Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Week 4 Matchups and Predictions

Well, the biggest matchup of this young season not only pits a father and a son, but also a pair of undefeated streaks on the line. Me vs my dad is about much more than just family bragging rights. The winner takes sole position of 1st place for at least one week. Should be a highly competitive matchup and i pity my poor mom who has to sit through a week of our back and forth. Onto the matchups!

BigBadBob (3-0) vs
Kumamon Express (3-0)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Dad leads series 3-2
Last Matchup: Dad beat me 74.5-32 in Week 3 of the 2014 Season

Key Players

BigBadBob: Cam Newton (Bucs) Randall Cobb (49ers) Larry Fitzgerald (Rams) Vincent Jackson (Panthers) Travis Kelce (Bengals) Marshawn Lynch* (Lions)

Kumamon Express: Jordan Matthews (Redskins) DeAndre Hopkins (Falcons) Jeremy Maclin (Bengals) Matt Forte (Raiders) Greg Olsen (Bucs)

Wild Cards

BigBadBob: Marshawn Lynch's health. Ellington back this week? Gio still outperforming Jeremy Hill?

Kumamon Express: Having to use C.J. Anderson...AGAIN.  Shaky matchup for Eli.

Yahoo Says: I win 106-101
I Say: Dad wins. The last time I played Dad was that season crushing 32 pt performance in Week 3. I just don't have a good confident feeling about this. I can see a low scoring week happening for me. I hope I'm damn wrong.

Dr. Light's Robots (1-2) vs
No Soup For You (0-3)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Matt leads series 5-0
Last Matchup: Matt beat Leland 118-54.5 in Week 7 of the 2014 Season

Key Players

Dr. Light's Robots: Odell Beckham (Bills) Donte Moncrief (Jaguars) Jamaal Charles (Bengals) Jordan Reed (Eagles)

No Soup For You: Matt Ryan (Texans) Calvin Johnson (Seahawks) Keenan Allen (Browns)

Wild Cards

Dr. Light's Robots: Tyrod Taylor starting. Shuffling lineup with Sproles over Alf. Edleman bye

No Soup For You: Difficult Calvin Matchup. Which Keenan Allen is going to show up? Rest of the roster giant question mark.

Yahoo says: Matt wins 98-84
I Say: Matt wins. Matt's never lost to Leland and I don't think he'll have a problem this week either, even without Big Ben and Edelman. It's the perfect opportunity for Matt to bounce back from last week's loss. It's interesting to see Darren Sproles in the lineup as Matt has clearly lost faith in Alfred Morris. Nevertheless, I can't pick Leland in this matchup, when I just don't know what to expect from his team at all.

Rocket Man (2-1) vs
Winter Is Over (2-1)

Matchup Stats

All Time Record: Eugene leads series 2-1
Last Matchup: Eugene beat Alex 162-112 in the Quarterfinal of the 2014 Wane McGarity Bowl

Key Players

Rocket Man: Aaron Rodgers (49ers) Julio Jones (Texans) James Jones (49ers) Mark Ingram (Cowboys)

Winter Is Over: Drew Brees* (Cowboys) Brandon Marshall (Dolphins) Steve Smith (Steelers) Eddie Lacy (49ers) Jimmy Graham (Lions)

Wild Cards

Rocket Man: James Jones role with Devante Adams out. Chris Johnson timeshare. Baldwin/Crabtree plays

Winter Is Over: Drew Brees health. Eddie Lacy Health. Rest of Saints (Spiller/Colston) Step up.

Yahoo Says: Eugene wins 102-96
I Say: Alex wins. I'm going to go a bit of an upset here (which is crazy calling beating Eugene an upset) and predict this might be a let down game for Eugene. Of course this is totally dependent on Drew Brees and Eddie Lacy being good to go. I probably just jinxed Alex and Eugene will now score 150 points, but just a hunch on my side.

Woe Is Me (2-1)  vs
Channel 4 News Team (0-3)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Series is tied 4-4
Last Matchup: Albert beat Kenny 100.5-63 in Week 9 of the 2014 Season

Key Players

Woe Is Me: Russell Wilson (Lions) T.Y. Hilton (Jaguars) Latavius Murray (Bears) Arian Foster* (Falcons)

Channel 4 News Team: Carson Palmer (Rams) A.J. Green (Chiefs)

Wild Cards

Woe Is Me: WR Injury Replacements (Torrey Smith/Reuben Randle). Is Foster Playing? Status of Chris Ivory and Jordan Cameron.

Channel 4 News Team: Who the hell replaces Gronk. Sammy Watkins possibly might not play. Thin RB's.

Yahoo Says: Kenny wins 98-84
I Say: Kenny wins. The schedule works perfectly for Kenny this week, despite his team being injury plagued he plays a team that's in even worse shape. He plays Albert with no Gronk. Albert is 0-3 with him...just imagine what happens without him. So even with a less than ideal lineup, Kenny should take this easily.

Bigger Balls (2-1) vs
Hoosier Daddy (1-2)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Ryan Leads Series 3-1
Last Matchup: Mayra beat Ryan 121-65.5 in Week 4 Of The 2014 Season

Key Players

Bigger Balls: Antonio Brown (Ravens) Le'Veon Bell (Ravens) Jarvis Landry (Jets) Carlos Hyde (Packers) Karlos Williams (Giants)

Hoosier Daddy: Andrew Luck (Jaguars) Golden Tate (Seahawks) Mike Evans (Panthers) Frank Gore (Jaguars) Justin Forsett (Steelers)

Wild Cards

Bigger Balls: Dalton over Tannehill. How will Big Ben's injury affect Antonio Brown. Karlos Williams role if McCoy sits.

Hoosier Daddy: Bounce Back opportunity for Luck. Forsett finally getting on track.

Yahoo Says: Mayra wins 102-99.
I Say: Mayra wins. This is closer than I thought, but I like Mayra's chances here, especially if Karlos Williams gets all the workload if McCoy doesn't play. Interesting move to sit Tannehill over Dalton, as Mayra is shaking things up. Luck's matchup couldn't be any better, the Jags just gave up 50 to the Patriots. If he can't have a monster game here..than yes..something is wrong. Despite that, I'll still give the edge to Mayra, though this might be way closer than expected.

Sons Of The Harpy (2-1) vs
Shock The Monkey (0-3)

Matchup Stats

All Time Record: Series is tied 1-1
Last Matchup: Drew beat Mark 88-62 in Week 7 of the 2014 Season

Key Players

Sons Of The Harpy: Demaryius Thomas (Vikings) Amari Cooper (Bears) Allen Robinson (Colts) Adrian Peterson (Broncos)

Shock The Monkey: Peyton Manning (Vikings) Emmanuel Sanders (Vikings) Alshon Jeffrey (Raiders)

Wild Cards

Sons Of The Harpy: Tom Brady/Kendall Wright on Bye. David Carr spot start. Weak RB #2 play. Eric Ebron/Rishard Matthews plays

Shock The Monkey: Alshon Jeffrey health + Clausen at QB. Jeremy Hill FINALLY get it together? Was Joseph Randle legit? Rest of support starters production.

Yahoo Says: Drew wins 95-94.
I Say: Drew wins. Again, another closer matchup than I expected. If there was a chance for Mark to pull off the upset it'd be this week while Drew has no Brady. There's a good chance though that David Carr will be a more than capable replacement.  Drew still has a lack of RB #2 but it's not like Mark's RB situation is any better. Jeremy Hill sucks and he's already benched Lamar Miller who looks like shit as well. I still think Drew takes this, but there's a chance Mark can get it together and get win #1.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 3 Results: Underdog Dominance


When the season started nobody knew anything but one thing. Good lord was Eugene's team going to SUCK hardcore. I mean, why bother even trying? It was obviously going to have to be a punt year for a team that gambled it all last season only to finish a disappointing 3rd place. The draft is already legendary, 7 picks in rounds 12-14....7! Half of a team. Even with Aaron Rodgers and Julio Jones, there's only SO MUCH they can do. How was this team going to get more than maybe 2 miracle wins at most? We're 3 weeks in and for the 2nd time out of the 3 weeks, Eugene not only scores the most points of the week, but wins his 2nd blowout of the week award as well. This is seriously unbelievable. Just shows the unpredictability of the game we play. How's he doing it? Well Aaron Rodgers and Julio Jones? Yeah, they're the #1 QB and WR respectively. Eugene surrounded them with guys who might not be superstars but can get the job done at any time. Guys like James Jones, Doug Baldwin, John Brown, Mark Ingram, Jason Witten. It's a total team effort, and if not for some lucky decisions by me, Eugene could easily be 3-0. Speaking of 3-0...that's what Dad is. Dad, in the past, is notorious for being a low scoring team who got "lucky" wins. This year? He's 3-0 and the #1 seed because of...POINTS! He's actually scored over 100 all 3 weeks and is doing it with Marshawn Lynch not really contributing much, playing QB Carousel with Stafford and Cam Newton, and an Andre Elllington injury. Every time I doubt Dad, he proves me wrong. Will this last for dear underdogs, or will fate eventually catch up with them? Who honestly knows, but for now the underdogs rule the roost in the Wane McGarity Bowl.

Kumamon Express (3-0)           119.06
Dr. Light's Robots (1-2)             95.68

Don't let the score fool you. Matt was in the midst of an improbable comeback last night as Jeremy Maclin had been shut down with 0 points, while Jamaal Charles was efficiently chipping away at a 28 point deficit. I was watching my win turn into the nightmarish possibility of a gut wrenching loss until Maclin FINALLY caught a pass near the end of the 3rd quarter before scoring a TD on the next play and ending up with a TON of garbage points to the tune of 141 yards, 1 TD and 24 points. Thank heavens for that as Jamaal Charles put up 3 rushing scores and nearly 29 points in a valiant effort. Matt suffered a huge blow Sunday with the loss of Ben Roethlisberger. He left the game in the 3rd and looks like he'll be out a minimum of 4 weeks, possibly 6. Another devastating injury in what seems like a series of them this season. We talked about Matt's start Thursday and it's obvious the not bad but not great start was a sign of things to come. Surprisingly the Pats put up 50 points but no TD's for Julian Edelman.  He had a good but not great game with 85 yards. Same with Donte Moncrief, a TD saved what was a low yardage game. Jonathan Stewart continues to be disappointing as he had a great matchup and finished with only 52 rushing yards. For me, DeAndre Hopkins (101 yards and a score) and Greg Olsen (134 yards and 2 scores) carried the load for my team as I got less than stellar games from Matt Forte, Jordan Matthews, Danny Woodhead, and that usual Dickless cocksucker who will never be referred to by his real name again. A win's a win though, and last year I didn't get win #3 until Week 12, so it's nice to be competitive again. Next week is  HUGE game is it's not only against my Dad, but it's the battle of the last two undefeated teams left. Don't let Matt's 1-2 record fool anyone, he's had a tough schedule. His losses are against me and Mayra and we are a combined 5-1 so it's nothing to be alarmed about (well, besides the Big Ben injury). He'll take on Leland's struggling winless team next week.

Game MVP
Greg Olsen (Kumamon Express)
8 Receptions, 134 Receiving Yards, 2 Receiving TD's, 29.40 Points


Rocket Man (2-1)            149.52
No Soup For You (0-3)     99.70

Eugene's 149.52 is the most points scored this entire young season as he just continues to get the job done. When your top two players combine for 74.32 points (beat Kenny's entire team) all it takes is modest contributions from the rest of your squad to get the job done. Aaron Rodgers was magnificent with over 300 passing yards, 5 TD's and zero picks. Julio held up his end of the bargain as well with 164 yards and 2 TD's. Just amazing. James Jones was once again amazing (139 yards and a score) and if Devante Adams is going to miss multiple weeks, Jones will be even MORE  valuable. Eugene got a diamond in the rough with Dion Lewis. He punched in another TD, as did Mark Ingram. Just an all around flawless performance. For Leland, he was doomed from the get go as DeMarco Murray was a late scratch. Leland also benched his 3rd round pick Brandin Cooks for Allen Hurns (and it worked! Hurns had a deep score and finished with 14 points to Cooks 11). The RB situation is still so ugly for Leland. Murray not living up to that #2 overall status at all and who knows how long it'll take Todd Gurley to make an impact (he did nothing, with only 9 rushing yards and 5 receiving yards). Matt Ryan was great with 285 and 2 TD's but both TD's were to Julio Jones. Great Keenan Allen showed up again with 133 receiving yards and 2 receiving TD's. Calvin continues to just be another WR, i mean 8 catches for 77 is OK, but this is MEGATRON. Where are the long bombs!? Leland just seems to have an unbalanced roster right now and it's led to the 0-3 start. He'll do his best to get win #1 against Matt next week. Eugene will hope to keep the magic going as he takes on Alex in what is a winnable matchup. 

Game MVP
Aaron Rodgers (Rocket Man)
333 Passing Yards, 5 Passing TD's, 16 Rushing Yards, 39.92 Points

BigBadBob (3-0)                       129.80
Channel 4 News Team (0-3)     103.64

Amazingly, Dad put up the 2nd most points in the league and because of that he sits atop the leader of the league with an undefeated 3-0 record. Dad's decision to play Cam Newton over Matthew Stafford this week was a great one. Cam had 315 Passing Yards with 2 Passing TD's and added a rushing TD to boot for a total of 31.90 points while Stafford finished with a mere 11.08. I think it's safe to say Cam's Dad's starter going forward. Randall Cobb has been every bit of awesome as everyone thought he'd be with Jordy Nelson out. He had 91 yards and 3 TD's for 31.80 points. Larry Fitzgerald did it AGAIN, proving last week wasn't a fluke with 134 yards and two TD's for nearly 30 points. Those guys along with Travis Kelce (80 yards and a two pt conversion) scored the bulk of Dad's points. This was basically without Marshawn Lynch who only played a few snaps before leaving the game with an injury. Luckily for Dad, it wouldn't matter. So Albert's season has been so bad that not even 227 yard, 2 TD, 39.70 point performance from A.J. Green could save him from a blowout. He had a great game from Carson Palmer but again, just like Leland with Eugene, Palmer's two TD's went to Dad's guy, Fitzgerald. Travis Benjamin scored again but had minimal yardage and also lost a fumble. Sammy Watkins got hurt as well, as he's been beyond a bust this season. Albert's running back duo of Doug Martin and T.J. Yeldon are so awful they couldn't even combine for 10 points, and though Gronk had 101 yards, in a game where 50 points were scored, Albert has to be disappointed that Gronk didn't find the endzone. There's just not enough firepower on his squad to make up for Gronk's lack of scoring. Albert will see if he can get win #1 against Kenny, who's team may be severely injury depleted (though Albert won't have Gronk). Dad takes on me in the showdown of the season so far. Someone's losing their first game in Week 4.

Game MVP
Randall Cobb (BigBadBob)
7 Receptions, 91 Receiving Yards, 3 Receiving TD's, 31.80 Points

Bigger Balls (2-1)      88.98
Woe Is Me (2-1)         70.30

Finally, Kenny loses a week that he should've lost, though it was an ugly game overall for both squads. Yep...Le'Veon Bell was definitely worth the wait, he had 132 total yards and a TD for nearly 23 points. The other part of Mayra's two headed Steelers Snake, Antonio Brown, had 11 catches for 108 yards. The only thing Mayra has to worry about is how Brown's production is going to be affected by the Big Ben injury. With Mike Vick at QB, there's a chance Brown loses a little bit of stats. Ryan Tannehill was GOD AWFUL for 3 quarters, but garbage time got him nearly 300 yards and 2 TD's (did throw 3 Picks though) and Jarvis Landry contributed 67 yards, 8 receptions, and a two point conversion. Carlos Hyde has looked human after that great Week 1 start as he was held under 10 points while Tyler Eifert surprisingly got blanked. Kenny's roster is a jumbled mess and this week he got 2 zeroes from his 49ers combo of Torrey Smith and Vernon Davis. He got another zero from Devante Adams who reinjured his ankle at the beginning of last night's game. Just a death knell as there's no way to survive 3 0's. Russell Wilson was just okish with less than 250 yards and a score along with 28 rushing yards. I knew Kenny would hate that guy at QB, but he drafted him anyway. LeSean McCoy caught a quick TD, but only finished 26 total yards and now there's talk that HE'S going to miss next week as well. T.Y. Hilton had 94 yards but only 4 catches. The lone bright spot was Latavius Murray who had 139 rushing yards and a score. Ameer Abdullah also chipped in a TD, but much to Kenny's frustration they still use Joique Bell and Theo Riddick wayyyy to much. In all honesty Kenny should be 0-3, so he shouldn't be that mad he lost this week. Unfortunately, those injuries are piling up big time and he really needs Arian Foster as soon as possible to come back. He'll take on Albert next week in what might be a trap game, while Mayra takes on Ryan's team.

Game MVP
Le'Veon Bell (Bigger Balls)
62 Rushing Yards, 1 Rushing TD, 7 Receptions, 70 receiving yards, 22.70 Points

Hoosier Daddy (1-2)            93.40
Shock The Monkey (0-3)     89.26

This was insane because it literally came down to end as Mark had Peyton Manning and was down less than a point and the Broncos were driving. Peyton hits anyone but Owen Daniels and Mark takes the lead and possibly the game. Peyton got his TD pass that Mark needed..but guessed it to OWEN DANIELS. Add an extra Golden Tate catch for good measure and Ryan wins by 4 points and gets win #1. Crazy. For Ryan, Frank Gore FINALLY SHOWED UP with 86 yards and two scores. Andrew Luck has looked very mediocre and though he did put up 2 scores, he barely hit 260 passing yards and threw 2 more INT's (7 on the season). Justin Forsett? Makings of a bust, he's done relatively nothing the first three weeks of the season. Mike Evans FINALLY did something and had 101 receiving yards. For Mark, again zero's and Jeremy Hill just killed him. Jeremy Hill is just as bad as you know who. He couldn't even muster 3 points and he doesn't even have 4 combined points the past two games. Thanks to Brandon Weeden not taking any chances and just throwing short passes, Terrence Williams was held to zero points as well. The only one worth talking about was Joseph Randle who EXPLODED in the first half with 3 TD's and 87 yards but was held in check in the 2nd half. Mark's in big trouble and it doesn't  get any easier as he takes on Drew next week (even with Tom Brady out). It's basically a must win already for Mark. Ryan finally gets win #1 but he can't celebrate too much as he plays Mayra next week. 

Game MVP
Frank Gore (Hoosier Daddy)
86 Rushing Yards, 2 Rushing TD's, 1 Reception, 8 Receiving Yards, 21.90 Points

Sons Of The Harpy (2-1)           123.22
Winter Is Over (2-1)                   105.18

With all the talk about Eugene's amazing start, Dad at the #1 spot, Matt and Mayra having great teams and me being undefeated, I feel like Drew's going under the radar right now. In all honestly, he should be 3-0. He picks up another big victory against Alex this week and puts up over 120 points. Guess what, Adrian Peterson? Yeah...he's good again. After that disappointing start week 1, Peterson's had back to back superb games. Peterson had 126 rushing yards and 2 scores to lead the way. Drew's other keeper, Demaryius Thomas? 9 catches for 92 yards and a score (he did fumble though). Tom Brady has been on FIRE, and man am I wishing I went him over Romo now. It could've been a lot scarier, because the Patriots put up 50 points, but Brady still threw for 358 and 2 scores. Amari Cooper had another great game and showed why I wanted him so bad in the draft. He had 8 catches for 134 yards (Did lose a fumble though). Kendall Wright has been an excellent flex play as he piled up 95 yards and a score for over 20 points. Drew still has a RB#2 problem, but Matt proved last season, you can win without a real #2. For Alex, man it's gotta suck to get a 37 point performance from Steve Smith and LOSE. His QB play did him in as Kaepernick was god awful and only a Rushing TD saved his sorry ass as he threw 4 picks! Also, the Saints that Alex relies on, they just aren't cutting it. Brees is hurt, and Spiller and Colston have done nothing. Brandon Marshall might have had the dumbest lateral in NFL history, but he still put up 10 catches for 109 and a score and he's had an excellent bounce back season from last year's injury plagued season. Jimmy Graham wanted the ball and he got it as he got 7 catches for 83 and a score. Eddie Lacy wasn't entirely healthy (James Starks out-touched him) so his line was pretty disappointing considering 38 points were put up. All in All, it's never a bad week when you score over 100, you just gotta have more than 3 guys show up. Drew will take on Mark next week and he'll be without Tom Brady and Kendall Wright, while Alex looks to rebound against Eugene.

Game MVP
Adrian Peterson (Sons Of The Harpy)
126 Rushing Yards, 2 Rushing TD's, 24.60 Points

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Week 2 Awards/Thursday Night Overview

Thursday Night's game of Redskins-Giants was pretty quiet from our league's perspective. Only 3 teams had players from this matchup (though Matt did have 3 players on his own). Overall, it wasn't a terribly exciting game. A lot of it was just Giants game managing a comfortable lead throughout the game, which led to back and forth field goals for a stretch. Having Eli Manning going, I was super worried that Manning would end up with a disappointing game and quite possibly end up with 0 TD passes with the way the flow of the game was. Eli did finally throw a TD pass in the 4th quarter though..but it was to Odell Beckham Jr. (who Matt has) so Matt ended up netting the better of that combo. Luckily for me Eli threw a lucky ass TD near the end of the game where he went deep to Reuben Randle, the ball got tipped up and right into Randle's hands where he walked in. If I was Matt, I'd be pissed at the play. Eli ended up with a nice 21 point performance, but again, had it not being for that cheap TD, it would've been a horrible start for me. As for Matt, Beckham did his thing, mostly in the 2nd half. He ended up with 79 yards and a score. Jordan Reed also had a productive game with nearly 100 yards receiving BUT it could've been a GREAT game had Kirk Cousins not been so shitty and underthrew Reed twice when he was wide open in the endzone. Ryan had the only other play in the game with Pierre Garcon who didn't do much of note, just 5 catches for 64 yards. Onto the Week 2 Awards

Wane McGarity Stud Of The Week
Larry Fitzgerald (BigBadBob)
112 yards and 3 TD's that helped Dad get a HUGE win over Mayra. Proof that maybe Fitz isn't washed up just yet.

Michael Wiley Dud Of The Week
Jeremy Hill (Shock The Monkey)

Mark's going to be all over the negative awards this week. When you lose by a little over 2 points and your 1st round pick can't even score 1 point for you, you know this award belongs to you. Hill had two fumbles and was promptly benched the rest of the game against the Chargers and finished with a pathetic .60 points. Not at all what Mark envisioned from his #5th overall pick.

Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Start
DeAngelo Williams (Kumamon Express)
Take a well deserved bow DeAngelo, because you're the primarily reason I survived a scare against Eugene. Williams may never play another significant down in a fantasy game this season, but with Le'Veon Bell out the first two weeks of the season, he filled in beautifully. Surprisingly left unclaimed off waivers last week, I decided to nab him and play him over my first round pick C.J. Anderson. That was a risk that was handsomely paid off as Williams ended up with over 70 rushing yard and 3 TD's.  

Jay Cutler Bad Decision Of The Week
Mark Plays An Inactive Alshon Jeffrey
The worst thing you can do in Fantasy Football is play an inactive player. To start your week off with a guaranteed zero all but kills your chances at a win (unless your Matt, who can still put up nearly 130 points with a zero,  but in that case Roddy White actually played). So Mark plays Alshon Jeffrey who was declared inactive before the start of Sunday's game and ends up losing by 2.08 points. If he plays ANYONE in that position (even Charles Johnson, or Cole Beasley) he beats Kenny. Instead he's now 0-2. and could be 0-3 if he loses to Ryan next. Just a horrible move.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Week 3 Matchups And Predictions

4 undefeated teams left and 4 winless teams left. We'll see how many are left after Week 3. Let's get to it!

Kumamon Express (2-0)      vs
Dr. Light's Robots (1-1)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: I lead series 7-4
Last Matchup: Matt beat me 90-67 in Week 6 of the 2014 Season

Key Players

Kumamon Express: Eli Manning (Redskins) Jordan Matthews (Jets) Matt Forte (Seahawks) Greg Olsen (Saints)

Dr. Light's Robots: Ben Roethlisberger (Rams) Odell Beckham (Redskins) Alfred Morris (Giants) Jamaal Charles (Packers) Julian Edelman (Jaguars)

Wild Cards

Kumamon Express: Hopkins Concussion. Last Chance for C.J. Anderson. Eli new QB. Matthews and Forte difficult matchups

Dr. Light's Robots: Alfred Morris in true timeshare? Jonathan Stewart breakthrough game? Donte Moncrief at WR #3

Yahoo Says: Matt wins 106-96
I say: Matt wins. Not because I'm negative, but too much to overcome this week, especially with the latest news that DeAndre Hopkins suffered a concussion and might not play this week. That's  HUGE blow, especially with a lot of my top gus having difficult matchups. Matt's a 10 point favorite for a reason. He'll take this.

Rocket Man (1-1)           vs
No Soup For You (0-2)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Series is tied 1-1
Last Matchup: Eugene beat Leland 145.5-71.5 in Week 3 of the 2015 Season

Key Players

Rocket Man: Aaron Rodgers (Chiefs) Julio Jones (Cowboys) Mark Ingram (Panthers) Jason Witten (Falcons)

No Soup For You: Matt Ryan (Cowboys) Calvin Johnson (Broncos) Brandin Cooks (Panthers) Keenan Allen (Vikings) DeMarco Murray (Jets)

Wild Cards

Rocket Man: Basically his whole team outside his key players. Who knows what's going to happen with this squad, lol.

No Soup For You: Can all 3 receivers get on the same page? No Cutler for Marty B. Bilal Powell another start. How good will Todd Gurley be? DeMarco Murray's health and play

Yahoo Says: Eugene wins 96-91
I Say: Eugene wins. The battle of the brothers is tied, I real think Eugene has a solid shot here to pull off win #2. His core can provide him solid points, and if guys like Dion Lewis and Crockett Gilmore are solid, it has the making for yet another competitive outing and possible win. Leland's team has been underachieving, and he has the roster to win. Questions about Murray and Gurley are worrisome, and it might be the reason Leland stays winless.

BigBadBob (2-0)                      vs
Channel 4 News Team (0-2) 

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Albert leads series 4-3
Last Matchup: Albert beat Dad 115.5-88 in Week 8 of the 2014 Season

Key Players

BigBadBob: Cam Newton (Saints) Randall Cobb (Chiefs) Vincent Jackson (Texans) Larry Fitzgerald (49ers) Marshawn Lynch (Bears) Travis Kelce (Packers)

Channel 4 News Team: Philip Rivers (Vikings) A.J. Green (Ravens) Rob Gronkowski (Jaguars)

Wild Cards

BigBadBob: Cam over Stafford. Gio and David Johnson play more?

Channel 4 News Team: RB and WR inconsistency

Yahoo Says: 104-96
I Say: Dad wins. If Dad loses, just call me the Kiss of Death because I'm bad luck. I just think Albert's team is a mess and outside a predictable outstanding Gronk performance, Albert's team has no consistency. Dad just simply has the better team and the best shot at staying undefeated.

Woe Is Me (2-0)    vs
Bigger Balls (1-1)

Matchup Stats:
All Time Record: Mayra leads series 5-2
Last Matchup: Mayra beat Kenny 94-50 in Week 12 of the 2014 Season

Key Players

Woe Is Me: Russell Wilson (Bears) T.Y. Hilton (Titans) LeSean McCoy (Dolphins) Latavius Murray (Browns)

Bigger Balls: Ryan Tannehill (Bills) Antonio Brown (Rams) Le'Veon Bell (Rams) Carlos Hyde (Cardinals) Tyler Eifert (Ravens) Jarvis Landry (Bills)

Wild Cards

Woe Is Me: Jordan Cameron's health. WR Play.

Bigger Balls: Carlos Hyde's health. Return of Le'Veon Bell.

Yahoo Says: Mayra wins 104-96
I Say: Mayra wins. Kenny's won two games luckily so far and I think his luck will finally run out here. Mayra's been putting up points without Le'Veon Bell and now he returns ready to roll. Kenny's inconsistent play all around just doesn't install confidence he can beat Mayra's team.

Shock The Monkey (0-2) vs
Hoosier Daddy (0-2)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Ryan leads series 2-1
Last Matchup: Ryan beat Mark 87-78 in the Semifinal of the Consolation Bracket of the 2014 Michael Wiley Loser Bowl

Key Players

Shock The Monkey: Peyton Manning (Lions) Emmanuel Sanders (Lions) Jeremy Hill (Ravens)

Hoosier Daddy: Andrew Luck (Titans) Justin Forsett (Bengals) Frank Gore (Titans) Mike Evans (Texas)

Wild Cards

Shock The Monkey: Jeffrey's status in Doubt. Lamar Miller's injury. Did Jeremy Hill lose his bellcow status? Hillman and Kearse in lineup.

Hoosier Daddy: Evans 100% health? Luck and Gore rebound games?

Yahoo Says: Ryan wins 100-89
I Say: Ryan wins. Mark SHOULD BE 1-1...had he just put anyone in the lineup over Alshon Jeffrey. Instead, he's 0-2 and his roster is a giant miss with injuries and underperfomers galore. Ryan's team is not much better, but in the battle of the crap teams, I'll give the edge to Ryan as the less crappiest. The loser goes to 0-3 and their season is in serious jeopardy.

Winter Is Over (2-0)           vs
Sons of The Harpy (1-1)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Alex Leads Series 1-0
Last Matchup: Alex beat Drew 98.5-91 in Week 9 of The 2014 Season

Key Players

Winter is Over: Drew Brees (Panthers) Brandon Marshall (Eagles) Eddie Lacy* (Chiefs) Jimmy Graham (Bears)

Sons of The Harpy: Tom Brady (Jaguars) Demaryius Thomas (Lions) Amari Cooper (Browns) Adrian Peterson (Chargers)

Wild Cards

Winter Is Over: How serious is Brees injury. Will Eddie Lacy Play? Jimmy Graham more targets?

Sons of The Harpy: TE carousel continues. Isaiah Crowell in lineup.

Yahoo Says: Drew wins 106-83
I Say: Drew wins. Even if Lacy plays, Drew's team is rolling and should be 2-0. I think Alex gets his first loss here.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Week 2 Results: Nothing Makes Sense

Another week in the books and we're already down to 4 undefeated teams left. In all honesty, as it stands, there's no clear cut superior team this season.  Injuries, underperformances, and overall talent disparity in the NFL are to contribute to what has already been in an insane start. Look at this week. Deangelo Williams, Larry Fitzgerald, Steve Smith, Doug Baldwin, THESE are guys who scored big time points. Injuries (Romo, Lacy, Cutler, Hyde for a half), general shittiness from "top" players (C.J. Anderson, Jeremy Hill, Andrew Luck, Justin Forsett, Lamar Miller just to name a few), and unsung heroes (the aforementioned guys up to plus guys like Eric Decker, James Jones, Chris Ivory) all add up to one big proclamation...NOTHING MAKES SENSE. That seems to hold more true this year than years past. As you'll see in the results, there's a lot of weird things going on this season...and it might be more than just a fad in the upcoming weeks.

Kumamon Express (2-0)               116.60
Rocket Man (1-1)                          106.96

First of all, I'd like to give kudos to Eugene and his squad. After Week 1, I knew this wouldn't be a walk in the park, and I didn't win as much I just SURVIVED. There were so many bailouts for me. Eugene not playing Dion Lewis (who would've EVER thought that line would be said in a NON JOKING MANNER), Julio TD taken back, James Jones TD reversed, and the Cards putting up over 40 points and none of it being John Brown or Chris Johnson. This had a chance to be a blowout for EUGENE. I lucked out beyond belief. Aaron Rodgers and Julio Jones are ALWAYS going to give Eugene a puncher's chance (they combined for 44.26 points), add a little Mark Ingram (1 TD and 11.3 total) and solid play all around (including a 92 yard, 1 TD DOUG BALDWIN PERFORMANCE..I MEAN REALLY?) and it was almost enough for Eugene to pull off the win. You know how I won? My team management was on the dot this week. I took C.J. Anderson and Jeremy Maclin out of my becuase of matchup concerns (and C.J. Anderson is a piece of crap) and surprisingly picked up DeAngelo Williams (I know he was only good for one more start, but still a workhorse cleared waivers when people needed RB help? Pretty crazy to me) and plugged him in. At first I was going to go Brandon Coleman (can't miss matchup according to all experts) at my WR3 but a gut decision changed it and I went Eric Decker. It worked out perfectly. DeAngelo scored 3 TD'S and Decker's 97 yard, 1 TD Performance helped me rally from nearly 11 down to take the win (Decker did suffer an injury in the 2nd half, but I had already pulled away safely). Bottom line is, I don't come close to winning without those moves because honestly the rest of my team played like shit. Romo got hurt in the 3rd quarter leaving me with only 7 points from my QB. Hopkins got shut down. Jordan Matthews' line is deceiving. I'll take the points, but he got ALL his yardage and his TD in the 4th quarter (most garbage). Olsen was OK, but not great and Forte is already losing out ENTIRE SERIES to Jeremy Langford (who scored a 1 yard TD..because why not..who needs Forte). The only ok play was Danny Woodhead who's 13.4 points was 4th best on my team. A hell of an effort from Eugene and it's so easy to have looked at this season as a lost cause with such a big disadvantage but Eugene's made the most of his team and his 1-1 record is nothing to sneeze at as he's been very competitive all season. He'll test the competitiveness against his brother next week, while the battle of the cousins happens for me as I take on Matt.

Game MVP
DeAngelo Williams (Kumamon Express)
77 Rushing Yards, 3 Rushing TD's, 4 receptions, 15 receiving yards, 29.2 Fantasy Points

Winter Is Over (2-0)               82.70
No Soup For You (0-2)           79.22

Surprising on both fronts. Alex has the 2nd least points in the league yet is 2-0. He's playing the right teams so far. Once again, I felt that Leland had a promising team, but this week it fell short of expectations big time. I got a text from Alex asking how I liked his receivers now and for this week, very much as Steve Smith and Anquan Boldin combined for 35 points and Brandon Marshall helped seal the win with 19.6 of his own. Still outside of Marshall, Steve Smith and Anquan Boldin are too inconsistent (especially with Flacco and Kaep at QB) to be counted on that much production on a week to week basis. They'll have their days, but they'll also have bad ones too. Drew Brees was very disappointing considering the matchups against the Bucs who gave up all those points to Marcus Mariotta last week. Brees seesm to also be dealing with an injury so that combined with Eddie Lacy's ankle injury he suffered Sunday Night are big blows to Alex. Jimmy Graham had a head scratcher of a game with only 1 catch. Seems like people who didn't think he'd fit in the Seattle offense might have a point. Despite all this, Leland just couldn't take advantage. Leland's promising receiving core has not been what it's cracked up to be. It seems like two struggle while one stands out. Last week it was Keenan Allen (sucked BAD this week), this week it was Calvin who had 10 catches for 83 yards and a score. The consistent receiver who's been bad? Brandin Cooks. That's two straight games and with Brees hurt, it might hurt his value even more. DeMarco Murray's been BEYOND BAD (Take away his two TD's from last week and it's been an abysmal start) and Eugene still has a lack of RB Depth until Gurley comes back (even then, he may be on a snap count and by the time he gets to full time job, it might be too late for Leland). All in all a disppointing start to what looked like a promising team. It's still early though, and Leland gets a chance to get win #1 against his brother. while Alex puts his undefeated streak on the line against Drew.

Game MVP
Steve Smith Sr. (Winter Is Over)
10 Receptions, 150 Receiving Yards, 20  Fantasy Points

Dr. Light's Robots (1-1)             128.66
Channel 4 News Team (0-2)       99.64

Matt was good last week, just got outscored and this week Matt's guys put up some major points to get the easy win over Albert. Odell Beckham owned his keeper status with 24.10 points and Matt is such a great drafter when it comes to drafting WR's in those middle rounds. Last year it was Emmanuel Sanders, this year it's Julian Edelman who was AMAZING with 11 catches for 97 yards and 2 TD's. Edelman's catches alone make him worth owning, the TD's are a bonus. Big Ben also showed everyone why Matt had confidence in him again as he had 369 passing yards, 3 Passing TD's and 2 2 point conversions (it was blowout, otherwise the stats could've been even BETTER). Roddy White was even blanked and  Matt put up nearly 130 points. Two things of note, Alfred Morris might be more involved in a timeshare than originally planned as Matt Jones was great and actually outsnapped ALF. Something to keep an eye on. Also Jonathan Stewart has yet to be even close to being a fantasy star many proclaimed he'd be with the backfield to himself. Nevertheless a great performance from the defending champ and there's no doubt Matt's got the squad to repeat. For Albert, it just looks like the beginning of a rough season. His points were respectable, but A.J. Green had another modest game (he did score at least) and outside of Gronk (excellent again with 113 receiving yards and a score) there's nothing eye popping about his roster. Sammy Watkins is as volatile as can be, Andre Johnson's done nothing, and Doug Martin, T.J. Yeldon, Tevin Coleman (hurt now) just don't feel like guys you'd be confidant in carrying your team. Maybe Yeldon will pan out, but it's just not looking good right now, and it gets even tougher as he takes on Dad's undefeated team next week. Matt takes me on to try to give my first loss.

Game MVP
Ben Roethlisberger (Dr. Light's Robots)
369 Passing Yards, 3 Passing TD's, 2 2 Pt Conversions, 33.66 Fantasy Points

BigBadBob (2-0)              131.54
Bigger Balls (1-1)             108.76

Well..well..well..ol Dad picks up another win and once again puts up a high scoring effort. Seems like the days of the low scoring games are over as Dad picks up a huge win against Mayra. Last year it took 15 weeks before Mayra suffered her first loss. This year, she got it in week 2, but at least she won't have that hanging over her anymore, and she can get back to business with Le'Veon Bell coming back next week. Dad's 131.54 points were 2nd in the league this week and his team was led by LARRY FITZGERALD of all people. That's what I mean...NOTHING...MAKES...SENSE. Fitz had been left for dead by many fantasy people, but he gave a hearty FUCK YOU to them all as he had 112 yards and 3 scores. As long as Carson Palmer is healthy, Fitz should be a great WR #3. Matthew Stafford may look like shit in real life, but in the fantasy world you take his 21.94 points and don't care that it took him 50 passes to get there. Looks like the Andre Ellington injury won't affect Dad in the least as David Johnson has been great so far. He piled up two more TD's for Dad and with Jeremy Hill benched, Gio Bernard took advantage and had a great game with 123 rushing yards. Randall Cobb added 8 catches for 116 yards Dad did all this with Marshawn Lynch and Travis Kelce both scoring under 10 points. It seems like every year I doubt Dad's team and more often than not he proves me wrong. For Mayra, it wasn't a bad effort at all. Carlos Hyde leaving the game early with a head injury and not coming back despite being cleared was the biggest thing that hurt Mayra this week. The good news is, he'll be ready to go next week as it was just a precaution. Antonio Brown was...Antonio Brown..ya know the usual nearly 200 yards and a score for 32 points. That guy is beyond money. Also Ryan Tannehill showed why Mayra drafted him as he threw for nearly 360 passing yards and 2 TD's for 26 points. Jarvis Landry was also good with 110 receiving yards. Tyler Eifert chipped in a TD as well. Just not enough from the rest of her squad to overcome Dad's scoring barrage. Next week, Dad has a good chance to go 3-0 as he takes on Albert' struggling team while Mayra takes on Kenny in what always an interesting matchup to watch.

Game MVP
Larry Fitzgerald (BigBadBob)
8 Receptions, 112 Receiving Yards, 3 Receiving TD's, 33.2 Fantasy Points

Woe Is Me (2-0)                  74.54
Shock The Monkey (0-2)    72.46

Kenny himself will admit his 2-0 is bullshit. In a perfect world, Kenny would be 0-2, so of course Kenny finds himself 2-0 because......NOTHING MAKES SENSE. This came down to Monday night (just like me an Alex's wins) but that it even had to come down to TWO MONDAY NIGHT PLAYS is absurd (Kenny didn't even get his winning points until the 4th quarter). Right off the bat Mark dug himself into a hole by playing Alshon Jeffrey who didn't play. Crucial and avoidable mistake. You gotta check your rosters before game time. Even putting a shitty Charles Johnson or Cole Beasley would've given Mark a narrow win, but instead he takes a zero and loses by a little over two points. Bad loss. Mark also had a shitty ass performance from Jeremy Hill who got benched after two fumbles and didn't even score a whole point. There's nothing else really to say about Mark's team as outside of his Emmanuel Sanders Thursday play, no one else did much except Terrence Williams, who got a bs garbage TD late in the 4th. Despite all that, you'd think Kenny would win easily by like 50..but nope. Pure disappointment everywhere as only Russell Wilson and LeSean Mccoy cracked double digits. Kenny's got a running back clusterfuck and he's bound to have weeks where he plays the wrong RB (like this week playing Ameer Abdullah who sucked over Latavius Murray who was actually solid). Kenny also almost lost because of a last second decision to get cute and pick up and start Eddie Royal over Torrey Smith. Torrey Smith 23 points, Eddie Royal 7.6. Yet still Kenny once again escapes and is close to taking Dad's crown as the Houdini of fantasy football. His luck will get put to a true test against Mayra next week, while Mark takes on Ryan in a game will someone will be leaving with a 0-3 record.

Game MVP
Russell Wilson (Woe Is Me)
206 Passing Yards, 2 Passing TD's, 1 INT, 78 Rushing Yards, 24.54 Fantasy   Points

Sons Of The Harpy (1-1)           132.54
Hoosier Daddy (0-2)                    61.50

Drew's team took all of their anger over last week's disappointment on Ryan's poor squad. This was never once close as Drew just dominated for Thursday on out. Ryan also played an inactive, he kept DeSean Jackson in his lineup, but the funny thing is had he changed it for Mike Evans, he would've STILL scored zero. That Evans pick isn't looking good at all. Just the less said about Ryan's craptastic squad the better as even Andrew Luck sucked. For Drew, he came back with a fury and scored the highest points in the league. Tom Brady was great again with nearly 470 yards and 3 Passing TD's. Amari Cooper and Allen Robinson bounced back in big ways with nearly 51 points combined (and Demaryius had a 15.60 point game I covered Thursday). See what happens when you get the ball to Adrian Peterson? He delivers BIG, with 192 total yards (he did fumble though, but also had a TD taken away). Still don't like Rashad Jennings and there's why. 24 combined yards. Drew even lucked out and picked the right TE to start in Heath Miller who scored a TD and a 2 pt conversion. Just yet another example of how wide open this season is, as Drew's another team I can easily see in the finals if his team keeps this up. He's got a very winnable matchup against Alex next week, while Ryan takes on winless Mark in the battle for win #1.

Game MVP
Tom Brady (Sons Of The Harpy)
466 Passing Yards, 3 Passing TD's, 1 Fumble Lost, 31.24  Fantasy Points

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Week 1 Awards/Thursday Night Overview

Well, Thursday Night's Broncos-Chiefs game was certainly bizarre. We saw not 1, but 2 Jamaal Charles game changing fumbles (the last being a fumble that led to a Broncos game winning TD, their 2nd TD in the last 9 seconds of the game), yet because of yardage and a TD, Charles still managed a respectable  16.70 points for Matt. We saw two different Peyton Mannings as well. The 1st half Peyton was the one we've seen recently, just old and awful. The 2nd half was more of the Peyton who used to dominate fantasy football. Though the yardage was modest (256 yards), he still threw 3 TD passes and finished with nearly 24 points. I don't blame Mark for not starting him again, and Mark can take solace in the fact that at least two of the TD's went to Emmanuel Sanders (who finished with nearly 25 points, in what was a great game for him). A late surge in the 4th quarter salvaged Demaryius Thomas' day (8 receptions ,116 yards), of course Drew is facing Ryan who already wasted his TE play in Owen Daniels (19 yards). Had Travis Kelce not caught a 30 yard pass in the 4th, his day would've been massively disappointing as well. He still only had 4 catches for 58 yards. Not a great start for Dad, as Kelce is one of him premier players. I made the smart move of benching C.J. Anderson (who, once again, played like complete dog shit, this guy is totally losing his job soon) and Jeremy Maclin (just wasn't a great matchup, and though Maclin was serviceable, it wasn't a great performance, rather go with an upside play). I would've only gotten 10 points combined had i played them. Is there a chance DeAngelo Williams and Eric Decker suck just as bad? Of course, but I'd rather take that shot at the upside plays. Anyways onto the first week of the awards. Since there is no new players this year, I usually give out 4 weekly awards (Stud Of The Week, Dud Of The Week, Sneaky Surprise Of The Week, Bad Decision of the week). In honor of Tony Romo's heroics, the Bad Decision of the week is now the JAY CUTLER Bad Decision Of The Week award (much needed change, as Romo's bailed our asses out many times), I also will strongly will consider renaming the Michael Wiley Dud Of The Week to C.J. Anderson by the way. 

Wane McGarity Stud Of The Week
Carlos Hyde (Bigger Balls)
What a coming out for Hyde. Many were skeptical of Hyde becoming the guy in San Fran, but if Week 1 is any indication, it's going to be a smooth transition from Gore to Hyde. Hyde finished off Mayra's Monday Night Comeback and the scary thing, if Mayra truly did hit on a superstar in the 5th round, then "The Queen" is once again a threat to finish what she started last year.

Michael Wiley Dud Of The Week
Adrian Peterson (Sons Of The Harpy)
A lot of this wasn't really Peterson's fault as he wasn't a huge part of the Vikings offensive game plan for whatever reason. Nonetheless, when you're down 17 and you have a guy with Peterson's talent PLUS Vernon just assume you can wake up Monday morning with a W for week 1. NOPE. Peterson didn't even have 7 points and at the end, Drew loses by a mere 3.92 points. Bitter way to start the new season.

Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Start
Danny Woodhead (Kumamon Express)
There's a good chance, I got a hell of a steal in the 9th round with Woodhead. With week one looming I decided to take a gamble and bench my Flex play, Eric Decker for Woodhead knowing he'd basically be the goal line and passing down back for the Chargers. At first, I second guessed my decision when Decker scored a TD early. But as the Lions-Chargers game progressed, it was obvious I made the right decision. Woodhead got all the goal line carries, and scored two TD's and got me 20 points. Woodhead is now firmly in entrenched in my lineups for time being.

Jay Cutler Bad Decision Of The Week
Drew releases LaDarius Green
The decision was defensible, Green had looked to suffer a concussion in practice and Drew wanting to be safe, dropped him for Vernon Davis. Drew's tight end situation is a mess. You could argue he should've dropped maybe Chris Polk or Ty Montgomery (which he ended up doing anyways, for lesser TE's) and kept Green on his squad in case he was deemed ok to play. So of course he was fine, he ends up with 74 and a score and had Drew stayed course, even with Peterson's shitty game he would've won with ease. The long term ramifications of this too is if Green is indeed the real deal by the time Antonio Gates comes back from suspension, Green might take the starting job and could finish with a top TE finish. For a team that currently houses 4 shaky Tight Ends on it's roster, it might have been better to just keep Green as a stash. Instead, Mark jumped on the chance and got him for himself. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Week 2 Matchups and Predictions

Week 1 is already in the books and it's already time to focus on Week 2. It goes by fast. Here's this week's matchups and predictions.

Kumamon Express (1-0)  vs
Rocket Man (1-0)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: I Lead Series 2-1
Last Matchup: Eugene beat me 157-125.50 in Week 13 of the 2014 Season

Key Players

Kumamon Express: Tony Romo (Eagles) DeAndre Hopkins (Panthers) Jordan Matthews (Cowboys) Matt Forte (Cardinals) Greg Olsen (Texans)

Rocket Man: Aaron Rodgers (Seahawks) Julio Jones (Giants) Mark Ingram (Bucs) Jason Witen (Eagles)

Wild Cards

Kumamon Express: Benching C.J. Anderson and Jeremy Maclin. Romo without Dez. Woodhead encore performance? DeAngelo Williams and Brandon Coleman spot starts.

Rocket Man: How will the supporting cast do this week?

Yahoo Says: I win 103-96
I Say: I win. A couple of weeks ago, I would've relished in the fact I was playing Eugene. After seeing last week's not going to be easy whatsoever. Especially with all the question marks I suddenly have surrounding my team. I don't know if benching my 1st round and 5th round pick are gonna bite me in the ass, but that's what I'm doing because I think C.J. Anderson is hurt more than Denver is letting on and it's tough matchup for Jeremy Maclin. On paper, my talent should blow his team (outside or Rodgers and Julio of course), but that's on paper, and as you know, that doesn't mean anything really. Even with the risks though, I think I have a balanced enough team to pull out the victory, it just won't be the slam dunk I thought it'd be.

No Soup For You (0-1) vs
Winter Is Over (1-0)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Leland leads series 1-0
Last Matchup: Leland beat Alex 96-93.5 in Week 11 of the 2014 Season

Key Players

No Soup For You: Matt Ryan (Giants) Calvin Johnson (Vikings) Brandon Cooks (Bucs) Keenan Allen (Bengals) DeMarco Murray (Cowboys) Martellus Bennett (Cardinals)

Winter Is Over: Drew Brees (Bucs) Brandon Marshall (Colts) Eddie Lacy (Seahawks) Jimmy Graham (Packers)

Wild Cards

No Soup For You: Flex/RB #2 spots. Bounce back games from star receivers.

Winter Is Over: Tough Matchup for Eddie Lacy. C.J. Spiller health. Production from veteran receiving core.

Yahoo Says: Alex wins 100-93.
I Say: Leland wins. Surprised Alex is a 7 point favorite here. I'm going to go against the grain and say Leland rebounds from last week's loss. Although his RB #2 and Flex spots still scare the hell outta me, I'll say he can overcome that and get win #1.

Dr. Light's Robots (0-1) vs
Channel 4 News Team (0-1)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Albert leads series 4-3-1
Last Matchup: Matt tied Albert 78-78 in Round 2 of the 2014 Playoffs (Matt won via tiebreaker)

Key Players

Dr. Light's Robots: Ben Roethlisberger (49ers) Odell Beckham Jr. (Falcons) Julian Edelman (Bills) Jamaal Charles (Broncos) Alfred Morris (Rams)

Channel 4 News Team: Philip Rivers (Bengals) A.J. Green (Chargers) Rob Gronkowski (Bills)

Wild Cards

Dr. Light's Robots: Odell Beckham bounce back game. Alfred Morris/Jordan Reed Keep it up?

Channel 4 News Team: Receivers bounce back. RB Play.

Yahoo Says: Matt wins 104-93
I Say: Matt wins. Matt's got the better overall team so I gotta side with Yahoo here. The defending champ gets his first win of the season here.

BigBadBob (1-0)  vs
Bigger Balls (1-0)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Dad leads series 2-1
Last Matchup: Mayra beat Dad 101.5-91.50 in Week 11 of the 2014 Season

Key Players

BigBadBob: Matthew Stafford (Vikings) Randall Cobb (Seahawks) Vincent Jackson (Saints) Marshawn Lynch (Packers) Travis Kelce (Broncos)

Bigger Balls: Ryan Tannehill (Jaguars) Antonio Brown (49ers) Carlos Hyde (Steelers) Tyler Eifert (Chargers)

Wild Cards

BigBadBob: David Johnson at RB #2 spot. Cobb 100%? Gio's workload.

Bigger Balls: Tannehill bounce back? Eifert real deal? WR production outside of Brown. Sankey production.

Yahoo Says: Mayra wins 99-95
I Say: Mayra wins. Prepare for a week of Dad giving me shit for this yet again. Last year, Dad came real close to giving Mayra her 1st loss, and he'll try yet again this season but I gotta with Mayra here. I'm not sure David Johnson is going to get a huge workload and Carlos Hyde has an even BETTER matchup against the Steelers than he had against the Vikings. I just feel like if Eifert is the real deal, Mayra has the stronger roster as Dad losing Andre Ellington was pretty big. Mayra only wanted to take a 1-1 split going into Week 3 getting Bell seems like 2-0 is a reality.

Woe Is Me (1-0) vs
Shock The Monkey (0-1)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Mark leads series 2-1
Last Matchup: Mark beat Kenny 72-58.50 in Week 8 of the 2014 Season

Key Players

Woe Is Me: Russell Wilson (Packers) LeSean McCoy (Patriots) Ameer Abdullah (Vikings) Chris Ivory (Colts)

Shock The Monkey: Sam Bradford (Cowboys) Alshon Jeffrey (Cardinals) Emmanuel Sanders (Chiefs) Jeremy Hill (Chargers) Lamar Miller (Jaguars)

Wild Cards

Woe Is Me: No Dez and possibility of No Hilton. Russell Wilson production. Devante Adams production. Sitting Latavius Murray for Ameer Abdullah.

Shock The Monkey: Lamar Miller Bounce Back. Jeffrey 100%? Terrence Williams step up with Dez's absence. Joseph Randle bonafide #1 back in Dallas?

Yahoo Says: Mark wins 103-88
I Say: Mark wins. Kenny got lucky to win week #1, but with no Dez and Hilton, I just can't see him getting win #2 against a pretty good team like Mark's. Too many wild cards on Kenny team to account for. Mark should get win #1 here.

Sons Of The Harpy (0-1) vs
Hoosier Daddy (0-1)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Drew leads series 5-1
Last Matchup: Drew beat Ryan 128-111 in Week 5 of the 2014 Season.

Key Players

Sons of The Harpy: Tom Brady (Bills) Demaryius Thomas (Chiefs) Adrian Peterson (Lions)

Hoosier Daddy: Andrew Luck (Jets) Golden Tate (Vikings) Justin Forsett (Raiders) Frank Gore (Jets)

Wild Cards

Sons of The Harpy: Broncos offensive problems. Amari Cooper/Allen Robinson bounce backs? Ebron at TE.

Hoosier Daddy: Can entire team rebound from awful effort? Will Mike Evans play?

Yahoo Says: Drew wins 96-84
I Say: Drew wins. Until I see Ryan's team perform consistently, I just don't buy his team. Drew's got some holes, but I can't imagine Adrian Peterson being that bad, and overall he's got a more talented team and should pick up win #1.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week 1 Results: Expect The Unexpected is back in full swing and as usual the unpredictability of the game creates some pretty awesome moments, both in the real game and our fantasy one. Week 1 of the 2015 season definitely had it's share of craziness. Sunday night's incredible finish by the Cowboys just proves that nothing is ever over until it's over. That's why in fantasy even when you're up 50+ points and your opponent only has two guys left, you don't say ANYTHING until the final second ticks off the 4th quarter. Speaking of expecting the unexpected if I were to tell you that Team A had 7 picks in the first 5 rounds while Team B had 7 picks in the LAST 3 rounds, and one team scored 132 points and the other scored nearly 55, you'd pretty much expect Team A had the higher score of the two. WRONG. Eugene's "ragtag" team (well Aaron Rodgers and Julio Jones aren't exactly scrubs) put together one of the greatest performances I've seen from a team that was supposed to be the worst assembled team in the history of the league. Not only did he win, he had the highest score of the entire week. Just amazing. On the flip side, just disappointing that Ryan's draft pick advantage seems to have been for nothing. Also If I told you the Dez Bryant, Demaryius Thomas, Brandin Cooks, Calvin Johnson, Adrian Peterson, and Odell Beckham Jr would all be held to under 10 points, you'd think i was either joking and meant "in the first half" or just nuts. Nope...that really happened. Expect the Unexpected..and trust me, throughout the season, they'll be many more examples to come. Onto the week 1 results.

Kumamon Express (1-0)                 131.04
No Soup For You (0-1)                     90.32

I'm going to sound like a dick and don't get me wrong I'm glad I won big and scored a ton of points (2nd most this week) but there are two huge negative things to take from this game. CJ Anderson is a motherfucking cock sucking shitfuck dickbag asshole who PREDICTABLY (NOT UNEXPECTED) WAS BEYOND FUCKING AWFUL. WHAT A FUCKING DICK FUCKER...Good god DID I SEE THIS COMING. It's my fault. I went against my gut. I KNEW he wasn't legit. I did it anyway. I don't wanna hear excuses because Ronnie Hillman ran behind the SAME offensive line and looked WAY BETTER. This is a motherfucking committee and you don't waste a 1st round pick on a motherfucking committee back(ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU OWN THE WORST OF THE TWO IN THE MOTHERFUCKING COMMITTEE!!!). FUCK YOU CJ ANDERSON, I'M EVEN TAKING THE PERIODS AWAY FROM YOUR FIRST NAME BECAUSE YOU DON'T FUCKING DESERVE THEM. MONTEE BALL JR. MOTHERFUCKER. EXTRA FUCK YOU SAUCE FOR TWEETING THAT WHOLE "I JUST CARE ABOUT THE W, I DON'T CARE ABOUT FANTASY" BS. You know what kind of players do that? SHITTY PLAYERS..TO PRETEND THEY DON'T GIVE A FUCK WHAT WE THINK. NO TALENT ASSFUCK. The 2nd bad thing was Dez Bryant suffering a broken foot injury and being out 4-8 weeks. That's a HUGE blow to my QB (even though Romo was amazing in the 2nd half without him, 350+ yards, 3 TD's and 2 BS INT's that weren't his fault). Onto the positives. Matt Forte more than made up for that Bronco Horseeeeeeeee FUCK and had a great game with 166 total yards and a score. Health is the only thing I worry about him (unlike TALENT which is what I worry about Cortrelle Javon (YEP...called him by his first and middle name..because fuck him)). Danny Woodhead was a great flex play and got two TD's of his own. Greg Olsen was INVISIBLE, which was pretty shocking (you know what's not shocking...Ronnie Hillman getting more 4th quarter carries over the dickless wonder because his toe toe...fuck off). I like my WR trio as DeAndre Hopkins dominated with a nice 98 yard two TD performance. I hope Mallett is the QB, because he really seemed to go to Hopkins a shit ton when he replaced Hoyer. Jeremy Maclin was pretty quiet, but it was pretty much a Kansas City blowout the whole way, so his services weren't needed. Of course Jordan Matthews had a great game with 10 catches and 100 yards and he'll be super solid in that offense. For Leland, a combination of two things killed his chances, one which is not his fault and was an anomaly. No way in hell Calvin Johnson and Brandin Cooks combine for a little over 12 points again. Stuff like that just happens randomly but they are way to good for that to happen again. Leland's lack of depth right now with Martavis Bryant suspended and Todd Gurley hurt DID hurt him though. Kamar Aiken and Darren McFadden just aren't fantasy starters and their stats showed as they didn't even combine for 5 points. The bright spots were Martellus Bennett with a TD and Keenan Allen having a MONSTER game with 15 catches for 166 yards. If he's back to his rookie form...Leland has the best receiving core in the league (add Bryant when he comes back and wow). Matt Ryan looked like he was going to put up like 50 points at first, but he came down to earth and still had a respectable 19.62. With Julio Jones there, Ryan should be a great QB play every week. I don't know if I can put up 130 every game, but hopefully I can win DESPITE my RB #2 situation (which sucks hardcore because of that douchebag pussy who shall remain nameless..CJ ANDERSON..IT'S CJ ANDERSON). For Leland, it's a loss to a good team, so it's nothing to hang your head on. He'll be in the thick of the race no doubt in my opinion. 

Game MVP
DeAndre Hopkins (Kumamon Express)
9 Receptions, 98 Receiving Yards, 2 Receiving TD's, 1 2 PT Conversion, 28.3 Points

Rocket Man (1-0)                         132.06
Channel 4 News Team (0-1)          83.96

Eugene went into this season knowing it was going to be difficult season after going nuts on trading last season in an effort to win last year. So imagine my surprise when not only does Eugene WIN, he scores the most points of the week AND gets biggest blowout of the week as well. Unbelievable. He had 7 picks in the last 3 round of the draft and most were expecting free wins over him all year. Well...that certainly didn't happen this week. Led by Aaron Rodgers (3 Passing TD's, for 26 points total) and Julio Jones (9 catches, 141 yards, 2 TD's for a whopping 30 points), Eugene got just enough from everyone else to secure the improbable win. The thing's not a fluke win nor a matchup win, Eugene would've beaten all 11 of us this week. Just incredible and proof that ANYTHING can happen in fantasy football. Jason Witten was great with 60 yards and 2 TD's and with Dez Bryant hurt, you can bet, Witten will be involved even more in the passing game. Mark Ingram had a surprisingly great receiving game (8 catches for 98 yards and 16.20 points total) and John Brown contributed a TD as well. For Albert, well...he said he hated his team and I don't blame him. He scored the 3rd worse points this week as basically Gronk and Philip Rivers (400 passing yards and a couple scores) netted half his points. The running game is terrible (Doug Martin and TJ Yeldon combined about 14 points)..the receivers? Horrible. Sammy Watkins got a big 0 and Andre Johnson was awful with under 5 points. Even A.J. Green was lethargic with under 10 points. A.J. Green will rebound but I'm really not digging the rest of this team. Gronk is a great talent, but I think it was a risk to take him when you really needed a RB with that 2nd round pick since Albert had no 3rd round. The only bright spot will be if Tevin Coleman can step it up and become a reliable fantasy starter. He had 80 yards last night and looked pretty good. I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up in Albert's lineup sooner than later. So for Eugene, was it 1 week fluke? Well having Aaron Rodgers and Julio Jones every week WILL win you some games. So maybe it was or it wasn't..who knows really, but at least for 1 week, Eugene's team overachieved and he's the #1 seed after week 1. He'll take on me next week to see if he can do it again, while Albert has a tough challenge in Matt.

Game MVP
Julio Jones (Rocket Man)
9 Receptions, 141 Receiving Yards, 2 Receiving TD's, 30.60 points

Bigger Balls (1-0)             127.04
Dr. Light's Robots (0-1)    109.74

What better to get revenge on the team that beat you in the finals then to take the opening week victory of the next season against them? it's to overreact after 1 week, but Mayra's team could be once again SCARY. Once again, top notch drafting (even without a 3rd round pick) might end up catapulting Mayra into the mix of championship contenders. We already knew Antonio Brown was solid and he did his thing Thursday, but how about Tyler Eifert!? The guy was insane with over 100 yards and 2 TD's. He won't do this every game, but if he even does half of that, he'll be a sure fire top 5 tight end in what is a weak position to begin with. Carlos Hyde also looks like the real deal. With Reggie Bush suffering an injury, Hyde had the bulk of the work and he took advantage big time. 168 rushing yards and 2 TD's for 31.20 points. Just wow....and the scary thing is? LE'VEON BELL is coming back after week 2. She didn't get much from Alfred Blue or Nelson Agholor but she didn't need and the Blue play (and Sankey next week) is just a temporary fix until Bell comes back. I'm still not sold on Ryan Tannehill as an elite QB and against a crappy Redskins D, he didn't do so well. I'll buy it when I finally see it. Jarvis Landry wasn't really great either and Punt Return TD saved him. There's definitely room to grow from these two though and if they finally out. Matt was in it until the Hyde domination. We already talked about Big Ben and Edelman's Thursday game, the biggest disappointment was Odell Beckham. Everyone on Matt's team scored double digits EXCEPT him. Just a HUGE letdown from ODB. Matt's Redskins combo was solid as Jordan Reed and Alfred Morris combined almost 29 points. Reed's health is always going to be a concern and Morris' lack of receptions (0 per the usual) keeps his PPR prospects down, but hey I'll take 120 rushing yards any day. Overall solid outside of Beckham, just not enough scoring power this week against Mayra. Matt will get a chance to right the ship against Albert next week, while Mayra takes on my dad to see if she get 2 wins without her main running back.

Game MVP
Carlos Hyde (Bigger Balls)
168 Rushing Yards, 2 Rushing TD's, 2 Receptions, 14 Receiving Yards 31.2 points

BigBadBob (1-0)                     112.24
Shock The Monkey (1-0)          90.24

So...I know when I pick against my Dad, I'm gonna shit from him. I know when I pick against my Dad and he WINS...I get it even worse. I'm biased, I'd love Dad to win every week (except against Me), but there are some weeks I think he's gonna lose. Just how it is. So my loving father made it a point to let me know how bad I suck at projected picks (2-4 this week apparently) alllll damn day. If I have to eat crow because Dad wins, I'll gladly take it though (Then pick him to lose again, lol). Unlike previous seasons, Dad actually starts the season with a triple digit point game. Travis Kelce looked AMAZING and he's already living up to the hype (106 and two scores). Marshawn was good, not great with a 100 total yards, and everyone but Vincent Jackson managed to reach double digits. It was a well balanced effort though Dad did lose Andre Ellington to a multi week injury so that'll be a blow for the next few weeks. He chipped in a TD before he got hurt and so did Randall Cobb, who should be even better as he gets more healthy. For Mark, he made a wise choice playing Sam Bradford (15.44 points) over Peyton Manning (who looked OLD and AWFUL with 5.4 points) but it wouldn't matter. Mark's guys were ok..but outside of Jeremy Hill, none of them stood out. He hit double digits with everyone but Lamar Miller (another guy who fantasy experts keep hyping and here he is...disappointing yet again) and Charles Johnson (ANOTHER guy experts hyped up and now apparently he's bench fodder), but it was more on low end scale of 10-12 points. The good news for Mark is, Alshon Jeffrey will get better as HE gets healthier (like Cobb), Randle is by far and away the #1 back in Dallas, and Terrence Williams should benefit from the Dez injury and be a solid #3 wide receiver. The other question is if Mark basically wasted a high pick on Peyton Manning, because I can't see Mark playing him anytime soon. He's lucky he has a solid backup in Bradford that can step up and perform (He was decent last night, and in that offense will definitely have better games). Mark will get a injury depleted Kenny next week, while Dad will have the task of doing something it took 16 weeks to do last year and that's give Mayra her first loss.

Game MVP
Travis Kelce (BigBadBob)
6 Receptions, 106 Receiving Yards, 2 Receiving TD's, 25.6 Points
Woe Is Me (1-0)                97.64
Sons Of The Harpy (0-1)  93.72

I know Kenny like a book. Dude's been my best friend since like 8th grade and I KNOW how serious he takes all sports...real and fantasy. So excuse me for NEVER believing Kenny's bullshit text that "he didn't care about Fantasy because he was sooooo wrapped up in the Rangers playoff race that he really hadn't given it a second thought". Don't get me wrong, he cares MORE THAN YOU KNOW about the Rangers...but C'mon...he's lying his ass off saying he didn't care about the possibility of starting 0-1 after having 3 3rd round picks and the best roster he's had in the history of the league, and then losing Dez Bryant (to a bad injury that might have him out up to 8 weeks) and T.Y. Hilton to injuries. He texted that because things were sucking (he basically pulled a CJ Anderson..saying that shit only for the illusion that it doesn't bother him when of course it does, it had the possibility of being yet another wasted season). He "wasn't gonna watch the game" and then after midnight I get a text proclaming "I WON"...yeah don't care my Seriously though, he survived narrowly, but he does have a MAJOR problem at WR now. Not sure on the seriousness of Hilton's injury, he's officially day to day, but losing Dez is reallllly bad. Chris Ivory, of ALL people led Kenny's team in scoring. He's the man for the Jets and proved it with 91 yards and 2 scores. LeSean McCoy was bla (he also had two TD's vultured from him at the goal line) and Latavius Murray was ok but again because Oakland's going to hinder his fantasy impact. The problem with Kenny is he has a glut of RB's (he had Ameer Abdullah on his bench who was great and Arian Foster waiting in the wings). Now with the Dez injury, he's gotta make a move with those RB's to secure a receiver. Russell Wilson is always intriguing because of the running possibility, but when he doesn't run, it's not pretty. He'll have great games and medicore games like he did this week. Another disappointment was Devante Adams. Everyone expected him in that offense to shine, but was more the James Jones show. Jordan Cameron looked ok, he just needs to stay healthy. For Drew, he went into Monday night only down about 17 points with Adrian Peterson and Vernon Davis left to go so it was pretty much a shoe-in he was going to win. NOPE. Peterson was terrible and him and Davis only combined for almost 13 points and a big let down. Easy to second guess but originally Drew was going to start LaDarius Green at Tight End, but he seemed to suffer a concussion during practice last week and Drew went safe and dropped him and picked up Vernon Davis. Green ended up being a fine and had a great game and if Drew played him he would've won, but it wasn't a dumb decision or made sense as it looked like Green would miss Week 1. Demaryius was tied to Peyton's awful game so he didn't do much, and outside of Tom Brady, Kendall Wright was Drew's best guy with 18 points. Another "fantasy favorite" Allen Robinson was nonexistent with just 1 catch for 27 yards. Also Amani Cooper didn't have a great start with less than 50 yards. I don't like Rashad Jennings but he did manage to score a TD. Apparently he could've scored another TD but Eli Manning told Jennings not to score at the end of the Giants-Cowboys game...sure Drew is THRILLED to hear that. I still think Drew is fine and his team just had a bad game. I think it'll BOUNCE BACK (ROTOWORLD) in no time. He'll see if he can get back on track next week against Ryan, while Kenny has a scary matchup against Mark with his team at less than 100%.

Game MVP
Chris Ivory (Woe Is Me)
91 Rushing Yards, 2 Rushing TD's. 1 Reception 9 Yards, 22.5 Points

Winter Is Over (1-0)             77.30
Hoosier Daddy (0-1)             54.92 I have to review this? Alex asked if I was going to say he didn't deserve to win in today's blog. No..he deserved to win..but only because he got lucky and played a sorry ass cellar dweller team with Ryan's squad. These two had the worst two scores of the week. Ryan's team put up a sad effort. It started off  bad for him when Mike Evans was declared out and then barely into the afternoon, Desean Jackson got hurt and left too (he's out 2-4 weeks). Andrew Luck was Ok...but not #1 QB good. Still, he almost accounted for half of Ryan's points by himself. Forsett? Sucked. Gore? Sucked. Melvin Gordon? Yep..Golden Tate? Awful. Owen Daniels?'s Owen Daniels. It's going to be a long disappointing season for Ryan if this is how it's going to be. I don't imagine it'll be THIS bad...but it's scary to think it's capable of being this bad. For Alex, outside of Brandon Marshall, I'm just not a fan of those WR's. Colston, Smith, and Boldin combined for 12.30 points. I think Brandon Coleman might end up overtaking Colston's #2 spot in the long run. Reggie Bush got hurt, lucky for Alex it didn't matter. At least Eddie Lacy had a good game (85 and a score) and Jimmy Graham scored a TD. Still disappointing in Drew Brees and the Saints inability to throw TD's. He had 355 passing yards, but only 1 TD pass. He's got to up that total. At least Alex isn't relying on Reggie Bush and will get C.J. Spiller back next week. Ryan has to take on Drew's team next week while Alex takes on Leland.

Game MVP
Eddie Lacy (I guess) (Winter Is Over)
85 Rushing Yards, 1 Rushing TD, 2 Receptions, 14 Receiving Yards, 16.90 Points