Saturday, August 12, 2017

Roster Overview: Part III

Here's the 3rd part of Roster Overviews. These will be done in installments of 3.

 Leland (No Soup For You)

QB: Philip Rivers, Matthew Stafford

WR: A.J. Green, Michael Thomas, Randall Cobb, Cameron Meredith, Marvin Jones

RB: David Johnson, James White, Jerick McKinnon, Christine Michael, Paul Perkins, Chris Ivory

TE: Eric Ebron, Julius Thomas, Zach Ertz

Potential Keepers: David Johnson, Michael Thomas, A.J. Green

Overview: Leland's already made his intentions clear, he's keeping David Johnson and Michael Thomas, both no brainers as their Draft slots are in the 14th and 10th round respectively. Also, although he's dropping A.J. Green, Leland has the #1 pick from winning the Michael Wiley Loser Bowl, so if Green ends up the best of the bunch he can always redraft him there. I'm not going to say Leland's lock to win it all or anything, because I thought that last year and he didn't even make the playoffs, but if things go to plan, Leland SHOULD be one of the better teams in the league next year.

Dad (Big Bad Bob) 

QB: Cam Newton, Andy Dalton

WR: Devante Adams, Willie Snead, Emmanuel Sanders, Pierre Garcon, Jeremy Maclin, Mohammad Sanu

TE: Lance Kendricks

RB: Devonta Freeman, Frank Gore, Darren Sproles

Potential Keepers: Cam Newton, DeVante Adams, Willie Snead, Emmanuel Sanders, Devonta Freeman

Overview: Man it really looked Dad would have a great team last season because if his high keeper picks of Cam Newton and Jeremy Langford. Unfortunately Cam was TERRIBLE, Langford was WORSE, Thomas Rawls was always hurt and Brandon Marshall SUCKED and it torpedoed Dad's season. By some sort of miracle, he actually finished 8th place. The lone bright spot was a late season trade he made with Ryan for Devonta Freeman and Freeman is a no brainer keep for Dad now in Round 9. The other keeper slot? Not so easy. He can take a risk and hope Cam bounces back and keep him in Round 8, but that's extremely risky. DeVante Adams is interesting, but you're going to have to pay current ADP to keep him.  Willie Snead is a value keep with some potential, and Emmanuel Sanders is as reliable as you can get, and though you're not really getting value, he's a solid option. Whatever Dad does, he also gets the #2 of the draft so hopefully for him, it's the beginning of a rebuilding season after last year's nightmare.

Matt (Light's Broken Bots)

QB: Tom Brady, Russell Wilson

WR: Jordy Nelson, Tyrell Williams, Corey Coleman, Allen Hurns, Josh Gordon, Kelvin Benjamin

TE: Jared Cook, Rob Gronkowski 

RB: Isaish Crowell, Jeremy Hill, Matt Asiata, Charcandrick West, Jamaal Charles

Potential Keepers: Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Jordy Nelson, Kelvin Benjamin, Rob Gronkowski, Isaish Crowell

Overview: Well..Matt's team was another one that was just totally ravaged by injury. So with some solid keeper options and the #3 overall pick, Matt's in a good position to redeem himself from last year. One keeper that's gotta be basically locked in is Jordy Nelson. He's still a 10th round keep and there's no way Matt lets him go there. The other a little trickier. Tom Brady in Round 7 seems like a pretty good steal, but then Isaish Crowell has been gaining steam in fantasy circles and with RB as thin as it is, has the potential to be a bigger steal as an 8th round keep. Matt could decided to be risky again and keep Gronk, but it would cost him his 1st round pick. Matt's decisions will definitely have a big affect on the how the draft goes, so it'll be interesting to see where he goes with his keepers.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Roster Overview: Part II

Here's the 2nd part of Roster Overviews. These will be done in installments of 3.

Eugene (Rocket Man)

QB: Aaron Rodgers

WR: Julio Jones, DeAndre Hopkins, DeVante Parker, Rishard Matthews, J.J. Nelson

RB: Melvin Gordon, Kenneth Dixon, Duke Johnson, Kenneth Farrow, Matt Jones

TE: Martellus Bennett, Travis Kelce 

Potential Keepers: Aaron Rodgers, Julio Jones, DeAndre Hopkins, DeVante Parker, Melvin Gordon, Travis Kelce

Overview: Well..Eugene's choice of keepers intrigues the most. Aaron Rodgers and Julio Jones have been the backbone of his team the past couple of seasons...but with Melvin Gordon having a first round grade and being able to be kept in Round 5..could it be time for a change? Or was Melvin Gordon, who seems to be injury prone, and also sucked his rookie year beyond belief, just a 1 year fluke? Do you go with good ol reliable? Or take a gamble at some fresh blood? What about last year's #1 Tight End (also made the Wane McGarity All Stud Team) Travis Kelce? He'd be a steal in the 6th round as well. DeVante Parker SEEMED to also be a super interesting choice, but with the Tannehill news, even at round 13, there's probably a few guys I'd take ahead of him. DeAndre Hopkins certainly didn't live up to his first round hype last year, but he's still a 3rd round value and may be giving a tiny bit of consideration as well. All I know is there's going to be some good talent being redrafted, the question will be, just exactly who.

Kenny (Easy Beasley)

QB: Matt Ryan, Dak Prescott

WR: Antonio Brown, Amari Cooper, Mike Wallace, Ted Ginn, DeSean Jackson, Golden Tate

RB: Lamar Miller, Jay Ajayi, Matt Forte, Gio Bernard, T.J. Yeldon

TE: Jason Witten

Potential Keepers: Antonio Brown, Amari Cooper, Jay Ajayi, Matt Ryan, Dak Prescott

Overview: So Kenny inherits Mayra's team which means 100% he's keeping Antonio Brown. Let's not even pretend that Brown being available is a possibility. Now a week ago, Jay Ajayi was the 2nd no brainer as a Round 12 Keep. Then he got concussed...THEN Ryan Tannehill went down this week, which downgrades all Dolphins position players. I'd still say the choice is Ajayi becuase of the low risk nature of the keep, however it does open the door a tad to play it safe with either QB (Matt Ryan and Dak would be 8th and 13th round keeps respectively) or even Amari Cooper in the 2nd round (though I'd guess Kenny would want more value in his 2nd keeper). Typical Kenny...already started this season with a thousand important decisions to make.

Mike (Woe Is You)

QB: Derek Carr

WR: Odell Beckham, Terrelle Pryor, Stefon Diggs, Taylor Gabriel, Eric Decker

RB: Jonathan Stewart, Todd Gurley, Tim Hightower, James Starks, Jalen Richard, Shane Vereen, Charles Sims, Alfred Morris

TE: Antonio Gates, Cameron Brate

Potential Keepers: Derek Carr, Odell Beckham, Terrelle Pryor, Stefon Diggs, Todd Gurley

Overview: Mike's got some interesting decisions to make as well. I'd say Beckham is a lock as a 1st round keep but after that, there are some interesting solid choices. Terrelle Pryor has a ton of upside with Washington and he'd be a last round keep. That kind of value is hard to ignore, but there is risk involved that he might bust. It's easy to survive a last round bust though. Stefon Diggs showed potential as well and he'd be a 6th round keep while although Todd Gurley was MEGA shitty last year, but because running back is such a weak position he's still considering a big value as a 6th round keep. Then there's also Derek Carr, who has to be considered as well in the 9th round. Mike's another team to keep an eye on because he's going to be letting go of some good talent regardless of who he keeps.



Sunday, July 30, 2017

Roster Overview Part I

Time to look at last year's rosters for each team and make observations on what each team might be looking to do as far as their keeper situation. I'll be doing this in 4 installments of 3 teams apiece.

Alex (SCLSU MudDogs)

QB- Drew Brees, Marcus Mariota

WR- Larry Fitzgerald, Julian Edelman, Tavon Austin, Tyler Boyd, Travis Benjamin, Torrey Smith

RB- Le'veon Bell, Carlos Hyde, Bilal Powell, Theo Riddick

TE- Delanie Walker, Jimmy Graham

Potential Keepers: Le'Veon Bell, Drew Brees, Marcus Mariota, Bilal Powell, Theo Riddick, Jimmy Graham

Overview: Well, we can pencil in Le'Veon Bell as Alex's first keeper. It's one thing to not keep when you don't have a first round prospect like Alex did last year, but it's another to do it again and let go of a guy you will not see again since Alex picks 11th in the draft. The 2nd keeper is interesting. Do you go with ol' faithful Drew Brees or do you take a value keeper in Marcus Mariota (though he won't be as valuable as a drafted keeper since he'll be kept at ADP position, but it still may be enticing enough to keep). There's also guys that might not seem "keeperish" but could provide excellent value in Bilal Powell, Theo Riddick or Jimmy Graham. It's all about strategy so we'll see what Alex plans to do with his keepers.

Ryan (Hoosier Daddy)

QB- Ben Roethlisberger

WR- Michael Crabtree, Demaryius Thomas, Kenny Britt, John Brown, Brandon LaFell

RB- Ezekiel Elliott, Thomas Rawls, Mark Ingram, Tevin Coleman, Deangelo Williams, Jacquizz Rodgers

TE- Greg Olsen

Potential Keepers: Ezekiel Elliott, Mark Ingram, Ben Roethlisberger, Michael Crabtree, Tevin Coleman, Greg Olsen

Overview: Well, Ryan has a problem off the bat..there's no way you'd drop Zeke, but it's looking like a suspension will cost him a game at the very least. That's tough to swallow, but hey, Alex did it last year with Le'veon and he won it all. I still think it's a no brainer to keep Zeke. The 2nd keep is a bit murkier. There's no standout guy to keep. If you wanna go safe, possibly Greg Olsen, Big Ben or Michael Crabtree. If you want to go high risk/high reward..then Tevin Coleman is intriguing in the 10th round. I doubt Ryan Keeps Ingram in the 2nd, given the Adrian Peterson is now sharing the backfield with him, but he's still there just in case.

Albert (Channel 4 News Team)

QB- Andrew Luck

WR-  T.Y. Hilton, Doug Baldwin, Will Fuller, Dontrelle Inman, Jordan Matthews

RB- Jordan Howard, LeSean McCoy, Ty Montgomery, Derrick Henry, Justin Forsett, Doug Martin

TE- Tyler Eifert, C.J. Fiedorowicz

Potetinal Keepers: Andrew Luck, T.Y. Hilton, Doug Baldwin, Jordan Howard, LeSean McCoy, Ty Montgomery, Derrick Henry, Tyler Eifert

Overview: Man...this team is BRIMMING with legit keepable prospects. It's going to be tough to week through. Under last year's rules, Jordan Howard would've been a no brainer keep since he was undrafted last year. Unfortunately for Albert, the rule change would make Howard a 1st round keep..which makes Howard an extremely risky keeper. He could be legit, a top 5 RB, like he showed last year. Or he could be Jeremy Langford. LeSean McCoy seems like a no brainer keep too...but then you worry about injury and age..injuries also come into play with Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton but you can't deny their talent. How about Doug Baldwin, who seems to be underrated, or Tyler Eifert a top flight Tight End when healthy at a double digit round price? There's also the possibility of taking a flier on Derrick Henry and hoping he steals the job away from DeMarco Murray either through an injury to Murray or sheer talent. And is Ty Montgomery a legit RB? If he is, is he worthy of a keep? So many questions that need to be answered. Sometimes to much of a good thing is a problem. We'll see if it is for Albert.


Saturday, July 22, 2017

Year 8 of the Wane McGarity Bowl has ARRIVED!

Well, we are slowly but surely getting closer and closer to yet another season of Fantasy Football! We are ready for year #8 of the Wane McGarity Bowl. Pretty crazy that we're nearing a decade of this crazy unpredictable league. Speaking of unpredictable, that's where we last left off as Alex Kronberger defied all odds and became Wane McGarity Bowl champion narrowly edging out Ryan in the championship game. Alex proved to everyone that it really doesn't matter who has the best keeper prospects or best looking team on paper, all it takes is smart drafting, and a little bit of luck and anyone has a chance at winning it all. Can he recapture the magic for a second straight year? Or will Albert or Leland get their chance at an unprecedented 3 championships? Will there be a new "Alex" that comes outta nowhere to win it all? All questions that no one has any answers to until we start playing the games! Before we start that though, let's reintroduce the 12 owners who will be playing this season! I added an extra little descriptor this year, citing everyone's connection to me in this league. Though most of yall don't know each other personally, the reason most of yall are in this league is because of your tie to me so I thought it'd be interesting to show everyone how we all crossed paths.

The Reigning Wane McGarity Bowl Champion
Alex Kronberger (SCLSU MudDogs)
4th Season
Connection to me: Friend from Stripes
Playoff Appearances: 2
Previous Season Finishes: 5th in 2014
                                           9th in 2015
                                           1st in 2016

Last year's surprise champion, won't be any kind of surprise this year as he official becomes "the hunted". Deciding to start from complete scratch last year paid off handsomely for Alex (along with taking a chance and drafting Le'Veon Bell who was suspended). I'd imagine Alex will be defending his championship with Le'Veon Bell in tow this season. Can Alex be the first since 2012 to break the "Championship Curse" streak, where no Champion (or Runner Up for that matter) has made the playoffs the following year since Albert in year 3? We'll find out if Alex can duplicate his excellent drafting from last season and successfully defend his title.

Ryan McKinnis (Hoosier Daddy)
8th Season
Connection to me: College Friend
Playoff Appearances: 3
Previous Season Finishes- 8th in 2010
                                           3rd in 2011
                                           3rd in 2012
                                          11th in 2013
                                            8th in 2014

                                          11th in 2015
                                            2nd in 2016
Ryan's one of the few guys that's played in every season and last season was his best season ever. He finished with one of the best regular season records of all time and came withing mere points of finishing his magical season with a fantasy football championship. Things won't be easy this time around as a threat of a suspension looms over his franchise running back Ezekiel Elliott. Can Ryan survive the potential disaster? Hopefully he drafts a team that can sustain the inevitable blow. 

Albert Rodriguez (Channel 4 News Team)
8th Season
Connection to me: Friend from Eckerd (Now CVS..yep..we've known each other THAT LONG)
Playoff Appearances: 5
Previous Season Finishes- 1st in 2010
                                           1st in 2011
                                           2nd in 2012
                                          12th in 2013

                                           4th in 2014
                                          10th in 2015
                                           3rd in 2016
Albert's had a very successful run in the 8 years he's been in our league. The crazy thing? His run could be EVEN BETTER had it not been for some unlucky bounces his way. It's entirely conceivable that Albert could've been in 5 Wane McGarity Bowl Championship Games had it not been for some last minute roster decisions on his end, not that 2 Titles, 3 Finals Appearances and a 3rd place finish last year is anything to sneeze at. It's been a while since Albert's won it all though, and he's always a threat to put a winning, dangerous team out there. 

Eugene Lawrence (Rocket Man)
5th Season
Connection to me: Brother to our good ol' "Internet Guy" Leland
Playoff Appearances: 3
Previous Season Finishes- 7th in 2013
                                           3rd in 2014
                                           3rd in 2015
                                           4th in 2016
In his 5th season, Eugene's had a pretty good run so far in our league. 3 straight playoff appearances (all in the final four). It seemed like Eugene had a solid shot to get to his first finals last year, as he spent most of the season neck and neck with Ryan, but he ultimately fell to Alex's super hot team. Still a combination of solid keeper choices yet again (should be interesting to see where he goes there) will definitely keep Eugene in the mix as a title contender.

Mike Posey (Woe Is You)
6th Season
Connection to me: College Friend
Playoff Appearances: 3
Previous Finishes: 6th in 2010
                              8th in 2011
                              5th in 2012
                              4th in 2013
                             DNP in 2014
                             DNP in 2015
                              6th in 2016
After two years out of the game, Mike made his return to our league and made the playoffs in his first year back. Not a bad reintroduction to the league. He'll look to build on that momentum and do something he hasn't done in the previous 5 years he's been in the league, place in the top 3. He has some solid keeper prospects at his disposal so we'll see what decisions he makes for this upcoming season.

Leland Lawrence (No Soup For You)
7th Season
Connection To Me: Blowout Card Forums Member. Answered an open call I posted on there. The one and only "Internet Guy"
Playoff Appearances: 3
Previous Season Finishes- 4th in 2011
                                           1st in 2012
                                           9th in 2013
                                          11th in 2014 

                                           1st in 2015
                                           7th in 2016
The bad news? Leland was considered by most of the league to be the Golden State Warriors of fantasy football last year. By those standards, his team was a massive disappointment not even making the playoffs mainly thanks to the underachieving of 6th round keeper Todd Gurley and glut of interchangeable Wide Receivers.  The silver lining? Thanks to winning the Michael Wiley Loser Bowl and thus earning the #1 pick of the draft and once again having solid keepers in super low rounds in David Johnson and Michael Thomas, Leland seems to be once again be the front runner for winning it all. He'll be gunning for a third title and if anyone can draft a championship caliber team it's Leland. Will his guys fail him yet again...or redeem themselves from last year's disappointment. 

Robert Puente (BigBadBob)
7th Season
Connection to me: Dad
Playoff Appearances: 4
Previous Finishes- 5th in 2011
                               6th in 2012
                               3rd in 2013                                

                               9th in 2014 
                               5th in 2015
                               8th in 2016
What a disaster season Dad has last year. He lost 11 straight weeks before beating me and Mike at the end of the season, then went on this underdog run in the Michael Wiley Loser Bowl to the finals where he ultimately got destroyed by Leland. Cam Newton was a disaster, but as the old adage goes "it can't really get worse" can it? Dad will be picking #2 and does have a great keeper thanks to a trade with Ryan last year to acquire Devonta Freeman (who he can keep in the 9th round). Last year was only the 2nd time Dad failed to reach the playoffs, so here's hoping he can right the ship this season.

Matt Gonzales (Light's Broken Bots)
8th Season
Connection To Me: Cousin
Playoff Appearances: 3
Previous Season Finishes- 4th in 2010
                                           9th in 2011
                                           4th in 2012
                                           8th in 2013

                                           1st in 2014
                                           7th in 2015
                                           9th in 2016
Sigh..what could've been. Matt was in prime position to build a Dream Team of sorts with his potential keepers and #1 pick of last year's draft. Unfortunately his draft was plagued with injuries to his top picks and Matt never recovered. The good news though, just like Leland, Matt's got another chance to right the ship as he still has excellent keeper prospects and the #3 pick of the draft. It hasn't been great for Matt since that's glorious championship in 2014, but all it takes is a little luck to bounce his way and he'll back in the thick of things in no time.

Marc Freeman (Shock The Monkey)
5th Season
Connection To Me: Friend From Stripes
Playoff Appearances: 2
Previous Season Finshes- 6th in 2013
                                         10th in 2014

                                         2nd in 2015
                                        10th in 2016
From the get go Marc has the most volatile team in the league. Immensely talented but just so injury prone and unreliable and that's exactly what attributed to his 10th finish after making the finals the year before. The good news though? There was a bright spot in DeMarco Murray and proved he was still an elite fantasy back and his price is low for Marc to build around and make a solid run at a championship. We'll see if Marc can get some "Pro Bowlers" on his squad this season.

Chris Puente (Catch My Javelin!)
8th Season
Playoff Appearances: 4
Previous Finishes-3rd in 2010
                             2nd in 2011
                             9th in 2012
                             1st in 2013
                            12th in 2014
                                              4th in 2015
                           11th in 2016
So yes...last year was just a combination of off the field factors and league factors to caused my nearly every week meltdown and destruction in what was for me, the most unfun, frustrating season I've ever experienced. That's all behind me and now, and I look forward to hopefully rebounding from such a bad year and be competitive and make the playoffs. I can't promise I won't overreact to losing (that's just me and you should know this by now, lol) but I can promise it won't be nearly as bad as it was last year. I'm ready to go and hopefully this season can erase the bad taste last season left in my mouth.

Andrew Mata (BABY CARROTS)
7th Season
Connection To Me: Cousin
Playoff Appearances: 3
Previous Finishes: 2nd in 2010
                              DNP in 2011
                              8th in 2012
                             10th in 2013  

                             6th in 2014
                             6th in 2015
                            12th in 2016 

Ya know, it's actually kind of crazy how poorly Drew's team have performed, considering he's one of the most knowledgeable players in the league. I hadn't realized that the highest he's finished is 6th after making the finals in the first ever season of the league. This past year Drew's team hit absolute rock bottom with a 12th place finish. His team was ravaged by injuries and Allen Robinson being a bust even as a 6th round keeper. Drew's definitely got his work cut out for him, but if there's someone who can dig himself out of a hole into contention, it's him. 

Well, that's 11 players accounted for which means yes..we've lost someone. Mayra has decided to leave the league and her replacement should be to the surprise of no one. Introducing team #12..

Kenny Bybee (Easy Beasley)
7th Season
Connection To Me: Best Friend Since Middle School
Playoff Appearances:  2
Previous Finishes- 5th in 2010
                               6th in 2011
                               7th in 2012
                               2nd in 2013
                               7th in 2014 

                               8th in 2015
                               DNP in 2016 
 Did ya really think he'd stay away?? Kenny just needed to recharge his batteries after back to back disappointing frustrating seasons. His reward? A team that includes keeper prospects Antonio Brown and Jay Ajayi (in the 12th round). After only 1 top 3 finish in his first 6 seasons in the league, let's see if Kenny can make a triumphant return to the league and become a title contender.

And those are our 12 teams! It's the beginning of what's no doubt going to be a very interesting season!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Year End Awards: Wane McGarity All Stud Team/Wane McGarity Stud Of The Year

The last awards given out are the most prestigious awards given out. The players who made the most impact in our league make the elusive All Stud Team. Also, the most impactful player of the season will be named the Stud Of The Year. So without further ado....the 2015 Wane McGarity Bowl All Stud Team

Aaron Rodgers (Rocket Man)
QB Rank: 1
Overall Rank: 1
1st Selection To All Stud Team
4,428 Passing Yards, 40 Passing TD's, 7 INT's, 369 Rushing Yards, 4 Rushing TD's, 2 2PT Conversions, 4 Fumbles Lost, 423.52 Fantasy Points
Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions : News Photo 
Once again he was the anchor for Eugene's team, leading them to a 2nd place regular season finish and a bye. Had Eugene's team not falling apart, there would've been a solid chance Eugene would've made the Finals. Surprisingly, this is Rodgers first nod to the All Stud Team. Even when he was "slumping" in real life, he was nothing but money in the fantasy world. He was by far the best QB this season and it's long overdue he gets a chance to make this squad.

Antonio Brown (Bigger Balls)
WR Rank: 3
Overall Rank: 30
3rd Selection to All Stud Team
106 Receptions, 1,284 Receiving Yards, 12 Receiving TD's, 254.30 Fantasy Points
Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers : News Photo 
The ranking is skewered because he sat out Week 17 and still only finished 2 points behind Jordy Nelson for best receiver this season. Antonio Brown once again proved just how good he is, helping Mayra get to the playoffs and making his record tying (with Gronk and Calvin Johnson) 3rd All Stud Team. This was even considered a "down" season for Brown who still finished with over 1,200 receiving yards, double digit TD's, and over 100 catches. Guy is money year in and year out.

Odell Beckham Jr. (Woe Is You)
WR Rank: 4
Overall Rank: 31
2nd Selection To All Stud Team
101 Receptions, 1,367 Receiving Yards, 10 Receiving TD's, 1 Fumble Lost, 246.10 Fantasy Points
NFL: DEC 22 Giants at Eagles : News Photo 
On paper, with all the injuries he suffered, there was no way Mike should've made the playoffs. With Odell Beckham on his squad though, he was able to sneak into the playoffs. Beckham once again had a terrific season, after a slow start, finishing with over 1,300 receiving yards, double digit TD's, and 100 receptions. It's the second time he's made the team and was well worth the 3rd pick overall for Mike.

Jordy Nelson (Light's Broken Bots)
WR Rank: 1
Overall Rank: 28
2nd Selection to All Stud Team
97 Receptions, 1,257 Receiving Yards, 14 Receiving TD's, 1 Fumble Lost, 256.20 Fantasy Points
Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers : News Photo 
It was hard deciding the 3rd Wide Receiver for this team. I typically like to pick guys who played on teams that made the playoffs, but sometimes players have seasons too good to ignore regardless of what team they are on. This was a coinflip between Nelson and Mike Evans, but since Matt's squad finished higher and Evans kinda slumped at the end of the season, I'm giving the nod to Jordy. Jordy made the inaugural 2011 squad and 5 years later, he's back! What a story. After missing all of last year with a ACL injury, Nelson came back with a vengeance this season and proved to everyone just how elite he really is. He finishes as the #1 receiver in fantasy football. Matt had a lot of problems with injuries that lost his season, Jordy did his best to keep it afloat. At the very least, there's no doubt Matt's keeping him again as a 10th round keeper.

Ezekiel Elliott (Hoosier Daddy)
RB Rank: 2
Overall Rank: 8
1st Selection to All Stud Team
1,631 Rushing Yards, 15 Rushing TD's, 32 Receptions, 363 Receiving Yards, 1 Receiving TD, 1 Fumble Lost, 309.40 Fantasy Points
NFL: DEC 26 Lions at Cowboys : News Photo 
For a guy who had sooooooo much hype coming in to the season and EXCEED expectations is beyond amazing, but that's exactly what Zeke did this year. Not only has he been a vital part to the Cowboys Super Bowl run this year, but he helped Ryan have his best ever finish in his 7 years playing. Ryan finished as the highest league scorer, the best regular season record, and carried Ryan's team on his back to get Ryan to his first ever finals. He also did his very best to complete a comeback in the finals, but of no fault of his own, was benched in the 4th quarter of the meaningless game against the Lions when the game was out of hand. He led the league in rushing (even with missing Week 17) and Ryan was rewarded big time for taking a chance on him with the 2nd overall pick. Don't be surprised if he's a mainstay on this team in the foreseeable future.

Le'Veon Bell (SCLSU MudDogs)
RB Rank: 3
Overall Rank: 21
2nd Selection to All Stud Team
1,268 Rushing Yards, 7 Rushing TD's, 75 Receptions, 616 Receiving Yards, 2 Receiving TD's, 1 2 PT Conversion, 1 Fumble Lost, 279.90 Fantasy Points
Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers : News Photo 
He missed 3 games due to suspension, and sat out Week 17 and STILL finished as the #3 back in fantasy football. Bell proved once again that he's one of the best backs in the league, when he's not acting like an idiot and getting suspended for stupid shit. That was the worry that came with drafting him this year. It's why Mayra reluctantly let him go. He was going to miss 3 games off the bat. Alex though, took that chance and he rode Bell all the way to his first ever Fantasy Football Championship. Bell is such a huge threat in both the running and passing game that it's impossible to contain him. Proof? Look at his playoff run. Nearly 50 points in Round 1, and nearly 30 points in the most important game of the season, the Wane McGarity Bowl. He was big time when it mattered, and was the #1 reason Alex beat Ryan this year. Scary to think what kind of monster stats, Le'Veon Bell with a full season could put up.

Travis Kelce (Rocket Man)
TE Rank: 1
Overall Rank: 61
1st Selection to All Stud Team
85 Receptions, 1,125 Receiving Yards, 4 Receiving TD's, 1 2 PT Conversion, 180.50 Fantasy Points
BRONCOS-CHIEFS week 16 : News Photo 
Tight End seemed REALLY BAD this in point, Kelce finished as the #1 Tight End in scoring this year...overall he's ranked 61. Regardless, we've been waiting for Kelce to breakout for a couple years and he just never got the real opportunity...until now. Kelce finally was more involved in the offense and took advantage of the opportunity catching 85 balls and going for over 1,100 receiving yards. The TD's were kind of lacking, but the yardage was there to more than makeup for it. It's a shame injuires stripped away any chance of Eugene making a real playoff run this season. I think a team led by Aaron Rodgers, with a healthy Julio Jones, Melvin Gordon and then having the #1 tight end in the game, Travis Kelce, could've definitely contended with both Ryan and Alex. Just a shame we'll never know what could've been.

David Johnson (No Soup For You)
RB Rank: 1
Overall Rank: 4
1st Selection to All Stud Team
1,239 Rushing Yards, 16 Rushing TD's, 80 Receptions, 879 Receiving Yards, 4 Receiving TD's, 1 2 PT conversion, 3 Fumbles Lost, 367.80 Fantasy Points
Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams : News Photo 
You can point all the fingers you want on why Leland's team underachieved so much, but one guy who did his job and more was David Johnson. There's no way he CAN'T make this team, and if this was a general award, and not league specific, David Johnson is hands down the MVP of fantasy football. All the guy did was lead all non QB players in scoring (by a WIDE margin), score 20 TD's and have over 2,000 yards rushing and receiving. It blows my mind that Leland wasn't able to make the playoffs with this guy on his roster, but he did win the Michael Wiley Loser Bowl, which means he gets to pick wherever he wants and get David Johnson some help for next season. The crazy thing about it? David Johnson is a 14th round keeper. Even if he regresses a little bit, there's no risk at all. Leland will be a force next season, and David Johnson will be the centerpiece of that team.

Wane McGarity Stud Of The Year
Ezekiel Elliott (Hoosier Daddy)
Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys : News Photo
  This was tough...really tough..I even thought about going Co-Studs Of The Year, but I'm really not a fan of splitting the award. Bell was beyond amazing this season and when it counted, Bell came though in the clutch big time...but so did Zeke...and Zeke had to do it in the two biggest games of Ryan's fantasy football career. Unfortunately, though Zeke came though in the Wane McGarity Bowl, Ryan still came up less than 5 points short, but he wouldn't have even been that close if hadn't been for Zeke. No, he can blame shitty Thomas Rawls and Kenny Britt for his loss, not Zeke. Overall, Zeke helped Ryan to the 2nd best regular season record in league history, and scored 30 more points than Bell (thanks to Bell's suspension, which also played a part in this decision). It's by the smallest of small margins, but Zeke gets the nod by a hair and is this year's Wane McGarity Stud of The Year.

And now this will officially wrap up Season 7 of the Wane McGarity Bowl! I hope everyone had a great time. It flew by fast and before you know'll be June again and time for Season 8!! Thanks again to everyone for playing, the league only runs, because you guys chose to play and play the right way! See yall next season!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Year End Awards: All Draft Day Steal Team/Draft Day Steal Of The Year

It happens every year. Players outperform their draft position big time. You go back and look and go "wow I can't believe this guy was taken in the 10th round" etc. Here are the players who had a way bigger impact than their draft position would have indicated. Keepers are excluded from this team

Matt Ryan (Bigger Balls)
Drafted: 8th Round (92nd Overall) by Mayra
# of QB's Kept/Drafted Ahead of Matt Ryan: 12
QB Rank: 2
Overall Rank: 2
4,944 Passing Yards, 38 Passing TD's, 7 Int, 117 Rushing Yards, 2 2 Pt Conversions, 2 Fumbles Lost, 388.96 Fantasy Points
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons : News Photo 
In the past, Matt Ryan has always been in that Philip Rivers, Matthew Stafford group of QB's where it FEELS LIKE he has all the upside in the world, but ultimately he disappoints and you can't really win with him. This year he FINALLY broke through fantasy wise. Ryan was terrific all season ,throwing a TD pass in each game he played and helped Mayra secure a #3 seed in the playoffs. He finished as not only the 2nd QB but 2nd overall scorer in the league. Teams like Dad and Matt took two QB's each over Matt Ryan. Hands down he was the best QB steal of the draft.

Michael Thomas (No Soup For You)
Drafted: 10th Round (109th Overall) By Leland
# of WR's Kept/Drafted ahead Of Michael Thomas: 48
WR Rank: 7
Overall Rank: 44
92 Receptions, 1,137 Receiving Yards, 9 Receiving TD's, 2 Fumble Lost, 209.70 Fantasy Points
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons : News Photo 
Leland definitely had a disappointing season, considering expectations, but he's good at finding gems late in the draft and that's what he found here in Michael Thomas. He wasn't even the first rookie drafted, Corey Coleman and Sterling Shepard were two rookies drafted before him, also Leland used his first of two back to back late picks on Devin Funchess. Thomas more than exceeded expectations and went over 1,000 yards receiving, scored 9 TD's and finished as the 7th overall receiver this season. Saints receivers are obviously hard to rely on because Drew Brees spreads the ball around, but as a 10th rounder, I think the risk is going to be worth it, and he might be a key piece for Leland as he rebuilds his team to championship form next year.

Michael Crabtree (Hoosier Daddy)
Drafted: 6th Round (71st Overall) By Ryan
# of WR's Kept/Drafted Ahead of Michael Crabtree: 37
WR Rank: 11
Overall Rank: 50
89 Receptions, 1,003 Receiving Yards, 8 Receiving TD's, 1 2 PT Conversion, 194.80 Fantasy Points
Denver Broncos vs. against the Oakland Raiders, NFL Week 17 : News Photo  
Crabtree was drafted as Ryan's #3 receiver behind Sammy Watkins and John Brown. He's lucky he did, because both of those guys busted BIG TIME. Ryan survived the bust and finished with the best regular season record of the season in large part to the success of Michael Crabtree. He wasn't even supposed to be the best receiver on his own team, that was supposed to be Amari Cooper. Cooper wasn't too far off from Crabtree's scoring, but Cooper was also a 2nd round pick. Michael Crabtree finished the season as a WR #1 with over 1,000 yards receiving and 8 TD's. Not bad for a guy drafted after 37 receivers were kept or drafted.

Larry Fitzgerald (SCLSU MudDogs)
Drafted: 5th Round (52nd Overall) By Alex
# of WR's Kept/Drafted Ahead of Larry Fitzgerald: 32
WR Rank: 13
Overall Rank: 54
107 Receptions, 1,023 Receiving Yards, 6 Receiving TD's, 1 Fumble Lost, 190.30 Fantasy Points
New Orleans Saints v Arizona Cardinals : News Photo 
Moves like this are why Alex and Ryan made the finals and why Alex ultimately won. Thought the old and washed up, Fitzgerald wasn't even the first OR second receiver taken from the Cardinals. I stupidly took Michael Floyd and Ryan took John Brown before Alex snapped up the "old has been" Fitzgerald. Though he kinda slowed down towards the end of the season, he still had a great season and help push Alex to a playoff berth this season going for over 1,000 yards and catching over 100 balls. He finished 1 spot under a WR1 finish proving that the old man still has a little left in that tank.

Melvin Gordon (Rocket Man)
Drafted: 5th Round (58th Overall) By Eugene
# of RB's Kept/Drafted before Melvin Gordon:  23
RB Rank: 7
Overall Rank: 35
997 Rushing Yards, 10 Rushing TD's, 41 Receptions, 419 Receiving Yards, 2 Receiving TD's, 2 Fumble Lost, 230.10 Fantasy Points
NFL: DEC 04 Buccaneers at Chargers : News Photo 
What a turnaround. Last season, Gordon was beyond awful, not even scoring a TD after being a much hyped rookie. This year, Gordon did a complete 180, becoming a complete back in both rushing and receiving and become a legit RB1. It was hard to believe, and I kept doubting him, but he NEVER fell off. Only a season ending injury that cost him pretty much the last 4 games of the season stopped him. No doubt he probably would've been a top 5 back but even with missing 4 games he still finished as the 7th best running back this season. Along with Aaron Rodgers and Julio Jones, Gordon was the main reason why Eugene got his 2nd straight bye. Unfortunately he showed just how valuable he was, because Eugene couldn't even score 60 points with him and Julio Jones out with injuries in the semi finals. I think Eugene has to take a long good look as possibly keeping him, especially in the 5th round.

DeMarco Murray (Shock The Monkey)
Drafted: 4th Round (38th Overall) by Mark
# of RB's Kept/Drafted before DeMarco Murray: 18
RB Rank: 5
Overall Rank: 25
1,287 Rushing Yards, 9 Rushing TD's, 53 Receptions, 377 Receiving Yards, 3 Receiving TD's, 1 Fumble Lost, 268.30 Fantasy Points
Tennessee Titans v Kansas City Chiefs : News Photo 
After a BRUTAL year last year in Philadelphia where everyone basically wrote Murray off and credited his initial success in Dallas to their offensive line, Murray was basically given away to the Titans. Even in Tennessee, it was thought that he would be a placeholder for Derrick Henry, the Heisman Winning rookie that the Titans took in the 2nd round of the draft. Well..not so fast. Murray had a career rebirth with the Titans, performing like the Murray from Dallas. Although Mark had a terrible season, it wasn't because of Murray who finished as a top 5 running back for the year. When you're in the elite class of Zeke, Le'Veon Bell, David Johnson, and LeSean McCoy you know you've done well. Not bad for an after thought 4th round pick.
Jimmy Graham (SCLSU MudDogs)
Drafted: 11th Round (124th Overall) By Alex
# of TE's Kept/Drafted Ahead of Jimmy Graham: 14
TE Rank: 4
Overall Rank: 84
65 Receptions, 923 Receiving Yards, 6 Receiving TD's, 2 Fumble Lost, 156.80 Fantasy Points
Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks : News Photo 
Alex has his soft spot for Saints and ex Saints and that's why he took a shot in the 11th round on Jimmy Graham. Graham is a couple years removed from being considering a top elite option like Gronk, and he wasn't even Alex' first Tight End drafted, Alex drafted Delanie Walker a few rounds earlier, but Graham finally put together a nice comeback season, finishing nearly with 1,000 receiving, and finishing as the 4th best Tight End this season. He provided Alex with good depth and Alex even had the luxury of chosing to use two tight ends as Walker was no slouch either finishing as the #5 tight end. This was definitely a gamble that paid off in spades.

LaGarrette Blount (Bay Area Tanners)
Drafted: 8th Round (91st Overall) By Albert; Traded by Albert along with A.J. Green to me for Jordan Matthews and LeSean McCoy
# of RB's Kept/Drafted before LaGarrette Blount: 35
RB Rank: 8
Overall Rank: 36
1,161 Rushing Yards, 18 Rushing TD's, 7 Receptions, 38 Receiving Yards, 1 Fumble Lost, 229.40 Fantasy Points  
NFL: JAN 01 Patriots at Dolphins : News Photo 
Because it's the Patriots and no one trusts Bill Belicheck, Blount was really never taken seriously as a legit fantasy RB1, with people assuming that Dion Lewis and James White would eat into Blount's production big time as the season went on, yet at 1,100 rushing yards and 18 TD's later there he is, the 8th best running back of the season. He got stuck on my loser team, but he performed week in and week out. Because you never know with the Pats, Blount will probably get disrespected in drafts yet again next season, but he has proven to be a very reliable back, not only in fantasy, but in real life.

Draft Day Steal Of The Year
Melvin Gordon (Rocket Man)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v San Diego Chargers : News Photo 
I chose Gordon for a couple reasons. I really believe he'd be a top 5 back this season had he not missed 4 games at the end of the season and two of those 4 games were playoff games for Eugene that Eugene lost, so it just shows how valuable he was to his team. Eugene might's at the very least finished 3rd had Gordon been healthy and played.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Year End Awards: All Waiver Wire Team/Waiver Wire Pickup Of The Year

Waiver Wire Pickups are essential in fantasy football. Teams are constantly scouring free agents looking for the next gem to help ride their team to a fantasy championship. Every year a handful guys break out from fantasy irrelevance to fantasy superstardom. Here's the best of this year's crop. Drafted players who were cut early and then picked back up do qualify for this team.

QB-Believe it or not, no QB qualifies for this award. Everyone's main QB was drafted

Devante Adams (BigBadBob)
75 Receptions, 997 Receiving Yards, 12 Receiving TD's, 1 2 PT Conversion, 1 Fumble Lost, 209.20 Fantasy Points
WR Rank: 8
 Overall Rank: 45

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions : News Photo 
Dad might not have gotten a full season worth of him, but he's been a stud on Dad's team ever since Dad picked him off waivers. He went from a 3rd round dud last year to an undrafted stud this year. This was the player Kenny was hoping for last season. Adams had nearly 1,000 yards receiving and 12 TD's and basically has made Randall Cobb an afterthought. Dad might not have had a great season, but picking up Davante Adams on free agents was definitely one of his best moves of the season.

Tyreek Hill (Shock The Monkey)
267 Rushing Yards, 3 Rushing TD's, 61 Receptions, 593 Receiving Yards, 6 receiving TD's, 3 Return TD's, 1 Fumble Lost, 186.5 Fantasy Points
WR Rank: 14
Overall Rank: 55
Kansas City Chiefs v San Diego Chargers : News Photo 
Talk about your ultimate do it all player. Because he was buried on Mark's team few paid attention to the amazing season Hill had. With the Chiefs offense sputtering without the likes of Jamaal Charles and Jeremy Maclin most of the season, Hill did a little bit of everything to keep the offense afloat. Kick Returns, Receiving, Rushing, Hill's speed was unmatched by many. It's hard to gauge where Hill will go in next season's drafts, but he had a pretty solid season for an undrafted fantasy player.

Tyrell Williams (Light's Broken Bots)
69 Receptions, 1,059 Receiving Yards, 7 Receiving TD's, 182.4 Fantasy Points
WR Rank: 16
Overall Rank: 58
San Diego Chargers v Cleveland Browns : News Photo 
It's a shame that so far, all these successful pickups were made by non playoff teams. These guys could've provided huge boosts to the fringe playoff teams that made the playoffs instead of wasting away their talents for basically nothing. Tyrell Williams basically got his opportunity when Keenan Allen suffered a season ending injury in Week 1. Initially thought to be buried on the depth chart behind Travis Benjamin and Dontrelle Inman, Williams quickly established himself as Philip Rivers' go to guy and finished the season with over 1,000 yards, 7 TD's and a top 20 WR finish. WR was full of disappointments and busts from the name guys and it's guys like Tyrell Williams that help ease the pain for those who drafted poorly at WR.

Jordan Howard (Channel 4 News Team)
1,313 Rushing Yards, 6 Rushing TD's, 29 Receptions, 298 Receiving Yards, 1 Receiving TD, 1 Fumble Lost, 215.6 Fantasy Points
RB Rank: 10
Overall Rank: 41
Washington Redskins v Chicago Bears : News Photo 
Oh boy did Albert find a gem here. When Matt Forte left for the Jets and based on last season, it was a no brainer that Jeremy Langford was going to be the man for this team. The Bears curiously drafted Howard, but most felt it was Langford's job and he wouldn't lose it. Well, not only did Langford suck, he got hurt and it gave Jordan Howard a chance to shine and that he did. He had a brief slump and Kadeem Carey took over for a tiny bit, but Howard bounced back quickly and without playing a full season amassed over 1,300 rushing yards and 7 total TD's. He provided Albert the RB depth he needed after losing Doug Martin to injury and trading away LaGarrette Blount. If Albert would've have one a title, Howard would've been a huge reason why. Albert still finished 3rd though and Jordan Howard's play was a big reason why.

Bilal Powell (SCLSU MudDogs)
722 Rushing Yards, 3 Rushing TD's, 58 Receptions, 388 Receiving Yards, 2 Receiving TD's, 1 Fumble Lost, 168 Fantasy Points
RB Rank: 21
Overall Rank: 72
NFL: JAN 01 Bills at Jets : News Photo 
So despite being drafted, Powell gets the exemption because Alex dropped him right away, even before the season opener on September 8th and then I picked up him, dropped him too, and Alex picked him up in Late October and never looked back. Powell's a great back, but playing behind Matt Forte was limiting his touches. When Forte was dealing with nagging injuries though, Powell came up HUGE at the right time for Alex...playoff time. His performance in the 2nd round of the Wane McGarity Bowl Playoffs, helped him dispatch Eugene with ease. If Powell does somehow become the #1 back here, he'd be eligible to kept in the round he was drafted in. Definitely something to think about for next season for our defending champion.

Dennis Pitta (BigBadBob)
86 Receptions, 729 Receiving Yards, 2 Receiving TD's, 1 Fumble Lost, 125.90 Fantasy Points
TE Rank: 10
Overall Rank: 121
Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers : News Photo 
I picked Pitta over Cameron Brate, because Pitta was used more overall this season first by me, then in a trade for Brandon Marshall by Dad. Yup...Dad traded for Pitta and gave up Brandon Marshall and WON THE TRADE...that's how awful Marshall was, but also how solid Pitta was. Tight End is a typical suckfest position scoring wise, so the stats might not wow anyone (especially the lack of TD's, Pitta's two TD's came in the same game), but coming off a serious injury, Pitta had a respectable 86 catches for over 700 yards and a Top 10 tight end finish for the season. Not bad for a guy who had guys like Virgil Green and Jordan Cameron picked over him.

Terrelle Pryor Sr. (Woe Is You)
41 Passing Yards, 77 Receptions, 1007 Receiving Yards, 4 Receiving TD's, 21 Rushing Yards, 1 Rushing TD, 1 2 Pt Conversion, 174.94 Fantasy Points
WR Rank: 21
Overall Rank: 69
NFL: JAN 01 Browns at Steelers : News Photo 
Fantasy wise, one of the coolest stories of the season. Pryor was a failed QB in the pros converted into a Wide Receiver playing for the CLEVELAND BROWNS. Recipe for disaster right? DEAD WRONG. Pryor was super solid, nearly finishing as a top 20 Receiver this season, and going over 1,000 receiving yards for the season. Waiver moves like getting Pryor were the reason that Mike was able to survive season ending injuries to his top two wide receivers and make the playoffs.

Waiver Wire Pickup Of The Year
Jordan Howard (Channel 4 News Team)
Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears : News Photo 
A top 10 running back that helped solidify Albert as a championship contender, no doubt Howard is the Waiver Wire Pickup Of The Year.