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Year End Awards: All Waiver Wire Team/Waiver Wire Pickup Of The Year

Waiver Wire Pickups are essential in fantasy football. Teams are constantly scouring free agents looking for the next gem to help ride their team to a fantasy championship. Every year a handful guys break out from fantasy irrelevance to fantasy superstardom. Here's the best of this year's crop. Drafted players who were cut early and then picked back up do qualify for this team.

QB-Believe it or not, no QB qualifies for this award. Everyone's main QB was drafted

Devante Adams (BigBadBob)
75 Receptions, 997 Receiving Yards, 12 Receiving TD's, 1 2 PT Conversion, 1 Fumble Lost, 209.20 Fantasy Points
WR Rank: 8
 Overall Rank: 45

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions : News Photo 
Dad might not have gotten a full season worth of him, but he's been a stud on Dad's team ever since Dad picked him off waivers. He went from a 3rd round dud last year to an undrafted stud this year. This was the player Kenny was hoping for last season. Adams had nearly 1,000 yards receiving and 12 TD's and basically has made Randall Cobb an afterthought. Dad might not have had a great season, but picking up Davante Adams on free agents was definitely one of his best moves of the season.

Tyreek Hill (Shock The Monkey)
267 Rushing Yards, 3 Rushing TD's, 61 Receptions, 593 Receiving Yards, 6 receiving TD's, 3 Return TD's, 1 Fumble Lost, 186.5 Fantasy Points
WR Rank: 14
Overall Rank: 55
Kansas City Chiefs v San Diego Chargers : News Photo 
Talk about your ultimate do it all player. Because he was buried on Mark's team few paid attention to the amazing season Hill had. With the Chiefs offense sputtering without the likes of Jamaal Charles and Jeremy Maclin most of the season, Hill did a little bit of everything to keep the offense afloat. Kick Returns, Receiving, Rushing, Hill's speed was unmatched by many. It's hard to gauge where Hill will go in next season's drafts, but he had a pretty solid season for an undrafted fantasy player.

Tyrell Williams (Light's Broken Bots)
69 Receptions, 1,059 Receiving Yards, 7 Receiving TD's, 182.4 Fantasy Points
WR Rank: 16
Overall Rank: 58
San Diego Chargers v Cleveland Browns : News Photo 
It's a shame that so far, all these successful pickups were made by non playoff teams. These guys could've provided huge boosts to the fringe playoff teams that made the playoffs instead of wasting away their talents for basically nothing. Tyrell Williams basically got his opportunity when Keenan Allen suffered a season ending injury in Week 1. Initially thought to be buried on the depth chart behind Travis Benjamin and Dontrelle Inman, Williams quickly established himself as Philip Rivers' go to guy and finished the season with over 1,000 yards, 7 TD's and a top 20 WR finish. WR was full of disappointments and busts from the name guys and it's guys like Tyrell Williams that help ease the pain for those who drafted poorly at WR.

Jordan Howard (Channel 4 News Team)
1,313 Rushing Yards, 6 Rushing TD's, 29 Receptions, 298 Receiving Yards, 1 Receiving TD, 1 Fumble Lost, 215.6 Fantasy Points
RB Rank: 10
Overall Rank: 41
Washington Redskins v Chicago Bears : News Photo 
Oh boy did Albert find a gem here. When Matt Forte left for the Jets and based on last season, it was a no brainer that Jeremy Langford was going to be the man for this team. The Bears curiously drafted Howard, but most felt it was Langford's job and he wouldn't lose it. Well, not only did Langford suck, he got hurt and it gave Jordan Howard a chance to shine and that he did. He had a brief slump and Kadeem Carey took over for a tiny bit, but Howard bounced back quickly and without playing a full season amassed over 1,300 rushing yards and 7 total TD's. He provided Albert the RB depth he needed after losing Doug Martin to injury and trading away LaGarrette Blount. If Albert would've have one a title, Howard would've been a huge reason why. Albert still finished 3rd though and Jordan Howard's play was a big reason why.

Bilal Powell (SCLSU MudDogs)
722 Rushing Yards, 3 Rushing TD's, 58 Receptions, 388 Receiving Yards, 2 Receiving TD's, 1 Fumble Lost, 168 Fantasy Points
RB Rank: 21
Overall Rank: 72
NFL: JAN 01 Bills at Jets : News Photo 
So despite being drafted, Powell gets the exemption because Alex dropped him right away, even before the season opener on September 8th and then I picked up him, dropped him too, and Alex picked him up in Late October and never looked back. Powell's a great back, but playing behind Matt Forte was limiting his touches. When Forte was dealing with nagging injuries though, Powell came up HUGE at the right time for Alex...playoff time. His performance in the 2nd round of the Wane McGarity Bowl Playoffs, helped him dispatch Eugene with ease. If Powell does somehow become the #1 back here, he'd be eligible to kept in the round he was drafted in. Definitely something to think about for next season for our defending champion.

Dennis Pitta (BigBadBob)
86 Receptions, 729 Receiving Yards, 2 Receiving TD's, 1 Fumble Lost, 125.90 Fantasy Points
TE Rank: 10
Overall Rank: 121
Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers : News Photo 
I picked Pitta over Cameron Brate, because Pitta was used more overall this season first by me, then in a trade for Brandon Marshall by Dad. Yup...Dad traded for Pitta and gave up Brandon Marshall and WON THE TRADE...that's how awful Marshall was, but also how solid Pitta was. Tight End is a typical suckfest position scoring wise, so the stats might not wow anyone (especially the lack of TD's, Pitta's two TD's came in the same game), but coming off a serious injury, Pitta had a respectable 86 catches for over 700 yards and a Top 10 tight end finish for the season. Not bad for a guy who had guys like Virgil Green and Jordan Cameron picked over him.

Terrelle Pryor Sr. (Woe Is You)
41 Passing Yards, 77 Receptions, 1007 Receiving Yards, 4 Receiving TD's, 21 Rushing Yards, 1 Rushing TD, 1 2 Pt Conversion, 174.94 Fantasy Points
WR Rank: 21
Overall Rank: 69
NFL: JAN 01 Browns at Steelers : News Photo 
Fantasy wise, one of the coolest stories of the season. Pryor was a failed QB in the pros converted into a Wide Receiver playing for the CLEVELAND BROWNS. Recipe for disaster right? DEAD WRONG. Pryor was super solid, nearly finishing as a top 20 Receiver this season, and going over 1,000 receiving yards for the season. Waiver moves like getting Pryor were the reason that Mike was able to survive season ending injuries to his top two wide receivers and make the playoffs.

Waiver Wire Pickup Of The Year
Jordan Howard (Channel 4 News Team)
Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears : News Photo 
A top 10 running back that helped solidify Albert as a championship contender, no doubt Howard is the Waiver Wire Pickup Of The Year.



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