Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Week 9 Matchups and Predictions

On to Week 9 we go....

Danny's Little Giants (5-3)  vs
Bigger Balls (5-3)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Series tied 1-1
Last Matchup: I beat Mayra 106-98.5 in the 9th Place game of the 2012 Michael Wiley Loser Bowl

Key Players

Danny's Little Giants: Philip Rivers (Redskins) Brandon Marshall (Packers) Vincent Jackson (Seahawks) Pierre Garcon (Chargers) LeSean McCoy (Raiders) Jason Witten (Vikings)

Bigger Balls: Aaron Rodgers (Bears) Dez Bryant (Vikings) Antonio Brown (Patriots) Darren Sproles (Jets)

Wild Cards
Danny's Little Giants: Brandon Marshall's QB Situation. Difficult matchup for V-Jax. 50-50 timeshare for Chris Johnson? Slumping McCoy, Garcon, Witten

Bigger Balls: No Vernon Davis/Knowshon Moreno. RB production.

Yahoo Says: I win 101-94
I say: I win. I gotta believe I can win, because I really need this win. On paper, hands down I look like the better team. On the field is a different story. Brandon Marshall no longer has Jay Cutler throwing to him, LeSean McCoy has been mediocre since the first couple of weeks, Pierre Garcon has been too. Jason Witten looks like the odd man out in Dallas, and Vincent Jackson, while a stud, faces a tough Seattle secondary. I'm nervous about that big time. I still believe I have enough talent to take the W...I hope so anyway.

Shock The Monkey (6-2) vs
Tebow4President (2-6)

No Matchup Stats

Key Players
Shock The Monkey: Matt Ryan (Panthers) Matt Forte (Packers) Rob Gronkowski (Steelers) Heath Miller (Patriots)

Tebow4President: Tom Brady (Steelers) Steve Smith (Falcons) Torrey Smith (Browns) Danny Woodhead (Redskins)

Wild Cards
Shock The Monkey: Gronk's health. Matt Ryan's bounce back. WR Production

Tebow4President: His whole team (yes again lol)

Yahoo Says: Mark wins
I Say: Mark wins. I don't know who Leland is going to put in for Brandon Gibson and and C.J. Spiller but I don't think it's going to matter. Even though Mark's team looks weak as well, it should be good enough to get past Leland.

Dr. Light's Robots (3-5)    vs
Springville-Warrior (3-5)

No Matchup Stats

Key Players
Dr. Light's Robots: Robert Griffin III (Chargers) Jordy Nelson (Bears) Jamaal Charles (Bills) Jordan Reed (Chargers)

Springville-Warrior: Russell Wilson (Bucs) Fred Jackson (Chiefs) Antonio Gates (Redskins)

Wild Cards
Dr. Light's Robots: RGIII bounce back game? Zac Stacey's health

Springville-Warrior: DeMarco Murray's health. WR production

Yahoo Says: Matt wins 100-79
I Say: Matt wins. The winner of this matchup is huge as they catapult into playoff contention once again. I'm going to go with Matt as he looks to have the more stable team.

Passion ofthe Puente (5-3)   vs
Channel 4 News Team (4-4)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Series is ties 2-2
Last Matchup: Albert won 120.5-107.5 in Week 12 in the 2012 Playoffs

Key Players
Passion ofthe Puente: Tony Romo (Vikings) Josh Gordon (Ravens) Marshawn Lynch (Bucs) Arian Foster* (Colts) Tony Gonzalez (Panthers)

Channel 4 News Team: A.J. Green (Dolphins) Alfred Morris (Chargers)

Wild Cards
Passion ofthe Puente: Arian Foster going to play? No Wes Welker. Colston's slump

Channel 4 News Team: Joe Flacco QB? WR production.

Yahoo Says: Mike wins 97-79
I Say: Mike wins. Wow, didn't know Albert's team looked this bad on paper this week. Even if Arian Foster can't go, I think Mike will have enough to get by.

The Bad Robofies (6-2) vs
Not Even Lying (5-3)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Kenny leads 2-1
Last Matchup: Kenny won 82-71.5

Key Players

The Bad Robofies: Andre Johnson (Colts) Darren McFadden (Eagles) Ray Rice (Browns) Jimmy Graham (Jets)

Not Even Lying: Drew Brees (Jets) Trent Richardson (Texans)

Wild Cards
The Bad Robofies: Alex Smith at QB. Ray Rice's production. Jimmy Graham's health.

Not Even Lying: No Calvin/Demaryius. RB and WR Production.

Yahoo Says: Dad wins 82-80
I Say: Dad wins. I really can't call this an upset because Kenny's without two of his top 3 players in  Megatron and Demaryius Thomas. Dad though is out his QB, Anquan Boldin, and Rueben Randle. Both guys are playing wildly inconsistent lineups. It's really a toss up, but I'll give Dad the slight edge.

I'm A Paul Heyman Guy (2-6) vs
Hoosier Daddy (2-6)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Drew leads series 3-1
Last Matchup: Ryan beat Drew 139-54.5 in Week 5 of the 2012 season

Key Players
I'm A Paul Heyman Guy: Andrew Luck (Texans) Terrence Williams (Vikings) Adrian Peterson (Cowboys) Jordan Cameron (Ravens) Keenan Allen (Redskins)

Hoosier Daddy: Cam Newton (Falcons) DeSean Jackson (Raiders) Eddie Lacy (Bears) Steven Ridley (Steelers)

Wild Cards
I'm A Paul Heyman Guy: Young WR Core and their production. No Reggie Bush. Who will be RB #2?

Hoosier Daddy: Larry Fitzgerald and Julius Thomas byes. Who will be Ryan's Tight End?

Yahoo Says: Ryan Wins
I say: Ryan Wins. I don't know who Ryan will use at tight end, nor who Drew will use at his RB #2 slot so I'll leave Yahoo's point prediction out of this. This is do or die for these two teams as the loser will fall to a guaranteed losing record and miss the playoffs. I can definitely see Drew's team winning, but I'm going safe here with Ryan who has the most consistent team of the two.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


There are absolute no words to say about Calvin Johnson. Unbelievably amazing is the understatement of the century. This past week the way he just decimated the Cowboys...was amazing (coming from a Cowboys fan). 329 yards and 1 TD is INSANE and the even MORE crazy thing? He left TD's out there. He got tackled inside the 5 numerous times. That trade Kenny made, might be a difference maker after all. Here are the Week 8 results.

Not Even Lying (5-3)               119
Hoosier Daddy (2-6)                118

Holy crap what a MATCHUP. After Kenny's running backs were mediocre I thought fore sure Ryan had this in the bag. Nope. Proof that 3 players can definitely carry your entire team? Drew Brees had 5 TD's and 332 yards for 33 points, Calvin had 43 points with his major game i discussed earlier, and DeMaryius Thomas had 75 and a score for 16.5. Seriously..that's bascially it with everyone else chipping in modestly. Hell, Kenny didn't even play a receiver, he wins with only 7 guys as he sat Doug Baldwin after securing the win. For what a brutal loss. So unfair. He scored the 2nd most points this week but played Kenny. Just like against Mike, his team did good, he just faced a team that played a little bit better. He did have his chances though. Down 1, the Packers had the ball at the 1 yards line. They gave Eddie Lacy 2 tries to get in, he couldn't. Then on 3rd down, they passed to Lacy and he couldn't get in. Gutwrenching. Lacy had a nice game too with 94 and a score. We talked about Cam's amazing game Thursday night. Harry Douglas was great yet again, 12 receptions for 121 yards. The one killer? Julius Thomas barely played before exiting the game with an ankle injury. Probably cost Ryan the win. Fitz and Stevie Johnson added TD's too. Just a great all around performance from Ryan's guys that just came up short for a big win. For Kenny, he's very lucky to survive and is now in the thick of things big time. He'll take on Dad next week but without Calvin or Demaryius Thomas. Ryan on the other hand, will take on Drew in a "Loser's season is over" matchup as the loser will fall to 2-7 thus guaranteeing a losing season.

Game MVP 
Calvin Johnson (Not Even Lying)
14 catches, 329 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 1 fumble lost, 43 points

Danny's Little Giants (5-3)       91
Shock The Monkey (6-2)         44.5

WHAT....THE.....HELL.....HAPPENED??!?!? That was the 1st place team?! Granted, he had no Forte, but 44.5 points?!? Mark set a new record for lowest points in a week this season (which just got tied by Eugene in THE SAME WEEK). Just wow....Calvin Johnson lost to this team by 1.5 points just by himself. Matt Ryan 4 picks,  Steven Jackson..sucked, hell it's not worth getting into it when you see the score. Obviously the entire team sucked. For me, it seriously wasn't even any better. Outside of Matthew Stafford (488 yards, 1 Passing TD, and 1 rushing TD) and EMMANUEL SANDERS out of all people (88 receiving yards, 1 TD, and a 2 pt conversion) my guys didn't really do jack shit. LeSean McCoy continues to be disappointing, so does Pierre Garcon. Jason Witten did nothing, and though Lamar Miller was serviceable, he wasn't amazing. Luckily I wouldn't need it as Mark's team was just that terrible. Huge win for me, as now I have to face another 5-3 team in Mayra next week which will be a HUGE matchup. Don't worry Mark, you'll get your revenge on Leland next week.

Game MVP
Matthew Stafford (Danny's Little Giants)
488 Passing Yards, 1 Passing TD, 2 INT, 12 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 27 points

The Bad Robofies (6-2)             87
Passion ofthe Puente (5-3)         80

HE DID IT......AGAIN! This is BEYOND UNBELIEVABLE. 4 wins 7 points or under in a row. Has to be the upset of the season, considering who my dad had to put out there. Again on a Monday Night, Dad survives and is now 2nd place with a 6-2 record. 6-2 for the team I said looked the worst on paper. Kudos to Dad, for being the anti-me. He never panics, never worries, he looks at his team, makes adjustments for the week and rolls with what he has. Maybe that's the true formula for success. Marshawn Lynch against a supposedly horrid Rams Run D, just needed 10 points to seal the deal for Mike. He SUCKED BIG FAT COCK and only got 2.5. Wow, the worst possible time to come up with a performance like that. How the hell did Dad win this? Yahoo had him as a 30 point dog. Well Colin Kaepernick showed up again. His 54 rushing yards and 2 rushing TD's along with a 164 passing yards and a passing TD netted him 27 points. Jimmy Graham, despite being a game time decision, scored two TD's, as did Darren McFadden and Aaron Dobson chipped him with 60 and a score. Keep in mind Dad this with a 0 from Rueben Randle, a half point from Cole Beasley, and 2 points from Jacquizz Rodgers. So for Mike obviously the #1 reason he lost was Marshawn Lynch. It's all on him. He should've been good for 15-20 much less just 10. 2.5 against this Rams team. Very disappointing. Mike also got no help from his bye week fill in Roy Helu. Tony Gonzalez continues to stuggle without Roddy White and Julio Jones as defenses just completely take him out and Marques Colston continues to suck period.  Mike did get nice games from Tony Romo (3 TD's) Wes Welker (81 and a score), and Josh Gordon (132 and a score). Just a bad loss. Mike will take on a Peyton Manningless Albert team next week, while Dad will see if he still has the magic to be Kenny who will be without Calvin Johnson and Demaryius Thomas.

Game MVP
Colin Kaepernick (The Bad Robofies)
164 passing yards, 1 Passing TD, 54 rushing yards, 2 rushing TD's, 27 points

Tebow4President (2-6)                  66
Springville-Warrior (3-5)              44.5

Good god.....yeah this was actually UGLIER than I thought it was going to be and the team that won wasn't expected. Put this in perspective. Kenny scored 119 points, Ryan 118, they both would've beat both of these teams COMBINED. 66 points has to be a season low for a win. The only player worth talking about was Andre Ellington who exploded for 154 yards and a rushing TD. 13 of the 16 players scored 9.5 or less points. That's INSANE. This was a brutal loss for Eugene who could've used the "easy win" to get back in the thick of things. He still has a shot, but 4-4 would've looked a lot nicer. Leland plays Mark next week, while Eugene plays Matt in an important matchup where the winner will have a shot to get back in the playoff hunt.

Game MVP
Andre Ellington (Tebow4President)
154 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 2 receptions, 8 receiving yards, 22 points
Arizona Cardinals' Andre Ellington, left, gets past Atlanta Falcons' Joplo Bartu (59) as Cardinals' Rob Housler blocks during the second half of an NFL football game on Sunday, Oct. 27, 2013, in Glendale, Ariz. The Cardinals won 27-13 

Dr. Light's Robots (3-5)            103.5
Channel 4 News Team (4-4)      83.5

Wow, did Matt need this win to save his season. He got it on a Monday Night Comeback. Matt was down around 20 points going into Monday Night with a  trio of Golden Tate, Zac Stacey and Jared Cook left to Albert's Tavon Austin. Stacey and Tate came up HUGE. Golden Tate had 5 receptions for 93 yards and 2 TD's, while Zac Stacey piled up 134 yards as Matt took that 20 point deficit and turned it into a critical win. It hadn't looked good for Matt after RGIII was HORRIBLE in a juicy matchup against the Broncos. He finished with only 4 points. Jamaal Charles and Jordan Reed chipped in 13.5 and 13 points respectively as Matt survives for another week. This was a bad loss for Albert who know falls to .500 for the season. Peyton Manning had his usual 4 passing TD, 23.5 point performance though he did have 3 picks and a fumble. A.J. Green had yardage, but it was the Marvin Jones show for Cincy. Frank Gore added two more TD's as it's crazy to see where Albert actually lost. His receivers were pretty weak outside of A.J. Green. Mike Wallace, Tavon Austin, and Dwyane Bowe combined for 7 points. Albert (without Peyton Manning) will now have to face Mike next week, while Matt takes on Eugene in a survival match pitting two 3-5 teams.

Game MVP
Golden Tate (Dr. Light's Robots)
5 receptions, 93 yards, 2 receiving TD's, 23.5 points (Monday Night performance to help win matchup)

Bigger Balls (5-3)                       95
I'm A Paul Heyman Guy (2-6)   94.5

Ouch. For the 3rd straight week, Drew has a winnable matchup and his team just can't get the job done. This is his 2nd loss under 3 points in the last 3 weeks. Sucks to lose that way. Austin Pettis was the one who did Drew in Monday night. He needed 4 points and got exactly 4 points all early, and didn't do anything else. Aaron Rodgers had his typical efficient game with 2 TD passes, and 22 points overall. Dez Bryant added 2 TD's, Knowshown had another nice game with a TD and 21 points overall. Vernon Davis added a TD, and Antonio Brown had a nice PPR and yardage game to help secure the big win. For Drew, maybe he should've stuck with Terrelle Pryor. He barely was better than Carson Palmer, who didn't have to do much, but when you lose by half a point, barely better would've been the difference maker. Drew had solid games from his Bush/Peterson combo (though again, that Bush fumble ended up being HUGE now looking back at it) and only Danny Amendola scored under 10 points (he sucked with only 2.5 points). The only silver lining is Terrence Williams looks legit as he had yet another TD. Just the little things that could've gone one way or another that cost Drew this week. Mayra plays me next week in what will be a huge matchup with a lot at stake. Drew also has a lot at stake in his matchup with Ryan. The loser will be 2-7 and their season will basically be over as there's no way this season a team with a losing record will make the playoffs.

Game MVP
Aaron Rodgers (Bigger Balls)
285 Passing Yards, 2 Passing TD's, 31 rushing yards, 22 points
 Rodgers, Packers cruise past Vikings 44-31



Friday, October 25, 2013

Thursday Night Overview/Week 7 Awards

Cardinals/Panthers only provided 5 fantasy relevant starters this week so here's the breakdown. Cam Newton was tremendous yet again. 221 passing yards, 2 passing TD's and an addition 50 yards rushing with a rushing TD. Cam has been in grove for Ryan since I traded and he did it here again with 27 points. Kenny had no choice but to go with Deangelo Williams and Mike James this week and could've been worse. DeAngelo at least found the end zone. He only got 17.5 combined from the two, and it could be a bad sign of things to come this week. Leland had Steve Smith and he didn't do much just 4 catches for 42 yards. I had Vincent Jackson and though he ended up with garbage yards to finish the night with 79 yards, it was disappointing. I need all the points I can get against Mark, and V-Jax was one of my few reliable players, so for him to underperform is a big blow to my chances at winning this week. Onto the Week 7 Awards!

Wane McGarity Stud Of The Week
Calvin Johnson (Not Even Lying)
9 receptions, 155 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's, 31.5 points
When you trade for a superstar like Calvin Johnson, this kind of production makes it allllll worth it. The biggest reason why Kenny was able to upset Mike this week.

Michael Wiley Dud Of The Week
Adrian Peterson (I'm A Paul Heyman Guy)
28 rushing yards, 2 receptions, 28 receiving yards, 5 points

 Going into Monday night with 3 players left including Adrian Peterson, it was a almost a given that Drew was going to comeback and beat Mark as he cut Mark's lead down and Mark was down to Victor Cruz. In fact, Peterson was expected to do most of the heavy lifting and do it on his own. That's why the games are played on the field, not on paper. Peterson had his worst game of the season, as he was held to under 30 rushing and had only 5 points total. Victor Cruz almost outscored all three of Drew's guys on his own, and he wasn't even that great. Very disappointing performance to led to Drew's 5th loss of the season.

Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Award
Ryan Mathews (Danny's Little Giants)
110 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 17 points
Going into week 7 after trading Marshawn Lynch, I knew my RB 2 would once again by shaky. I actually made a flier trade, trading Andre Ellington to Leland for Lamar Miller who's been shit but I was hoping he maybe would turn it around. I had Lamar Miller ready to play, but decided to go a with Ryan Mathews who despite splitting time with Danny Woodhead and Ronnie Brown, had a terrific matchup against the winless Jags. It was the right move. Mathews was actually 2nd on my team in scoring, while Lamar Miller once again had a disappointing game. See, every once in a blue moon, I can be a genius!

Tony Romo Bad Decision Award
Matt Plays Nick Foles over RGIII
Matt and QB Controversy go hand and hand this week. When you have Michael Vick and RGIII, it's easy to chose the wrong one. Matt made it even harder on himself when he picked up Nick Foles when Vick went down thus created a QB controversey WITHIN the QB Controversy. Matt decided to go with Foles who looked great the previous over RGIII, thinking Foles would tear up the Cowboys crappy secondary. Nope didn't happen. While RGIII did that to the Bears, Nick Foles was horrible and ended up getting concussed. Matt Lost By 4 points. With Vick in he easily wins by double digits...and this week? Well it's between Vick and RGIII never ends.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Week 8 Matchups and Predictions

Week 8 and 9 have the most byes out of all the weeks, so it's going to be crazy seeing how this two weeks pan out. Here's this weeks matchups.

Shock The Monkey (6-1) vs
Danny's Little Giants (4-3)

No Matchup Stats

Key Players
Shock The Monkey: Matt Ryan (Cardinals) Victor Cruz (Eagles) Justin Blackmon (49ers) Steven Jackson (Cardinals) Rob Gronkowski (Dolphins)

Danny's Little Giants: Matthew Stafford (Cowboys) Vincent Jackson (Panthers) Pierre Garcon (Broncos) LeSean McCoy (Giants) Jason Witten (Lions)

Wild Cards
Shock The Monkey: Steven Jackson ready to go? No Matt Forte. Tough Matchup for Justin Blackmon.

Danny's Little Giants: Tough Matchup for Vincent Jackson. Lamar Miller as RB #2. No Brandon Marshall

Yahoo Says: I win 93.85-93.28
I Say: Mark wins. I budgeted this as a loss before acquiring Matthew Stafford, and I'm still sticking by that. Not a fan of using Lamar Miller, Kris Durham and Emmanuel Sanders all in one week. The wild card will be Steven Jackson. If he really is ready to go, that'll be a huge gain for Mark's team. Also I figure Gronk's going to be even better than last week.

Springville-Warrior (3-4) vs
Tebow4President (1-6)

No Matchup Stats

Key Players
Springville-Warrior: Russell Wilson (Rams) Eric Decker (Redskins) Fred Jackson (Saints) Gio Bernard (Jets)

Tebow4President: Tom Brady (Patriots) Steve Smith (Bucs)

Wild Cards
Springville-Warrior: Receiver and TE play outside of Decker

Tebow4President: Entire team again

I say: Eugene wins. With the Stafford trade, Yahoo is not going to be accurate so I don't know who Leland is going to use to fill out his team. Regardless, Eugene should win the Battle of the Brothers, but this has to possibility of being the lowest combined score of the season.

Channel 4 News Team (4-3) vs
Dr. Light's Robots (2-5)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Albert leads series 4-1
Last Matchup: Albert Beat Matt 119.5-101.5 in the Semifinals of the 2012 Playoffs

Key Players
Channel 4 News Team: Peyton Manning (Redskins) A.J. Green (Jets) Frank Gore (Jaguars) Alfred Morris (Broncos)

Dr. Light's Robots: Michael Vick (Giants) Jordy Nelson (Vikings) Jamaal Charles (Browns) Jordan Reed (Broncos)

Wild Cards
Channel 4 News Team: Finley out, TE Production. Wallace/Bowe production

Dr. Light's Robots: Matt's neverending QB controversy. Supporting cast production.

Yahoo Says: Matt wins 98.95
I say: Matt's team is not nearly as bad as his 2-5 record suggests. Matt's main problem is he seems to pick the wrong one with Vick/Foles and RGIII. As of right now he's got Vick in his lineup. Both QB's have juicy matchups. Very difficult decision to make here. I think I'm going to go with Albert, though it's tough and it wouldn't be shocking if Matt did indeed win. That Manning/Green/Gore/Morris squad is tough to pick against but Matt does have the potential firepower to beat it.

Passion ofthe Puente (5-2) vs
The Bad Robofies (5-2)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Dad leads series 3-1
Last Matchup: Dad Beat Mike 126-87 in Week 11 of the 2012 season

Key Players
Passion ofthe Puente: Tony Romo (Lions) Wes Welker (Redskins) Josh Gordon (Chiefs) Marshawn Lynch (Rams) Tony Gonzalez (Cardinals) Marques Colston (Bills)

The Bad Robofies: Colin Kaepernick (Jaguars) Darren McFadden (Steelers) Jimmy Graham* (Bills)

Wild Cards
Passion ofthe Puente: Arian Foster on bye

The Bad Robofies: Andre Johnson, Ray Rice, Marty B on bye. Is Jimmy Graham Going to play?

Yahoo Says: Mike wins 105-82 (with Graham in lineup)
I say: Mike wins. This SHOULD BE a no brainer. Dad's got very little depth on his team and if Jimmy Graham doesn't play it gets even worse. I'm not trying to jinx this but C'mon..there's no possibly way Dad comes away with a win here....RIGHHHHHHT??

Not Even Lying (4-3) vs
Hoosier Daddy (2-5)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Ryan Leads Series 3-2
Last Matchup: Ryan Beat Kenny 123.5-92.5 in Week 7 Of The 2012 season

Key Players
Not Even Lying: Drew Brees (Bills) Demaryius Thomas (Redskins) Calvin Johnson (Cowboys) Percy Harvin (Rams)

Hoosier Daddy: Cam Newton (Bucs) DeSean Jackson (Giants) Larry Fitzgerald (Falcons) Eddie Lacy (Vikings) Stevan Ridley (Dolphins) Julius Thomas (Redskins)

Wild Cards
Not Even Lying: RB Production. How much will Harvin Play?

Hoosier Daddy: Tough Ridley Matchup

Yahoo Says: Ryan wins 99-85
I Say: I'm gonna say Ryan wins. Wow, seriously this went from a team everyone wants to play to a team that is very scary to play very fast. Ryan knocked out Mayra last week, and I think he has the better overall team this week to do the same to Kenny. Kenny better pray his core players to well, because it'll be hard to trust Mike James and Joseph Randle for huge production.

Bigger Balls (4-3)  vs
I'm A Paul Heyman Guy (2-5)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Series tied 1-1
Last Matchup: Drew beat Mayra 120.5-117.5 in the 2012 Michael Wiley Loser Bowl Semifinals

Key Players
Bigger Balls: Aaron Rodgers (Vikings) Antonio Brown (Raiders) Dez Bryant (Lions) Knowshon Moreno (Redskins) Darren Sproles (Bills) Vernon Davis (Jaguars)

I'm A Paul Heyman Guy: Adrian Peterson (Packers) Reggie Bush (Cowboys) Jordan Cameron (Chiefs)

Wild Cards
Bigger Balls: No big problems really this week

I'M A Paul Heyman Guy: Terrelle Pryor performance. Danny Amendola's availability. Receiver production

Yahoo Says; Mayra wins
I Say: Mayra wins, Yahoo has Mayra winning even with Alshon Jeffrey and Benjarvus Green Ellis on bye. She'll obviously switch those two, and unfortunately for Drew it's just too much firepower. I think Drew's disappointing season continues.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 7 Results: In The Thick Of It All

7th week of the season is in the books and by the looks of it, and for the most the playoff race is really tight. Only Mark really has a substantial lead over the pack. We have two 5-2 teams, 4 4-3 teams, 1 3-4 team, and a couple 2-5 teams. On the other end of the specturm, only Leland seems to be out of the playoff race. Every week is crucial and critical especially with so many byes during weeks 8 and 9. Here's the week 7 results.

Channel 4 News Team (4-3)             115.5
Tebow4President (1-6)                        77.5

Yeah this was never close as Leland just really didn't have the firepower that Albert has. I'm sure every other team is looking on the schedule to see if Leland is still on the horizon. 77.5 points is actually Leland's 2nd highest scoring output of the season. It's been THAT bad. Of course, the way this season has went, Leland sat on Gronk for 6 weeks, traded him for Witten, and Gronk is Gronk again while Witten had a mediocre game. Just not in the cards this week. No more waiting, C.J. Spiller is a bust and officially the worst 1st round pick in league history. He does NOTHING. He finished 2.5 points and once again like all season was outperformed by Fred Jackson. Matthew Stafford did have a nice game with 357 and 3 TD's and Steve Smith and Danny Woodhead chipped in TD's but the rest of the team is just meh and inconsistent. Albert got his typical Peyton Manning 25 point performance and A.J. Green was spectacular again with 155 yards and a score. Frank Gore continues to defy father time and he added 2 more TD's to his season total. The only bad news here is that Albert will lose Jermichael Finley for a long while as he suffered a scary head injury. With TE as weak as it is, that's a huge loss. Albert will take on Matt next week, while the Battle Of The Lawrence Brothers takes place next week as Leland takes on his brother Eugene.

Game MVP
Peyton Manning (Channel 4 News Team)
386 passing yards, 3 passing TD's, 1 INT, 1 Fumble Loss, 25.5 points

Danny's Little Giants (4-3)          100
Springville-Warrior (3-4)              83.5

I'm gonna take it, but geez what an uninspiring win. Outside of Vincent Jackson who was a BEAST with 10 catches for 138 yards and TD's, and surprisingly RYAN MATHEWS with 100 rushing yards and a score, my team was pretty average.  LeSean McCoy had his worst yardage game of the season. Pierre Garcon, Brandon Marshall, Torrey Smith all had 10 or less points and once again QB play was sketchy for the 4th straight week as Eli just game managed and only threw one TD pass against a SHITTY ASS Vikings Defense. I only have 3 TD passes in 4 weeks....reminds me of last season. For Eugene, Russell Wilson had a great Thursday night, but like me only Eric Decker (who had a HUGE SUNDAY NIGHT GAME WITH 150 yards and a TD) and Fred Jackson (who scored a TD) showed up. Too many inconsistent plays like Julian Edelman and Chris Givens and Kenbrell Thompkins combined with quiet Geo Bernard and Antonio Gates games did Eugene in. Lucky for him, he plays his brother and he can definitely have a solid chance at getting his win back. As for me, well all I have to do is beat a team that has only lost 1 game this season. I'll be without two receivers too. No big deal right? 

Game MVP
Vincent Jackson (Danny's Little Giants)
10 receptions, 138 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's, 30 points

The Bad Robofies (5-2)                88
Dr. Light's Robots (2-5)                84

The Houdini of Fantasy Football escapes AGAIN.  Dad's last 3 wins; 5 points, .5 point, and now 4 points. That's right Dad's won 3 games by a total of 9.5 points. Doesn't matter though cause at the end of the day it's a win and Dad's 5-2 and still in the race for the bye. Guess who did Matt in? JACQUIZZ RODGERS. Yep he did it again. Two more TD's and 21 total points. Colin Kaepernick was finally decent as he added 68 rushing yards and a rush TD to his 199 passing yards. Matt was up 5.5 with Dad having Rueben Randle left and Randle scored (and did nothing else really) and took the game. The rest of dad's team though AWFUL. Ray Rice is brutally bad, no Jimmy Graham, and it once again doesn't matter. Matt's biggest mistake. Playing Nick Foles over RGIII. It was defensible because you would think if Foles could shred Tampa, he could shred Dallas just as easy. NOPE. He had 80 passing yards....yes that's right 80. He ended up getting concussed at finished with 5.5 points. RGIII, 25.5. Yep 20 point difference. Matt would've cruised to a 16 point lead. Not fun. The news got even WORSE for Matt cause he lost Reggie Wayne for the year. With Roddy White's nagging injuries and now no Wayne and MJD just sucking, it's not looking good for Matt.  Jordan Reed looks like a TE stud, him and Griffin hooked up for a TD and Reed had 23.5 points and Jamaal Charles continues to be dominant as he added another TD and had 16.5 points. Don't know what Matt's going to do, but in all reality he can probably only afford to lose one more time if he wants a chance at the playoffs. He'll take on Albert next, while Dad takes on Mike in what should be a tough matchup.

Game MVP
Jacquizz Rodgers (The Bad Robofies)
16 rushing yards, 8 receptions, 46 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's, 21 points

Not Even Lying (4-3)            83.5
Passion ofthe Puente (5-2)    73.5

A huge win for Kenny as he was taking on a 1 loss Mike team and was in danger in falling below .500 had he lost to what looked like was going to be the better team. The Calvin Johnson trade paid off HUGE dividends for Kenny as he was the Megatron we all know and love. 2 TD's, 155 receiving yards for 31.5 points. The biggest reason Kenny pulled off the win, because outside of Demaryius Thomas and his TD and 16 point performance, Kenny's team was pretty awful. Those running they are horrid. Trent Richardson is a bust and so is Doug Martin. Even worse? Kenny loses Doug Martin for the season more than likely due to a torn labrum. Don't know how Kenny's going to handle his RB's now. Philip Rivers was OK, but far from Drew Brees with only 15 points. Charles Clay chipped in a TD but only had 7 yards. The biggest blow for Mike? Losing Arian Foster early. He left with a hamstring injury and only had 1 point. That basically did him in. Romo had another meh game with only 1 TD pass, Josh Gordon was bad, Tony Gonzalez was REALLY disappointing, and Wes Welker waited to long to finally show up. Only bright spot was Jarret Boykin who filled in for Randall Cobb and James Jones nicely with 103 yards and a TD. Don't know if that can keep up. Foster is on bye, so hopefully for Mike it's not that serious of an injury. Mike takes on Dad next, while Kenny takes on a sneaky good Ryan team next week.

Game MVP
Calvin Johnson (Not Even Lying)
9 receptions, 155 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's, 31.5 points

Shock The Monkey (6-1)             95.5
I'm A Paul Heyman Guy (2-5)     86.5

If Dad is the Houdini of Fantasy, Mark is the David Copperfield. Mark escapes another week with another week and reclaims his #1 record beating Drew by 9 points. It was very disappointing for Drew who was down 14 points, with Hakeem Nicks, Adrian Peterson, and Kyle Rudolph still to go while Mark had Victor Cruz. Cruz almost outscored all 3. Cruz had 7.5, Drew's trio had 11.5. Terrible. Andrew Luck was really the only guy to show up for Drew's squad and he showed up big with 3 passing TD's and 1 rushing TD. Jordan Cameron did catch a TD pass as well. Reggie Bush wasn't effective either. It's kind of boom or bust with Drew's receivers and that's what really hurts week in and week out. Just not knowing the production. Mark looks like a genius picking Matt Forte at #8. He is absolutely tearing up the league. 91 rushing yards and 3 rushing TD's. Now he even gets the goalline TD's. I wish I had this Forte last year. Matt Ryan proved he didn't need Roddy White, Julio, or Tony Gonzalez to be effective. He threw for 3 TD passes. Gronk is already officially back as well with 8 catches for 114 yards. Mark got a 0 from Bilal Powell and it still didn't matter. Mark's back on track and he takes me on next. It doesn't get any easier for Drew. He now has to face Mayra in what's basically a 100% must win for him.

Game MVP
Matt Forte (Shock The Monkey)
91 rushing yards, 3 rushing TD's, 2 receptions, 18 receiving yards, 29 points

Hoosier Daddy (2-5)      95
Bigger Balls (4-3)          86.5

Two weeks ago, this would be a MAJOR upset. Now though, a mild upset to say the least. Ryan's team is leaps and bounds better than it was a couple weeks ago, and that's why it's not unbelievably shocking that Ryan pulled off the win this week. That Stevan Ridley/Eddie Lacy Combo has been great two weeks in a row as they combined for two scores and 30.5 points. How bout Harry Douglas who was a throw in in the Fitz/Torrey Smith trade? 149 receiving yards and a score. Julius Thomas scored yet another TD and that's where the bulk of Ryan's points came from. He survived medicore games from DeSean Jackson, Larry Fitzgerald and Cam Newton. For Mayra, Aaron Rodgers was Ok yardage wise, and did throw 3 TD passes, but most of her team was underwhelming. Dez had yardage but no scores, Knowshon had a score but barely any yardage and  Vernon Davis and Antonio Brown didn't do much with only 8 points a piece. It's a huge loss for Mayra, as a win here could've gotten her in the thick of things for the bye. Now she's in the middle of the pack, and she takes on an unpredictable Drew team next. Ryan could play spoiler again as he has an excellent shot of beating Kenny who has both of his running backs on bye.

Game MVP
Harry Douglas (Hoosier Daddy)
7 receptions, 149 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 23.5 points

Friday, October 18, 2013

Thursday Night Overview/Week 6 Awards

Cardinals/Seahawks wasn't really fantasy relevant for the most part. Only 4 players were on teams in our league and 3 of those were Seahawks. Russell Wilson had a nice game for Eugene (which typically sucks for me since I'm playing against him) with 3 TD's and he finished with 19 points. It could've actually been 23, but he lost two fumbles. Nonetheless, he beat his projection with a respectable effort. Marshawn Lynch had a nice game to with a TD, though he as well could've had more. He seemed to score another TD, but it was overturned due to his elbow hitting the ground before he crossed the goal. It was reversed and naturally Russell Wilson threw a TD pass on the next play. Still a 15.5 point play for Lynch is a great start for Posey. Golden Tate had a meh game. he met his 9 point projection but HE TOO could've had more. He actually returned a punt for a TD that was called back because of holding. On the other side brutal start for Ryan. Larry Fitzgerald had two catches for 17 yards. That's not what you want to do against Mayra. On to the Week 6 Awards

Wane McGarity Stud Of The Week
Vernon Davis (Bigger Balls)
8 catches, 180 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's, 34 points
A game decided by 4 points, with mediocre performances in the bag from Calvin and Rodgers, against an undefeated team, no doubt Vernon Davis' MONSTER game deserves top honors this week.

Michael Wiley Dud of The Week
Andrew Luck (I'm A Paul Heyman Guy)
202 Passing Yards, 1 Interception, 19 rushing yards, 7.5 points
There were PLENTY of options here. Jimmy Graham 0 points, Torrey Smith 1.5 points, Calvin Johnson 3.5 points, but I'm going to go with the QB here because against the Chargers you SHOULD be able to put points up. Andrew Luck didn't even put up a TD. He barely put up 200 yards, and with a chance to save Drew's day and get him a much needed win he threw a pick to seal Drew's fate and literally lose him the matchup on the last real play of the game. Drew loses by 2.5 and falls to 2-4 because of him. No other way to put it Luck just Sucked.

Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Award
Giovani Bernard (Springville-Warrior)
28 rushing yards, 6 receptions, 72 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 18 points
After Eugene lost Julio Jones for the year, he traded away Trent Richardson to get some WR depth. In the deal he received Chris Johnson so most assumed he was going to just plug him in the lineup and replace T-Rich. Nope. CJ2K had a bad matchup against the Seahawks so instead Eugene went with rookie Gio Bernard who has become more and more involved with the Bengals offense. It worked beautifully. Rushing wise he was bla, but as a receiving, 6 catches for 72 and a score and a total of 18 points helped secure a narrow 2.5 point win for Eugine. I won't be surprised if never goes back to Chris Johnson again.

Tony Romo Bad Decision Award
Leland Benches C.J. Spiller for Willis McGahee
Don't get me wrong. It's not crazy to bench C.J. Spiller with the kind of disappointing season he's having. It's crazy to bench him when you really don't have another solid option to fall back on though. Spiller's apparently not going to set the world on fire like most predicted but he still has more upside than Willis McGahee. Yet Leland, benched his #1 overall pick for McGahee and it didn't work. At the time, maybe the 4 point difference from using McGahee instead of Spiller didn't seem like it would be a big deal. Leland lost by half a point....yup half of a point. If he plays, you got to play him, and unfortunately for Leland it cost him a W.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Week 7 Matchups and Predictions

Trades, Trades, Trades galore. It's gonna be tough to predict matchups this week with so much movement going on as teams try to improve their squads to make a playoff run. There are 7 games left in the fantasy regular season so every game matters from here on out. Here we go

Danny's Little Giants (3-3)  vs
Springville-Warrior (3-3)

No Matchup Stats

Key Players
Danny's Little Giants: Brandon Marshall (Redskins) Vincent Jackson (Falcons) Pierre Garcon (Bears) LeSean McCoy (Cowboys)

Springville-Warrior: Russell Wilson (Cardinals) Eric Decker (Colts) Antonio Gates (Jags)

Wild Cards
Danny's Little Giants: RB # Position. Brady against Jets. Debuts of Brandon Marshall and V-Jax. Tough Matchup for Torrey Smith

Springville-Warrior- Russell Wilson Thursday night play. Receiver production. Fred Jackson/Chris Johnson/Gio Bernard, who starts?

I Say: I win (I better). I'm gonna throw Yahoo's projections out this week because so many teams made trades this week and I don't know how final rosters will shape up at the end of the day so Yahoo's predictions will be wildly inaccurate. Look, there's NO EXCUSE for me to lose this week. I have the better team. Period. LeSean McCoy with an excellent matchup against Dallas,  one sure fire WR#1 in Brandon Marshall (who plays Washington) 3 high end #2's at worst for the rest of my squad. It SHOULD be a no brainer. If I can't beat Eugene with this team, I can't beat Mark or Mayra next.

Channel 4 News Team (3-3)   vs
Tebow4President (1-5)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Leland Leads Series 3-0
Last Matchup: Leland beat Albert 126.5-118 in The 2012 Wane McGarity Bowl

Key Players
Channel 4 News Team- Peyton Manning (Colts) A.J. Green (Lions) Frank Gore (Titans) Alfred Morris (Bears)

Tebow4President: Matthew Stafford (Bengals) Jason Witten (Eagles)

Wild Cards
Channel 4 News Team: Production for WR's outside of A.J. Green. Will Jermichael Finley step up in Cobb's absence?

Tebow4President: Basically the whole team is a wild card

I Say: Albert wins. A rematch of last year's Wane McGarity Bowl. Unfortunately it seems like it won't be too competitive this time around. Due to underperforming and injuries, Leland's team is just in complete disarray and I just don't see this team being able to beat Albert's squad.

The Bad Robofies (4-2)  vs
Dr. Light's Robots (2-4)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Dad Leads series 3-0
Last Matchup: Dad beat Matt 131.5-121.5 in Week 6 of the 2012 Season

Key Players
The Bad Robofies: Colin Kaepernick (Titans) Andre Johnson (Chiefs) Ray Rice (Steelers)

Dr. Light's Robots: Robert Griffin III (Bears) Jamaal Charles (Texans) Reggie Wayne (Broncos) Jordy Nelson (Browns) Maurice Jones-Drew (Chargers)

Wild Cards
The Bad Robofies: No Jimmy Graham/McFadden (byes). Tough Matchups for Ray Rice and Andre Johnson. Reuben Randle keep it up?

Dr. Light's Robots: Will Roddy White Play?

Predictions: I say Matt wins. This is tough as both guys have question marks, but I just think Matt has the better squad overall. Of course this is DAD we're talking about so throw all logic out the window.

Passion ofthe Puente (5-1)  vs
Not Even Lying (3-3)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Kenny leads series 3-2
Last Matchup: Mike beat Kenny 74.5-73.5 in Week 8 of the 2012 season

Key Players
Passion ofthe Puente: Tony Romo (Eagles) Josh Gordon (Packers) Wes Welker (Patriots) Arian Foster (Chiefs) Marshawn Lynch (Cardinals) Tony Gonzalez (Bucs)

Not Even Lying: Philip Rivers (Jaguars) DeMaryius Thomas (Colts) Calvin Johnson (Bengals) Doug Martin (Falcons) Trent Richarson (Broncos)

Wild Cards
Passion ofthe Puente: Jarrett Boykin production

Not Even Lying: No Brees. Can Martin and Richardson FINALLY get it together?

Predicitons: I this is a tough one for sure. I'm gonna say Mike but this should be high scoring and close. The talent level on both teams is high and it's really anyone's game. I give the RB edge to Mike and if Tony Gonzalez goes bonkers because he's the only game in town, that might be deciding factor in this game.

Shock The Monkey (5-1) vs
I'm A Paul Heyman Guy (2-4)

No Matchup Stats

Key Players
Shock The Monkey: Matt Ryan (Bucs) Victor Cruz (Vikings) Justin Blackmon (Chargers) Matt Forte (Redskins)

I'm A Paul Heyman Guy: Andrew Luck (Broncos) Hakeem Nicks (Vikings) Adrian Peterson (Giants) Reggie Bush (Bengals)

Wild Cards
Shock The Monkey: Lack of Weapons for Matt Ryan. Snelling at RB #2

I'm A Paul Heyman Guy: Shorts/Amendola out? Production from wild card receivers. Bounce back Luck game.

Predictions: I say, another tough one. Drew's team is better than that 2-4 record. I'm gonna go upset here and say Drew wins. It's going to be crazy because as of right now Drew tentatively has half his team playing Sunday and Monday Night. I just worry about Matt Ryan's lack of weapons, and if Andrew Luck can bounce back and go toe to toe with Peyton Manning that might be the key.

Bigger Balls (4-2) vs
Hoosier Daddy (1-5)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record:  Ryan leads series 2-0
Last Matchup: Ryan beat Mayra 111-108 in week 12 of the 2012 season

Key Players
Bigger Balls: Aaron Rodgers (Browns) Dez Bryant (Eagles) Antonio Brown (Ravens) Knowshon Moreno (Colts) Vernon Davis (Titans)

Hoosier Daddy: Cam Newton (Rams) DeSean Jackson (Cowboys) Larry Fitzgerald (Seahawks) Stevan Ridley (Jets) Eddie Lacy (Browns) Julius Thomas (Colts)

Wild Cards
Bigger Balls: Brandon Jacobs as a #2? Antonio Brown and Knowshon debuts for Mayra

Hoosier Daddy: Cam Newton's unpredictability. Fitz's health/matchup. Tough Matchup for Stevan Ridley.

Predictions: I, you know Ryan's team does not look half bad anymore. It's very formidable and I don't think this is as slam dunk as it looks like on first glance. That being said, I'll still give Mayra the edge as I think but don't be surprised if this ends up like last's week's matchup against Mike and Ryan stays competitive.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week 6 Results: Undefeated No More

It took 6 weeks, but there are finally no more undefeated teams left in the Wane McGarity Bowl. Though it was much closer than it should've been, Mayra eeked out 4 point win to end Mark's 5 game winning streak. We're nearly half way through the fantasy regular season as teams scramble to make the push to the playoffs. Here's what happened in a dramatic week 6.

Bigger Balls (4-2)                 80
Shock The Monkey (5-1)     76

Yep, that's a 1 in the loss column for Mark. Mark had actually budgeted this for a loss as he was taking on a pretty loaded team and had no Matt Ryan who was on bye. He also had substandard games already in the books from Matt Forte and Victor Cruz. Mayra could never really take advantage though, as Calvin Johnson played limited snaps, Aaron Rodgers was bad for his standards and pretty much everyone on Mayra's team played horrible..except Vernon Davis who saved the day and nearly accumulated for 50% of her offense with an amazing 180 yards and 2 TD's for 34 points. Justin Blackmon basically kept Mark in the game with a 29 point performance of his own. It all came down to  Sunday Night, Mayra had a 2 point lead with Dez Bryant while Mark had Witten. Both didn't do much, but Dez did a little more and secured a 4 point lead for Mayra. Mayra got herself back in the hunt for that #1 or #2 seed with both Mike and Mark now. She also has a nice matchup against Ryan next week, while Mark will have to take on Drew next week.

Game MVP
Vernon Davis (Bigger Balls)
8 receptions, 180 receiving yards, 2 TD's, 34 points

Big day by Davis lifts 49ers past Cardinals 32-20

Channel 4 News Team (3-3)          77
Danny's Little Giants (3-3)            74.5

It's so funny how we're reverting back to last year's luck. 2nd straight loss of 5 points and under, this time 2.5 points. Whoopeeee. What a disaster. I just flushed away a 3-0 start and now I'm just another team. Beyond sucks. Colston and Torrey Smith were absolutely HORRID. 3 points combined. Good lord. My receivers really fucked me over this week. Garcon lead all receivers with 9 points. Greg Olsen sucked balls. Brady only threw 1 TD pass. Worst game of the season for me...yet I STILL lose by 2.5. What a joke. Welcome back shitty've been missed. Albert didn't do that great for the most either. Peyton Manning was very underwhelming with "only" 2 TD's passes but a pick and 2 fumbles.  Alfred Morris saved the day with 45 TD run that basically sealed the deal and A.J. Green is officially "back" with 19 points. I have even less confidence in my team than last week, if that's even possible. Now as mediocre .500 squad I'm in "must win" the rest of the way. I'll also go back to picking against me in the pick em like I always did. That shit NEVER works in my favor. I play Eugene next week, while Albert plays Leland in what should be a slam dunk W. 

Game MVP
A.J. Green (Channel 4 News Team)
6 receptions, 103 receiving yards, 1 TD, 19 points

Dr. Light's Robots (2-4)             111.5
Not Even Lying (3-3)                  68.5

Wow, this was a shock as Matt's team as fired on all cylinders and destroyed Kenny in a surprise. Matt got yet another solid performance from Jamaal Charles who has carried Matt's squad all year. Charles is for real, as he added two more TD's to his awesome season. Solid yardage games from Jordy Nelson, Reggie Wayne, and Denarius Moore helped lead the way as well (Nelson, Moore, and MJD added TD's as well). For Kenny, what a huge letdown. Every guy underperformed and man those RB's are really treading bust status. Doug Martin has 1 TD all year while Trent Richardson just doesn't do anything really. Kenny also lost Randall Cobb for the rest of the fantasy regular season which is a huge blow. Just a bad week and now Kenny's in a dog fight with most of the rest of the league who's 3-3 as well. Matt has a serious shot and getting back at this race as he takes on Dad next week. If he can win, which is very possible, he'll be right in the thick of things. Kenny faces Mike's 5-1 squad next in what should be an epic showdown. 

Game MVP
Jamaal Charles (Dr. Light's Robots)
78 rushing yards, 2 rushing TD's, 5 receptions, 50 receiving yards, 26.5 points

The Bad Robofies (4-2)             69
Tebow4President (1-5)              68.5

From my Week 5 Results post word for word "The losing streak for me will extend next week when Albert destroys me and I'll go to 3-3, while Dad will probably score 69 points and still somehow beat Leland".  DEAD ON FUCKING RIGHT. You SERIOUSLY can't make this shit up. Dad scores 69 points and beats Leland by HALF A POINT. Just wow. Dad does it again. Very Low scoring yet wins. His last two wins? By 5.5 points combined. Jimmy Graham had 0, Ray Rice sucked, his best player scored 15.5 points (Kaepernick) he has a score that when matchup up with a few other teams would've been made him a BLOWOUT OF THE WEEK victim, and yet at the end of the day, it's just another W. You would think this madness would stop SOMETIME, but this is the 3rd year Dad's has played in our league, and every year it's the same (including the annual game where Dad plays me, scores over 100 points and then scores half of that the next game...seriously, it happens every year). Leland my man....ugh. I'm sure he's just ready for this nightmare to END. Cutler instead of Stafford I can understand (Stafford did have more pts by 3.5 I believe) but WILLIS MCGAHEE for C.J. Spiller? Ended up being a game coster right there. I know Spiller deals with Fred Jackson and an injury, but still...if he gotta use him. Leland got screwed when James Jones went down early with an injury and though Emmanuel Sanders had a solid game, the rest of his team was horrible (outside of Cutler). Gronk was inactive again (Leland did just trade him in a solid trade for at least a Tight End who plays..Jason Witten). This was not what I expected this season from the defending champion. The road doesn't get any easier as Albert's next in line. Dad takes on Matt and no I'm not gonna predict the score this time....but just know if he wins it'll be another sub 75 pt performance that does the job. 

Default Game MVP (Geez I guess I gotta pick SOMEONE)
Colin Kaepernick (The Bad Robofies)
252 Passing Yards, 2 Passing TD's, 1 INT, 18 rushing yards, 1 Fumble Lost, 15.5 points
 (Laughing hard cause he knows he doesn't deserve this)

Passion ofthe Puente (5-1)                120
Hoosier Daddy (1-5)                         97.5

I feel REEEEAL BAD for Ryan. His team finally gets it together (thanks to a trade I made to him) he puts up the 3rd most points this week...and he LOSES by over 20 points because he had to play Mike. Just a bitter pill to swallow. If he would've played Larry Fitzgerald (who had 18 points, but all signs were pointing to him missing the game) it would've made the loss worse. It didn't matter at the end cause Mike and his squad put up 120. Cam Newton was back to being awesome with 30 points and 4 total TD's, DeSean Jackson was a beast, and it didn't matter he was on "Revis Island' he had 2 TD's. Stevan Ridley did what everyone is still waiting C.J. Spiller to do....BREAKOUT. He added 96 rushing yards and 2 TD's. Julius Thomas chipped in a TD, and Eddie Lacy chipped in a 100 yard rushing game. All....for.....NOTHING.  5 out of Mike's 8 players had 15 or more points. V-Jax was a monster with 114 yards and 2 TD's. Combine that with Brandon Marshall's monster Thursday game and another 126 yard Josh Gordon game and a Welker TD, and it's just unfair. Romo was even bad, with under 10 points and it didn't matter. Arian Foster keeps shutting up all those "he's too old" naysayers. He put up 141 rushing yards, and added 57 receiving yards to boot. Now Mike traded V-Jax and Marshall to me for Marshawn Lynch. His depth allows him to do that should he still should be dangerous as ever. He'll take on Kenny in a critical week 7 matchup while although the Moral Victory is nice, it doesn't count for shit in the the W/L column and now he has take on a red hot Mayra team. Yikes

Game MVP
Vincent Jackson (Passion ofthe Puente)
9 catches, 114 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's, 27.5 points

Springville-Warrior (3-3)                79
I'm A Paul Heyman Guy (2-4)        76.5

Not only was the a relatively low scoring week across the board, but 4 matchups were decided by 4 points or less. 4! 3 were by 2.5 or less! Two of them weren't decided until the final 3 minutes of the Monday night game. For Drew, it wasn't decided until Andrew Luck's last drive with a little over a minute left. If he was able to drive and get 50 yards passing and possibly a TD pass, he would make a comeback to beat Eugene. Instead, Luck throws a pick and there's your game. A sickening 2.5 point loss. How Drew was even this to begin with is crazy since he lost both Danny Amendola and Cecil Shorts to injuries early (They combined for a point). Reggie Bush and Keenan Allen tried their best (both with 20.5 performances) but the rest of Drew's team just didn't get the job done (Peterson gets a pass for the tragic news of his son's death). Andrew Luck was flat out TERRIBLE in a prime matchup. He's not consistent enough to be counted on it seems like. 0 TD's passes against the CHARGERS. Drew got a small shot because DeMarco Murray got hurt for Eugene (not before scoring a TD though) and he missed most of the game. Gio Bernard was very serviceable not really on the rushing side, but receiving side (28 rushing yards, but 6 catches for 72 and a score). Kenbrell Thompkins has a way of ruining opponents thoughts of a fantasy victory. When Kenny had him, he went OFF Sunday Night and killed any chance I had at winning. This week, he was the recipient of a miracle game winning Tom Brady TD. Russell Wilson was bla again, but 61 rushing yards salvaged a 0 TD day. I didn't think a team of Drew's caliber would be 2-4 but there he is and he now has a tough matchup against Mark next. Eugene plays me next.
Game MVP
Giovani Bernard (Springville-Warrior)
28 rushing yards, 6 receptions, 72 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 18 points
 Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills

Friday, October 11, 2013

Thursday Night Overview/Week 5 Awards

Well Thursday night's game was supposed to provide a buffet of fantasy points. Eh, it did to a point, but not as much as was expected, especially how the pace of the game started. 2nd half slowed down, but there were still some good performances. Mike vs Ryan this week is probably equivalent to Broncos/Jags. Thursday helped solidify that with Brandon Marshall's MONSTER game. 80+ yards and 2 TD's. This has the making of a route of epic proportions. Dad got another nice performance from Reuben Randle (though he did make a couple of boneheaded plays as well) as he scored another TD and put up 75 yards. Good start for Dad's #3 receiver. Marty B also chipped in a respectable 9 points. Leland's decision to play Jay Cutler over Matthew Stafford seems so far to a be a good one. Cutler put 262 and 2 scores for 20 points. Unfortunately for Leland, seems like Gronk is going to be out AGAIN. Don't know who Leland will turn to at TE, since it's pretty thin. After a huge game last week, Alshon Jeffery came back to earth in a big way. He only had a 27 yard catch and 15 rushing yards. Not a great start. Hakeem Nicks wasn't great, but wasn't horrible. He still had 70 yards receiving. The big story is Mark and his quest to remain undefeated. His two best players played and both were a little underwhelming to say the least. Victor Cruz only had 68 yards and though Matt Forte had over 100 total yards, it's still disappointing he didn't find the end zone. This is a great start for Mayra, as Mark's two best players are down. Calvin Johnson is still a game time decision though and losing him would be hard to overcome. Onto the Week 5 Awards!

Wane McGarity Stud Of The Week
Tony Romo (Passion ofthe Puente)
506 passing yards, 5 Passing TD's, 1 INT,  1 2 pt conversion, 40.5 points
Real Life Wins or Losses don't matter in the fantasy game. Romo's 40.5 points are the 2nd highest individual scoring points this season. 

Michael Wiley Dud of The Week
Matt Schaub (Springville-Warrior)
173 Passing Yards, 3 INT, 1.5 points
Cam Newton was also a honorable mention, but my backup was Carson Palmer and he actually played WORSE than Cam, so no matter what QB I use, I lose. Eugene curiously rode with Matt Schaub and it was a dreadful as you can get. Worst performance by a QB this season. Under 200 yards passsing, no scores, 3 picks, and a benching. Ugh. The main reason Eugene lost to Mayra.

Drew Bennett Sneaky Surprise Award
Jacquizz Rodgers (The Bad Robofies)
43 rushing yards, 2 rushing TD's, 4 receptions, 15 yards, 19 points
That picture will haunt me forever. Dad had no choice but to use Jacquizz after Darren McFadden was ruled out of Week 5. It was the ultimate spot start as because of his 19 points, Dad beat me by 5 points.

Tony Romo Bad Decision Of The Week
Eugene benching Russell Wilson in favor of Matt Schaub
Just look at the explanation above with Matt Schaub. Eugene lost by 6.5. Russell Wilson-22.5 Matt Schaub-1.5. Brutal

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Week 6 Matchups and Predictions

Season's going by fast, already at week 6. Here we go.

Danny's Little Giants (3-2)  vs
Channel 4 News Team (2-3)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Albert Leads Series 4-2
Last Matchup: Albert Beat Me 118-104.5 in Week 5 of the 2012 Season

Key Players
Danny's Little Giants: Tom Brady (Saints) Larry Fitzgerald (49ers) Marques Colston (Patriots) Pierre Garcon (Cowboys) LeSean McCoy (Bucs) Marshawn Lynch (Titans)

Channel 4 News Team: Peyton Manning (Jaguars) A.J. Green (Bills) Frank Gore (Cardinals) Alfred Morris (Cowboys) 

Wild Cards
Danny's Little Giants: How will my new players do?

Channel 4 News Team: Will Peyton Manning Play All Game? 

Yahoo Says: I win 96.34-96.10
I Say: I win. I did this last week and I was a half a quarter away from being right. I dunno, I think I've got a solid shot at winning this week. Hopefully my new 1-2 punch of Lynch/McCoy can do the heavy lifting. 

The Bad Robofies (3-2) vs
Tebow4President (2-3)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Series is tied 1-1
Last Matchup: Leland beat Dad 119-116.5 in Week 7 of the 2012 season

Key Players
The Bad Robofies: Colin Kaepernick (Cardinals) Anquan Boldin (Cardinals) Andre Johnson (Rams) Ray Rice (Packers) Jimmy Graham (Patriots)

Tebow4President: C.J. Spiller (Bengals) Jay Cutler (Giants) Rob Gronkowski (Saints)

Wild Cards
The Bad Robofies: Andre Johnson's health. Marcel Reese RB#2. Colin Kaepernick's struggles.

Tebow4President: Gronk's 1st game. Cutler over Stafford. Spiller's health. Unpredictability at every other position.

Yahoo Says: Dad wins 94-89
I Say: Dad wins. If there was a week for Leland to snap out his funk, this would be it. Dad's kinda got a weird team and there will be no Jacquizz Rodgers to bail him this week. However, I still have no idea how half of Leland's team will actually perform. He's got a lot of boom or busts types (Hopkins, Vincent Brown, Hilton, Woodhead, James Jones) that could either go crazy nuts off or just plain suck and do nothing. Dad's got the more stable team so I'll go with him, though it wouldn't surprise me much if Leland did win.

Not Even Lying (3-2)  vs
Dr. Light's Robots (1-4)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Matt Leads Series 4-0
Last Matchup: Matt beat Kenny 96-89.5 in Week 12 in the 2012 Season

Key Players
Not Even Lying: Drew Brees (Patriots) DeMaryius Thomas (Jaguars) Randall Cobb (Ravens) Antonio Brown (Jets) Doug Martin (Eagles) Trent Richardson (Chargers) 

Dr. Light's Robots: Robert Griffin III (Cowboys) Reggie Wayne (Chargers) Jordy Nelson (Ravens) Jamaal Charles (Raiders) Maurice Jones-Drew (Broncos)

Wild Cards
Not Even Lying: Doug Martin bounce back game? 

Dr. Light's Robots: RGIII performance. MJD Performance.

Yahoo Says: Kenny wins 102-94
I Say: Kenny wins. Wow crazy in the 3 years before Kenny hasn't beaten Matt yet. That unfortunately for Matt ends now. Kenny just added Trent Richardson to his squad in a trade with Eugene, so he has yet ANOTHER weapon to add to his arsenal. Too much firepower for Matt to contend with. 

Passion ofthe Puente (4-1) vs
Hoosier Daddy (1-4)

Matchup Stats
All Time Record: Ryan Leads 3-1
Last Matchup: Mike beat Ryan  108-90 in Week 13 of the 2012 Season

Key Players
Passion ofthe Puente: Tony Romo (Redskins) Brandon Marshall (Giants) Wes Welker (Jaguars) Josh Gordon (Lions) Arian Foster (Rams) Vincent Jackson (Eagles)

Hoosier Daddy: Cam Newton (Vikings) DeSean Jackson (Bucs) Torrey Smith (Packers) Eddie Lacy (Ravens) Julius Thomas (Jaguars)

Wild Cards
Passion ofthe Puente: nothin.

Hoosier Daddy: Eddie Lacy vs Ravens. Blount/Ridley start?

Yahoo Says: Mike wins 107-79
I Say: Mike wins, yeah unfortunately Ryan has to debut his new players against this team. It would be a big time upset, but Mike's just got too many weapons on this team to lose this week.

 I'm A Paul Heyman Guy (2-3) vs
Springville-Warrior (2-3) 

No Matchup Stats

Key Players
I'm A Paul Heyman Guy: Andrew Luck (Chargers) Danny Amendola (Saints) Adrian Peterson (Panthers) Reggie Bush (Browns) Jordan Cameron (Lions) Hakeem Nicks (Bears)

Springville-Warrior: Russell Wilson (Titans) Eric Decker (Jaguars) Chris Johnson (Seahawks) DeMarco Murray (Redskins) Antonio Gates (Colts)

Wild Cards
I'm a Paul Heyman Guy: WR Production from Shorts/Allen

Springville-Warrior: Russell Wilson production. Chris Johnson tough matchup. 

Yahoo Says: Drew wins 108-88
I Say: Drew wins. Eugene suffered a huge loss with Julio Jones being ruled out for the season due to injury. He made a trade for Chris Johnson/Kenbrell Thompkins to shore up that receiver spot. Unfortunately for Chris Johnson he faces the Seahawks right off the bat. I think Drew's team has the better matchup and has the best chance at getting back at .500.

Shock The Monkey (5-0) vs
Bigger Balls (3-2)  

No Matchup Stats

Key Players
Shock The Monkey: Victor Cruz (Bears) Justin Blackmon (Broncos) Matt Forte (Giants) Jason Witten (Redskins) 

Bigger Balls: Aaron Rodgers (Ravens) Dez Bryant (Redskins) Calvin Johnson (Browns) Darren Sproles (Patriots) Vernon Davis (Cardinals)

Wild Cards
Shock The Monkey: Geno Smith at QB. Bilal Powell part of 3 RB Committee. 

Bigger Balls: Will Calvin Johnson play? Fred Jackson still lead back over Spiller?

Yahoo Says: Mark wins 91-90
I Say:  Mayra wins. This HAS to be the week Mark Loses....RIGHT?? Mayra has the team, and Mark doesn't have Matt Ryan either. It's gonna be tough, especially if Calvin Johnson misses another game, but if he plays, I think Mayra will do with 5 others haven't done...give Mark his first loss.



Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Week 5 Results: The Streak Continues

Another week has come and gone and another team has fallen victim to Mark's Shock the Monkey squad. Someone has a target on their back, and there's no doubt everyone will be gunning for Mark to try to dethrone the quote "Denver Broncos of the Wane McGarity Bowl". Here's this weeks results.

Not Even Lying (3-2)           94
Tebow4President (1-4)         76

Kenny just keeps on rollin. He's easily won 3 in a row after a 0-2 start and there's no telling when his streak is going to stop. It was actually a good thing Doug Martin had a bye believe it or not. It allowed Kenny to play Knowshon Moreno who ended up leading his entire team in scoring with 22 points. Kenny got a pretty balanced effort from his team this week, as really only Kenbrell Thompkins and Ryan Broyles were inefficient. Brees had an "average" game (just 19 points, how disappointing, ha) and TD's from Chris Johnson and Charles Clay helped seal the deal. Leland....well..the freefall continues. Sometimes fantasy football can be so cruel. Leland doesn't play underachieving C.J. Spiller and T.Y. Hilton and almost like they were insulted they both play well (especially Hilton who went OFF with 2 TD's and 140 yards). It's been that kind of season. 76 is actually Leland's 2nd highest scoring game all season. That's how bad it's been.  Stafford suffered without the services of Calvin Johnson and Lamar Miller...SUCKS. Danny Woodhead and James Jones were good, but can they be week to week studs? Pretty hard to do. Kenny gets yet another favorable matchup with another 1 win team in Matt, while maybe Leland can stop the bleeding against my dad next week.

Game MVP
Knowshon Moreno (Not Even Lying)
93 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 5 receptions, 57 receiving yards, 22.5 points

The Bad Robofies (3-2)        107
Danny's Little Giants (3-2)   102

It's games like this that I hate having to write up a summary. What a punch in the motherfucking nuts. My's legendary. Especially on Monday Nights. In fact last year, Dad beat me by 3.5 points because of  DeMarco Murray on Monday Night. And it happened again. Jacquizz Rodgers of ALL PEOPLE scores 2 TD's and I lose by 5 fucking points. Makes me fucking sick. After surviving 3 damn people last night (Kaepernick, Boldin, Andre Johnson all sucked) I was up 14 points going into tonight thinking I was in pretty good shape. Stupid move. I should have known BETTER. BRYCE BROWN. So yes predictably Rodgers gets stuffed at the 1 at half. Awesome...until the 2nd half. He scores two TD's and boom game. I lose by 5. A special fuck you to Cam Newton who was the biggest piece of shit with 4 turnovers. Asshole. Also naturally, I lose a running back during a game to injury as David Wilson scored a TD, got hurt and that was that.  Desean Jackson and McCoy were good and as a swan song Julius Thomas had a damn good game with 2 TD's and 122 yards. All for nothing. For Dad, Rueben fucking Randle who has sucked cock basically for 3 games, naturally went off against me with 2 TD's. Yes, I lost because Rueben FUCKING RANDLE and JACQUIZZ FUCKING RODGERS scored 4 TD's COMBINED. What a fucking mean joke. Oh and Ray Rice is back...he added two TD's too. Whoopty fuck. The losing streak for me will extend next week when Albert destroys me and I'll go to 3-3, while Dad will probably score 69 points and still somehow beat Leland.

Game MVP
Jacquizz Rodgers (The Bad Robofies)
43 Rushing Yards, 2 Rushing TD's, 4 receptions, 15 receiving yards, 19 points (needed 14.5 to win)

Passion ofthe Puente (4-1)          133.5
Dr. Light's Robots (1-4)                77.5

 Mike just keeps rolling and this was another route. Most points this week by a large margin and Matt's team just continues to struggle. Matt lost Vick to injury and Vick was actually playing pretty good. That's always the risk though with him. Jamaal Charles continues to carry the load, but MJD is so bad. He's just not RB #2 materials right now, but really there's nobody else Matt can throw out there. Matt's entire team scored 1 TD which was Charles. As for Mike, Tony Romo was OUTSTANDING. Real life, yep he threw a costly turnover that cost the Cowboys a W, but you probably won if you had Romo on your squad. Over 500 passing yards and 5 TD's. Pierre Thomas was also big time scoring twice while Brandon Marshall and Wes Welker added TD's to Josh Gordon's. Tony Gonzalez and Arian Foster also had solid yardage games. There's just so much talent on this team. Kenny, Mike, Mayra, and Mark are probably the top favorites to win it all as of right now (I'd put myself on that list, but I would probably just die from my own hysterical laughing). Mike gets another prime matchup as he takes a struggling but newly revamped Ryan team, while Matt needs to get off this snide but it's not gonna be easy....he gets Kenny's team next.

Game MVP
Tony Romo (Passion ofthe Puente)
506 Passing Yards, 5 Passing TD's, 1 Interception, 40.5 points (2nd highest score this season)

Channel 4 News Team (2-3)             114
I'm A Paul Heyman Guy (2-3)          89

Peyton Manning saves the day again. 400+ Passing yards, 4 Passing TD's and a rushing TD to boot. Manning put up 36.5 points to help Albert beat Drew pretty easily. A.J. Green continues to struggle as he didn't do much, but McGahee provided some relief with a TD, and Frank Gore scored a TD too. Even Jeremy Kerley got into the action with a TD of his own. For Drew, it was nice to see Hakeem Nicks have a nice game with 140+ receiving yards. Drew was without the services of Adrian Peterson this week who was on bye. Rashard Jennings got hurt and didn't much of note anyway. Reggie Bush was disappointing but that's what happens when Megatron is ruled out and defenses focus on you. Terrence Williams was an excellent spot start with 25 points. Terrelle Pryor was a good spot start as well with 19 points. Good effort, but just not enough fire power to beat out Albert. Albert takes on me (LMAO) next to try to get to .500 while  Drew will try to do the same against Eugene. 

Game MVP
Peyton Manning (Channel 4 News Team)
414 Passing Yards, 4 Passing TD's, 1 INT, -8 rushing yards, 1 Rushing TD, 36.5 points

Bigger Balls (3-2)                   97.5
Springville-Warrior (2-3)        91

Well there's losing like me when unexpected guys go off on you and then there's losing because you shoot yourself in the foot by starting the wrong guy. The latter happened to Eugene. For some reason, Eugene benched Russell Wilson in favor of Matt Schaub. It has to be the worst decision made so far this season. Now I understand that Wilson hasn't been an ideal fantasy QB for the most part, but a couple of things make this a head scratcher. Matt Schaub has been WORSE than Russell Wilson and the matchups favored Russell Wilson. Schaub, who's been in a deep slump, was facing a very stingy 49ers defense, while Russell Wilson took on a good but not great Colts D. The outcome? Matt Schaub was pathetic, finishing with 1.5 points while Russell Wilson had 22.5. Eugene lost by only 6.5 points. A very costly decision compounded with today's news that Julio Jones looks to be lost for the season. A electrifying Alshon Jeffrey performance (10 catches, 218 yards and a TD) was wasted away, along with decent performances from Julio Jones, and Eric Decker. Trent Richardson has been very bla and this week was no different. For Mayra, she's lucky she survived a surprise Calvin Johnson inactive. Luckily she was already was sitting on a Fred Jackson 23 point performance. Dez Bryant was a BEAST yet again. She didn't need Calvin this week. Bryant finished with 141 yards and 2 more TD's. Vernon Davis got a late score to salvage his game, but Aaron Rodgers was very average with just 1 TD pass and under 300 yards scoring. Again, none of the matters, cause she got the W. Eugene has a difficult task next week as he takes on Drew, while Mayra will try to do what no one has been able to do...beat Mark next week.

Game MVP
Dez Bryant (Bigger Balls)
6 receptions, 141 receiving yards, 2 receiving TD's, 1 fumble lost, 27 points

Shock The Monkey (5-0)            101
Hoosier Daddy (1-4)                     50

Yeah all that upset talk was bullshit. Wow...50 points. New season low, so Leland can thank Ryan for removing him from that accolade. Marshawn Lynch and Torrey Smith combined for 25 which means that 6 others combined for the rest of the 50. That's unbelievable. Ryan's hurting big time and he made a trade to get some depth on this squad. Don't know if it's too little late, but he HAD to do something. Mark had this wrapped up before the 3:00 AFTERNOON GAMES, that's how bad it was. Mark's "average looking team on paper" continues to produce. Justin Blackmon has a crappy QB, hasn't played all year due to suspension, and comes up with 21.5 points. Jason Witten added 21 of his own with 121 and a score, and despite a mediocre Victor Cruz game and a semi average Forte game, Mark wins by 51. There's IS actually a little bad news for Mark in relation to the Julio Jones story. If he's done, and with Roddy White hobbling, Matt Ryan could take a drastic hit fantasy wise. Mark puts his streak up against Mayra in what should be the showcase game of the week. It doesn't get any easier for Ryan as he has to face Mike in week 6.

 Game MVP
Justin Blackmon (Shock The Monkey)
5 receptions, 136 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 21.5 points