Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Week 5 Matchups and Predictions

This week's big game is the battle of the undefeateds. There are only two teams left that haven't lost and those two teams battle it out this week and only one will remain undefeated. Will it be Drew or Ryan? Here's this weeks matchups and predictions.

No Soup For You (2-2) vs
Catch My Javelin! (1-3)

All Time Record: I lead series 6-5-1

Key Players

No Soup For You: A.J. Green (Bills) Keenan Allen (Giants) Lamar Miller (Chiefs)

Catch My Javelin!: Deshaun Watson (Chiefs) Alshon Jeffrey (Cardinals) Odell Beckham Jr. (Chargers) Doug Baldwin (Rams) Kareem Hunt (Texans) Jordan Howard (Vikings)

Wild Cards

No Soup For You: Michael Thomas and Matt Ryan on Byes. Tough Matchup for Keenan Allen. Will Joe Mixon bounce back?

Catch My Javelin!: Tougher matchup for DeShaun Watson. Tough Matchups for Alshon Jeffrey and Jordan Howard. Doug Martin or Tarik Cohen? Austin Seferian-Jenkins as my tight end.

Yahoo Says: I win
I Say: I win. Yep..this is one of those rare times that I'm actually picking myself to win and really, I should win. With Leland being without Michael Thomas and having to rely on guys like Theo Riddick, Kenny Golladay and Joe Mixon, my team SHOULD have the talent enough to win this week. I'm still worried about my bad matchups that could hold Alshon Jeffrey and Jordan Howard to low points, also I highly doubt Deshaun Watson blows up for 38 points this week, so what is his realistic average? Also I'm killing myself between deciding if I want to give the start to Doug Martin or play it  conservative with Tarik Cohen. This is a must win for me and I'm hoping a win here, put's my back on track in regards to playoff talk.

Hoosier Daddy (4-0) vs

All Time Record: Drew leads series 7-3

Key Players

Hoosier Daddy: Ezekiel Elliott (Packers) Leonard Fournette (Steelers) Michael Crabtree (Ravens)

BABY CARROTS: Cam Newton (Lions) Todd Gurley (Seahawks)

Wild Cards

Hoosier Daddy: Who's Ryan's QB? Crabtree production without Carr. WR Production

BABY CARROTS: Who's Drew's RB2? Cam's bounce back for real? Who else is Drew using for flex?

Yahoo Says: Ryan wins? (I think...neither guy has a full lineup set as of today, but I believe Ryan will get the edge)
I Say: Ryan wins. Boy..for being a combined 8-0, these two guys sure don't have a lot of star players between them. Of course Drew lost Dalvin Cook and has Emmanuel Sanders on bye so that's a reason why. I think Ryan's team is the more talented of the two, especially with Drew's losses this week. We still don't even know who he plans on playing at his RB2 and flex position. Ryan should be able to get the win and stay undefeated.

Light's Broken Bots (2-2) vs
Channel 4 News Team (1-3)

All Time Record: Matt leads series 6-5-1

Key Players

Light's Broken Bots: Tom Brady (Bucs) Dez Bryant (Packers) Jordy Nelson (Cowboys) Martavis Bryant (Jaguars)

Channel 4 News Team: Eli Manning (Chargers) Amari Cooper (Ravens) Golden Tate (Panthers) Stefon Diggs (Bears) Carlos Hyde (Colts) LeSean McCoy (Bengals)

Wild Cards

Light's Broken Bots: Demaryius Thomas and Tevin Coleman on bye. Tough matchup for Martavis Bryant. How will Wayne Gallman do?

Channel 4 News Team: Cooper without Carr. Will Ty Montgomery play?

Yahoo Says: Matt wins
I Say: Matt wins. Although on it's face Albert has the deeper team seems like, Matt has more players that could go off. I think Brady, Jordy, and Dez all have huge games, while I could see Amari once again disappointing and LeSean McCoy not finding the endzone again. It should be close, but I'm giving the slight edge to Matt here.

Rocket Man (2-2) vs
SCLSU MudDogs (1-3)

All Time Record: Eugene leads series 4-2

Key Players

Rocket Man: Matthew Stafford (Panthers) Kelvin Benjamin (Lions) Melvin Gordon (Giants) Rob Gronkowski (Bucs)

SCLSU MudDogs: Larry Fitzgerald (Eagles) Chris Hogan (Bucs) Sammy Watkins (Seahawks) Le'Veon Bell (Jaguars) Marshawn Lynch (Ravens) Zach Ertz (Cardinals)

Wild Cards

Rocket Man: Julio Jones and C.J. Anderson on byes. Decker/Agholor/Britt plays

SCLSU MudDogs: Brees on bye. Will Dalton Step up? Receiver production. Marshawn's production.

Yahoo Says: Alex wins
I say:  Alex wins. This seriously the toughest matchup to decide this week. I'm only going Alex because I think he's due a win. Both teams are pretty evenly matched thanks to Julio Jones/C.J. Anderson bye on Eugene's side. Coin flip and taking Alex with no rhyme or reason.

Shock The Monkey (3-1) vs
BigBadBob (1-3)

All Time Record: Marc leads series 5-4

Key Players

Shock The Monkey: Russell Wilson (Rams) Brandin Cooks (Bucs) Tyreek Hill (Texans) Randall Cobb (Cowboys) DeMarco Murray (Dolphins) Delanie Walker (Dolphins)

BigBadBob: Aaron Rodgers (Cowboys) DeAndre Hopkins (Chiefs) Devante Adams* (Cowboys)

Wild Cards

Shock The Monkey: RB Production.

BigBadBob: Devante Adams health. Crowell's struggles. Devonta Freeman on bye. Depth.

Yahoo Says: Marc wins.
I say: Marc wins. It's hard for Dad to stay competitive at full strength, but without Devonta Freeman this week, it's going to be THAT much harder. Dad has no choice to use guys like Isaiah Crowell, Jermaine Kearse, Eric Ebron, and Allen Hurns. His severe lack of depth will probably do him in this week as Marc just has the stronger team overall.

Easy Beasley (2-2) vs 
Woe Is You (1-3)

All Time Record: Series is tied 3-3 (last played each other in 2013)

Key Players

Easy Beasley: Philip Rivers (Giants) Antonio Brown (Jaguars) Jarvis Landry (Titans) Jay Ajayi (Titans) Christan McCaffrey (Lions) Travis Kelce (Texans)

Woe Is You: Jameis Winston (Patriots) Mike Evans (Patriots)

Wild Cards

Easy Beasley: Can Ajayi and Landry bounce back? McCaffrey's struggles.

Woe Is You: Mike's entire team is a wild card outside of Evans and Winston

Yahoo Says: Kenny wins
I Say: Kenny wins. This is an interesting matchup on so many levels. First of all these two haven't faced each other since 2013. Remember, Mike took a 2 year hiatus and when he came back he took Kenny's spot last season. There's also a little bit of left over bad blood from a fantasy baseball incident years ago where Posey mindfucked Kenny into thinking he advanced to the Fantasy Baseball Championship (back when Stat Tracker was something you had to pay for) only for Kenny to wake up the next morning and see he had lost and was in the 3rd place game. So yes, this is an honest to goodness rivalry between two guys who have never met. This screams trap game, but I think Kenny's guys come together and pull off the win. If they somehow don't......

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Week 4 Results: Injuries, Injuries and More Injuries

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings : News Photo 
Well this week was certainly a bloodbath when it comes to injuries. It all started Thursday with Ty Montgomery and Devante Adams and continued on the Sunday games as the injuries to major fantasy stars just kept piling up. The worst news was Dalvin Cook tearing his ACL. Cook had been having an amazing start to his rookie season and was a huge reason Drew's team has been overachieving to start the season. His loss is going to be HUGE for Drew, who also lost a possible replacement for Cook as Chris Carson also was lost for the year with a season ending injury. Julio Jones got hurt for Eugene, and Derek Carr is looking at a 2-6 week timetable to comeback from a fractured back he suffered Sunday as well, yet another setback for Albert's squad. So who survived the injury massacre? Here's the Week 4 Results.

Catch My Javelin! (1-3)            106.92
Easy Beasley (2-2)                      84.24

FINALLY. After ridiculous shitty losses, I finally get my first W of the season and it's all thanks to one big play. I know this game is 99.7% luck, but it DOES feel good when you make a gut call that works. It validates that you know a little something about this game. That's exactly what I did when I picked up Deshaun Watson off waivers, not to be my backup this week, but to START over Big Ben who's been a bla as bla can be. It was definitely a risk, but I just felt I had to take it. THANK GOD I DID. Watson was unbelievable with 5 total TD's and 38.22 points. By far my best QB performance in a LONG time. The question of course is how sustainable is this going to be..but it's a ride I'm willing to go on for the time being. Seriously, if it wasn't for Watson, I lose because honestly nobody on my team was outstanding. Beckham and Hunt got yardage but no TD's and Jordan Howard ended being my 3rd best play when it was said and done. For Kenny, another frustrating game for his Dolphin players. Playing against the shitty Saints, I expected big points for Landry and Ajayi. Neither one of them did much and it's got to be a little worrisome that it's the 2nd straight game the Dolphins offense completely sucked. Combine that with another off Antonio Brown day, Christian McCaffrey not doing much (gotta be worried here too) and Marcus Mariota getting hurt after a strong start and it was just too much for Kenny to overcome. Travis Kelce made it a little closer than it had any right to be (nearly 21 points) but my lead was just too much to overcome. For me, it's good to get back into swing of things, but I need to keep winning to stay competitive. I'll take on Leland next week, while Kenny gets a possible "get right" matchup against Mike.

Game MVP
Deshaun Watson (Catch My Javelin!)
283 Passing Yards, 4 Passing TD's, 1 INT, 24 Rushing Yards, 1 Rushing TD, 38.22 Points
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texan : News Photo 

Hoosier Daddy (4-0)            106.10
BigBadBob (1-3)                    88.66

Ryan keeps rolling and is looking to break the curse of those who make the Finals the year before and then miss the playoffs the next year. Ryan is still undefeated as he easily defeats Dad this week. Once again led by his running back combo of Zeke and Fournette (Zeke went off for nearly 28 points, while Leonard Fournette had 22.5) and a nice flex start in Wendall Smallwood (put up nearly 16 points), Ryan has been able to mask his WR play (no Crabtree this week and AWFUL production from his 3 receivers) because of superior running back advantage. He better hope Zeke doesn't get suspended this year, because that would be a huge blow. Kirk Cousins has also turned it around after a slow start and he put up nearly 23 points as well. As long as his RB's keep producing like they are, Ryan won't need huge games from the rest of his players to pick up wins. For Dad, it was a great start, but his team just doesn't have enough firepower outside of Rodgers, Freeman, and Hopkins. They once again scored the bulk of his points as nobody else scored double digits. Isaiah Crowell is a BUST..period. He's borderline unstartable which sucks as he was Dad's 2nd round pick. Ryan has a huge matchup next week against Drew in the battle of the undefeateds, while Dad takes on Marc next week.

Game MVP
Ezekiel Elliott (Hoosier Daddy)
85 Rushing Yards, 1 Rushing TD, 54 Receiving Yards, 1 Receiving TD, 27.9 Points
Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys : News Photo 

BABY CARROTS (4-0)                  105.88
Channel 4 News Team (1-3)               58.02

The good news is that Drew just keeps rolling as he destroys Albert's team to pick up his fourth straight win. The bad news is that he lost one of his best players for the season in Dalvin Cook, who suffered a torn ACL and is done for the year. This is a BRUTAL loss as along with losing Chris Carson for the season, Drew's running back depth is super terrible. I have no idea where he's going to go at RB now. The only silver lining is, Todd Gurley is a BEAST (yet another 30 point game, this time 31) and mayyyyybe Cam Newton can turn around his season as he had a MVP type performance with nearly 37 points albeit on Drew's bench. Still, it's great to see just how good Cam can be and Drew's going to need all hands on deck if he wants to survive the Cook injury. He also got a great Cameron Brate game with 16 points, but Brate is basically a crapshoot like every other tight end in the league. For ship just keeps sinking. He can't even put up 60 points this week and he loses both Ty Montgomery and Derek Carr to injury which also affects his receiver Amari Cooper. Speaking of Cooper, he too, has been a big time bust and it's not going to get any better without Carr. Carlos Hyde and LeSean McCoy had average games, but they really need to step it up with all the potential scoring Albert will lose in the upcoming weeks. Also, Jason Witten has faded away big time and he's once again becoming an unreliable starter. It's been a rough go, but Albert has a winnable matchup next week against Matt to hopefully stop the bleeding, while Drew takes on Ryan in the battle of the undefeateds. 

Game MVP
Todd Gurley (BABY CARROTS)
121 Rushing Yards, 7 Receptions, 94 Receiving Yards, 1 Receiving TD,  31 Points
Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys : News Photo 

Woe Is You (1-3)                      131.38
Light's Broken Bots (2-2)       105.68

This is why Fantasy Football is Fantasy Football. Mike, coming off a top 3 league history worst performance with only 35 points, scores nearly 100 MORE points this week and led the entire league in scoring this week. There was just nothing Matt could do, it was just a week where Mike's team just all went off. Jameis showed why Mike traded for him and Evans as the duo combined for almost 45 points. Bilal Powell had the kind of game that made Mike draft him so early. He exploded for 27 points and you gotta think the Jets are going to make it a point to get him more involved again. Tyrell Williams is so fluky but he went off this week with 20 points and even TERRELLE PRYOR SCORED A TD..that's how you know your team is just on fire. Now is sustainable? Probably not, but it just goes to show you that you can't take any matchup for granted, it can happen any week to any team. For Matt, you know you're spoiled when a Tom Brady 22.48 point game is considered "disappointing". Him and Jordy continue to do the heavy lifting as Jordy scored two more TD's and had 21.5 points as well. Matt actually got solid production from his Duke Johnson/Tevin Coleman combo as both got over 16 points a piece and Dez added 12.5, but it was just a week where you throw your hands up and just focus on the next week. Mike will see if his guys can stay hot against Kenny next week, while Matt takes on Albert's injury riddled team.

Game MVP
Jameis Winston (Woe Is You)
332 Passing Yards, 3 Passing TD's, 29.48 Points
New York Giants v Tampa Bay Buccaneers : News Photo 

No Soup For You (2-2)         95.58
SCLSU MudDogs (1-3)        95.52

I have NEVER seen so many games being won by less than a point in our league's history but here we are again. This actually nudges my .08 loss as Alex loses by .06 because Jamison Crowder did nothing until the very last play of the game where he lost 7 yards on a lateral. Unbelievable. Leland escapes a super close call. Luckily for Leland, Lamar Miller FINALLY woke up and had a brilliant game with over 27 points. Look, obviously Miller won't get over 20 consistently, but Leland needs at the very least 15 or more from him a week as he's the defacto #1 RB on his team. At least it was encouraging to see that Miller is fully capable of having a great game. Leland's strong part of his team is his receiving group and they were once again dominant. If Keenan Allen can stay healthy all season, Leland's going to be a factor based on his WR alone. Allen was brilliant again with 138 yards on 5 catches, while Michael Thomas has come around after a slow start, with 8 catches for 89 and a score. A.J. Green is A.J. Green as he had a TD and nearly 15 points. Matt Ryan hasn't been that great so far this season, and he lost both Sanu and Julio in this game, but luckily Leland still won and the Falcons get a bye so Julio can rest up. The rest of Leland's team...ugh. Joe Mixon couldn't take advantage of his opportunities and really the only flex/bench depth Leland has is Alvin Kamara. For Alex, it was a return to the norm for his receivers. Fitz was bailed out by a OT TD, but did nothing of note besides that, while Sammy Watkins was shut down. At least Chris Hogan was good with 60 and a score and Le'Veon Bell FINALLY woke up with a 32.60 point performance. Marshawn Lynch was dreadful, and Carr being knocked out for multiple weeks certainly won't help his standing. Zach Ertz has been a pleasant surprise which is good for Alex as Jimmy Graham has been a complete bust. Tough loss for Alex, as he now drops to 1-3, but remember...last year Alex was 2-4..and who won it all? He'll take on Eugene next week, while Leland takes me on. 

Game MVP
Lamar Miller (No Soup For You)
75 Rushing Yards, 1 Rushing TD, 4 Receptions, 56 Receiving Yards, 1 Receiving TD, 27.10 Points
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texan : News Photo 

Shock The Monkey (3-1)             79.80
Rocket Man (2-2)                         57.46

It seems like Marc always wins ugly this season (look at his points, they're pretty low) but hey..a win's a win and Marc's now 3-1 after easily dispatching of Eugene this week. Seriously nobody did anything of note but Charles Clay (5 catches for 112) and Russell Wilson (nearly 31 points). The rest of his team was basically shut down. He just got lucky he played Eugene who had a big time off week. Not even 58 points. Julio Jones left the game early with an injury and just disappointing play from Matthew Stafford and Melvin Gordon. It'll be interesting to see how Eugene manages his team as he does have some decent depth on his bench (Funchess, Abdullah, not to mention a healthy Kelvin Benjamin back). Marc will look to keep the wins coming against Dad next week, while Eugene takes on Alex.

Game MVP
Russell Wilson (Shock The Monkey)
295 Passing Yards, 2 Passing TD's, 2 INT's, 38 Rushing Yards, 1 Rushing TD, 30.60 Points
Indianapolis Colts v Seattle Seahawks : News Photo 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Thursday Night Overview/Week 3 Awards

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers : News Photo 
Well..Thursday Night Football went right back to being a boring snoozefest (complete with a 45 minute weather delay) that always has been. The Bears looked so god awful (especially Mike fucking Glennon, good lord) and this game was literally over in 53 seconds after a Bears turnover caused the Pack to go up 14-0 in under a minute. On the Green Bay side Aaron Rodgers did his thing for Dad with 4 TD's (including one to Devante Adams so Dad double dipped) and two more for Jordy Nelson to help Matt in his matchup. Luckily for Dad, Rodgers didn't throw a TD to Marty B, who Ryan had. Bennett caught 6 balls, but for only 39 yards. Two big losses though happened on the Green Bay side. Ty Montgomery left the game early with what appears to be broken ribs. That would be a HUGE loss for Albert if he has to miss some time and it already puts him a hole against Drew this week as he only managed like 2 points before exiting the game. The scarier injury though, was Devante Adams, who got absolutely destroyed by what looked like a dirty hit from Danny Trevathan. I've honestly never seen a more brutal hit to the head in all my days watching football as Adams mouthpiece just flew out and he went motionless immediately afterwards. It was a scary sight indeed, and thankfully it looks like Adams is as good as good can be, though there's no doubt he's got a concussion at the very least. Fantasy wise, that would be a huge blow to Dad's team (Adams had actually scored on the previous play but it was called back by penalty), but in real life, I'm hoping that's all it was, because it looked brutal. I'm the only idiot who had Bears players going (2 to be exact, lol) and of course they were terrible. I actually turned the game off in frustration after Glennon threw his 2nd stupid inexplicable pick late in the 3rd quarter. I was mildly amused to wake up and see Jordan Howard had a scored a TD, but in all honesty it was still a total bust of a performance from him and Tarik Cohen combined and things are off the bat looking bleak for me to get my first win of the season.  Onto the Week 3 Awards

Wane McGarity Stud Of The Week
Tom Brady (Light's Broken Bots)
Houston Texans v New England Patriots : News Photo 
Yup..back to back weeks and how can't he be? He throws up 5 TD passes and 40 points. He's absolutely the reason Matt is 2-1 so far.

Michael Wiley Dud Of The Week
Mike Posey's Entire Team 
Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills : News Photo 
Definitely a team effort this week as Mike puts up the 3rd lowest score in league history. It was bad...really bad. Todd Gurley literally almost beat this entire team by himself (he only had .06 less than Mike's entire team)

Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Play
DeShone Kizer (Shock The Monkey)
Cleveland Browns v Indianapolis Colts : News Photo 
What a gutsy move by Marc. I know Russell Wilson has come slow out the gate, but still to bench him for a rookie Cleveland QB was borderline crazy and although Russell Wilson ended up having a great game and outscored Kizer by 12 (putting up nearly 38 points) Kizer was definitely no slouch. What could have been a single digit floor game and cost Marc a win, actually helped Marc win. Kizer but up nearly 26 points himself as Marc easily beat Leland to go to 2-1. Sometimes a little risk is what you need to get your team back on track. Well played.

Jay Cutler Bad Decision Award
All My Terrible Lineup Decisions
Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals : News Photo 
It's not a coincidence that both negative awards belong to the two teams that are a combined 0-6 to start the season. I didn't help my situation by any means this week, making the wrong move time after time when it came to lineup decisions. My first move was to bench Jordan Howard. Though it was a legit move in my eyes (hurt, coming off a under 1 point game and the Bears sucking so much that game script renders Howard useless) he blew up for 29 points on my bench. Mistake #2..chickening out and playing Coby Fleener over Vernon Davis/Jordan Reed. It's the whole entire reason I picked up Vernon Davis. As insurance in case Reed can't go. Instead, I got cold feet and went with Coby Fleener (3 TD's in his last two games and with Snead still out suspended I figured he'd still be involved in the passing game...WRONG). Vernon Davis scores and puts up nearly 15 points, while Fleener puts up 2. Even after all that, I was STILL in a position to win. Which Cardinals receiver was I gonna use..the safe but boring Jaron Brown or the fast big play J.J. Nelson. Naturally I went Nelson and he got me a big 0, while Jaron Brown scored on the first drive of the game. Again..if I make the right decision on any one of those plays..I win. Just proves that sometimes it's not all luck and sometimes you gotta face the facts..I'm just not good at managing my team. The 0-3 record is fully deserved.


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Week 4 Matchups and Predictions

We got 2 teams trying to stay undefeated and 2 teams trying to get their first win..and everyone else in between. Here's this week's matchups and predictions

Easy Beasley (2-1)        vs
Catch My Javelin! (0-3)

All Time Record: Kenny leads series 6-5

Key Players

Easy Beasley: Marcus Mariota (Texans) Antonio Brown (Ravens) Jarvis Landry (Saints) Jay Ajayi (Saints) Christian McCaffrey (Patriots) Travis Kelce (Redskins)

Catch My Javelin!: Alshon Jeffrey (Chargers) Doug Baldwin* (Colts) Odell Beckham Jr. (Bucs) Kareem Hunt (Redskins) Jordan Howard (Packers) Jordan Reed* (Chiefs)

Wild Cards

Easy Beasley: None really

Catch My Javelin: Difficult matchup for Alshon Jeffrey. Doug Baldwin's health. Jordan Reed's health. Jordan Howard's Health. Thursday Night Plays.

Yahoo Says: I win
I Say: Kenny wins. The narrative for this matchup is so obvious and predictable it's eye rolling to be honest. Kenny's coming off a 61 point week and this is the obvious rebound week with all his players having prime matchups. If you really think Jay Ajayi is going to have 3.5 points against the SAINTS..yeah fucking right. Combine that with a slew of injuries on my side, two Thursday Night Plays (which has historically fucked me in the past) a dart throw at QB (DeShaun Watson) and the possibility the Alshon Jeffrey gets shut down again by an elite CB and I just don't see how I win this week in a MUST WIN SITUATION. 0-4. Sucks for me I guess.

Channel 4 News Team (2-1)

All Time Record: Albert Leads Series 8-3

Key Players

BABY CARROTS: Emmanuel Sanders (Raiders) Devante Parker (Saints) Todd Gurley (Cowboys) Dalvin Cook (Lions) Chris Carson (Colts)

Channel 4 News Team: Derek Carr (Broncos) Amari Cooper (Broncos) Golden Tate (Vikings) Stefon Diggs (Lions) Carlos Hyde (Cardinals) LeSean McCoy (Falcons) Ty Montgomery (Bears)

Wild Cards

BABY CARROTS: Cam at QB? Is Chris Carson the Real Deal?

Channel 4 News Team: Tough Matchups for Carr/Cooper/Hyde.

Yahoo Says: Albert wins
I Say: Drew wins. At first glance I was going to give this to Albert, because there's no way I can see this team starting 1-3...but damn the more I look at Drew's team I think he can pull of the W and stay undefeated. Here's the big wild card. Chris Carson. If he's legit, then Drew has a scary 3 man trio at Running Back. Drew's only weakness is at QB, but if his other guys can mask that weakness, he might be able to pull of the win. This should definitely be a close one.

Hoosier Daddy (3-0) vs
BigBadBob (1-2)

All Time Record: Dad Leads Series 4-3

Key Players

Hoosier Daddy: Kirk Cousins (Chiefs) Michael Crabtree (Broncos) Ezekiel Elliott (Rams) Leonard Fournette (Jets) DeSean Jackson (Giants)

BigBadBob: Aaron Rodgers (Bears) DeAndre Hopkins (Titans) Devante Adams (Bears) Devonta Freeman (Bills)

Wild Cards

Hoosier Daddy: Willie Snead's return. Tight End Play.

BigBadBob: Is Crowell any good?  Tight End Play.

Yahoo Says: Dad wins
I Say: Ryan wins. Dad is a .06 favorite so it's really close, but I'm go with Ryan staying undefeated. I just think Ryan has the slightly better team and his team as a whole will get the job done.

SCLSU MudDogs (1-2) vs
No Soup For You (1-2)

All Time Record: Series is tied 2-2

Key Players

SCLSU MudDogs: Drew Brees (Dolphins) Larry Fitzgerald (49ers) Sammy Watkins* (Cowboys) Le'Veon Bell (Ravens) Marshawn Lynch (Broncos)

No Soup For You: Matt Ryan (Bills) A.J. Green (Browns) Keenan Allen (Eagles) Michael Thomas (Dolphins) Lamar Miller (Titans)

Wild Cards

SCLSU MudDogs: Sammy Watkins health. Can all the receivers produce at a high level again?

No Soup For You: Running Back Production

Yahoo Says: Leland wins
I Say: Leland wins. This is another super close matchup with Leland having the receivers advantage, but Alex having the running back advantage and both having strong QB's. I'll take Leland's time by a hair though. Super important matchup as one of these teams in guaranteed to fall to 1-3.

Rocket Man (2-1) vs
Shock The Monkey (2-1)

All Time Record: Series is tied 2-2

Key Players

Rocket Man: Matthew Stafford (Vikings) Julio Jones (Bills) Kelvin Benjamin*(Patriots) Melvin Gordon (Eagles) C.J. Anderson (Raiders) Rob Gronkowski (Panthers)

Shock The Monkey: Russell Wilson (Colts) Brandin Cooks (Panthers) Tyreek Hill (Redskins) DeMarco Murray (Texans)

Wild Cards

Rocket Man: Will Kelvin Benjamin play?

Shock The Monkey: Playing Two Bills at the same time. DeMarco Murray fully back?

Yahoo Says: Eugene Wins.
I Say: Eugene wins. A lot of close matchups with most teams evenly matched this week. I dunno, I feel like Marc has more bustable players than Eugene does (Gilislee is TD or bust, Jordan Mathews and Charles Clay play in such a low scoring offense, will Cooks have another monster game or disappear etc) so I'll give the edge to Eugene this week.

Light's Broken Bots (2-1) vs
Woe Is You (0-3) 

All Time Record: Matt leads series 4-3

Key Players

Light's Broken Bots: Tom Brady (Panthers) Dez Bryant (Rams) Jordy Nelson (Bears) Demaryius Thomas (Raiders) Martavis Bryant (Ravens)

Woe Is You: Jameis Winston (Giants) Mike Evans (Giants)

Wild Cards

Light's Broken Bots: RB and Tight End Play

Woe Is You: Basically his entire team outside of Winston/Evans

Yahoo Says: Matt wins
I Say: Matt wins. Matt's in such a perfect spot to pad that record as he gets to play Mike's mess of a team. I don't know what to expect from Mike's team this week, maybe they go off and shock the world, but with Tom Brady playing how he's been playing and those receivers, I don't think this will be close at all.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Week 3 Results

Well Week 3 as come and gone and it's time to see who's still standing tall undefeated and who's season is on the brink of being over (I'll give you one guess who that is). Here's what happened in Week 3.

Light's Broken Bots (2-1)                 115.72
Catch My Javelin! (0-3)                   106.10

So this is as predictable as can be. I've said how much I don't like Matt's team from the get go so karma was just begging for me to lose to his team and that I did. Yep..0-3 now. Part of is my fault (horrible lineup decisions) part of it is just my shit luck (Duke Johnson's 19 points, Brady's BS TD Pass to end the Houston-Pats game, Jordy Nelson scoring a TD a mere seconds after I got a BS TD from Kareem Hunt). I traded for Odell Beckham and Kareem Hunt and STILL LOST. Here's another fun fact I found hilarious. When my opponents have a receiver against the Cowboys, they score 21 points (Emmanuel Sanders last week). Me? My guys average .6 points. That's not a typo. 1.2 from Brandon Marshall Week 1 and 0 for J.J. Nelson this week. The Cowboys shitty secondary only stops receivers that are on my team. Fucking hilarious. It's shit like that, that makes so hard to keep playing this game. I will blame myself though, because I'm so fucking scared to make a lineup decision that I go against my gut and play the wrong guys. I could've won this week in so many ways. Jordan Howard (scored .7 last week, 29 this week, bet you anything in the world he regresses to sucking next week when I put him back in my lineup)..I got scared and switched out Vernon Davis for Coby Fleener (3 TD's in his last 2 games...21 yards when I play him). Even after all that, I'm down 1.5 points and can either play J.J. Nelson (7 TD's in his last 8 games) or Jaron Brown, both with prime matchups against a shitty Cowboys defense. I play Nelson, and on the first drive..boom Jaron Brown TD. You seriously can't make this stuff up. If I play Brown..I win by .08. But I don't and I lose again despite great games from Doug Baldwin (who's now hurt) Kareem Hunt and Odell Beckham. For Matt, Brady went even more Brady than he did last week. He put up 40 fucking points and yeah if this is the Brady we're going to see the rest of the season, maybe Matt can afford to have garbage RB's the rest of the way. Jordy put up two TD's (both easy, because again, heaven forbid the Bengals zero in on the Packers best receiver..nope they leave him wide open). Dez put up a BS non TD that was called and confirmed a TD (wouldn't have mattered anyways). The even greater news for Matt? He gets Mike's dumpster fire team next. Me? I get Kenny (Ajayi/Landry against the Saints, hahahaha, that's going to end well). I have two Thursday plays and you KNOW how those go for me. I'm trying guys..I'm really trying to stay positive..but it's hard as hell. Here's what I'm trying to tell myself. Last year, after 6 games, Alex was 2-4. He won it all. Two years ago, Leland and Marc were both 0-3...they both made the championship. So maybe not all is lost, but I gotta get a win..I gotta get that first win. 0-3...yeah maybe..0-4...yeah right it's over and once again I ponder to myself why I play this game and is it worth all the frustration and aggravation that comes with it.

Game MVP
Tom Brady (Light's Broken Bots)
378 Passing Yards, 5 Passing TD's, 1 Fumble Lost, 40.72 Points
Houston Texans v New England Patriots : News Photo 

Rocket Man (2-1)              89.76
BigBadBob (1-2)               88.82

Man, what goes around comes around. A week after winning by .6, Dad gets a nut punch loss of his own losing by .9. Dad needed Aaron Rodgers and Devante Adams to connect in overtime, but Rodgers connected with Geronimo Allison instead who came so close to scoring but didn't and the Packers went for a field goal to win the game in OT. Brutal. It really wasn't one of Eugene's best performances, he lost Kelvin Benjamin to an early injury, and really outside of Gronk no one was really outstanding. Sure Kenny Britt and Melvin Gordon scored but their yardage wasn't great and Julio had yardage but no score again. For Dad, it was basically just Devonta Freeman and Aaron Rodgers who showed up. I never once got the love for Isaiah Crowell from everyone and this is why. He's ISAIAH FUCKING know the guy you would pick up on and off from waivers the past few years? It's not Dad's fault really, everyone had him inexplicably ranked high. Eugene will take on Marc next week, while Dad has to take on Ryan's undefeated team next.

Game MVP
Rob Gronkowski (Rocket Man)
8 Receptions, 89 Receiving Yards, 1 Receiving TD, 18.90 Points
Houston Texans v New England Patriots : News Photo 

Hoosier Daddy (3-0)                   115.80
Channel 4 News Team (1-2)       100.02

 I don't know how he does it, but here's Ryan starting just as hot as he started last year. Kirk Cousins and T.Y. Hilton who have struggled this early season finally woke up (Cousins put up nearly 30 points, while Hilton put up nearly 25 points) while Ryan's running backs got the job done with Zeke and Fournette both scoring TD's and putting up 16.9 and 15.5 points respectively. Even DeSean Jackson got into the fun with 84 yards and a score. It didn't even matter that Michael Crabtree did nothing and left the game with a minor injury. For Albert, it just has to be frustrating. His team is really good, he leads the league in scoring, yet here he is with some bad breaks and 1-2. He had a great start Thursday from Carlos Hyde, and an UNBELIVABLE game from Stefon Diggs (8 for 173 and 2 scores) and still lost by double digits. Golden Tate even added a TD (had another taken away by a bogus review reversal). Here's what's hurting him early. LeSean McCoy and Amari Cooper have both underperformed pretty badly. McCoy barely put up 10 points while Amari Cooper was held to 1.10 points. He needs those guys to play to their abilities if he's going to climb out of this hole. Also I know Jason Witten started out hot, but he's really not a guy I'd be wanting to trust week to week. He didn't even have a point this week. Ty Montgomery was also held in check and Derek Carr was just BRUTAL with just 7 points. I have no doubt Albert's going to be fine at the end of the day, but losing these games does still suck. He'll have a chance to redeem himself when he faces Drew's undefeated team, while Ryan puts his undefeated streak on the line against Dad.

Game MVP
Kirk Cousins (Hoosier Daddy)
365 Passing Yards, 3 Passing TD's, 29.80 Points
Oakland Raiders vĂ‚ Washington Redskin : News Photo 

Shock The Monkey (2-1)            108.38
No Soup For You (1-2)                 85.76

The David Johnson effect is real. That's two straight games Leland has dropped since losing David Johnson to injury and his loss cannot be understated. Leland didn't even put up 90 points this week and though A.J. Green and Michael Thomas bounced back and ended up with 22.10 points and 18.2 points respectively, the rest of Leland's team just isn't getting the job done. His running backs are killing him as Lamar Miller continues to be crappy. The only silver lining is Joe Mixon seems to be getting more run and maybe the more touches Mixon gets, it can save Leland's season. For Marc...what a BALLSY play to use Deshone Kizer over Russell Wilson. It was actually the WRONG move believe it or not as Russell Wilson exploded for nearly 38 poitns, but Kizer did surprisingly well with 25.58 points. That play could've cost Marc a win had Kizer busted but he didn't thankfully. Also..there's the Brandin Cooks that Marc's been waiting to see. Now can Cooks be consistent or was this just a one off game? That remains to be seen. Tyreek Hill came back with a nice game himself with 17.5 points and Rishard Matthews had 17.70 points. So Derrick Henry was all hyped up as the next big thing but DeMarco Murray proved he's not done yet with 18.5 points to Henry's 6.9. It's going to be a chore figuring how which one to play. Luckily, like the Wilson benching, it didn't matter much this week. Marc will look to keep momentum when it takes on Eugene next week, while Leland looks to get back on track against Alex.

Game MVP
Brandin Cooks (Shock The Monkey)
5 Receptions, 131 Receiving Yards, 2 Receiving TD's, 29.6 Points
Houston Texans v New England Patriots : News Photo 

SCLSU MudDogs (1-2)                136.90
Easy Beasley (2-1)                           61.68

Alex is BACK yall. His team made a statement this week after a terrible 0-2 start. Easily put up the most points of the week with nearly 137. Everyone came together this week. It started with Watkins on Thursday and he just never let up. Larry Fitzgerald put up a vintage performance (against the Cowboys lol) with 13 Catches for 149 Yards and a score. Chris Hogan scored twice, Le'Veon Bell scored, Zach Ertz scored, everyone had double digits except for Marshawn Lynch and Marvin Jones Jr. It's got to be a refreshing thing to see from his guys, though I still don't expect THAT kind of production from his wide receivers on a week to week basis. For Kenny, just a bad week where no one showed up (except for of course Antonio Brown who had 22 points). Outside of Brown only Christian McCaffrey was good with 16 points. The rest was ugly..Travis Kelce? Not even a point. Philip Rivers? Not even 5 POINTS. Ajayi? 3.5 points. This is what sucks for me as I have no doubt Kenny's team comes back with authority and takes it out on my team. Alex has an important matchup against Leland next week where loser goes to 1-3. 

Game MVP
Larry Fitzgerald (SCLSU MudDogs)
13 Receptions, 149 Receiving Yards, 1 Receiving TD's, 27.4 Points
Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals : News Photo 

BABY CARROTS (3-0)           114.08
Woe is You (0-3)                          35.46

Good god was this ugly. Mike's team puts up the 3rd lowest score in league history as Todd Gurley almost beat Mike's entire team by himself. The only thing I'll say is I don't get what Mike was doing this week, trading for Jameis Winston and still playing Trevor Siemien and also playing Cooper Kupp over Pierre Garcon. He still would've lost, but at least it would've looked a little better. Terrelle Pryor has been a bust a keeper even as a 14th round keep. Busting on guys like Bilal Powell and Robert Kelley didn't really help, neither did waiting way too long for a QB. I dunno, outside of Mike Evans, Jameis (if he starts playing him) and a guy like Evan Engram (who could end up being an intriguing keeper pick) there's just not really any guys who blow you away. It's going to be a rough season the rest of the way for Mike. For looks like his time is now as he just keeps on rolling. He's done this with an absolutely shitty Cam Newton. That's basically his only weakness, QB. He hit a home run with his Gurley/Cook Combo and his receivers have all been solid. After a bunch of years of average finishes since coming back, this could be the year Drew makes the huge step into a title contender. He'll have his toughest matchup to date against Albert next week, while Mike takes on Matt.

Game MVP
Todd Gurley (BABY CARROTS)
113 Rushing Yards, 2 Rushing TD's, 36 Receiving Yards, 1 Receiving TD, 35.4 Points (only .06 less than Mike's entire team)
Los Angeles Rams v San Francisco 49ers : News Photo

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Thursday Night Overview/Week 2 Awards

Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ers : News Photo 
Wow...WHAT...A....GAME. Who would've thought a game that was thought to be a total 16-13 snoozefest, would end up being the most crazy, entertaining game that we've seen in this young football season. Heck, I'd probably go as far as saying, it's the best Thursday Night Game we've ever seen since the NFL decided to do the Thursday Night Game once a week. These two teams put up MASSIVE points and it was the big guns doing the job. Drew's no longer a darkhorse team..he's getting close to being one of the best teams in the league. Todd Gurley was a huge 1st round gamble considering how awful he was last season, but Drew took the plunge and he's paid off BIG TIME. Gurley scored 3 TD's in the FIRST HALF ALONE. It's hard to complain, but he probably should've had 2 more TD's but he got stuffed at the 1 yard line on multiple occasions on two different drives. Regardless, Gurley has been a beast to start to season, already scoring 6 TD's. A bonus has been his involvement in the passing game. It's been a hell of a start for Gurley, but for more importantly Drew, who with those 35.4 points that Gurley scored Thursday and Mike's inexplicable decision to play Cooper Kupp (2.7 fantasy points) over Pierre Garcon (17.70 fantasy points), Drew's well on his way to a 3-0 start to the season. I know I've criticized Alex's Wide Receiving group and it's not because I think they're not talented, it's because I think one's too old (Fitzgerald) and the other are ultimate boom or bust (Watkins, Hogan). Well Watkins was a MAJOR boom Thursday, getting as many targets as he had received in the first two games combined and scoring 2 TD's to go with his 106 receiving yards. I was actually pretty confident that Kenny was going to win this matchup, but with that kind of start from Alex, it actually puts him in the driver's seat and threatens Kenny's undefeated record. Last but not least, on the 49er side, Carlos Hyde was the only player used in our league by Albert..but he delivered big time. He had an injury scare in the 2nd quarter, but quickly came back and had a great game with 84 rushing yards and 2 scores. Hyde's problem has always been health, and he did give that quick scare to Albert, but as long as he's healthy, he's going to be an excellent fantasy player and this performance put's Albert in good shape as he tries to dethrone another undefeated team in Ryan. Phew...didn't think I'd have that long of a write up for this game! On to the Week 2 Awards!

Wane McGarity Stud Of The Week
Tom Brady (Light's Broken Bots)
New England Patriots vs New Orleans Saints : News Photo 
You just KNEW he was going to make up for that dreadful Week 1 performance. And that he did. Nearly 450 passing yards, and 3 TD's for nearly 34 points, it gave Matt a much needed win after an awful start to the season.

Michael Wiley Dud Of The Week
Jordan Howard (Catch My Javelin!)
Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears : News Photo 
So far all my fears about Jordan Howard have come true. I felt he was overrated to begin with and was do a regression from last year. He's even WORSE than I thought. The guy can't catch passes WORTH A SHIT and that's a huge problem when the Bears are more than likely going to playing from behind in most games. Nagging injuries or not, Howard didn't even score 1 point, he scored .70 and when you lose by less than 5 points even a terrible Howard game would've gotten me a win. This was beyond terrible and now, officially, my first pick of this year's draft is on the bench until he proves he's worth starting. Great job, me. 

Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Award
Jermaine Kearse (Big Bad Bob)
New York Jets v Oakland Raiders : News Photo 
The ultimate case of the best receiver on a really bad team. Jermaine Kearse isn't anything special by NFL Standards, but someone's gotta catch the ball in New York and for the first two weeks of the season it's been Kearse. Dad took a gamble and hoped that Kearse would be a reliable as he was Week 1 and it actually paid off! Kearse scored 2 TD's and ended up with 20.4 points. Dad doesn't win without Kearse's performance as he eeked at a .6 win against Albert's heavily favored team. Very gutsy move by Dad that paid off.

Jay Cutler Bad Decision Award
Jameis over Big Ben (Catch My Javelin!)
Minnesota Vikings v Pittsburgh Steelers : News Photo 
This is what happens when you have two quarterbacks that are just too interchangeable. You never know who to start. To be fair, Jameis wasn't even bad at all, he was great, he just didn't need to do much because they had the Bears down 26-0 at half time (including in that score was a defensive TD and a drive where Jameis led the Bucs all the way down the field only for Jacquizz Rodgers to score at the 1). Unfortunately, Big Ben was better enough that had I played him, I would've won my matchup. I got rid of that headache by trading Jameis away in a huge trade, so that's the only silver lining out of the ordeal, now I just gotta trust Big Ben the rest of the way.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Week 3 Matchups and Predictions

Here we go, into week 3 and right now we got 3 undefeated teams, 3 winless teams and everyone else in between. It's a crucial week for us winless teams as falling to 0-3 gets us one step closer to extinction. Here are this week's matchups and predictions.

Light's Broken Bots (1-1) vs
Catch My Javelin (0-2)

All Time Record: I lead series 8-6

Key Players

Light's Broken Bots: Tom Brady (Texans) Dez Bryant (Cardinals) Jordy Nelson* (Bengals) Demaryius Thomas (Bills) Martavis Bryant (Bears)

Catch My Javelin!: Ben Roethlisberger (Bears) Alshon Jeffrey (Giants) Mike Evans (Vikings) Doug Baldwin (Titans) Jordan Reed* (Raiders)

Wild Cards

Light's Broken Bots: RB Play. Tough Matchup for Dez. Health of Demaryius Thomas and Jordy Nelson

Catch My Javelin: Tough Matchup for Mike Evans. RB Play. Jordan Reed's health

Yahoo Says: Matt wins
I Say: Matt wins. I really wish I had that 2-0 buffer, because it's not going to get any easier the next couple of weeks. So I play Matt, which I think could be winnable except for the fact that two of my better receivers have terrible matchups, my tight end has a great matchup buy might not play, and I have no confidence in my running backs. This season has turned into a disaster really quick and even a desperation trade for Doug Baldwin won't help me this week against Matt. 0-3 (going to be 0-4 because I play Kenny NEXT WEEK) here I come.

BigBadBob (1-1) vs
Rocket Man (1-1)

All Time Record: Dad leads series 3-2

Key Players

BigBadBob: Aaron Rodgers (Bengals) DeAndre Hopkins (Patriots) Devante Adams (Bengals) Isaish  Crowell (Colts) Devonta Freeman (Lions)

Rocket Man: Matthew Stafford (Falcons) Julio Jones (Lions) Kelvin Benjamin (Saints) Melvin Gordon (Chiefs) C.J. Anderson (Bills) Rob Gronkowski (Texans)

Wild Cards

BigBadBob: Can Isaish Crowell FINALLY break out? Tight End Play.

Rocket Man: Gronk's Health. Flex Play.

Yahoo Says: Eugene wins
I Say: Eugene wins. I mean I picked against Dad when he was the big underdog against Albert and he pulled off the upset, who's to say he doesn't do it again against Eugene? I like Dad's team a lot, and I really think if his guys play up to their talents, it's going to be a close matchup, I just like Eugene's team a little bit more and think he pulls off the victory.

Hoosier Daddy (2-0) vs
Channel 4 News Team (1-1)

All Time Record: Albert leads series 9-7

Key Players

Hoosier Daddy: Kirk Cousins (Raiders) Michael Crabtree (Redskins) Ezekiel Elliott (Cardinals) Leonard Fournette (Ravens) DeSean Jackson (Vikings)

Channel 4 News Team: Derek Carr (Redskins) Amari Cooper (Redskins) Golden Tate (Falcons) Stefon Diggs (Bucs) Carlos Hyde (Rams) LeSean McCoy (Broncos) Ty Montgomery (Bengals)

Wild Cards

Hoosier Daddy: Kirk Cousins' struggles. T.Y. Hilton without Luck. Tough Matchup for Zeke.

Channel 4 News Team: Amari Cooper bounce back. Will Bradford play (Diggs)? Tough Matchup McCoy. Is Witten still an elite tight end?

Yahoo Says: Albert wins.
I Say: Albert wins. These two have played each other a whopping 16 times, which of course makes sense since they've both been around since Year 1. I think Ryan's team is good, but not undefeated good (he should've fucking lost to ME for starters) and I think his luck finally catches up to him as Albert to me still has the far superior team. Last year, Ryan won 7 straight games before losing, this year, I think the streak ends at 2.

No Soup For You (1-1) vs
Shock The Monkey (1-1)

All Time Record: Leland leads series 5-2

Key Players

No Soup For You: Matt Ryan (Lions) A.J. Green (Packers) Keenan Allen (Chiefs) Michael Thomas (Panthers) Lamar Miller (Patriots)

Shock The Monkey: Brandin Cooks (Texans) Tyreek Hill (Chargers) Delanie Walker (Seahawks)

Wild Cards

No Soup For You: A.J. Green-Dalton Connection. Lamar Miller's play.

Shock The Monkey: DeMarco Murray's Health. DeShone Kizer at QB.

Yahoo Says: Leland wins
I Say: Leland wins. I think Leland bounces back from his Week 2 loss and beats what looks like on paper, a very shaky team now with an injury to DeMarco Murray and disappointing play from Russell Wilson. Marc traded away Doug Baldwin to ensure having the Titans Backfield should Murray miss the game or just get the job taken away from him. I already regret making that trade, but it's a long term move and I couldn't afford to wait after my 0-2 start. Eventually Henry will be the starter, but the only way that happens this week is if Murray can't go. I think A.J. Green bounces back and Leland takes this week to go to 2-1.

Easy Beasley (2-0) vs
SCLSU MudDogs (0-2)

All Time Record: Kenny leads series 2-1

Key Players

Easy Beasley: Philip Rivers (Chiefs) Antonio Brown (Bears) Jarvis Landry (Jets) Jay Ajayi (Jets) Christian McCaffrey (Sains) Travis Kelce (Chargers)

SCLSU MudDogs: Drew Brees (Panthers) Larry Fitzgerald (Cowboys) Le'veon Bell (Bears) Marshawn Lynch (Redskins) Zach Ertz (Giants)

Wild Cards

Easy Beasley: Can Christian McCaffrey FINALLY go off against the Saints? Buck Allen play

SCLSU Mud Dogs: Can Le'Veon Bell live up to Elite Status? WR Play.

Yahoo Says: Kenny wins
I Say: Kenny wins. Either Alex gets his first win, or Kenny keeps the undefeated streak alive. I gotta with Kenny's team, who has played pretty damn good to start the season, the opposite of how Alex's guys have performed. I think Alex has a solid squad but I got to see them play better as a whole before I can have the confidence to pick him to win. Edge to Kenny here.

Woe Is You (0-2)

All Time Record: Drew leads series 3-2

Key Players

BABY CARROTS: Cam Newton (Saints) Emmanuel Sanders (Bills) DeVante Parker (Jets) Todd Gurley (49ers) Dalvin Cook (Bucs)

Woe Is You: Terrelle Pryor Sr. (Raiders) Odell Beckham Jr. (Eagles) Kareem Hunt (Chargers)

Wild Cards

BABY CARROTS: Cam's struggles. Tight End and Flex Play

Woe Is You: Beckham's health. Basically everyone outside of Kareem Hunt.

Yahoo Says: Drew wins.
I Say: Drew wins. Yes, that means I think all the winless teams stay winless. Mike's situation looks dire as he's going with a bunch of risky dart throw plays at basically every position. Maybe they work out, but I think Drew's got a more stable group of guys and his surprise undefeated start will continue for another week.