville Warrior (0-1)             74

I know I predicted Dad would win, but wow this bad? He scored the 2nd highest points of the week (crazy, since Dad's had notorious low scoring teams the past two seasons) and also biggest blowout of the week, destroying Eugene in his debut week by 64 points. I guess I can eat my "Dad's got the weakest team of the league" words. Colin Kaepernick was BRILLIANT. The scary thing, he did it all in the air. Over 400 yards passing and 3 passing TD's for 30 points. There's seriously not weapon like him. How bout "old washed up" Anquan Boldin? Amazing performance as well. 13 catches for 208 yards, 1 TD and 32.5 points. Him and Kaepernick have great chemistry and just maybe Boldin wasn't a reach after all. Andre Johnson was a PPR MONSTER (12 catches, 146 yards) though it'd be nice if he could score a TD every once in a while! Rueben Randle looks like a solid #4 receiver as he had a 100 yard game, Jimmy Graham and McFadden chipped in with TD's and combined with Ray Rice's Thursday Night game, was more than enough to take care of Eugene. Rough week for the Lawrence brothers. They scored the lowest points in the league this week. Trent Richardson was awful (though not fault of his, he only got 13 carries) and Demarco Murray lead the team in scoring with 15. Only Russell Wilson and Julio Jones had double digits besides Murray. Richardson won't be this bad, but those receivers outside of Julio Jones are question marks. Dad will take on Mark in a battle of undefeated records, while Eugene has the daunting task of taking on Albert. Welcome the Wane McGarity Bowl Eugene!

Game MVP
Anquan Boldin (The Bad Robofies)
13 receptions, 208 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 32.5 points

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Anquan Boldin (81) scores on a 10-yard touchdown reception against past Green Bay Packers defensive back Jerron McMillian (22) during the second quarter of an NFL football game in San Francisco, Sunday, Sept. 8, 2013

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Thursday Night Overview: Peyton's Historic Game + First Big Trade

Manning puts Broncos on his broad shoulders 
 Before We get to what was an amazing start to the NFL season, We're not even three days into the season and we've already had our first major trade. Leland, who was in desperate need of QB, made a trade with Kenny for Matthew Stafford. Remember in my draft grades I said Kenny's shrewd draft move of drafting Matthew Stafford after already drafting Drew Brees would pay off? It sure did as Leland waited too long to draft a QB and ended up with Jay Cutler as his QB, paid a ransom for Stafford's services. Leland shipped off Randall Cobb and Chris Johnson for Stafford, Lamar Miller, and James Jones. My analysis? It was a move Leland had to make in my opinion. You can't go all season with Jay Cutler as your QB and the only teams that would be willing to trade would be ones with more than adequate backups. Kenny had the best backup in the league, as Stafford is usually a bonafide starter in 12 team leagues. He had to make the deal, but it cost him dearly. His #1 receiver, his #2 running back (also happened to be his 2nd and 3rd round picks) is kinda pricey. For Kenny, it's a great trade. He adds depth and doesn't really give up much on his side in return as he wasn't going to use Stafford but for one bye week. Kenny's receivers are now Demaryius Thomas, Randall Cobb, and Antonio Brown, not to mention he still has Percy Harvin Stashed for when he comes back. Kenny's RB Combo of Doug Martin/Chris Johnson is also upgraded. This moves Kenny into top 3 teams in contention on paper. Leland needs Lamar Thomas to break out for this trade to be really worth the price of Stafford. We'll see how this pans out throughout the season. Anyways, back to Thursday night's kickoff game. Wow...what a game it was. Experts who say you should "wait for a QB late" should ask Albert how he feels about getting 7 TOUCHDOWNS from Peyton Manning. Yeah, I don't care what they say, you'll get great production from later QB's like Tony Romo, but Elite QB's are ELITE for a reason and I believe are well worth the higher draft price (though Manning was a STEAL in round 4). 46 points from one player...that's going to be tough to overcome for sure and I'm pretty sure we know who's winning the first Stud of the Week award. It's even scarier for opponents facing Manning because he found yet ANOTHER weapon to go to in their TE Julius Thomas (2 TD's ON MY BENCH NATURALLY). I think the Manning for Brady tradeoff worked out pretty well for Albert. Don't think he'll miss Brady much at all. Here's a look around the league at the other teams who had players in the Broncos-Ravens game.

Passion ofthe Puente- "Fantasy Experts" are as bogus as weathermen. How these people make a living as experts is beyond me as they're just as informative and right/wrong as everyday people like you and me are. For example, this week Matthew Berry very cocky and snobbishly proclaimed his dislike for Wes Welker this week not only his column but on ESPN as well. Tim Hasselbeck disagreed with him and said he would have a monster game with 10 catches only for Berry to snidely remark "yeah, I'm going to take the under on that". Well guess what asshole? 9 catches for 67 yards and 2 TD's. Only black mark was a muffed punt but still 20.5 points for a guy who was supposed to be nonexistent?? Yeah, I LOATHE experts. It doesn't take a genius or stats to know, you're starting WES WELKER no matter what, especially in a 12 team league. These guys really don't help worth a dick, but they pound their chest when they're right, and sweep away their mistakes (Ryan Mathews as a stud RB 1 for 3 years) and proclaim "you shouldn't rely on them to set your lineups. THEN WHAT ARE THEY GETTING PAID FOR?!? Anyways, Mike Posey's pretty happy with "hateable" Wes Welker. 

Not Even Lying- This was getting very dicey for Kenny, as Demaryius Thomas was pretty invisible for the 1st half of the game and was held to 5 points for all of the first half and all of the 3rd quarter. Finally at the beginning of the 4th Thomas get a TD. Kenny was just relieved with that. Late in the game though, Thomas had a ridiculous 78 yard TD to help him finish with 30.5 points for the game. Freaking insane. Proof how dangerous Thomas can be and just the beginning of what could be an offensive onslaught of points as Kenny adds Randall Cobb and Chris Johnson to his squad Sunday.

The Bad Robofies- The funny thing about Ray Rice, is a boring uninspiring Rice game STILL leads to 16 points. 36 rushing yards is bust worthy for a player like Ray Rice, but 1 TD and 8 catches for 35 yards saved what could've been a disasterous start. That's the good thing about Rice in a PPR, receiving stats will bump him tremendously. So yes ,it couldve been better, but it could've been a hell of a lot worse.

Springville Warrior- On the flip side of this matchup, Eugene had a terrible performance from Eric Decker. Drops galore (including a gimmie TD) and he even fumbled a catch (luckily out of bounds). That's thing with the Denver receivers. Decker and Welker will have interchangeable hot and cold games. That's the risk when drafting them. Unfortunately this week was a cold week to the tune of only 4 points.

Hoosier Daddy- We already discussed Albert and his 46 point Peyton Manning Performance. How about his opponent. Not a great week to face Albert, but that's how the schedule unfortunately works for Ryan. Ryan had Torrey Smith and he wasn't great but wasn't too bad either. An average performance. As many times as Flacco threw the ball, it was disappointing to see Smith not targeted as often as you would think. He got 4 catches for 92 yards. He'll need the rest of his team to step up to overcome the giant lead Peyton Manning gave Albert.

Me, Matt, Drew, Leland, Mark, and Mayra didn't have Thursday Night plays.