Sunday, August 24, 2014

Who's Keepin Who?

Time is flying super fast and we're getting very close to our league draft on September 1st. First up though is the all important keeper deadline. Saturday Night was the deadline to see what players were gonna be kept for the upcoming season. Here's a team by team look at who's keeping who.

Me (Arturo's Beans)

Keepers: LeSean McCoy, Brandon Marshall

Notable Releases: Montee Ball

Overview: Struggled with the Marshall/Ball decision mightily but since I've got one elite RB already in McCoy, decided to play it safe and keep a #1 WR in Brandon Marshall. There's too many question marks with Montee Ball in my opinion and to use a 2nd round pick on him scares me way to much. Marshall's a proven commodity and surefire top 5 receiver. Will this bite me in the ass? We'll see, but I'm going risk averse here.

Drew (JTG's Warehouse)

Keepers: Adrian Peterson

Notable Releases: Keenan Allen, Reggie Bush

Overview: Drew decided to break up the Bush/Peterson combo and reenter the 2nd round of the draft. Peterson was a no brainer of course. Keenan Allen was an intriguing keeper prospect, but he'll get thrown back in the pool. Drew will pick late in 2nd round. 

Albert (Channel 4 News Team)

Keepers: A.J. Green, Peyton Manning

Notable Releases: Le'veon Bell, Alfred Morris, Doug Martin

Overview: Albert had probably the most prospects to chose from but went with admittedly the best of the bunch. A.J. Green and Manning is a deadly combo and catapults Albert to the list of contenders for this season's crown. That leaves the trio of running backs out in the cold and back to the redraft pool. Martin is very intriguing as just a year ago he was a top 5 prospect and even a candidate to be drafted #1 overall, but it's just too difficult to throw back Peyton Manning into the redraft pool.


Keepers: Jamaal Charles, Jordy Nelson

Notable Releases: None

Overview: Jamaal was a no brainer, and Jordy is the only other keepable prospect Matt had and that's who he went with. Jordy's upside is always enormous in the Packers offense. Excellent start for Matt.


No Keepers

Notable Releases: Randall Cobb, C.J. Spiller

Overview: This was expected as though Cobb is an excellent receiver, he's not worth a 1st round pick. Spiller only makes the notable releases because last year he was drafted #1. Leland is officially rebuilding from scratch and he'll try to regain that championship form he had two years ago.


Keepers: Dez Bryant, Antonio Brown

Notable Releases: Aaron Rodgers, Alshon Jeffrey

Overview: Dez obviously was going to be kept, but Antonio Brown was probably the most shocking keeper of the list. Not that Brown doesn't deserve to be kept, he's an absolute beast especially in a PPR format, but he was kind of the forgotten player when Mayra had Aaron Rodgers and Alshon Jeffrey to chose from as well. I think this is a sneaky good keeper, and Mayra's 1-2 WR is combo is deadly. It does however leave Aaron Rodgers and Alshon Jeffrey back in the pool and you can bet those two will be highly coveted.


Keepers: Jimmy Graham

Notable Releases: Ray Rice

Overview: Yep, no way is Dad letting go of the best tight end in the game today. Dad will be picking back in the 2nd round. I only put Ray Rice on the notable releases because of how disappointing he was. Dad took him 5 overall last year and he was surprisingly terrible. Now facing a two game suspension, Rice is lower end RB2 a far cry from being a player to carry a fantasy team on his back.


Keepers: Eddie Lacy

Notable Releases: Julius Thomas, Larry Fitzgerald

Overview: Eddie Lacy looks to be the next best running back and he was shoe in for Ryan. Rather than keep an elite tight end like Julius Thomas or an aging receiving in Fitz, Ryan will re-enter the 2nd round of the draft to see what's out there.


Keepers: Demarco Murray, Julio Jones

Notable Releases: Gio Bernard

Overview: I tell ya what..don't sleep on Eugene this season. I love what he's doing here with his keepers. The big thing is health with these two, but if they stay healthy, it's a great start to what can be a potential championship roster. Eugene had to let go of Gio Bernard, but I think he made the right choice out of the 3. Definitely a team to keep your eye on.


Keepers: Marshawn Lynch

Notable Releases: Arian Foster, Zac Stacy

Overview: Alex is in a great position as he can keep a lead back like Marshawn, and then in the 2nd round he'll basically have the 3rd pick overall of what's left in the draft pool. The player he gets there will more than likely be better than keeping Foster or Zac Stacy. It's a situation where it actually pays to have a higher pick in the draft.


Keepers: Calvin Johnson, DeMaryius Thomas

Notable Releases: Drew Brees

Overview: This has been a forgone conclusion since last season ended. There was no doubt Kenny was keeping the arguably top 2 wide receivers in the game today. This combo alone has to make Kenny a favorite to win it all.  He had to bite the bullet and Drew Brees, but it's sacrifice that is 100% worth it.


Keepers: Matt Forte

Notable Releases: Victor Cruz, Steven Jackson

Overview: Realistically, especially at where Mark is drafting, Forte was the only player worth keeping, but he's a hell of a player. The good thing for Mark, is he has the 2nd overall pick of what's left in the player pool and there are some great choices out there. Whoever Mark gets in the 2nd round combined with Forte should provide the foundation of what should be a competitive squad for this season.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Just like in real life sports, as seasons go by in our little fantasy football league, rivalries tend to develop. Unlike most private leagues, this league isn't comprised of 12 people who all know each other. Basically, the majority of the people in this league are connected to me whether it be family, high school, college, ex co workers, current co-workers etc. Only Leland and Eugene have no personal connection to me. That doesn't mean Rivalries can't develop. Not everyone knows each other, but pockets of people do. Beating a rival makes a win that much more sweeter, puts a little extra incentive in the big W. Here's a look at some of the top rivalries that have developed in our league.

Rivalry Born: 2010
All Time Record: We are tied 4-4 All time with me tying the series up by beating Kenny in the Wane McGarity Bowl.

This is hands down the #1 rivalry in the league. The rivalry extends way past the Wane McGarity Bowl as it extends across all fantasy sports for well over 10 years. I consider Kenny a formidable adversary due to him being just as passionate and knowledgeable in sports as I am. Best friends have a natural rivalry when competing against each other and fantasy football is no different. I'm not going to lie, beating Kenny in the Finals last season was the best way I could have won my title. It's respectful rivalry and as you can see by the All Time Record it's a dead tie as to who's the best (although winning a head to head matchup for the Title SHOULD be weighted a little more heavily..RIGHT?!)

Rivalry Born: 2010
All Time Record: We are tied up at 2-2. I beat Drew in Week 10 of last season to even up to the series.
Probably in my opinion my 2nd toughest rival. Not only is Drew my cousin, so you have that family rivalry built in, but Me, Drew, and Kenny have all been doing this for so long across the major 3 sports, that it's a given a rivalry would break out. I consider Drew and his sports knowledge right up there with Kenny and being able to beat Drew is very fulfilling knowing how good he is in fantasy sports. It's funny how both of these rivalries I went in with a losing record only to even up the score last season. Although the series is tied, Drew has the biggest win of the rivalry. He ousted me in the playoffs in the 2010 season en route to the finals. I would love to get that payback win in the near future.

ME vs

Rivalry Born: 2011
All Time Record: Surprisingly all tied up at 2-2 with Dad beating me last in Week 5 of last season.
Classic Father vs Son rivalry. When Dad entered the league in 2011, the rivalry automatically began. Surprisingly, this too is a tied up series. Let's just say my mom's not a fan of hearing both us during the weeks we play each other.


Rivalry Born: 2010
All Time Record: Kenny Leads series 4-2 with Kenny winning the last matchup in Week 3.

Not all rivalries involve me. Kenny and Drew have a pretty solid rivalry going as well. Again out of everyone, Me, Kenny, and Drew have been doing this together the longest so it's just natural this rivalry was born. Kenny's leading the series 4-2, and he has the dubious distinction of defeating  Drew for the infamous Michael Wiley Loser Bowl in 2012. 


Rivalry Born: 2010
All Time Record: Drew leads series 3-2-1with Drew winning the last matchup last season in week 12.

Another cousin vs cousin rivalry. This is a very interesting one as last season for a little while the series was actually 2-2-2. Then Matt's team lost a point due to an adjustment and he got a loss that basically cost him a playoff berth. Double ouch. Let's just say it's always fun to watch, when these two go at it head to head!


Rivalry Born: 2013
All Time Record: Leland leads 1-0 with Leland winning the inaugural meeting in Week 8 of last season.

Our only Brother vs Brother rivalry and this just started last season when Eugene joined the league. This rivalry started out with a whimper though as the final score was a hideous 66-44.50. Quite possibly the lowest combined score in the history of the league. Leland might have won the battle but the war is from over. Eugene finished higher the Leland at the end of the season. This is a rivalry that is just beginning and has the makings to be a classic one.


Rivalry Born: 2013
All Time Record: Mayra leads the series 2-0 with Mayra winning the 5th Place game last season.

Most of the other rivalries don't have a lot of trash talk. This one is fun because it does. A battle of the co-workers. So far Marya has backed up her talk. She has two major wins over Mark so far. She's the one who broke Mark's 5 game winning streak during the regular season and then she turned around and beat him in the 5th place consolation game. There's no doubt Mark wants to get those wins back and this rivalry is far from over.

and a Rivlary that's been officially retired


Rivalry Born: 2010
Rivalry Ended: 2013
All Time Record: Ryan won the overall series 3-2 though Mike got the last win in Week 6 of last season.
The battle of college friends has officially ended as Mike decided to withdrawal from the league this season. Ryan seemed to dominate it until last season when Mike got the final win to get the series to make it respectable. 
So will any new Rivalries spring up for 2014? Who knows..maybe so. The more chaos the better I say!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Was It Worth It? A look Last Years Top 2 Rounds

The decision to make our league a Keeper League last season was one of the biggest decisions of the league to date. It made last season's draft very critical. The ability to keep 2 players made drafting that much more important. Here's a look at last year's top 2 rounds and see if those picks in the grand scheme of things were worth being drafted as a possible keeper.

* notes player no longer on original team that drafted them.
**Originally drafted by Mike Posey who's no longer in the league

#1-CJ Spiller (Leland) 

Well, when you make a statement and go for the ultimate high risk/reward player you get C.J. Spiller. Last year Leland shocked the world by forgoing "safe" picks in Adrian Peterson, Doug Martin, Jamaal Charles, and LeSean

McCoy and taking Spiller #1 overall in our keeper league. It was basically an epic failure. Spiller was one of the biggest busts in fantasy football but in our league was the biggest bust in our league history considering his #1 pick status.

Keepability: Slim to none. Unless Leland reallllllly believes in Spiller and is stubborn, I see the #1 pick of last years draft being released into the draft pool. It's really a shame that Leland's more than likely moving on from his #1 pick but that's what happens when a huge gamble doesn't pay off.

#2 Adrian Peterson (Drew)
Drew owes Leland a HUGE thank you as he was able to draft Adrian Peterson (who Drew owned the previous season as well) with pick #2. Peterson slowed down near the end of the season due to injury and the Vikings not playing for anything but he should once again be one of the best running backs in the game for at least another season.

Keepability: 100% locked up. 

#3 Jamaal Charles (Matt)

Jamaal Charles slid to Matt at #3 and Matt didn't complain about the season Charles had. The top running back in fantasy circles, Charles is the main reason Matt has to look forward in rebounding from a disappointing season.

Keepability:100% locked up.

#4 LeSean McCoy (Me)

That championship belt symbolizes the championship trophy McCoy helped me win last season. McCoy had an amazing season for me, and won not only the Wane McGarity Bowl Finals MVP but Wane McGarity Bowl Stud of The Year. Before the draft, I was wondering who to go to between McCoy, Doug Martin, and Ray Rice. Thankfully I made the right choice.

Keepability: Trust me, he's not going anywhere.

#5 Ray Rice (Dad)
This seemed as safe as any pick. Rice has consistently been a top fight fantasy running back especially in PPR format. So Dad happily took him here at #5. Rice regressed TERRIBLY. He was god awful and Dad only started him because of the name factor. Dad won 3rd place DESPITE him. A brutal reminder on how you just never know from one year to the next when your skills are going to start declining.

Keepability: Slim to none. With a suspension looming on top on diminishing skills, I highly doubt Dad's going to want use a top 2 round pick on him unless he really believes he can bounce back. (That's two of the top 5 picks that didn't pan out)

#6 Doug Martin (Kenny*)
Kenny thought he got THE steal of the draft in Doug Martin. After a remarkable rookie season, it wasn't too crazy to believe Martin could be the #1 pick last season. Kenny was thrilled he dropped to #6 and envisioned keeping Martin for the long term. Unfortunately it didn't work out all as planned. Martin struggled before suffering a season ending injury. Kenny ended up dropping him and Albert shrewdly picked him up to stash as a potential keeper prospect. 

Keepability: A possibility. Albert's got a cluster of guys he can chose from and Martin is on that list. Hard to say either way if Martin survives the final cut. He might be back in the draft pool.

#7 Arian Foster (Alex**)
Alex inherits this pick. Foster was thought to had slid last season due to injury concerns but at the time even #7 seemed like a pretty damn good value pick. Unfortunately Foster wasn't completely healthy all season, and had a very mediocre season. Unlike Rice though, many people believe Foster has a great  chance of bouncing back and being a top 10 back.

Keepability: Very probable. Is he worth the risk? That's up to Alex and how much he believes in Foster. Not knowing his strategy, Foster isn't a 100% lock to be kept.

#8 Matt Forte (Mark)
 This was example of gamble paying off. Forte was slotted as 2nd round prospect, but Mark wanting to ensure getting him, took the risk and chose him here in what was thought to be a risk. It was very smart as Forte had one of the best seasons he's ever had. He's a top 5 back in redraft leagues and will be the player Mark builds him team around this upcoming season.

Keepability: Not a shred of doubt he's staying put with Mark.

#9 Trent Richardson (Eugene*)

Good terrible Trent was. Even a change of scenery did NOTHING for T-Rich and he was so awful he just might be the first 1st round pick to be cut from a roster due to sucking and not injury in our league history (I'd have to research that). The crazy thing, Eugene was able to salvage value from him by trading him (though he turned two good trades down at first) to Kenny. Kenny then straight up dropped him. Drew picked him up as bench fodder towards the end of the season.

Keepability: FLAT OUT ZERO. No way in hell  Drew keeps him. No upside here whatsoever. 

#10 Marshawn Lynch (Ryan*)

Every year Marshawn Lynch is supposed to "drop off" and every year he churns out another excellent season. Ryan traded him to me and I traded to Mike so in turn Lynch's rights belong to Alex now. 

Keepability: Super high. I can't see Lynch being unkept, unless Alex has true concerns about regression for Lynch.

#11 Calvin Johnson (Mayra*)
Megatron has yet another dominating season.  Unfortunately for Mayra, she needed running back help really bad and ended up trading Calvin Johnson away in a trade for Knowshon Moreno and Antonio Bryant which helped out both teams. Kenny holds his rights now.

Keepability: 100%. Kenny's already confirmed Megatron is staying put.

#12 A.J. Green (Albert)
 Albert took Green with the final 1st round pick of the draft and he didn't disappoint. Green is a top 5 Wide Receiver and has to be a lock to be a keeper for Albert.

Keepability: Near 100%. I can't say for 100% certain he'll be kept just because Albert's got so many choices, but I'd be legit shocked if Green wasn't at the top of the list. 

#13 Alfred Morris (Albert)

I think many people expected Albert to go two elite WR here so it was a little shocking he took Alfred Morris over Dez Bryant. Morris though, didn't disappoint. He had a great season and he'll make Albert's choice that much harder.

Keepability: A possibility. This is the 3rd guy drafted in the top 14 last season that Albert owns the rights to. This doesn't include Peyton Manning and Le'Veon Bell. There's a real possibility Morris is thrown back into the draft pool.

#14 Dez Bryant (Mayra)

In a perfect world, Mayra would've kept her dream team combo of Calvin and Dez. Unfortunately a need at the RB position last year forced her to trade Calvin as she was in win now mode. Dez isn't a bad consolation prize at all though. Bryant's stock keeps rising year after year and he can legit contend with Calvin Johnson as the best receiver in fantasy football

Keepablity: Signed, sealed, delivered. He's definitely Mayra's #1 keeper.

#15 Stevan Ridley (Ryan)

I never bought into Ridley in the first place, and he proved me right. This pick was terrible. Ridley's fumbling problems reared its ugly head and he's inconsistent play costs him snaps throughout the season. He was a major reason Ryan started off poorly out of the gate.

Keepability: Near Zero. If Ryan keeps 2, I doubt Ridley's on that list of potential keepers. 

#16 Julio Jones (Eugene)
 Julio Jones was having an amazing season before a season ending foot injury ended his season. Eugene stashed him as a potential keeper as his upside is enormous.

Keepability: Very probable. Eugene also has DeMarco Murray and Gio Bernard to chose from. Injury concerns are real for both Murray and Jones.

#17 Steven Jackson (Mark)

As great as the  Forte pick was, this wasn't so great. Jackson struggled with injuries and wasn't as effective as he had been in St. Louis.

Keepability: Highly unlikely. I seriously doubt Mark's keeping S-Jax.his days as an elite RB are clearly over.

#18 Brandon Marshall (Alex* **)
Marshall once again put up a monster season, and a late season trade for him by me was a huge reason why I won the title. He'll once again be a no brainer top fantasy wide receiver in that high octane Bears offense.

Keepability: Tricky...this where it personally sucks to have too much talent. There's a real possibility I don't keep him. I have Montee Ball as well who's due for a breakout as Denver's #1 running back. Marshall is a game changer and could be one of the most coveted picks in the draft if I let him go. It's gonna be a tough decision to make either way.

#19 Demaryius Thomas (Kenny)

Kenny struck gold in the 2nd round with this pick. Thomas was amazing last season and the 1-2 punch of Megatron-Thomas helped Kenny get to the Finals last season. Thomas is in the discussion for best WR in fantasy football.

Keepability: Kenny's not messing around and playing games. Thomas is his keeper. He won't have to worry about drafting until round #3.

#20 Jimmy Graham (Dad)

Jimmy Graham established himself as far and away the BEST Tight End in Fantasy Football. He's the only tight end that can legit compete in scoring with WR's. As bad as Dad's 1st round was, Dad's 2nd round more than made up for it.

Keepability: 100%. You don't let a guy like Graham go.

#21 Larry Fitzgerald (Me*)

Fitzgerald had a great season after finally having a legit QB throwing to him in Carson Palmer. I didn't get to use him much as I traded him away to Ryan. Ryan didn't have many bright spots but Fitz was definitely one.

Keepability: Possible. Here's Ryan situation. He'll more than likely keep Eddie Lacy, which leaves Fitz and Julius Thomas as potential keepers. Does he go with a consistent player in Fitz or go with Julius Thomas a legit top 3 (even 2) tight end which is a position that's the weakest of the skill positions?

#22 Maurice Jones-Drew (Matt)

 MJD was already declining and he once again had a terrible season. Now it'll get worse as he left Jacksonville to go to Oakland. He'll be splitting time with equally disappointing Darren McFadden this season.

Keepability: Zero. MJD is flat out done being even an RB 2 anymore. No way Matt even entertains the possibility of keeping him.

#23 Reggie Bush (Drew)
So the "Dream Team" didn't work out quite as planned. It doesn't mean Bush was terrible. I don't think people thought Joique Bell would be involved as much as he's been. In a PPR league, Bush still has tremendous upside.

Keepability: Probable. Since this is a PPR league, there's a solid chance Drew gives the Bush/Peterson combo another go. It's not a lock though as it was thought to be last season.

#24 Chris Johnson (Leland*)
CJ2K didn't even play a single down for Leland. He was immediately traded to Kenny in a package involving Matthew Stafford. Johnson was then traded to Eugene along with Kenbrell Thompkins for Trent Richardson..Johnson WAS THEN traded yet again to me for Ryan Mathews. Johnson was perfectly suitable as a RB #2. 

Keepability: Zero. I wouldn't be able to keep anyway due to depth but after a trade to the Jets where he's probably going to be splitting time, there's no way Chris Johnson is keepable anymore.

So out of the top 24 players drafted here's breakdown in terms of keepability.

100% keepable-8
Very High-2
Slim to None-4