Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Week 2 Results

New York Jets v Oakland Raiders : News Photo 
"Wait..didn't he say the blog was cancelled for the foreseeable future?" "It's just him blowing hot air after a shitty loss as usual". Well..yes and yes, though I had fully intended to take a week of from the blog, because let's face..reliving yet another kick in the dick loss like had again in Week 2 was just something I really didn't want to do. You got understand how frustrating it is to lose how I lose and how much losing I've done in the last couple of years. Put it this way out of my last 25 fantasy football games, I've now lost 18 of them. Someone like me, who takes this shit way too seriously, just can't handle this kind of ridiculousness. So what happened? Last night, when my Dad pulled off a miracle of his own win, the first thing he told me was...."you better praise me in your blog this week!" And there it was....tugging at the heartstrings. This ol' softee couldn't tell his Dad "THERE IS NO BLOG THIS WEEK". I didn't wanna take away his moment nor ruin it...so I decided to pull up my big boy pants suck up another vomit inducing loss and plow on and do the blog for the old man. Here's this week's results.

BigBadBob (1-1)                          108.52
Channel 4 News Team (1-1)        107.90

Remember when I used to call Dad the "Houdini of Fantasy Football" because he just found ways to win? Well...this was definitely a throwback to that as SOMEHOW Dad overcame a mediocre Thursday night start and beat a really good Albert team. This a very hard earned win and Albert gave Dad all he had. Albert didn't suck..he played pretty well (3rd most points in the week) and Dad still picked up the win. The biggest game winning move? Dad picking up JERMAINE KEARSE of all people and plugging him in. Kearse was AMAZING with 64 yards and 2 TD's. Thanks to him, Devante Adams, Devonta Freeman, and Aaron Rodgers (hey it doesn't matter how he got the points, he sucked in real life, but garbage time he came through) Dad was able to pull of the early season upset..by .6 of a point. Albert now knows how I feel as all he needed was like 5 points from Golden Tate to get the W...and he couldn't get it. Even with getting a OUT OF THIS WORLD 20 point performance by Jason Witten along with 26 from Ty Montgomery and good games from Derek Carr and Carlos Hyde, it wasn't enough for Albert to get the win. His receivers came up big time small...out of Amari Cooper, Golden Tate, and Stefon Diggs (playing with no Sam Bradford) Cooper had the most points with 5.4. Add a bad LeSean McCoy game and it was amazing Albert was able to put up 107.9 points despite all of that and almost win. His team is still dangerous, and I'm not worried in the least about his team. They didn't underperform as a whole..they just simply lost to the better team this week..and that better team was Dad. Great win for Dad, who also had a couple bad plays in Eifert and Crowell. Hopefully Crowell can finally bounce back from a dreadful start to the season. Dad takes on Eugene next week, while Albert looks to get back on track against Ryan.

Game MVP
Devonta Freeman (BigBadBob)
84 Rushing Yards, 2 Rushing TD's, 2 Receptions, 16 Receiving Yards, 23 Points
Green Bay Packers v Atlanta Falcons : News Photo 

BABY CARROTS (2-0)            96.22
Catch My Javelin (0-2)             91.86

Welp..gotta talk about it. Look neither team was outstanding, but once again I was on pace to win and had technically won my matchup for about 2 seconds when Randall Cobb scored a TD in the 3rd quarter before it was called back and he not only didn't do anything else, he ended up getting hurt and I once again lose by less than 5 points. That's two losses by a combined margin of less than 5 points. Looks like the same shit different year for me. I'm not going to dwell on it much but let's just say, if this is how this season is going to go AGAIN...I really wish I wasn't talked back into keeping this league alive. Jordan Howard was what I thought he was..overrated C.J. Anderson/Montee Ball type and of course I draft him and he proves me right. He didn't even get me a point plus he got hurt. Jordan Reed? Yep..got hurt. Mike Evans had a pretty nice game but it could've been better had the Bucs not finished the Bears off by halftime. I even got a vintage Alshon Jeffrey performance for nothing. My running backs are going to kill me and I already traded my only commodity in  Derrick Henry because I can't afford to wait until he officially takes of the starting job for Murray. For Drew...I TOLD YOUUUUUU his team was going to be good. Todd Gurley looks like the Gurley of 2015, Emmanuel Sanders totally killed the Cowboys (surprise surprise, I love when I need the Cowboys D to suck LAST WEEK, they didn't and bottled up Brandon Marshall, but this week when I need them to be DECENT, they like Emmanuel Sanders do whatever the FUCK he wanted). I'd be a tad concerned if I was Drew about Cam Newton. He's looked AWFUL the first two games. If Drew's going to be a legit title contender, he needs way better production from that QB position. Drew's got a good shot at staying undefeated as he takes on Mike's winless team next week, while I take on Matt's team in what already feels like a must win.

Game MVP
Todd Gurley (BABY CARROTS)
88 Rushing Yards, 1 Rushing TD, 3 Receptions, 48 Receiving Yards, 1 Receiving TD, 25.10 Points
Washington Redskins vs Los Angeles Rams : News Photo 

Hoosier Daddy (2-0)                82.46
Woe Is You (0-2)                      66.48

Another ugly win for Ryan, but a win's a win. His team honestly hasn't been impressive, he has by far the least points of the undefeated teams left, he's just been lucky in his matchups. Michael Crabtree is really the only one worth talking about as he had 6 receptions for 80 yards and 3 scores. Leonard Fournette added a TD but had a pretty mediocre game. For Mike..ugh..it's just brutal. He just can't put up points. Kareem Hunt was his lone bright spot as he had 81 yards and 2 scores but he lost Greg Olsen to a broken foot, his QB situation is shaky, and Odell Beckham is still coming back from an injury. I'd be very worried if I was Mike. It's not going to get easier as he plays Drew next, while Ryan has a true test as he takes on Albert next week.

Game MVP
Michael Crabtree (Hoosier Daddy)
6 Receptions, 80 Receiving Yards, 3 Receiving TD's, 29 Points
New York Jets v Oakland Raiders : News Photo 

Light's Broken Bots (1-1)               95.78
SCLSU MudDogs (0-2)                  74.34

Well...this is not the start our defending champion was hoping for. Two straight weeks of bad scoring and an 0-2 start. Now Alex says the first four weeks of the season don't matter much (and I wanna believe him so bad because I'm in the same boat as him) but it's still not good to not only drop your first 2 games, but to drop them without being competitive in the least. For Matt..at least he got a taste of what it could be like with his team performing at a high level (even though his running backs are still pretty dreadful and Jordy Nelson got hurt). We all knew Tom Brady was going to be "Angry Tom" and he sure was putting up nearly 34 fantasy points. Dez scored a TD, and last week Martavis Bryant was a miss, this week he was a hit with 91 yards and a score. Tevin Coleman added a TD too. For Alex, Le'Veon Bell's slow start is costing him big time. He didn't do much of note this week and he needs to ramp it up if Alex is going to rebound from this start. Also, those receivers are so bad. Yes Chris Hogan did good this week, but can that be consistent? He barely got over 10 points from Fitz/Watkins/Gabriel. Add that Jimmy Graham looks like crap and there are some serious concerns on this team. It's still early and if Le'veon turns into Le'Veon well then, we could be singing a whole different tune in a couple of weeks..if he doesn't though..the curse of the champion not making the playoffs the year after might continue for another season. Alex will look to get win #1 against Kenny's undefeated squad, while Matt gets another cake matchup with my struggling team.

Game MVP
Tom Brady (Light's Broken Bots)
447 Passing Yards, 3 Passing TD's, 33.78 Points
New England Patriots vs New Orleans Saints : News Photo 

Rocket Man (1-1)                111.38
No Soup For You (1-1)          78.48

Yeah..Leland misses David Johnson. This had the beginnings of a blowout after Leland's mediocre start Thursday with Lamar Miller and A.J. Green. He really never recovered after that. Keenan Allen continues to be a pleasant surprise, but Michael Thomas hasn't been that elite receiver that made Leland keep him (still early) along with Lamar Miller and A.J. Green's slow start, just hasn't been a recipe for success. Matt Ryan didn't have to do much and there's really nothing else to talk about on Leland's side. He doesn't really have a solid replacement for DJ (Alvin Kamara might have the most upside but even he's a shaky play at this point) and it's showing. He really needs Joe Mixon to take over that backfield sooner than later. For Eugene, a nice bounceback win from a disappointing Week 1. He was the leading point scorer this week with his big guns doing what they should do. Julio Jones, Melvin Gordon, and Gronk all had great games but it was C.J. Anderson who led the way and OBLITERATED the Cowboys (again surprise surprise) with nearly 29 points. Obviously Anderson won't do that every week, but it definitely leads to some confidence in starting him as a RB2.  Eugene will look to build of this momentum against my Dad next week while Leland takes on Marc next week.

Game MVP
C.J. Anderson (Rocket Man)
118 Rushing Yards, 1 Rushing TD, 3 Receptions, 36 Receiving Yards, 1 Receiving TD, 28.9 Points
Dallas Cowboys v Denver Broncos : News Photo 

Easy Beasley (2-0)                  101.54
Shock The Monkey (1-1)       72.12

Welllll look's who's first place. Kenny easily dispatches Marc's team and thanks to my dad taking out Albert, Kenny's 1st place out of the 3 undefeated teams left because of his points. Kenny's team has been very impressive to start the season. He won without Jay Ajayi and Jarvis Landry last week, got them back and they were great both scoring 13.6 points a piece. Travis Kelce had a great game with 8 for 103 and a score (and actually led Kenny's team in scoring) while Jeremy Maclin added a TD. The scary thing is, Kenny is showing he can with less than ideal conditions. Last week it was no Ajayi/Landry, this week it was a terrible Antonio Brown game (not even 10 points) and his 2nd round pick, Christian McCaffrey has been pretty disappointing, especially considering how other rookie running backs drafted around the same place are doing. McCaffrey is worrisome, if the Panthers offense doesn't get it together, that might end up being a bust of a pick, but for now Kenny can enjoy the ride and the #1 seed for at least a few days. For Marc, he's lucky he won last week because that's two straight low relatively low scoring weeks. DeMarco Murray is looking done, but the silver lining is Marc made a trade with me (because you know desperate me) and got Derrick Henry and Randall Cobb for Doug Baldwin who's been pretty disappointing as well. Russell Wilson has been AWFUL and Brandin Cooks is in an offense where there are just too many mouths to feed (he'll have his good games, but he'll also have games like this week, where the targets are just now there). Tyreek Hill was also shut down this week. I still think this team will be fine in the long run, if Murray busts, he now has Derrick Henry to pick the pieces up, and Russell Wilson will turn it around. Marc takes on Leland next week, while Kenny puts his undefeated start on the line against last year's champion, Alex.

Game MVP
Travis Kelce (Easy Beasley)
8 Receptions, 103 Receiving Yards, 1 Receiving TD, 20.3 Points
Philadelphia Eagles v Kansas City Chiefs : News Photo


Friday, September 15, 2017

Thursday Night Overview/Week 1 Awards

Image result for boring

What a BORING game last night's Texans/Bengals was. 1 TD the whole game and it came from DeShaun Watson who's not even on a fantasy roster in our league. Only Dad and Leland had guys go last night, but they each had two apiece and to tell you the truth..it wasn't great. For the 2nd straight game, Andy Dalton was terrible, which meant...A.J. Green did nothing of note. He was yet again held to under 10 fantasy points, and with David Johnson out, A.J. Green becomes Leland's #1 guy and that's just not going to cut it. Also Lamar Miller somehow got 10.2 points, but he looked like crap doing it. Again, Miller now has to step up as Leland's #1 RB and I just have zero confidence in the guy all of sudden becoming an elite RB. These 10-15 points are probably going to be his norm, especially if the Texans decide to give De'onta Foreman more run as the season goes. For Dad it wasn't much better. He was already an underdog against Albert, but getting 10.80 from DeAndre Hopkins and 5.7 from Tyler Eifert isn't a great start at all. Eifert had a TD called back because he stepped out of bounds then proceeded to surprise surprise get hurt. With his injury and Andy Dalton sucking, it's hard to see the upside in using him. DeAndre Hopkins continues to get the targets (another 13 this week) but still since Watson doesn't exactly air it out, he finished with a modest 7 catches for 73 yards. It's going to hard for Hopkins to have blow up games without TD's. Next week's Thursday Night Game doesn't look any better (Rams/49ers). Onto the Week 1 Awards

Wane McGarity Stud Of The Week
Antonio Brown (Easy Beasley)
Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns : News Photo 
Honorable mention goes to Stefon Diggs, but Albert would've easily beaten Mike without his 24 points. Kenny had to start the season without Jay Ajayi and Jarvis Landry and was an underdog going in against Eugene. Antonio Brown was a big reason why Kenny won. A whopping 11 catches for 182 yards, in other words, just another day at the office for Antonio Brown. This dude is unreal. He's the reason Kenny came back to the league and now he reaps the benefits.

Michael Wiley Dud Of The Week
Le'Veon Bell (SCLSU MudDogs)
Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns : News Photo 
Chalk it up to rust, but this was Le'Veon Bell's worst game of his career. 47 total yards against the CLEVELAND BROWNS. Horrible. There's no way he repeats this kind of performance, but there's no doubt he deserves this Week 1 Award as Alex's team as a whole couldn't even muster up 50 points.

Jay Cutler Bad Decision Award
Mike plays Rob Kelley over Kareem Hunt
Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots : News Photo 
Luckily it didn't effect the outcome of the game, but this was a huge blunder on Mike's part. Yes there was some understandable concerns using him, but when you use a 2nd round pick on someone, you gotta play him Week 1..otherwise..why draft him? Hunt put up the best rookie running back game in NFL History and the guy who Mike replaced him with, Rob Kelley? 3 points..a 40.10 point difference between the two. Needless to say that will be the last time Hunt is on Mike's bench.

No Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Award this week

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Week 2 Matchups and Predictions

Week 1 was pretty awful, let's hope we see some better performances Week 2! Onto this week's matchups!

Catch My Javelin! (0-1)

All Time Record: I lead series 5-3

Key Players

BABY CARROTS: Cam Newton (Bills) Devante Parker (Chargers) Todd Gurley (Redskins) Dalvin Cook (Steelers)

Catch My Javelin!: Jameis Winston (Bears) Alshon Jeffrey (Chiefs) Mike Evans (Bears) Jordan Howard (Bucs) Jordan Reed (Rams)

Wild Cards

BABY CARROTS: Thielen legit? Cam bounce back?

Catch My Javelin!: Jameis/Evans debuts. Is Tarik Cohen a fluke?

Yahoo Says: I win
I say: Drew wins. I can't honestly pick myself after last week's disaster. I'm not a fan of having to play two running backs on the same team but I really have no choice as it's my best bet. Drew's team is sneaky good and I can see him starting off to a fast 2-0 start after playing me.

Channel 4 News Team (1-0) vs
BigBadBob (0-1)

All Time Record: Albert leads series 5-4

Key Players

Channel 4 News Team: Derek Carr (Jets) Amari Cooper (Jets) Stefon Diggs (Steelers) Golden Tate (Giants) LeSean McCoy (Panthers) Carlos Hyde (Seahawks) Ty Montgomery (Falcons)

BigBadBob: Aaron Rodgers (Falcons) DeAndre Hopkins (Bengals) Devante Adams (Falcons) Isaiah Crowell (Ravens) Devonta Freeman (Packers) Tyler Eifert (Texans)

Wild Cards

Channel 4 News Team: Tough Matchup for Carlos Hyde. Witten's usage sustainable?

BigBadBob: Will Dad's team bounce back as whole? Production from Flex position.

Yahoo Says: Albert wins
I Say: Albert wins. After last week's impressive showing, I can't pick Albert to lose. I just don't see it. Though I do believe my Dad will put up more a fight this week with his players showing up, Albert's just got the better squad.

No Soup For You (1-0) vs
Rocket Man (0-1)

All Time Record: Series is tied 3-3

Key Players

No Soup For You: Matt Ryan (Packers) A.J. Green (Texans) Keenan Allen (Dolphins) Michael Thomas (Patriots) Lamar Miller (Bengals)

Rocket Man: Matthew Stafford (Giants) Julio Jones (Packers) Kelvin Benjamin (Bills) Melvin Gordon (Dolphins) Rob Gronkowski (Saints)

Wild Cards

No Soup For You: No David Johnson, can Lamar Miller/Theo Riddick step up? Bounce back games from Michael Thomas/A.J. Green. Trust Crowder?

Rocket Man: Bounce Back games from Julio/Kelvin Benjamin/Gronk. Can supporting players show up and score points?

Yahoo Says: Eugene wins
I Say: Eugene wins. How bout this sibling rivalry matchup off the bat in Week 2? Series is all tied up too. It's a huge blow for Leland to lose David Johnson but he still has some great players on his roster, I just feel like Eugene is due to for a rebound performance as his team was dreadful overall last week. I say Eugene takes a close one here.

SCLSU MudDogs (0-1) vs
Light's Broken Bots (0-1)

All Time Record: Alex Leads Series 2-1

Key Players

SCLSU MudDogs: Drew Brees (Patriots) Le'veon Bell (Vikings) Marshawn Lynch (Jets) Jimmy Graham (49ers)

Light's Broken Bots: Tom Brady (Saints) Dez Bryant (Broncos) Jordy Nelson (Falcons) Demaryius Thomas (Cowboys) Martavis Bryant (Vikings)

Wild Cards

SCLSU MudDogs: Tough Matchup for Brees and Le'Veon Bell. Production from WR group. Adrian Peterson at flex

Light's Broken Bots: Tough Matchup for Dez. Martavis Bryant bounce back? RB Production.

Yahoo Says: Alex wins
I Say: Matt wins. Man...this is tough, both teams have massive problems going forward, but because they play each other this week, someone's going to get win #1. I'll go with Matt simply because he has more talented players that could have good games, but it's really close.

Hoosier Daddy (1-0) vs
Woe Is You (0-1)

All Time Record: Series is tied 3-3

Key Players

Hoosier Daddy: Kirk Cousins (Rams) Michael Crabtree (Jets) Ezekiel Elliott (Broncos) Leonard Fournette (Titans) DeSean Jackson (Bears)

Woe Is You: Odell Beckham Jr. (Lions) Terrelle Pryor (Rams) Kareem Hunt (Eagles) Greg Olsen (Bills)

Wild Cards

Hoosier Daddy: Tough Matchup for Zeke. T.Y. Hilton's QB Situation. Robbie Anderson as WR3.

Woe Is You: Palmer/Dalton QB Situation. Tyrell Williams/Bilal Powell/Terrence Williams plays.

Yahoo Says: Ryan wins
I Say: Ryan wins. Mike's team just looks very unpredictable, especially after we saw the Jets not really use Bilal Powell as much as originally believe. Mike used a high draft pick on him. The QB situation is murky and though Ryan's team looks equally as questionable (remember, he barely squeaked out a win against me last week) I'll give the slight edge to him.

Easy Beasley (1-0) vs
Shock The Monkey (1-0)

All Time Record: Kenny Leads Series 3-2

Key Players

Easy Beasley: Philip Rivers (Dolphins) Antonio Brown (Vikings) Jay Ajayi (Chargers) Jarvis Landry (Chargers) Christian McCaffrey (Bills) Travis Kelce (Eagles)

Shock The Monkey: Russell Wilson (49ers) Brandin Cooks (Saints) Doug Baldwin (49ers) Tyreek Hill (Eagles) DeMarco Murray (Jaguars) Delanie Walker (Jaguars)

Wild Cards

Easy Beasley: Rivers over Mariota. First games for Ajayi/Landry. McCaffrey's work load

Shock The Monkey: 3 Titans plays. Gillislee TD or bust. Wilson/Baldwin bounce back.

Yahoo Says: Marc wins
I say: Marc wins. Kenny was basically forced to play Rivers over Marcus Mariota only because Marc is using 3 Titans and that's just too many guys tied to his QB for him to be gain any ground against Marc. Kenny's coming off a nice win without two of his major guys, but he faces a pretty good team in Marc who's coming of a win himself (albeit a tad disappointing). I still think overall Marc has the better roster and I'll go with him in staying undefeated.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Week 1 Results: The Week Of The Underperformers

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns : News Photo 

Well, Week 1 was a weird start to the season to say the least. Everything just felt...lethargic..boring..underwhelming. It seems like most of the games sucked and the big stars came up as small as small can be. It started with Brady and the Patriots, but continued on as guys like Le'Veon Bell, A.J. Green, Julio Jones, Kelvin Benjamin and others just had some either pitiful or average games. It led to some really low scores on the fantasy side of things. And of course injuries reared their ugly head as we saw Danny Woodhead, Allen Robinson, and the biggest one of them all, David Johnson go down (Robinson has already been confirmed to have a torn ACL and is out for the season, while David Johnson is either going to miss 3-4 weeks or 8-12 weeks depending on who you ask). Just more proof on how unpredictable this game is. Here's the results of week 1.

Hoosier Daddy (1-0)           76.60
Catch My Javelin (0-1)       76.52

This season just couldn't have started worse for me (surprise surprise). I was already double fucked before when the news came out that the Bucs-Dolphins game was getting postponed (no Mike Evans/Jameis) and ON TOP OF THAT..Zeke was allowed to play. Now this..a punch to balls loss by .08... .08. That's just fucking mean. To be honest neither me nor Ryan's team really did any good. I was up 15 points going into Sunday Night's matchup and I still had Brandon Marshall vs Zeke. Now TYPICALLY...you'd think that there was a pretty solid chance that even with a good Zeke game, I'd still be OK win..but nope..this is me we're talking about..so naturally Brandon Marshall gets BLANKED until there's 10 seconds left in the game and he catches a 10 yard pass. And that's how I lose...by .8 points. Unbelievable.  I couldn't sleep last night after such a shitty fucking loss. My season sucks off the bat and I don't even know how to gear up for next week because it was so deflating. The thing is..my team ISN'T THAT GOOD..so even if I won...I would've done it with only 76 points. That's not gonna cut it. Jordan Howard predictably is more than likely now in a timeshare with Tarik Cohen (who I'm going to not only pick up with my #1 Waiver Wire Claim but now I gotta start 2 BEARS RB'S BECAUSE MY RUNNING BACKS BLOWWWWWW), Derrick Henry just isn't going to get enough run for me to count on (6 fucking carries) Corey Coleman is going to be volatile (he scored a TD but no way will he be consistent in that Browns offense) and I wasted a pick on Brandon Marshall because he's beyond done and that Wormhead motherfucker Eli doesn't even look his way. Just aggravating that after Week 1 it feels like I have no hope and I have to go through another season of THIS. Yall should start a pool on when I threaten to quit and "never play again" because I swear it wouldn't be surprise if I start that up again come Week 4 or so. Ryan's guys weren't any better, although Leonard Fournette did look like the real deal and if he's going to be what Zeke was last year, Ryan's got a nice young running back group locked up. Against the vaunted "Texans D" Fournette tore them up and had over 100 yards a score and nearly 20 fantasy points. Kirk Cousins were horrible, T.Y. Hilton is useless without Luck, and the only other player that was OK was Michael Crabtree with 6 catches for 83 yards. Ryan's going to have to get a lot better support from his other players outside Crabtree, Elliott and Fournette because it's OK to that against a crappy team like me, but against really good teams, 76 points ain't gonna cut it. Ryan takes on Mike next week, while I take on Drew.

Game MVP
Leonard Fournette (Hoosier Daddy)
100 Rushing Yards, 1 Rushing TD, 3 Receptions, 24 Receiving Yards, 19.90 Points (NFL Debut)

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans : News Photo 

No Soup For You (1-0)              79.54
BigBadBob (0-1)                        68.34

So Leland squeaks by with a modest win against  Dad but again as is the theme of Week 1, neither team did particularly well. The biggest news to come out though is a crushing blow to Leland as David Johnson left Sunday's game with a wrist injury and now is out 2-3 months as he's having surgery on it. This is a BIG loss for Leland, as David Johnson was his best player. Now the small silver lining is David Johnson was a 14th round keeper so it could be worse, but still to go that long without your best player is going to be a tough pill to swallow. There's really nothing to talk about player wise as no one stood out here. Matt Ryan lead Leland's team with 18.94 points (he only threw 1 TD pass) and Keenan Allen and Kyle Rudolph each scored TD's to seal the victory. The good news is Leland won despite mediocre games from his two best receivers, Michael Thomas and A.J. Green. Neither guy scored 10 points. They'll definitely play better next week. I do worry about Leland's RB situation as I'm not a huge fan of Lamar Miller. He had 10 points, but it was as unimpressive as can be. For Dad, he was in this matchup until Monday night. Aaron Rodgers had to face the tough Seattle defense so he didn't have a great game (300, a score and a pick). DeAndre Hopkins came to life when Deshaun Watson took over the QB duties and he had 55 and a score. The yards are pretty pedestrian but the targets will be there. Other than that.nothing for Dad. Devonta Freeman scored a TD but just had 37 yards, while Isaish Crowell had only 66 total yards. I've never bought into Crowell and Week 1 didn't help matters. Tyler Eifert didn't even a score a point and Dad needs a better flex than Devin Funchess. No clue why he even bothers playing him. Not a great start for either team, but someone had to win. Dad's got a rough matchup against Albert next week, while Leland takes on his brother already in Week 2.

Game MVP
Matt Ryan (No Soup For You)
321 Passing Yards, 1 Passing TD, 11 Rush Yards, 18.94 Points
Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears : News Photo 

Channel 4 News Team (1-0)          137.78
Woe Is You (0-1)                               62.06

The ONLY team that looked impressive as a whole. Albert's team is the only team that eclipsed 100 points and he did it EASILY with almost 140 points. His guys fired on all cylinders as everyone had a double digit scoring game. This team has scary depth. Derek Carr had 260 and 2 scores including one to Amari Cooper (who also DROPPED 3 STRAIGHT TD'S). Golden Tate had an awesome PPR game with 10 catches for 107 yards. Stefon Diggs put on a SHOW with 93 yards and 2 scores. That's why I wanted him..the upside is so HUGE. LeSean McCoy didn't score but had 159 total yards and 18.4 points. Even old man Witten got in on the fun with 7 catches for 59 yards and a score. Ty Montgomery had 93 total yards and a score and Albert's worse player was Carlos Hyde with 75 yards and 6 catches for 10.7 points. Just an amazing all around performance from Albert's team and with the news of Leland losing David Johnson, I think Albert's got the best team in the league now. He's the "team to beat". For Mike, the only silver lining is, the Kareem Hunt non play doesn't matter. Neither does Beckham not playing. If both played, Albert still would've easily won, so there's no sense in beating yourself up on that mistake. Mike's team was god awful. Everyone basically sucked. I do believe that Mike has a QB problem as I don't think Carson Palmer is going to be that great and Andy Dalton was flat out awful. Also those running backs outside of Hunt aren't looking that great as it seems like Powell's role with the Jets was exaggerated by fantasy experts because it's clear Matt Forte is still the lead back. Also Rob Kelley was awful and his upside is limited as it is. Obviously having Hunt and Beckham will help, but the better be on their A game every week for Mike to have a chance to win. It doesn't get easier for Mike as he takes on Ryan next week, while Albert gets to feast on my Dad next week.

Game MVP
Stefon Diggs (Channel 4 News Team)
7 Receptions, 93 Receiving Yards, 2 Receiving TD's, 24.20 Points
New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings : News Photo 

Shock The Monkey (1-0)             83.32
Light's Broken Bots (0-1)            56.28

I guess Matt's running the table the rest of the season because Yahoo predicted him to go 12-1 before the season started. Another ugly low scoring affair, and after Tyreek Hill's awesome Thursday Night performance, nobody did anything for Marc's team yet he still easily won because Matt's team was so bad. Terrible games all around basically for Russell Wilson, Doug Baldwin and DeMarco Murray. It's good that Marc was able to get this win with all of those guys playing terrible and I don't see them all playing that bad on a consistent basis. For Matt, this was exactly what I was worried about with his team. Those RB's are dreadful (barely 11 points between Coleman and Perkins combined) and Hunter Henry got a fat zero because he's behind Antonio Gates. My worry about Dez Bryant and DeMaryius Thomas is their QB situations really lower their ceiling and that was evident here. Neither even had 10 points with Dez barely getting 5. Also, although I do like Martavius Bryant, is that ultimate boom or bust type player week to week and this week he busted. Jordy Nelson as Jordy Nelson  with 79 yards and a score but he can't do it alone. Obviously Brady won't be as bad as he was in Week 1, but where else is the scoring going to come from? At least Matt gets to face Alex next week who had just as bad a week as he did, while Marc takes on Kenny.

Game MVP
Tyreek Hill (Shock The Monkey)
7 Receptions, 133 Receiving Yards, 1 Receiving TD, 5 Rushing Yards, 23.3 Points
Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots : News Photo
Easy Beasley (1-0)                  94.34
Rocket Man (0-1)                   77.48

Great start to Kenny's comeback as even without Jay Ajayi and Jarvis Landry he gets an easy W over Eugene. Led by, who else, Antonio Brown who went off for 11 catches for 182 yards. That guy is so unbelievable, he doesn't even have to score a TD to dominate a game. Marcos Mariota had an average game, and really the only guy worth talking about is Jeremy Maclin who scored a TD. Remember though, Kenny gets Jay Ajayi and Landry back, so that'll only add to the fire power he has. If there is one thing I'd be a little hesitant about is his other running backs. Out of the running backs taking in the 2nd round of our draft, Christian McCaffery looked the least impressive. He got plenty of opportunity, he just didn't do much with it and even fumbled. For Kenny's sake hopefully he gets better as the season goes on. Also Mark Ingram is basically in a three man committee and it's going to be hard to trust him week to week. For Eugene, he got almost half his points from Matthew Stafford who went OFF trying to make a 4th quarter comeback and ended up with 292 yards and 4 scores. Other than Melvin Gordon who had 79 total yards and a score he got nothing else from his team. Again, it could just be one of those weeks where everyone just sucked all around the league because Julio Jones and Kelvin Benjamin did nothing (along with Gronk on Thursday) and complimentary players like Eric Decker and Kenny Britt were non existent. I dunno, this is another team I semi worry about, though I know Julio Jones and Kelvin Benjamin shouldn't be this invisible every week, I'm just not sold on guys like Ameer Abdullah (who Eugene didn't even play) C.J. Anderson, Eric Decker etc. We'll see if Eugene fares better against his brother next week, while Kenny takes on Marc in where someone's getting their first loss of the season.

Game MVP
Antonio Brown (Easy Beasley)
11 Receptions, 182 Receiving Yards, 23.7 Points
Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns : News Photo 

Baby Carrots (1-0)              94.54
SCLSU MudDogs (0-1)       58.34

I said it in the draft grades and I even picked  Drew as an upset against the defending champ here, Drew has a darkhorse team, that if all the stars align, he'll have a damn good team that can contend for a title this year. Week 1 was a great start for him. Despite losing Allen Robinson early (and for the year) and terrible games from Cam and Emmanuel Sanders AND no Devante Parker or Jacquizz Rodgers, Drew wins easily this week thanks to his Vikings combo of Adam Thielen and Dalvin Cook. Cook looked tremendous with 127 rushing yards and if Adam Thielen is going to continue how he was playing at the end of last season, Drew's got EVEN MORE FIREPOWER. Thielen went nuts with with 9 catches for 157 yards. I think Drew will survive the Allen Robinson loss just fine. Todd Gurley had 96 total yards and a score, but it's still concerning that he averaged only 2.1 yards a carry especially against a team like the Colts. Hopefully he can have better rushing games than that. Terrence West also had 80 yards and a score, and with Danny Woodhead out for a few weeks, that can only help West's production. For Alex, again, it's what I feared. Those receivers are bad. Matt has the worst running back group and Alex has the worst wide receiver group. Fitzgerald "led" the way with barely 10.4 points. Le'Veon Bell also decided to have his worst game of his career and barely put up 6.2 points. Marshawn Lynch was decent but didn't even crack 10 points, while Jimmy Graham did nothing. Drew Brees had a bad matchup so he wasn't his typical gunslinger self. The big take away too was Adrian Peterson. Basically non-existent and in a 3 headed timeshare at best with Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram. Obviously Brees, Graham, and Bell won't be that bad in the upcoming weeks, but it's still super alarming how bad the rest of Alex's team can be. The ironic thing is, the two teams with the worst looking teams on paper face each other next week so someone WILL BE 1-1 after next week (unless THEY TIE!). For Drew...well shit I play him next week and I gotta say...I don't think I can beat him.

Game MVP
Adam Thielen (BABY CARROTS)
9 Receptions, 157 Receiving Yards, 20.20 Points
New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings : News Photo

Friday, September 8, 2017

Thursday Night Overview

Image result for kareem hunt 
After the first offensive Chiefs play of their first drive of the first game of the season, Mike Posey looked like he had done the right thing. More than ever this season, with so many rookie running backs drafted so high, it has become more unpredictable than ever on which guys are going to be legit or be the next Montee Ball. Mike took rookie Kareem Hunt with his 2nd round pick and with Hunt playing his first game on the road on national TV against the New England Patriots of all teams, Mike started having 2nd thoughts about playing him. Fearing the worst, a dud right off the bat, he decided to make the swap and putting in a safer play in Rob Kelley. In that one moment..it seemed like the right call. Then...THE REST OF THE GAME HAPPENED and Kareem Hunt had a HISTORIC game. The best rookie debut in NFL history, 246 total yards, and 3 TD's against the defending world champs. 43.10 points..ON...THE...BENCH. OUCH.
That's not the way you want to start a season. As bad as it is, a couple of silver linings..one..Kareem Hunt looks legit..that's good news for Mike for the rest of the season. His worries have been subdued. Hunt looked amazing last night and he got the LION'S share of the carries. The other silver lining..it's still to be determined if it actually affects whether he wins or loses this week. He still has a full team to go (though Beckham is a game day decision and it would be HUGE to not have him and a game like Hunt's could've softened the blow) and so does Albert. If Mike still wins, than it's a moot point, he just simply left points on the table. It remains to be seen, but regardless as of now, it has to suck to see that many points on your bench. Hunt's performance overshadowed another bad starting decision. Marc decided to bench Mike Gillislee for Frank Gore and Gillislee proceeded to score 3 TD's. Now I'm not a huge Gillislee guy but given the choices of him, Frank Gore, and Matt Forte, I would've had to roll the dice on Gillislee. Now again the silver lining is, Matt got one of the worst Tom Brady performances in recent memory, 0 TD's and barely 10 points, plus Marc got a great game from Tyreek Hill (7 receptions for 133 yards and a TD for 23.30 points). Brandin Cooks wasn't great but still managed a 10 point game. That Gillislee play though could've really cemented a win for Marc, but he's still in the driver's seat at the very least. The battle of tight ends for Kenny for Eugene was a dud. Both Gronk and Kelce did nothing of note, with Kelce narrowly outscoring Gronk by a couple of points. Very disappointing for both guys. Once again it seemed like all the better plays were sitting on team's benches because Kenny thought about starting Danny Amendola over Sterling Shepard but ended up not, and Amendola had a solid game with 6 catches for 100 yards before leaving the game with a concussion. The only other play was on Alex's team as he used Chris Hogan who did nothing with just 17 rushing yards and a catch for 8 yards. Bad start for Alex and gives Drew a little momentum for an upset this week. For Me, Ryan, Dad, Leland, Drew, Albert, and Mike our season officially starts Sunday at noon! Good to be back in the swing of things officially!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Week 1 Matchups and Predictions

Can't believe it's FINALLY here. Week 1 of the fantasy season. Draft is done, and each team starts from scratch at 0-0. Let's not waste time..here's this week's matchups and predictions!

Catch My Javelin! vs
Hoosier Daddy

All Time Record: Ryan Leads Series 4-3

Key Players

Catch My Javelin!: Ben Roethlisberger (Browns), Alshon Jeffrey (Redskins), Brandon Marshall(Cowboys), Jordan Howard (Falcons), Jordan Reed (Eagles)

Hoosier Daddy: Kirk Cousins (Eagles), T.Y. Hilton (Rams), Michael Crabtree (Titans), Ezekiel Elliott (Giants), Leonard Fournette (Texans)

Wild Cards

Catch My Javelin!: Corey Coleman and  Derrick Henry Plays. Are Cobb and Marshall too old to produce?

Hoosier Daddy: No DeSean Jackson. No Luck for Hilton.

Yahoo Says: Ryan Wins
I Say: Ryan wins. I'm not going to get TOO worked up about it since it's week 1, but I find out appropriate and hilarious that we haven't even started the season and already I get totally fucked in Week 1. Not only does somehow Zeke's suspension get upheld BUT he's allowed to play Week 1, but thanks to Hurricane Irma and the lack of common sense from the NFL (don't see why the Bucs-Dolphins can't play at a neutral site instead of having to take a bye and play 16 STRAIGHT WEEKS OF FOOTBALL, but that's what's happening) I don't have my #1 player, Mike Evans. Yep, it's a fucked up world where Mike Evans, not Zeke, has to sit out. I'm not winning this week, in fact I sense a blowout (hopefully not like last year's record setting one). Even with no DeSean Jackson and Scott Tolzien throwing to T.Y. Hilton, I don't stand a chance. Outside of maybe Reed and Jordan Howard and quite possibly Corey  Coleman, none of my team has high scoring potential. Looks like an 0-1 start right off the bat. Yay!

No Soup For You vs

All Time Record: Leland leads series 5-2

Key Players

No Soup For You: Matt Ryan (Bears) A.J. Green (Ravens) Keenan Allen (Broncos) Michael Thomas (Vikings) Lamar Miller (Jaguars) David Johnson (Lions)

BigBadBob: Aaron Rodgers (Seahawks) DeAndre Hopkins (Jaguars) Devante Adams (Seahawks) Isaiah Crowell (Steelers) Devonta Freeman (Bears) Tyler Eifert (Ravens)

Wild Cards

No Soup For You: Tough matchup for Keenan Allen. Is Lamar Miller going to bounce back?

BigBadBob: Tough Matchup for Rodgers/ Adams. Questionable Flex play in Funchess.

Yahoo Says: Leland wins
I Say: Leland wins. Poor Dad has to start his season against Leland's top rated team. It doesn't help that Aaron Rodgers doesn't have the best of matchups. Giving the edge to Leland here.

Rocket Man vs
Easy Beasley

All Time Record: Eugene leads series 2-1

Key Players

Rocket Man: Matthew Stafford (Cardinals) Julio Jones (Bears) Kelvin Benjamin (49ers) Melvin Gordon (Broncos) Rob Gronkowski (Chiefs)

Easy Beasley: Marcus Mariota (Raiders) Antonio Brown (Browns) Christian McCaffrey (49ers) Travis Kelce (Patriots)

Wild Cards

Rocket Man: Tough Matchup for Stafford and Melvin Gordon. Is C.J. Anderson the lead back?

Easy Beasley: No Ajayi/Landry. How much work will Ingram get? WR Production from Maclin/Shepard.

Yahoo Says: Eugene wins
I Say: Eugene wins. Kenny and me are the kings of bad luck in fantasy sports and here's proof why. Kenny makes his comeback after a 1 year sabbatical and what happens? He loses his top running back in Jay Ajayi and 2nd best receiver in Jarvis Landry because of the rescheduling of the Dolphins-Bucs game. Hello 0-1. I think Kenny would've have a solid chance to win at full strength but without two main contributors I think Eugene pulls off the W.

Light's Broken Bots vs
Shock The Monkey

All Time Record: Marc leads series 4-3

Key Players

Light's Broken Bots: Tom Brady (Chiefs) Dez Bryant (Giants) Jordy Nelson (Seahawks) Demaryius Thomas (Chargers) Martavis Bryant (Browns)

Shock The Monkey: Russell Wilson (Packers) Brandin Cooks (Chiefs) Doug Baldwin (Packers) Tyreek Hill (Patriots) DeMarco Murray (Raiders) Delanie Walker (Raiders)

Wild Cards

Light's Broken Bots: Tough Matchups for Dez/Jordy. Just how bad will the RB's be?

Shock The Monkey: Matt Forte!? What will Tyreek do?

Yahoo Says: Matt wins
I Say: Marc wins. Yahoo has Matt winning this easily but I think it'll be a close matchup and I think Marc has the slightly better team this week. Dez and Jordy are studs but their matchups aren't ideal (beatable, but still not ideal) while it'll be interesting to see how Matt's RB fare. I think it'll be a solid matchup to start the season off. You could be looking at a Finals preview possibly

SCLSU MudDogs vs

All Time Record: Alex leads series 2-1

Key Players

SCLSU MudDogs: Drew Brees (Vikings) Le'veon Bell (Browns) Marshawn Lynch (Titans) Jimmy Graham (Packers)

BABY CARROTS: Cam Newton (49ers) Emmanuel Sanders (Chargers) Allen Robinson (Texans) Todd Gurley (Colts) Dalwin Cook (Saints)

Wild Cards

SCLSU MudDogs: WR play. How good will Adrian Peterson be?

BABY CARROTS: No Devante Parker, Jaquizz Rodgers.

Yahoo Says: Alex wins
I Say: Drew wins. I'm going to go a bit of an upset here as even without Devante Parker and Jaquizz Rodgers, I think Drew has a chance to win this week. He'll need his guys like Cam, Gurley and Cook to step up but it's entirely doable. It'd be something if last year's worst team in the league defeated our reigning champion in Week 1.

Channel 4 News Team vs
Woe Is You

All Time Record: Albert Leads series 4-3

Key Players

Channel 4 News Team: Derek Carr (Titans) Amari Cooper (Titans) Golden Tate (Cardinals) Stefon Diggs (Saints) LeSean McCoy (Jets) Carlos Hyde (Panthers) Ty Montgomery (Seahawks)

Woe Is You: Odell Beckham Jr. (Cowboys) Kareem Hunt (Patriots) Greg Olsen (49ers) Terrelle Pryor (Eagles)

Wild Cards

Channel 4 News Team: Tough Matchups for Tate/Montgomery. Will Witten Produce at TE?

Woe Is You: Dalton at QB. Will Powell get the majority of the snaps over Forte? Kareem Hunt's debut.

Yahoo Says: Mike Wins
I Say: Albert wins. Yahoo has this neck and neck with the slight edge to Mike, but I think Albert has the better overall team and I'll give the edge to him. Should be a good one though.

Good luck everyone. Week 1 starts tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Draft Results and Grades

Yep...it's that time again...for me to give out my opinions on how everyone's draft went. To be honest this was one of the most difficult drafts I can remember, especially when factoring in keepers. It's really hard to grade as well because..well because there's not a lot of players I like fantasy wise but SOMEONE'S going to end up hitting big..I just have zero idea who. There are so many landmines with boom or bust players (especially at the running back position) that's hard to really gauge who did well or not, but I'll try my best. So without further ado.....time to get grading!! (and please don't take this serious coughDADcough, I'm not a professional, it's simply my opinions and I've been known to be dead wrong a lot of the times).

Leland (No Soup For You)

QB: Matt Ryan, Carson Wentz

WR: A.J. Green, Michael Thomas, Keenan Allen, Jamison Crowder, Ted Ginn Jr., Kenny Golladay

RB: David Johnson, Lamar Miller, Joe Mixon, Theo Riddick

TE: Kyle Rudolph, Evan Engram

Overall Thoughts: No super surprises here this time for Leland, who used the #1 pick of the draft on the best player available on the board, A.J. Green. That combined with keeping David Johnson and Michael Thomas, once again makes Leland the overall favorite to win the league this season. He's absolutely loaded at receiver, with Keenan Allen and Jamison Crowder joining the aforementioned Green and Thomas. Health is the #1 concern with Allen, but if he can just stay healthy, this guy can produce WR1 numbers and he's Leland's #3. Crowder is also a pretty good PPR receiver. With Ted Ginn on the Saints now and Willie Snead suspended, he could provide a solid bye week filler. Golladay is purely a flier, though he definitely showed some talent in the preseason. To go along with David Johnson, Leland took Lamar Miller in round 2. I'm not gonna lie...not a fan of Miller's. I know the picking were slim at RB at this point, but I'd much rather have taken Carlos Hyde than Miller. Maybe Miller bounces back and it's not like Leland needs elite level production from him. I do LOVE the Mixon pick though. I think he's going to be really good once given the reigns. The problem is, it might take a few weeks, but Leland's in the perfect position to stash him. He's got plenty of depth to keep Mixon on the bench, something that most of us can't do. I think Mixon will be a better fantasy play than Lamar Miller by the end of the season. I made fun of Theo Riddick last season when Alex had him, but he really is a nice PPR running back. The Lions just don't really run much and though it seems they might rededicate themselves to the run with Ameer Abdullah, I'll believe it when I see it. Riddick should still be heavily involved and Leland can use him in a pinch when need be. At QB, Leland was able to wait it out a bit and get a solid fantasy QB in Matt Ryan. I really like Ryan at QB and Leland just has so many potentially high scoring weapons, it's insane, though I'm not too sold on Wentz, but he's only a bye week play. At tight end, well it's always going to be a crap shoot. Kyle Rudolph should be decent. I think Evan Engram is an interesting flier. Typically rookies tight ends don't do much, but the Giants are a pass heavy team and there's a chance Engram develops into a solid contributor. If not, it's not a big deal. Overall, on paper, this is the team to beat. Hopefully this season, paper translates to the actual games.

Overall Grade: A+

Dad (BigBadBob)

QB: Aaron Rodgers, Dak Prescott, Alex Smith

WR: DeAndre Hopkins, Devante Adams, Cole Beasley, Devin Funchess

RB: Devonta Freeman, Isaiah Crowell, Eddie Lacy, Jonathan Stewart

TE: Tyler Eifert, Eric Ebron, C.J. Fiedorowicz 

Overall Thoughts: I actually think Yahoo was harsh on Ol' Dad. I don't think this is a 3 win team at all. So Dad already had Devante Adams and Devonta Freeman as keepers and with the #2 pick he decided on Aaron Rodgers. I know some people think it's crazy taking a QB that early, but I don't, not when it comes to Rodgers. Maybe if A.J. Green had slipped to #2, but considering what was left on the board, I have zero problem with grabbing the best fantasy QB available. It's not like Dad didn't already have players at other positions anyways (including a potential top 5 RB in Freeman). I think Dad's first half of the draft was great. I don't necessarily get the Isaish Crowell hype, but he slipped to a point where it became a value pick, especially since other teams were taking risks on rookie RB's like Fournette, McCaffery, Kareem Hunt, and Dalvin Cook. Those guys COULD potential be fantasy studs, but in the 2nd round, that's a high price to pay. At least Crowell has a track record and if given a choice between those guys, I'd rather play it safe with Crowell. For what was there, I think the Hopkins pick has the potential to be good as well. He might not replicate the season he had two seasons ago, but Hopkins still has the ability to be a solid #1 receiver in a PPR league. I also like the risk Dad took with Tyler Eifert. Health is a concern, but he's one of the better tight ends when he's healthy. Dad was seriously on his way to one of the better drafts in the league, but then..after round 5..it just kinda went downhill. Every year Dad takes a backup QB way too early. Not only did he take one in the 6th round (when some teams didn't even a QB) he took Dak Prescott. I'm just not sold on Dak in fantasy, much less when Matt Ryan was still on the board. There were still some solid receivers on the board (Garcon, Maclin, Brandon Marshall to name a few) and that just felt like a throwaway pick too early. Cole Beasley is ok, but I really don't think he's WR3 material, more like a bye week fill in/flex play and honestly I don't know what to expect from Devin Funchess. Eddie Lacy also seems like a waste (rather have Terrence West, Duke Johnson, or even Theo Riddick than Lacy) and Jonathan Stewart is ok where  Dad got him, but the time byes kick in, there's a possibility that Stewart loses more and more work to Christan McCaffery. Dad's also carrying three QB's and three tight ends which is just overkill. Some teams don't even carry two tight ends much less 3, although when looking at it, Dad does have extra insurance in case Eifert and Ebron both get hurt (and they are injury prone). Despite the underwhelming 2nd half of the draft, I still think Dad has a chance to compete for the playoffs. It's definitely not as bad as Yahoo makes it seem.

Overall Grade: C+ (he'll probably get maddddd)

Matt (Light's Broken Bots)

QB: Tom Brady, Sam Bradford

WR: Jordy Nelson, Dez Bryant, Demaryius Thomas, Martavis Bryant, Donte Moncrief, Tyler Lockett

RB: Paul Perkins, Tevin Coleman, Duke Johnson Jr., LeGarrette Blount

TE: Hunter Henry, Jared Cook

Overall Thoughts: Here's the first team that I completely disagree with Yahoo's assessment. Yahoo gave Matt the Best Draft Award and projects him to go 12-1 on the season. Hey, any team that has Tom Brady and Jordy Nelson is going to be a contender, but 12-1?! So Matt autodrafted the majority of his team and he's SUPER loaded at WR. In addition to Jordy, he added Dez Bryant, Demaryius Thomas, and Martavis Bryant (I really like Martavis a lot and was hoping to add him myself). The problem is, he totally ignored the running back position and he has by far the WORST running backs in the league. Paul Perkins and Tevin Coleman are just not going to cut it and though it's nice to have such great players at Wide Receiver, Dez and Demaryius do have the possibility to disappoint (Dak and Trevor Simien aren't exactly gunslingers). Tevin Coleman is great, but Devonta Freeman is still the #1 back here and though Coleman will have his good games, he'll also have games where he'll disappear. Perkins isn't a good back and the Giants aren't a running team at all. Matt's other running backs are Duke Johnson (who isn't bad in a PPR league, hell he's probably better than Paul Perkins) and LeGarrette Blount who's been AWFUL so far in Philly. I just don't see how Matt can go all season with these backs. His tight ends aren't bad, but Hunter Henry's still dealing with being behind Antonio Gates and that might limit his upside unless the Chargers finally decide to give Henry the starting job. Obviously Brady is a beast, and don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Matt's team sucks or anything, this team can definitely win a title, it's just not head and shoulders above everyone else like Yahoo seems to think. This is team that definitely should make the playoffs for sure, I just think to get to that next level you have to have one decent back and though I could be wrong, I just don't one here. 

Overall Grade: B+ Like I said, this team doesn't suck, it's one of the better ones and having Tom Brady along with that group of receivers is definitely a major plus, but with the glaring lack of a running game, I can't go higher than a B+

Marc ( Shock The Monkey)

QB: Russell Wilson, DeShone Kizer

WR: Doug Baldwin, Tyreek Hill, Brandin Cooks, Rishard Matthews, Mike Wallace, Jordan Matthews

RB: DeMarco Murray, Mike Gillislee, Frank Gore, Matt Forte

TE: Delanie Walker, Julius Thomas 

Overall Thoughts: So Marc decided to only keep 1 player in DeMarco Murray, which is fine but Tyreek Hill would've been a 5th round keeper had he kept him and instead he let him go only to redraft him in the 3rd round. Despite that hiccup I really like what Marc did here. He's got a really solid team led by his 1st round pick Brandin Cooks. Also I felt like he got a steal in Doug Baldwin and was surprised Baldwin fell that low into the 2nd round. Marc potentially has two top 10 receivers and along with solid PPR guys like Rishard Matthews, and Mike Wallace and also Tyreek Hill who has great potential, this is a pretty loaded WR group. Even Jordan Matthews is worth a flier on Marc's bench. So to go with Murray, the rest of Marc's RB's are fairly questionable. Not a fan of Gillislee at all, there is just way to many RB's in the Patriots backfield. It's going to be a week to week crapshoot on who's going to be RB that goes off. I actually think Frank Gore, despite his advanced age, is a better fantasy football player than Gillislee. Again, another value pick for where Gore went. Marc is did well in the tight end department where he nabbed Delanie Walker, who's always a solid play, and Julius Thomas as a potential bye week fill in. What puts Marc over the top? The potential of Russell Wilson. A lot of people are expecting big things this year from him and if he lives up to his potential, Marc's definitely going to have a great, potentially championship season. 

Overall Grade: A, I really love Marc's team and how he drafted (outside of the Tyreek thing). I grade his team slightly above Matt's because Marc's receivers are nearly just as good, and his running backs blow Matt's away. I think Marc will definitely be in title contention this season.

Drew (Baby Carrots)

QB: Cam Newton, Tyrod Taylor

WR: Allen Robinson, DeVante Parker, Emmanuel Sanders, Adam Thielen, Corey Davis, Paul Richardson, Kasen Williams

RB: Todd Gurley, Dalvin Cook, Terrence West, Jacquizz Rodgers

TE: Jack Doyle

Overall Thoughts: Considering what Drew had to work with (no really viable keepers, he kept Allen Robinson by default) I don't think he did that bad of a job. Certainly not as bad as Yahoo thinks, who projected Drew to win 1 game all season. C'mon now, I look at Drew's team and I don't see a 1 win team. This team oozes potential, but it could easily bust as well. I like the risks Drew took. High Upside, High Risk guys. Might as well try to hit a home run. Drew's combo of Todd Gurley and Dalvin Cook comes with a ton of potential and upside (we've seen what Gurley is capable of doing before last year's terrible season) but it's also got a solid chance of blowing up in Drew's face. Terrence West is the definition of boring, but to be honest in the fantasy game, he's not to terrible of an option just because of the opportunity he's going to get. Jacquizz Rodgers will also be a solid play through Doug Martin's suspension. At receiver, DeVante Parker is another one those young stars primed to breakout, combined that a solid veteran like Emmanuel Sanders and a potential bounce back candidate in Allen Robinson and it's a surprisingly solid group of receivers. I think Adam Thielan is underrated and can be counted on as a flex or bye week fill in. Drew's other wide receivers? Total crapshoots (I don't even know who Kasen Williams is!!). Drew's also looking for a bounce back season from Cam Newton. If Cam can come close to the Cam of 2015, Drew's going to be a darkhorse playoff contender. Tight end is admittedly weak as Drew's only carrying one and it's Jack Doyle. 

Overall Grade: C+. Based on Potential alone I think Drew at the very least as some solid keeper prospects that could pan out. This seems more like a rebuilding year, but if things come to place, this team has the potential to really make some noise. Definitely a team to watch.

Mike (Woe Is You)

QB: Carson Palmer, Andy Dalton

WR: Odell Beckham Jr, Terrelle Pryor Sr., Pierre Garcon, Tyrell Williams, Cooper Kupp

RB: Kareem Hunt, Bilal Powell, Rob Kelley, Darren McFadden, Jamaal Charles

TE: Greg Olsen, Cameron Brate

Overall Thoughts: So Mike started off with Odell Beckham and Terrell Pryor as his wide receivers, so he was able to focus on other positions to start the draft. Pryor was worth a 14th round keep for sure, and the rest of Mike's receiving core is boring but solid. I think Garcon is an underrated WR3 and I think he'll get plenty of targets in San Francisco. Tyrell Williams is really good, but there's a lot of mouths to feed and it's going to be hard to pin point which games Williams will go off in. As a potential fill in though he's definitely worth rostering. Cooper Kupp is a total dart throw and could definitely be one of Mike's first cuts should he need to pick up a free agent. As for RB's, just because I dealt with Spencer Ware and how Andy Reid dealt with him as the lead back, I'd be weary of Kareem Hunt. Hunt was a nice steal when he was going 5th roundish but in the 2nd round...HUGE risk to me. Bilal Powell helped Alex win a championship last year, and he's a solid RB in PPR. I really also like the Rob Kelley pick because he's by far and away their best RB. It's nice to have a guy who's going to be getting a majority of the touches. Again, nothing screams exciting but should get the job done. McFadden only has value is Zeke is suspended and I can't see Jamaal Charles lasting long on Mike's roster. If you're going to get a top Tight End, might as well get one of the most durable and that's what Greg Olsen is. I also like Brate as the backup tight end. I feel like Mike's got a solid if not spectacular team. I don't know if it has the makings of a championship contender (maybe if Pryor is the real deal and Hunt lives up to the hype) but I definitely think Mike will be in the thick of things when it comes to a playoff spot.

Overall Grade: B
 Kenny (Easy Beasley)

QB: Marcus Mariota, Philip Rivers, DeShaun Watson

WR: Antonio Brown, Jarvis Landry, Jeremy Maclin, Sterling Shepard, Mike Williams

RB: Jay Ajayi, Christian McCaffrey, Mark Ingram, Danny Woodhead, 

TE: Travis Kelce, O.J. Howard

Overall Thoughts: So Kenny's back and was lucky to have Antonio Brown and Jay Ajayi to start off his comeback. Kenny decided to take a chance on Christian McCaffrey and in Round 2 that's definitely a risky move that could pay off greatly. He just might have to have some patience because there's still a solid chance Jonathan Stewart is still heavily involved. He better hope McCaffery pans out because I'm not a big fan of the rest of his RB's. I think Ingram and Peterson are going to cancel each other out as far as fantasy potential and though Danny Woodhead is a solid PPR play, having depend on him as RB2 if McCaffrey busts is not really ideal. As far as Kenny's receivers go, picking Jarvis Landry is extremely dicey considering there's a chance he gets suspended for domestic violence. That would leave Jeremy Maclin, Sterling Shepard, and an injury rookie Mike Williams as his only receivers left. On the bright side, Kenny's got the #1 scoring tight end from last year in Travis Kelce, though O.J. Howard is definitely not going to last on Kenny's team. Kenny's got a solid stable of QB's in Mariota and Rivers and even took a flier on DeShaun Watson. I just think Russell Wilson has a lot more upside, but Kenny's been burned by him before so was weary taking him. 

Overall Grade: B, obviously Antonio Brown and Jay Ajayi boost this, and McCaffrey has superstar potential, but outside of Kelce after them, it just seems underwhelming. Not as high as Yahoo is on this team, but it's definitely a playoff caliber team.

 Eugene (Rocket Man)

QB: Matthew Stafford

WR: Julio Jones, Kelvin Benjamin, Eric Decker, Kenny Britt, Kenny Stills, Nelson Agholor

RB: Melvin Gordon, Ameer Abdullah, C.J. Anderson, C.J. Prosise, Rex Burkhead, Matt Jones

TE: Rob Gronkowski 

Overall Thoughts: So Eugene kept Julio Jones and Melvin Gordon to start things off  and followed that up with Gronk with his 1st pick (2nd round overall). If Gronk stays healthy, that's  one hell of a combo to deal with. I also love the Kelvin Benjamin pick (another guy I wanted) and think he's going to be really good this season. After that though, I dunno, not really digging the rest of this squad. For RB's, too many guys on committees (Prosise, Anderson, and Burkhead, not to mention that Matt Jones probably falls behind both Gore and Robert Turbin when he's healthy) and an RB2 on a team that doesn't run very much (I lot of people love Abdullah but I'll believe it when I see it, still don't trust Detroit to not be a pass heavy team). Speaking of Detroit, this is 100% based on my own personal experience (and to an extent Leland) but I HATE Matthew Stafford in fantasy football. He comes up as small as small can be when it REALLY matters. I've dealt with it a couple of seasons and Leland dealt with it last year. For Eugene's sake I hope he can be consistent all season, but I have yet to see that happen. Not a big fan of the Wide Receiver group outside of Julio and Kelvin. Decker and Britt seem to be interchangeable and you run the risk of playing the wrong guy, while I just can't see Kenny Stills or Nelson Agholor as nothing more than hail mary plays when all options are exhausted. The lack of a decent backup tight end is also worrisome considering Gronk's injury history. 

Overall Grade: B-, obviously the Gronk/Julio/Gordon/Benjamin group can carry this team to a playoff berth and possibly even a title, but with all 4 having injury concerns (and in Gordon's case still wondering if last year's Gordon was the real deal or just a fluke) and really not a lot of solid depth behind it, this has the possibility of being a letdown year for Eugene. Eugene though has made championship runs with far less so I'll never completely count him out.

Albert (Channel 4 News Team)

QB: Derek Carr, Eli Manning

WR: Amari Cooper, Golden Tate, Stefon Diggs, John Brown, Zay Jones

RB: LeSean McCoy, Carlos Hyde, Ty Montgomery, Samaje Perine, Jamaal Williams

TE: Jason Witten, Austin Hooper

Overall Thoughts:  Albert kept McCoy and Montgomery, and then to really solidify his RB situation took  Carlos Hyde as well. I really like the combo of running backs and as far as RB's go, that's pretty good depth considering how thin the position is. Of course McCoy and Hyde have injury concerns and Albert has no viable backups should they go down (Perine and Williams are both rookies down the depth chart right now in Washington and Green Bay respectively). Albert took Amari Cooper with his 1st pick and again, just like his RB's, he's got a nice group of starting receivers with Cooper, Golden Tate, and Stefon Diggs (Diggs was another guy I targeted. If John Brown can ever get healthy, he's got the talent to be a fantasy relevant receivers and Zay Jones is a potential sleeper. Both are nice bench depth to have during bye weeks. Albert loves his "stack" and just like he rode Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton last year, this time it's going to be Derek Card and Amari Cooper. The only glaring weak spot is the tight end position as I really don't know how much Jason Witten has left in the tank, and Austin Hooper hasn't really done much to prove he's a fantasy relevant tight end.

Overall Grade: B+, I think this for the most part a solid all around team and one of the better on paper teams in the league. When your only glaring weak spot is tight end (which face it, isn't the deepest position in the world) I think you take it and run with it. Once again, Albert should be a solid contender.

Ryan (Hoosier Daddy)

QB: Kirk Cousins

WR: T.Y. Hilton, DeSean Jackson, Michael Crabtree, Willie Snead, Robby Anderson, Kevin White

RB: Ezekiel Elliott, Leonard Fournette, Thomas Rawls, Darren Sproles, Latavius Murray, Marlon Mack

TE: Martellus Bennett

Overall Thoughts: This is one of the harder teams to grade only because Ryan's got a team full of guys that are either suspended, injured or have injured QB's. Ryan took the plunge and kept Zeke. His suspension was upheld, but he will play week 1 and there's still a chance he plays the year if the courts grant Zeke a restraining order. That will basically make a break Ryan's season. If Zeke is indeed suspended, it's going to be super tough for Ryan to bounce back from that because although he drafted a ton of RB's...outside of Leonard Fournette (dealing with an injury himself) the rest of his group aren't great replacements and none of them seem like RB2 Materials. Thomas Rawls is in a split with Eddie Lacy and C.J. Prosise, Darren Sproles is still the pass catching RB, which is fine as flex but an every week RB2..ugh...Latavius Murray has fallen out of favor for Dalvin Cook, and Marlon Mack seems to be behind both Robert Turbin and Frank Gore. It could be trouble if Ryan loses Zeke. Fournette is definitely intriguing. He could be this year's Zeke, but keep in mind he's been injury prone the past couple of years and he's a team that's not even close to being good as Dallas. There is a bust possibility there. For receivers, Ryan kept Michael Crabtree, which is a smart move, but the wild card is T.Y. Hilton. Hilton slipped because Andrew Luck's dealing with an injury and there is no timetable for return. IF Luck comes back relatively soon, Hilton could be a big time steal..if Luck's injury is worse than though, it could be a long season for Hilton. DeSean Jackson is DeSean Jackson..some weeks you'll get WR1 numbers other weeks you'll get WR50 numbers. Willie Snead is suspended the first three games, and there's a chance it'll give Ted Ginn Jr more steam to keep that #2 spot in New Orleans. Robby Anderson could be a sleeper as the Jets should be awful and they have to throw to SOMEBODY. Anderson wasn't that bad towards the end of last season. Kevin White has yet to show his potential that made him a top 10 pick as he's been injured the majority of the last two seasons. Maybe with the Bears not really having much, he can step up to the plate. Both Anderson and White are solid fliers that have to potential to make an impact this season.  Kirk Cousins is a solid QB and Martellus Bennett should also be viable in that Green Bay offense.

Overall Grade: B, if Zeke somehow plays out the year, this Grade will seem low, but there's just a lot of uncertainty here and B is the best I can give out, given the circumstances.

Alex (SCLSU MudDogs)

QB: Drew Brees, Andrew Luck

WR: Larry Fitzgerald, Sammy Watkins, Chris Hogan, Marvin Jones Jr., John Ross, Taylor Gabriel

RB: Le'Veon Bell, Marshawn Lynch, Adrian Peterson, Jeremy Hill

TE: Jimmy Graham, Zach Ertz

Overall Thoughts: So here's the defending Champion and he of course kept Wane McGarity Bowl MVP Le'Veon Bell along with Jimmy Graham. His plan also worked out beautifully as instead of keeping Brees in the 2nd round, he let him go, kept  Graham in the 11th and then drafted Brees in the 2nd round again. Always nice when things work out the way you want them to. Outside of Bell though, Alex has an olllllld group of running backs with Marshawn Lynch and Adrian Peterson and underachiever Jeremy Hill. Marshawn should be ok with a year off the recharge, but I dunno about Peterson. I still think Ingram and Peterson wash each other out and it's going to be tough for either one to stand out consistently. Compared to other teams, I feel like Alex has a pretty weak receiving core. Larry Fitzgerald is not a #1 receiver. He's nice as a high end 3, but as a #1? Sammy Watkins was hit or miss and injury prone in Buffalo, he now goes to an even worse situation. Chris Hogan will benefit with Julian Edelman's injury, but there's still a TON of mouths to feed in that offense and I just don't see offensive consistency from him. Marvin Jones tailed off bad last year but has shown flashes and it wouldn't be crazy to think he could end up as Alex's top receiver. John Ross is a good project to stash while Taylor Gabriel probably doesn't last too long. Alex has Jimmy Graham and in case Graham gets hurt, he backs him with Zach Ertz. Alex had a nice move by getting Andrew Luck as a backup to Brees. Although keeping Luck could be for the future, he could also turn into a trade chip if Luck gets healthy and another team needs a QB.

Overall Grade: B-, I love Bell/Brees/Graham, but there's not too much more I like (keep in mind I didn't like Alex's team last year and he won the whole damn thing).  Those WR's stick out big time and I'd be a little worried relying on guys like Fitzgerald, Lynch, and Peterson who have a lot of miles on their bodies. 

Me (Catch My Javelin!)

QB: Jameis Winston, Ben Roethlisberger

WR: Mike Evans, Alshon Jeffrey, Brandon Marshall, Randall Cobb, Corey Coleman

RB: Jordan Howard, Derrick Henry, Doug Martin, James White, Alvin Kamara

TE: Jordan Reed, Antonio Gates

Overall Thoughts: Welp...surprise surprise I don't like my team. I kept Evans in Round 1 and was really dreading picking in the 2nd round knowing I was going to be forced to take a RB I didn't want. I had already programmed myself that I'd probably be getting Todd Gurley, but Drew took him at #5 and I was surprised (not too thrilled) to see Jordan Howard to slip to me. I almost went Doug Baldwin because I really like him, but felt too obligated to take a RB (which really SUCKS) so I went with Howard who I have almost zero faith in. I've been down this road before. The one year wonder who completely sucks the next year (helloooo C.J. Anderson, Montee Ball)..hell Jeremy Langford was Jordan Howard LAST YEAR! If Howard busts I'm DOA. My RB's depth isn't too great, I like Derrick Henry but he's still behind DeMarco Murray and I'm really worried his production is going to be severely lacking and that's not good as an RB2. I took a gamble with Doug Martin and will ride out his suspension for 3 games. Hopefully he can be a solid RB2 when he comes back because I'm going to need it. Doubt I ever play James White and who knows if Alvin Kamara lasts on my team. My receivers aren't too bad though again not a fan of Alshon Jeffrey but he was the best on the board. I like where I got Brandon Marshall and Randall Cobb. Felt like for the price I could have solid (yet OLD) hands. I am excited about Corey Coleman's potential. Be nice if I finally found a diamond in the rough worth keeping late. I feel like Jameis was a wasted keep because I ended up with Ben Roethlisberger too. Gonna suck having to decide which one to play as they are basically the same. High risk, high reward with Jordan Reed. If he gets hurt (like he always does) I'll be royally fucked but I felt at that point why not go big. Antonio Gates is my backup tight end and that's just meh.  

Overall Grade: C+, just not feeling it. This isn't a championship team and is fringe playoff contender at best. Expectations are low this year, just not feeling it one bit. Also sucks I'll be without Mike Evans probably week 1 due to weather concerns and I play Ryan who gets to use Zeke before he gets suspended. Has all the makings of an L to start to season.

Well...tomorrow will be the first matchups and predictions post as the season officially starts Thursday!